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Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund now tracking new FTSE index (31 May 2016)

The new benchmark is designed to move the fund closer to market-cap weightings while also offering additional diversification.

Financial planning in the new era of marriage equality (31 May 2016)

Whether you and your spouse are starting out, or need to refresh wealth and estate plans because of the recent legislative changes, now is a good time to have an in-depth conversation on how to pre...

Webcast replay: Improving your odds of successful investing in actively managed funds (31 May 2016)

Vanguard investing experts Dan Newhall and Daniel Wallick discuss how to effectively incorporate actively managed funds into your portfolio.

Beat the market long-term? Yes, it can be done. (27 May 2016)

Beating the market is possible, but requires discipline. Dan Newhall of Vanguard's Portfolio Review Department, offers insight on how we can help tilt the odds in your favor.

Memorial Day holiday hours (27 May 2016)

Financial markets and Vanguard offices in the U.S. will be closed on Monday, May 30, for the Memorial Day holiday. Transaction requests we receive after the markets close on Friday will be processe...

Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"RSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

6 Reasons The Rich Should Pay off Their Mortgage Early (30 May 2016)

Is Your Financial Advisor Ripping You Off? (27 May 2016)

Using Upromise to Pay Off Your Loans Faster (25 May 2016)

Multi-Generational Wealth Building (23 May 2016)

Experienced Help for Physician-specific Insurance Needs (21 May 2016)

Laura Dogu

Laura Dogu is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on

Laura Dogu, Mel Lindauer: The Bogleheads - Advice Inspired by Jack BogleRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Saving Billions By Indexing State Pension Funds (15 March 2016)

Bogleheads are astutely aware of the saying “Cost matters.” In fact, our friend, mentor and namesake, John C. (Jack) Bogle, founder of , created what he called the CMH (the cost matters hypothe...

Year-end Financial Checklist (30 November 2015)

As we approach the end of 2015, here’s a check list of some of the things we need to make sure we’ve taken care of before it’s too late.  Max out contributions to your plans 401k 403b 457 Tr...

Dealing With A Lousy 401K Plan (05 July 2015)

On the forum, we’re constantly faced with questions from investors who want to start , but are concerned about the list of mediocre high-cost funds available to them. They want to...

Don’t Let the Market Set Your Asset Allocation (07 April 2015)

After the good stock market returns of the past six years, where the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 has more than tripled, many investors may well find that their portfolios now con...

Happy Holidays from the Bogleheads (20 December 2014)

On behalf of the entire Bogleheads Community, I’d like to wish each and every one of our readers all the very best in this holiday season.  For now, I’ll leave you with some steps you...

Mel Lindauer

Mel Lindauer is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on The Bogleheads® View RSS feed is listed above.

Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious InvestorRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Annuities with Fixed Cost of Living Adjustments Don’t Protect Against Inflation (30 May 2016)

A reader writes in, asking: “I have been considering purchasing one of the “SPIA” annuities often recommended on Bogleheads. [Mike’s note: SPIA stands for single premium im...

Investing Blog Roundup: Investing During a Presidential Campaign (27 May 2016)

I’ve always made a point to keep my political views out of my writing. Still, some readers have asked me over the last few months what they should do to protect their portfolios in case an u...

Should I Put Stocks in My Roth IRA and Bonds in My Traditional IRA? (23 May 2016)

A reader writes in, asking: “If I have a Roth IRA and traditional IRA, is it better to put my stock funds in the Roth and the bond funds in the traditional IRA? That seems preferable, beca...

Investing Blog Roundup: Actuaries Longevity Illustrator (20 May 2016)

One of the most critical questions in retirement planning is how long you expect to live. Longevity expectations affect everything from how much you can spend per year, to tax planning decisions,...

Social Security is a Year-by-Year (or Month-by-Month) Decision (16 May 2016)

For simplicity’s sake, writers and financial advisors often compare claiming Social Security at 62 to claiming at 70, in order to show the difference between the two extreme strategies. Bu...

Allan Roth

AARP Money / Experts Allan RothRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Examining the death of the 60/40 stock/bond mix (23 November 2015)

A friend sent me the following article from the USA Today insert of his local paper. The article proclaimed “The 60/40 stock-and-bond portfolio mix is dead in 2016” and went on to explain that...

An easy and fun way to protect your nest egg (16 November 2015)

Ever hear something like this and scratch your head wondering what it means? Our exclusive quantitative modeling system using proprietary algorithms will optimize your portfolio for minimum volatil...

Know your odds before you invest (09 November 2015)

Perhaps you’ve heard that low-cost passive index mutual funds tend to perform better than funds in which managers actively pick stocks. By my calculations, however, over any given year, roughly 4...

Examaining the claims from stock market newsletters (04 November 2015)

Have you ever received an email or letter reading something like this? Are you tired of working for that boss you hate? You’ll never get rich working for a big company, so here’s the proven way...

How to get up to $500 for an hour of your time (29 October 2015)

I’m typically not one to jump on promo offers, as they usually take a ton of time and have too many strings attached. Every now and then, however, I see a great offer that holds up to scrutiny. T...

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse InvestorRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Bullish Embracement (04 May 2016)

We get a lot of questions about owning stocks in a down market and the uncertainty that exists. I address this in my latest column and share my reasons for the consideration of common stocks despit...

Can You Pick a Winner? (07 April 2016)

Picking a winning fund is about as easy as picking the winning men’s NCAA team and even then, it may come down to a lot of luck and one excellent buzzer-beater three-point shot. Dan Solin discuss...

Steps to Retiring on the Right Side (17 March 2016)

If you are worried you might not be on track for retirement, don’t worry – you can make the most of the time you have left. In his recent article, Bill provides a few practical steps...

Taxes in Retirement (11 March 2016)

After you have spent a lifetime paying taxes and collecting paychecks, the first year the employment paychecks turn into social security checks can be a daunting experience, particularly when filin...

Don’t Fall to Myopic Loss Aversion (19 February 2016)

Myopic what? Yes, you read the title correctly – myopic loss aversion. The term describes a point when you try to avert losing money quickly by selling stocks or other poor knee-jerk react...

Larry Swedroe

The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance BuffRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Deathbed Regret And The Puritan Work Ethic (31 May 2016)

Many dying said they wished they didn't work so hard. It contradicts with the Puritan work ethic. Who's right?

Cheer For The Second Best (10 May 2016)

The second best is still far better than many poor choices.

Early Retirement and Comparative Advantage (03 May 2016)

It makes little sense to retire early on a shoestrings budget that requires you to substitute your own labor for hired labor.

2016 and 2017 HSA Contribution Limits (29 April 2016)

2016 and 2017 calendar year HSA contribution limit and HDHP qualification for individual coverage and family coverage. No change for the most part due to low inflation.

Mega Backdoor Roth: Convert Within Plan or Out to Roth IRA? (26 April 2016)

When your 401k-type plan allows non-Roth after-tax contributions, you can take the money out to a Roth IRA or convert to Roth within the plan. Either way works.

Academic blogs

Social Science Research Network

The SSRN Blog - Tomorrow's research todayRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Weekly Announcements – May 31, 2016 (31 May 2016)

La Trobe University Re-Joins LSN Legal Studies Research Papers Series We are pleased to announce the La Trobe Law School has re-started their Law School Research Papers – Legal Studies series...

Weekly Top 5 Papers – May 27, 2016 (27 May 2016)

1. A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation by Mebane T. Faber (Cambria Investment Management) 2. Return Seasonalities by Matti Keloharju (Aalto University – School of Busine...

Weekly Announcements – May 23, 2016 (23 May 2016)

We are pleased to announce Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law (MPIL) has started a Law Research Centers Papers series within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)...

Weekly Top 5 Papers – May 20, 2016 (20 May 2016)

1. Threats to Racial Status Promote Tea Party Support Among White Americans by Robb Willer (Stanford University) and Matthew Feinberg (University of Toronto) and Rachel Wetts (University of Cali...

SSRN: A New Chapter (17 May 2016)

I am thrilled to announce a new chapter for SSRN! In 1994 I helped Mike Jensen co-found SSRN and have seen it flourish as a resource for scholars all over the world. The SSRN team has worked hard...

Wade Pfau

Retirement Researcher BlogRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Retirement Plan Advisor? (26 May 2016)

The Importance of Retirement Plan Advisors (24 May 2016)

Understanding How Financial Advisors Are Compensated (20 May 2016)

Does Your Mindset Affect How You Make Retirement Income Decisions? (17 May 2016)

Common Investor Behaviors That Hurt Investments (12 May 2016)

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