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This page is used to track Wikipedia templates that might be valuable to clone to the Bogleheads wiki, or templates that might already exist but might be updated to match Wikipedia's.

Wikipedia templates that might help the Bogleheads wiki

If the Bogleheads wiki template shows as Template:Something useful then it doesn't yet exist on Bogleheads wiki.

Wikipedia Bogleheads wiki Description
Template:Confusing Template:Confusing Mark text as confusing
Template:Update Template:Update This template can be used to mark articles or sections with old or out-of-date information.
Template:Rewriting Template:Rewriting This template is used at the top of an article or section to indicate that the article is being rewritten.

Wanted templates

The MediaWiki software tracks a list of wanted templates that are linked to templates that already exist on the wiki. Generally these arise from importing or copying templates from Wikipedia. Reviewing and considering for importing or cloning should be a periodic maintenance activity.

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