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Grok's tips is a popular series of postings by Boglehead forum member grok87.[1] They represent grok87's own opinions.

Investing tips

  1. Grok's investing tip #1/10 Take your risk on the equity side
  2. Grok's investing tip #2/10 Use cash to dampen portfolio risk
  3. Grok’s Investing tip #3/10: Index, Index, Index, But...
  4. Grok's investing tip #4/10: Rebalance early and often
  5. Grok's tip 5:To keep real wealth skip Gold, buy TIPs
  6. Grok's tip #6/10: Be Aligned: Buy This, Not That!
  7. Grok's tip #7: Skip foreign bonds!
  8. Grok's Tip #8: Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation
  9. Grok's Tip #9: To Manage Risk Well, Use a Bar-Bell
  10. Grok's Tip #10: Get Real (Returns)!- the 3% solution
  11. Grok's Tip #11: Take Grok's pledge!
  12. Grok's Tip # 12: "Press on, regardless" (of the past 5 years)
  13. Grok's Tip # 13: But Vanguard will tell you that...
  14. Grok's tip #14: Avoid long-term corporate bonds
  15. Grok Tip 15 You're doing it wrong: Figuring stock/bond split

Liability matching portfolio

  1. LMP-1: P&I article on corporate & public pension plans
  2. LMP-2: Should you take the lump sum?
  3. LMP-3: Roll your own pension- Build a tips ladder!
  4. Grok's LMP-4: The 3-legged stool approach to retirement planning
  5. Grok's LMP-5: Retiree Portfolio ala David Swensen

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