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Ambox globe content.svg This article contains details specific to non-US investors. It does not apply to United States (US) investors, or to US citizens and US permanent residents (green card holders) living outside the US.

Welcome to the Bogleheads' Getting started for non-US investors page!

First things first -- don't panic! There is a lot of information available to help. Take your time and get organised.

The Bogleheads® motto is Investing Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle. We are part of his campaign "to give ordinary investors a fair shake."

The Bogleheads® originated in the United States, and the principles are applicable worldwide. The non-US section of this wiki and the Non-US investing forum focus on topics that specifically affect non-US investors. Both the wiki and forum were built by volunteers who are dedicated to helping people begin or improve their investing by applying our investing principles.


Bogleheads® emphasise regular saving, broad diversification, and sticking to an investment plan regardless of market conditions. We follow a small number of simple investment principles that have been shown over time to produce risk-adjusted returns far greater than those achieved by the average investor. They have been further distilled and explained in thousands of posts on the forum. The Bogleheads® investment philosophy can be applied to investors world-wide. Differences exist in taxation, available funds, and regulations.

The power of the wiki is its ability to link content. This is not a structured course. Some pages are marked as "Global", some as "US only" and some as "Non-US". If a topic has a link, there is more material available. Use those links to explore anything you want, and consider bookmarking this page in case you get lost. The start-up kit below is designed to help you begin or improve your investing journey.

Bogleheads® investment philosophy

We suggest you start your journey by reading the Bogleheads® investment philosophy for non-US investors first, which is summarized below. Alternatively, these principles are introduced by short, entertaining video segments to give investors the big picture and an orientation. Next, choose the start-up kit that fits your situation and dive in!

The Bogleheads® Philosophy

Prepare to invest

  • Live below your means
  • Develop a workable plan
  • Never bear too much or too little risk
  • Invest early and often

Create a portfolio

  • Diversify
  • Invest with simplicity
  • Use index funds when possible
  • Minimize costs
  • Minimize taxes

Maintain discipline

  • Never try to time the market
  • Stay the course
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Investing start-up kit

Start your investing experience with the start-up kit.

As background, the Outline of non-US domiciles (mentioned below) contains links to pages devoted to investing for investors living outside of the United States. There are pages focussed on individual countries; pages explaining portfolio construction for non-US investors; as well as pages explaining tax considerations for the non-US domiciled investor.

Asking questions

Once you get familiar with the content in the start-up kit, or if you are looking for content related to a specific topic, you can benefit from the Outline of non-US domiciles for quick access to specific topics. In addition, the site navigation page contains a comprehensive topic list which can be used to navigate to specific topics you are interested in.

If you have questions on any investing or finance topic, just ask in the Bogleheads® forum for non-US investors. No question is too simple or too complex. If you have a specific question, dive right in.

If you would like assistance with your portfolio, it can be helpful to ask your question by posting your portfolio using the My portfolio: seeking advice template for non-US investors. Please include your home country in the post title.

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