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List of estate planning terms, with linked definitions, can help explain the terminology associated with this area of personal finance. Estate planning is an often complex, but essential, component to a comprehensive financial plan.

Definitions of estate planning terminology

General terms

Term Investopedia definition
Estate planning link
Estate tax link
Gift tax link
Living will link
Marital deduction link
Power of Attorney - PoA link
Taxable estate link

The parties involved

Term Investopedia definition
Beneficiary link
Executor link
Grantor link
Guardian link
Heir link
Trustee link

Wills and probate

Term Investopedia definition
Escheat link
Intestate link
Pour over will link
Probate link
Transfer on Death - ToD link
Will link


Term Investopedia definition
Charitable Lead Trust - CLT link
Charitable Remainder Trust CRT link
Credit Shelter Trust - CST link
Crummey power link
Family Limited Partnership - FLP link
Generation-Skipping Trust - GST link
Grantor Retained Annuity Trust - GRAT link
Inter Vivos trust link
Irrevocable trust link
Qualified disclaimer link
Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust - QTIP link
Revocable trust link
Testamentary trust link
Trust link

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