Welcome Investors

Welcome to the Guide to the Vanguard Diehards forums. The original forum was created on Morningstar.com in 1998 at the instigation of a small group of dedicated fans of Vanguard mutual funds and the personal philosophy of its founder John Bogle.

This site was created in 2001 to provide enhanced search and display capabilities for posters to the original forum. In 2007, an inspired member of the Diehard's community created what became the Bogleheads forum to enhance our community by providing a forum with advanced editing, display, and search capabilities and on-call moderation. The new forum has migrated to diehards.org due to our proven commitment to the community and the availability of resources that should allow the forum to continue to grow and improve.

For more information, including our basic investing philosophy please see the links at left or just dive on into the forums.