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Extension test page is an administrative page used to test the proper operation of extensions that have been installed on the wiki.

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(Wiki admins only) Edit MediaWiki:Print.css and toggle the editor toolbar.

HTML test

This is not an extension, but it checks HTML functionality.


To purge a page with math formulas (refresh the server's cache), append ?action=purge&mathpurge=true to the URL.

Suppose random variable X can take value x1 with probability p1, value x2 with probability p2, and so on, up to value xk with probability pk. Then the expectation of this random variable X is defined as


Since all probabilities pi add up to one: p1 + p2 + ... + pk = 1, the expected value can be viewed as the weighted average, with pi’s being the weights:


Parser functions

{{#ifeq: 1e3 | 1000 | equal | not equal}} equal

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def quickSort(arr):
    less = []
    pivotList = []
    more = []
    if len(arr) <= 1:
        return arr


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