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2282c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462014abuss36820:07bloom2708
2072c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 422014Alex Frakt02:44burgerman
1162t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242015Yesterdaysnews07:05larryswedroe
996c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202008Petrocelli09:06long_gamma
942t Simba's backtesting spreadsheet  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192007simba05:29AlohaJoe
708t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152013longinvest09:30BlueEars
476t TIPS - Did you give up?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015abuss36807:07galeno
396p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82014techcrium15:34chenzi
318t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 5 6 711/10Taylor Larimore10:24TheTimeLord
292p Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 4 5 62012BigFoot4811:52sandramjet
259p Annual Vacation Budget  page: 2 3 4 5 601/06pop7712:42HomerJ
188p Your Retirement Number, or, calculating the funding ratio  page: 2 3 412/18bobcat209:05bobcat2
140t A look at the research and evidence on time-series MOM  page: 2 309/16larryswedroe12:06SnowSkier
129t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 2 301/13duffer09:52matto
128h HSA - is keeping 40 years of medical records practical?  page: 2 312/08JustinR13:39Jade
121c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz11:46rgs92
113p Sallie Mae Rewards MC being discontinued  page: 2 312/14Eurookat05:24flroots
112l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 2 32015rocko11:15homermtb
96h Beginner's guide to not getting con'd by Chase  page: 209/30fantasytensai12:23fantasytensai
95p Medical Billing Disagreement - Stark Law  page: 201/19bogleviewer20:43LadyGeek
93p HSAs in California  page: 22012JustinR17:14grabiner
88h [Europe] Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs  page: 212/28EUBoglehead06:40frombrazil2worl
84t Fed Rate [may go] to 3% - [investing consequences?]  page: 201/18btenny08:22nisiprius
83c Getting rid of mice  page: 201/06davebo12:58Epsilon Delta
83p Medical Charges vs Contract Price - Non Covered Work  page: 201/20bogleviewer20:42LadyGeek
68c Thinking of getting tires from Costco  page: 201/10htdrag1120:45sat24
61c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 210/13SurferLife18:40dekecarver
58c Alaska cruise - Help me convince my family  page: 201/07HomerJ11:53DaftInvestor
57p Pay down 1.9% loan or invest  page: 201/19ssquared8710:40gilgamesh
55c Products to cope with other drivers' LED headlight  page: 211/14verbose11:22Northster
53p No health insurance tax penalty  page: 201/21mattwall4512:22michaeljc70
53l Metro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter  page: 22016vbonthu12:13mol3dad
51t Hypo: What would you do if you were SURE of impending deline in markets  page: 221:57Niam12:36itstoomuch
51p Load up on cash - it might be one of your best investments  page: 201/20CULater06:17cherijoh
50h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  page: 211/29millennialfalco11:54millennialfalco
48p How many of you did a Roth conversion the first day of 2017  01/03Namashkar04:09SGM
45t Vanguard 1099s available - Other companies just as good for sending 1099s???  01/20davidkw12:37Doc
42c Subaru + Mazda  01/17indexaway12:26kate1234
42p Does pharmacy school ranking matter?  01/18annabel08:16annabel
41c When to proactively replace water heater  07/05verbose11:31hand
39h Advice for Investing $4M to get 4% Return with Least Risk  01/22maniminto12:55livesoft
35c 4 Months Abroad - what to do before we leave?  01/09kamo08:44kamo
35h Please help me [Transfer IRA]  01/17Deb1908:12Mij
34p Where to get $100k for home remodel?  01/20gaspony06:58awval999
33h What's a bearish investor to do?  01/16aaronl10:25rai
33c Biting the bullet and getting off the roof.  01/16Woodshark22:19BIGal
33c Requirements to change passwords frequently?  01/06Tamales13:06Wakefield1
32c Selling diamond engagement ring  01/22TNL08:47SouthernCPA
32h Schwab brokerage incentive $2,500 - - - thoughts?  01/19Sandtrap13:25an_asker
30p Changing FICO Score  01/21birdy09:31dm200
29t Help with Retirement Projection Assumptions  01/12accbh06:39Quark
28t Dow crosses 20,000?  01/21F150HD19:45arcticpineapple
27l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  07/11invst6512:37puravida
27h Should we pay off our student loan?  01/20Stayhomemom11:45nymeria.stark
26p Do you check your credit reports annually?  01/22island13:02DetroitRick
25h international small cap value fund  01/20curo18:42sperry8
24c Any engineers? Studying for Civil-Structural PE  2014jf8911:07wvmtnbkr
24t Comparing EM value options [Emerging Market]  01/19robertmcd10:29triceratop
24p Anyone file "decline in value" for property taxes? Advice?  01/21financial.freed16:29David Jay
23t ROTH IRA Early Withdrawal and taxes  10:36schutzk2112:53schutzk21
23p Does paying off a mortgage hurt your credit score?  10/19anonyvestor08:14Spirit Rider
23t Reasons against margin aside from risk of margin call?  01/20SteveJ221:13grabiner
22h IRA vs 401k & 403b money  05/22mrc12:52mrc
22t Backdoor Roth: How Long To Wait For Conversion?  2015powermega09:13Biglaw Investor
22p Looking for advice on getting credit cards for my kids  16:46CashBalance08:04smitcat
22t International equity allocation - do you tilt to EM?  01/20KeepItSimple7801:36heyyou
21h 2017 Portfolio review - Advice welcome  01/22SteveB112:54SteveB1
21h U.S. brokerages and retiring abroad  01/20Owl15:59saver007
20h Reflecting the value of pre-IPO shares in Net Worth  01/20TheTimeLord12:59mac808
19h Advice for limited bond fund options in 401k  01/17skibumdoc12:12skibumdoc
19p Umbrella insurance questions and help  01/22jkushne108:52bluebolt
19p Major Car Rental Issue  01/22TravelforFun21:54F150HD
19p Non-compete for Independent Contractor  01/21knswamy21:35Small Law Survi
19p No home - do I need Umbrella Insurance?  2013Thom19:44btenny
18t Upgrade button on Vanguard IRA  12/30raveon12:47FinancialDave
18h Senior Unsecured Notes  01/22hkg8102:40Valuethinker
18t Cash flow for financial independence  01/22llessac1521:55Slacker
18h Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (SCHZ) please explain "spread issues".  01/22Sandtrap20:21Sandtrap
18p wisdom of converting most TIRA to Roth  01/14RustyShacklefor14:08RustyShacklefor
17c Carribean island most like Hawaii  09:11cantos12:53KyleAAA
17p HELP ! Letter from NY on State income tax  21:07boxerbali12:53livesoft
17c Do I want to try out another bank for $250?  01/20pondering12:14michaeljc70
17p Tax Software for 2016?  12/12Fat-Tailed Cont10:15moneywise3
17p Tax return for adult daughter  01/22amitb0007:57pshonore
17t David Swensen says No to Municipal Bonds  18:04simplesauce07:04Call_Me_Op
17h Asset Location at the 15% tax bracket?  01/14jmk17:01grabiner
17p Best way for under 25 to rent a car  01/20B3GINN3R13:36sport
16t 2016 Relative Tax Efficiency  01/21triceratop12:33Doc
16p Bank is behind online, new bank?  08/30verbose10:40verbose
16h VG Rep [doesn't know why commodity ETFs are shown under bonds in online AA]  01/19EdwardL00708:23Gropes & Ra
15c Wood burning stoves - do you leave home with it burning?  01/18squirm12:53ubermax
15p Is this cheating on income tax?  10:13workingovertime12:46miamivice
15t My Roth Misunderstanding  01/22kylemerriman23:16FiveK
15h Which funds to pick  01/19pianoboy17:36EngCapt1
15p Best way to find a <good> accountant?  01/20Ollie12316:24Ollie123
14p TIAA financial advisor?  01/18Blister11:5822twain
14p Charles Ellis has no bonds in his portfolio  20:54sabhen11:28Grt2bOutdoors
14h Moving away from Fidelity 401K choices to lower cost funds/ETFs  08:34countdrak10:22aristotelian
14t Betterment / tax loss harvesting  2015kanwisher06:05Biglaw Investor
14h Does Vanguard Charge Any Withdrawal Fees?  01/22CaliGirl20:31CaliGirl
14h Philosophical question re increasing net worth  13:28aussiedog19:16Pajamas
14h Getting started with HSA investing (TD Ameritrade)  01/17persona482617:34livesoft
13h American in Japan need advice  2015slammer09:45TetsuoIII
13c Does airline CC make sense if I plan to spend at least $1.5/yr on tickets  17:30User1234507:39lazydavid
12p Questions about Medicaid and Nursing Home Admissions/Patient Management  01/22CULater12:22Garthilk
12h Plenty of income, need portfolio help and advice badly :)  01/20salzbj0109:40salzbj01
12t Backtesting Home Prices against regular investments  22:59siamond09:19AlohaJoe
11t Qualified dividend percent differs between Vanguard mutual fund class and ETF class?  01:37JDDS12:57Whakamole
11h A New Year - A New Me  01/19cccheel10:33pkcrafter
11p Questions about probate and tax returns after MIL's passing  01/21Van-Guard2320:37Van-Guard23
11h Investment questions  01/21Sten20:36krow36
11h VAIPX [Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Admiral]  01/21painof6215:34abuss368
11h Early Retirement Roth Conversion into 401k vs IRA  01/22pbearn14:54Tamarind
10h Advice on Student Loan  23:03kellykline10:14Maverick3320
10h 457 - help choosing between 2 good options?  01/20TomatoBoy09:37tanstaafl
10h Help with Asset Allocation  01/21savishar1207:47aristotelian
10h Portfolio allocation help needed please  01/22noobogle05:33retiredjg
10c Shopping for prescriptions  20:02fpr400:00Jazztonight
10t Holding Bonds as Opportunity to Buy Stocks  01/21Beensabu22:11Beensabu
10p Umbrella Insurance Stand-Alone  2012robby2020:32boglerdude
10t Help - Which of these bond funds are best for my bond allocation?  01/20JustinR16:28mhalley
9c Electric Bicycles  00:05victorb12:21buhlaxtus
9p Student Loan Refinance Repayment Options  01/17chiseller11:41Big Dog
9t Bogle: Smart Beta does not deliver Better Returns  08:40CULater11:32Taylor Larimore
9h What to do with Passive Rental Loss?  01/22msheald09:21MarkNYC
9c Jackson Hole in July?  01/21jinx08:17TxAg
9t Unidirectional rebalancing?  01/21FIREchief18:51AlohaJoe
9c Retiring soon - health insurance planning Cal-COBRA  01/19curmudgeon17:45cmdreset
9p Do I have to file 8606 for indirect rollover  15:01Caduceus17:12jebmke
8c sue renters  10:04silentfaith12:43cpants
8h Hoping to retire within 20 years - advice/comments appreciated!  17:10snapwa12:01snapwa
8p Pay off mortgage in 7 years using HELOC?  17:22pepperz11:56ubermax
8p Spending, Saving, and Debt in 2017.  18:152bewise08:38Strayshot
8p Unable to lift credit freeze???  05:37Caduceus08:07Rupert
8p SS Survivor Benefits for 62 male. Spouse died at 61  21:44alaskantraveler23:30dodecahedron
8c Roto-molded cooler suggestions, like Yeti  01/22Teague21:50Teague
8c Extensive Travel & Mobile Lifestyle in Retirement  01/22LuigiLikesPizza19:50lynneny
8h Help with short term savings  01/20barb6319:40rickhuizinga
8p Tax implication of transferring stocks from joint account to single owner account  01/21backtrail19:40Gill
8p Do kids have to pay taxes on interest from savings accounts?  01/22Deaconfan17:53Penguin
8h Help - Portfolio rebalance, protecting market gains  01/16Indy201714:40Indy2017
7p What to do with bonus  09:24Maverick332012:46Andyrunner
7c Experience replacing resin in water softener?  01/19scottyja12:21fishandgolf
7h Simplest possible TLH strategy  14:57finally_investi09:38House Blend
7c FHA loan 3 years after foreclosure  01/21TNL09:28Carefreeap
7c Have credit card payment verification numbers ever been useful?  23:28McCharley07:25The Wizard
7h TIPS ETF (ITPS) for USA-NRAs??  01/21galeno06:38galeno
7h confused by rollover options to Vanguard.  13:43corp_sharecropp00:13lynneny
7h 529 For my child: who should be the "owner" - me, my wife, or both of us  01/22jkushne120:30GenXer
7p new business(es) - multiple schedule c's or one? one or two EIN, 401k? etc.  01/22Soon2BXProgramm19:02Soon2BXProgramm
7p Linking Ally to Vanguard  01/21radiowave18:47radiowave
7h Ameriprise Mistake-Need Advice on Vanguard Allocations and Planning  01/21SmoothWhite13:17Lafder
6p Excess 401k contribution  13:32bosabad12:29Alan S.
6h Fund set up after lowering 529 contributions  01/19bense az12:15bense az
6p Turned down for Citibank Costco Visa  01/21cadreamer201511:34sharpjm
6p 529 Beneficiary Change  20:41ENT Doc09:54ENT Doc
6h Schwab portfolio allocation and fund Final Input Needed before pulling the trigger??  20:51Sandtrap22:09Sandtrap
6p LendKey student loan refinance nightmare! help!  08/26strafe14:07White Coat Inve
6p Social Security calculations w/early retirement  01/22henrikk13:12whaleknives
5t Tom Sossnof's derivative trades  17:06Panayota12:59ValueInvestor99
5h MD/PhD student seeking advice  17:18Clem08:06galeno
5p 2016 US Tax Q - Spousal IRA Deduct-ability and where to put $2K  01/22djdube52508:03sls239
5h Investing in TIPS  01/20Mr.BB07:14galeno
5h Investment in International Bond Index  14:44Betterlate06:58Betterlate
5p Expense tracking app  18:20prettybogle02:39dacalo
5h I need help :) [with portfolio, what to do with IRA]  15:29jamieblu18:24blueman457
5h Does a specific fund's objectives & strategies reflect the investment philosophy of its brokerages and/or fund managers?  01/22Sandtrap17:28Sandtrap
5h improperly administered SIMPLE IRA: who is responsible?  01/17Dave8115:17krow36
5f relocation [Bogleheads website temporarily relocated]  01/22mingstar13:58LadyGeek
4h Help with Portfolio Plan  21:51Bogle291212:31Lou354
4h Analysis of AA and funds for Army retiree with young kids  01/18TierArtz11:56TierArtz
4t Importance of Domicile?  09:45mikeguima11:37galeno
4p IRA recharacterization  18:10Snowster08:45House Blend
4h Roth IRA choices - Go with a current investment partner, or seek new?  23:51persona482608:22EngCapt1
4c Help me: Tips for restaurant business [Canada]  10/28burgerman01:06burgerman
4t Practical Advice for Roth IRA Conversion  16:21bliksem5500:03FIREchief
4h Putting managed portfolio under my control  17:58Bobo23:54Bobo
4h VTSAX ex-dividend date//Actual size of Roth IRA "basket"//Overflow//Long-term plan  18:51Greaterundersta21:55grabiner
4h Flexible Annuity Quandary  01/22KSOC18:18KSOC
4h Ameriprise moved Roth IRA to Brokerage Account  15:05LateToTheParty15:38David Jay
4t 1 year total bond results--ignorant  01/22namrac15:05namrac
4p Receipt capture and sorting iOS app  01/22EnjoyIt14:51rob
4h Across Two Accounts - Frequent Trading Policy?  01/22BolderBoy13:35nisiprius
3p Car lease scenario  12:35jcarrolliii312:53btenny
3h Help with IRA  07:02VolatileAgent7711:58VolatileAgent77
3p Penalty for making early withdrawal - 401k discrimination test  07:56tampaite11:41tampaite
3h VTSMX/VTTSX in Brokerage account  08:53topcatin09:25topcatin
3h Investing advice for recently widowed 62 yr old Man  22:25alaskantraveler08:13OutInThirteen
3t my annual lessons the markets taught series, part 1  07:10larryswedroe08:08dwickenh
3p SEP IRA, tIRA to Roth IRA conversion and Roth contribution  18:46do0odo0o06:06Carl53
3h Improving my 2017 plan  20:16saj21:36mespap
3h Do I need multiple account at Ally Bank to purchase multiple CD's?  21:08ladybug21:23sonosoldi3112
3h asset allocation: 36 years old, $800k to invest  13:48Sai_Sharma20:18Bogle_Feet
3h Asset Allocation Review, please  17:48MrsRoos20:10Duckie
3h Transferring Betterment/Wealthfront Roth IRA's to Vanguard  14:47Aggie199919:22ff4930
3h Fidelity HSA Investing  01/22gogent18:20whodidntante
2h Help with Vanguard taxable account  11:44inverrary12:55aristotelian
2p ACA penalty affordability?  12:27workingovertime12:48workingovertime
2p Using some Traditional IRA money for mortgage principal?  12:31rgs9212:43rgs92
2h New Portfolio Allocations  11:31Purpose31111:56Purpose311
2c Getting a deal on a recently released/updated vehicle?  10:06rupalb910:17Jack FFR1846
2h Need advice for a good Vanguard retirement fund  08:39ROOKIE_INVESTOR09:17Watty
2h Where to find forms for direct IRA transfer from Vanguard?  17:48qwertyjazz17:58qwertyjazz
2f Notification will not reset  13:04sport13:18sport
1h 457(b) Vendor Selection  11:26johnkidding12:45krow36
1h Seeking Portfolio Review and Advice  09:35bommalattam12:39btenny
1p Northwestern Mutual LTC Signals Rate Increase Likely  01/19bklyn9612:23bklyn96
1h % bonds for rebalancing taxable equity rule of thumb?  10:27jmk10:38Dale_G
1h 403b conversion to Roth IRA  10:15topcatin10:27Alan S.
1p Pull Principle from Roth IRA's to Pay off Debt?  01/21rjh200508:50dwickenh
1l Anybody near Pittsburgh?  01/22lazylarry08:26dwickenh
1f Can't upload my profile pic  01:19burgerman06:15HueyLD
1l New feature: Upcoming events| Financial Page  03:13Barry Barnitz04:50bondsr4me
1h Vagbond European Investor? N00b Help!  22:00jakeboggles04:49ignition
1p Solo 401k tax contribution forms  13:44boglefreak22:52Lafder
1h Using Rebalanced Leveraged ETF increase risk and return  20:59jjoshua221:42lack_ey
1h Investment Strategy - Request for Review (VTEB muni bonds)  16:19kellykline17:21grabiner
1h How to invest $175,000  15:46Junekleever17:08Lafder
1p HSA withdrawals  15:48Ghost216:53Artsdoctor
1h 0-5 year ST High Yield bond fund  13:53Punta Cana DR13:56jrtexas
0t Managed fund alternative to Total International?  12:39JimmyJammy  
0p ssi and student loans  11:59cestan  
0p Free Fillable Forms Limitations  11:34verbose  
0p SEPP vs. TIRA to ROTH rollovers  07:58veggivet  
0p Need help with W4 (Indian citizen - recently graduated and started earning)  22:23kurious  
0h Picking funds (aggressive)  19:53BFive55  
0h Looking for Help from Portugal - AA Advice  17:59Nuno  
0t Tri-Ad Benefits Administration  14:22SHAYLA  

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