The twelve pillars of wisdom

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The twelve pillars of wisdom
AuthorJohn C. Bogle
PublisherDell publishing
Publication date
October, 1994
Pages352 pp (Trade Paperback)

The twelve pillars of wisdom, which John Bogle first laid out in his book, Bogle on Mutual Funds, and which he revisits at length in his remarks at The Arizona Republic Investment Strategies Forum, Phoenix, Arizona, April 27, 2001:

The Twelve Pillars of Wisdom

Alternate source: The Twelve Pillars of Wisdom

  • Pillar 1. Investing Is Not Nearly as Difficult as It Looks
  • Pillar 2. When All Else Fails, Fall Back on Simplicity
  • Pillar 3. Time Marches On
  • Pillar 4. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  • Pillar 5. Diversify, Diversify, Diversify
  • Pillar 6. The Eternal Triangle
  • Pillar 7. The Powerful Magnetism of the Mean
  • Pillar 8. Do Not Overestimate Your Ability to Pick Superior Equity Mutual Funds, nor Underestimate Your Ability to Pick Superior Bond and Money Market Funds
  • Pillar 9. You May Have a Stable Principal Value or a Stable Income Stream, But You May Not Have Both
  • Pillar 10. Beware of "Fighting the Last War"
  • Pillar 11. You Rarely, If Ever, Know Something The Market Does Not
  • Pillar 12. Think Long-Term

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