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Flag of Japan.svg.png This article contains information specific to investors in Japan. However, it does not apply to residents of Japan who are also United States (US) citizens or US permanent residents.
Fig.1 TOPIX 1969 - 2011

The Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.(TSE) calculates and publishes TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index)(東証株価指数) and its sub-indices, including the TOPIX New index Series. Each index is a free-float adjusted, market capitalization-weighted index.[1] The Tokyo Stock Exchange began calculating and publishing the index on July 1, 1969.[2] The TOPIX is calculated using 100 points as the value for January 4, 1968, (as indicated in Fig.1.)


The TOPIX is a composite index of all common stocks listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. The First Section consists of large stocks on the exchange. The Second Section consists of smaller companies. Currently, about 1,600 first section companies are listed on the TSE, along with 500 second section companies.[3]

TOPIX New Index Series

On August 8, 1998, the Tokyo Stock Exchange first published the TOPIX New Index Series. This set of indexes provides a division of stocks according to company market capitalization size. As the table below indicates, the index series provides an index of large cap stocks (TOPIX 100); mid cap stocks (TOPIX 400); and small cap stocks (TOPIX Small). The TOPIX 1000 index consists of the TOPIX 100, the TOPIX 400, and the 500 largest stocks in the TOPIX small cap index.

The New Index Series also provides indexes which reflect growth stocks and value stocks:

  • TOPIX 500 Growth Index
  • TOPIX 500 Value Index
  • TOPIX Small Growth Index
  • TOPIX Small Value Index
TOPIX New Index Series
TOPIX 1000 Component stocks in the TOPIX 500 and highly market capitalized stocks of the TOPIX small TOPIX 500 Component stocks in the TOPIX Core 30, the TOPIX Large 70 and the TOPIX Mid 400 TOPIX 100 Component stocks in the TOPIX Core 30 and the TOPIX Large 70 TOPIX Core 30 The 30 most liquid and highly market capitalized stocks
TOPIX Large 70 After the Core 30, the 70 most liquid and highly market capitalized stocks
TOPIX Mid 400 Excluding TOPIX 100 stocks, these are the remaining stocks in the TOPIX 500
TOPIX Small Outside the component stocks in the TOPIX 500 and non-eligible1 stocks in the TOPIX
1. New companies which have not been listed on the TSE for 6 months or more, out of the companies listed on the 1st section of the TSE

Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index

The TSE began calculating and publishing the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index on August 1, 2003. This is an index of J-REITS. J-REITs are Real Estate Investment Trusts that invest in commercial, residential, and industrial real estate and pass along rental income and property sales proceeds to investors. REITs are securities that trade on the stock exchange.[4] The total returns history of the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index is included in the returns table below.

Index returns

The table below provides historical annual index returns for the TOPIX index (from 1990 forward) as well as for the New TOPIX Index Series. These are total return indexes.

TOPIX indexes

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