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This article describes how to highlight articles in need of improvement to the wiki readership. The templates used here are consistent with Wikipedia, which is used for overall guidance.

Each template contains a unique category of a similar name. When one or more of these templates are placed on a page, the page will be placed in the appropriate category under Article maintenance. Articles in need of improvement can easily be seen in the Updates Needed table listing in the Cleanup page.

Using this technique, a wiki editor can quickly identify articles to work on.

Once the article has been updated, remove the template from the page; the article will automatically be removed from the associated category.

Can improvements be made easily?

Before placing templates on a page, it is worthwhile to cast a critical eye over the page to determine whether or not the improvements could be made easily, thus eliminating the need for a tag.

Template messages

To utilize any of these messages, insert {{NameOfMessage}} on the appropriate page. For example, insert {{Expand article}} to the top of a page that needs expansion.

What to type What will be displayed (and usage notes)
Back.png This page contains links that are broken and do not connect.
Please improve this article if you can, or talk about solutions on the discussion page.
{{Citations broken}}
{{Citation needed}} Usage: This statement needs a citation.[citation needed]
Cleanup.png This may require general cleanup to increase readability, focus, or overall clarity.
Please improve this article if you can, or talk about solutions on the discussion page.
{{Dead link}} [dead link]
{{Empty section}}
{{Expand article}}
{{Expand section}}
{{In use}}
{{Multiple issues}}
{{Out of date}}
{{Potential article}}
{{Proposed deletion}}
It is proposed that this article be deleted.

If you can address this concern by improving, copyediting, sourcing, renaming or merging the page, please edit this page and do so. You may remove this message if you improve the article or otherwise object to deletion for any reason. However, please explain why you object to the deletion, either in your edit summary or on the discussion page. If this template is removed, it should not be replaced.

Icon Bogleheads 64x64.png This article is a stub.
Please improve this article if you can, or talk about solutions on the discussion page.

  • A stub is an article containing only one or a few sentences of text that, although providing some useful information, is too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject, and that is capable of expansion.
  • Sizable articles are usually not considered stubs, even if they have significant problems or are noticeably incomplete. With these larger articles, a cleanup template is usually added instead of a stub template.
{{Under construction}}

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