Bill Schultheis

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Bill Schultheis
Nationality American
Alma mater Texas A&M University
Occupation Author, financial adviser
Organization Soundmark Wealth Management, LLC
Notable work The Coffeehouse Investor
Website Coffeehouse Investor

Bill Schultheis is a reading list author

In 1998 Bill Schultheis created the Coffeehouse Investor in an effort to bring a simpler and smarter investment philosophy to individuals and corporations across the nation and around the world. He has appeared regularly on Seattle’s PBS Serious Money program, is a guest contributor on NPR’s Morning Edition and wrote a syndicated investment column for eight years.

For 13 years he worked with retail and institutional accounts for Smith Barney in Seattle, WA. For the past eight years he has been a principal and fee-only financial adviser, currently with Soundmark Wealth Management in Kirkland, WA.

Schultheis grew up on a wheat farm in eastern Washington, attended Washington State University, and graduated from Texas A&M University in 1982.

When he’s not working, he can be found on the golf course, camping on Mt. Rainier, cooking in the kitchen, writing his next book, and enjoying the company of his wonderful family and friends.

— Bill Schultheis


  • Schultheis, Bill (2009). The Coffeehouse Investor: How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On with Your Life. p. 224. ISBN 978-1591845843.

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