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We help you make good financial decisions by tuning out the noise and focusing on just a handful of simple, core principles that have proved successful over time. Although they are simple, following them is not always easy.

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Getting started

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Personal finance

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Personal finance covers not only investing, but day-to-day finances, budgeting, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and retirement.

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Retirement is a major event in many people's lives. It is not only a lifestyle change, but a change in income and spending.

Planning for this life-changing event is important.

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From today's featured article

Risk is the uncertainty (variation) of an investment's return, which does not distinguish between a loss or a gain. However, investors usually think of risk as the possibility that their investments could lose money.

Risk tolerance is your emotional and psychological ability to endure investment losses during large market declines without selling or undue worry, such as losing sleep. To know whether a portfolio is right for your risk tolerance, you need to be brutally honest with yourself as you try to answer the question, "Will I sell during the next bear market?" (more...)

This week in financial history

March 1:
  • 1957 - Standard & Poor's Corporation (Standard Statistics Company merged with Poor's Publishing in 1941) introduced S&P 500 Index (with daily estimates), as a representative sample of 500 leading companies in leading industries of U.S. economy. Source: Business History.
  • 1993 - US Treasury auctions: The Uniform Offering Circular (UOC) became effective. The circular consolidated into one document the terms and conditions for the sale of marketable Treasury securities which previously were found in a variety of documents. Source: Timeline of U.S. Treasury Auctions

March 2:

March 3:

  • 1801 - On March 3, 1801 the business known as “The Stock Exchange” established by a group of brokers at Jonathan's Coffee House in London, was reopened under a formal membership subscription basis. On this date, the first regulated exchange came into existence in London and the modern London Stock Exchange was born. Source : Stock Market Development In The United Kingdom: Prospects And Challenges, download
  • The Korea Stock Exchange (KSE) was established on March 3,1956. Source:Korea Market Profile
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