George Comer

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George Comer
Nationality American
Alma mater New York University
Occupation Academic
Years active Since 2001
Employer Georgetown University
Website homepage

George Comer is an associate professor at the Georgetown University MacDonough School of Business. His main areas of research involve mutual funds and bond funds.


Comer is the author/co-author of the following cited papers.

Year Study
2005 Evaluating Bond Fund Sector Timing Skill[1]
2005 High Quality Bond Funds: Market Timing Ability and Performance[2]
2010 Are Reported Mutual Fund Yields Useful? An Analysis of Municipal Bond Funds[3]
2007 On Equity and Fixed Income Investing Styles: A Look at Hybrid Mutual Funds[4]
2006 Corporate and Government Bond Funds: An Analysis of Investment Style, Performance, and Cash Flows [5]

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