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The Maryland 529 plan archive page provides information on direct-sold 529 plans and highlights indexed portfolios. All information is derived from Savingforcollege.com and from 529 plan sites and disclosure documents. If you would like to compare this plan with other direct sold plans, use these Compare by Plan Name and Compare by Feature tools.

  • Open to Residents
  • Open to non-residents
Maryland 529 Plan
Program match on contributions: none
State tax deduction or credit for contributions: Contributions to the Maryland College Investment Plan of up to $2,500 per beneficiary per year are deductible in computing Maryland taxable income, with a 10-year carryforward of excess contributions. Only contributions made by the account owner are deductible. Rollover contributions are deductible if not previously deducted. Contribution deadline is December 31 postmark.
State tax recapture provisions: The principal portion of nonqualified withdrawals from this plan are included in Maryland taxable income to the extent of prior Maryland tax deductions. Rollovers are not subject to recapture.
Age-based investment options: The Enrollment-Based (age-based) Portfolios contain eight portfolios of underlying mutual funds, ranging from 100% equity to 20% equity. Contributions are placed into the portfolio corresponding to the number of years to expected enrollment based on the age of the beneficiary or as selected by the account owner. Seven portfolios shift to a more conservative investment allocation over time, eventually transferring to the Portfolio for College.
Static investment options: Select among two multi-fund portfolios (Equity Portfolio and Balanced Portfolio) and three individual-fund portfolios (Bond and Income Portfolio, Short-Term Bond Portfolio, and Total Equity Market Index Portfolio).
Single funds: Total Stock Market Index Fund
Expenses: 0.3% - 0.89%

Annual Account Fee of $20 for balances under $25,000

Policy Regarding Ownership Changes: Accepts requests to transfer account ownership.

Index Option Underlying Index
Total Equity Market Index Portfolio S&P Total Market Index

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