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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3278cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:19 robolove
2013tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore21:06 Taylor Larimore
786tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab23:58 Earl Lemongrab
521pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy19:45 itstoomuch
517tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens19:58 Alskar
509pQuicken's future direction - a cause for concern02/04 Peculiar_Invest21:42 spammagnet
368pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4806:58 munemaker
366tWhat's your one big takeaway from the Crash of 2008?2008 Gekko21:43 ThePrince
354tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?01/08 willthrill8114:42 FactualFran
316cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman18:46 MichaelRpdx
285lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls17:50 pennywise
265t[Yahoo Finance no longer works - Alternatives to download securities quotes]2016 bertilak06:32 Bylo Selhi
204pDoes anyone here with net worths north of $1 mil use financial advisors?10/20 Money Market00:06 Captain kangaro
191pDo you have an umbrella policy?04/15 F150HD13:39 darrvao777
170pStats on When People Take Social Security01/15 Leesbro6323:37 CurlyDave
169pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan22:59 fundtalker123
142cShort Commute or Nicer House?01/18 bluejello01:05 MJS
141tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox10:17 crit
121tGE and the myth of "safe blue-chip stocks"11/13 nisiprius12:11 InvisibleAeroba
109lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt19:45 livesoft
107pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses01/19 White Coat Inve22:50 inbox788
106tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 SimpleGift00:30 mkg
97pGoing to one income-seeking testimonials01/21 BradJ17:50 J295
96cXfinity Mobile06/09 student06:55 AntsOnTheMarch
95tVanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients02/22 davidkw02:36 InvestInPasta
93pWhere do you keep your emergency fund?2017 red_uu08:55 Sandtrap
91pWhat unexpected emergencies require sizeable emergency cash funds available immediately in a checking account?01/14 Global10007:34 AntsOnTheMarch
88tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon07:58 kotsp
87cHow do Bogleheads save on eyeglasses?12/18 fortfun09:08 Quickblue02
86tlikely date for a bitcoin crash: does this make sense to you?12/10 Lauretta17:36 tuningfork
85lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei13:26 digarei
84lSan Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter2015 alanwbaker12:55 BarbaraB
83cAncestry / 23andMe12/11 GridironGems21:19 Carefreeap
78hShould I buy a business or suck it up at a job(s) with a pension.01/21 VINNY07:57 Luke Duke
76tPost Your Morningstar Box Style01/19 jonnyboy04:54 Longtermgrowth
75cLaughter is the Best Medicine - What makes you Laugh?01/20 fishandgolf07:42 Shallowpockets
73pDiscussing a 529 with your kids01/20 noco-hawkeye17:59 Pigeon
64pOur 'cure' for emergency expenses01/12 willthrill8122:11 ThreeBears
62c4k UHD TVs worth it?01/18 hightower07:55 jhfenton
62hReady to give up on bond fund, Lost 2.25% past 6 months01/22 Milo95306:14 birdog
61tLower tax rates for 7 yrs.-Are you switching to Roth 401K01/12 luke12323:07 Agggm
60cNew Brake Pads01/20 GridironGems07:52 wrongfunds
60cRefinishing roughed in stairs - removing carpet05/17 BW198518:31 BW1985
56tVanguard will use blockchain to share index data12/13 Barry Barnitz17:17 InsuranceQuant
56tWarren Buffett recommends putting 90% in S&P500 index fund, 10% in Bond index2016 Vision09:13 Rowan Oak
55tWhat Experts Say About Various Investing Topics2015 Taylor Larimore11:26 Taylor Larimore
51pLetter from Social Security re Fraudulent Claim01/10 Small Law Survi07:50 WillRetire
50cWindow replacement - any advice? Lessons learned?2016 dundee06:20 forgeblast
50cRent (free at library) or buy books?01/20 J29523:02 Earl Lemongrab
50cDo we need an emergency supplies kit (go bag)?01/19 vveat14:55 AlwaysBeClimbin
49hHelp with inherited investment account01/11 ridgeline7322:14 ridgeline73
49hSell Home Depot?01/17 KPG16:21 HomerJ
48cHome Humidifier input please01/19 investingdad03:32 Dudley
48pBrokered CDs - often better return secondary market11/14 dm20017:25 junesen
47pAOTC versus 529 plan [American Opportunity Tax Credit]2015 livesoft19:24 sj1961
47h457 worth it with these fees?01/18 fortfun09:14 fortfun
45cCutting cable01/22 Joejoe0022:49 rob65
44cTelemarketing calls from my own prefix01/19 michaeljc7016:57 totallystudly
44cPros and Cons of High Rise Condos for retired couple01/20 Lynx31065015:39 mouses
43cWork-out schedule for those in 60s10:47 retire1407:46 livesoft
43cRecommend an A.C. powered auto tire inflator01/14 AAA14:05 Epsilon Delta
42pHelp Me Spend $900.00 Unused FSA Dollars01/19 coupleofcents14:03 queso
40h50/50 AA recommended by Benjamin Graham01/15 investing101207:55 Peculiar_Invest
40hA 4-5% rebalance to bonds barely budges risk/return01/21 Admiral07:48 rkhusky
40pCost of living comparison (HCOL vs LCOL)12:26 miamivice07:01 jlcnuke
39tThe regular investor can now trade the stock market 24 hours a day with TD Ameritrade10:10 KATNYC06:26 JCE66
39cKauai Travel Tips01/21 Utahdogowner03:50 metacritic
39lMy daughter got her dream job [Proud Papa]01/21 stemikger01:25 stemikger
39tA better Permanent Portfolio?2015 Browser00:17 technovelist
38fDoesn't seem like people respond to portfolio assessments like they did a few years ago.15:43 fortfun01:59 anonsdca
38cRange Hood Blower Sizing01/17 Cyclesafe16:59 Cycle
38cCostco Citi removing Foreign Transaction Fees; No Fee/Reimbursed Fee International ATM; ; Free International Data01/18 inbox78814:57 inbox788
38hDomestic SCV? [Small Cap Value]09/30 Gmaloof10:37 Mors
37hMake me feel good about my bond allocation01/17 jvini18:17 visualguy
37hQuestion with vanguard allocation01/21 Joejoe0017:35 TwstdSista
37cThe Re-Set Button2013 john9454916:57 A440
36hAm I being greedy?15:34 InvestorNewb01:35 Hyperborea
36h“Better Buy” Total US or International ?01/15 RRAAYY319:39 staythecourse
36cWindow Blinds - Bali, Levolor, Hunter Douglas2013 joppy17:56 bobolinx
36hTaxation for resident of Lithuania: US domiciled vs Irish domiciled ETFs - LTU has tax treaty with both2016 arturaz09:08 BeBH65
36tAutomated Tax Loss Harvesting by Robo Advisor - Anyone with real results?01/20 confusedinvesto08:42 confusedinvesto
34pHave you or anyone you know actually used umbrella coverage?01/19 z9118:57 ClevrChico
33tSmall Value Premium - How Do You View It?13:24 Alexa907:49 nisiprius
33cPassport renewal and usage- what's the scoop?01/21 JD277506:29 Grasshopper
33tThe Power of Working Longer01/22 TomP1021:47 protagonist
33pRefi After 1 Year?01/01 kwarden1320:28 kwarden13
33cwhat is the best mouse poison?01/21 F150HD14:03 midareff
33hPlease recommend an allocation now ( age 31) if retiring in 20 years ?01/21 jayk23814:01 flyninjasquirre
32pSomeone Needs To Pay For What They Did (Advice sought)01/18 JamalJones01:46 denovo
31hPull back on retirement saving to increase savings for kids' college?01/20 Stick5vw21:38 bigred77
30pTransfer money to family members to take advantage of lower tax rates01/21 schrute19:32 libralibra
30hHelp Late Early Accumulators Be Comfortable Right Now with (Bogle-appropriate) Aggressive AA01/20 adamsapple1915:37 remomnyc
29hAfter tax investment suggestions...01/02 dodgersummer01:09 dodgersummer
29cXfinity broadband: should I try to negotiate a better deal?01/21 AntsOnTheMarch17:47 bobolinx
28hJob offer - no 401k offered01/19 prettybogle05:58 Tamarind
28cWhere do you get your auto loans?01/15 HardHitter19:21 HardHitter
27pAnyone at Goldman Sachs/Marcus bank 1.5%?01/20 broslami23:18 BigMoneyNoWhamm
27pDisability Insurance - Physician01/21 RamblinDoc22:10 O2sats
26t"The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret?"01/13 RNJ07:25 Snowjob
26tLarry Swedroe: Lessons From 201701/17 Random Walker04:14 Longtermgrowth
26tWhat "efficient market" does and doesn't mean01/20 rbaldini02:06 JoMoney
25pExcel for Personal Finance Accounting ?01/21 SpartanFan09:04 midareff
24pCan You Say...Auto Insurance01/19 snarlyjack07:42 JoMoney
24cCar Stereo Questions01/20 Ron Ronnerson06:43 dsmclone
22cElder Care Issue; Non-emergency assistance12:45 femur07:49 AntsOnTheMarch
22pHow to Calculate Value of Defined Benefit Plan2016 csm21:37 csm
22pIs Tax CPA really needed for Vanilla Investments ?01/22 Dudley21:24 Seal the Deal
22cAnyone donated a car to charity?01/21 texasdiver15:31 runner3081
22hEdward Jones Accounts01/19 janne54112:54 acunn
21pThinking about changing jobs after 15 years. Looking for something I can land with a 2yr/tech school13:50 VinnyVincent21:07 123
21pAOTC claimed by child? [American Opportunity Tax Credit]2016 desiderium18:29 sj1961
20cChevrolet Suburban - 1500 or 2500?13:53 chrismj21:46 chrismj
20hBrokerage Account Change to Fidelity - Pros and Cons10:31 vested120:11 Alchemist
20pNew tax law and changes to paycheck01/20 am12:38 ImUrHuckleberry
19hIRA Rollover 1 per year rule11/10 WorkToLive00:39 Spirit Rider
19tDoes a Wider rebalancing band not make more sense?01/21 Always passive20:16 rkhusky
19tNo more TDA Apex?01/13 ICF19:53 Alskar
19pFather inlaw taxes: pension taxation01/20 BlackcatCA12:53 GreenGrowTheDol
18hInvestment Checkup01/21 fortfun20:51 fortfun
18cHow much $ worth of things have you discarded without using?01/21 Caduceus19:44 texasdiver
17tBackdoor Roth / step-transaction doctrine news: [Congress recognizes process]18:19 camich2707:04 Compound
17cCapital one 360 money market New $500 bonus01/19 petras5210:34 Mudpuppy
16pDust is settling.. feedback on what's next13:13 inthearena07:49 inthearena
16tVanguard chief says "You will never see a bitcoin fund from us"18:20 arcticpineapple04:27 Valuethinker
16tUltra-Short Term Bond (VUBFX) large drop11/01 CorradoJr22:37 lack_ey
16c5GB iCloud storage vs 128GB iPhone01/21 wrongfunds12:44 SpaethCo
16pBankruptcy questions01/21 miamivice11:27 Nate79
15hHow to invest funds for retirement?01/20 Woodthrush20:05 nedsaid
15hIncome in retirement questions01/20 tundratoy19:22 GerryL
15hInvesting in Indian Stock Market - Fund selection01/18 zenmusic10:36 topcatin
15hBrokered CDs - Different brokers?2016 dm20008:54 dm200
14tHow good or bad is this portfolio?21:49 ChinchillaWhipl07:57 BogleMelon
14cTax preparation amount charged23:01 cjniemiec07:24 J295
14pCurrency Exchange - Living Internationally Off A US Dollar Portfolio13:57 Hyperborea04:51 AlohaJoe
14hNeed Advice on my Retirement Portfolio13:39 scripter200204:24 timt
14cSoCal Ipe deck cost?01/07 unclescrooge01:28 stemikger
14cHow much house can we afford (Madison WI area)?12:45 zhuzhugougou22:44 Dottie57
14hbond allocation12:04 WilliamDare22:34 Prudence
14hTIAA and me again (and Vanguard)01/21 anglophile18:42 2015
14hCouple questions for taxable account01/18 lepa7113:45 grabiner
13cIs a minivan the only commuter vehicle / backup with 3 children?18:48 gsbhasin07:47 mmmodem
13hMoving to Canada01/20 surgeonm07:32 Peculiar_Invest
13hAnnuity in SIMPLE IRA01/18 c8n06:00 c8n
13hWhat First Steps to Take to Help Me Become Financially Independent01/04 RatRace00700:01 BiggerFishToFI
13pConsidering solar on my home16:33 letsgobobby19:04 letsgobobby
13t"Why Simple Beats Complex"01/21 Rowan Oak14:53 Rowan Oak
13pQuestion re 2018 tax rates01/21 bikechuck14:24 FactualFran
13tGlobal Stocks — Market Cap vs. Revenue Exposure2015 SimpleGift08:22 spdoublebass
12cRetirement causes brain function to rapidly decline, warn scientists22:53 visualguy07:07 tennisplyr
12tPortfolio Watch still sucks, international composition edition01/21 nisiprius03:39 in_reality
12cMicrosoft [Frustration update to Windows 10]18:52 MidwestMike23:42 Angelus359
12tExpected earning in next 10 years11:30 kotsp21:00 bottlecap
11tCurrency risk for non-US residents01/21 edan07:35 edan
11pAfter Tax 401K, 401a Limits01/19 Poltergiest21:37 seawolf21
11hTax forms09:33 cliff20:44 2015
11pCost Basis for Roth IRA14:43 boater0717:18 Epsilon Delta
11cColor fringing in new Costco eyeglasses - what gives?01/21 CULater14:36 inbox788
11pJewelry Insurance - Custom Ring Options?08:16 bsigmund9013:58 DIFAR31
10tKitces article: A cash bucket in retirement? Nope06:11 JCE6607:58 sperry8
10cJeans without strong chemical odor22:55 azurekep07:34 nexesn
10pRule of 55 is it official?01:26 voidstar07:06 panhead
10tNew Leveraged ETF of ETFs Targets Retirees Seeking 7% Return01/19 OkieIndexer02:49 Valuethinker
10pHow does Tax Reform affect Refi with Cash out?01/21 RetiredCSProf23:40 grabiner
10pPurchasing house we currently rent from in-laws01/19 ytsejam2315:00 Carefreeap
10pSocial Security website01/22 mouses13:33 Conch55
10cSwing Shift vs 8-510:25 BradJ13:19 darrvao777
10hCompany 401k - is this optimal?01/15 mech_tower12:56 ruralavalon
9h32 yo - Investment Plan/Retirement Portfolio - CZECH & EUROPE12/21 cizinec07:37 trixit
9pInsurance - Replacement Cost01/21 RMO8722:47 redditpeke
9cHelp plan MP, Sacred Valley trip17:14 angelescrest22:37 angelescrest
9hGood IRA retirement mutual ??19:29 luberhill21:52 delamer
9pRollover spouse to spouse?01/20 8hygro19:57 8hygro
9tjlcollinsnh - Stock Series09:50 Rowan Oak19:42 Taylor Larimore
9hUsing Roth IRA Funds to pay off NML cash value loan01/21 jdc1090909:34 jdc10909
8pTrying to pay down mortgage, but...20:23 tenkuky07:20 cusetownusa
8tBond Portfolio for High Net Worth Individuals - Different Rules?01:41 adam12306:12 carolinaman
8hAccidentally made direct Roth IRA contribution01/16 johnanglemen04:59 johnanglemen
8pSolo 401 K Maximum For Sole Proprietor14:57 billy26900:56 Spirit Rider
8tHow can I quantify the impact of bid-ask spreads, frictional costs, and market-impact costs on ex-U.S. market returns?19:45 foodhype22:46 foodhype
8h2018 Mortgage Interest Schedule A01/10 arsenalfan20:12 arsenalfan
8hMismatch between my employer 401k contributions and Fidelity01/21 loklav11:16 lstone19
8hInvesting in Individual Corporate Bonds01/20 Nachalnik7010:23 Nate79
7tHedge Funds' Annualized Returns01/11 Stanchion07:37 JoMoney
7cArticle: 8 Frugal and Forgotten Ways Your Great-Grandparents Made It through Hard Times18:26 GerryL06:37 carolinaman
7hVSFVX Admiral Shares00:19 OldSport05:15 livesoft
7pStrategy for buying a new house with [a mix of assets]01/21 haniamam21:14 haniamam
7pDifference between AUM fee and fees included in the expense ratio18:06 psrande20:56 HJG0989
7pPay off HELOC sooner or Fund i401k?01/21 ChinchillaWhipl16:30 Lane4Imaging
7hBackdoor Roth with Existing Traditional IRAs01/21 nszzya14:53 Duckie
7hWhat is the best way to change current investments to tilt to SCV01/21 KATNYC12:54 grabiner
7hGetting 1099-DIV forms for closed accounts?2009 GammaPoint10:52 Alan S.
7pGreetings from the Midwest01/20 Cincyguy6310:48 soccerrules
7hWindfall Strategy01/21 sf2sv09:18 BeBH65
6hVanguard Advisor Recommendation07:01 Duffydog107:53 Veritas Simplex
6hAA and early retirement19:21 wanderlust1407:43 livesoft
6hVNQ ETF -- Taxable? How is it any different than other ETFs?01/21 jt00707:32 FrankLUSMC
6hHelp improving our minimal portfolio - 36/3121:02 ybdam22:59 Philly_fan
6pHow Long For Mortgage Term?20:59 askerdu22:19 askerdu
6pHelp with Real Estate in Montgomery County MD16:05 almostretired1921:09 adamthesmythe
6hAdvice for first job with benefits at 2813:51 An03081519:35 mikemagz11
6hNew investor cash on hand ??01/21 Thenewguy13:21 Thenewguy
6hMilitary Retirement BRS vs. Legacy01/21 KYDoc11:16 KYDoc
6hAdvice on constructing a hands-off portfolio with intermediate-term uncertainty01/21 revert09:50 Sandtrap
6h4% Rule Clarification in regard to taxes01/21 jimmy201709:17 The Wizard
6pBuying House in Area where Both Supply and Demand Are Growing Rapidly?01/21 SteveJ209:05 scifilover
5hModify Taxable Funds? What to Add?01/20 Ardarsh07:50 stan1
5tWhat are some alternative, numerical proxies for risk besides volatility?01/22 foodhype07:46 Regressor
5pFamily dilemma involving wills/trusts00:31 pmdonca06:27 Jack FFR1846
5pAdvice Needed - Pension from Former Employer22:53 OldSport00:13 OldSport
5hPlease help me simplify my portfolio & asset allocation01/21 Simplify1122:46 armeliusc
5hVanguard New Issue Brokered CDs (again)14:37 dbc4720:17 dm200
5tExcel formula help needed please01/21 Gettingbetter1520:14 Gettingbetter15
5pLogistics of using I Bonds as Emergency Fund?01/21 blueman45717:12 dratkinson
5hVanguard Retirement Planning01/17 Gatewood16:59 dbr
5hPortfolio Evaluation10:36 ChinchillaWhipl15:45 Grt2bOutdoors
4pThinking through Paying Down the Mortgage05:15 delrinson06:36 Cycle
4pCompensation for vehicle travel01:30 Keepcalm06:30 Jack FFR1846
4hsimple IRA at vanguard - rollover to an Rollover IRA account?23:09 xtallographer06:15 xtallographer
4cCryptographically signing cloud backups23:45 telemark02:40 Iridium
4pThose who retired and moved to another country, where did you go?01:02 Gamma Ray02:16 SrGrumpy
4tPortfolio size needed to reach each tax bracket in retirement18:15 willthrill8122:39 willthrill81
4hRecommendation from a Fee Only Advisor19:29 Jake3220:50 Taylor Larimore
4h22yo, help with asset allocation19:21 sonofdelrinson20:34 fortfun
4hWhat is the best backtest software?01/20 24/7bull20:33 Taylor Larimore
4cWhat are the longest lasting double pane windows?14:20 Quickblue0220:08 Saving$
4hphone call with Fidelity retirement relationship manager17:37 bogleblitz19:31 Big Dog
4pDo my wife and I need POA's if we live in community property state?14:01 nerdymarketer18:42 kaneohe
4hJust Getting Started15:38 ddhamilt18:40 ChinchillaWhipl
4hSeparate Roth Accounts for Conversions and Contributions?11:11 Odiedog14:33 Pigeye Brewster
4hHow can I tell if a fido fund is tax efficient?08:08 zz413:40 zz4
4tMerger between brokerage01/21 kevinchou33313:18 Pajamas
4h401k v Roth 401k08:17 hulburt113:02 KYDoc
4pAppreciation of Stock Portfolio Assets Related to Family Law in California/Community Property State01/21 schrute12:00 schrute
4hFBKWX from Fidelity vs VICSX and VFICS01/21 ksualum10:47 ksualum
4pGift and estate tax questions01/22 Afty10:24 themesrob
3hCollege Savings Plan01:49 bh0986306:55 livesoft
3hHelp Choosing01:33 grizzly201806:21 bottlecap
3hBuying CD's in Brokerage (Scottrade)22:18 anonsdca06:07 in_reality
3tBonds - Global or local area bond, Inflation linked or not - pros/cons23:56 doorwindows06:01 Valuethinker
3hFidelity taxable account recommendations22:31 Eli7905:01 Chip
3cIs there some kind of fraud?23:51 walletless02:08 denovo
3hWhere to put my EF?23:15 loklav01:18 inbox788
3hAdvice for a college student01/22 purplesaber23:52 purplesaber
3pInheritance: Trust with Land + Investments - 3 Heirs22:11 ef1123:39 Watty
3hPlease help with a strategy to rollover IRA to 401k01/21 manssang22:22 Alan S.
3pNew HSA for Orthodontic Care in Progress under installment18:25 magiteck22:00 Spirit Rider
3hCommodities for rising interest rates09:33 Zach8221:56 lack_ey
3hStock Plan in Etrade to Vanguard Index11:32 JessicaLee12819:04 badbreath
3pGift of Stock - Logistics question15:54 SimplepathtoBog17:26 SimplepathtoBog
3tPuzzled by Berkin & Swedroe contradiction re term premium09:06 iad16:15 pascalwager
3fHow to delete a post / topic01/22 Joejoe0015:27 LadyGeek
3pHelp to vet thinking on mortgage pay down/off scenario01/21 BlackcatCA13:27 grabiner
3hHelp with getting closer to 3 index funds portfolio01/21 golfer29212:34 CyclingDuo
3hSEP-IRA as employee01/17 strycker00111:43 strycker001
3hcurrent asset vs paycheck asset allocation01/21 Pistons4910:25 Pistons49
3pIf wanting to keep separate property separate, should I file "Married but Filing Separate"01/22 schrute09:32 fabdog
2hHelp with where to put funds18:26 ChinchillaWhipl07:44 ChinchillaWhipl
2hRoth IRA Conversions Recommendation Please22:12 2pedals07:24 2pedals
2hSolo 401k provide options and a thank you05:25 firegirl06:54 TwstdSista
2hWhere do REIT's belong in asset allocation- under stocks or in a separate class?05:27 jkushne105:59 Valuethinker
2h529: dollar cost average or fund it heavy now?23:30 CowPoke05:48 arsenalfan
2hJust did annual rebalance, did I hit the mark?04:46 adam6105:04 livesoft
2hRetiring Soon/Portfolio Review and Advice01:42 FIREGals04:48 TwstdSista
2hPortfolio Review/Advice18:45 scottrj1204:14 TwstdSista
2hStarting Taxable Investing01/21 adam6103:51 adam61
2hAsset allocation and ROTH accounts23:20 jtelwood01:28 jtelwood
2pFinancial Happiness literature recommendations17:03 joo2lo22:25 joo2lo
2hAnother Deferred Compensation Question20:27 bonglehead22:11 Spirit Rider
2hRevisiting Investment Portfolio After Job Change01/21 shailesh03021:46 shailesh030
2pDoes MUB distribute taxable dividends?20:54 hmw21:27 lstone19
2pCar loan @ 3.49% vs. Roth Contribution20:42 PhillyBird21:03 Doctor Rhythm
2hInvesting inheritance money01/19 gbuk20:12 midagelawyer
2hBackdoor Roth IRA19:14 midwestyank20:06 David Jay
2hHelp with IRA Cleanup17:46 bjc318:55 bjc3
2hAdding new funds and AA15:54 ChinchillaWhipl18:13 ChinchillaWhipl
2hTax gain harvesting or IRA to Roth conversion ?14:48 Blister16:32 retiredjg
2tCost basis on stocks in trust distributed at beneficiary's death11:30 Cemsew16:23 bsteiner
2pHold harmless rule ?12:19 Tracker96814:25 Epsilon Delta
2hRebalancing: Bond Alternatives12:55 markesquire13:02 bogglehead125
2tFund net assets11:06 mushyyy11:33 alex_686
2tCommodities for rising interests rates?09:35 Zach8210:42 Valuethinker
2pSwapping out VUL for Term01/21 WhyAmeriprise10:35 WhyAmeriprise
2hReview of portfolio and questions01/21 mavenleek10:26 mavenleek
2hAge 30/29- need help with allocation01/22 njworldwide09:18 ruralavalon
2pCan I open additional HSA account apart from employer HSA?01/21 stn200708:45 clemrick
1tFidelity charging new fee on Vanguard funds held in 401Ks07:51 pshonore07:56 stan1
1hInvestment 401k help02:02 noelgally2704:43 TwstdSista
1hHelp deciding on 401k options01:06 OmG Im late04:27 TwstdSista
1cDisaster with Verizon Billing after Moving00:39 GingerU01:09 z91
1hPortfolio Reallocation/Diversification Help22:00 minimalist22:17 Ron Scott
1hTSP Contribution - Lower MAGI - Roth IRA19:12 Atreides20:24 InvisibleAeroba
1pSelling ‘Gifted’ property19:35 badmojo20:16 Gill
1hinvesting and tipped employees01/16 rob in cal19:54 Tyler Aspect
1hSelling Company Stock19:29 dagsnc19:34 sport
1hCountry dogs of the world - rotating through the 5 laggards of each year01/20 Ditchwitch19:28 Tyler Aspect
1t"nobody knows what’s going on" - "A Few Charts and a Few Thoughts"16:43 Rowan Oak16:50 invst65
1pUtah Educational Savings Plan changing its name to my52912:28 obafgkm12:38 Grt2bOutdoors
1hCanadian Windfall Investment10:54 quicksand11:52 Valuethinker
1hRoll New York Life Annuity into company 401k01/22 apple888811:48 Alan S.
1cPet insurance: Nationwide vs Healthy Paws?10:17 benevo11:48 lazydavid
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