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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1395 new posts and replies over 204 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2937cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:41 Ninnie
2128pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy23:12 BW1985
1435tA different approach to asset allocation2007 market timer02:47 sergeant
607pEquifax customer information leak09/07 finjour08:45 flamesabers
537tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab03:35 SlowMovingInves
528cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson13:53 Earl Lemongrab
317tMichael Kitces 4% rule podcast on Madfientist08/31 camper121:18 2015
309cIs it really Worth it to brown bag your lunch at work?09/12 investingdad16:37 VictoriaF
254cName something you had to have and now you regret purchasing it?09/05 harrington09:21 bluebolt
189cUSAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card10/13 SurferLife21:15 Dendritic Tree
170hWow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.02/07 blueman217:15 randomguy
154pLet's talk about your FI # and family income [Financial Independence]09/15 Admiral09:31 Admiral
125t[Bitcoin] question08/29 CodeMaster09:54 Serje
104pCalling out the not so rich bogleheads09/18 skor9909:30 Edge_90
101tCan a TIPS ladder 'fail' ?07/23 Dudley18:26 FIREchief
95pThe 10 year car ownership "rule"09/12 kamikazekid13:59 ClemsonBogle
86hVanguard Lousy Customer Service02/24 AndroAsc21:36 sambb
64cLawyer overbilling for prenup review09/15 Castamere07:59 bluebolt
64pGetting over emotional attachment to house09/17 Petrocelli07:53 Jags4186
64cGrass trimmer02/28 Gufomel07:17 p0nyboy
63tLarry Swedroe: Vanguard Debunks Dividend Myth09/18 Random Walker09:51 hoops777
62pOnline Bill Pay Security: Push or Pull?09/19 DaftInvestor09:52 tfb
60pPsychological effects of Early Retirement in peak earning years.09/16 fsrph01:46 stvyreb
58cCostco vs sams club vs neither.15:11 JBTX09:04 Iliketoridemybi
56pWhat is FI if you love your job? [Financial Independence]09/17 DC350906:15 wander
55cGetting (young) kids interested in coding09/18 daggerboard09:22 J G Bankerton
55pMedicare patients pay FAR MORE at 1300 rural Critical Access Hospitals09/16 bogobetty20:57 randomguy
55lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte11:36 SEAworld9
54pCan't freeze credit at Experian?09/09 slin22:00 mdwpsyd
52tWhat is the main purpose of rebalancing?09/18 flyingaway17:01 dodecahedron
46hFidelity Taxable - Tax Exempt Bond Options? Short or Mid Term?07/24 flyersrule11:51 flyersrule
44cHow much do you spend on "entertainment"?09/18 Tutty5908:26 jadd806
44tIf the US dollar fails, are stocks safe?2011 TranceLordSnyde18:04 roflwaffle
43pWorth buying an excessive priced house?09/18 ThankYouJack21:48 gloss151
40cBuying nightguards (teeth grinding)09/17 coffeehubcap20:08 SR II
40cHome energy monitoring2015 4nursebee12:30 Valuethinker
38lBogleheads you would most like to meet and why?09/18 Nectarineman09:43 Sunny Sarkar
38cblood pressure monitor recommendations?09/14 seashell23:22 seashell
38pHow long did it take for Equifax to email you a security sign up?09/15 cdu719:27 need403bhelp
38tThe Difference Between Risk and Uncertainty09/17 Leesbro6319:03 bobcat2
37cUSPS lost very important certified mail - What next?09/18 scorp_pccorp09:29 dm200
33pEstate planning advice for young parents in Massachusetts09/13 beehappy15:29 FIREchief
33c2018 Outback Limited vs. 2017 CR-V EX-L09/17 htdrag1114:55 htdrag11
33t"Goldman's Bear Market Indicator Shows Crash Dead Ahead"09/17 abw13:41 TheHouse7
32c1st medical bill, already overdue and threaten to send to collection09/14 beserker09:29 J G Bankerton
32tAny "average Joe" here actually make out well with individual stocks?11:44 wstalcup09:15 Righty
31hHow to allocate between 401k with expensive fees + Vangaurd09/12 cpan00b10:45 cpan00b
31hWhat to do with divorce settlement05/24 bigguy843710:34 bigguy8437
30cMemory Foam Mattress Recomendations09/17 aj76er09:26 takeshi
29pHelp With Rental Property Decision09/18 Alana88802:51 Alana888
29pNew BOA Premium Rewards Card09/19 FrugalProfessor18:48 indexonlyplease
29tmeasurement of success of investment(s)09/18 wstalcup15:02 Portfolio7
28tData-driven individual stock approach10:42 psteinx20:08 DenisD
27pEquifax Credit Freeze 100% online09/15 djpeteski22:01 marcopolo
27hClueless on taxes but have luxury of both 403b and 457 space09/07 BashDash21:15 CyclingDuo
27tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?06/01 Mel Lindauer13:17 celia
25cConvertible in Florida or not...09/18 NewBog2106:21 smitcat
24cCcleaner (32-bit) had malware payload with legit signed version09/18 donfairplay17:06 JBTX
24pWhere to park $200K cash?09/18 misterno16:50 chicagoan23
23tBitcoin AA - Just out of Curiousity13:04 cal9109:24 queso
22pDeceased Mother medical bill09/15 MissionHockey09:23 MissionHockey
22hTake The Lump Sum or The Immediate Annuity?09/18 michaellarimore23:50 itstoomuch
22cColor printer suggestions: high quality output, low cost of ink09/17 need403bhelp19:06 need403bhelp
22t401(k)/403(b) Conversion to Roth IRA08/15 marklearnsbogle15:25 deltaneutral83
21c2018 Subaru Outback09/04 goldensam09:10 destinationnc
21hVanguard for non-resident aliens14:47 hiddensee03:57 in_reality
21pEquifax is a mess09/14 retire1419:46 MnD
20h24F Looking to start an aggressive portfolio09/18 keys_af07:15 jadd806
20cWhat is a decent financial book that everyone should buy?09/18 BogleMelon21:45 rec7
20pUse HSA for previously incurred medical expenses, and full-year HSA contribution limits?2016 uuuuu18:45 Spirit Rider
20hMaking my own Total US stock market fund.09/18 paulso2117:03 mega317
19tRewards of Multiple Asset Class Investing01/20 Random Walker09:32 Random Walker
19hBest book for planning your retirement?09/08 Petrocelli21:11 Robert The Bruc
19pShort term disability insurance09/18 Triple digit go16:32 pintail07
19pDonor Advised Fund: Am I thinking about this correctly?09/18 InvestorThom15:59 Artsdoctor
19cTime to buy a used VW Diesel?09/19 munemaker15:47 LadyGeek
19tWhat am I missing, Bogle/Buffet investment philosophy09/17 TheTimeLord13:47 new2bogle
19hNew Job, First Time Investing, How-To09/17 error13:26 BL
18pWhat is the right career path for me?12:16 Derivative08:46 Simple Simon
18pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436020:28 NancyABQ
18hAdvise on what to do with additional savings09/17 beth6513:06 beth65
18cDisputing credit card transaction for programming Car FOB?09/18 BogleMelon12:43 Katietsu
17h€ 20,000-portfolio-idea - reasonable or not?08/15 dillastarr21:32 in_reality
17pTo Refinance or not to Refinance09/15 Payoffhouse21:14 Watty
17cFinding contractor for small-ish, hourly job (deck carpentry)10:16 psteinx19:55 ram
17pTired of investing, where to once and for all09/18 Mr. Digweed16:51 Earl Lemongrab
17hIf you don't care about optimal performance?09/19 flyingaway12:24 Svensk Anga
17tBitcoin Return and Investing Ideas09/18 grayfox10:18 Serje
16pThe Magic of Savings Rate17:42 heybro09:44 alfaspider
16cLease vs. Buy debate with a twist...19:06 adpd200809:37 takeshi
16hGetting father-in-law off of UBS & its 1.5% AUM fee09/19 TinkerPDX08:24 deltaneutral83
16hMilitary: Investing a Windfall in Expensive Market?09/18 TheCav1423:19 Pajamas
16cHelp selling scion xa09/16 eagleeyes16:04 FuyuKei
16hNew 401(k) Provider - Empower Retirement09/12 remasteredx213:06 ruralavalon
16hRoth or Traditional IRA for my spouse09/18 wilwoodjoyce11:51 wilwoodjoyce
15hAge 40: Requesting Look At Portfolio09/18 bluerafters09:26 onthecusp
15hAsset Location: 401k All Fixed Income?12:12 1210sda09:21 1210sda
15cCar recommendation09/18 adpd200819:45 daveydoo
15pIHG hotel booking - Reward Night unavailable09/18 rjbraun15:56 BeneIRA
14cAmazon Prime Card Points Can (and Should?) Pay Off Card09/19 JupiterJones09:49 takeshi
14hPimco Income Fund - What am I missing?09/30 LMCready22:10 aristotelian
14cAnother cut the cable thread09/19 Frisco Kid19:11 adpd2008
14cTransferring I Bonds to Son09/18 Old Guy11:01 TBillT
13p30yr Mortgage Refi Rates09/18 DireStraits09:10 DriftWood
13hRebalancing - In Taxable Account09/19 renue7417:57 Earl Lemongrab
13hPlease review my early retirement plan09/18 HotRod15:21 delamer
13hOpinions on moving to VG09/18 jayars3514:35 Jack FFR1846
13hTD Ameritrade Performance Tracking09/18 jbow4413:05 pshonore
12pDo you pay for credit monitoring?21:10 Nectarineman08:13 sambb
12hNew to Investing. 450k cash21:01 zen8805:48 indexonlyplease
11tWhy is VXUS up and VTIAX down?06/07 rabbitrun08:27 fantasytensai
11tNew Betterment Portfolio Strategies09/13 bzargarcia06:08 Explorer
11tHello and a Question ["The Little Book That (Still) Beats the Market"]09/18 forusc1919:10 GibsonL6s
11hCDs and Required Minimum Distributions09:57 bikechuck14:29 zengolf2011
11pTemporary lift for Equifax freeze was free09/18 poordad13:48 Nicolas
10cAre quality exterior doors worth it?22:24 jmk09:38 Sandtrap
10hWhere do mid-caps fit it?19:37 BogleAlltheWay09:21 BogleAlltheWay
10ponline security questions and some comments20:10 SpideyIndexer09:16 JGoneRiding
10h40 Year Olds, how are we doing.. and other questions20:49 turner223:26 turner2
10tbest practices when buying a large amount of stock09/19 wstalcup23:06 venkman
10hA series of misinformed decisions and now the painful realization. Help with current 401K, 457B, prior 401K's, other q's09/18 tubelight20:41 CyclingDuo
10hScottrade pain coming...15:07 bcowan1220:35 celia
10hWhich 401k plan is better? This is for a small dental office08/24 3puttpar19:53 Vanguard Fan 13
10h[Help with Edward Jones account]05/16 lalainvest55218:16 LadyGeek
10hNew employer's 401k and other questions09/15 carlos217:34 Duckie
10hTax Efficient Placement for Retirement Assets when Starting in 50s Following Major Loss09/18 efinance16:45 Da5id
9pPlease help with evaluation of whole life and term from Northwest mutual.04:22 tubelight09:31 Nate79
9tMultiple sources of income - fact or fiction?23:16 lisaac08:28 bottlecap
9cComforter: Down Filling with Cotton Covering09/18 gkaplan00:12 TheStig
9lDC Bogleheads Meeting in Ballston with Sita Slavov09/16 bobcat217:09 VictoriaF
8hTracking HSA investment income/cost basis for CA state taxes15:04 GuineaPig09:28 cas
8hInvestment and Portfolio Advice09/15 takumi8702:50 takumi87
8hRetiree Roth Withdrawals09/18 jkirkmd21:50 Watty
8hTIAA (GSRA) Traditional09/18 spdoublebass20:24 jasg
8tWhat will happen to a USD Hedged fund if the USD Declines, VTABX09/17 thirdman11:34 nisiprius
7cTime for a new laptop?08:41 dodgy5509:51 danwhite77
7pHelp in understanding annuity benefit base, free amount, etc.09/16 bighatnohorse09:42 bighatnohorse
7h*New question* Worth it to go into 403(b) from TIRA/SIMPLE?09/18 WorkToLive08:44 WorkToLive
7pChexSystems site not secure?17:51 bill8820:41 azurekep
7hFinancial Review ($800K Nest Egg)09/17 authrd20:21 authrd
7pChristine Benz: Don't Neglect the Softer Side of Your Estate Plan Document and share your wishes for end-of-life care.09/18 gkaplan15:17 2015
7pCritique my Plan for Funding Delay of SS09/17 vested109:57 vested1
6hVanguard total us dividend for Sept?07:37 am09:10 livesoft
6hVanguard Custody Question05/28 Money Market22:58 Money Market
6hActive Duty Airmen(24) Looking to maximize investment potentional09/17 keys_af20:17 blaugranamd
6hHelp with conservative alloction strategy09/18 luv4seasons16:31 retiredjg
6pBarclaycards lost activation09/18 bluelight14:25 bluelight
6pMedicare Supplemental - BCBS vs United Healthcare09/15 nc70013:49 fandango
5hAutomate Savings06:24 amd723909:20 CyclingDuo
5tdifferences between stock exchanges09/18 wstalcup09:15 alec
5h5-6 wks. for IRA transfer, (expletive deleted)21:32 gadfly88808:54 Jack FFR1846
5hHealth Savings Account>>VMVAX18:06 jackhensy07:51 aristotelian
5cPassword manager questions and recomendation for Kindle Fire HDX?09/18 samtex23:28 PetaHertz
5pThoughts on adjusting withholding for an expected tax credit?09/18 jimmyrules71222:06 grabiner
5cHelp finding a whole house humidifier19:45 John194820:33 Iliketoridemybi
5cInteractive Brokers 2FA09/15 Hyperborea13:25 galeno
5hConsidering a Bond Ladder. Your opinion?10:34 Chitowncamerama11:13 goingup
4hRoth Conversions and taxes08:17 veyron09:25 livesoft
4tLarry Swedroe: Dividend Strategies Fall Short07:16 Random Walker09:23 Random Walker
4hInternational index fund ideas.12:58 CnC08:58 CnC
4pCar almost paid off then what?06:46 TM9008:39 lthenderson
4tTable in BH Guide to investing - Did I miss something?15:35 DoubleCheck08:04 emoore
4tNorway now owns 1.3% of the entire global stock market.21:11 kosomoto22:27 LadyGeek
4hCan I have 2 HSA accounts14:02 raf191916:47 curmudgeon
4pOverseas real estate markets09/18 snowman900014:56 unclescrooge
4hFinancial Review09/18 thawjoop14:45 ruralavalon
4hBackdoor Roth Conversion09/19 Carrot13:05 Carrot
4h59 1/2 Distribution Age Question09/19 groverson11:11 Alan S.
3tOil - Price & Supply/Demand Conundrum09:18 Doc09:41 Doc
3hsolo 401k, husband and wife LLC08:40 theplayer1109:25 JBTX
3tFederal Reserve September 2017 meeting08:24 riptide09:14 livesoft
3pFinancial advice pay off mortgage now or keep cash for closing09/17 colddeadfish23:19 Saving$
3pPartially correct form CP200020:06 CRC30123:01 Katietsu
3hFidelity Freedom® 2045 Fund FSNZX vs FXIAX?14:43 hilk8220:23 Finance-MD
3cIdentity theft / restoration insurance from State Farm - good or bad deal?09/18 megaroth19:44 Nate79
3hNew Investor - Three Fund Portfolio17:19 KetchupKing19:22 BogleCPA
3tK-1s and UBTI14:44 SlowMovingInves15:50 SlowMovingInves
3pCredit freeze for minors09/18 wxl3114:05 Rupert
2cVirtual Offices in NYC (Earth Class Mail?)18:06 metrunt04:20 msi
2pRent out vs Sell with models00:56 finance_learner03:08 CurlyDave
2tCongrats to Mr. Warren Buffett, we knew you would win...:)18:55 joeindex20:06 VictoriaF
2h401(k) & working for only a year before returning to school14:06 Vorpal20:02 Vorpal
2tClosed End fund ROC17:41 cmills18:30 prudent
2hEdward Jones Guided Solutions Fees [moving from but need new advisor]09:55 Birdgirl52218:18 LadyGeek
2hMy entry into Lazyland (long)11:51 shrunkenhead16:22 Valuethinker
2cBuyer's agent vs. Openlistings10:34 TrendyTightwad15:14 unclescrooge
2pVanguard: Your Investing Life™: Managing your money after divorce.09/18 gkaplan13:46 The Wizard
2pReminder: Transition your account10:15 susa10:52 flamesabers
1hDoes bid-ask spread matter with automatic reinvestment?09:48 jmk09:52 livesoft
1tNet Worth divided between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts09:26 Longdog09:32 steve roy
1tReuters article - Vanguard asks passive investors to pay attention for proxy vote08:50 Paul Romano09:08 TD2626
1tS&P fund Classification23:47 LittlePrince00:01 AlohaJoe
1h529 asset allocation09/19 Soon2BXProgramm11:01 goodenyou
1hDoes anyone know what the latest Bob Brinker portfolio is?09/19 rec709:56 123
0hPulling out same-year contributions from ROTH IRA09:42 mikec0206 
0hPOD & IRA09:35 dfin 
0his AQR long-short really less risky than TSM?09:30 jmk 
0hSelling a rental property & dealing with capital gains21:59 MikeMak27 
0tDCP rollover: rollover first or convert first?20:39 jusden 
0t"Governing Board Approves 20 Percent Increase to TSP Budget"19:55 gkaplan 
0pJohn Rekenthaler: "The Latest Salvo Against Indexing"18:52 gkaplan 
0pVanguard: "Your Investing Life™: Helping parents prepare for the future."18:47 gkaplan 
0pSet Up Dependent Care FSA for Sole Proprietor LLC: Is it Even Possible?14:21 MoneyJungle 
0pSocial Security - Applying Online for Age 70 Benefit - Avoiding Retroactive Payments12:52 Electron 

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