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Mutual fund and ETF symbols are frequently used in Boglehead forum thread posts. To make identifying the fund if the name is not provided, and provide a link to the fund's data page on Morningstar, two Boglehead forum members have created tools that work with the Firefox and Chrome browsers to automatically do this. These tools will highlight the fund symbol by underlining it and if the user hovers over it the fund name will appear, and if clicked the Morningstar fund data page will open.


TickerDescribe is designed to work on the Boglehead forum only. It is a script used with Firefox extension Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way webpages look and function. To use this tool, first add Greasemonkey to Firefox then install TickerDescribe into Greasemonkey.

This text script has a fixed list of symbols and new funds or ETFs may not be supported.

This tool was created by Boglehead member mas and is discussed inthis forum thread.


Mutual Fund Symbols is an add-on to Chrome that works on most forums. When installed, it underlines mutual fund symbols on the page and generates a tooltip for each one. When a symbol is hovered over with the mouse, the tooltip appears and displays the fund's full name, family, and category with a link to the fund's info page at Morningstar. This extension does not apply to ticker symbols for ETFs and stocks.

Google webstore: Mutual Fund Symbols

This tool was created by Mark13 and is discussed in this forum thread.


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