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Mike Piper
Born 1984
Nationality American
Other names aka Oblivious Investor
Occupation Author, CPA
Notable work Investing Made Simple
Social Security Made Simple
Website Oblivious Investor blog

Mike Piper, CPA is the author of several personal finance books as well as the popular blog ObliviousInvestor.com. He is a Colorado licensed CPA. Mike’s writing has been featured in many places, including The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Forbes, MarketWatch, and Morningstar. Mike lives with his wife in Manitou Springs, Colorado, where they enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

— from Biographical sketch, Amazon [1]


  • Accounting Made Simple: Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454221
  • Taxes Made Simple: Income Taxes Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454214
  • Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor, and LLC Taxes Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454269
  • LLC vs. S-Corp vs. C-Corp Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454276
  • Investing Made Simple: Index Fund Investing and ETF Investing Exlained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454245
  • Can I Retire? How Much Money You Need to Retire and How to Manage Your Retirement Savings: Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454252
  • Social Security Made Simple: Social Security Retirement Benefits and Related Planning Topics Explained in 100 Pages or Less ISBN 978-0981454283
  • Microeconomics Made Simple: Basic Microeconomic Principles, Explained in 100 Pages or Less (coauthored with Austin Frakt, PhD) ISBN 978-0981454290
  • Oblivious Investing: Building Wealth by Ignoring the Noise ISBN 978-0981454238 [Now out of print.]

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