Zvi Bodie

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Zvi Bodie
Born April 27, 1943
Nationality American
Alma mater MIT
Occupation Academic, author
Known for Award papers
Notable work Investing
Risk Less and Prosper
Website Bodie at Boston U.

Zvi Bodie is the Norman and Adele Barron Professor of Management at Boston University. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has served on the finance faculty at the Harvard Business School and MIT's Sloan School of Management. Research interests include investment management, financial literacy, pension finance, and financial system design.


Bodie has been the recipient of a number of best paper awards.[1][2]

Year Award Paper
2014 Harry M. Markowitz Award Sovereign Wealth and Risk Management: A Framework for Optimal Asset Allocation of Sovereign Wealth[3]
2003 Harry M. Markowitz Award Lifecycle Consumption-Investment Policies and Pension Plans: a Dynamic Analysis[4]
1995 Graham and Dodd Scroll Award On the Risk of Stocks in the Long Run [5]
1985 Graham and Dodd Scroll Award Why Haven’t Nominal Rates Declined? [6]


Bodie has co-authored text books (Investments and Financial Economics). He has also co-authored books addressed to the general investing public. These books advocate the use of inflation-indexed bonds, inflation-indexed savings bonds, and inflation-index certificates of deposit for matching saving and retirement goals.

List of books

  • Bodie, Zvi; Kane, Alex; Marcus, Alan J. (September 9, 2013). Investments (10th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. pp. 1080. ISBN 978-0077861674.
  • Bodie, Zvi; Merton, Robert; Cleeton, David (February 17, 2008). Financial Economics (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall. pp. 500. ISBN 978-0131856158.
  • Bodie, Zvi; Taqqu, Rachelle (December 27, 2011). Risk Less and Prosper: Your Guide to Safer Investing. Wiley. pp. 196. ISBN 978-1118014301.
  • Bodie, Zvi; Clowes, Michael J. (2003). Worry-Free Investing A Safe Approach to Achieving Your Lifetime Financial Goals. Financial Times /Prentice Hall. pp. 242. ISBN 978-0130499271.
  • Bodie, Zvi (October 26, 2007). McLeavey, Dennis; Siegel, Laurence B.. eds. The Future of Life-Cycle Saving and Investing. Research Foundation of CFA Institute. pp. 176. ISBN 978-0943205960.[7]
  • Bodie, Zvi (October 25, 2009). Siegel, Laurence B.; Sullivan, Rodney N.. eds. The Future of Life-Cycle Saving and Investing: The Retirement Phase. Research Foundation of CFA Institute. pp. 90. ISBN 978-1934667262.[8]


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