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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1688 new posts and replies over 206 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
34670tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill16:21 InvestorHowie
22018tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar14:24 Pelerus
12594tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE12:37 hiddenpower
3854c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir16:07 moshe
2941tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7612:34 Bushka
2062cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman16:41 kiwisun
1543tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz12:03 Anon9001
1079tTSLA: What Changed?2021 Kookaburra14:14 manatee2005
1059pHigh Earners - What's Your Profession?2014 Hawkeye_Saver16:07 trueson1
1022pCD discussion thread2019 indexfundfan15:22 Elmo
831c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco21:23 Turbo29
668tIf Valuation doesn't matter, what does?01/05 CraigTester18:01 LadyGeek
639cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight10:53 VictoriaF
614cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman08:59 heartwood
602cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek00:15 Northern Flicke
543tex-US Stocks Continue to Soar!2020 sabhen10:59 Tamalak
540cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic2020 alfaspider12:51 turtlebug
503tSchwab Information Thread with FAQ, Links, Tips and Q&A08/05 galawdawg15:35 LazyNihilist
457tJeremy Grantham (Jan 26, 2022) being asked a lot of tough questions about his super bubble call...01/27 CraigTester12:24 CraigTester
419pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?2021 CardinalRule19:23 ivgrivchuck
371tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread06/18 PinotGris07:03 Dave55
258tHow do Bogleheads cope with FOMO? [Fear Of Missing Out]2020 n00b_to_investi14:46 Tamalak
255t2022 Hedge Fund contest01/02 Tanelorn15:27 Tanelorn
252p2021 Refund Times02/16 dink2win16:24 GuySmiley
251tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach2019 Hydromod12:07 Hydromod
242hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?2021 grayparrot08:40 smihaila
237tLessons from this crash05/12 jay2216:17 Exchme
226tDirect Indexing? Schwab's Next Big Thing11/05 6NDone04:23 sean.mcgrath
223tVanguard Brokerage versus Mutual Fund Account Decision thread2020 SmileyFace16:10 Makefile
219hPoor Publix employee seeking 401k investment advice2020 ralphboy14:00 ralphboy
146tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?2019 Kevin M12:52 Electron
146pLong Term Care Insurance01/27 martincmartin11:12 WoW2012
145pEvaluating private school05/17 keith601416:06 DVMResident
142tEugene Fama (Fama–French 3-factor model; EMH): Americans don't need to bother w/ international investing05/14 VTI16:01 vp89
135cC8 Corvette - who is buying?2019 strafe07:06 smitcat
134tAre we officially in Bear Market now?05/18 firefox15:41 Kenkat
111cDebating an electric zero turn mower05/17 corn1813:21 Doom&Gloom
99cWhat (if anything) are you reducing in your monthly spending?05/17 A44015:59 blueberrypi
94cInvited to join HOA board. Pros/cons?2019 miamivice18:05 9-5 Suited
93hFighting Fomo2021 aaja14:42 arcticpineapple
93lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen19:51 SSM1
92tMarket timer of 2007 2008 crash05/05 pension4ever09:29 BolderBoy
78cExperience buying a new car recently?04/28 Fremdon Ferndoc07:30 jpelder
76cVanguard security codes via Google Voice2021 xenial11:06 bandoba
74cStone patio really costs $15K?05/12 PhillyBird05:55 punkinhead
73t10Y TIPS May Re-Opening05/08 Drew3122:03 secondopinion
70pRent vs Buy in Bay Area: (my) number-driven approach05/17 deanmoriarty09:39 KlangFool
70tDon't pay off a mortgage, annuitize04/18 ScubaHogg20:55 celia
65cCar safety after age 67 or so2020 BarbBrooklyn13:59 BarbBrooklyn
64tHow often are you rebalancing these days?02/24 galepoggi15:06 JDave
62cGardening 202203/14 ray.james16:11 MP173
62tI Bond Sales Figures05/11 Mel Lindauer11:50 whodidntante
62t"Why Bogleheads "Stay the Course"05/08 Taylor Larimore01:31 imbogled
61tBeware the Fed's balance sheet unwinding - latest from Larry Swedroe05/17 Kevin K15:47 HomerJ
58cWho's up for pickleball? Zero-zero-two. Game On!05/17 LadyGeek08:07 TN_Boy
57cBeing Frugal05/15 BHInvestor12:09 Wannaretireearl
55cMens razors and shaving cream for sensitive skin?05/17 NYCaviator11:15 YoungSisyphus
54tNYTimes article: Is it normalizing amateur trading?05/18 MrJones15:11 chris319
54cPut in French drain, works great, need advice04/14 corn1814:54 corn18
54hTrying to do better...Need advice!05/13 NationalParks107:47 retiredjg
52hBank accounts or Vanguard/Fidelity cash accounts?05/19 kvdecide12:52 djheini
51tPeople who backed up the truck on I bonds in 200105/17 HenryPorter10:01 alluringreality
48pBringing to the US more than $10k in cash - declare in advance or at airport?05/18 vveat11:10 Marseille07
48hConsidering Berkshire Hathaway Stock05/16 tcb100516:40 Jack FFR1846
47p$300,000 fine 5500ez09/28 loveeatingpizza14:03 DebiT
47cSouthern Europe vacation recommendation?04/25 NYGiantsFan09:55 220volt
45pWhat questions to ask realtor? (Selling)02/11 peterwantstosav23:46 S4C5
43cFlight Connection Time05/18 Moose197216:14 talzara
43hIs Vanguard Short-Term Treasury Index a good choice?03/23 Addy15:56 tobyy
42tAre Vanguard’s IT Systems At The Breaking Point?05/18 bobcat212:50 lws
42cHouseplants2019 Bob Sacamano18:21 Thrifty Femme
39tRegrets from seniors on aggressive AA?05/19 Youngblood15:40 Harmanic
39t2 Year Comparison: Avantis, DFA and Vanguard Indexes.02/01 Apathizer14:59 cheezit
38cCritique my summer Hawaii vacation plan (plus camera?).05/19 new2bogle15:40 new2bogle
38hFinancial Advisors05/19 TexasPete21:03 Normchad
38hWash Sale01/23 USPSA19:17 student
37pChase Private Client solicitation2020 fyre4ce14:32 Coburn
36cHow much do you give?05/19 broadstone11:55 sil2017
34t3x ETF holders04/26 SteveDB17:57 Brian558
33t30 Year Stocks Forecast11:30 lp61316:08 vineviz
33hReal estate syndication04/16 Cramerica15:24 Cramerica
33tPermanent Portfolios05/18 rockstar20:36 averagedude
31nInteractive Brokers (via Charles Schwab International)2021 Neuralgia13:38 Balance1
30nHolding ETFs in USD instead of EUR?04/24 helloyou13:29 Balance1
30pCheck mailed to the IRS has not cleared05/03 Flashes112:18 Katietsu
30pRenter in Houston pays for extermination. Suggestions?05/19 grainne07:54 grainne
30pHOA reserve fund investing05/19 miamivice16:51 Elric
29pBudget 1% (or 2%) per year for home maintenance — what counts?05/18 Jags418615:52 young danny
28cAnybody Have Kids with Speech Disorders?05/19 CoastLawyer203007:19 halfnine
28cMid-range road bike suggestions05/19 bismarck2323:59 bismarck23
27hDid a rollover IRA now it’s sitting in cash05/16 goldfinger2213:55 secondopinion
27nWhile living in a developing country, do I need to copy the portfolio of a US citizen!?05/07 V.T13:42 Balance1
27tVanguard Corporate Bond (VCIT) quality05/17 NoRoboGuy06:34 alex_686
26cCapital One Credit Card FRaud Issue05/17 suemarkp11:54 Katietsu
25hWith my cash, Y not 6mo T-bills?05/19 rosalee15:38 drzzzzz
24pCapital Gains Taxes On The Sale Of A Domain Name?05/16 Uncle Freddie06:51 JohnDoh
23cSeeding new lawn tomorrow in weedy area, what do to?11:46 coalcracker16:05 MadHungarian
23hBudgeting for the current economic conditions' impact on my future19:22 Cara12:03 Cara
22pRadon mitigation home purchase05/18 indexfunds15:59 skis4hire
22pTLH and Wash Sale Rules05/18 boater0716:45 rkhusky
21tBerkshire vs S&P 50020:31 smooth_rough16:18 nisiprius
21hThoughts on MKL?09:16 diabelli15:47 andypanda
21cBook to understand current economic climate05/19 NYCaviator15:09 arcticpineapple
21cGoogle: Losing access to apps using less secure sign-in technology05/17 Jagger13:38 bencahill
20pNot Taking My 2022 RMD: Consequences05/19 stargazer15:32 Chuckles960
20cAny online resources to help find a good daycare?05/15 need403bhelp23:55 Big Heart
19hPortfolio review (I am thinking of hiring an advisor)05/17 Calico16:23 Calico
19pBest Way To Get Out of Whole Life10:34 tacobellcow12:15 Jack FFR1846
18tDry Powder Holders12:16 rascott16:23 barberakb
18pBuying empty land for tax domicile purposes (foreign service officer)05/19 zegopis15:52 Statch
18pSolo401k transfer2020 TXGator15:14 LazyNihilist
17hTLH Bonds today... Suggestions for where to move please?08:47 longview16:18 exodusNH
17hVanguard Muni funds - can anyone explain the strange price behavior?05/18 ksed2514:47 Electron
17hQuestion about these investment types10:37 DCBogler13:17 ruralavalon
16hWSB fomo help2021 Unbrokenspark14:43 arcticpineapple
16p4% rule quesiton - pre tax or post tax05/18 solaris1708:47 michaeljc70
16pWho retired during the last recession? How did it go?05/19 A44018:00 Zhuang
15tBrokered CDs vs. Bank CD Rates04/17 LMK516:25 inverter
15hQuestions about allocations05/19 Fauzool13:07 GAAP
15tVanguard Direct Deposit05/17 bmelikia19:24 8foot7
14pHow to compare COL between 2 locations?20:36 gogreen15:45 22twain
14hTax loss harvesting Mega Backdoor05/19 southbogle15:18 southbogle
14pTreasury Direct--What Did I Do Wrong?04/26 cowdogman19:09 Retired 2017
13cHousing Market - Full steam ahead or running out of steam?08:34 fishandgolf15:21 muffins14
13pSecond Career for a Stay-at-Home Parent05/19 virginiabirdie13:52 dboeger1
13tInvesting through ups and downs19:18 meadowrue08:10 doobiedoo
13pWhen to payoff mortgage adjusting next month to 6%? [Update ASAP lump sum then cash flow]04/12 harikaried17:25 harikaried
12cAnyone have/had pinball machines in your house?11:12 oyster9914:54 TSR
12hPortfolio Review Requested for Newly Retired Couple05/18 Sammy12313:49 HMSVictory
12pHold off home replacement projects in anticipation of recession?05/09 SerenityBlue06:34 Woodshark
12pCredit Card with Cash Back. What the impact to credit score?05/19 nomorework05:09 oldcomputerguy
11hBear market AA thoughts14:06 momsense16:14 exodusNH
11hVanguard Trade Bonds page not working?11:07 Rainmaker4113:15 Kevin M
11pYour experience working for an IT Consulting Firm05/19 ThankYouJack11:07 ALinLI
11pDual Health Insurance for Wife? Is it allowed?08:12 carmonkie09:45 CAsage
11nFeedback please [Malaysian]05/16 oeuvre07:02 jg12345
10cCovid test 8 per mo question - Insurance declined?19:40 elderwise16:03 beyou
10hNaming a Trust for the sole purpose of scoring additional I-bonds19:53 samsoes15:54 Shortsellforfun
10hHow can I rollover Vanguard Trad. Solo 401(k) to Trad. IRA?04/15 LazyNihilist15:13 LazyNihilist
10hGrandchild Trust05:02 Yukon08:30 JoeRetire
10pQuicken Offline Import - Banks & Fidelity ( not via Quicken Direct Connection )05/19 DealBoy202022:01 chemocean
9pBuying a home with areas of concern.13:37 LateStarterDad15:47 SmallSaver
9pSurvivor Social Security Benefits?10:50 Wading Ashore15:40 Kenkat
9hTiming Roth Conversions09:15 afstravel13:18 livesoft
9hEmergency Savings07:21 tenth_ward10:13 tenth_ward
9hA very specific tax loss harvesting question05/15 hmandmmus08:30 hmandmmus
9fCan't Properly Edit Draft05/19 Cruise18:29 Cruise
9hDoes it make sense to do any TLH with this meager taxable account?05/19 afr17:20 livesoft
8cHealth Plan conversion11:36 sil201715:59 Agent 99
8pCombining distributions on one 1099-R17:17 bsquared15:39 bsquared
8pPaying off ARM (4.5%) or not?18:07 LeslieSmiley15:20 Harmanic
8hIs Buying T Bill via Fidelity Safer than directly buying from Treasury Direct05/19 DealBoy202015:01 mmse
8nShould I dump my bonds?05/19 MrCurious14:53 herpfinance
8tTax loss harvesting by manually recreating indices05/19 tomekmcc13:07 FactualFran
8hHas my SEP created a wash sale?05/19 bglhdism10:40 nolesrule
8hPortfolio, retirement plan, cash flow07/08 SSM108:43 JoeRetire
8hIn-Plan Roth Conversion Question05/18 Diver424222:22 placeholder
8nWithdrawal rates05/17 AM123!17:59 xxd091
8pEstimate taxes for relocation benefits05/19 nrkv17:42 Watty
8h403b on top of 401k, Roth IRA, pension?05/19 Geneyus16:27 ResearchMed
7pHELOC lender recommendation for second chance/750 FICO13:40 DesertMan15:01 DesertMan
7hMethodology for reallocation07:04 Lglaser13509:44 jebmke
7hIs it possible to do a direct 401k to Roth IRA rollover/conversion?2021 saver106:18 retiredjg
7hRobinhood to Fidelity - Any inputs ?17:39 DealBoy202021:48 DealBoy2020
7nVWCE not down as much as it should?05/18 Polaroid2216:52 Polaroid22
6hRoth 401k question19:18 buzzlight11:41 FiveK
6hFidelity Wealth Advisors Solutions10:18 HoosierDude11:26 galawdawg
6hPortfolio review, first time post!05/19 gohawks20610:00 ruralavalon
6tExplain discount/premium in stocks?05/19 Carousel07:01 alluringreality
6hHow to move fmr emp retirement to Vanguard?21:53 peterwantstosav05:08 galawdawg
6hRMDs on IRA/403b/457b accounts18:36 PhoebeCoco19:29 sport
5cTiming of booking travel with recession looming?14:13 SavinMaven16:20 yules
5tWashPo: Inflation-linked U.S. bonds crashed the TreasuryDirect website08:28 Ben Ploni16:10 nisiprius
5hElderly Parent's Private Company Stock - Sell or Keep?12:24 gnr15:10 ResearchMed
5cbattery MacBook Air10:05 bstevlin14:08 vxdx
5hallocation for inherited Roth account09:08 afstravel12:13 retiredjg
5pACA insurance, married, does it matter who is head of household08:31 CloseEnough11:02 FrugalInvestor
5hWife's 403B/457 options vs traditional IRAs20:03 BobStrauss08:24 mega317
4cquark expedition, SilverSea or Lindblad(National Geographic)12:03 sil201715:16 sil2017
4tBogleheads® Live: Submit ?s for Sean Mullaney & Cody Garrett on Tax Planning for Early Retirees05/15 JonL14:53 JonL
4hquick question about consolidating a growth and value fund into a total market fund12:27 northfork13:12 northfork
4nHSBC HK, what a nuisance.05/19 rosalee10:59 LadyGeek
4tUnderstanding the benefit (and if it is lost) of TLH when retired05:57 SunRainSnow09:44 SunRainSnow
4pTax advisor in Honolulu?05/17 Rupert Dacat09:39 Pete12
4hSynchrony Bank HYSA up to 0.85%18:07 LK201208:29 patrick
4hHome sale proceeds and portfolio advice05/19 mx9308:20 mx93
3tZvi Bodie on I-bonds, RMDs, & real life annuities05/17 bobcat215:28 VictoriaF
3nCAPE or P/E during 2000 bubble outside USA07:57 Tellurius14:40 Tellurius
3tCurrency exchange impact US/EUR04:58 Polaroid2214:21 Tellurius
3cBuying contacts online - lots of huge fees + price increases12:51 michaeljc7013:29 michaeljc70
3hLooking for Portfolio advice10:42 coffees4closers11:23 secondopinion
3pAdvice on tax situation for spouse income in another state05/19 rusticshack09:40 livesoft
3tFunny video about turbulent market on our board a few years back05/19 happysteward06:30 Woodshark
3nTax implications of using a US broker?22:54 dreambig05:30 Tellurius
3tRisks with Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund (VMSXX)05/19 Kookaburra21:14 BolderBoy
3hNeed updated investment advice05/19 kayakjer25519:52 Tyler Aspect
2tWhere online to see Drawdowns?14:33 randyharris15:37 randyharris
2cLegit Amazon Offer to Join a Test Club? Or a Scam?12:03 Canopus13:36 LadyGeek
2tHow exchange rates trend?05/19 Maris6104:45 asset_chaos
2hWhat is TLH pair for VIPSX (Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund)?19:36 Rose20:16 sycamore
2pQDRO - should i sell now05/19 CPC17:50 CPC
1nPlease review my assetallocation, bonds?03:37 Bogle198415:37 mega317
1tSen. Sullvan's Index Fund Act13:12 JenniferW13:32 oldcomputerguy
1tDid you miss Bogleheads® Live? There's a podcast for that!04/26 JonL05:32 Stinky
1hTarget Date Tax Advantaged Alternative?21:32 hotelcalifornia22:56 annu
0pLease renewal optimal choice - 12/14/15 months?16:03 LazyNihilist 

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