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Day-to-day contact between Bogleheads®occurs online. However, some members take advantage of the social opportunities presented by national and/or local meetings. Over the years, there has been significant growth in both types of events. John Bogle has attended eleven of the national meetings, the first of which (ultimately named Diehards I) occurred in March 2000. In 2007, in honor and recognition of Mr. Bogle, and in acknowledgment of the forum community's shift to, the reunion name was rechristened "Bogleheads" and the roman numeral designation was exchanged for common arabic numbers.

National meetings

Upcoming conference dates are announced in the Bogleheads forum; which usually occurs early in the year.

Diehards I - Miami

House that Jack Built (Taylor Larimore's condo) - Mar 10-11, 2000 - Miami

The late Bob Stowe (L) presents John Bogle with the "Bogle Bugle" during Diehards II. Photo by Gail Cox.

Diehards II - Pennsylvania

Vanguard Headquarters - June 8-10, 2001 - Pennsylvania

John Bogle poses near his Vanguard headquarters statue during Diehards II. Photo by Gail Cox.

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Jason Zweig attended Diehards II:

  • Here Come the Bogleheads: Part 1 Part 2, Jason Zweig, September 1, 2001 (MONEY Magazine)

Diehards III - Chicago

Morningstar Conference - June 25-27, 2002 - Chicago

Morningstar, host and site of Diehards III

Diehards IV - Denver

Denver - May 8-10, 2004

(L-R) Mel Lindauer, Daisy Dog, John Bogle, Taylor Larimore at Diehards IV. Photo by Sunny

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Videos of the Q & A session at Diehards IV:

Diehards V - Las Vegas

Las Vegas - May 15-17, 2006

(L-R) Katie & Kathleen Ryan, Gail Cox, and Eric Haban at Diehards V. Photo by Jon Fortman.

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Videos of the Q & A session at Diehards V:

Diehards VI - Alexandria, VA

Alexandria - June 10-12, 2007

(L-R) Taylor Larimore, Laura, and Mel Lindauer at Diehards VI. Photo by family_doc.

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Bogleheads® 7 - San Diego

San Diego - September 22-24, 2008

(L-R) William Bernstein, Queen Laura, and Rick Ferri at Bogleheads 7. Photo by Rich Guerra

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Bogleheads® 8 - Fort Worth

Dallas - September 30 - October 2, 2009

Fireside Lounge at Bogleheads® 8. (L-R) Norma, Lily, Gail, Ramesh. Here's to Jack Bogle!

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Bogleheads® 9 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 13 - October 15, 2010

Ed Tower, Rick Ferri, Laura Dogu, Bill Schultheis, William Bernstein at Bogleheads® 9. Courtesy of Pongo.

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Bogleheads® 10 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 12 - October 14, 2011

Group photo, courtesy of Family Doc

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Bogleheads® 11 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 17 - October 19, 2012

John Bogle's message to Bogleheads from Bogleheads® 11, "Press on, regardless!", Facebook
Note: Google Translate will interpret "Bogle" as "Berger"

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Paper presented by Ed Tower:

  • Tower, Edward and Yang, Chao, Is Traditional Indexation Passé? Vanguard Versus the Enhanced Indexers, Dfa, Rafi, and Wisdomtree (December 12, 2012). Available at SSRN (enable browser cookies to download).

Bogleheads® 12 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 16 - October 18, 2013

Taylor Larimore (2nd from right) with the Three-fund portfolio Vanguard fund managers, Bogleheads®12, Ref

Forbes article on Bogleheads® 12:

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Papers distributed by Ed Tower:

  • Is Traditional Indexation Passé? Vanguard versus The Enhanced Indexers, DFA, RAFI, and WisdomTree, March 25, 2013.

This paper was circulated at the 2012 Bogleheads meeting, but is much improved by Bill Bernstein's comments. Additionally, it contains improvements based on web discussions that followed the 2012 boglehead meetings. (A revised version of this paper was published in The Journal of Index Investing, Summer 2013, pp. 70-81.)

Download from: Google Drive. (The November 20, 2012 version can be downloaded from SSRN (enable cookies))

  • Enhanced versus Traditional Indexation for International Mutual Funds: Evaluating DFA, WisdomTree and RAFI PowerShares, October 19, 2013

This paper is prepared for the 12th Bogleheads reunion, October 2013.

Download from: Google Drive or SSRN (enable cookies)

Bogleheads® 13 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 22 - October 24, 2014

Ed Rager, Paul Globerson, Mel Lindauer with Jack Bogle (center). Photo by family_doc.

The Street articles on Bogleheads® 13:


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Bogleheads® 14 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - October 15 - October 17, 2015

Bill Bernstein (left) making a point with siamond (right). Photo by family_doc.

The Street articles on Bogleheads® 14:


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Bogleheads® 15 - Philadelphia

Philadelphia - September 28 - September 30, 2016

King Taylor (left) and Queen Laura (right) at Bogleheads 15. Photo courtesy of Pongo.


Vanguard Blog:

News articles on Bogleheads 15:


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