List of Taiwan exchange traded funds

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Taiwanflag.jpg This article contains details specific to investors in Taiwan. However, it does not apply to residents of Taiwan who are also United States (US) citizens or US permanent residents.

The following list of Taiwan exchange-traded funds is organized according to Bloomberg identification numbers, which link to current market quotations and data pages:

Bloomberg ETF Tracking index
0050 Polaris Taiwan Top50 Tracker Fund FTSE-TWSE Taiwan 50 Index
0051 Polaris Taiwan Mid Cap 100 Tracker Fund FTSE-TWSE Taiwan Mid Cap 100 Index
0052 FB Technology ETF TSEC Taiwan Technology Index
0053 Polaris/P-shares Taiwan Electronics Tech ETF TSEC Electronics Index
0054 Polaris/P-shares S&P Custom China Play 50 ETF S&P Custom/ Polaris China Play 50 Index[note 1]
0055 Polaris/P-shares MSCI Taiwan Financials ETF MSCI Taiwan Financials Index
0056 Polaris/P-shares Taiwan Dividend Plus ETF Taiwan Dividend + Index
0057 FB MSCI Taiwan ETF MSCI Taiwan Index
0058 FB Taiwan Eight Industries ETF Taiwan Eight industries index
0059 FB Taiwan Finance ETF Taiwan Financial and Insurance Index
0060 Polaris P-Shares TSEC Taiwan Non-Tech 50 ETF TAIEX Non-Electronics 50 Sub-Index
0061 W.I.S.E. Polaris CSI 300 Fund CSI 300 Index[note 2]
006201 Polaris/P-shares Gretai 50 ETF GreTai 50 Index
006202 Polaris/P-shares Taiwan Government Bond ETF GreTai Taiwan Treasury Benchmark Index
006203 Polaris/P-shares MSCI Taiwan ETF MSCI Taiwan Index
006204 Sinopac Taiwan Taiex Index ETF Taiwan Taiex Index
006205 Fubon SSE 180 Index ETF SSE 180 Index[note 3]
006206 Polaris/P-shares SSE50 ETF SSE50 Index[note 4]
006207 Fuh Hwa CSI 300 A Shares ETF SZSE300 Index[note 5]
006208 Fubon Taiwan 50 Index ETF FTSE-TWSE Taiwan 50 Index


  1. The S&P Custom/ Polaris China Play 50 Index is a customized index that provides investors with exposure to Taiwan listed companies that derive business revenue from China.
  2. The CSI 300 Index is a free-float weighted index that consists of 300 A-share stocks listed on the Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. Index has a base level of 1000 on 12/31/2004 Bloomberg For further information see China Securities Index Co,Ltd (english); link (chinese)
  3. The SSE 180 Index selects 180 of the most representative stocks listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) that reflect the overall situation and operation of Shanghai securities market. See Introduction, SSE for further details on Shanghai indexes.
  4. The SSE 50 Index consists of 50 representative stocks from the Shanghai security market.
  5. The SZSE300 Index consists of 300 constituent A-shares large and mid cap stocks listed in China. See Shenzhen Stock Exchange for further information.

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