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The first Taiwan Bogleheads conference was held on May 11, 2013. The event took place at Mr. Brown Coffee, Taipei City, Taiwan. The conference was attended by 123 individuals and featured three speakers. Each segment of the meeting was followed by a question and answer period.

Among the speakers was Mr. Chen, author of three investment books and author of the Greenhorn blog. Mr. Chen has also translated William Bernstein's The Investor's Manifesto into traditional chinese. At the conference, Mr. Chen addressed the topic of "Our Way of Indexing" and talked about Mr.John Bogle and the development of the first index fund. He explained the development of Vanguard and the ETF industry, and why Mr. Bogle thought that, while index funds make good long-term investments, frequent trading of index funds would be a losing strategy.

The second author who spoke at the conference was Mr. Xiao (penname 怪老子). Mr Xiao has two investment titles. His first book, The Investment Principles You Should Know When You Get Your First Paycheck, is a long-time best seller. Mr. Xiao addressed managing retirement portfolios with the topic "How to Build a Retirement Portfolio with Index Funds and ETFs." He instructed on how to calculate the required size of a retirement portfolio and gave some model portfolios.

The third speaker was Mr. Liu. He works in the insurance business and builds his career by selling term-life insurance. He deeply believes that the correct objective of an insurance policy is to provide adequate protection. His books about insurance have a profound impact on the general public in Taiwan. In "How to Purchase Insurance Policy Wisely" he advised the audience to avoid high-cost policies. [1]

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The conference was held on the third floor of a coffeehouse in Taipei.

Conference speakers

Three speakers addressed the assembled attendees.

Conference sessions

Each session provided for a question and answer period. There was also a coffee break.


The conference attendees signed a card in honor of Mr. Bogle, and distributed buttons.

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