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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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5320 new posts and replies over 479 topics in last 3 days (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2665tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore11:50 ruralavalon
2197tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar22:51 CoastalWinds
1985tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:11 michaeljc70
1816tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE22:41 willthrill81
1589c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:49 Capsu78
1227pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon13:47 BogleMelon
1201t200-day moving average market timing2008 JW-Retired09:24 rascott
1150cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman19:49 hmw
1075lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1615:30 bubbadog
922tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest12/11 Unladen_Swallow
694pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms12/11 FI4LIFE
585c[What UN-frugal thing do you do? What do you splurge on?]2014 Professor Emeri18:34 mimn15
583cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague21:16 investingdad
438cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo12/11 hudson
429tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas12/12 caklim00
415lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls08:43 Kitty Telltales
397pRetirement Friendly States11/25 LiveSimple12/11 goodenyou
392lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam216:17 Miriam2
385tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36818:43 columbia
369pFollow Up: Husband's Surprise Debts11/24 stanford7312/12 stanford73
354p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc2018 ObliviousInvest22:07 JBTX
341t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund2018 hdas12/12 schismal
291cFound hidden safe, should we crack?11/24 gips19:06 LadyGeek
277fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb12/11 oldcomputerguy
256tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest22:37 siamond
243tIndex Funds Bubble? [Michael Burry article]08/28 exarkun12/12 guillemot
232t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton12/11 oldzey
222c[On-going Scams - Post them here]03/28 ketanco07:21 mptfan
207tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon00:47 stocksurfer
188pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion12/12 sapper1371
178tShould we discourage the bond tent?2018 scout111:45 David Jay
165hInvest in bonds vs. prepay mortgage12/08 Triple digit go16:45 mbasherp
158tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest12/12 DB2
146tSpike in Repo Rates [Fed Overnight Repurchase agreement]09/17 skepticalobserv19:58 Bluce
143tRetiring at 24 - Extreme FIRE is it possible?12/11 elderwise17:29 willthrill81
143pHow much money can retirees really save by moving to a state without income tax?12/04 flyingaway12/11 protagonist
119t[Wiki article update - Inverse and leveraged ETFs]11/29 pkcrafter21:56 siamond
118hCan someone help me purchase my first mutual fund?11/26 thelateinvestor12/12 thelateinvestor
118lArizona Chapter2018 mabromovitz12/11 rich126
116tRecommendations of 100% stock lately12/12 Triple digit go22:05 rascott
112pHow much car can i afford12/07 stt81604:20 msk
111tLong Term Bonds getting killed today11/07 hdas20:25 Portfolio7
105p50 Next Year - Should I Join AARP?12/05 watchnerd12/11 usagi
103c[Anyone drop cable for YouTube TV?]2018 dmk39522:41 1789
102tDave Ramsey's Millionaire Study2018 LateStarter197522:32 LadyGeek
98tThree Fund Vs Butterfly Fund or other11/30 NearlyRetired13:47 NearlyRetired
96tA gentle alternative to HEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure with 2-Year Treasury Futures09/20 jt412/11 AlphaLess
93cSwitched from Verizon's postpaid plan to prepaid: Saved 38%09/14 willthrill8117:34 willthrill81
92p16 Weeks Paternity Leave12/09 Kaizen Soze12/11 oldfatguy
88cDSLRs: canon 5d IV vs ?11/19 ThankYouJack12/11 DaftInvestor
87c[Peter Jackson’s “They shall not grow old” - streaming on HBO]12/16 letsgobobby22:05 LadyGeek
87hWhy Roth IRA when you have not maxed out 401k?12/08 stingray77714:09 ruralavalon
85pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card03/24 whodidntante12/12 ImmigrantSaver
84cIs a minivan worth it?11/27 masonstone11:12 dm200
80lMaster Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads2014 gotherelate21:07 sylph
79cWhich iPhone would you buy today?12/11 lostinjersey16:44 jebmke
78pHow not to feel poor...12/01 Cosmic Pony12/12 backofbeyond
77c70+year Oldies: Anyone buying the C8 Corvette?11/21 msk12/12 OldBallCoach
77cAmazon Echo Dot12/08 Dottie5712/11 fru-gal
74hInheritance in wife’s name or both spouses?12/07 Jules412/12 not4me
74pUber VISA rewards cut10/28 Eric12/11 28fe6
73cHospital wants me to prepay for procedure. Normal?2014 BHawks8722:40 clip651
73pNew research on when to claim SS12/08 trueblueky14:33 JoeRetire
70cIn search of a dishwasher that dries plastics well...04/19 Ed_Sandwich22:32 anoop
70pMedicare Advantage=Leaving Medicare?12/09 pennywise17:46 drawpoker
68hPick a stock12/10 Djtjak22:33 Mactheriverrat
68pWhat is the best 2% cash back credit card w/ no annual fee, now that Citi has stripped the Double Cash of key benefits?12/10 ArmchairArchite12/12 YoungSisyphus
64tDo you strictly manage your portfolio percentages of stocks and bonds?12/07 alluringreality12/12 pascalwager
63lMaster Thread for RTP, North Carolina Bogleheads Chapter2014 Steve Thorpe23:32 Steve Thorpe
62cJust answered telephone political poll. Now concerned.2016 mac_guy23:54 Pu239
62hFIRE Drawdown Plan08/29 olympia_t12/11 StealthRabbit
62cTarget gift cards 10% off tomorrow (Sunday Dec. 8)12/07 7eight912/11 stoptothink
60tSWAN ETF - 10% Leaps / 90% Treasuries2018 Snowjob08:55 guyinlaw
59cLow water pressure/flow in house10/29 Pete1212/12 BanquetBeer
57cWhat are you giving (or asking) for Christmas?12/11 Bob Sacamano21:53 Dottie57
57cHuge electricity usage spike12/12 mhalley11:56 PVW
55cPreventative car maintenance (oil changes) costs12/08 mav1212/12 iamlucky13
55pTips on medical practice partnership buy-in?12/10 financial.freed12/12 financial.freed
54hTaking Social Security at 62 and Investing It12/12 Charlie Foxtrot22:33 grabiner
54cFord Expedition - possible lemon claim and what to do?10/30 thatme17:25 thatme
54tTotal Stock vs. S&P 50012/06 abuss36800:23 Northern Flicke
54cAuto oil change12/09 bb20112/11 9liner
54pRetired recently and buying your own insurance? How bad is it?12/09 260chrisb12/11 chw
53tVanguard Estimated Year-End Distributions12/10 Seasonal12/12 CrazyCatLady
53lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter2018 nance12/12 nance
53cRecommend Laptop12/08 adamsapple1912/11 DaftInvestor
52hPlease help me be smart with my wife's inheritance12/06 smith6la12/12 smith6la
52lSan Antonio TX Chapter - Master Thread2016 bdrolan12/11 9to5er
52cUpdate and Advice Needed Re: Any Recourse for Poor Contractor Work (A/C Installation)09/10 csm12/11 HomeStretch
51cHow to get rid of a piano?07/20 Seal the Deal19:32 Seal the Deal
51tVanguard going to do TV commercials11/26 BeachPerson12/11 LadyGeek
49cSummer trip to Germany ideas requested12/09 Calico15:06 Puakinekine
47pNeed help. Daycare vs Nanny.12/12 joelly19:05 sapper1371
47cDay Trip to Downtown Chicago12/12 researcher12:35 MichCPA
47tThe Index Myth12/11 pkcrafter10:22 donaldfair71
46cUsed Commuter Car07:46 socialforums20117:30 z0r
46pSell company stock and pay off home mortgage?12/12 tmaxx11:50 cableguy
46pSimple Bank - Bonus for New Funds in Individual and Protected Goals Account07/18 tj12/12 02nz
45tDomestic v. International Megathread12/12 Silence Dogood20:41 arcticpineapple
44lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam219:32 Hubris
44tHow many of you have some developed international and EM indexed bond funds in your portfolio?2018 ChinchillaWhipl12/11 klaus14
43hFIRST POST - Portfolio Review - Please06/07 althea12/12 retiredjg
43cDownsizing CDs, Tapes Etc.12/06 Prudence12/11 anoop
42hHelp I’m overwhelmed [Help selecting investments]12/10 Yeyi12/11 retired@50
41hWhy did Fidelity Total Market Index fund drop -1.55% today?16:29 JB201322:58 Spirit Rider
41cBest Albums of 201911/25 buckeye798310:28 Java11
41pTransition at Vanguard12/07 Leroy Jones12/12 SxSW
40cAdvice on what to do with an extra car needing a big repair11:37 lightheir16:26 dm200
40pCheck Cashing Business12/12 erik26512/12 hookemhorns
40tWhy to not buy a tech fund?12/09 Jesteroftheswam12/11 TN_Boy
39pProblems obtaining a free annual Equifax credit report online2017 msimon21:48 Lobata
38hWWYD? - advice needed. 41 yr old in VHCOL, FIRE? thinking of leaving high stress job.12:02 mmp22:52 ellink
38hTSP Advice - Retiring Soon2018 eb115:00 jaberwok
38hBest Arguments Against Market Capitalization?12/10 Turtlemilk12/12 lazyday
38cBlue Light Blocking Glasses?12/06 davebo12/11 SuperSaver1975
37tVTI P/E 20.9x vs VIOV 15x, price/book 3.0x vs 1.4x12/07 TikiMan12/12 zaboomafoozarg
37pUSAA Multi Product Discount2018 tj12/12 Taz
37cWhat to do with old sheets and linens?12/10 texasdiver12/11 CalcHP12c
37tNegative Bond Yields?03/24 ericcohen12/11 Phineas J. Whoo
37cDo you subscribe to Consumer Reports?12/09 GottaRun12/11 NavyIC3
36padult child moving back11/13 SSM112/11 dm200
35cPlaces to Go Out When You Don't Want to Spend Much or Any Money16:20 CrossOverGuy23:09 celia
35cReverse Snowbirds?12/10 TresBelle6521:13 DesertDiva
35hI Finally Have Money to Invest! Where should I Put It!12/10 newdoc16:38 dogagility
35pQuestion to the Already Retired—Medicare12/05 cresive15:28 Small Law Survi
35hAdvice: Should I invest when Stocks are at all time high2013 Greco3300:43 1789
35tLeveraged Equity - “Bull Markets Die on Euphoria”12/12 David Jay12/12 rascott
35hshould I pay off my car?12/10 alan8512/11 Watty
34pMost estates don't go through probate [*]12/11 senex20:57 OnTrack
34t3x Leverage SP50012/12 bugleheadd17:55 Trader Joe
34cDIY Home Security like Ring and SimpliSafe vs paid services like ADT and Rampart. What do you advise for and/or against?07/04 synthfan2315:12 Swansea
34cSell current home, down size and purchase a vacation condo?12/08 Agon12/12 Goal33
34hUnexpected loss of MIL, Inherited IRA, and How to Restructure Investments12/06 BullHouse_BearM12/11 TN_Boy
33tFederal Budget Deficit Risks and Investment Strategy12/12 Bob20:48 Jeff Albertson
32hSpend HSA or save it?12/12 stocknoob411123:00 02nz
32cNew baby: Should I purchase new car? Tesla?08:58 mmmodem22:31 1789
32csmart thermostats?12/12 Nyc1003611:06 criticalmass
32pTax Torpedo12/06 Sahara12/11 grabiner
31hToo poor to invest - living in the 12% bracket15:20 thelateinvestor22:57 Triple digit go
31pSons-in-law or Daughters-in -law legacy gifts...12/10 Broken Man 199917:44 fourwheelcycle
31cMichelin vs Toyota tires for Corolla?11/25 texasgal4712/12 texasgal47
31tPassive Indexing bubble12/11 alexfoo3912/12 wolf359
31pWhat Metrics do you use to Monitor the Health of your Retirement Plan?12/09 WoodSpinner12/11 nguy44
30pRe: Amazon Echo, Alexa, and privacy concerns12/10 rj34212/12 DaftInvestor
29hIRMAA brackets?12/11 MNR19:22 Oicuryy
29hTax Gain Harvesting at Vanguard12/09 LIGuy8212/12 livesoft
28hSet it and Forget it?12/10 Third Son20:07 Third Son
28hChase You Invest for Taxable Account05/09 keyfort12/12 ma21n2
28hToo much tax deferred?11/03 MillennialFinan12/11 Counterpoint
28hNot getting transaction confirmation emails01/16 msimon12/11 AAA
27hHELP!!! Vanguard locked my account12/12 AH21618:12 ARoseByAnyOther
27hJettison QSPIX?01/20 ilan1h12/12 Bitzer
27hHelp needed with AA12/01 Matto0012/12 Matto00
27cHome maintenance tasks12/04 RobLyons12/12 1789
26pFidelity app now has fingerprint login01/15 Frankieg4833622:19 BroIceCream
26cMedicare: G vs G Prime12/12 tm322:08 BostonBoy
26hHow much is this office building worth?12/09 GoFish12/11 kevdude
26tRetail investors selling US stocks at record levels/WSJ article 12/8/1912/08 JAZZISCOOL12/11 Phineas J. Whoo
25cOpinions - used 2005 Toyota Corolla with only 87,000 miles?09:28 dm20022:34 1789
25hFuture Rental Property12/05 AD321:15 Sandtrap
25cPurchasing a drone12/10 an_asker16:49 shunkman
25pHow does billpay's ACH work?12/11 Faith2087909:58 criticalmass
25pMy first investment property purchase12/09 rashad300012/12 enclee
24hShould I buy a new or used Toyota Camry?20:54 yosemite_mounta23:05 AznSaver
24lMaster Thread - San Diego Bogleheads2015 sddiehard17:11 sddiehard
24cFree / Cost Effective Database for 100+GB Data04/21 DarkHelmetII12/11 ARoseByAnyOther
24pDoes trip insurane really work?12/04 Cosmic Pony12/11 SrGrumpy
23cWhich iPad would you buy today?15:21 FLC4121:39 fposte
23p25% tariff on Scotch - does this apply to tourists bringing back whisky from the EU?12/07 fluellen12:39 Theseus
23hWhich account to build up?2018 headingboogle12/12 headingboogle
23pExercising of Vested Stock Options12/10 toocold12/11 Valuethinker
22pState Taxes: Interesting State Border Towns? (E.g., Low Income Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax combo?)12/12 MikeZ23:09 PaulF
22hTech company stock option plan: should I participate?23:17 charleypartanna23:08 nedsaid
22hSafest 4% Return- WWYD?12/11 JSparks21:20 willthrill81
22cReliable Restaurant review sites for travel12/09 Muddytyres18:41 Bogle7
22pDelay retirement waiting for these medical benefits?12/12 RickBoglehead18:07 sergeant
22pLoan or no Loan [Boat]11:00 crazcarl17:49 Trader Joe
22h401k rollover12/04 axescot14:49 Nummerkins
22tWhat happened to treasuries in 2008?12/12 Blue45609:32 flaccidsteele
22pThoughts on my parent's reverse mortgage home and getting them out12/12 jbruinho06:30 Shallowpockets
22pRMD in 1st year it is required12/11 Good Listener12/12 Eagle33
21tActive Nontransparent ETFs - SEC Approves 4 Firms - Will Vanguard jump in?12/12 guyinlaw19:53 AlphaLess
21p$1.05 fee for changing my address?12/09 bestplans12/12 nolesrule
20hNew investor - portfolio review / help needed12/10 jclayharrelson19:51 Taylor Larimore
20tCustomizing The Glidepath2018 Random Walker15:48 Random Walker
20cHyundai Palisade - A good option?12/03 Thorsbane14:20 NJdad6
20pThose with USAA [who moved to Vanguard]12/11 Stoic912/12 nix4me
20cLooking to replace original sliding patio door12/11 abs998612/12 Jimmie
20pSO leaving work, insurance options?12/11 MotoTrojan12/12 MotoTrojan
20pMegabackdoor Roth - TFB worksheet question and all in Roth?12/04 Gemini12/11 Spirit Rider
20tMerrill Edge is Going Commission-Free12/09 whodidntante12/11 pepys
20hAlly APY vs others12/09 shekhar57512/11 JoeRetire
19cNeed high speed scanner for diverse documents05:31 gd22:02 crinkles2
19hPay Student Loans before Starting Taxable Investments?16:26 newdoc20:03 bubbadog
19h$96/year Planning2018 donaldfair7114:44 occambogle
19pOpening a HELOC. Wise or not?12/12 gndibot12/12 ThePrince
19cAre co-workers afraid of your executive managers?12/12 investingdad12/12 Flyer24
19hIndividual Stocks12/10 ChicagoC12/12 Small Savanna
19t[Paul Volcker RIP]12/09 dmcmahon12/10 Cubicle
18hAm I on track financially for 31 years old?14:30 Esq12322:20 MotoTrojan
18hThoughts on 5 Fund Strategy for Resident Physician12/09 DrRocktor15:47 KingRiggs
18pAppraising Art Work12/12 BradJ08:13 BradJ
18pTiaa creft 403B rollover to Vanguard pros and cons12/02 Thevillianinbro07:08 Call_Me_Op
18cHP laptop battery not user replaceable12/12 Church Lady12/12 gnujoe2001
18hend of year taxes and teen going to college12/08 loklav12/12 Wiggums
18pRoth TSP transfer mechanics09/15 radioheadt12/12 geobrick
18tthe silliness of infinite time scale12/11 no simpler12/12 ARoseByAnyOther
18cAirfryer 201912/10 Alf 10112/11 Sandtrap
18hPortfolio Review - Roth conversion this year?12/09 saxophone12/11 saxophone
18hEquities or Bonds in Tax Advantage12/01 sureshoe12/11 retired@50
17cChanging names to get new customer discounts - Comcast16:14 michaeljc7020:21 meebers
17pNUA, (Net Unrealized Appreciation), tax forms2018 busdriver16:49 busdriver
17cBroadway Show07:43 Bigfish16:43 Nyc10036
17pYour New Benefit Amount from Social Security09:21 AlwaysaQ15:44 AlwaysaQ
17hRoth 401k ?12/12 John101412/12 willthrill81
17cIs $300 about right for att & xfinity12/12 silentfaith12/12 02nz
17hDoes it matter if I add to a taxable brokerage account in December or January?12/12 GaryA50512/12 Cautionary Tale
17hMoving Vanguard Mutual Funds to Fidelity Donor Advised Fund12/06 Grogs12/12 Grogs
17hMotif 500 direct indexing12/07 HEDGEFUNDIE12/11 tj
17pCOBRA logistics12/09 simplesimon12/11 simplesimon
16hIndex Funds 101: How to get started investing12/11 bmartinez21:53 1789
16tInvesco Shuttering 42 ETFs, Oh no!13:43 Rick Ferri21:49 JAZZISCOOL
16hAm I getting bumped into reduced Roth IRA contributions?12/09 pidgeon18:36 pidgeon
16tSmall cap interantional and tax efficiency FNDC v SCZ03/18 international0010:38 Prokofiev
16nExploring the Permanent Portfolio12/10 oken12/12 oken
16hFollowing Divorce: where to park/invest $120k with idea of town home purchase in next 1-3 years?12/11 Gardener12/12 Sandtrap
16tFutures vs. Options for broad-market leverage?05/08 ipo_fin_z12/11 no simpler
16hFinancial advice for recently hired lawyer12/11 wjanderso12/11 wjanderso
15pBoomer needs some advice16:13 outdoorguy22:31 22twain
15tPhysical Silver VS SLV12/11 DTalos12/12 Broken Man 1999
15hPortfolio Review: Thank You11/27 jasminetea12/12 jasminetea
15tDo Mutual Funds (and ETFs) Split?12/11 TheDDC12/12 jhfenton
15tHelp me understand a Bid / Ask quote12/11 danielc12/11 danielc
15hAre FXNAX and VBTLX substantially identical?12/10 aiyuanuc12/11 Wiggums
15tTarget Date Fund problem during withdrawal phase12/09 congliu2000012/11 02nz
15hDefinition of MAGI for Roth contributions ?12/09 Newlearner1912/11 JediMisty
15pEverSafe and cognitive decline study10/31 GerryL12/10 Speckles
14cAnyone skilled at Award Travel and want to help me fight flights to Maui?10:24 Bob Sacamano21:52 itsastart
14hStarting Portfolio when Trad IRA is maxed out help12/12 BirdieMan19:14 averagedude
14hCan I parachute from the rat race?13:29 Scorpius18:45 JAZZISCOOL
14tNavy Fed (NFCU) CD Special 3% - 37mos12/10 angler-3911:24 quisp65
14hPay off car loans or not?12/12 Captain Oveur08:19 chevca
14nInternational investing [Resident Indian]03/05 CarpeDiem2212/12 CarpeDiem22
14pFed Interview - 2nd Round - Some Questions12/11 LawEgr112/12 LawEgr1
14pUmbrella Insurance versus LLC approach to limit real estate liability12/06 Med412/11 ras4250
14hAfter-tax 401k Strategy12/10 investor99712/11 JediMisty
14pHow to decrease taxable income in next 21 days?12/10 lkar12/11 rj342
14ppossible to reverse rollover of non-deductible ira in to 401K12/08 wrongfunds12/11 wrongfunds
13hTDA thinks my address is international. what can I do?05:21 inlalaland0122:33 inlalaland01
13hYoung Newbie Investor - Tax-Efficiency - Bond Fund Placement12/11 noisyearth19:06 grabiner
13pExpecting to use my renter insurance for the first time, anything I should be aware of?12/12 BogleMelon16:54 megabad
13tRetail investors are re-balancing - NOT bailing on stocks12/12 guyinlaw16:19 Phineas J. Whoo
13hVanguard said no to Recharacterization12/12 htdrag1115:00 htdrag11
13tSemi-Passive Index Fund?12/12 LISD12:46 Stormbringer
13hNew Tool For Bogleheads?12/12 noisyearth12:44 FinancialDave
13cDiscount Card for Prescription Med: Eligibile or Not?12/11 stargazer12/12 LookinAround
13pCriteria for Real Estate Agent12/06 BGeste12/12 Mr. Rumples
13hTIAA Traditional: Group Retirement Annuity (GRA) vs Retirement Choice (RC)12/10 enc0re12/11 House Blend
13hRetirement Portfolio Conversion/Ajustments12/10 crnatg12/11 Silk McCue
12tDoes it make sense to hold slow growing assets in highest expense accounts?14:46 Triple digit go23:09 grabiner
12pCost to develop a city lot12/12 28fe623:55 adamthesmythe
12tMixed Rollover and Withdrawal of After-Tax 401k12/08 JoMoney12/12 JoMoney
12tAramco IPO index fund impact12/11 fsh7112/12 ohai
12cMicrosoft Office [for Mac] 2019; SLOW AS MOLASSES charts?12/11 siamond12/12 siamond
12tCan someone help me understand Fidelity's gain/loss S&P 500 "chart"?12/09 thelateinvestor12/12 thelateinvestor
12hTraditional IRA in Cash12/10 YenKayYen12/11 02nz
12pAhh taxes! First time with Capital loss carryover12/10 mc212/11 mc2
12pWhole Life w/ LTC Rider vs Savings Account12/10 aristotelian12/11 canvasback
12cHow to deal with Comcast?12/08 Infomom212/10 Cubicle
11tAsset allocation for intermediate term goals15:25 danielc21:58 Triple digit go
11tSweet spot for asset allocation?10:14 Amadis_of_Gaul19:36 xxd091
11pEstate tax? Questions..12/12 LITeacher12:22 HereToLearn
11cAny experience with Mr. Cooper? (Nationstar)12/12 jharkin10:29 michaeljc70
11hGuidance needed. Investing income from inherited rental properties and IRA accounts.12/09 jason5432112/12 FelixTheCat
11pHome refinance - quick double take on the offer in hand12/12 PlayingLife12/12 lakpr
11pMade an error-exceeded IRA limits-how to fix?12/10 slante419612/12 Katietsu
11h401K advice12/11 ryanhall8512/12 Mr.BB
11hVanguard is confusing me12/11 Stoic912/12 GrowthSeeker
11pMade a mistake with my 2020 Dependent Care FSA and election window is Bob Sacamano12/11 Spirit Rider
11tSchwab ETF Estimated Distributions12/10 GuyInFL12/11 Chip
10cSAT prep?12/12 texasdiver21:05 investingdad
10n[Australia] Starting Over - Encouragement Needed00:52 Alex Rogan20:38 Alex Rogan
10pUnemployment insurance with severance pay?17:27 ThankYouJack19:24 yangtui
10cGet Rid of Culligan System16:16 Leesbro6319:05 sailaway
10hWindfall advice12/12 wynfall18:06 ruralavalon
10hLife Insurance Payouts09:41 dfred17:07 David Jay
10pLong Term Disability through Employer12/12 black_knight_3215:56 dm200
10tFSKAX vs VTSAX12/11 Edge21512:42 yogesh
10pHow to turn a job offer into a consulting arrangement?12/11 market timer11:15 adamthesmythe
10h401k Fees?12/12 RobotLaser09:07 HomeStretch
10tFidelity on International Markets12/12 LeeMKE12/12 MotoTrojan
10pTaxes - Wage Income and Capital Gains12/11 clin34112/12 clin341
10pRevising will: Structuring trust for minor children?12/12 texasdiver12/12 texasdiver
10pNon-Spousal Inherited 401K Question12/09 DetroitMetal12/12 DetroitMetal
10hPrivate equity ETF12/11 Wimble12/12 BeBH65
10hCost Basis Adjustment: Does This Auto Flag IRS?12/11 Lucky2Invest12/12 kaneohe
10h457 or taxable or both? (significant extra cash)12/09 runner912/12 retiredjg
10hShould I withdraw from taxable account to fund 401k?12/10 cmco12/11 keystone
10hTo Roth or Not to Roth? (Maxing out Retirement)12/10 peterwantstosav12/11 FiveK
10tMoving a trust to Vanguard12/10 Ratdoggy12/10 SxSW
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9hIllinois 529 or Roth to fund college tuition14:04 Jboglecmu22:04 shipbuilder
9hEnd of the year portfolio rebalancing questions - Age 3319:59 YP11220:54 HomeStretch
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9pWhere to tell a young person to park $20K09:51 Ramey5817:21 chevca
9pMortgage refinance question10:48 J4516:34 chevca
9hon-line Roth IRA conversion at Vanguard?10:09 JohnFiscal16:05 JohnFiscal
9hInherited IRA14:36 hbdad15:55 not4me
9p20% or larger down payment?12/12 amarkle15:22 amarkle
9hTrusts and Taxable accounts12/12 SowjanyaP14:02 senex
9hAuto Sweep from HSABank to TDAmeritrade:Help!2017 motorcyclesarec08:20 RJC
9pGEHA HDHP/HSABank Arrangement - Changeable?12/11 TresBelle6512/12 RJC
9hCD 2.5% apy 13 month term12/11 vbdoug12/12 vbdoug
9pHow do you find someone credible to do a Cash Balance plan?08/08 abyan12/12 sd1234
9hNew to investing / opening up a brokerage account (Lots of questions)12/11 rbjbogleboy12/12 dru808
9hSolo 401K12/06 PinkPonies77712/11 Spirit Rider
8pGenworth raising LTCi premiums 150% over next 5-7 years12:16 mrc21:56 willthrill81
8hHelping Widowed Aunt00:43 Scorpius20:28 Scorpius
8pHelp! Ally email. Is account compromised?12/12 ame18:34 Eno Deb
8pIs this even possible for Roth conversion strategy?12/12 Lyra15:07 Lyra
8pFrontline: Inside the Meltdown2009 sewall11:46 Dottie57
8hBest choices in 45712/11 Ophiuchus09:44 retiredjg
8hRebalancing -----Investing while adding funds monthly08/26 Warriors06:01 Warriors
8hPortfolio/financial review request12/09 fyre4ce23:45 retired@50
8pSecuring debit cards12/11 lstone1912/12 heartwood
8hLooking for some guidance or advise on my current financial standing12/09 happyboggler12/12 dogagility
8lBogleheads local chapters steaming hot mess [Yahoo Groups degradation]12/11 bobcat212/11 Peculiar_Invest
8cAmazon Firestick Universal Remote12/11 DTalos12/11 02nz
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8pLTC Insurance through corporation12/11 mcgarrett12/11 willthrill81
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7c"Safer" places for Spanish immersion experience?17:42 Kennedy22:28 ladders11
7pWhich bank should I choose?09:23 Unicorn121:35 OnTrack
7cUltralight laptop - docking station?12:30 Saving$21:29 KlangFool
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7c2015 Mini Cooper Questions12:32 Leesbro6320:47 GmanJeff
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7pWages Incorrectly Garnished14:41 JWalterWeatherm17:31 Trader Joe
7tLife Strategy Fund "Rebalancing to zero"14:38 RadAudit17:15 columbia
7tTIAA Real Estate vs US REITs07:52 Call_Me_Op14:59 not4me
7pLong term Care Insurance12/12 vrpatel112:59 WoW2012
7hMoving to Two Fund Portfolio09:04 HappyJack12:53 HappyJack
7tcollege planning Custodial Roth?12/12 tnt00312/12 Spirit Rider
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7pFinalizing My (Conservative) Decision on Risk12/11 bck6312/12 bck63
7cHi-jacking a cell phone in real-time12/11 Jeep4Life12/12 CyclingDuo
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6pFidelity 401k to a Fidelity IRA?21:48 TresBelle6522:56 RetiredAL
6h401 ROTH vs standard 401K21:00 Xrayman6921:37 willthrill81
6pKeep 401K statements ?06:27 Mrm535321:06 yangtui
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6hShould I make a lump sum conversion from trad to Roth at the end of medical residency?12/12 withrye15:32 Spring garden
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5hNon-deductible tIRA to rIRA help12/12 psy108:03 psy1
5cVacuum recommendations for Nylon 6.6 carpet12/12 bayareainvestor07:29 RickBoglehead
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5lBogleheads US Chapters - Yahoo Groups content deletion December 14, 201910/16 LadyGeek12/12 Mel Lindauer
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5tFormula for telltale chart12/10 Lighthouse12/12 Oicuryy
5hFidelity app data quality12/12 muffins1412/12 J295
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5hSlowly transfer Inherited IRA to Roth (possible scenario?)12/11 Itster12/11 Itster
5pDoes 95% QDI = 100%12/10 CoastalWinds12/11 Duckie
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4hyear end tax decision - sell LT gain for better expense ratio?12/12 wokkawokkawokka22:42 grabiner
4tVanguard Forced Liquidation of Holders of UBS ETRACS Exchange Traded Notes18:35 zx14rr22:20 BigPrince
4pMight Have Screwed Up HSA Rollover. Options?14:11 lkar19:36 jhfenton
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4lRTP, NC Chapter Meeting 9:30 AM Sat December 14, 201910/16 Steve Thorpe12:01 EvanRude
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4proll SEP-IRA into Rollover IRA?12/10 Nyc1003612/11 MP123
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4hDouble taxes on Roth IRA conversion, what to do?12/11 lylym3012/11 Silk McCue
3hTrying to understand a bond fund18:08 Working Mom22:09 grabiner
3h2 or 3 fund strategy recommendation?15:52 mygreenkaw19:34 annu
3tSPIA’s and very low interest rates16:57 hoops77718:24 GerryL
3pMaking Home Transfer on Death15:54 michaeljc7017:30 HueyLD
3pRefinance Jumbo Mortgage?12/12 powercherry516:53 powercherry5
3pTarget Red Card Online Transactions on Statements13:16 Gertrude16:45 808
3tTax efficient taxable investing14:49 Nummerkins16:41 rkhusky
3hHelp finding an Advisor to analyze my Retirement Plan13:42 bgyt14:03 mhalley
3tCompany terminating SEP IRA and starting 401K - what are my options?23:29 GaryA50513:09 HomeStretch
3pBack door Roth, just to be clear...06:47 captpete13:03 HomeStretch
3pNew business and Tax write offs04:00 BAM!08:13 Sandtrap
3hAdvice on my current allocation12/12 topadog00:30 1789
3cIs there an FM transmitter with a good mic?12/12 BogleMelon12/12 westie
3hEE savings bond interest rate12/12 Seasonal12/12 gagilman
3hRoth LS Growth/Taxable Ind. components12/12 puc_ytpme12/12 puc_ytpme
3pDebited twice for single ATM withdrawal12/12 FireProof12/12 Silk McCue
3nSeeking advice - [EU citizen based in Singapore]12/08 adonis12512/12 adonis125
3tEE bond doubling feature12/11 jdilla110712/11 bhtomj
3p529 question12/11 ThermoMaster12/11 Spirit Rider
3pSEP IRA/457 (b)12/10 thefather112/11 Spirit Rider
3hStrategy for exercising soon to expire ISOs12/11 Foresight202012/11 Foresight2020
3pBest tool to track/make budgets, aggregate accounts, etc?12/11 corp_sharecropp12/11 mhalley
3hSelling Appreciated Positions After Short Term Cap Loss12/11 guwop12/11 increment
3hVanguard Rollover IRA Backdoor Roth IRA12/10 CRC30112/11 lakpr
2pGive out IRA acct. No.?21:52 pkcrafter23:07 whodidntante
2hDid I mess up trade?21:38 thefoggycity22:14 thefoggycity
2tDividend payout and the index20:09 stocknoob411120:58 TropikThunder
2pChawla Technical Support18:14 Gill19:07 Gill
2hExchanged 100% VFIFX for VTSAX.17:21 Synyster17:41 Synyster
2pTax benefits for Tesla lease?13:46 boglerocks14:00 boglerocks
2pComcast, get a new deal, but keep email?00:30 MrsBDG08:53 Silence Dogood
2hAsset Allocation Handcuffs (no room for more bonds)08:21 GolfGal08:38 -ryan-
2hAuto re-investments of Dividends and capital gains07:43 260chrisb07:47 livesoft
2hRoth ira by mistake12/12 annu12/12 Katietsu
2hForeign Witholding Taxes on International Fixed Income ETFs12/11 promiscuouslylo12/12 promiscuouslylo
2pFidelity Cash Management Account vs. Schwab Cash Management Account12/12 teelainen12/12 123
1tLT Bonds Capital gains - to barbell or sell13:58 Needsomehelp21:21 stlutz
1cKeePass users, What iOS app?20:35 EHEngineer21:03 mhalley
1hSelf Employed with a 401k need to do something18:36 PeterK18:40 livesoft
1hNeed advice from experienced traders05:48 greenbag08:56 LadyGeek
1hAlternative to MQIFX [Franklin Mutual Quest Fund - Z class]12/12 atticusbob12/12 MotoTrojan
1cHeat pump replacement12/12 speckledt12/12 drawpoker
1hRetiring Soon12/12 regor6012/12 mhalley
1h457 Rollover Concern12/12 rickm12/12 tbone555
1pUS-based employee, UK-based employer: Best way to set up a stock options program?11/15 Macro12/11 Macro
1cTV Guide Magazine12/11 DTalos12/11 bloom2708
1hLazy Portfolio of "Social funds" for a taxable account12/11 mimiesg12/11 aristotelian
1tSPIVA scorecard for period ending June 201912/11 oldcomputerguy12/11 schooner
1pUsing Ascensus with Vanguard 401k or our existing TPA12/09 Jules412/11 Jules4
1tJack Bogle, one of "history's greatest traders" !!! :)12/10 nisiprius12/10 JoMoney
0pRollover IRA pro-rata rule22:21 abracadabra 
0pSwitching TIN middle of year and taxes21:48 Gemini 
0pSimple IRA / Section 12518:05 vnatale 
0pPublished confusing advice: ROTH and the 20% passthrough15:27 DustyDebris 
0h*** Cash Balance Plan - Custodian, ICR & Fund lineup Help14:40 sd1234 
0hCan / Should I run AirBNB under existing SCorp?11:29 CodeMaster 
0pHow to bring down total s-corp income to report by end of this year?10:55 CodeMaster 
0p1099 - Business Vehicle convert to personal use12/11 stockrex 

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