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The Bogleheads® view was a biweekly column appearing in Forbes magazine online from November 27, 2009 through December 17, 2010. Starting on January 14, 2011, Forbes replaced the article series with a blog which continued to March 15, 2016.


Historical Bogleheads View articles can be viewed online at as shown in the table below. January 14, 2011 through March 15, 2016 can be viewed at Forbes magazine.

The blog's title changed to "The Bogleheads: Advice Inspired by John Bogle" starting December 31, 2010.

The Bogleheads' View (27 Nov 2009 - 17 Dec 2010)
Date Title Topic Author Tag
31 Dec 2010 How Did Your Portfolio Perform In 2010? Portfolio Returns Laura Dogu Portfolio Returns
17 Dec 2010 Financial Tips For Those Who Hate Investing Investment Planning Laura Dogu Investment Planning
3 Dec 2010 Investing Books To Give This Holiday Investment Books Mel Lindauer Investment Books
19 Nov 2010 A Thanksgiving with John Bogle Bogleheads' History Mel Lindauer Bogleheads
5 Nov 2010 Is Active Investing Performance Chasing? Active vs Indexing Mel Lindauer Active vs Indexing
22 Oct 2010 With Future Returns Likely Lower, Taxes And Investment Expenses Loom Large Bogleheads Convention Laura Dogu Bogleheads
8 Oct 2010 Five Ways To Get Off The Car Loan Merry-Go-Round Turn Car Expenses into Retirement Savings Laura Dogu Saving
24 Sep 2010 Three Money Lessons From Teenagers Teaching Children About Money Laura Dogu Saving
10 Sep 2010 Six Ways To Teach Your Children About Money Teaching Children About Money Laura Dogu Saving
27 Aug 2010 Retirement Planning Simpler If You Ignore The News Saving and Investing for Retirement Laura Dogu Investing for Retirement
13 Aug 2010 The Truth About Equity-Indexed Annuities Annuities Mel Lindauer Equity Indexed-Annuities
30 Jul 2010 For Some Retirees, This Anuity Makes Sense Annuities Mel Lindauer Single Premium Immediate Annuties (SPIAs)
16 Jul 2010 Fixed Deferred Annuities: CDs With Gotchas Annuities Mel Lindauer Fixed Deferred Annuities
2 Jul 2010 Variable Annuities Don't Belong in Retirement Plans Annuities Mel Lindauer Qualified Variable Annuities
18 Jun 2010 How To Cut The Cost Of A Variable Annuity Annuities Mel Lindauer 1035 Annuity Transfer
4 Jun 2010 Annuities: Good, Bad or Ugly? Annuities Mel Lindauer High-Cost Deferred Variable Annuities
22 May 2010 How To Revamp Your Portfolio Asset Allocation Laura Dogu Investment Planning
7 May 2010 The Key To Tax-Efficient Investing: Asset Location Asset Location Laura Dogu Taxable Accounts
23 Apr 2010 What You Need To Know About IRAs Retirement Savings Laura Dogu IRAs
9 Apr 2010 To ETF Or Not To ETF ETFs vs. Index Funds Rick Ferri ETFs
26 Mar 2010 Actively Managed Mutual Funds Are Obsolete Active vs. Passive Rick Ferri Active vs. Passive
12 Mar 2010 How to Make the Most of Your 401(k) Retirement Savings Laura Dogu Retirement Savings
26 Feb 2010 Let Us Buy More I Bonds I Bonds Mel Lindauer I Bonds
12 Feb 2010 I Bonds: The College Tax Break I Bonds Mel Lindauer I Bonds
29 Jan 2010 The ABCs of Risk-Free I Bonds I Bonds Mel Lindauer I Bonds
15 Jan 2010 Risk-Free Yield? Consider I Bonds I Bonds Mel Lindauer I Bonds
30 Dec 2009 Hitting Your Target Asset Allocation Asset Allocation Laura Dogu Investment Planning
23 Dec 2009 It's All About Your Asset Allocation Asset Allocation Laura Dogu Investment Planning
18 Dec 2009 The Key To Investing Success: Start With A Plan Investment Policy Statement Laura Dogu Investment Planning
11 Dec 2009 Who Cares What The Dow Did Last Week? Tune Out Market Noise Rick Ferri Buy and Hold
30 Nov 2009 Last Minute Roth Opportunity No RMD in 2009 Presents a Roth Conversion Opportunity Mel Lindauer Retirement
27 Nov 2009 Meet the Bogleheads Introduction to the Bogleheads Mel Lindauer Bogleheads

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