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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1387 new posts and replies over 199 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
9817cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:09 TomatoTomahto
6721cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:23 Bagels
6645pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy01:02 arsenal_fan
5287tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7613:37 Mudpuppy
5271pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly13:17 Lyrrad
4818tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb11:46 Sandi_k
4634pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon15:02 muffins14
3949cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger12:01 ResearchMed
3720tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:24 JohnW2
3129lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1612:45 Stinky
2967cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman11:48 Wwwdotcom
2845tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M13:00 #Cruncher
2559cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL17:06 TnGuy
1420tNew fee for Vanguard mutual accounts [June 2023 update]08/08 Iorek11:54 Nver2Late
1277t[Debt ceiling discussion mega-thread]01/18 ShaftoesSpreads22:46 Alex Frakt
1169tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 2021 [and later]2021 kellykline21:08 adamhg
710pAlly Online Savings/Money Market Rate Increases2022 BogleMelon14:01 zaplunken
503lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond18:36 martincmartin
280cAny audiophiles on this forum?2019 m@ver1ck12:17 Dregob
222cBest cities with lots of outdoor/hiking activities and good year round weather05/16 fitawrari10:42 stan1
208tVanguard Cash Plus Account Pilot09/02 ScroogeMcDuck21:24 Bama12
168tIs asset allocation possible without looking at historical data04/21 saver700707:34 steve r
164tHow many are holding cash right now?04/27 Yesterdaysnews07:59 Logan Roy
164tHow Much of the Smallcap Effect Could Mutual Fund Investors Have Got?05/25 McQ16:10 McQ
159cCalling all BH wine enthusiasts!2022 khangaroo23:56 khangaroo
158pEveryone is Getting Promoted!!05/31 LaramieWind10:31 Pops1860
147cDoctor says my mom should be in an assisted living facility but we can't afford it05/17 ralphboy10:59 cs412a
132pFactoring in Inheritance to Financial Plans03/05 TinyHouse12:31 InvestorHowie
129cNetflix Household Verification05/24 arf141019:52 Beensabu
110tRisk Parity2021 slowandsteadywi18:32 nisiprius
108pWhy no Vanguard 2% cash back Visa card?2013 lhl1213:13 hachiko
97hCan I retire at 50?06/12 UU37CN1307:14 Tom_T
91tSPIAs - how come they haven't changed?05/30 HomerJ13:25 AlwaysLearningM
91cDefense against the dark arts - Pickpockets!05/31 A. L. Breguet09:36 FRANK2009
82cLast Week Tonight on timeshares03/21 themesrob12:22 goingup
79pProposed update to Roth Conversion wiki page05/12 fyre4ce13:28 hvaclorax
79pIs it safe to assume that RMDs won't deplete one's portfolio?12/16 Mestk559312:34 smitcat
78hInvesting only in VTSAX to reach F.I.R.E... too risky?06/02 Tropical13:01 Jmc1260
75tCliff Asness on bonds and stock telling a different story06/02 steve32108:44 steve321
66cHow does anyone fly on points anymore? (United especially)05/18 MtnTravel11:43 runningshoes
61tFama quotes05/30 exodusing11:55 exodusing
60cWifi for Whole House - Your Recommendations?06/01 ruanddu11:59 idc
58pDoes it ever make sense not to take the joint and survivor pension option?04/30 CyclingDuo08:16 Admiral
54tWhy not growth all the way?06/02 meadowrue10:21 meadowrue
54cI sold my car on Craigslist01/09 baconavocado16:58 Ricola
53hMoving Away from Individual Bonds06/02 retired-early12:48 Artsdoctor
52p42 yrs old - How are we doing?2021 Smartbutnotenou08:01 vxdx
48cFor those in the Bay Area what are typical outage time23:55 gavinsiu13:26 vfinx
47tIs the S&P 500 still diversified?19:24 stocknoob411113:11 SimpleGift
47tTreasury Must Issue 1.4T in New Debt Between Now and Year End13:37 BizarroJerry12:24 JackoC
47tDoes anyone think it's odd that Vanguard has some of the best mutual funds and ETFs but also has some of the weirdest?05/30 GaryA50507:23 Logan Roy
47cWorkarounds for the loss of Xfinity cable box05/10 gavinsiu03:06 ee22bee
45pIs it worth keeping credit card debt if you can "beat" the interest rate?06/01 myrongains12:55 FellsGuy
45pBest use of Chase points?06/02 newyorker06:50 Theseus
45pBanking: Chase, Wells Fargo, or BoA?06/01 SeattleLaw18:20 InvestorHowie
43pHow to Help a Spendthrift Relative (retiree case)06/01 McQ17:51 celia
42cBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu for kids?06/01 davebo12:40 stoptothink
39tWSJ Long Term Care self-insuring article06/02 rustwood13:00 RationalWalk
39pSpending for late 30s retiree17:39 ScroogeMcDuck12:44 zie
38cHow to internalize what you read05/24 jaqenhghar12:04 AnnetteLouisan
37cIRS forcing new Login04/10 andyandyandy12:16 thinair
37tFamily Member Asking About Fidelity Balanced Fund05/27 Charles Joseph07:23 Charles Joseph
36cPossible gas leaks? (Update and new questions)06/02 student12:38 Cheez-It Guy
35hIs there a retirement savings "crunch time"- and are we in it??2020 Pinotage12:05 worthit
34pEstate planning/administration without a lawyer. Is it possible?14:03 fsrph13:03 fsrph
34tWhy are no REIT funds attempting to proxy the real estate market?06/01 cat_guy12:50 JBTX
34pDo we need umbrella insurance?06/02 ChrisTraeger14:05 ChrisTraeger
33hAutomating VT with VTI/VEA/VWO?05/31 hiddenpower12:21 CarefullyCarele
33pHow to plan for helping financially precarious parents in retirement?06/02 transport239110:26 BarbBrooklyn
33tEvaluating SPIAs by implied return or life expectancy05/31 petulant05:23 Wrench
30cFord EVs (and other EVs?) switching to Tesla chargers05/25 harikaried11:00 harikaried
29tDoes it really help to turn off automatic div reinvestment05/30 muel8706:26 muel87
28hAdvice on handling a big windfall06/02 Deviser14:27 trueblueky
27hPurpose of Bonds in AA, Particularly if you have a decent pension?06/02 MrCheapo13:18 suemarkp
27p1099 Contract Work05/14 miamivice17:17 miamivice
26hDo fund-of-funds TLH internally?16:14 CarefullyCarele13:04 CarefullyCarele
25hWhich Merrill Edge money market fund to use?2020 Laundry_Service11:27 DaveTH
25hwhat to do with money for passive income06/02 investor45614:04 Wiggums
24pShould inheritance go to child or grandchild?09:32 tjh12:51 tjh
24tREIT vs Landlord05/31 lilemme07:40 bombcar
24pProperty taxes in California06/02 Ninja21:30 Alex Frakt
23cWhich PC/Specs Are Best For The Task?06/02 tallguy389113:43 tallguy3891
21hAlly Bank Savings account Vs VMFXX05/15 johnpau09:35 DrivingFun
21cCredit Card for my daughter08/25 SimplicityNow04:42 A440
21pReceiving International Wire Transfers2021 RetiredTrvl20:17 cholan
20pDon't Store Significant Amounts of Cash in Payment App Accounts18:51 Northern Flicke13:27 JackoC
20h$300k Cash - Where to put for 3 months?05/04 cbr shadow12:47 the_wiki
20cAmazon claims delivery given directly to a resident but it was not me. UPDATE06/02 Lynette17:52 Lynette
20pEstimated Tax Payments05/19 rich12616:52 SpideyIndexer
20tSCHD Poor Performance06/02 POINT3R16:18 Logan Roy
20cGlasstop Stove White Stains--Anything Else I Can Try05/30 choral5415:41 PottedPlant
19hPortfolio Advice06/01 spinzard10:35 ruralavalon
19hPortfolio Review for Retired Parents in EJ05/25 cadinkis06:04 cadinkis
19pRoth 457 Contributions or Tax Gain Harvesting?06/03 coachd5018:16 lakpr
18hFidelity Freedom Index fund19:21 johnkgan13:27 the_wiki
18pSaving for Next Home Options06/01 scgamecocks294607:32 jodhpur
17nTransitioning to Bonds06/01 Aaron1411:17 invest4
17nKeeping most asset amounts in US after retiring abroad permanently.06/02 ebeb05:18 EddyB
17tWhy is cash allocation so high in Vanguard 2065 Target Date Fund?06/03 25millz18:58 yules
17pDo financial advisor typically do multigenerational planning06/02 gavinsiu17:47 FreddieFIRE
17pList with a realtor vs FSBO?06/03 mnnice16:41 Outer Marker
16tSubstituting broad portfolio with growth in taxable account?05/31 digitalchampion23:16 digitalchampion
15hAnyone ever sold their TIAA annuity?06/02 RationalWalk13:08 RationalWalk
15cCruise AND DisneyWorld ... doable?19:41 srt712:37 SuzBanyan
15pHelp me plan for medical school06/03 VooPhiladelphia10:35 TacoLover
15cThinkpad X1 Nano? And compatibility with iCloud Drive?02/04 NYCaviator18:17 bondsr4me
14tTIPS vs Total Bond06/03 Always passive09:46 quisp65
14pIs it true that first 10% of reaching a goal is the hardest?17:18 investor_power07:58 RadAudit
14pSocial Security Survivor Benefits06/03 SuzBanyan19:38 talzara
14tJapan nikkei 225 total return since 198905/22 psriniva19:05 psriniva
14hwhat to do with accumulated cash value in group universal life policy?2021 shipbuilder17:41 Stinky
14cWhen to replace AC units?06/03 RXfiles17:28 UALflyer
14pSavings account as primary?06/02 manlymatt8315:23 manlymatt83
12t[Market prediction assuming that 2022-2025 is similar to 1980-1982]21:26 invest2bfree12:54 Johm221122
12cMedicare supplement, insurance company covered individuals14:42 preach12:45 preach
12hIs a smart-beta portfolio worth it for 200+ bp fee?06/01 anxon h.12:18 60B4E24B
12pNavigating the kiddie tax05/31 hand07:27 986racer
12cSummer Virtual/Home "School" programs for kids06/02 ThankYouJack07:19 stoptothink
12hShort term investment ideas05/28 johnkgan18:02 Outer Marker
12pInheriting US assets from non-citizen06/01 unclescrooge16:14 unclescrooge
11hLosses with Total Bond market index fund, suggestions on next steps12:32 trybogle13:25 ruralavalon
11tAQR warning: time to rotate to International?08:37 steve32111:15 secondopinion
11pGnucash best practices/workflows/habits for a newby05/30 guppyguy20:14 AstroJohn
11pFlaws in Vanguard security key implementation05/09 jc715117:48 StevieG72
11pExcel circular reference computing Roth conversions06/01 privateID16:37 privateID
10pSmall business LLC in Texas for access to PPOs in early retirement09:22 inception13:05 MP123
10cXfinity’s policy in upgrading equipment01:04 gavinsiu12:40 student
10hFund Roths from brokerage15:20 Unbrokenspark12:31 teen persuasion
10hAdvice on Large Cap Value/Growth Funds06/03 RetireGood22:54 investment guy
10hModest ROTH IRA Conversion to start "5-year holding period"06/03 Sandwich15:06 erp
9hWindfall advice07:08 boots202312:56 Taylor Larimore
9pAnother Job Offer Posting07:34 austriak12:16 oilrig
9pHow much down payment?05/31 iamspartacus10:13 toddthebod
9pAny better way to get a second mortgage than Discover’s 7.5% loan?05/31 Starbase22:36 lakpr
9tAnother brilliant Ben Carlson column15:57 sleepysurf22:36 Rajsx
9pPC app like personal capital but NOT online?15:52 vanguarded19:46 student
9hVanguard advisors [Looking for advice about advisors]06/02 halibut913:46 dbr
8hBeginner please help!01:45 Chris33310:11 tibbitts
8pLT Capitol Gain situation question06/03 Bikealot09:02 5280Tim
8hVT vs VTI+VXUS06/03 Kaione22:31 Trance
8pCost basis information when changing brokerage houses06/02 miamivice21:25 sd55
8hCDs or MMF for excess cash04/04 grenadaRocks20:49 normaldude
8hQuestion on buying T-Bills from Vanguard03/10 FB0120:30 muel87
7h401(k) to IRA Transfer While Still Employed??07:52 zeldak13:23 zeldak
7hDoes regular income get tax first? or qualified dividends gets taxed first?08:55 andysnp12:55 livesoft
7pToo much business with one bank?18:20 MtnTravel12:03 Jimbo Moneybags
7pBuy or walk away at end of lease scenario14:42 jojay11:06 pahkcah
7tMuni ETFs and Tax Equiv. Yield06/02 v4208:34 v42
7cDumb Down iPhone?17:30 ThankYouJack06:12 ThankYouJack
7plocum hospitalist physician positions - suggestions and recommendations?06/03 bernoulli21:05 snowday2022
7tIs there a way to see a fund’s historical expense ratio?15:17 isaachemingway20:19 toddthebod
7tInsights from calculating previous 7 Years Annual and Real Return05/30 SantaClaraSurfe20:15 SantaClaraSurfe
7hTax Treatment of Brokerage Account Interest Over Time, Etc.05/29 Eda4418:33 placeholder
6pHelp With Projecting Growth of Social Security PIA at Age 7012:35 careerdata13:23 ehh
6cAlgaecide for Backyard Waterfall?06/03 windaar10:05 jebmke
6cFood delivery services05:25 Parkinglotracer08:28 stoptothink
6p401k transfer careabouts06/02 bdesilusa00:16 mbltna
6cTV shows similar to Episodes?06/01 SpideyIndexer20:30 cashmoney
6tQuestion about Bill Bengen's study06/03 A44016:44 A440
5pCareer Change - Architecture or Construction Management11:38 allones13:28 Hebell
5cAMEX Platinum newbie questions regarding credit (Resolved)21:32 student12:38 student
5pIs a monthly pension, that has been replaced by an annuity, due to plan termination, taxable in Pennsylvania?22:20 water235712:21 lstone19
5hDiversification2007 SamG11:50 Cubs Fan
5hFDKLX vs VTI for Roth IRA19:15 johnkgan11:11 Johm221122
5hFinancial Review for FI in 5-10 years10:00 Jsdi7873hd11:06 stan1
5pClaiming Soc Sec benefits when you qualify for spousal and personal benefits06/02 GoCougs09:13 GoCougs
5hPortfolio builder for multiple accounts06/03 Eeebee18:04 Eeebee
5pUmbrella insurance through AAA06/02 SlowMovingInves16:52 brianonearth
5hMove 457 account to Vanguard?06/03 diyinvestor14:34 ruralavalon
4pPlanning for parent's retirement health coverage12:41 johnaltabc13:23 johnaltabc
4tMortgage vs 10 year bond (spread)22:38 grouponde200011:23 Wwwdotcom
4hAsset Allocation Advice for Legacy Funds07:17 toocold09:31 LadyGeek
4pSocial Security planning19:38 dms117008:58 Kenkat
4hPortfolio Review20:22 JFin208:53 Outer Marker
4tWhy do US small and mid caps currently have lower PEs than large?01:48 ckangas08:50 JoMoney
4pMinimizing taxes for a downpayment06/03 DoubleClick18:08 delamer
3hVUG TLH partner - why not MGK+VOT?16:56 shipbuilder13:18 the_wiki
3hIs money ever in cash at Vanguard?10:54 DrivingFun12:58 sycamore
3cIOS Real Time Translator App Recommendations: French-> English or Spanish21:19 BillyV00108:47 crefwatch
3hDad inheriting Mom's TDA(403B)22:21 jayboss04:55 Stinky
2hRetirement account calculator18:10 scgamecocks294612:59 the_wiki
2hFZZFX or FXNAX11:33 mikeyzito2212:38 mikeyzito22
2p529 account beneficiary18:06 miamivice11:34 miamivice
2hBuying Treasury Bill question10:08 Danw10:55 Danw
2t'Bogleheads® on Investing' #58: Mike Piper on 'More than Enough'06/01 Jon Luskin08:03 Jon Luskin
2nWill Early Investment Allow Early Retirement? [Australia]05/29 squidinksoup06:25 andrew99999
2hWithdrawing Roth 403b and Roth IRA contributions because of foreign income exclusion01:10 LambertStrether02:10 celia
1pDo I really need supplemental disability insurance?13:19 NashTransplant13:20 AnnetteLouisan
1hHow many Retirees 65 y/o PLUS are going into Retirement with 70% - 80% PLUS in STOCKS??12:52 mholdi154013:08 dbr
1cStockholm hotels12:40 joetro2912:45 neilpilot
1cYubikey 4 - are they still useful16:59 gavinsiu12:27 kevinf
1tCan One Roth Convert Treasuries In-Kind?23:58 Count If01:07 123
0hVanguard Holding search tool12:44 kissmoneyblog 
0hBrokerage Account - Rebalancing11:32 sundartrajan 
0pAdjustment exception question about IRS form 1116, Foreign Tax credit08:58 spottedtiles 
0tMajor Typo in Bogleheads Wiki08:09 Call_Me_Op 
0cTravel to and from Mount Vesuvius21:41 stilllurking 
0hCan you pay a Vanguard IRA account fee with Vanguard taxable account funds?21:28 water2357 
0tImproving your risk tolerance17:59 martincmartin 

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