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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1390 new posts and replies over 206 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
8442tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill01:57 oldzey
3881cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36800:39 HIinvestor
3446cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:58 jdb
3054pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy00:20 xb7
2340tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore19:18 CABob
2026tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb19:22 Portfolio7
791pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest01:09 AlohaJoe
696cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater15:58 CULater
640tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5320:07 jhfenton
503cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman19:45 mindgap
331lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE19:56 Miriam2
199tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton18:42 jhfenton
191pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15115:17 jainn
148cBest values at Costco? Honestly, a little disappointed...12/02 fortfun23:20 criticalmass
137pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son12:05 CyclingDuo
132lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam220:16 Miriam2
123tLarry Swedroe: Be Prepared For Losses10/03 Random Walker23:36 WanderingDoc
115tPassive Index Investing, A Bubble Bound To Burst?07/27 generallyspeaki17:16 Benjamin Buffet
114pShould I decline Grand Prize trip because of taxes on winnings?2017 ldebhaar18:07 Shackleton
113tDo long-term bonds belong in one's portfolio?12/08 CULater20:30 HEDGEFUNDIE
108cLED light bulbs2017 gac197902:17 iamlucky13
104lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte17:50 indexlover
99tIgnored Risks of Factor Investing12/07 typical.investo23:52 jalbert
93h20M Inheritance - What is best option for small/no risk on principal?12/06 fwdmotion22:26 LadyGeek
91hRetiring in 2 weeks, Traditional 401k12/06 reeko053001:57 reeko0530
89cNespresso?08/03 NextMil14:06 BigoteGato
87cIs this normal for an HOA?12/04 goodlifer11:45 jharkin
84lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite16:31 tampaite
71pare pre-fabricated / manufactured homes a bad investment?10:15 F150HD00:31 J G Bankerton
69pRental Car Damage Issue12/08 oaks22:42 LadyGeek
69hFidelity Money Market Funds for everyday expenses01/12 FabianMontescu20:53 RIMDBogle
64cGutters and gutter guards2016 Triple digit go09:18 Geneyus
62cCertified Used BMW, Audi or Mercedes01/28 Buster6520:46 cutterinnj
60cWhy is the Honda Fit so hard to find?11/27 Calico21:38 stimulacra
55hRetired in your late 40s or early 50s?12/02 blahblahsunshin06:42 traineeinvestor
52tYou already own international stocks with VTSMX etc [Vanguard Total Stock Market]12/08 Indianrock20:09 Earl Lemongrab
49hSolid my entire portfolio 12/3/1812/06 videocrafters12:43 RIMDBogle
48tWe Are Teetering on the Edge of A DEATH CROSS12/06 Typ997S02:06 oldzey
48tTips breakevens and illiquidity premia12/06 grok8721:36 hdas
46lSan Antonio Local Chapter Established2016 bdrolan15:53 9to5er
43pHome addition vs. Buying New11/12 boston8510:09 Geneyus
42tdoes the 4% withdrawal guideline include dividends?11:13 lomarica0123:33 randomguy
41cportable jump starters12/06 go_mets17:59 Wakefield1
39tVanguard Individual 401K now offering Admiral funds11/22 RickBoglehead23:54 White Coat Inve
39p23 years old 40K saved. What would you do?11/26 ynotyese.713:52 ThriftyPhD
38pRenting out 1st first home; how to get mortgage for second?12/01 goblue10222:22 Carefreeap
38tThe risks of equities when saving for retirement12/05 CULater13:46 CULater
37tInternational underperformance - how to break it down12/08 Ultralight Hike20:39 oldzey
37p457 vs 403b11/11 cjniemiec19:40 jrmillions
37hHas anyone adjusted their stock allocation on the dip?12/08 Golfview17:38 KlangFool
37tVgd alt strategies fund (vasfx) open to retail investors?07/27 grok8717:36 grok87
37cNew QUIET Tires for Accord12/05 gmc4h23210:53 gmc4h232
36hHelping Parents with Retirement08/11 DrDexter20:46 delamer
35tLarry Swedroe: Understanding TIPS12/07 Random Walker00:22 Ben Mathew
35pFinancial planning for new military member - multiple questions12/01 snowman20:59 warner25
34hStressed/Job loss/Retirement possible?12/07 jamgand10:32 mouses
33t"The 10 Worst Places To Get Investing Advice"12/08 Taylor Larimore22:53 Fallible
33cTeachers, Professors, and others with lots of vacation days: what do you do in the summer?06:42 Fm201818:40 mlebuf
31cAttic insulation-R30 to R60 worth it?12/08 DVA7923:25 RetiredAL
30pFidelity solo 401k profit sharing contributions2016 Gemini23:51 Spirit Rider
30hDollar Cost Averaging or Lump Sum in Current Market11/26 CloudStrife199008:36 CloudStrife1990
28hVanguard Wellesly Income12/08 WaldenAshes17:50 iamblessed
26tAnother Roth vs. Traditional question10:20 LookingForward02:35 fennewaldaj
26pMarriott Starwood Security breach - 500 million guests11/30 NoHeat12:49 CardinalRule
25hAdvice for older and younger person saving for retirement?12:32 starrynight4000:41 mhadden1
25cSpotify or Amazon Music?12/08 tc10100:18 Drovor
25pSkipping last COBRA payment12/06 Golfview12:54 LadyGeek
23cElectric bill with LED20:30 dmk39503:22 Valuethinker
22hWhat am I not getting about the value of TIPS funds?12/08 nbseer22:22 jalbert
21pYNAB: Age of Money12/07 rashad300010:08 nolesrule
20pBuying house for cash, sellers requesting proof of assets12/07 TheGreyingDuke23:44 OnTrack
20hBest Re-balancing technique . . .12/08 MikeT11:33 ruralavalon
19tLow need to take risk - decrease allocation to stocks?13:29 ge122:41 SoAnyway
19pACA - prove you don't have income12/08 michaeljc7014:46 Ron Ronnerson
19cGE Washing Machine Screeching Sound12/06 Kennedy13:36 IowaFarmBoy
18cContractor draws during remodeling project12/08 Broken Man 199900:32 Cruise
18cPC Build Suggestions12/08 Alexa923:44 biturbo
17hSolo 401k Advice16:14 jlm41122:47 southerndoc
17h30 years old, 250k portfolio allocation?12/07 happyluckbox17:00 l1am
16hITOT $60, VTI $134 [iShares Total US vs. Vanguard Total Market]09:35 Sirjames20:02 triceratop
16tWhat should a new investor being reading?12/08 eddyphamelin19:25 Taylor Larimore
16tIs the division of international markets into "developed" and "emerging" meaningful?12/06 tc10111:12 WanderingDoc
15pWills, Estates and Trusts07:08 WolfgangPauli01:07 Luckywon
15hSPIA or CD Ladder10:01 Bigfish23:49 randomguy
15hWindfall predicament12:04 weirs20:15 grabiner
15hStock, Bonds, REIT belongs in Taxable vs ROTH?11/17 Tayskiing13:26 Tayskiing
15cWindow condensation12/01 Startled Cat11:58 Startled Cat
15hRoth conversion12/05 Dahl4911:08 FiveK
15hCan I transfer 2019 IRA money to Vanguard right now so I can put it in Jan 2?12/07 720pete09:36 jhfenton
14tTarget Life Strategy Moderate 60/40 in Taxable? Options to simplify12/08 Dink201821:12 KlangFool
14hManaging my own portfolio12/06 soulpatch18:51 Duckie
14tQuestion: When Bubbles Burst, Do Asset Prices Go Below Instrinsic Value?12/05 Park15:45 TheNightsToCome
13hPortfolio review (New Zealand - but please don't be put off by that)12/08 MTF03:26 Valuethinker
13t"STAY THE COURSE" by John C. Bogle -- A Gem12/03 Taylor Larimore02:09 oldzey
13pHow will 80k inheritance affect medicaid, section 8, food stamp eligibility in PA?20:57 ElmoHongZito02:01 GrowthSeeker
13cAre you glad you bought an Xfinity Telephony Modem?11/30 mbres6023:32 OnTrack
13cChristmas Tree Fire: Watered Tree vs. Dry Tree07:45 TLC195723:22 criticalmass
13pIrrevocable Trust Grantor Tax Reporting12/08 frisbeeaddict23:06 samsmith
13hRequesting advice09:07 johnkgan19:14 arcticpineapple
13hBob Brinker Retirement12/08 kauailover12:32 Housedoc
13tChristine Benz next podcast guest12/08 Rick Ferri11:41 averagedude
12hHow to handle large, scheduled, lump sum investments / payments?12/07 sarabayo02:39 sarabayo
12hWhat can I be doing better?16:08 Tayskiing18:12 StretchNM
12pSocial Security Planning with a Disabled Child05/29 Purdue15:01 Purdue
11h0% Long Term Capital Gain rate?11:37 Ken7223:06 Ken72
11tTax ramification question12/08 sperry810:32 grabiner
11hSavings Plan for a Sole Proprietor - Backdoor SEP?12/06 iceddante07:23 Spirit Rider
10hPortfolio review for 29 & 30 year olds.13:08 tsmothers01:39 cutehumor
10cEquifax Data Breach11/01 Padlin01:30 ReadyOrNot
10hShould I invest in 401k AND Roth 401k?12:14 BaylorBears20:51 FiveK
10pAre 401k contribution percents on salary before or after FSA/HSA elections?12/08 ipo_fin_z20:17 Spirit Rider
10hMutual Fund for UTMA Accounts12:49 travelogue16:13 Grt2bOutdoors
10hStay in Company 401 at retirement or roll to an IRA?12/08 cloneman3314:57 Spirit Rider
10hTransferring Fidelity IRA to Vanguard IRA -- Does Current Allocation Seem Okay?12/06 LostSneakers14:18 radiowave
10cGuitar Players -CAGED system12/08 MP17314:04 gittarman
9hTax question-above the line12/07 Andrew32100:20 FiveK
9hAge 60, portfolio review for possible retirement soon09:45 Old Sage(brush)20:46 NoHeat
9pACA, COBRA, and Medicare12/08 TravelforFun12:29 Blister
9pHSA recordkeeping question (old receipts)12/07 texasdiver11:05 jebmke
8hSimple Plan for Money Needed in 18 months to 7 Years12/08 darkhorse34621:16 2015
8hPension vs Lump Sum payment12/07 johnny21:10 #Cruncher
8tBenchmark for Tax Equivalent Yield?12/08 bck6312:09 bck63
8hIt is time for a Retirement Plan11/25 Michael70712:08 Michael707
8hVanguard Global Wellesley12/05 sawhorse10:25 steve r
7pAre US long-term capital gains a marginal tax rate?21:58 Iovanaire00:08 FiveK
7p401k to Roth rollover or conversion?12/09 ReadyOrNot22:04 lakpr
7pHow can I check the status of my Experian credit freeze?08:58 saintsfan34200019:33 LadyGeek
7hConsiderations for rolling an IRA into employers 401K05/14 shorekat1419:10 Earl Lemongrab
7hTax loss harvesting, Fidelity round-trip violation09:47 kxl1915:49 stlutz
7hAllocation, timing, volatility12/07 anym8r14:04 nedsaid
7pIs 401k or IRA better? and how do you value the backdoor Roth?12/07 homeslice12:37 Earl Lemongrab
7tIs a company's stock buyback optional or mandatory for individual shareholders?12/08 Global10007:41 Valuethinker
6hretirement contributions and tax diversification12/07 exigent00:32 FiveK
6pHow to calculate the value of a Forever... [investment]11:23 sillysaver21:55 runner3081
6hKansas 529 Savings Plan12/05 Iowa David21:26 sco
6cTeeter [inversion table]12/08 Dontwasteit20:04 Scrapr
6tReal World Impact of Non-Vanguard Mutual Funds in Taxable Accounts16:39 travelogue19:25 travelogue
6pInsurer provided wrong info to Dr, then denied claim11:19 MidwestSteve18:40 RickBoglehead
6pLife Insurance Advice for 53 and 57 Year Olds12/07 Philly_fan18:17 Philly_fan
6tRe-balancing multiple accounts12/02 Danielle89611:39 Danielle896
6pContingent Durable Power of Attorney05:28 aciaitf10:36 afan
5cApple Store For Vets & Active Military06:20 rvflyer02:35 rvflyer
5tWho is buying SCV, EM, Intl SC23:39 Elysium00:51 Startled Cat
5pVanguard could not complete transactions last Thursday - says will be done on Mondya20:27 Small Law Survi21:42 sawhorse
5hRoth conversion taxes- how to pay them?15:17 abqguy21:41 krow36
5pTurboTax 2019 Availability Date?16:13 One Ping19:47 J G Bankerton
5pGEHA HSA investment thru Fidelity12/03 artibug18:15 gclancer
5hAA [Asset Allocation]08:37 Mr.D31513:21 delamer
5p20% tax witholding required?11:03 dknightd13:10 Alan S.
5pFreeTaxUSA QBI deduction vanished08:12 theplayer1111:09 theplayer11
4pDisability insurance Northwestern Mutual12/07 Xrayman6902:13 stufunds
4hEducation info on family financial planning on wiki?11:45 zrzhu11121:48 zrzhu111
4cDisneyland Airbnb or suite19:37 Utahdogowner21:33 Jelloanddon
4hWhat's my pension rate of return?12/07 Itsedmondfoo19:04 bluquark
4hHelp on how to break even on investment idea12/07 msgoldenknight18:39 Watty
4hHSA with military spouse09:24 jboverholser15:09 Spirit Rider
4fsearch for a 'phrase' and not 'keywords'?10:07 F150HD14:50 LadyGeek
4pT-Mobile MONEY14:24 dignan14:42 LadyGeek
4cHelp with Windows Firewall and VPN12/08 kayanco12:31 kayanco
4tHow to know what expected price is for index funds/ETFs?12/08 SteveJ210:50 grabiner
4hSmart Beta / Factor Presentation at Library12/02 Danielle89610:43 Danielle896
4hAny reason to keep this Annuity?08:25 AmericaninParis10:21 AmericaninParis
3pComparing short-term borrowing cost: Interactive Brokers vs. Fidelity12/08 Carno01:36 Carno
3pNew job, sales at Subaru22:12 emanuel_v1900:44 3504PIR
3hshould I invest in 529 plan? (NY resident) thanks!11:21 hindex22:44 beyou
3hRetiring. OK to transfer 100% of Simple to existing IRA?11:46 c.coyle20:42 Alan S.
3hShort term or long term Roth conversions?12/08 coffeecup33320:34 coffeecup333
3hTaxable or Tax-Exempt Bonds17:05 mailman78119:47 exigent
3hAnyone REGRET retiring too soon?15:48 Cleverusername16:11 Cleverusername
3fproblem (only happening here) using right click and paste. Have to use ctrl-V14:13 arcticpineapple15:37 bertilak
3pReplace the $50 excesss hsa contribution12/08 mhalley14:31 mhalley
3pIs it too late to report EE bond interest on a 2013 tax return for my deceased mother?11:23 Binvestor13:17 Binvestor
3hTransferring USAA IRAs to Vanguard and TSP12/08 seadreamer12:42 02nz
3hTIPS continue or quit?10:39 covepatrol12:36 Phineas J. Whoo
3fJust donated to bogleheads.org09:17 corn1809:23 AlexanderTheMed
2hQuestions from beginner about investing from Germany12/06 rtaf8402:55 rtaf84
2cSpectrum mobile phone offering20:08 Jeep4Life01:12 mindgap
2pMaking our first backdoor Roth contributions20:28 finetuning23:31 finetuning
2pUTMA withdrawl18:32 uberdoc21:49 spth
2hNew job, trying to simplify to something coherent12/08 Atarax1a21:19 Atarax1a
2hTax Loss Harvest w/ International Fund14:35 MechEngOSU20:21 grabiner
2lRTP, NC Chapter Meeting 9:30 AM Sat December 8, 201810/28 Steve Thorpe18:12 Steve Thorpe
2h3/4/5 Fund Portfolio?14:18 Lapham6715:03 Lapham67
2hTax loss harvest help needed08:11 sunny skies09:17 student
2hConverting t401 to rIRA, should I consider?12/08 cloneman3309:12 cloneman33
2cPossible surprise Emergency Room bills starting 1/1/2019 (UnitedHealthcare vs Envision Healthcare)05:50 donfairplay07:39 HueyLD
1cRental car totalled - amex insurance issue02:25 ag103:17 jminv
1pDo fundings in limited expense FSA (LEX-FSA) roll into regular FSA if insurance plan is changed?05:00 jastevenson02:20 stormswami
1hSplitting investments between Roth and Rollover IRA23:03 Elric00:13 FiveK
1pSome odd tax complications?22:47 Rosa23:04 JGoneRiding
1pTerm LI Ladder - Any issues?21:40 IGWT22:31 BruDude
1hDoes this make sense?21:36 eevers5722:02 mrk
1hRebalance or wait?21:10 writerguy21:32 ThePrince
1hCapital Gains and Basis21:13 stevethetrader21:30 123
1hSPIA or Annuity regret anyone? Lessons learned?14:40 jamgand20:08 David Jay
1pwithdrawing excess contribution to Roth IRA17:37 themang020:07 Duckie
1tVanguard total corporate VTC: Why is the yield so low compared to its parts?16:12 dalbright17:54 spdoublebass
1pROTH Conversions NY17:10 Sahara17:22 Rob5TCP
0cNoise coming through apt vent duct02:44 diyinvestor 
0hTax efficiency and Vanguard target retirement funds23:48 mjs9876543210 
0pHealth Insurance through employer or third-party?22:08 LiterallyIronic 
0tJack on active management in Stay the Course20:05 lassevirensghos 
0pTax Question for Federal Employees in Hawaii16:16 tj 
0cGood Certifications on artificial intelligence, machine learning14:49 prettybogle 
0toptimal foreign currency hedging (New Zealand edition)08:37 Valuethinker 
0pHow To Save More Than $100,000 A Year Pre-Tax: Open A SEP-IRA Or Solo 401k05:54 SVT 

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