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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2857 new posts and replies over 330 topics in last 2 days (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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3575cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806/22 Jelloanddon
2167tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore06/22 Taylor Larimore
1114cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds22:13 Leif
983tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab06/21 gips
505tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC21:06 Engineer250
456pAnyone regret paying off mortgage early?2012 acegolfer06/22 NextMil
338lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond21:40 siamond
311lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls06/22 Sohoapt
264cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo19:49 munemaker
262t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M06/22 likashing
238tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest06/22 LucaSchmidt
208lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec22:28 Flying Penguin
186cTop Shelf Liquor Overrated?05/31 Alexa906/22 michaeljc70
159hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer06/22 Electron
158tWhy are expected returns so much lower than historical returns?04/11 yeahman06/22 gmaynardkrebs
155cWhich Supermarket are you?06/17 Luis94r06/22 lostdog
151cNew SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other2015 Mrxyz06/22 ssquared87
149pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371121:52 Wilderness Libr
146cIs Amazon Prime worth it?07/22 4nwestsaylng15:40 Ninnie
144pIs the first 100k really the hardest?2015 r00ster06/22 AerialWombat
130tIs it time to dump high yield savings for prime money market?03/20 mbasherp11:47 pascalwager
128cgray hair06/19 atlanta_dad22:14 ResearchMed
118pCan you retire on $2M?06/21 schrute22:04 market timer
117pHow much (green) cash at home for emergency ?06/17 burt06:55 AtlasShrugged?
115tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer19:13 tomd37
113plong term care insurance06/08 capemaydiamond12:43 capemaydiamond
108cPSA: Bank of America now charges $12/month for checking02/14 sunny_socal16:16 Trism
99cDid you celebrate when you finally hit $1m?06/22 TheBogleWay22:11 smectym
90chow to make friends in new location?06/17 jayk23806:22 SrGrumpy
88p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest06/22 JoeRetire
86cHow much car to buy reasonably?06/18 Hawaiishrimp06/22 Toons
85cSurprise - Costco sells - but does not install vehicle batteries06/20 dm20018:13 Sasquatch
84hAre Roth IRAs overrated?12/23 Bwlonge19:29 lostdog
84pRetire at 50: Should I?06/18 EricJ23:34 AlwaysWannaLear
83h$1,700,000 from family trust...05/19 troubleshooter12:58 NotWhoYouThink
83hStruggling - Seeking Advice to Get On Track06/19 investjack01906/22 BL
80tFactor Investing Makes Someone Money, But Maybe Not You06/21 Rick Ferri22:09 jalbert
79cRoad trip Pennsylvania,Maryland,and DC06/18 hoops77720:14 WaffleCone
73tWhat does it mean: Rule No. 1: Never lose money06/18 Portfolio720:49 nisiprius
69pWays to Protect Assets Without a Prenup01/26 Eric in DC08:38 truenorth418
67tI-bonds look pretty bad right now06/17 danielc21:03 jeffyscott
65tDo you invest in Real Estate ? Why ?04/01 confusedinvesto21:58 Hubris
62cBoglehead guilt with buying a car - Volvo vs Toyota Highlander06/21 pittpirate198511:25 blaugranamd
61tIs HSA Bank + TD Ameritrade still the best HSA choice?10/18 JustinR21:05 blindSwine
60tDoes an IPS really need to be 5 pages long to be valuable?06/21 Cody20:25 mancich
60hMerrill Edge best choice for higher net worth accounts?01/13 Captain kangaro09:17 txranger
60hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG6206/22 Kevin M
59cWhat are your hobbies?06/16 Sasquatch06/22 dustinst22
59cSeverance Package Question06/05 aburntoutcase06/22 wfrobinette
57tIs technology the reason for low inflation?06/20 mptfan06/22 golfCaddy
56c"distilled" water for wife's CPAP machine06/18 dm20015:48 Pajamas
55cDNA ancestry testing05/28 mouses14:22 dm200
54tWhat’s the magic savings rate???03/30 crockpotinvesti22:03 Garco
53cWhat will (or would) you tip when wages go up?06/20 dm20013:46 NYnative
53cBuy new truck before retiring?06/21 jwfails06/22 smitcat
51pThis is ridiculously expensive LTCi, right? Or maybe not?06/22 ktip21:32 AlwaysWannaLear
51pFAFSA EFC number shock! [Expected Family Contribution]11/10 chipperd16:20 teen persuasion
50h"Never time the market" vs. lump sum investment06/21 bonzai21:47 AlohaJoe
50pWill or Trust?06/18 Artful Dodger21:42 LarryAllen
48tGeneral Electric booted from Dow Jones Industrial Average06/19 Paul Romano18:59 Grt2bOutdoors
48tSmall-cap exposure in VBR, ie CRSP small-cap value index fund06/20 jalbert13:07 Doc
48hWashington GET 529 Reopened: Good deal?10/06 finance_learner23:55 sac41487
47ciPad Pro 12.9": Replacement for Laptop?06/16 RooseveltG06/22 arthurdawg
46cContractor - Threatening Lien/Lawsuit06/15 Hippster23719:42 lostdog
45cApple MacBook Air On Sale $69906/14 Sophia188421:48 cutterinnj
45hLife Strategy Growth Fund, Target Fund, or Total Stock Market06/20 jonbkray06/22 guyesmith
44hHow much of your taxable holdings is unrealized capital gains?06/20 Luckywon12:58 Johnsson
43hFeel like I'm sinking money into international06/21 notmyhand16:15 pokebowl
41c3 nights in Vegas06/21 andyandyandy22:26 smectym
41t"Find out if your fund is declaring a dividend this month"06/06 oldzey20:30 drk
39hAmerican Funds 401k Advise02/15 Kickstart12:17 retiredjg
39cNeed new Cable Modem + Router - Please recommend06/20 dundee06/22 RetiredAL
38hShort-term Treasury ETF vs just buying Treasuries06/20 danielc13:41 Kevin M
38cArticle on hotel booking sites - no bargains06/18 Looking4Answers06/22 Walkure
37cWhen did you start flying business class?17:14 hmw22:06 ResearchMed
37tMaturing Credit Union 3% CD's this year06/01 dollarsaver15:45 jilledelman1
36tWhy won't Vanguard drop VTI & VOO expense to 0.03?06/22 vu822:12 TIAX
36pWhat do you include in your grocery budget?06/22 ColoRetiredGirl10:05 GAAP
36pHow to calculate "fun money" per year?06/17 doss06/22 doss
35cMost vs. Least satisfying home impovements06/21 crockpotinvesti06/22 regularguy455
34h[100% stock, uncomfortable with international]06/21 bg505:25 JustinR
34cMarriott hotels using Alexa/Echo in guest rooms?06/19 ResearchMed05:07 mouses
34pWhat do we mean when we say "HCOL vs LCOL" location?06/22 Admiral23:30 Sandtrap
34tEx-dividend days: Is there typically anything out of the ordinary?06/18 JustinR06/22 triceratop
33hHelp - investor starting later in life06/01 z00b22:08 Hawaiishrimp
33hhelp, inheritance of $3.5M, read & read BogleH, & still in the dark06/20 Tryn2C16:44 inbox788
33tWhy Active can never beat Passive06/22 zmaqoptyxbglp09:26 NoRegret
32tIs individual Bonds better than Bond Fund?06/18 kotsp06/22 hudson
30hValue of a Military Retirement06/19 KYDoc19:35 bluefighter1
30pCan One Keep Trial Deposits?2016 obafgkm13:18 Broken Man 1999
30hIs a Donor Advised Fund worth it? (Strategy)06/21 TexMexIndex11:13 Artsdoctor
29pCareer advice (take the promotion or not)06/14 28fe618:47 28fe6
29cCollege: extraneous expenses06/08 sunshine1806/22 JBTX
29pI don't trust my own estimate of expenses06/19 McDougal06/22 McDougal
29his Ed Jones always bad news?06/21 crit06/22 Earl Lemongrab
28cLooking for Mazda CX-9 Feedback10/25 FrugalInvestor22:19 FrugalInvestor
28ccar for long-distance driving11:18 azumagaoka18:31 andypanda
28hIs this all investing is?07:18 jb116:45 rbaldini
27pHow to pay college tuition from a 529?12/29 OldSport21:53 RetiredCSProf
27pPlanning for long-term care of a brother with Autism? (Financial aspect)06/20 paramedic15:45 paramedic
27hCan I break the tape in 5 years?????06/19 turkman10:25 Beehave
27c4K Computer Monitors: 27 vs 32 inches?06/21 RooseveltG10:18 lazydavid
26pWhy is the cost of renting private rooms in San Francisco Bay Area so cheap?06/14 pax423516:03 SheReadsHere719
26cAm I wasting money on my old car?06/21 Keith4314:29 FireFool
25hNeed 3% Steady Income from $1.1 Mil Nest Egg13:02 Chitowncamerama22:14 DesertGator
25cCostco tire - Michelin vs Bridgestone2017 walletless13:45 bloom2708
25cHow do find a good doctor for chronic hives06/22 HomerJ12:57 dm200
25cComplain or Negative Review for Rip-off Plumber?06/21 ClassySDLivin12:04 spectec
25pTwo Toyotas - time to update for long trips?06/22 TarHeel200208:16 munemaker
25pAnother house budget question04/25 rsk06/22 rsk
24pTaxes from dividends getting high.. how to handle?06/22 slalom22:04 cookymonster
23hTreasury Direct Question06/19 spdoublebass13:12 Filife20Forty
23hMorgan Stanley Target date portfolios?06/18 An03081508:03 gd
23pYet another CP2000 for Roth IRA conversion thread04/16 Viking6506/22 Hayden
23hHow does an investor best adjust asset allocation from 85/15 to 70/30?06/08 FOGU06/21 FOGU
22hStarting out, in Japan06/06 ewerton21:20 bpp
22hInvesting Very Small Amounts Daily03/31 7201068517:21 rockbottom
22lHappy Birthday Mel Lindauer06/22 Kathleen Ryan09:46 HueyLD
22hI think I am in trouble...way behind where I should be06/22 Retrospective06/22 BostonButterfly
21pCareer Burn Out: Should I quit high paying job and take a sabbatical?20:22 oilrig22:25 Pawpatrol
21hHire financial advisor?06/22 musicteacher11:22 BL
21hBar Mitzvah Money Investing Ideas06/20 sruliz10:26 johnra
21pTrustee for mom's estate: large reserve recommended06/21 unclemilty06/22 NancyABQ
21hI want to cash in VTSAX06/22 jane_06/22 Hawaiishrimp
20tHeavy in equities?06/22 Ron Scott22:12 AlohaJoe
20hRespectfully Looking for Advice06/11 John5721:41 togb
20tNew Fiduciary Rule seems to be a big disappointment10/08 pkcrafter08:32 retiredjg
20pIRS: Great customer service?06/20 folkher006/22 AlwaysWannaLear
20hIncome Annuities06/22 lucky306/22 dbr
20hTSP advice needed!2013 Finsfan06/22 hoppy08520
19cOutdoor Wooden Steps Repair?06/21 Small Law Survi07:29 FCM
19tEffect of Index funds on Market Efficiency06/20 finance_learner06/22 David Jay
18hVBIAX vs. VWELX [Vanguard Balanced Index vs. Wellington]06/22 yousha22:26 JBTX
18pLTCi option - whole life w/ Continuation of benefits rider06/16 spammagnet13:44 pintail07
18tVanguard Prime Fund Yield reached 1.99% today06/19 Paul Romano06/22 kaeltor
18cHow to get cheap flights?06/22 achen929106/22 WhiteMaxima
18fServer Maintenance - Today June 21, 2018 at 15:45 EDT06/13 mingstar06/22 ccieemeritus
17hSimple IRA at work with American Century Investments - need help2017 BaylorBears22:08 BaylorBears
17pInherited house turning into a money pit06/22 moongazer20:58 celia
17pInheritance by U.S. Citizen from Former U.S. Green Card Holder06/18 lawman396618:14 TedSwippet
17pLeased Car Totaled - What Do I Owe?2015 yasafener190709:16 A38483482
17pSEP v SIMPLE - Higher Employee Cost but Offset by Tax Savings?06/14 Clarice06:42 gilgamesh
17pStudent Loan Help06/20 YoungSkywalker06/22 tch_usa
16pRetirees: When you cut spending, what do you cut?06:30 AtlasShrugged?16:49 J295
16hFidelity Money Market Funds for everyday expenses01/12 FabianMontescu16:48 MrPotatoHead
16tAvoiding Capital Gains Tax06/21 TargetingFI15:12 FoolMeOnce
16hNorthern Bank Direct MM - 2.26% APY06/13 geospatial14:59 Kevin M
16tRevisiting Risk and Reward06/18 siamond06/22 heyyou
16hQuestions on 9 or 12 month CD06/01 zaplunken06/22 Kevin M
16hVanguard Total International Fund06/21 yousha06/22 palaheel
16hHelp with my allocations05/31 abhan6706/22 ruralavalon
15tPortfolio Diversification, Long Before Mr. Markowitz18:24 SimpleGift21:25 patrick013
15hHow to help my teen (14) grow their savings faster?06/22 IronShikra20:22 golfCaddy
15cRepair old refrigerator or purchase new14:17 mmmodem18:26 Toons
15tAQR throws a bit of shade at CAPE06/21 matjen16:45 matjen
15hMoving taxable LinusP15:21 grabiner
15tAre mutual funds safer than ETFs?06/21 Johnnie22:37 triceratop
15tSteep rise in "Old Age Dependency Ratio"06/21 thx113806/22 LadyGeek
15pAdvice on job change consideration06/19 gazelle199106/22 AlwaysWannaLear
15pState tax on 401k contributions - what happens if you move?06/22 Clarice06/22 bradpevans
15p529 Withdrawal TIming11/16 Leesbro6306/22 DIFAR31
14hWhat am I overlooking?08:11 shouldIbeworrie20:10 Dottie57
14tRetiree do's and don't's in a rising rate environment by Christine Benz06/22 Austintatious20:01 rnitz
14pAre you smarter than my CPA? (IRA issue)13:40 lemonparade419:41 lemonparade4
14h“Buying the Dividend”06/22 BoggledHead217:42 JustinR
14cDallas Trip06/22 AD317:40 dooskidoo
14pSibling wants to share house sale proceeds - best way to avoid gift taxes?11:09 nguy4415:54 gerntz
14hConsidering adding VWALX; pros-cons06/19 underwood15:11 grabiner
14hUS Small Cap Value Funds06/21 Boxtrap15:04 grabiner
14pAARP: 10 Commandments [of Money, by Allan Roth]06/22 Ron Scott14:37 beardsworth
14hMy first attempt at TLH06/22 nwffdiver14:36 grabiner
14pMinimizing my money worries in retirement06/22 Guy4214:25 bikechuck
14pBuying new home while selling current one Qs10:49 dandypandys13:10 dandypandys
14cHeat strips in heat pump miswired and on all the time - how much extra electricity cost?06/21 CULater06/22 MathWizard
14cAnyone use a WiFi enhancement product?06/21 PoultryMan06/22 TomatoTomahto
13hBehind the 8-Ball at 3606/20 JTColton15:51 BuckyBadger
13hTarget Date Fund in Taxable / Large Unrealized Gain Question06/20 FootballFan554815:40 Kevin M
13hportfolio checkup - move more money to Roth?06/15 fcf1807:09 fcf18
13hClueless at 40. Where to begin?06/22 JWBurns07:04 retiredjg
13pMoving Cash to Fido Cash Management Account06/22 dogagility04:53 student
13hHelping mom with inheritance. Help!06/20 ElmoHongZito06/22 ExitStageLeft
12cDesk Top Speakers Will Not Work08:58 SVariance120:25 JBTX
12pI think I am going to put down 35-40% on a house06/21 Roger3206/22 daheld
11h28 year old investor [Australia]06/21 Young Saver21:43 Young Saver
11pLaid off and need some advice on steps forward19:00 floridahunk123420:46 JBTX
11p[USA-FL] Selling a joint deed/mortgaged property when one person wants out?11:39 alpaca118:08 ResearchMed
11hHow to shelter 500k06/20 Always passive16:24 Always passive
11pTaxes for buy fund from selling other funds?06/20 lupin16:17 grabiner
11tBest Books For Learning?06/22 jonbkray15:01 arcticpineapple
11pEscrowing mortgage and real estate taxes10:11 MariamQ14:39 mortfree
11hQuestions about RMD and insurance.06/21 stw10:08 dm200
11hETFs06/22 maria0020008:14 vineviz
11cFixing drip irrigation line06/22 capitalG06:52 bertilak
11p529 plan change of beneficiary and ownership06/20 pingpong06/22 ENT Doc
10pRelief From Pain provision in Advance Care Directive13:45 Myopic squirrel20:41 Doctor Rhythm
10hLeft Betterment, Need help simplifying portfolio in Vanguard06/04 kuro20:24 drk
10hhelp with expense ratio06/13 r21emember20:19 inbox788
10hHelp with existing 401k Choices2017 draco15918:15 ruralavalon
10pFind a new job or not (golden handcuffs, etc etc)06/22 saj09:34 golfCaddy
10pIs it normal for federal and state taxable income to be wildly different?06/22 28fe606/22 AlwaysWannaLear
10h401k Roll Over Into TIRA or ROTH IRA?06/20 RichN06/22 bradpevans
10cHVAC installer just asked to borrow money..06/21 z9106/22 mouses
9cSouth Florida for 2 days - Agenda?16:41 oaks21:59 Miriam2
9tAnyone use “baskets”at fidelity?11:03 grok8721:31 Mursili
9cCheap simple tablets?18:45 ChinchillaWhipl20:51 tooluser
9pCash Out Retirement Account vs Rollover to IRA18:16 docjok19:23 shariron
9cDual king mattress06/22 btenny16:04 BuckyBadger
9hInvesting HSA and Backdoor Roth IRA06/19 beabea14:46 grabiner
9tTiger 212011 Billy Pilgrim14:29 jaybard
9hHow can I find out % return on Vanguard Total Bond Index?06/22 Jesteroftheswam11:55 suemarkp
9h1st Baby on way, financial checkup06/21 sighchological08:55 sighchological
9hCan I break up a 401k->401k rollover into multiple transactions?06/22 jharkin06/22 Spirit Rider
9hPoke holes in our plan! Newbie here, need advice.06/21 luv2gs06/22 luv2gs
9hEvaluate me? and appreciated advice taken06/21 casper1606/22 casper16
8hTiming! [When to withdraw from a traditional IRA]06/22 kate123419:11 LadyGeek
8pARM options, thought process06/19 Johio16:27 grabiner
8pRoth IRA conversion with non-deductible contributions06/21 Hayden14:24 Hayden
8hFixing My Cost Basis [on inherited stocks]08:26 Steve163614:22 grabiner
8cNaipo Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat07:35 EvelynTroy13:32 bob60014
8hRetirement Fund Help with TIAA-CREF06/20 rhatfiel06/22 aristotelian
8hUS expat in Germany05/19 Storamin06/22 Storamin
8hWife's 403b provider switching - higher fees - how often can you rollover?06/20 1CEBITN06/22 wolf359
8hWhat next?06/15 Hope3406/21 Hope34
7cJaguar F-Pace SUV ?22:58 ResearchMed22:19 sasquatch12
7p1st Vanguard Complaint in 30 years15:07 chrisjul22:19 OnTrack2020
7h2.7 13-Month CD13:18 aadwen16:03 aadwen
7cWasher Dryer Deals10:10 MariamQ13:45 Sasquatch
7hPortfolio Advice.06/12 isidhu12:27 isidhu
7pMid career retirement planning, HCOL area06/20 jeanpierremelvi06/22 OnTrack2020
7pHelp me with this calculation? Pay off student loans or wait for PSLF? Plus any general finance advice is welcome!06/21 abeln267206/22 pete1983
7hCalifornia Teacher 457 options06/20 huntred106/22 ExitStageLeft
7pback door roth ira - is it worth it for me?06/21 sd32323206/22 PapaGeek
6hCA Muni bond fund - reinvest vs transfer to MMF15:39 acdbx19:19 Kevin M
6hCapital One Investing Changing to E-Trade - Anyone Moving?03/09 FootballFan554817:51 mix
6pNoncovered shares, switch cost basis to specific id06/20 conundrum16:02 grabiner
6hStep 4 of 10 towards simplifying investments04/24 Iowa David15:46 JBTX
6pCD Maturity notice13:24 mickeyd14:35 Kevin M
6hThinking about adding international10:17 tman994012:31 UpperNwGuy
6hHelp a 'Three Funder' Allocate Inherited IRA06/21 luap11:16 retiredjg
6pNo interest mortgage06:07 eternalpaw09:17 dknightd
6hSeeking advice on investment strategy06/22 eleandre06/22 eleandre
6tLarry Swedroe: How To Use Benchmarks06/22 Random Walker06/22 larryswedroe
6tUnderstanding AA in Vanguard Target Date Funds06/21 nasrullah06/21 BeBH65
5hI need help selecting funds in new 403B06/21 btakla21:07 ofckrupke
5tCould Vanguard diverge from low cost strategy after Bogle left?06/22 vu821:01 JoMoney
5cGarage refrigerator19:11 bungalow1020:59 Eagle618
5pSocial Security Spousal Benefit Question14:30 gregable19:41 dwickenh
5p529 tax question15:49 Edmonds_investo19:16 Edmonds_investo
5hSeeking advice for purchasing home in HCOL area06/22 Yuranri17:13 ryman554
5pHousehold budgeting and personal finance for teens?00:11 VaR17:04 IronShikra
5hForeign Taxes paid from Foreign Index fund in 401K23:36 sksbog14:43 grabiner
5pLong term care insurance06/19 abhan6713:22 pintail07
5hSmall company effect is overstated due to flawed dataset06:22 carolinaman11:34 Svensk Anga
5h"Valuing" the costs of direct indexing06/22 ipo_fin_z06/22 ipo_fin_z
5hSchwab ETF or Vanguard Mutual Funds (Taxable Account) ?06/22 Jmh04j06/22 livesoft
5hETF ideas for monthly savings towards future expense06/22 Jwulgaru06/22 vineviz
5tReal Estate vs. Equity - Market Cap Weighted06/21 trope06/22 heyyou
5t25 month CD at 3%06/14 delrinson06/22 EvelynTroy
5hStarting fresh with Vanguard accounts06/21 Doggofriendo06/22 ExitStageLeft
5hConverting After Tax 401k Contributions to Roth 401k06/21 harrad06/22 harrad
5tRobotics and Space Investing?06/21 Hope3406/22 Valuethinker
5h401k/Roth 401K split06/21 Mjar06/21 FiveK
4hDividend Tax Withholding at Vanguard?17:02 bertilak21:44 Dandy
4pNJ K-1 for PA resident06/21 chaucer21:02 chaucer
4pTravel hacking for frequent international flights: Chase Sapphire preferred or any other card?17:16 ThisJustIn19:11 ft2010
4pComing back to US: state residency for 2018 (OH, NJ, both?)06/18 northernisland16:34 grabiner
4cHome remodeling using design-build companies. Questions!06/22 scorp_pccorp08:30 elisa
4h401k Asset Rollover Allocation06/22 Letspring06/22 Letspring
4hNew ETF portfolio06/22 pepeco8506/22 Texanbybirth
4hAge 30 portfolio review06/21 Esq12306/22 Esq123
4cJewelry Insurance Coverage06/19 wertdaman06/22 wertdaman
4hSeeking Advice For Portfolio Construction06/20 JFDAKAN06/22 JFDAKAN
4hwhere to invest $150k while you are learning about investment06/21 kallakh06/22 AlohaJoe
4hPurchasing Ally/Synchrony CDs through Fidelity06/19 girishc06/21 stlutz
3htaxable account advice20:10 newb80822:18 JBTX
3pAdvice on an Inherited IRA / Beneficiaries Explanation23:42 coquette22:03 celia
3lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?06/21 Housedoc20:44 Madmax
3hVariable Annuity question12:28 MariamQ18:18 Cyclesafe
3taca and investment income?14:18 gips17:33 J295
3hCan you change HSA contributions throughout year?06/22 Lynx31065014:54 grabiner
3hDon’t like employers HSA12:45 jeff62285914:51 whodidntante
3cPOS Terminals & Tablets [Point of Sale]06/22 2pedals11:31 Trism
3cVanguard brokerage account "corporate actions" tab06:55 heartwood09:08 heartwood
3hStarting Over at 5206/22 BetterLateThanN06/22 Doctor Rhythm
3hPortfolio advice (amongst other things)06/22 luv2gs06/22 ExitStageLeft
3hTransferring After-Tax 401K Funds on Retirement06/21 Chaz0106/22 Chaz01
3hVTI - 2nd qtr dividend06/22 Cpadave06/22 jebmke
3hNEW Here! 401K/IRA - AA Assistance06/20 BogledMind06/22 BogledMind
2pBogleheads Are Better in the Morning21:47 John15122:08 Alexa9
2hSell individual stock, or index fund20:57 acanthurus21:08 livesoft
2hMobile deposit of Rollover Check19:21 OnLevel20:21 OnLevel
2hGetting to Personal Investing 2.006/22 Moneta18:07 mhalley
2hMy portfolio, investing from Germany06/20 rustle15:30 BeBH65
2hMUB vs SHY For a taxable account [iShares National Muni Bond vs. 1-3 Year Treasury]06/22 bosocal14:51 grabiner
2pAll of the options on a new mortgage11:05 cdu712:35 2pedals
2hPrimecap investing06:12 Utvolfan108:52 ResearchMed
2t(VTI) Dividend Reinvestment in the ETF07:40 zenguitar08:39 livesoft
2tAlpha Architect: The Future For Factor Investing May Be Different From It’s Backtested Past06/20 Random Walker06:44 thx1138
2hTwo retirement plans contribution limit : 403B and 45706/22 btakla06/22 NightFall
2pHouse and HELOC refi advice06/21 just_me06/22 -buzz-
2hInvestment Path06/22 dothedo06/22 ExitStageLeft
2pDoes my AGI include my 401k contributions as a deduction?06/22 doss06/22 retiredjg
2hNeed some math help with Solin based portfolio06/22 Socrates2806/22 hoppy08520
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