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Reader feedback: Based on posted this comment on 29 September 2017 (view all feedback).

Based on, the strategy is to get conservative at retirement then move up the stock share. Say step down stock share to say 35 or 40% at target year and then gradually increase stock share by 1 percent point a year till up 5 or 7%. Does it make sense? posted this comment on 29 September 2017 (view all feedback).

should we get more conservative at retirement to minimize possible loss of stock crash. Say lower to 35 to 40% stock then move that percent up by 5% point several years after target year? inspiration from

While the WSJ article Target-Date Funds: What Retirement Savers Should Know - WSJ (April 22, 2014) does indeed discuss glide path during the accumulation ("To") and distribution ("From") phases, it is out-of-scope for this wiki article. The article is intended to only define glide path. How the glide path is used depends on your individual situation.

Increasing your equity allocation after retirement is discussed in the Bogleheads forum. Please ask your question in the forum and we can help you decide how to proceed for your own situation. LadyGeek 22:00, 29 September 2017 (EDT)