FAQ on The Bogleheads® Facebook page

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The Bogleheads® Facebook page has the following purposes:

  • To maintain a Bogleheads.org presence on social networking website Facebook.com
  • Serves to guide visitors to the Bogleheads® Forum
  • Spreads the word about Bogleheads® Community and Forum on Facebook
  • Has an appearance consistent with the Bogleheads brand and respect to our mentor John Bogle
  • Maintains content and presence that is lasting; a page that does not require daily moderation or policing


The Bogleheads® Facebook page is located at URL: http://www.facebook.com/Bogleheads. Enable browser cookies to access the site.


The Bogleheads page will be administered by volunteers from amongst the Bogleheads online community. Its sponsors in the Boglehead community will be the Boglehead founders Taylor Larimore and Mel Lindauer.

The page will be maintained as a Facebook Community Page.

The administrators can be contacted by email: thebogleheads@gmail.com

Content policy

The Bogleheads® Facebook page will have the following content:

Info Page:

Timeline Page:

  • Announce events of interest to Boglehead users on Facebook.
  • Interesting articles of educational value
  • Links to interesting posts on the Bogleheads Forum
  • Books of interest to the Bogleheads community
  • Select Chapter news
  • Interviews of educational value
  • Post links to articles and content of interest to Bogleheads
    • Interviews and videos
    • Magazine articles
    • Blog posts
  • Encourage Facebook users to add Bogleheads® to their “Likes and Interests” page

Access control and privacy

  • The page is open for access to all Facebook users. However users cannot post messages or in general cannot post any content; only administrators can post content.
  • The page Wall will be used to post announcements by administrators.
  • Discussions are not allowed on the Facebook page. Instead, users will be directed to the Forum page
  • Administrators will post links to videos that are educational in value and complement the Boglehead brand. (Bogleheads investing principles, John Bogle interviews etc)
  • Photographs are shown, as selected by the administrators. Prior written permission will be sought by the Page administrators from any individuals who are in any of the photographs posted on the Community Page.
  • Videos are shown. Prior written permission will be sought by the Page administrators from any individuals who are part of any video posted on the Community Page.
  • Only Administrators can embed links in their posts.
  • As is customary on Facebook, a section of the page will list the profile pictures and names of all Facebook users who have chosen to “Like” the Bogleheads Community Page. This is the only portion of the Page allowing the Facebook community to view the member list in Bogleheads.org Facebook Community Page.
  • Since the page is open access on the Internet, the content is exposed to search engines.


The Bogleheads Facebook page is a collaborative enterprise by the members of the Bogleheads Forum. Although every effort has been made by the contributors, we cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. If you find any information to be inaccurate, help us in correcting the page by bringing it to our attention at the Bogleheads Forum.

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