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Maintenance is an important part of keeping the wiki content accurate and up-to-date. Wiki's are intended to be a work in progress. The Bogleheads wiki is not complete. Not even close. In fact, we're barely getting started.

Organize when you can, but always keep the big picture in sight: we are here to create a knowledge base. If you wish to contribute to the Bogleheads wiki in ways other than maintenance, please see Guide for contributors. One gentle reminder, be careful to avoid creating more maintenance work through instruction creep.

Purpose of this page

This page is intended as a centralized resource for finding wiki pages that include some sort of template message. A template message is placed on a page that may have issues such as broken hyperlinks, spelling or grammatical errors, undefined abbreviations or jargon, or maybe just a simple need to be expanded.

Pages having a template message and requiring cleanup/editing of some sort are linked below by category.

All editors are welcome to help in editing or fixing any page on these lists. Please remember to take the appropriate template message(s) off the page when you have completed cleaning an article. Please also document what you have done on the article's discussion page for the reference of other editors.

Things to watch

This section covers items that other editors have flagged as an issue through a template message of some kind. As a starting point, you might want to check Help:Cleanup and see if you can resolve the issues.

Articles that need some maintenance

A few key areas that any editor can help with some maintenance are those in the following categories.

Articles Needing Content Updates Needed Dead links Expand or Incomplete
Citation Needed(empty)
Expand article(18 P)
Expand section(empty)
Possible articles Stubs Unsourced statements‎

Articles to be updated on an annual basis

Articles which utilize data that is updated on an annual basis are listed here.

Annual expense updates Annual return updates Annual tax updates‎

The full list, a.k.a. the kitchen sink

A full list of articles[note 1] that have been tagged with a template message of any kind can be found via the top level category for maintenance[note 2]


  1. Articles may be shown more than once, as articles can be assigned more than one category.
  2. An expandable ⧼Categorytree-expand-bullet⧽ indicates a subcategory, followed by a list of articles belonging to the category indicated in the table header.

MediaWiki Special pages

Special pages are pages that have no wikitext, but are generated by the software on demand. There are a number of maintenance reports available on the Bogleheads wiki's Special pages that you might want to review for maintenance issues that you can help resolve.

New and changing pages

To catch up on what's new or changed, check out these pages.

Maintenance reports

This small subset needs periodic checking, with the goal to keep them as empty or as short as possible.

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