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The New Jersey 529 plan page provides information on direct-sold 529 plans and highlights indexed portfolios. All information is derived from and from 529 plan sites and disclosure documents. If you would like to compare this plan with other direct sold plans, use these Compare by Plan Name and Compare by Feature tools.

  • Open to Residents
  • Not open to non-residents
New Jersey 529 Plan
Program match on contributions: There is no program match, however, New Jersey beneficiaries are eligible for a one-time scholarship of up to $1,500 for the first semester at any New Jersey college or university subject to minimum participation and contribution requirements.
State tax deduction or credit for contributions: none
State tax recapture provisions: New Jersey follows federal tax-free treatment.
Age-based investment options: The three Age-Based Investment Portfolios options consist of four portfolios of underlying mutual funds. Contributions are placed into the portfolio corresponding to the beneficiary’s age, and later reassigned to more conservative portfolios as the beneficiary ages.
Static investment options: Select among four multi-fund portfolios (Growth, Corefolio, Growth & Income, and Income), S&P 500 Index portfolio, and a stable value portfolio.
Single funds: S&P 500 Index 529 Portfolio (ER 0.65%)
Expenses: 0.40% to 1.08%
Policy Regarding Ownership Changes: Accepts requests to transfer account ownership.

Contributions Full Years Account Open Scholarship Amount
$1,200 4 $500
$1,800 6 $750
$2,400 8 $1,000
$3,000 10 $1,250
$3,600 12 $1,500

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