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In a departure from the wiki's policy of neutrality, this content presents the personal viewpoint of Blbarnitz and LadyGeek.

May 13, 2013 marks the fifth anniversary of the launching of The Bogleheads® Wiki. The wiki was publicly announced on May 21, 2008. [1]. Over this five year span, the wiki has experienced slow, but steady expansion. Our Wiki statistics page provides us with the following numerical snapshot of our wiki project as of May 9, 2013.

Cumulative statistics
Statistics Most Viewed Pages Most Viewed Pages (cont'd)
  • Content Pages: 721
  • Views: 8,571,571
  • Edits: 35,403
  • Views per Edit: 242.11
  • Average Page Edits: 13.62
  • Registered Editors: 181

The past year was marked by a substantial increase in wiki readership, as average daily views of the wiki accelerated to 10,000 views per day. The table below shows the growth of daily readership over the wiki's five year history.

Average daily wiki views

Historical statistics and a timeline of wiki initiatives can be found in the appendix to this report.

The Year in Review

Personal Reflections

" Many thanks:

  • To Alex Frakt and Larry Auton, who generously provide the site platform, without which we would not exist;
  • To Peculiar Investor and LadyGeek for upgrading the wiki's substructure;
  • To all the editors who have taken the time to contribute to the wiki;
  • And not least, to our readers. " --Blbarnitz 19:06, 9 May 2013 (CDT)

"Many thanks:

  • To Peculiar Investor for providing guidance during the wiki update process;
  • To the wiki editors for their contributions;
  • And to the forum members whose ideas and insight make the wiki successful." --LadyGeek 16:47, 9 May 2013 (CDT)

Wiki editors authored multiple articles across three major subject areas during the year:

A number of pages were composed honoring requests emanating from forum conversations. Such pages include:

Another thematic grouping of note is our collaboration with our sister Canadian wiki, finiki, for a pair of articles: Multifactor investing - a comprehensive tutorial, finiki [note 1], and Fama-French three-factor model analysis authored here at Bogleheads. An update to Fama and French three-factor model was also a result of this effort.

The following table highlights the more frequently viewed pages which were added to the wiki over the recently concluded year. For a complete listing of new pages, refer to "New wiki pages FY 2012" in the footer box below. New page creation is, of course, not the sole measure of wiki editing activity, since existing pages are always subject to updating and improvement. For example, many of the wiki's 529 plan articles were updated over the course of the year, as were articles affected by changes in U.S tax rates and contributions limits. [note 2]

Most Viewed Pages created in 2012 - 2013
Most Viewed Pages Most Viewed Pages (cont'd)

On November 18, 2012, the wiki administrators commenced on a major revision to match Wikipedia's formatting. As readers are familiar with Wikipedia (and the wiki uses the same software), a similar interface would facilitate wiki navigation.

Peculiar Investor initiated the effort on our sister Canadian wiki, finiki. In close collaboration with (and assistance by) Peculiar Investor, the wiki updates were complete on December 13, 2012. [note 3][note 4]

In summary:

  • The wiki editors have a new Wiki Editor's Toolkit, which contains revised pages to assist editors with page editing, development, and maintenance.
  • The left sidebar (appears on all pages) has been revised.
  • All menus are consistent with Wikipedia format
  • We revised the Browse site article to incorporate drop-down category lists.[note 5]


Wiki Timeline
  • Major updating of wiki categorization and administration (November 18, 2012- December 13, 2012).
  • Attained milestone five year anniversary on May 13, 2013.

The table below provides a history of cumulative annual statistics for The Bogleheads® Wiki, derived during the annual May anniversary week of the wiki's founding. The spreadsheet component of the table also contains tabs showing the statistics for each year.

Cumulative Annual Statistics (View Google Spreadsheet in browser, then File --> Download as to download the file.)
Note: If the spreadsheet is blank, select a different sheet, then back to that sheet. The image will be refreshed.

2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Content Pages 721 657 559 483 377
Views 8,571,571 4,910,881 2,671,296 1,401,496 490,687
Edits 35,403 28,372 22,550 18,628 13,016
Views per Edit 242.11 173.09 118.46 75.24 37.70
Average Page Edits 13.62 13.15 13.08 12.83 11.06
Registered Editors 181 158 134 113 87


  1. Forum member ClosetIndexer, who is domiciled in Canada, deserves credit for providing the primary effort in realizing the finiki page. Note the references to the Bogleheads forum and wiki.
  2. The wiki has a considerable number of pages that are "stubs", that is, short pages in need of development. These pages are included in Category:Expand article and among the pages in Category:Glossary. Examples of editorial expansions of such pages during the past year include International REITs and Precious Metals Equity.
  3. finiki has also completed the update.
  4. Details are described in the forum thread: The Wiki Has a New Look
  5. The drop-down category lists are real-time, which are used throughout the wiki. This feature eliminates the need for manual updating by the editors.