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Reader feedback: This statement is not correc... posted this comment on 1 January 2015 (view all feedback).

This statement is not correct: " If you expect to retire in a 15% tax bracket, you can neglect any federal tax on qualified dividends and capital gains in retirement.". The 0% tax is limited to cap gains less than the difference between 73.5k (for 2013) and your taxable income. Any LTCG over that is taxed at 15%.

Any thoughts?

LadyGeek 15:43, 1 January 2015 (CST)

Forum discussions containing anonymous polls

I have removed external links to 2 forum discussions and the associated template pointing to those links.

Anonymous polls are not a credible information source and do not represent a forum consensus. Polls which require each forum member to describe how they voted and why are more appropriate to reference in the wiki (a poll of this type is not anonymous). The links should have been removed earlier. --LadyGeek 22:09, 10 March 2018 (UTC)