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List of US ETF providers is alphabetical, but can be sorted according to year of entry into the marketplace. The table contains, where available, links to each provider's website, as well as links to a provider's ETF database page. These links provide information regarding each provider's range of offerings, expense ratios, and access to factsheets, prospectuses, annual reports and additional information.

The marketplace

Since the first issuance of an exchange-traded fund (the SPYDER S&P 500 ETF) on the American Stock Exchange in 1993, there has been steady growth in the number of firms providing ETFs in the U.S. market. At year end 2015, ETF's in the U.S. totaled 1594 funds holding 2.1 trillion dollars in net assets. [note 1]

The ETF marketplace is quite active, with new firms frequently entering and leaving (through acquisition, merger or liquidation) the marketplace. In terms of net assets under management, the U.S. marketplace is dominated by the large ETF providers (Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard).[note 2]Some providers specialize in offering exchange-traded notes (ETNs) or funds-- primarily those specializing in commodities or currencies-- that are held in master limited partnerships (LP). These forms of organization possess additional risks to the potential shareholder (credit risk with ETNs and tax complications with LPs). Firms specializing in these instruments are footnoted.

ETF Providers [1]
ETF Provider Year of Entry Website ETF database
AdvisorShares 2009 link link
Alpha Architect 2014 link link
ALPS 1995 link link
ARK 2014 link link
ArrowShares Investment Adviser 2012 link link
Barclays iPath [2] 1993 link link
Blackrock [3] 1993 link link
Calamos Investments 2014 link link
Cambria 2012 link link
Charles Schwab 2009 link link
Citigroup [2] 2010 link link
Columbia 2011 link link
Credit Suisse 2010 link link
CSOP 2015 link link
Deutsche Banks [4] 2006 link link
Diamond Hill 2011 link link
Direxion [5] 1997 link link
Emerging Global Shares 2009 link link
Elkhorn 2015 link link
ETF Managers Group 2015 link link
ETF Securities 2003 link link
Fidelity 2003 link link
First Trust 1993 link link
FQF Trust 2011 link ---
Franklin ETF Trust 2013 link link
Global X 2010 link link
Goldman Sachs [2] 2007 link link
GreenHaven 2008 link link
Guggenheim 2009 link link[6] link link
Highland Capital Management 2012 link link
Horizons 2013 link link
HSBC link ---
Huntington Strategy Shares 2012 link link
IndexIQ 2006 link link
Invesco PowerShares 2003 link link
John Hancock 2015 link link
JP Morgan [2] 2009 link link
KraneShares 2013 link link
Lattice Strategies 2015 link link
Legg Mason 2015 link link
LocalShares 2013 link link
Millington Securities Inc link ---
Montage Managers link ---
Northern Trust[7] 2011 link link
Oppenheimer Funds[8] 2008 link link
Pacer Financial 2004 link link
PIMCO 2009 link link
Precidian 2011 link link
ProShares 2006 link link
Reality Shares 2014 link link
Recon Capital 2015 link link
Renaissance Capital 2013 link link
Royal Bank of Canada 2014 link link
State Street 1993 link link
Swedish Export Credit 2007 link link
Teucrium 2010 link link
The Principal Financial Group 2015 link link
TrimTabs Asset Management 2015 link link
UBS [2] 2010 link link
US Bancorp link ---
US Commodity Funds [9] 2006 link link
US Global Investors 2015 link link
USCF Advisers 2014 link ---
Van Eck 2006 link link
Vanguard 2001 link link
VelocityShares [2] 2011 link link
Victory Capital Management 2015 link ---
Virtus[10] 2015 link link
WisdomTree 2006 link link


  1. ICI: December 2015 ETF statistics
    Number of ETFs and Total Net Assets (Billions of Dollars)

    (View Google Spreadsheet in browser, then File --> Download as to download the file.)
  2. The bulk of ETF assets are held by dominant providers. The table below provides the top 20 US providers, measured by assets under management. Assets under management, as of the end of the fourth quarter 2015, derived from Daily updates to ETF providers' AUMs are available at ETF League Tables,
    Firm AUM
    Black Rock 828,557.75
    Vanguard 481,949.56
    SSgA 416,607.09
    Invesco PowerShares 97,874.45
    WisdomTree 51,268.83
    First Trust 42,712.24
    Charles Schwab 39,640.88
    Guggenheim 28,383.99
    ProShares 24,928.52
    Deutsche Bank 20,675.22
    PIMCO 10,902.07
    Van Eck 18,724.21
    ALPS 10,089.91
    Direxion 8,827.31
    Northern Trust 7,611.06
    Barclays Capital 6,572.13
    UBS 4,932.36
    US Commodity Funds 4,415.41
    Fidelity 3,766.23
    JPMorgan 3,670.03

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