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2290c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462014abuss36812:20Van
2073c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 422014Alex Frakt10:28ruralavalon
1162t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242015Yesterdaysnews01/23larryswedroe
996c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202008Petrocelli01/23long_gamma
943t Simba's backtesting spreadsheet  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192007simba01/23siamond
714t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152013longinvest17:42billthecat
476t TIPS - Did you give up?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015abuss36801/23galeno
416p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92014techcrium14:15BW1985
320t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 5 6 711/10Taylor Larimore19:03PhysicianOnFIRE
314c Flaunt Your High-Mileage Car  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72015Teague09:04Moolala
292p Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 4 5 62012BigFoot4801/23sandramjet
262p Annual Vacation Budget  page: 2 3 4 5 601/06pop7713:46theplayer11
256c How much is your cell phone bill?  page: 2 3 4 5 609/06imsomeguy01/22Railroader
237t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 508/05Earl Lemongrab21:39cookymonster
203l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 4 52010niteowls16:43Miriam2
200c What's your usual retirement day like ?  page: 2 3 4 52013Bustoff16:40Cruise
189p Your Retirement Number, or, calculating the funding ratio  page: 2 3 412/18bobcat216:53SGM
144t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 2 301/13duffer16:48larryswedroe
140t A look at the research and evidence on time-series MOM  page: 2 309/16larryswedroe01/23SnowSkier
128h HSA - is keeping 40 years of medical records practical?  page: 2 312/08JustinR01/22Jade
125c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz17:01Easy Rhino
113p Sallie Mae Rewards MC being discontinued  page: 2 312/14Eurookat01/23flroots
112l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 2 32015rocko01/23homermtb
101h Comprehensive discussion on holding/trading mutual funds, ETF, and stocks in Chase (for those who values CPC status)  page: 2 309/30fantasytensai01/23*3!4!/5!
95p Medical Billing Disagreement - Stark Law  page: 201/19bogleviewer01/22LadyGeek
94c Getting rid of mice  page: 201/06davebo20:28Longtermgrowth
93p HSAs in California  page: 22012JustinR01/22grabiner
88h [Europe] Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs  page: 212/28EUBoglehead01/23frombrazil2worl
85t Fed Rate [may go] to 3% - [investing consequences?]  page: 201/18btenny01/23patrick013
83p Medical Charges vs Contract Price - Non Covered Work  page: 201/20bogleviewer01/22LadyGeek
72c Volunteering Ideas  page: 22012nirvines8801/21Sandtrap
71h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  page: 211/29millennialfalco17:34krow36
68c Thinking of getting tires from Costco  page: 201/10htdrag1101/22sat24
65h How to allocate 3-6 million in assets to achieve goals?  page: 201/11Sandtrap19:15Sandtrap
62h Advice for Investing $4M to get 4% Return with Least Risk  page: 201/22maniminto16:07Sandtrap
62t Hypo: What would you do if you were SURE of impending deline in markets  page: 201/22Niam20:36prudent
61p Pay down 1.9% loan or invest  page: 201/19ssquared8716:26unclescrooge
61c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 210/13SurferLife01/22dekecarver
60c Best Places to Live in US?  page: 223:09Bossman_1819:27mickens16
60p No health insurance tax penalty  page: 201/21mattwall4517:55montanagirl
60c Alaska cruise - Help me convince my family  page: 201/07HomerJ10:31coacher
56c Getting Subaru Legacy(4Cyl 2.5L or V6 3.6R?)  page: 201/05Buster6501/21gundlached
55c Products to cope with other drivers' LED headlight  page: 211/14verbose01/23Northster
54l Metro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter  page: 22016vbonthu14:31SRenaeP
53t Upgrade button on Vanguard IRA  page: 212/30raveon18:08jhfenton
53p Load up on cash - it might be one of your best investments  page: 201/20CULater01/23sharpjm
52p ok to pull plug and retire?  page: 201/18pivoprussia13:29toto238
51c When to proactively replace water heater  page: 207/05verbose16:54michaeljc70
48p How many of you did a Roth conversion the first day of 2017  01/03Namashkar01/23SGM
45t Vanguard 1099s available - Other companies just as good for sending 1099s???  01/20davidkw01/23Doc
44t Total Bond Market vs. 2% CD  09/26Stormbringer17:59Kevin M
44t Mathematics of international asset allocation  01/14gordoni217:30jalbert
44p Do you check your credit reports annually?  01/22island15:22mcraepat9
44p When/If a degree is useful for software developers?  01/20Spooky03:22KernelSanders
44c Subaru + Mazda  01/17indexaway20:42TxAg
43c Carribean island most like Hawaii  01/23cantos14:51alfaspider
43h Need help with IRA, Roth IRA situation, Commingled funds  01/03renn2009:41retiredjg
42p Does pharmacy school ranking matter?  01/18annabel01/23annabel
41p Vanguard screwed up IRA types...twice  01/19Trice14:29Wakefield1
41c Requirements to change passwords frequently?  01/06Tamales11:06Doom&Gloom
41h Help with allocating debt vs investing with increase in pay  01/17JB201301/22inbox788
40h social security calculation  01/12Admiral16:59Earl Lemongrab
40c Selling diamond engagement ring  01/22TNL08:11ponyboy
39c Those silly lotion containers  2013john9454919:12123
38c Cell phones - I have met my match, please help  01/20Teague12:10evilityb
38h Please help me [Transfer IRA]  01/17Deb1906:48Deb19
37c Need a good commuter car fairly soon  03:10ryman55419:30Wolkenspiel
37h minimum necessary to retire at defined expense level  01/23Scorpion16:21KlingKlang
36c Is Little League Slowly Dying? [Should my kids play this year?]  01/23davebo16:03LadyGeek
35c What is a good laptop to buy?  01/23fireman4414:35whonoze
35t Comparing EM value options [Emerging Market]  01/19robertmcd06:47Theoretical
35c 4 Months Abroad - what to do before we leave?  01/09kamo01/23kamo
35h Trying to get on track  01/20Tudor01/22NorCalDad
35t Using "worst case" portfolio results to help determine asset allocation - yea or nay?  01/17CULater01/22Sandtrap
34c Biting the bullet and getting off the roof.  01/16Woodshark17:17Woodshark
34t Help with Retirement Projection Assumptions  01/12accbh01/23Rodc
34p Where to get $100k for home remodel?  01/20gaspony01/23awval999
33t ROTH IRA Early Withdrawal and taxes  01/23schutzk2119:18dbltrbl
33t Alternative to Shiller's S&P 500 data series  12/10AlohaJoe08:34siamond
33t Tom Sossnof's derivative trades  01/22Panayota07:25FLok
33h Schwab brokerage incentive $2,500 - - - thoughts?  01/19Sandtrap01/23harikaried
33h What's a bearish investor to do?  01/16aaronl01/23rai
32c Editing shortcut emacs-like keys. Do u use them?  08/16livesoft18:49zaboomafoozarg
31c Getting my electricity usage under control  01/21Dakotah14:40Mako
31h Should we pay off our student loan?  01/20Stayhomemom12:22inbox788
30t Why is Slicing/Dicing not Working?  01/23AndroAsc17:04fourwedge
30p Changing FICO Score  01/21birdy01/23dm200
30t Morningstar Portfolio Tracking or is there a better tracker?  2014fmzip01/22midareff
29h NC 401(k) Plan - Brunswick County. Enrolled in Goalmaker investment portfolio (aggressive)  11:13MultiMillion$18:53Tamarind
28t Replicating Index with Individual Stocks vs Index Fund  01/17analogsavior08:45Clive
28p Timing of Roth IRA conversion  12/10Namashkar22:01MtnBiker
28h Getting out of Edward Jones ...  2015bananastand20:58ai_3_us
28l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  07/11invst6501/23smartinwate
28t Dow crosses 20,000?  01/21F150HD01/22arcticpineapple
28h Vanguard TR or balanced index fund???  01/20dexter7401/22dexter74
27t Swedroe's guidelines to Bonds  07:11simplesauce17:09Doc
27c Any engineers? Studying for Civil-Structural PE  2014jf8917:09enrohT
27p Do you own taxes?  21:31dcr198411:13FelixTheCat
27l Detroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread  2014daytona08401/22daytona084
26p Tax return for adult daughter  01/22amitb0017:19livesoft
26p Anyone file "decline in value" for property taxes? Advice?  01/21financial.freed01/23Rodc
26c Reflectors to reflect only tail lights (or battery LED motion strip)  01/17runner901/22Mudpuppy
25t Bogle: Smart Beta does not deliver Better Returns  01/23CULater19:06nisiprius
25h Edward Jones [Looking for alternatives]  01/23fiverus16:12Tal-
25h Want to build a "Core Four" Schwab ETF portfolio  2014DebiT01/23trope
25p Tax forms for newly opened brokerage account  01/17pasadena01/23heartwood
25h international small cap value fund  01/20curo01/22sperry8
24h Improve the 100% Equity Asset Allocation  01/23LiveSimple16:19LiveSimple
24p Does paying off a mortgage hurt your credit score?  10/19anonyvestor01/23spencer99
24h Vanguard sells shares at 42% discount! Did you get in on the deal?  01/21livesoft01/21*3!4!/5!
23p Best way to leave a job and find a new one  06:03yoni_w17:37Pajamas
23p TurboTax is playing games again.  01/23John15115:282015
23h U.S. brokerages and retiring abroad  01/20Owl22:59wishy-washy
23h IRA vs 401k & 403b money  05/22mrc01/23retiredjg
23t Reasons against margin aside from risk of margin call?  01/20SteveJ201/22grabiner
23c Popular Mechanics magazine scam  01/18drealbmw01/22DetroitRick
22h help assessing risk of promissory note w/ Techshop, Inc.  2015InertiaMan15:00tbr00
22c Electric Bicycles  01/23victorb14:51jerkstore
22p HELP ! Letter from NY on State income tax  01/22boxerbali12:55Epsilon Delta
22h 2017 Portfolio review - Advice welcome  01/22SteveB101/23sharpjm
22t Backdoor Roth: How Long To Wait For Conversion?  2015powermega01/23Biglaw Investor
22p Looking for advice on getting credit cards for my kids  01/22CashBalance01/23smitcat
22t International equity allocation - do you tilt to EM?  01/20KeepItSimple7801/23heyyou
21p Bank is behind online, new bank?  08/30verbose18:05drawpoker
21h Beginning My Investment Journey  01/18vanchase10:43ruralavalon
21h Is a backdoor Roth IRA really worth it?  08/13greenmint201608:50livesoft
21p Is this cheating on income tax?  01/23workingovertime03:19spectec
21t David Swensen says No to Municipal Bonds  01/22simplesauce20:11pascalwager
21h want to leave EJ but dont know what to do with what currently have  01/20caldwell62101/21Miriam2
20c VCR Head Cleaning  2014CountryBoy18:07StevieG72
20c Roto-molded cooler suggestions, like Yeti  01/22Teague16:51dekecarver
20p Ever have one of those kind of Mondays...?  01/23CyclingDuo16:31CyclingDuo
20p Best way to find a <good> accountant?  01/20Ollie12316:26missingdonut
20h My portfolio - passive global exposure for a non-american or european  07/14orenplen10:41Fabio
20h Alternative investments to prepaying Mortgage  01/16SlowMovingInves06:13SlowMovingInves
20p Turned down for Citibank Costco Visa  01/21cadreamer201519:35cadreamer2015
20h Reflecting the value of pre-IPO shares in Net Worth  01/20TheTimeLord01/23mac808
19h Investment option help  01/112bdbest15:172bdbest
19p Pay off mortgage in 7 years using HELOC?  01/22pepperz13:07jimb_fromATL
19h Automatic Reinvestment: To "check" or not to "check" (the box) . . that is the question?  01/23Sandtrap13:03Toons
19h HSA: Connect Your Care investment options?  11/27sco00:54Whakamole
19p wisdom of converting most TIRA to Roth  01/14RustyShacklefor01/23MathWizard
19h Advice for limited bond fund options in 401k  01/17skibumdoc01/23skibumdoc
19p Umbrella insurance questions and help  01/22jkushne101/23bluebolt
19p Major Car Rental Issue  01/22TravelforFun01/22F150HD
19p Non-compete for Independent Contractor  01/21knswamy01/22Small Law Survi
19p No home - do I need Umbrella Insurance?  2013Thom01/22btenny
19p Use $$$ toward mortgage or save for dip in market  01/21michaeljc7001/22moshe
18h Rollover IRA with after-tax Contributions  09:01Bogle_Dude16:59retiredjg
18h Unique 401k situation after company merger - could really use some advice  01/13throwaypf11:57ruralavalon
18c Instant Pot - your favorite uses?  01/21Barefootgirl01/23hicabob
18h Senior Unsecured Notes  01/22hkg8101/23Valuethinker
18t Cash flow for financial independence  01/22llessac1501/22Slacker
18h Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (SCHZ) please explain "spread issues".  01/22Sandtrap01/22Sandtrap
18h How to factor pension into asset allocation?  01/19riverrchic01/21Sandi_k
17p Auto insurance policy questions  01/23need403bhelp19:19need403bhelp
17h Pickle - how to disengage advisory services  08:03curious george18:43Cruise
17p Car lease scenario  01/23jcarrolliii313:47jcarrolliii3
17t Holding Bonds as Opportunity to Buy Stocks  01/21Beensabu09:14Dandy
17t 2016 Relative Tax Efficiency  01/21triceratop22:34grabiner
17t Backtesting Home Prices against regular investments  01/22siamond01/23jalbert
17c Do I want to try out another bank for $250?  01/20pondering01/23michaeljc70
17p Tax Software for 2016?  12/12Fat-Tailed Cont01/23moneywise3
17h Asset Location at the 15% tax bracket?  01/14jmk01/22grabiner
17p Best way for under 25 to rent a car  01/20B3GINN3R01/22sport
17h best vanguard ROTH IRA funds to invest in mid 20s  01/18rap0901/21dboeger1
17h Portafolio Allocation - Wealth Preservation - Moving away from wealth managers  01/21kevinstar01/21kevinstar
16c Cell service abroad, what did I do wrong  13:38heerekj119:13JamesSFO
16p Refuse to pay California State Tax—what can they do ?  01/23mikeast16:37LadyGeek
16c Amazon Phishing Email after Order  01/23BigJohn16:11LadyGeek
16t Unidirectional rebalancing?  01/21FIREchief11:25Leif
16t Blindly following expert picks  01/23Bobo09:51691175002
16t Qualified dividend percent differs between Vanguard mutual fund class and ETF class?  01/23JDDS23:04JDDS
16p Questions about Medicaid and Nursing Home Admissions/Patient Management  01/22CULater01/23Carefreeap
16h VG Rep [doesn't know why commodity ETFs are shown under bonds in online AA]  01/19EdwardL00701/23Gropes & Ra
16t American Century decreasing stock allocations - Interesting article  01/19goshenBogle01/22midareff
15p 30% tax break on Trad IRA contributions in 15% tax bracket  13:23CFM30019:24tfb
15h T. Rowe Price Claims they consistently beat Indexing  10:50investor99916:38stevewolfe
15p TIAA financial advisor?  01/18Blister01/23anonenigma
15c Wood burning stoves - do you leave home with it burning?  01/18squirm01/23ubermax
15t My Roth Misunderstanding  01/22kylemerriman01/22FiveK
15h Which funds to pick  01/19pianoboy01/22EngCapt1
14c iPhone: Are Apple Maps as good as Google Maps?  15:43CULater19:23TravelforFun
14p Possbile career moves without college degree  14:33dm20019:09Watty
14p Mortgage VS Payoff  01/23birraj07:52birraj
14p Vanguard as trustee  01/16RandomPointer03:24JoinToday
14p Charles Ellis has no bonds in his portfolio  01/22sabhen01/23Grt2bOutdoors
14h Moving away from Fidelity 401K choices to lower cost funds/ETFs  01/23countdrak01/23aristotelian
14t Betterment / tax loss harvesting  2015kanwisher01/23Biglaw Investor
14h Does Vanguard Charge Any Withdrawal Fees?  01/22CaliGirl01/22CaliGirl
14h Philosophical question re increasing net worth  01/22aussiedog01/22Pajamas
14h Getting started with HSA investing (TD Ameritrade)  01/17persona482601/22livesoft
14p Paying Down Mortgage vs. Investing  01/21noelboyne01/22DVMResident
13p SEP IRA, tIRA to Roth IRA conversion and Roth contribution  01/22do0odo0o17:18retiredjg
13t Reflection on what to use for "Alternative" asset class and what to do next?  12:03AndroAsc17:14jalbert
13h Help needed in my 401K investing  01/18chvvr12:49chvvr
13h A New Year - A New Me  01/19cccheel11:53cccheel
13t Question on Morningstar Portfolio Tracking Tool - Unrealized Gain/Loss  12/28MorningstarFan01/23sperry8
13c Learning Piano as an Adult  01/21bogleviewer01/23corysold
13h American in Japan need advice  2015slammer01/23TetsuoIII
13c Does airline CC make sense if I plan to spend at least $1.5/yr on tickets  01/22User1234501/23lazydavid
13p young adult child financial responsibility  01/21BsmartSM01/22PFInterest
13f scheduled down time morning of January 22  01/21mingstar01/21Wagnerjb
12h 457 - help choosing between 2 good options?  01/20TomatoBoy19:05jalbert
12p 401k loan for downpayment  23:16logicon17:03wilked
12c Camera Recommendation  13:13artgerst16:46adamthesmythe
12t madsinger monthly report (December 2016)  01/03madsinger15:51sperry8
12h Seeking Portfolio Review and Advice  01/23bommalattam10:29aristotelian
12p What to do with bonus  01/23Maverick332000:53Afty
12c sue renters  01/23silentfaith21:58Sandtrap
12h Opening a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA for my wife who does not work?  01/23fireman4421:55Epsilon Delta
12c Have credit card payment verification numbers ever been useful?  01/22McCharley21:21cherijoh
12p Mega-backdoor conversion : accounting/reporting details for contributions vs. earnings?  01/03ljwobker01/23ljwobker
12h Plenty of income, need portfolio help and advice badly :)  01/20salzbj0101/23salzbj01
12h 403(b) - Choosing a vendor - Need advice  01/18Rollover01/22anonenigma
11h concerned about tax form I received with regard to a rollover  13:16corp_sharecropp17:01House Blend
11p Way to turn off credit card applications?  01/15regfman16:39regfman
11h My two fund portfolio  11:01Bobo16:09Bobo
11t Why are Stable Value Funds not outperforming Total Bond over the long run?  01/23AndroAsc15:05AndroAsc
11h Bill Bernstein "If You Can"  21:33rattlenap12:11David Jay
11t Rewards of Multiple Asset Class Investing  01/20Random Walker09:30Random Walker
11c Recommenations for Travel 220 to 110V transformer  01/23DTSC19:34Will do good
11p A personal finance Income Planning Tool (IPT)  09/16TarTar01/23TarTar
11h Help with Asset Allocation  01/21savishar1201/23lazylarry
11c Jackson Hole in July?  01/21jinx01/23Caligal
11h Imminent Early Retirement - Asset Allocation?  01/10Scorpion01/23itstoomuch
11c Shopping for prescriptions  01/22fpr401/23Rietss
11p Questions about probate and tax returns after MIL's passing  01/21Van-Guard2301/22Van-Guard23
11h Investment questions  01/21Sten01/22krow36
11h VAIPX [Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Admiral]  01/21painof6201/22abuss368
11h Early Retirement Roth Conversion into 401k vs IRA  01/22pbearn01/22Tamarind
10h Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund (VTIVX) Question  12:13ROOKIE_INVESTOR16:59toto238
10p Someone wants to pay me with a credit card.  00:11Cruise09:56jcchen
10c American Greed new season kicks off on Saturday  01/20davidkw04:19Pacific
10h First year of investing - advice needed  01/19compound1201/23Duckie
10p Determining max amount to spend on a house?  01/17investorhead01/23bigred77
10h Advice on Student Loan  01/22kellykline01/23Maverick3320
10h Portfolio allocation help needed please  01/22noobogle01/23retiredjg
10p Umbrella Insurance Stand-Alone  2012robby2001/22boglerdude
10t Help - Which of these bond funds are best for my bond allocation?  01/20JustinR01/22mhalley
9t Does Vanguard Do This?  11:56Grt2bOutdoors18:21Dirghatamas
9h Roth IRA choices - Go with a current investment partner, or seek new?  01/22persona482616:05EngCapt1
9p Health care for business of one  01/23CherylHall13:40gregnc
9h New To The Backdoor Thing. Help Me Understand.  22:12beastykato07:44cherijoh
9p Value of company provided benefits  01/23joyanni22:20Epsilon Delta
9p Student Loan Refinance Repayment Options  01/17chiseller01/23Big Dog
9h What to do with Passive Rental Loss?  01/22msheald01/23MarkNYC
9c Retiring soon - health insurance planning Cal-COBRA  01/19curmudgeon01/22cmdreset
9p Do I have to file 8606 for indirect rollover  01/22Caduceus01/22jebmke
9h rebalance or too late  01/21oldgramps01/22dbr
9c backyard - Accessory Dwelling Unit ...  01/18chuppi01/22tim1999
9p Can a spouse of Solo 401k holder contribute to Traditional IRA  01/21saagar_is_cool01/22Spirit Rider
9p How to Get W-2 Corrected for State Taxes?  01/22bhluckyusaguy01/22pshonore
9t should I try to replicate total stock market in my 401k with S&P, small, and mid caps?  01/21boglechu01/21joe8d
9p Did adult child dependent rule change?  01/21theplayer1101/21kaneohe
8c Recommendations near Mandalay Bay Convention Center  15:22seafood19:12seersucker
8h Beside margin, any other investment where you can lose more than you invested?  16:57CrossOverGuy18:51CrossOverGuy
8h How much mid-cap in my taxable portfolio?  01/23DCinvestor18:04DCinvestor
8c Display original photos or make reproductions?  16:27Caduceus18:01Caduceus
8p Roth Conversion taxes due?  01/19PapaGeek17:47PapaGeek
8h After hours trading  15:34math2216:18livesoft
8p Best way to get rid of lot of land?  21:19lazylarry10:19Hockey10
8h Bonds on taxable ... Again !  23:05jafcorrea09:29Sandtrap
8h Portfolio advice for 30 yr old freelancer w/ $87K in savings  01/13framboise02:10framboise
8h Hoping to retire within 20 years - advice/comments appreciated!  01/22snapwa01/23snapwa
8p Spending, Saving, and Debt in 2017.  01/222bewise01/23Strayshot
8p Unable to lift credit freeze???  01/23Caduceus01/23Rupert
8p SS Survivor Benefits for 62 male. Spouse died at 61  01/22alaskantraveler01/22dodecahedron
8c Extensive Travel & Mobile Lifestyle in Retirement  01/22LuigiLikesPizza01/22lynneny
8h Help with short term savings  01/20barb6301/22rickhuizinga
8p Tax implication of transferring stocks from joint account to single owner account  01/21backtrail01/22Gill
8p Do kids have to pay taxes on interest from savings accounts?  01/22Deaconfan01/22Penguin
8h Help - Portfolio rebalance, protecting market gains  01/16Indy201701/22Indy2017
8p Turbotax Costco Sale vs Online  01/20angelescrest01/22aceoperations
8h Help Understanding Muni Bond Fund Please  01/21WinnFlak01/22BigJohn
8p Proof of income for ONLY Roth IRA Conversions (ACA 2017)  11/01susa01/22susa
7c Why is Lexus not fixing its air bags?  17:30simple man19:30btenny
7c Getting the best current mortage interest rate  13:57Dynasty9019:26rr2
7p Joint tenants with right of survivorship  18:03hoops77719:08drawpoker
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7h TIPS ETF (ITPS) for USA-NRAs??  01/21galeno01/23galeno
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7p new business(es) - multiple schedule c's or one? one or two EIN, 401k? etc.  01/22Soon2BXProgramm01/22Soon2BXProgramm
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7h Ameriprise Mistake-Need Advice on Vanguard Allocations and Planning  01/21SmoothWhite01/22Lafder
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6t Simple vs. Compound Return  2007Buddtholomew10:31Random Walker
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6h Rising Rate Environment-Keep or Sell VFIDX & VBTIX? [Int-term vs. Total Bond]  01/23MrOzone08:26dbr
6h % bonds for rebalancing taxable equity rule of thumb?  01/23jmk01/23marcopolo
6p Excess 401k contribution  01/22bosabad01/23Alan S.
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5p Expense tracking app  01/22prettybogle01/23dacalo
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