John A. Haslem

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John A. Haslem
Nationality American
Occupation Academic
Title Professor Emeritus of Finance
Academic background
Alma mater North Carolina University
Academic work
Discipline Financial economics
Institutions University of Maryland
Main interests Mutual funds

John A. Haslem is Professor Emeritus of Finance, University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Haslem's mutual funds research focuses on financial, regulatory, and policy issues. These topics include normative transparency of disclosure and the relationship of expense dispersion to the performance and characteristics of retail and institutional actively managed and index equity funds. This research appears in 25 articles in the Journal of Investing, Institutional Investor investment guides, Journal of Indexes, and Financial Services Review.[1]


Haslem's scholarship provides an extensive body of work devoted to mutual funds. He is the author/co-author of the following most cited papers, ranked from most to least cited.

Year Study
2004 A Tool for Improved Mutual Funds Transparency[2]
2007 Normative Transparency of Mutual Fund Disclosure and the Case of the Expense Ratio[3]
2005 Investing in 'Fiduciary' Mutual Funds: How to Improve the Odds[4]
2006 Identification and Performance of Equity Mutual Funds with High Management Fees and Expense Ratios[5]
2008 Performance and Characteristics of Actively Managed Retail Equity Mutual Funds with Diverse Expense Ratios[6]
2006 Assessing Mutual Fund Expenses and Transaction Costs[7]


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