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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3418 new posts and replies over 375 topics in last 2 days (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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3358cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36802/22 Nicolas
2856cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt13:16 MP173
2075tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore02/23 cfs
1099tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba21:19 Leesbro63
450cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman02/23 artibug
406cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir17:04 ruralavalon
406lYour USER NAME...what does it mean?2017 fishandgolf02/23 masterofinvesti
288hI bought a stock today - Redfin (RDFN)01/26 dreamjob914:58 LadyGeek
205fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb21:40 LadyGeek
202lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt15:25 mickeyd
181tWhat if you only live off dividends?02/13 getrichslowly20:02 mega317
177pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15120:10 02nz
166tVanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX) breaks 1.00 (% not $)06/15 *3!4!/5!15:28 mickeyd
165cWhat UN-frugal thing do you do?02/21 daheld11:12 freckles01
161cOrdering a Weber grill this week04/10 guitarguy02/22 bottlecap
149tRetirees: The common sense withdrawal method02/16 tennisplyr12:16 hoops777
136pLong term care insurance02/19 losangchodren12:45 WoW2012
128pDefining "House Poor"02/23 mbasherp19:01 outback2015bost
112thow did you determine your risk tolerance?02/10 bling19:17 Toons
105lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE17:14 Barefoot
104cBogleheads with $100K+ MSRP cars?02/18 HardHitter19:13 honduranhurrica
101cQuestion for music experts about musical keys02/13 azurekep09:33 MP173
101cFlorida in the summer2015 tennisplyr02/23 jrbdmb
93tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5811:53 lazyday
92pWhat's your cash position02/02 WhiteMaxima19:01 BW1985
91pNeed Help Understanding 2017 ACA Insurance Bill for $28,690 and tax liabilities? Confused? ** How to deduct in 2018??02/20 Sandtrap08:57 pshonore
87lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei16:02 digarei
84pMisc Income [how to report with no 1099]02/19 LeTooth17:25 harmony
82tLarry Swedroe: What Investors Should Worry About02/23 Random Walker19:50 chatbotte
81tThe Emerging Markets "lost decade" is over09/06 AlohaJoe09:11 Glockenspiel
81tCan someone help me explain to my wife...?02/14 arcion02/23 linenfort
78cSams Club vs Costco02/18 squirm12:59 squirm
72cMultiple Offer situation/should we pull our offer?02/20 Jags418602/23 riverguy
71tTerminology question: what does "losing money" mean?02/22 nisiprius02/23 dbr
67tVanguard LifeStrategy Funds vs. Target Date Funds02/16 Windylotus08:06 lostdog
67pIs a prenup required to establish a list of separate property before marriage?02/22 Tamarind02/23 Tamarind
66tDave Ramsey over simplifying Roth vs. Traditional IRA?2016 MikeT19:45 Nate79
66pDo you rent even if you can afford to buy?02/22 EGARCH15:44 halfnine
66c$12,000 Refrigerator? [Looking in $7k price range]02/17 dharma student10:23 Valuethinker
65hHow do I unwind this Wealthfront mess?02/20 nasrullah08:12 whodidntante
60pAvoiding the Hassle Factor - Vanguard, Schwab, or Fidelity?05/28 darkhorse34609:06 ruralavalon
60pWould you pay off this debt?02/22 soccerrules02/23 inbox788
60pIRS Form 8606 (Nondeductible IRAs)01/30 John15102/23 epargnant
59pHow to pay partners for working your call02/22 gasdoc18:26 goodenyou
59tStaying Motivated: How do you ward off hopelessness?02/20 AtlasShrugged?15:24 raisinsaregrape
59cA frugal, alternative family vacation2011 snyder6602/22 ClaycordJCA
58cBoglehead Flashlight?02/22 fishmonger13:18 FraggleRock
58hWhat do Bogleheads think of Passive income through Dividend Stocks02/19 Derivative20:34 ChinchillaWhipl
57pSafe to file taxes now?02/20 808surfboy02/23 Leesbro63
55pJust had our offer accepted on a $1.4 Million House06:01 wholeinone0419:44 wholeinone04
54cFavorite socks?02/23 z9119:38 ReaderHBE
54pBogleheads: What are you doing to prepare for dementia/alzheimers?02/23 CULater19:02 littlebird
54pMet with a CFP, not too impressed.10/13 MrMojoRisin02/22 Paulrbn
53pHow Do People Without Computer Access Prepare and File Their Taxes?02/23 Random Poster15:24 Pajamas
53hUpdate: Yikes, I waited too long, am I [too late]? 50k to invest02/20 ASplitSecond21:24 ASplitSecond
52hAverage Cost to SpecID questions: Did Vanguard do this correctly?02/11 Calygos13:08 Calygos
52hNeed $100,000 in 20 years. Help!02/22 mmash3422:15 Bacchus01
52p1,000th post and a 'No-Fail' Retirement Formula01/17 TravelforFun02/23 TravelforFun
52pLooking for some help and fast (buying vs renting, net worth)02/18 TheBogleWay02/23 bltn
51h<gulp> Expensive mistake02/20 Kristen02/23 CFM300
49cAny Creative Ways to Cut the Cable?02/15 joo2lo02/22 suewolf
46cGood Hotel in DC02/10 dmk39519:04 Championship091
45cExpat Living01/23 skime19:37 jminv
45cAuto insurance damage claim02/22 steadyhand17:53 miamivice
45cConcrete or Asphalt driveway?2016 aprilcpa08:48 eddot98
45cTrade my BMW?02/20 ediekrager02/23 MidMNtom
45pHow am I really doing for retirement savings?02/21 miamivice02/23 DaftInvestor
44t"" by Kristine Hayes"02/22 Taylor Larimore13:15 inbox788
44tShould non-US investors buy US-listed REITS?2014 chasiu20902/23 Neus
43tWhat exactly happened in Japan...and can it happen here?2016 El Greco17:27 1nv35t
43hTax Penalty on Roth IRA02/20 prince13:46 retiredjg
43pGiving up on first home02/20 boglerocks02/23 inbox788
42hShould I bite the bullet and invest in this market?02/23 razor48819:50 cfs
41cI week in California, Road Trip Planning02/23 LiveSimple19:05 reisner
40cEthics of selling a used car10:49 miamivice19:17 J295
40canonymous financial gift to student / best gift card option02/23 rjbraun10:40 Caduceus
39tJeremy Grantham [Bracing Yourself for a Possible Near-Term Melt-Up]01/04 acanthurus11:16 JBTX
39hCurrent Vanguard password practices?02/20 ribonucleic02/23 Epsilon Delta
38tBuffett's Shareholder Letter [2017]08:01 Peculiar_Invest20:01 bhsince87
38hStill lose with bonds even at duration02/21 stocknoob411117:16 Dieharder
38pTime for twins to go to daycare02/22 stlbrucefan20:26 Hug401k
37cHow Secure Is Your Apartment02/21 cheese_breath12:38 Mudpuppy
36hEuro government bond ETFs vs cash, accumulating REIT ETFs?04/20 finvestor13:39 finvestor
36tInteractive Brokers fee structure for passive investors02/19 mixinvest02/23 incidentflux
36hIncorrect total basis on form 8606 for a prior year2013 bortery02/23 madhusker
35tWhat books changed your outlook on how you should invest?02/23 Wildebeest20:08 cfs
35hFinancial proposal from Adviser02/23 neveragain19:01 neveragain
35cMaui and what other island?2016 Gemini16:26 fortfun
35tJust how safe is a short-term corporate bond fund?02/10 smithers12:33 Doc
34hGuaranteed 2% return?02/23 zonester02/23 gips
34hEmployee Stock Purchase Plan - is this even valuable/worth it?02/21 noraz12302/23 Anon64
34cVacation in May. Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Ogunquit (cancelled Bar Harbor)02/15 ram02/23 dowse
33pShould I ask for a larger raise at yearly review?22:02 WiseHex15:52 Sarah Saverdink
32cHow Far is too Far, Commuting?13:16 JF214119:58 nhdean
32hSuggestions for Reasonably Safe Funds02/14 LXEX5519:51 02nz
32cCaribbean Cruise 1st timer Cash or Card?02/22 ChinchillaWhipl02/23 Sockpuppet
31pReview of tax software for trusts and estates03/17 FBN201415:13 Robert The Bruc
31twhy Vanguard short-term bond instead of CD02/20 RustyShacklefor02/23 Scooter57
31hSwitching Total Domestic/Large Cap to Small/Mid Cap in Tax-Advantaged Accounts for TLH02/17 rhodnius02/22 gostars
30fBlank line doubling02/20 digarei15:13 nisiprius
30tWhat's the impact of no more Roth recharacterization?02/20 tadamsmar22:01 Alan S.
30cIs there a way to send text messages on my computer?02/17 Abe02/23 Abe
30pMilitary FIRE; 7 years to go & losing motivation--HELP!02/21 PMM3268302/22 sergeant
29pRefund? Not so fast! [Tax refund]02/23 Swimmer17:32 jebmke
29hMuni Bond market02/18 DanL02/23 DanL
29hYoung Investor: Investing In A Bear Market02/21 harri19202/23 czeckers
29pNew Job Evaluation02/14 dziuniek02/23 dziuniek
28lAny interest in forming Local Chapter on Long Island NY?2010 explorall00:15 SimplicityNow
27cmanual typewriters?11:50 texasdiver18:55 Sandtrap
27pThe CFA Designation2015 Andymoler5818:39 arcticpineapple
27cBH Volvo XC90 Review12/03 sunny_socal15:25 02nz
27hShould I Pay Learnvest for Financial Advice to Convince Wife?02/23 Sockpuppet10:50 arcticpineapple
27tWill Emerging China Change Things for Domestic Investing?02/21 purpleradish10:20 Valuethinker
27hWhy open a taxable account?02/22 cam24002/23 MrPotatoHead
27pEmployment for Immigrant Wife02/21 sergio02/23 HueyLD
26p# X Gross = Home price?12:08 Tech19:54 mega317
26cHelp! Buying my first sofa/couch02/23 financeidiot02/23 sbaywriter
26hBalance in Marriage and Student Loans02/21 AmanecerHorizon02/22 RRAAYY3
25pSpending and saving - am I on it, or in for it?02/19 Ebenezer Scrood13:17 Ebenezer Scrood
25tWhat seems to matter02/19 Robert T02/23 MandyT
25tTelling Tales: Value, Size, Int'l, REITs (2017 update)02/15 siamond02/22 nedsaid
24pHorrible Experience with Ally New Account Opening Process02/20 dkg270718:58 GerryL
24pReview ettiquette02/23 Crow Hunter08:27 LadyGeek
24tWhen Stocks and Bonds Fall02/23 sjwoo02/23 Chuck
23cHulu, Your Current Favorite Show01/11 pennstater200519:38 pennstater2005
23cThird floor too hot with central A/C: options?02/23 coalcracker11:12 Scrapr
23cFurnace Setting for Vacation02/20 boater0702/23 runner3081
23hRecent retiree - where to invest today02/20 LGVILLANO02/23 WhiteMaxima
23pInterested on opinions on paying off low-rate ARM02/21 Minderbinder02/22 grabiner
22h3 Month T-Bill Replacement for Ally No-Penalty 1yr CDs?02/22 aj76er02/22 stlutz
21tEvidence that retirement account ID theft is increasing02/22 tadamsmar18:04 LeeMKE
21tReinvest dividends or sweep to settlement account2016 Artisan10:20 Sandtrap
21c$20,000 question - Galapagos or Serengeti safari ?02/21 davidsorensen3202/23 metacritic
20tRisk Parity Investing02/23 shamino19:06 grok87
20pFederal Employees, leading up to retirement?09:20 TresBelle6518:30 DrGoogle2017
20hRick Ferri Fixed Income Portfolio Funds02/22 Boxtrap17:11 tibbitts
20cRoof Shingle Recommendations03:11 Rocco Sampler12:24 Big Dog
20hWhat to do when no Admiral shares? Expense Ratio (Total World)02/22 spdoublebass09:34 jhfenton
20hVanguard 1099-R Error - Update01/28 gypsydavey07:27 gypsydavey
20pSmall Personal Loans for Mixed Martial Arts Training02/22 learner10006:17 chevca
20tHelp needed to choose Vanguard EU based ETFS02/16 mixinvest23:46 alpine_boglehea
20tComputing a Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) concisely02/05 siamond02/23 siamond
20hInherited tIRA all in HAINX02/21 Sylliec02/23 ruralavalon
19cWhat vacations or weekend getaways are you taking this summer?02/23 ugaDAWGS0920:11 pennstater2005
19cHow to rent a specific car, Bogleheads way?14:21 sksbog20:09 Epsilon Delta
19hEmerging Markets or Total International Market?02/18 memowsfriend19:30 drk
19hAA: am I being wise or missing something?09:56 Jade A.B.13:08 sergeant
19pBecoming a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Help12/14 Mr400meterdash02/22 Paulrbn
18cReplacing Tires on BMW X302/22 jsong2320:09 ssquared87
18pCOBRA01/04 tgod28815:40 WolfgangPauli
18tGMO forecast02/16 Always passive23:35 alpine_boglehea
18pRules on using IRA money for child's education?2015 baw70391602/23 miamivice
18hretirement calculator - most that I've seen are missing some things02/21 daacrusher200102/23 Admiral
18cMacBook Maintenance/Improvement - Running Slow10/30 LuigiLikesPizza02/23 Sandtrap
17hWhere to invest money first? Employer SIMPLE-IRA or taxable account?02/17 sonofdelrinson19:30 sonofdelrinson
17hThoughts on an ESPP with 2 year contribution period?02/23 tmhudg23:22 tfb
17tAnyone subscribe to Socrates ?02/20 over4502/23 arsenalfan
17lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell02/23 SuperSaver
17hRoll Mega backdoor Roth account into backdoor Roth account02/21 corn1802/23 corn18
17h2 year portfolio check02/15 mech_tower02/23 TwstdSista
17hIs it stupid of me to comprise almost all of my portfolio with high dividend funds/etfs?02/12 andrew24p02/23 Neus
16pHome Warranty Paid by the Seller02/23 biscuit20:11 solobuildingblo
16pSEP IRA for 2017 question01/09 J_Markov20:07 solobuildingblo
16cValue of an Elite MBA22:33 Fredfig20:05 JBTX
16cnew starbucks chase visa card13:13 doc254719:11 Bmac
16hWanna try a more risky fund in Roth IRA02/22 detroitdiablo20:37 grabiner
16pInvestopedia: Seniors Get a New Simplified Tax Form for 201902/21 GerryL02/22 nisiprius
15cHarbor Freight fold-able trailer02/22 koditten19:39 Geneyus
15hInherited stocks, what would you do?23:49 mxs19:37 cherijoh
15cKnob and Tube rewire cost06:53 runner918:46 DrakeSRT
15tTotal Bond Market [how to allocate bond portion of AA]02/23 Bnjneer15:59 pascalwager
15pSpousal deductible Trad Contribution02/22 IndigoE15:42 rkhusky
15pMortgage or Home Equity loan to pay off balloon loan?23:46 Kdots10:28 bayview
15hE-Trade and NOSIX vs Vanguard and VFINX07/19 sociologydude7606:14 SlowMovingInves
15pBecome Portugal tax resident ... pay no tax on US pension income for 10 years?2015 dgdevil02:54 TedSwippet
15pCapital One 360 Money Market now at 1.5%02/21 deskjockey02/22 ragabnh
14h"Invest" in Student Loans or Retirement?02:09 webster_az19:57 Nate79
14hRolling over deceased mom's accounts02/23 sschoe218:20 bsteiner
14cNew Dryer with Issues... Should I return it?02/23 mbres6017:27 mbres60
14hMove out of bond fund or not?11:02 stocknoob411116:54 John Laurens
14pIs Ally bank really this disorganized?02/14 Horsefly11:22 Horsefly
14hOwe IRS $33K, need help with tax planning for 201802/21 booradley8300:46 booradley83
14hHSA Considerations02/22 MotoTrojan02/23 JamesSFO
14cAny good deals on Samsung Note 8?02/22 sunny_socal02/23 sunny_socal
14pEarly retirement strategy for wife02/22 jsapiandante02/23 Admiral
14hEmployer Sponsored ROTH IRA to non Employer ROTH IRA02/12 Cop5102/23 Spirit Rider
13pFast IRS refund13:13 Spirit Rider18:13 The Wizard
13pNeed Help Reducing Taxes in 201802/22 gund004413:42 OnTrack
13cMartha’s Vineyard: Is 2 weeks too long of a vacation there?02/18 Muri08:14 fasteddie911
12tAtlantic Article: This Is What Life Without Retirement Savings Looks Like14:43 stimulacra17:59 nedsaid
12pSocial Security question under old rules06:42 kate123411:36 kate1234
12hTSP - How to get better international coverage02/08 WanderingDoc08:11 blaugranamd
12hSeeking no-dividend stock with S&P-like performance02/22 HMI02/23 HMI
12tBond Fund Interest as QDI?02/20 restingonmylaur02/23 jebmke
11pDraw Down Plan - Stanford Longevity Report01/25 stickman73115:31 willthrill81
11hTrad IRA or Roth IRA02/14 linguista5714:03 linguista57
11pReporting Solo 401k Employee Roth contributions on taxes02/23 MSC6309:28 neurosphere
11hHelp with my daughter's 401K22:22 Jim Mac02:34 BeBH65
11pAnother Form 1040 Line 21 Other Income question02/19 MrDrinkingWater02/23 MrDrinkingWater
11cOTC supplements without huge bottles?02/20 Naismith02/23 woof755
11hI need help with my 401k02/21 BaylorBears02/23 BaylorBears
11hBuying a bond ladder not as easy as I thought02/22 randomizer02/23 randomizer
11p529 vs. custodial account for my kids02/22 newbie00302/23 DarthSage
11hNovice Investor looking for advice02/22 steadyhead6602/23 steadyhead66
11hTiny Windfall But Big Help02/21 cam24002/22 RRAAYY3
10ciPhone 6 just broke screen. Need new phone12:05 BashDash16:06 blevine
10hNew BH member, first time poster08:10 VentDoc284215:38 Lafder
10pNeed Review Help-New Home buy situation -first time thread02/22 zeal4thil09:55 zeal4thil
10pGetting two w2 at same time02/23 mobi99905:27 nps
10pIRS 2210 Penalty vs ES-1040 vs Withholding02/22 ps56k02/23 ps56k
10tDoes Vanguard brokerage culture represent the underlying Vanguard fund?02/22 destin02/23 nisiprius
10hDiversification when total market isn't an option...02/22 Brydge02/22 jacoavlu
9hTIPS vs Bonds again!02/10 Vitalspark19:19 Tyler Aspect
9htraditional TRA to roth conversion01:28 karthikveeraval19:05 Katietsu
9hLow-cost Financial Advisor options for parents13:35 NumeroUno18:37 nedsaid
9cDeer Garden Damage Prevention10:11 3hrs17:15 EagertoLearnMor
9tBackdoor Roth technical question12:34 whigrean14:39 cherijoh
9pWhat is the most efficient method of taking RMDs from my IRA02/22 gks12:20 heyyou
9ttwo year treasury instead of 2 year cd?02/21 gips02/23 Kevin M
9cImporting 1099 data into H&R Block if you use a password manager?02/19 F150HD02/23 arcticpineapple
9tIs there any flaw in this short-term tactic?02/23 foodhype02/23 alex_686
9pWhich states are similar to NJ in the sense that they do not allow one to deduct contributions to 403b, 457, TSP, etc?02/19 InvisibleAeroba02/23 grabiner
9hCheck-up and House and Alt Investment Questions02/22 coupleofcents02/23 Watty
9pHSA sucks: Help02/13 jackal02/23 Olemiss540
9tIs 0.46% more after-tax yield enough to justify muni risk?02/22 ribonucleic02/22 Charlieville
8hIs the RMD required prior to IRA rollover?02/23 echidna19:35 The Wizard
8hReverse a backdoor roth due to new IRA account02/22 binvesting15:50 binvesting
8cXfinity Mobile ?06:56 sixtyforty11:37 PopArt
8hReallocating --> Need ideas to minimize tax06:49 MaineSurfer10:40 retiredjg
8hNeed help selecting 403b funds06:14 keroppi25009:31 CyclingDuo
8pTo HSA or not?01:30 pepperz08:22 Bacchus01
8hUnderstanding TIPS02/22 dalco07:08 grok87
8pAdvice on Intial SS Filing02/21 vested102/23 vested1
7htransfers and funds available to trade in brokerage account02/22 stocknoob411109:15 informal guide
7p2 kids starting Grad School. How to support equally02:07 msk07:29 fourwheelcycle
7hPaying more taxes to fund a Roth?02/23 CraigFX06:21 welderwannabe
7hInvestment Priority: Back Door Roth vs Taxable.02/23 Cavalier9123:56 anoop
7hSell in Taxable, Buy in Tax-Advantaged02/23 jotun23:24 whodidntante
7pAny wisdom in rolling pre-tax 401k funds into a Roth?02/23 Miguelito22:06 FiveK
7tBuy and Hold02/23 chabil20:33 DrGoogle2017
7pThoughts on changing withholding for 2018? Complicating factors!02/23 BuckyBadger02/23 Olemiss540
7cWhat do to following a Trojan horse clean-up?02/08 URSnshn02/23 URSnshn
7hDiversification02/22 Nlu82202/23 ruralavalon
7hYoung Investor Advice02/18 JAN52702/23 JAN527
7tWealthfront Risk Parity???02/22 nasrullah02/22 wootwoot
7hSaver's Tax Credit2017 restingonmylaur02/22 FiveK
7tJL Collins - The Simple Path to Wealth02/21 ny_rn02/22 onthecusp
6hparking money in vanguard federal money market in settlement account vs prime money market rather than CD/checking/savin13:22 boglechu16:43 welderwannabe
6hHelp with Investing Inheritance02/23 Jimbo196015:12 Jimbo1960
6cARAG (or other) Legal Plans, useful? Feedback or reviews?02/23 Strayshot13:24 InMyDreams
6tGLWB annuities02/16 smitcat12:29 itstoomuch
6hReceived stock options at VC-backed startup. What questions should I be asking?07:07 memowsfriend11:24 inbox788
6pThe Ethics of Filing a SS Restricted Application10:20 vested110:48 LadyGeek
6tWhich value funds do you use?02/23 hazlitt08:59 goingup
6pChoosing a mortgage, plan to pay off ~7-10 years.02/23 WL203406:30 chevca
6pSolo 401k to 401K Q about 25% contribution for employees02/23 EinAustin02/23 EinAustin
6hAMT in Turbo Tax for Mortgage Interest02/22 FB0102/23 grabiner
6hInvesting in index funds as a US citizen living in Japan01/26 hkcj02/23 hkcj
6tBest book/study course for Series 65 Exam?02/22 acanthurus02/23 patrick013
6hVanguard Roth IRA - Keep same fund or change?02/21 JohnnyBeGood02/23 JohnnyBeGood
6hstreamline mega backdoor roth conversions?02/13 cadk02/23 cadk
6pCareer advice - to apply for promotion or not02/21 A1Sauce97502/23 Pajamas
6pMortgage refinacing01/29 Mardenia02/23 Mardenia
6pHelp with Investing in France [US ex-pat Assurance Vie]2014 phantom02/23 egourier
6tNRA Why Ireland Domiciled ETF gave lower dividend rate02/21 Neus02/23 BeBH65
6tRising Bond Yields02/22 Duffydog102/22 pascalwager
5pWhat to do — forgot to file gift tax for 529 plan contribution15:32 ericinvest19:03 codedude
5pItemizing Deductions for Taxes11:39 btenny17:16 dodecahedron
5hVTSAX vs VFIAX [Vanguard Total Stock Mkt vs. 500 Index]09:26 CMitchell14:36 CMitchell
5hCompany changes 401k...again.09:40 Coastie10:49 Watty
5hSEI, Charles Schwab, Vanguard?07:12 YikesHighFees08:37 ruralavalon
5pAuti/Home Insurance with different Companies and Umbrella02/20 jimmyrules71208:30 afan
5hPortfolio Check - Switch to Total World (VTWSX)?01/24 Drovor02/23 pokebowl
5hBlessed with a difficult decision02/23 bikechuck02/23 MrBeaver
5cSecure File-Share Service for Small NPO02/20 fishmonger02/23 Epsilon Delta
5cAlternate Internet Service - Philadelphia PA02/21 BogleLearner02/23 BogleLearner
5h403 switching with TIAA from Vanguard02/22 sambb02/23 sawhorse
5hFirst time poster looking for advice [traditional IRA with pension]02/22 iluvponies02/22 Watty
4hAdjusting remaining RMD amounts10:46 RadAudit20:03 Ron
4pReporting Guardian Compensation - Miscellaneous or Self Employment?20:39 aristotelian20:00 Ace1
4tTwo- Factor Authentication at Vanguard18:17 retire5718:39 rustymutt
4pbypass trusts still good?16:23 clipso118:33 FIREchief
4hContribute to taxable account or start converting traditional IRA?15:59 Loyalnine18:19 Duckie
4hnovice looking for options10:02 vangaurddgp18:10 krow36
4tGNMA Fund - usually we see some folks in panic15:29 dm20017:07 Sidney
4tInvesting for NRA WITH US Tax Treaty02/21 Neus16:25 FedGuy
4hETF vs. MF13:32 maxgrowth16:04 Earl Lemongrab
4pHow to invest annual bonus?13:17 ny_knicks14:34 whodidntante
4hAdd short term bond fund to bond portion of AA?11:57 ChinchillaWhipl12:59 saltycaper
4hWife's 401K Options, Need help while early in the game12:17 cam24012:52 cam240
4pHitting top of bracket when IRA deductions are non-deductible02/23 MrBeaver12:26 House Blend
4hNew Boglehead's First Post [portfolio questions]02/22 GardenGnome06:00 Fishing50
4h401 (a) plan and has left employer02/23 memphisvb02/23 memphisvb
4hWhole life->variable life or cash out02/20 AkwardDoct@rd02/23 inbox788
4hTotal Bond vs Intermediate Bond02/23 bertilak02/23 bertilak
4hEarly retirement guidance on tax advantaged accounts?02/22 M20Pilot02/23 M20Pilot
4hPortfolio/Investment Question01/26 cool_kid150602/23 cool_kid1506
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