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Bogleheads® 12 videos were recorded during the 2013 National Bogleheads Reunion (Bogleheads® 12), held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Registration and reception began at 2 PM on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 and and the reunion concluded at noon on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceeding videos, supplied by forum member VELO724X (Ricardo Guerra), are listed in Bogleheads® 12 - Philadelphia.

Morningstar videos with Christine Benz

Christine Benz, Morningstar's director of personal finance, interviewed a number of attendees at the convention. The links are provided below.

Interviews with John Bogle

Bogle's expectations for stocks and bonds

The Vanguard founder says investors may face lower-than-normal real returns on stocks and should hold bonds for ballast and not return.

The article on Morningstar: Bogle's Expectations for Stocks and Bonds

(Video unavailable.)

Bogle: Be sensible about rebalancing

Investors should use wide bands to trigger rebalancing--if they need to rebalance at all, says the Vanguard founder.

The article on Morningstar: Bogle: Be Sensible About Rebalancing

(Video unavailable.)

Bogle: Indexing always pays off

Although investors may lean toward active management in bonds and international equities, the Vanguard founder says it's only a matter of time until indexing catches on.

The article on Morningstar: Bogle: Indexing Always Pays Off

(Video unavailable.)

Bogle: Target-date funds have a flaw

The Vanguard founder says many target-date vehicles are underallocated to equities, and investors need to consider combinations of dividends and other retirement income when setting a specific target date.

The article on Morningstar: Bogle: Target-Date Funds Have a Flaw

(Video unavailable.)

Bogle skeptical of credit-sensitive bonds, smart beta

The Vanguard founder is leery of the diversifying qualities of currently popular fixed-income investments and says smart beta strategies are "silly."

The article on Morningstar: Bogle Skeptical of Credit-Sensitive Bonds, Smart Beta

(Video unavailable.)

Bogle on conflicts with the fiduciary standard

The Vanguard founder urges a resolution for asset management companies that have conflicts of interest in serving both their corporate shareholders and fund shareholders.

The article on Morningstar: Bogle on Conflicts With the Fiduciary Standard

(Video unavailable.)

Interviews with Rick Ferri

Ferri: 3-fund portfolio the simplest way to best return

U.S.-stock, foreign-stock, and bond index funds can constitute a core portfolio with the flexibility to expand into other asset classes if desired, says author and advisor Rick Ferri.

The article on Morningstar: Ferri: 3-Fund Portfolio the Simplest Way to Best Return

(Video unavailable.)

Ferri: Why passive portfolios are better than active

Research by author Rick Ferri took the active-passive debate beyond individual investments and found passive-oriented portfolios will likely outperform active portfolios across time spans, number of holdings, and asset types.

The article on Morningstar: Ferri: Why Passive Portfolios Are Better Than Active

(Video unavailable.)