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We help you make good financial decisions by tuning out the noise and focusing on just a handful of simple, core principles that have proved successful over time. Although they are simple, following them is not always easy.

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Personal finance

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Personal finance covers not only investing, but day-to-day finances, budgeting, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and retirement.

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Retirement is a major event in many people's lives. It is not only a lifestyle change, but a change in income and spending.

Planning for this life-changing event is important.

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Saving early is important, as the power of compound interest will help you to reach your savings goal, even with low expected returns. The concept applies for savings towards any goal, such as retirement, purchasing a home, or saving for an education. The longer the timeframe, the larger the impact of the power of compounding.

If you start late, you can still catch up. However, you will need to invest more money, as compounding has much less time to have an effect. (more...)

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  • 1986 - Fannie Mae (the Federal National Mortgage Association) offered the first issue of stripped mortgage-backed securities through Goldman, Sachs & Co. Source: John A. Thain and Philip Darivoff, Strips: The Ultimate Mortgage Technology? Goldman Sachs research report, April, 1997, p. 1
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