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Taxation and investment go hand in hand. An investor should keep up with the tax laws for planning purposes. This page suggests several online resources.

IRS official information

The IRS's search engine is available at the top of each page. Advanced Search should be used to narrow the scope of intended results.

For those looking for tax changes, every IRS form instruction contains a "What's new" section that's easy to read and is authoritative.

Third-party information

While third parties (those other than the IRS) can often times provide valuable insight, readers are cautioned that the IRS is the only official source of information.


Fairmark provides links to recent featured articles on tax planning and investing, plus an update on recent developments in legislation, IRS guidance, and at

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When you convert a traditional retirement account to a Roth IRA, you have until October 15 of the following year to undo that conversion using a recharacterization. Normally this is advantageous if the account suffered a significant decline in value between the date of the conversion and the date you pull the recharacterization trigger. Recent […]

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If published reports turn out to be accurate, it seems likely we’ll be hearing plenty about this in the coming months. A quirk in the rules for Medicare Part B may result in a huge jump in costs — but only for 30% of enrollees. Ironically, the problem stems from an attempt to protect people enrolled […]

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Just as highway funds were set to run out, Congress passed a highway bill and President Obama signed it into law July 31, 2015. To pay for the bill without raising tax rates, Congress included some new compliance provisions that will affect some recipients of inherited property, owners of partnership interests, and taxpayers with mortgages.

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You don't have to report taxable income for the value of identity protection services you receive because of a data breach where you work or shop.

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The IRS now offers an easier way to report many capital gain transactions.

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