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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3174 new posts and replies over 317 topics in last 2 days (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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3701cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36815:10 barnaclebob
3295cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt13:45 hdas
2822pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy02:38 Bfwolf
1052tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn09/24 Maverick3320
835c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir23:18 MJW
496cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater16:43 Jack FFR1846
441pHow much money do you want to retire?2017 benign_user04:47 Lieutenant.Colu
399t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M15:02 Kevin M
356tNorthwest FCU 3-year 3.04% Add-On CD2015 Kevin M11:53 MariaT
354lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond09/24 Hillview
320lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6509/24 jcar
288lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE04:40 BarbBrooklyn
286tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar18:09 finite_differen
259tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius13:08 wwhan
252cWhat is your single most expensive mistake?09/18 bo10595402721:29 Nissanzx1
209pFederal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare2017 LuigiLikesPizza23:05 TimeRunner
192ciPhone XS Max09/12 Leesbro6309/24 Maverick3320
191tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton14:43 jhfenton
175hHow real is cyber risk?09/14 Coato09/24 3-20Characters
154pConsidering Quitting Job - Seeking Advice. Would you do it?09/15 RW7307:35 Leemiller
143pNew Car: Ever make sense to lease?10/30 RRAAYY309/24 tesuzuki2002
141tVanguard - You'll need to sign up for security codes soon06/12 KlingKlang08:14 gamboolman
136pPhysical Banking - Any benefits anymore?09/19 modulusmath09/24 TheAccountant
133cDid you really have something to retire to?09/19 flyingaway09/24 Lynette
130tFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch09/24 Earl Lemongrab
116cMy Very First Smartphone — Please Critique This Plan09/21 iceport20:07 inbox788
111cCan I buy a Tesla?06/29 Cramerica09/24 PFInterest
105pFed up with health insurance situation09/24 sergio18:50 abuss368
103tTurkey/Turkish Stocks down 32% - approaching 2008 levels07/24 BuyAndHoldOn16:11 grok87
103tSLYV vs IJS [SPDR vs. iShares S&P 600 Small Cap Value]10/26 Fryxell07:07 Doc
99pSide Hustle Options/Suggestions.09/10 Thegame1408:24 Thegame14
97pLeasing Cars in Retirement09/14 Frisco Kid09/24 tesuzuki2002
96lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam209/24 Miriam2
88t2-Year Treasury Note Auction07/24 Kevin M14:10 Kevin M
86hSmall cap tilt09/13 BWildt09/24 CRTR
84pBest way to get $100k cash09/24 novemberrain01:41 novemberrain
83hEmotional Investor - I'm a mess and need help!09/23 sruliz21:57 msnyder0021
83pShould we temporarily reduce our retirement contributions in order to pay off our $400k mortgage in 7 years?09/19 kelladoo09/24 Admiral
80cMinimalist Lifestyle09/23 Alexa916:49 latesaver
77pLong Term Care09/23 ready5317:02 WoW2012
75cRipped off by a locksmith09/24 Thegame1419:47 Afty
73tWhy do we expect TSM to keep growing?09/12 chase_logi10:37 jharkin
70tAre unleveraged real estate returns more comparable to stock market returns or just a notch above inflation?09/19 foodhype09/24 ThrustVectoring
69cFlu shot reaction? Getting flu shot this year?09:26 Guy4215:35 LadyGeek
68pSavings rate: gross or net?2017 mikeguima09/24 fourwheelcycle
67hAlly Savings vs Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund - Need Advice09/21 Investing.Newbi11:25 MnD
62pJob burnout - Keep grinding or change?09/14 UncleBogle15:28 chickadee
62cHow to buy a safe "power bank" to replace my recalled AmazonBasics unit?03/15 nisiprius13:20 badger42
62lMaster Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads2014 gotherelate09/24 rlaustin
60pI see now why Rollovers can take FOREVER ....09/16 livesoft19:59 livesoft
60tAre We Headed For A Passive Index Meltdown?09/20 destiny10:08 David Jay
60cHow often do you guys get alignment done on your cars?09/11 tommy8509/24 ADower
59hInvesting in the Rare Opportunity09/23 Ron Scott11:51 prudent
57cOil change interval for low-mileage vehicles09/25 catdude23:00 beastykato
56cBathroom and Basement Remodel Costs09/19 Bacchus0115:37 onourway
55c[Small, Portable, and Ductless Air Conditioners]06/29 Alf 10107:32 TheGreyingDuke
54cVacation without saving adequately?09/24 Beach03:58 The Wizard
54pHow did you decide when to retire?09/15 BarbBrooklyn09/24 CFLonFarm
53hTax Loss Harvest (TLH) VWIUX09/13 hudson22:21 boglesmind
53pDelaying SS? How Long It Will Take for It to Pay Off?09/16 LSLover09/24 arcticpineapple
52tMy CAPE10 based IPS09/23 letsgobobby00:44 Park
52tMaturing Credit Union 3% CD's this year06/01 dollarsaver10:40 grok87
49tSiegel: 'stocks are overvalued on a long-term basis, but bonds are enormously overvalued on a long-term basis'09/24 Lauretta03:41 Lauretta
48pHow to pay for upcoming medical / IVF expenses09/23 boomstick02:34 gotester2000
46pCredit Card Statement & Receipt Clearing - Help!02/11 abuss36820:24 blackwhisker
45pEstate Planning Attorney Says Putting tIRA in a Revocable Trust is "Complicated" - True?09/21 Small Law Survi09/24 afan
44tDIYers Taking a Toll07:16 Oak&Elm21:14 Phineas J. Whoo
44cLosing Passion for Hobbies. Cheap or normal aging?09/24 Enganerd19:35 Finridge
43hPreparing for My First Recession?09/24 YoungSisyphus18:13 22twain
43hNew to Investing, I feel lost09/22 LifeIsElectric09/24 Okie77
43pTraveling overseas .. credit cards? cash exchange?09/19 dh09/24 timewarp
41p2019 ACA prices out09/24 hicabob20:10 bottlecap
41cWhere are the hybrid or fully electric two seater commuting vehicles?09/24 letsgobobby07:58 milkshakes
40hInvesting my first million09/21 michaeljmroger19:37 michaeljmroger
40cBosch dishwasher odor08/30 Jackson1213:22 livesoft
39cVentilated car seats?09/23 weltschmerz16:33 chemeng
39hIm going to die somewhere between Bankruptcy and $20 million09/20 dvd7e08:24 bornloser
37tRegrets / Pearls03/04 RamblinDoc14:45 UpperNwGuy
37t401k: Why not only after-tax?09/17 international0006:24 international00
37tSimple-minded sayings?09/20 libralibra09/24 2pedals
36cHow to watch baseball playoffs without cable09/18 clemrick10:11 bh7785
35pSomeone stole my check from the mail, changed the amount, and deposited it07:01 benevo02:22 denovo
35tChanging cost basis from Average Cost to Specific ID2014 Bowline18:20 Kevin M
35p0 - 0.99% APR on auto... would you finance?2016 workingovertime09/24 Starfish
35cAnother Wifi extender thread09/20 BashDash09/24 miriamele
34cFidelity cobrowser??09/22 oldcomputerguy09/24 ResearchMed
33tAre Government Back Bonds or FDIC Insured accounts more at risk of Default?09/24 coupleofcents19:07 jhfenton
32tAre target funds off-target?09/24 CULater14:40 rkhusky
32cFord F-150 Technical Service Bulletin, legal ramifications09/07 bhsince8712:45 criticalmass
31tTotal Treasuries Market vs Intermediate Treasuries vs Total Bond Market13:48 watchnerd04:14 jclear
31cNew Zealand - Bucket list trip03/04 Exit10521:11 fortfun
31tDigging deeper on advisability of Roth Conversions09/24 Details15:58 Details
31tLarry Swedroe: Factors Persist In Emerging Markets09/24 Random Walker14:30 azanon
31tA bump on the road from active to passive09/21 restingonmylaur06:46 restingonmylaur
30cYouTube Home workout vidoes09/20 ThankYouJack20:37 Loon11
30c$450 for 1.5 hour plumbing job normal?09/24 knightrider09:44 AlphaPilot
29cAcoustic Pianos09/24 GoldenGoose05:50 gvsucavie03
29cHVAC Options -- Any advice?09/22 blinx7709/24 Big Dog
27tDon't Fear the Reaper (RMDs) - White Coat Investor blog post09/24 willthrill8122:56 randomguy
27pEmployer says no to relocation as employee, should I offer to be contractor?11:35 hoppy0852018:08 ponyboy
27hUsing 401k loans to max tax advantaged accounts early in career09/14 Walkure16:03 Toons
26cHow to buy a mattress13:23 tc10122:57 Nicolas
26cWhen do you need a hearing aid16:29 Rob5TCP22:35 spectec
26hSetting up Backdoor Roth IRA, can't figure out where to stuff IRA08/22 DanEmmy22:27 HEDGEFUNDIE
26tBest corporate long-term bond fund09/20 international0009/24 vineviz
25pWhat is the sentence for laminating a Medicare Card?03/23 bikechuck22:52 Kalo
25hTo rent out our house or not09/24 fortysixandtwo14:29 fortysixandtwo
25hShould we pay off $90K mortgage with idle cash or not?09/23 Factor109/24 TomCat96
24cSeattle and (Victoria OR Vancouver) next week.09/22 Rob5TCP02:48 Valuethinker
24cWhich type of Primary Care Physician?17:00 dm20023:01 HIinvestor
24pHealth care question - self employed- Whats your plan? Advice Needed08/25 BCL7810:07 bhsince87
23pWhat do folks use for long-term forecasting of their personal finances?09/24 alexcr21:09 Traveler
23tInflation and withdrawal from portfolio10:32 skime17:33 jclear
23hVSUXX vs VMMXX vs VMFXX vs Money Market (FDIC insured)09/04 erik26516:47 Pigeye Brewster
23tWhat are the "best" factors?09/16 sillysaver13:36 gtwhitegold
23cBest/worst flavors of Gatorade/Powerade09/23 Tamales13:27 Darth Xanadu
23hAnyone using VanguardAdvantage with free checking, Visa Gold Debit/ATM, electronic bill pay, direct deposit, plus more?08/26 mpnret09/24 BoglePaul
22tHyperinflation and holding foreign stocks/bonds09/24 Pagw04:39 Valuethinker
22tEquities as a hedge against inflation12:37 Ron Scott02:30 Valuethinker
22pBe sure to check your tax estimates for 201808:04 bethanybeachrea19:49 Traveler
22pTrustee for sixty something sister09/21 Trapper18:48 bsteiner
22tTail Risk Protection08/08 hdas15:44 LadyGeek
22cMom needs hip revision: how can I fight on her behalf?09/23 BobStrauss09/24 BolderBoy
21hWhat investment company does your employer use?09/23 Newenglandcowbo17:36 JoMoney
21hDoes it make sense to own two different total stock index funds?09/24 EPCOTCenter198216:45 Earl Lemongrab
21pMom died, financial guidance welcome.09/11 EdLaFave13:48 delamer
21cPrepaid car maintenance -- Mazda -- HCOL09/22 understandingJH09/24 researcher
20tNew Facebook group for Vanguard investors!08:17 edheath21:28 Nicolas
20cIs "earn and burn" the right travel rewards strategy?09/24 latesaver12:44 latesaver
20tCorporate debt bubble?09/18 Tideout09/24 riverguy
19tOther Portfolios that aren't 3 fund14:47 Mr400meterdash02:35 TM90
19hInvestment Advice for a Teacher09/23 LMB12309/24 LMB123
18hTLH VTIAX13:13 loklav16:42 Earl Lemongrab
18h529 Plan - NJ Resident05/13 mikes8112:16 sharukh
18hAny reason to leave the 401(k) with previous employer open09/24 Elysium10:03 deltaneutral83
18cHow to Get Rid of My Unauthorized “Two Year Contract” With Verizon09/23 Small Law Survi09:34 retiringwhen
18cDark stain wood floors09/23 crockpotinvesti06:59 ddurrett896
18cYou don't get all the rebates if you take the 0% financing09/22 2comma09/25 2comma
18csqueaky lock and hard to turn key09/23 mouses09/24 nisiprius
18cCan salt water kill weeds permanently?09/22 hmw09/24 mrgeeze
17tUS TSM returns since 200909/24 Elysium21:20 willthrill81
17hREIT ETFs in Taxable Account: To sell or not ?09/23 SlowMovingInves20:06 samsoes
17cOut of warranty repair for a Braun toothbrush?08:55 knightrider13:06 criticalmass
17tIs there any active forums/BBS grouping up non-Bogleheads?09/20 bo10595402710:23 jharkin
17cWhen is it OK to not go through car insurance after you've been hit?09/22 BogleInTraining09/24 Loik098
16hJP Morgan Structured Investments - What am I missing?19:45 m4hwEdisb02:26 denovo
16pS Corporation vs. LLC Partnership Logistics09/23 Rangeros23:57 Spiral
16h457?09/06 GatorMD18:35 retiredjg
16cDoes health insurance cover hearing aids09/24 catdude16:37 dm200
16pMortgage application: Disclosing All Assets?09/24 delamer15:32 delamer
16cDigitalizing Old Photos Help09/24 Limoncello40212:43 Optimistic
15hSIL - 25x vs firecalc16:01 gips02:08 BarbBrooklyn
15tAn algorithm that decides whether it's worth trading to avoid a dividend09/24 johnanglemen19:52 grabiner
15pHow to direct spouse to use life insurance proceeds if I die first?15:26 Elsebet19:23 jaj2276
15hPersonal Capital Target Allocation Tool - should I follow it?09/24 ronno201817:19 Busdrvr
15cvacation in the Ozarks09/23 wije09/24 jadedfalcons
15tLearning How to Value Invest07/31 InvestingInvest09/24 ThrustVectoring
14pHow to handle huge medicare/medicaid premium increases at age 65?09/20 ipo_fin_z20:11 hale2
14cElectric Shaver/Beard Trimmer09/24 anonenigma19:56 graeme
14p[Help my company select 401k plan Target Retirement Funds - T. Rowe vs Vanguard]09/24 Higgins10:12 Higgins
14pPotential Claw-Back from IRS of Gifted Assets08/26 Justin Time09:30 Leesbro63
14hStarting Fidelity Roth IRA09/22 aker09/24 mervinj7
13hNon-spousal Inherited IRA11:41 EdLaFave02:36 jgt808
13hNew job. Need help adding funds to my new 401k09/21 jbuenoo09/24 jbuenoo
13hHow much is too much in one stock?09/23 Kelly09/24 CyclingDuo
13hHow to set up direct deposit to Vanguard Prime Money Market?09/23 Momus09/24 Dandy
12cAnyone ever tired of managing hair and consider shaving to go bald21:24 Elysium23:32 tnbison
12hHow to create good ETF Portfolio?14:00 mikeinvesting20:23 Jags4186
12hExchanging within taxable acct; is this a good idea?06:36 WannabeBogleHea12:37 livesoft
12hLooking for advice on whether to participate in Deferred Compensation Plan09/23 calimero09:57 calimero
12tNeed advise to keep investment cost and advisor fee low09/17 InvestVS09/24 InvestVS
12tVanguard for business 401K?09/22 ylee09/24 Pulling Hard
12p2018 UTMA tax gain harvesting08/12 mogg09/24 indexfundfan
12cBest paint finish for garage?09/22 unclescrooge09/24 edge
11pStrategy for Maximizing College Financial Aid and Minimizing Taxes09/23 deweybogle21:22 teen persuasion
11hIs Everyone Still Positive on Wellesley?16:27 Chitowncamerama20:50 arcticpineapple
11hEarly mortgage payoff- a hoax?13:17 newpup18:14 David Jay
11cNYC weekend house: your experiences?09/23 jory180414:49 flarf
11pComparing Fed vs. Contracting Job Compensation09:38 inthearena13:38 daheld
11tI am thinking about using this Two Bucket Retirement Plan how does it compare to the three fund portfolio?09/23 iamblessed09/24 Jordan4FI
11hAA Review [Asset Allocation]09/22 bgreen788709/24 bgreen7887
10cWater filters and vacuum cleaners.09/22 jackal23:28 wander
10hNovice question09/24 Old Man13:55 bh7785
10hWhat to do with a windfall09/24 OriolesFan8910:15 OriolesFan89
10pChanging careers (changing gears) - Can I?09/24 renue7409/24 Watty
10c7 Ways Medicare Will Improve in 201909/24 dm20009/24 dm200
10pNursing Home/Medicaid issues09/23 spartanap09/24 Thegame14
9pShort Term Insurance vs ACA 2019 edition19:27 money_bunny23:53 InMyDreams
9hIntroduction and some questions!09/23 marksmall22:49 Peter Foley
9cUniters “worry no more” furniture warranty added to price without me knowing08:23 DoctorPhysics20:36 cheese_breath
9pOffer 3.5% to entice buyers agent09:03 fortysixandtwo18:48 tampaite
9hHelp with 401K allocation - Vanguard Total Stock Index out of 401K options09/25 m@ver1ck18:47 Duckie
9hReview my IPS09/23 AHumanInterest18:21 AHumanInterest
9pIs HELOC interest deductible in 2018?09/21 sunny_socal09/24 libralibra
9hHelp with moving from an Advisor to a self managed account09/23 cheapskate9739709/24 aristotelian
9cBareboat Charter in BVI09/22 krafty8109/24 3feetpete
9pHow to evaluate a pay package of a startup09/24 haranoth09/24 badger42
9pHow to best plan for future large expenses?09/24 Thegame1409/24 Thegame14
9cConcrete sealers09/23 bikechuck09/24 daheld
9cSuntrust Bank online banking has been down since Sunday.09/17 Watty09/24 Ice-9
9tWould David Swensen's advice be different if he wrote his book in 2017?11/01 simplesauce09/24 watchnerd
9hFund my traditional rollover or open a new roth? Am I on a good path to retirement?09/23 cburg8609/24 retiredjg
8hHelping a sibling17:23 Earl Lemongrab04:42 The Wizard
8hCore Funds: Small vs Mid to supplement VOO11:29 milosz1922:52 HEDGEFUNDIE
8cInvisalign and Dentist pricing12:54 oaks20:19 aqan
8pLinking Interactive Brokers (Checking) Account to an External Bank09/20 Carno19:56 Carno
8lNew Hershey PA Local Chapter Established07/16 Mel Lindauer19:24 UncleBogle
8cCar predicament09/24 Thevillianinbro16:21 Jack FFR1846
8pFIL bought land with 6 other people, and one passed away09/24 deecee16:21 not4me
8cmonitor when credit freeze thaws09/23 SpideyIndexer13:48 Broken Man 1999
8cIs there any point to keeping old X-rays?09/25 Caduceus12:13 Edward Joseph
8hWhere to invest cash in IRA09/24 scarson06:42 oldcomputerguy
8cDon't try this at home?09/23 Longruninvestor09/24 cheese_breath
8hHelp choosing Emerging Market Funds/ETFs02/08 Mmaarrkkiivv09/24 CRTR
8cSlip on loafer shoes for working guy?09/23 bighatnohorse09/24 Sasquatch
8hFidelity: REIT funds09/23 viz09/24 viz
8lWoodlands TX Bogleheads Master Thread04/05 Stentem09/24 Stentem
7cOne ear weak, one good: Get hearing aid? 91-year old06:57 msk03:19 msk
7hShould I sell or rent my house?16:56 guest65602:30 denovo
7hCA Resident - What Vanguard Bonds in Taxable Account?14:33 nasrullah00:48 Noobvestor
7pUse IRA to pay off part of college loans?08:52 turkey123422:14 MotoTrojan
7csolar panels with payback of 8-10 years?10:06 Iorek21:54 Iorek
7hQuestion about Vanguard "in-kind" transfer09/10 banhbao21:24 sco
7pEstimated Federal Income Tax Payment09/24 blueman45710:50 eye.surgeon
7pSolo proprietor - separate bank account needed?09/24 ge106:12 mrmass
7tNitty Gritty of solo 401k09/24 jackal09/24 jackal
7hTLH09/23 sgsleep09/24 rkhusky
7hNewbie portfolio overhaul09/22 Msdoolittle09/24 Msdoolittle
7hFunding a Roth IRA for 60+ Years09/22 FlintHills09/24 FlintHills
6cCan losing a few pounds drop cholesterol significantly?00:02 Jelloanddon02:05 denovo
6tEmerging vs Developed in Fidelity Total Int’l09/22 Sgt.Pepper19:16 Sgt.Pepper
6hRebalancing/modifying a portfolio09/24 ativelr8914:22 ativelr89
6hRolling vested pension into IRA10:22 goldensam14:20 Admiral
6cNeed advice on kitchen cabinet09:35 fittan12:26 JBTX
6hTo Keep or Cash-in Whole Life Policy09/23 goodenyou09/24 goodenyou
6cBest Credit Card for Redeeming Points on Hotels09/23 shengjiang09/24 desiderium
6hEU - Trouble finding an alternative to the VEA fund09/23 pecunia09/24 Valuethinker
6hSwiss Investor 3 Fund Portfolio09/23 etnesh09/24 Valuethinker
5pSuggestions for Online Banking (Having Problems w/ USAA)22:54 PGR00:10 krafty81
5tExactly how do index funds work?08:02 porter23:21 TropikThunder
5tVTI, VXUS distributions10:38 lt194822:31 lt1948
5hRequest for advice on portfolio; primarily mutual funds09/12 Pete422:13 Pete4
5hNeed help with Asset allocation and management for a newbie!09/24 mschurner21:39 Okie77
5h529 to 529 Rollover - when?09/23 Iowa David21:02 NoHeat
5pConverted IRA below basis, should I convert 401k money?14:57 oslocal19:56 oslocal
5pHome purchase and 401K loan..09:24 newyorknewjerse19:02 delamer
5pPension security question14:05 macman_6515:57 Stonebr
5cGeneral contractor vs. hiring indivdual contractors09/23 TTGO80815:19 LawEgr1
5canother chromebook or?09:14 silentfaith15:15 JoMoney
5hbest use of $115k09/24 mesaverde15:15 ofckrupke
5pDo I really need a CPA to do taxes for LLC?09/23 sandramjet15:00 sandramjet
5cRecommendation for Meditation Apps09/25 Kennedy12:49 JupiterJones
5hI need help with the next step to a three fund portfolio09/24 nasrullah12:28 GMT-8
5tAnother SS question - unique situation09/23 FireHorse10:44 galeno
5pDebt pay off with taxable stocks or ira?09/24 shareholder0108:46 shareholder01
5pTax Question - NY K109/23 IngognitoUSA09/24 MarkNYC
5tOver SIPC limit09/24 gougou09/24 gougou
5pIRA contribution made income too LOW ... thoughts?09/24 PeterParker09/24 SoAnyway
5hTake out 15 year Mortgage in time we have left?09/23 mickeyvee09/24 Admiral
4tGISC Changes to Vanguard Technology ETF09:41 Papajoe5600:31 JoMoney
4pHighly Compensated Employee - better to get paid $119k than $121k?21:57 Clarice23:33 HornedToad
4hEquity holdings heavily concentrated in Primecap funds17:49 esar20:49 Elysium
4pA quote that might resonate with some bogleheads13:40 hdas18:41 LadyGeek
4tInvestment types in a no-growth environment10:06 Neoseo130018:17 Phineas J. Whoo
4pBuying house in retirement??09/25 albireo1315:06 3feetpete
4cAustin people - Home Insurance questions10:14 FB0113:03 sunny_socal
4hVEXRX09/24 sgsleep09/25 BuckStacker
4h31 year old needs 3 fund portfolio guidance09/23 EPCOTCenter198209/25 BuckStacker
4cAnother Mini-split [Air conditioner] thread.09/20 PinotGris09/24 LadyGeek
4h[Are we prioritizing our investments properly?]09/23 Peanut&Cash09/24 ruralavalon
4cShipping Fresh Fruit - Packaging Materials09/24 General Disarra09/24 mouses
3hNew, and trying to learn about 3 fund portfolio and more retirement issues21:23 applejack12300:49 Beehave
3p529 for Private Elementary School? Minimize capital gains?20:15 wabash_sphinx23:08 HereToLearn
3hAllocating Personal Investements13:16 financialfire22:59 Peter Foley
3pTax Returns - Multiple states and tax exempt interest09/24 oaks21:32 grabiner
3hMy Portfolio Review -- Fund Advice09/22 AJC40815:11 AJC408
3tAllocation across accounts with different withdrawal dates09/24 rockymtn8210:38 rockymtn82
3hHelp with AA - moving my 401k from 100% stock08:47 nick evets10:30 vineviz
3pWhat is the Purpose of Vanguard's "Transfer on Death" Form?08:12 Small Law Survi09:26 AlphaPilot
3hCan I construct a three-fund portfolio given my 401k choices?09/24 butforwales08:59 luminous
3hUnderstanding 401k / IRA after moving to the US09/24 Neoseo130009/24 Neoseo1300
3pSelf Directed Solo 401k - any one doing it for investing here?09/24 elderwise09/24 Spirit Rider
3hTransferring RSUs: Ing to Fidelity09/23 WhatsIRR09/24 WhatsIRR
3pWhat Kind of Insurance Do i need as a landlord?09/24 masonstone09/24 ResearchMed
3tSPIVA passive vs active fund scorecard for the US and many other countries09/24 Daendrew09/24 Taylor Larimore
3p1041 question for estate tax09/24 SGM09/24 Gill
3hNewbie Investor Taxable Account Questions09/24 mountainsoft09/24 mountainsoft
3cSolar Power question: SREC vs Net Metering09/24 motorcyclesarec09/24 MildlyEccentric
2hMonte Carlo Simulation01:03 stocknoob411102:01 JoMoney
2cProfessional women's shoe that will fit a removable orthotic insert?21:09 Kennedy01:37 BarbBrooklyn
2cWhat flax seed do you buy (that is cadmium free)08:56 InvisibleAeroba00:45 Freefun
2cHow and When to Tell a Prospective New Employer about a Needed Disability Accommodation23:53 Kennedy00:35 MJW
2hMother's Retirement Portfolio/Fidelity ESG Funds09/23 Minty22:28 Minty
2hVUL asset allocation13:34 tenkuky20:52 grabiner
2t38 years of Markets Corrections13:52 hdas18:30 k66
2tGOVT iShares U.S. Treasury Bond ETF16:49 heybro17:48 watchnerd
2pPrimary w2 with new 1099 side gig taxes16:48 Bayoufrogg16:56 marcopolo
2pMedicare Premium/Appeal Question15:22 TBillT15:44 cashmoney
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