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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4062 new posts and replies over 392 topics in last 3 days (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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3943tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill09/17 selftalk
2937cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:41 Ninnie
2587cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt09/18 Munir
2126pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:16 Jags4186
1434tA different approach to asset allocation2007 market timer20:06 grok87
605pEquifax customer information leak09/07 finjour19:02 Almost there
536tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab17:41 Earl Lemongrab
528cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson13:53 Earl Lemongrab
329pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4809/16 sidneyinplannin
317tMichael Kitces 4% rule podcast on Madfientist08/31 camper121:18 2015
309cIs it really Worth it to brown bag your lunch at work?09/12 investingdad16:37 VictoriaF
296cIphone X is $100009/12 investing101209/18 sunny_socal
249cName something you had to have and now you regret purchasing it?09/05 harrington16:35 indexonlyplease
214lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6509/17 mrc
208tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox09/18 Tanelorn
189cUSAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card10/13 SurferLife21:15 Dendritic Tree
170hWow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.02/07 blueman217:15 randomguy
165tBitcoin in 3-fund indexed portfolio?09/07 kayanco09/17 am
143pLet's talk about your FI # and family income [Financial Independence]09/15 Admiral21:45 Simple Simon
143t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer09/17 vanpan
141pDo you have an umbrella policy?04/15 F150HD09/17 jainn
141cFlorida Hurricanes: When and where to go?09/02 RooseveltG09/17 Broken Man 1999
126pAnyone else freeze their credit score?09/09 blueman45709/17 CaliJim
125t[Bitcoin] question08/29 CodeMaster09:54 Serje
124pDo you celebrate financial milestones?2010 GammaPoint09/17 DrGoogle2017
123t17 years of returns: sobering (updated OP)2008 Rodc09/18 wrongfunds
109cNon-fiction bucket list08/17 Nectarineman09/18 DomDangelina
108cBogleheads T-Shirt Possible Design(s)2012 Kathleen Ryan09/17 pondering
107cBest place (with warm weather) to raise children2014 ThankYouJack09/17 rgs92
102cBest Lower Cost USA Cities to Live09/12 Alexa909/18 Mr.BB
101tCan a TIPS ladder 'fail' ?07/23 Dudley18:26 FIREchief
98pCalling out the not so rich bogleheads09/18 skor9917:31 Earl Lemongrab
98pWho has needed to use their umbrella insurance?2016 ThankYouJack09/18 StevieG72
96cAccount security - Hackers gain access to mobile and then break havoc09/14 ray.james09/18 jalbert
95pThe 10 year car ownership "rule"09/12 kamikazekid13:59 ClemsonBogle
95hplease confirm: early retirement2015 feh09/17 feh
95cHearing aid 1012016 nisiprius09/16 CABob
90cBosch dishwasher?08/26 Jackson1209/18 Jackson12
86hVanguard Lousy Customer Service02/24 AndroAsc21:36 sambb
85tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 Simplegift09/18 JBTX
84tBitcoin: The worst investment in 20142014 texasdiver09/17 Vision
81tBitcoin is dropping right now after a big Chinese exchange announces closure09/14 BogleMelon09/17 LadyGeek
75tDistressing news -> Flight to Safety ?09/15 Doc09/18 TBillT
74pBecoming a Landlord: My Experiences09/03 denovo09/17 jalbert
69cShould I contact a lawyer?09/17 beetroot09/17 LadyGeek
68tWhy can US citizen expats not invest w/Vanguard?2013 ExpatInAsia09/18 cherijoh
66tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio12/21 azanon09/18 CDNnewbie
62cXfinity Mobile06/09 student22:50 student
61cGrass trimmer02/28 Gufomel22:29 6miths
60pFidelity 2% CC or Citi double cash card?2016 zadie09/18 jocdoc
60pHave X times your salary saved by age Y.09/14 Itster09/18 wrongfunds
59pPsychological effects of Early Retirement in peak earning years.09/16 fsrph12:06 michaeljc70
58cLawyer overbilling for prenup review09/15 Castamere16:23 Moses
58hWhat is the largest percentage of your total portfolio value that you have exchanged to rebalance?09/13 livesoft09/17 Monster99
58tInternational Bonds - Update2016 abuss36809/17 Dandy
57cWhat money to store outside for disaster?09/12 Raybo09/18 dm200
56pGetting over emotional attachment to house09/17 Petrocelli19:54 boomer
55pMedicare patients pay FAR MORE at 1300 rural Critical Access Hospitals09/16 bogobetty20:57 randomguy
55lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte11:36 SEAworld9
55hWhat is the portfolio role of a leveraged bond fund like PONDX?07/26 GaryA50509/17 Jebediah
54pCan't freeze credit at Experian?09/09 slin22:00 mdwpsyd
54hadapt portfolios to european investor09/11 gargagnam09/18 Valuethinker
53tLarry Swedroe: Vanguard Debunks Dividend Myth09/18 Random Walker22:26 snarlyjack
53pPaying off debt vs. max savings07/17 kmox09/17 willthrill81
52cGetting (young) kids interested in coding09/18 daggerboard22:06 daveydoo
52tWhat is the main purpose of rebalancing?09/18 flyingaway17:01 dodecahedron
52pWhat is FI if you love your job? [Financial Independence]09/17 DC350910:57 Jags4186
52tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - Got a Question for Jack?06/01 Mel Lindauer09/18 ebeard
51tArticle--The reason Jack Bogle doesn’t fly first class says everything about his investing legacy09/17 MFInvestor09/17 LadyGeek
49pOnline Bill Pay Security: Push or Pull?08:01 DaftInvestor21:44 Marylander1
49cPayPal - Any Disadvantages?03/14 rakornacki109/18 RudyS
48pPocket money allowance for college student09/17 TheMoneyRat09/18 10YearPlan
47cCan not decide between washing machines09/14 misterno09/18 misterno
46hFidelity Taxable - Tax Exempt Bond Options? Short or Mid Term?07/24 flyersrule11:51 flyersrule
44tIf the US dollar fails, are stocks safe?2011 TranceLordSnyde18:04 roflwaffle
44tInvesting in a Low-Return World: Howard Marks' 6 options09/15 Lauretta09/17 Portfolio7
43cCostco vs sams club vs neither.15:11 JBTX22:21 kjvmartin
43pWorth buying an excessive priced house?09/18 ThankYouJack21:48 gloss151
43hREIT vs. Rental Property vs. Pay off the mtg09/14 lfox9702:20 unclescrooge
42cHow much do you spend on "entertainment"?09/18 Tutty5918:38 triceratop
40cBuying nightguards (teeth grinding)09/17 coffeehubcap20:08 SR II
40cHome energy monitoring2015 4nursebee12:30 Valuethinker
40cWondering if solar is worth it - does my utility bill seem high? (Arizona)09/14 rebellovw09/17 pindevil
38pHow long did it take for Equifax to email you a security sign up?09/15 cdu719:27 need403bhelp
38tThe Difference Between Risk and Uncertainty09/17 Leesbro6319:03 bobcat2
38tAre long-term market returns reliable?09/16 CULater09/18 rgs92
38cUS removing Kaspersky Antivirus from government computers09/13 heartwood09/17 LadyGeek
37cblood pressure monitor recommendations?09/14 seashell14:05 mrc
37tWiki article - Bitcoin09/09 LadyGeek09/18 J G Bankerton
37cVanguard customer service/technology = "Bad returns in Bad times"09/15 sharukh09/17 in_reality
36pdementia, POA, credit freezes, and IRS tax return PIN - what am I getting into?09/12 cas09/18 Gnirk
35hDaughter with Autism and Spouse Almost 13 Years Younger09/09 careerdata09/18 careerdata
35tInternational Equity: Are managed funds better than Index funds?09/16 JimmyJammy09/18 jalbert
34cUSPS lost very important certified mail - What next?09/18 scorp_pccorp14:26 whomever
34pIs a security freeze at Innovis really needed?09/09 nomas08:24 Angelus359
34hMy in-laws' nest egg of $50k09/17 Nosh09/18 Nosh
33pEstate planning advice for young parents in Massachusetts09/13 beehappy15:29 FIREchief
33c2018 Outback Limited vs. 2017 CR-V EX-L09/17 htdrag1114:55 htdrag11
33t"Goldman's Bear Market Indicator Shows Crash Dead Ahead"09/17 abw13:41 TheHouse7
33lBogleheads you would most like to meet and why?09/18 Nectarineman09:58 flyingaway
32p15 vs 30 year refinance vs cash out refinance09/15 Streptococcus09/18 peterinjapan
31hHow to allocate between 401k with expensive fees + Vangaurd09/12 cpan00b10:45 cpan00b
31hWhat to do with divorce settlement05/24 bigguy843710:34 bigguy8437
31happroaching 70, and a totally new situation.08/27 gabe195501:39 peterinjapan
31pWiki article - Credit freeze09/14 LadyGeek09/18 mrc
30hBond return negative. CD or money market alternative.09/15 WhiteMaxima08:13 indexonlyplease
30c1st medical bill, already overdue and threaten to send to collection09/14 beserker09/18 toofache32
29pNew BOA Premium Rewards Card09:29 FrugalProfessor18:48 indexonlyplease
29tmeasurement of success of investment(s)09/18 wstalcup15:02 Portfolio7 has an S&P 500 Daily chart going back to 192509/15 OkieIndexer09/17 F150HD
28tAny "average Joe" here actually make out well with individual stocks?11:44 wstalcup21:51 randomguy
28tData-driven individual stock approach10:42 psteinx20:08 DenisD
28cAudio books09/14 prettybogle09/18 gkaplan
27pEquifax Credit Freeze 100% online09/15 djpeteski22:01 marcopolo
27hClueless on taxes but have luxury of both 403b and 457 space09/07 BashDash21:15 CyclingDuo
27tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?06/01 Mel Lindauer13:17 celia
26pHelp With Rental Property Decision09/18 Alana88821:38 Jim Beaux
26cBest if used by, sell by?02/03 energy202509/17 sixty40
26hVangard Index Fund through Merrill Edge09/02 emmakatemartone09/17 livesoft
25cMemory Foam Mattress Recomendations09/17 aj76er13:03 celia
25cAfter Irma in need of............09/17 parigi72308:01 bloom2708
25cNew or used Lexus ES300h?09/12 Kababayan04:15 inbox788
25lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter08/20 RetiredMarine09/18 RetiredMarine
24cConvertible in Florida or not...09/18 NewBog2121:44 cartman
24cCcleaner (32-bit) had malware payload with legit signed version09/18 donfairplay17:06 JBTX
24pWhere to park $200K cash?09/18 misterno16:50 chicagoan23
23pBuying Life Insurance06/30 gurusw09/17 Coachrhino11
23cShould I upgrade an old but functional vanity?09/15 knightrider09/17 pshonore
23c24 care home care for family member09/11 frankmorris09/17 frankmorris
22cColor printer suggestions: high quality output, low cost of ink09/17 need403bhelp19:06 need403bhelp
22t401(k)/403(b) Conversion to Roth IRA08/15 marklearnsbogle15:25 deltaneutral83
22cAny Ford Escape drivers in Boglehead-land?09/15 catdude07:53 lthenderson
22cpoint and shoot digital cameras09/16 hq38sq4309/18 TN_Boy
22cSuper Nintendo Classic edition09/18 new2bogle09/18 lazydavid
21hTake The Lump Sum or The Immediate Annuity?09/18 michaellarimore20:11 123
21pEquifax is a mess09/14 retire1419:46 MnD
21tS & P broke major technical/psychological number09/16 prettybogle01:39 OkieIndexer possible vulnerability (apache struts framework)09/16 donfairplay09/18 Ged
21cHVAC AC and furnace replacement quandary09/07 jasper09/17 cockersx3
21hWhat funds would you pick if you were creating you own small business 401k?09/15 jonce1709/17 livesoft
20cWhat is a decent financial book that everyone should buy?09/18 BogleMelon21:45 rec7
20pUse HSA for previously incurred medical expenses, and full-year HSA contribution limits?2016 uuuuu18:45 Spirit Rider
20hMaking my own Total US stock market fund.09/18 paulso2117:03 mega317
20cCar Swap Buy/Sell Timing Strategy09/18 nj696409/18 jabberwockOG
20pStarting my career on the right foot08/20 error09/17 FiveK
19hBest book for planning your retirement?09/08 Petrocelli21:11 Robert The Bruc
19pShort term disability insurance09/18 Triple digit go16:32 pintail07
19pDonor Advised Fund: Am I thinking about this correctly?09/18 InvestorThom15:59 Artsdoctor
19cTime to buy a used VW Diesel?08:01 munemaker15:47 LadyGeek
19tWhat am I missing, Bogle/Buffet investment philosophy09/17 TheTimeLord13:47 new2bogle
19hNew Job, First Time Investing, How-To09/17 error13:26 BL
19cSticky family/parental care situation...long post09/17 jgdsss06:06 TheGreyingDuke
19tHelp! - How to improve small company 401k?09/14 Monk23:16 MnD
19t401k's are for sheeple! According to some guy.09/16 venkman09/17 GibsonL6s
18hVanguard for non-resident aliens14:47 hiddensee21:13 in_reality
18pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436020:28 NancyABQ
18h24F Looking to start an aggressive portfolio09/18 keys_af18:16 tj
18hAdvise on what to do with additional savings09/17 beth6513:06 beth65
18cDisputing credit card transaction for programming Car FOB?09/18 BogleMelon12:43 Katietsu
18tBond Fund Philosophy09/06 LittlePrince09:05 EyeYield
18hwhich way to save?09/17 ugogirl09/18 SimplicityNow
18pBest way to dispute/correct IRS bill07/02 villars09/17 villars
18t"36 Obvious Investment Truths"09/06 Lobster09/17 BogleBoogie
17tRewards of Multiple Asset Class Investing01/20 Random Walker21:46 Random Walker
17h€ 20,000-portfolio-idea - reasonable or not?08/15 dillastarr21:32 in_reality
17pTo Refinance or not to Refinance09/15 Payoffhouse21:14 Watty
17c2018 Subaru Outback09/04 goldensam21:08 TxAg
17cFinding contractor for small-ish, hourly job (deck carpentry)10:16 psteinx19:55 ram
17pTired of investing, where to once and for all09/18 Mr. Digweed16:51 Earl Lemongrab
17hIf you don't care about optimal performance?08:42 flyingaway12:24 Svensk Anga
17tBitcoin Return and Investing Ideas09/18 grayfox10:18 Serje
17hNationwide 457 plan changes09/09 indexonlyplease07:05 indexonlyplease
17hIs this TIAA TRAD 3% or 2.5%?09/16 windaar09/18 House Blend
17pHow am I doing? (Teacher Edition)08/26 Spendiso09/17 FrugalProfessor
17hTransferring part of emergency fund into Roth IRA2016 corysold09/17 Earl Lemongrab
16cHelp selling scion xa09/16 eagleeyes16:04 FuyuKei
16hNew 401(k) Provider - Empower Retirement09/12 remasteredx213:06 ruralavalon
16hRoth or Traditional IRA for my spouse09/18 wilwoodjoyce11:51 wilwoodjoyce
16hDivorced parents saving for kids college09/18 gumercindo195923:48 Lafder
16pSave/invest and buy house with cash - yes/no?09/18 imperio23:23 J G Bankerton
16tGood books for bond investing?09/18 jackal09/18 welderwannabe
16cDay trips from Las Vegas09/01 hmw09/17 hmw
15pThe Magic of Savings Rate17:42 heybro22:14 #Cruncher
15hGetting father-in-law off of UBS & its 1.5% AUM fee08:06 TinkerPDX21:36 LadyGeek
15cCar recommendation23:02 adpd200819:45 daveydoo
15pIHG hotel booking - Reward Night unavailable09/18 rjbraun15:56 BeneIRA
15cDental Work09/18 JBTX23:06 Case59
15cRefinishing a Basement - Contractor - Contracts09/18 SVariance109/18 Nate79
15cFree credit monitoring for AAA members09/15 tennisplyr09/17 bogleblitz
14hPimco Income Fund - What am I missing?09/30 LMCready22:10 aristotelian
14tBitcoin AA - Just out of Curiousity13:04 cal9121:33 kosomoto
14cAnother cut the cable thread06:37 Frisco Kid19:11 adpd2008
14cTransferring I Bonds to Son09/18 Old Guy11:01 TBillT
14cWhole Life Insurance Agent Will Not Cash Out My plans09/16 Pharmacist09/18 Pharmacist
14hUK based investing - bond ETFs09/14 rgb7309/18 Valuethinker
14pWould like to buy my mom's second residence. advice needed09/17 ttjt_9909/18 ttjt_99
14pSelling Mom's condo and capital gains tax after a multi-year absence09/15 CULater09/17 CULater
14cWhy are so many Chinese visiting my website?09/16 Cruise09/17 DaftInvestor
13hMilitary: Investing a Windfall in Expensive Market?09/18 TheCav1421:40 victw
13hRebalancing - In Taxable Account07:59 renue7417:57 Earl Lemongrab
13hAge 40: Requesting Look At Portfolio09/18 bluerafters17:56 bluerafters
13pWhat is the right career path for me?12:16 Derivative16:08 Pacman
13cAmazon Prime Card Points Can (and Should?) Pay Off Card09:38 JupiterJones15:37 flamesabers
13hPlease review my early retirement plan09/18 HotRod15:21 delamer
13hOpinions on moving to VG09/18 jayars3514:35 Jack FFR1846
13hTD Ameritrade Performance Tracking09/18 jbow4413:05 pshonore
13pWhy is TransUnion pushing True Identity vs credit freeze?09/16 lynneny09:08 jhfenton
13hHow would you invest this bonus??09/17 Jackie_Treehorn09/18 Jackie_Treehorn
13cA medical bill to argue?09/16 flyingaway09/17 Nutmeg
13hConsidering rolling over Vanguard funds to TSP09/16 Kanefa09/17 WanderingDoc
13pProblem setting up Quicken for Fidelity Visa Elan2016 goodenoughinves09/17 FiveK
13h401a and 457: Read Guide to Investing - Now what09/16 Petethecat09/17 Mudpuppy
12cExperience with Custom Home Builders09/18 Lindrobe08:30 Lindrobe
12pHelp buying first house in Huntsville, Alabama09/15 Planner09/18 Meg77
12pExperian takes money but doesn't Freeze09/17 Ricola09/18 naranja
12hAccess to 401k at age 5509/16 bb09/17 bb
12pCould Credit Karma (app) be blocking my free annual credit report?06/21 YoungBoglehead09/17 poordad
12hBipolar Investor Wants to Roll The Dice09/16 Agcentral09/17 DrGoogle2017
12pPrior years attorney fees I paid is being retuned by my attorney, now what with taxes09/16 Young Fellow09/16 Young Fellow
11tHello and a Question ["The Little Book That (Still) Beats the Market"]09/18 forusc1919:10 GibsonL6s
11hCDs and Required Minimum Distributions09:57 bikechuck14:29 zengolf2011
11pTemporary lift for Equifax freeze was free09/18 poordad13:48 Nicolas
11t"Find out if your fund is declaring a quarterly dividend this month."09/11 gkaplan09/18 oldcomputerguy
11tCorrelation between USD strength and Tot. US stock MINUS Tot. intl. stock returns09/16 Osp6209/17 siamond
10hA series of misinformed decisions and now the painful realization. Help with current 401K, 457B, prior 401K's, other q's09/18 tubelight20:41 CyclingDuo
10hScottrade pain coming...15:07 bcowan1220:35 celia
10hWhich 401k plan is better? This is for a small dental office08/24 3puttpar19:53 Vanguard Fan 13
10h[Help with Edward Jones account]05/16 lalainvest55218:16 LadyGeek
10hNew employer's 401k and other questions09/15 carlos217:34 Duckie
10hTax Efficient Placement for Retirement Assets when Starting in 50s Following Major Loss09/18 efinance16:45 Da5id
10pA bit of estate planning09/17 bertilak09/18 celia
10cLastPass Issue09/18 gkaplan09/18 viking112347
10tNew Betterment Portfolio Strategies09/13 bzargarcia09/18 columbia
10pSS Spouse Benefit09/15 rkhusky09/18 rkhusky
10cSoftware professional salary09/17 Sunshine2209/18 prudent
10pMega Backdoor Roth: Withdrawal consequences for in-plan vs out-of-plan conversion09/17 wise_magus09/17 wise_magus
10hportfolio review please09/14 jgdsss09/17 jgdsss
10hInitial investment for a student09/17 HappyMan09/17 HappyMan
9tWhy is VXUS up and VTIAX down?06/07 rabbitrun22:04 livesoft
9cLease vs. Buy debate with a twist...19:06 adpd200821:57 daveydoo
9tbest practices when buying a large amount of stock08:25 wstalcup21:38 AlohaJoe
9lDC Bogleheads Meeting in Ballston with Sita Slavov09/16 bobcat217:09 VictoriaF
9hIs there any lower-cost alternative to Irish-domiciled equity funds? [+ asset allocation advice for Singapore]09/18 headboggled09:17 headboggled
9hInvest in CDs rather than bonds05:13 Slothmeister09:02 welderwannabe
9pHome Equity Disproportionate to Investments09/18 United200809/18 ThePrince
9cEquifax breach after steps09/17 andyandyandy09/18 wrongfunds
9tHedge Funds with vanilla strategies09/02 airelleofmusic09/18 Valuethinker
9h100k short term park09/15 Utahdogowner09/17 Kevin M
9pTax Implications of Buying a House and Renting it Out09/16 BaseballOnTheRa09/17 Lafder
8hRetiree Roth Withdrawals09/18 jkirkmd21:50 Watty
8hTIAA (GSRA) Traditional09/18 spdoublebass20:24 jasg
8cComforter: Down Filling with Cotton Covering09/18 gkaplan18:25 Pajamas
8p30yr Mortgage Refi Rates09/18 DireStraits18:07 Easy Rhino
8tWhat will happen to a USD Hedged fund if the USD Declines, VTABX09/17 thirdman11:34 nisiprius
8cDo I need an umbrella insurance?09/18 retire1407:18 Luke Duke
8hLate Retirement Help for 65 Year Old Parents09/15 Bogle_Brent09/18 nervouscorps
8cbrand of solid wood floor-Help!09/17 omega09/17 LadyGeek
8hNY 529 Plan09/15 dskillz109/17 informal guide
7pDo you pay for credit monitoring?21:10 Nectarineman22:09 mt
7hAsset Location: 401k All Fixed Income?12:12 1210sda21:32 grabiner
7pChexSystems site not secure?17:51 bill8820:41 azurekep
7hFinancial Review ($800K Nest Egg)09/17 authrd20:21 authrd
7pChristine Benz: Don't Neglect the Softer Side of Your Estate Plan Document and share your wishes for end-of-life care.09/18 gkaplan15:17 2015
7pCritique my Plan for Funding Delay of SS09/17 vested109:57 vested1
7pBest Practices - 2FA - SMS and Phone Type?09/18 URSnshn09/18 Texanbybirth
7hInvestment and Portfolio Advice09/15 takumi8709/18 BL
7pAuto insurance claim - Hurricane Harvey09/17 ChowYunPhat09/18 ChowYunPhat
7pSwitching Insurance - Progressive09/17 black_knight_3209/17 mega317
7h3-Fund Portfolio with Option Volume02/07 bliksem5509/17 _robert
6h40 Year Olds, how are we doing.. and other questions20:49 turner222:21 turner2
6hActive Duty Airmen(24) Looking to maximize investment potentional09/17 keys_af20:17 blaugranamd
6hHelp with conservative alloction strategy09/18 luv4seasons16:31 retiredjg
6pBarclaycards lost activation23:11 bluelight14:25 bluelight
6pMedicare Supplemental - BCBS vs United Healthcare09/15 nc70013:49 fandango
6hBuilding a new Portfolio09/14 EBS107:42 EBS1
6pTo apply for new position or not?09/18 Stryker1605:11 bampf
6hWorth it to go into 403(b) from TIRA/SIMPLE?09/18 WorkToLive09/18 WorkToLive
6pCredit Freeze and Insurance quotes etc.09/18 kobbiemandd09/18 Longtermgrowth
6hmath on determining rebalancing bands?09/18 invest009/18 livesoft
6pConsumer Finance Protection Bureau- Effectiveness?09/15 advice78909/18 BolderBoy
6hAuto Sweep from HSABank to TDAmeritrade:Help!09/15 motorcyclesarec09/18 John Laurens
6cManufacturers rebate for Chevy Cruze09/18 SlowMovingInves09/18 AAA
6ccannot freeze at equifax online09/16 sambb09/17 Rich Cape Cod
6hPension - cashout?09/17 BanquetBeer09/17 cherijoh
6cidentity verification with Equifax?09/16 GoldenBuff09/17 teacher
6chow to protect against tax fraud w/ equifax breach?09/16 sambb09/17 Wakefield1
6pQuestion about Carfax report/used car09/17 SlowMovingInves09/17 bob60014
6tMass psychology and market crashes in Shiller and Marks articles09/16 Lauretta09/17 magneto
6cHomeowners Insurance09/16 TropikThunder09/17 bigdav160
5hTracking HSA investment income/cost basis for CA state taxes15:04 GuineaPig22:16 grabiner
5pThoughts on adjusting withholding for an expected tax credit?09/18 jimmyrules71222:06 grabiner
5hVanguard Custody Question05/28 Money Market21:45 kayanco
5cHelp finding a whole house humidifier19:45 John194820:33 Iliketoridemybi
5cInteractive Brokers 2FA09/15 Hyperborea13:25 galeno
5hConsidering a Bond Ladder. Your opinion?10:34 Chitowncamerama11:13 goingup
5cWebsites for last minute travel?09/16 Petrocelli09/18 investorATL
5hProceeds of Home Sale09/17 beaverclea09/18 chevca
5tBasic questions on credit ratings09/16 lazyday09/17 welderwannabe
5hPortfolio Review09/12 beebog09/17 ruralavalon
5cDriver Sealant- Recommendations09/17 retire1409/17 Nectarineman
5hUC Fund Change - Decisions09/14 tmm0f509/17 tmm0f5
4hNew to Investing. 450k cash21:01 zen8822:34 zen88
4tNorway now owns 1.3% of the entire global stock market.21:11 kosomoto22:27 LadyGeek
4hWhere do mid-caps fit it?19:37 BogleAlltheWay22:13 livesoft
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