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This page contains the featured blog which appears on the main page. Each blog shown in News and blogs will be selected in turn, updated daily. News is excluded. Note: The wiki has no control over content or formatting.

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Vanguard Proxy Voting 2017 (22 August 2017)

How I voted on the Vanguard 2017 proxy proposals.

2017 2018 401k 403b IRA Contribution Limits (16 August 2017)

The 401k/403b/457 contribution limit will increase in 2018. So will the income limit for taking an IRA deduction and contributing to a Roth IRA.

Advice-Only: The Best Model For Financial Advice People Need And Want (08 August 2017)

Beyond fee-only, advice-only is the best model of obtaining financial advice.

Last Year’s Flagship Phone vs This Year’s Budget Phone (01 August 2017)

If you are shopping for a less expensive mobile phone, also consider last year's flagship models.

The Homeless Retired Early (25 July 2017)

Retiring early is always an option. You choose where to draw the line between freedom and lifestyle.

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