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FAQ project?

One idea I had was to start several different FAQs on topic areas we know come up a lot on the Boglehead forum (TIPS, TLH, AA, international investing, etc.). Individuals interested in expanding the wiki could volunteer to populate the FAQ based on what comes up on the forum. So, for example, if I was on the "TLH FAQ team" and I saw a TLH thread on the forum from which I could extract a few questions and answers I would then go over to the wiki and update the FAQ. In time, most questions to TLH posts on the forum could then be answered with "see the wiki TLH FAQ." I know I have typed the same reply over and over and I am just one of many responders. That's certainly not efficient and the effort of making the FAQs would obviate that inefficiency. Thoughts?

To get this started would require setting up some FAQ shells on various topics that we brainstorm here. Then wiki participants could put their names by the FAQ they wanted to help out on (or they could just help without that step, but some ownership might be good). Here's the start of a list

  • TLH
  • TIPS
  • Asset Allocation
  • International Allocation
  • Home Mortgage/Refinancing


We have a number of FAQ pages on the wiki. See Category:FAQ. Grabiner and Piperwarrior have been the primary forces behind the current pages. Additional FAQ pages are more than welcome. Blbarnitz 01:13, 18 December 2008 (UTC)