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This page summarises guidelines to follow when creating wiki pages that are intended for non-US readers.


Create a draft page under your username as described in Help:Contents. For example, the page can be titled as "User:LadyGeek/New page title".

If you do not live in a locale that uses English as the main language, adding English to your browser's spell check languages will help you to avoid typos and spelling errors. Before saving a new page or an edit of an existing one with "Save changes", use "Show preview" and perhaps also "Show changes" to check that your edits make the page look as you expect.

When the draft page is complete, move (rename) the page to the main namespace. For example, "New page title". Then, add the categories and templates as described below.

Templates to identify the target audience

Next, add the template which identifies the target audience. Place it at the top of the page. These templates create a hatnote.

If the page is dedicated to a country, add that country's template; for example: {{Belgium}}. Otherwise, select a template from:

  • Pages applicable to non-US investors: {{Non-US}}
  • Pages or sections applicable to US investors: {{US}}
    • An optional enumerated reason for marking as US specific, for example: {{US | reason = harmful}}
    • An optional reference to a wiki page that explains the non-US variant: {{US | non-US_link = (link)}}
    • If only a section of a page is applicable to non-US investors, then use {{US | item = section}} in that section.
  • Pages applicable to both US and non-US investors: {{Global}}
  • Pages applicable to US investors not residing in the US: {{US expat}}

Indicate the editing state

  • {{In creation}} to use when multiple edits are being made to add content immediately after creating the article
  • {{Under construction}} to use for pages or sections in the process of an expansion or major restructuring
  • {{In use}}, for articles actively undergoing a major edit for a short while

Administrative content

When the draft page is complete, it must be properly categorized and added to the wiki navigation templates. After the page has been moved to the main namespace, at to the bottom of the page:

  • If the page is specific to a country, add the country's category. For example, Investing from Belgium, contains [[Category:Belgium]].
    Otherwise, add [[Category:Non-US domiciles]].
  • Add {{Non-US domiciles}} to add the non-US domiciles navigation template to the page.

Finally, add the page to the Non-US domiciles navigation template, and also the Outline of non-US domiciles page.

Generated categories

The following categories are created:

Adding a new country

Add a new country as follows:


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