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The Navigation templates category contains templates that provide a list of links. They may also include an image consistent with the common topic of the links. The sidebar templates place a thematic navigation box on the right sidebar of a page. All other templates are designed for placing a navigation box at the foot of a page.

An added parameter allows individual control to collapse the table. See: Help:Collapsing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Example: The modification overrides the autocollapse variable, so the following should work:

  • {{Statistics}} - autocollapse, which is set in MediaWiki:Common.js to be anything 2 rows or higher
  • {{Statistics | state = uncollapsed}} will force the table to be uncollapsed (all rows viewable)
  • {{Statistics | state = collapsed}} forces collapse
  • {{Statistics | state = outercollapse}} forces collapse within a contained table (not tested)
  • {{Statistics | state = sortable}} invokes table sort (not tested)

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