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2686c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 542014abuss36815:13Koogie
1645p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 332016guitarguy15:47flamesabers
689t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142009Trev H22:58cb474
224c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 2 3 4 504/24crazygrow13:23inbox788
178f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 3 42007tfb14:38LadyGeek
124t How dividends become irrelevant?  page: 2 305/24rbaldini15:34HomerJ
108h My dad is taking Social Security at 62, why would anyone not? (If they already quit working)  page: 2 305/19CnC21:00House Blend
102l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 2 307/11invst6515:23MichaelM
92c Which Small SUV for 15 Year Reliability?  page: 205/16steadyeddy09:16CyclingDuo
82p Question for you high net worth individuals... [real estate investments]  page: 205/18jzzmn8814:02justus
81h HSA Strategy for high income earners  page: 22014whisper1120:38grabiner
79p i am my own "guy," but not sure I should advertise that  page: 205/23frugalecon09:17Phenix
73p Zacks says sell Wellesley!?  page: 205/22nbseer15:01jdb
71c Updates on the status of Linux  page: 22016DartThrower14:45Tabulator
67t The dot com "do over" bull market?  page: 205/23frankmorris12:48Valuethinker
64c Pet insurance for new puppy  page: 202/01pochax10:27Mr.BB
64t Anyone else track the value of their investments by discounting the value of equities?  page: 205/19TheTimeLord20:55TheTimeLord
64t Livesoft: Worst day?  page: 22010rr218:49livesoft
62h We have a lot going on .... Input Requested.  page: 204/05soccerrules09:45soccerrules
61t SEC Rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF  page: 203/10nisiprius17:59renue74
60c Sell 2015 Subaru or Keep?  page: 205/21kwarden1315:16deanbrew
60h A gem Livesoft uncovered  page: 205/21TheTimeLord17:36livesoft
56p Should I cancel my whole life policy?  page: 204/19XDark_FenixX08:53pintail07
52c Risks of electronic access  page: 205/21easyliving15:21Tabulator
50h Vanguard Information Technology - VGT or VITAX  page: 205/11TheTimeLord16:32TheTimeLord
47p When does Saving become missing out on life?  05/25MortgageOnBlack15:37selters
46c Advice on kid's precalc learning  05/24PeterWander811:22retired recentl
45c Should I drink or sell my Pappy 12 year?  05/24CheapFool14:35oldcomputerguy
43h Yet Another Real Estate vs Stock Market Thread  05/22BAM!13:43Meg77
41c Suits: best bang for your buck?  05/24TSR15:19TSR
41c Mexican Pacific Beaches  05/21FreddieG12:55Valuethinker
41t Larry Swedroe: Value Premium: Risk Or Mispricing  05/25Random Walker12:37grap0013
40h 4 Years to Retirement. Want to get out of Fidelity PAS. Need Advice  05/25bdaniel5812:40bdaniel58
40h Target Date Funds in Taxable Account  05/16BogleAlltheWay22:41BogleAlltheWay
39p Ally 1 Day Transfer  12/16pennstater200514:25jebmke
39p Fidelity customer protection guarantee-void if you use Mint?  05/24name_here07:51MikeG62
37c best way to buy tires  05/25JD196714:51Tabulator
36c Insulating Walls - Worth it?  05/05General Disarra14:20michaeljc70
36c Need new Router/Wifi Networking Ideas  05/20blueman45708:34jebmke
35h Missed window for selling Fairholme Fund (FAIRX)?  05/22financeisfun20:22Nearly A Moose
34h Is robo for me?  04/05mattwall4516:17whanaumark
33h Is Schwab Intelligent Portfolio OK for taxable accounts???  05/22davidkw23:50confusedinvesto
33t BlackRock, Vanguard Mull Pressuring Exxon to Disclose Climate Risks  05/25yatesd21:03LadyGeek
32c Help choose company service gift [choice made!]  05/23Earl Lemongrab05:37lazydavid
32h Loss Harvesting Question  2009RedTail18:34livesoft
31c Well-made quality handbags  05/20Barefootgirl15:20PoppyA
31p IRS says I owe..I don't  05/18fishboat22:36RustyShacklefor
30c anyone ever live/living on a boat?  05/24chipperd07:58SueG5123
29t Boglehead Portfolio vs. All Other Possible Investments  05/25joer121205:58bottlecap
28h Avoiding Taxes with RMD  05/24my name12:11House Blend
27h Quickest Path to Financial Independence  05/18Bravo14:15letsgobobby
27p New car doc fees  08:16SpringMan13:58SpringMan
26p Bank Bonus Master List  03/25giesen500:49giesen5
25p Risky to ask for raise with another offer?  00:41engineer428610:12Lauren Vignec
25p Trying to pay off student loans  05/14AsamiSato22:56student
24h Intermediate vs Short Term TIPS Fund  05/19BigJohn15:41bobcat2
23h How to calculate the top of the 15% bracket?  05/25gweezer12:29gweezer
23t DFA Retirement Income Strategies  05/22bobcat212:18friar1610
23h What to do with divorce settlement  05/24bigguy843722:33bigguy8437
23h Portfolio Questions and Review  04/23Pax16:49pingo
22h Looking for advice/reassurance on what to do with $4-5m  09:05ThrowAway1234515:47livesoft
22c Lufthansa Premium Economy  05/24frugalecon21:26TravelGeek
21p When to start talking to older parents regarding their finances (and how to do it?)  05:19onourway15:42mnnice
21t Larry Swedroe on REITs  07:22Random Walker15:13MindTheGAAP
21t Market News Feeds Worth Reading?  05/22leo2809:16livesoft
21h Help My Dad Retire  05/24CincyGuy00:56celia
20h Individual Stock - Apple & Pharmaceutical  05/14Voltron14:57Voltron
20p Present value of COLA pension  05/22corn1821:58tigermilk
19h Roth Conversions Post Retirement  05/25Seoulseeker13:39FiveK
19t Understanding a Post Tax 401k  05/18kappy07:54captpete
18c Should I get a dual-action polisher for my working car?  05/23lightheir13:32armeliusc
18h Help with asset allocation across multiple accounts  05/18Pobre11:18pingo
17c Worth it to Refinance?  05/25kwarden1315:16kwarden13
16t Great Depression Lesson - Is Total Bond Market Too Risky?  11:59InKirkWeTrust15:29TheTimeLord
16h Can I really pay no capital gains on $100k?  21:223spots13:283spots
16c advice on hvac replacement decision  05/24sng13:14bloom2708
16h Emergency Fund too large  05/25indexonlyplease17:25Buddtholomew
15c Should I fax or email bank info?  05/25mbres6015:33JoMoney
15h How would you invest $50k in 529 with 11 years to College?  15:54Gamma Ray11:18NiceUnparticula
15p Vanguard, Betterment and Wealthfront for a teenager  05/23luckybamboo10:28bloom2708
15p Save mobile deposit checks?  05/24CABob08:13lthenderson
14t Eliminating Single Positions and Moving to Index Fund  05/24Carbonate2413:28veggivet
14h Portfolio Questions & Check Up  05/20Livid40812:35Livid408
14h Fidelity 401k options  05/20QuasarZ07:55rkhusky
13h edward jones guided solutions/grandfathered  05/12eda183612:59bloom2708
13p Guidance needed, at a crossroads in my current job.  05/24Payoffhouse12:11Payoffhouse
13c Paying someone to build a website  05/25Incendiary07:23tech_arch
13c AirBNB payment policy  05/25boater0722:13Finance-MD
12p First house - penny wise?  05/22Ichiroll10:07DVMResident
12t Why do Hardship Withdrawals Increase in the Summer?  05/25MarginalCost07:09tech_arch
12h Roth IRA with Vanguard Now what  05/22itsallaboutme20:47brother7
12t Survey: 5 yr. CDs: 2.12% with no EWP vs 2.69% with 12 mo EWP?  05/22protagonist17:12protagonist
11c Cheap gym shirts w/ certain materials  05/24PlayingLife11:45MDfive21
11h Portfolio Lending  05/09jaj227611:36jaj2276
11c Air Conditioning unit / fix or replace  05/25StevieG7210:29NHRATA01
11t WSJ: MSCI Takes Fresh Look at Adding China Shares to Emerging-Market Index  03/23triceratop08:15unclescrooge
10p Vanguard REIT ETF ER increased?!?  00:56lernd15:17telemark
10h Vanguard vs higher cost bond funds  08:47chuckieboy11:49alex_686
9h rebalance 401k vs adding bonds to taxable  18:35freckles0115:17metalworking
9h Portfolio 100% in VTSAX for first 5 years of my career?  23:07foodhype14:02tylerherman
9t Siegel v. Shiller on Equity Valuations  05/25Random Walker13:03patrick013
9h Investing money after IRAs are maxed  05/25TeacherRob2212:26JW-Retired
9t The Best Account for International Equities  05/24aj76er11:51triceratop
9h HSA contribution  05/03topcatin20:56AAA
8h Liquidity question: Max retirement savings vs. build EFund?  05/25USGrant15:35USGrant
8h Almost 30 - where do I start with my IRA?  19:03owellwtvrnvrmin14:53owellwtvrnvrmin
8h Vanguard Growth (VIGAX) in taxable account?  05/24jafcorrea12:52jafcorrea
8p "Land ownership" in a high rise condo  05/25countofmc10:52Pajamas
8h Which accounts to consider in AA  05/24lazydavid10:30NiceUnparticula
8h Help me invest long term please  05/25uvasag10:16pkcrafter
8h Could you sanity check my plan so far?  05/24walkingeejit09:59ruralavalon
8h Backdoor Roth IRA but want to keep SEP-IRA  05/24surgeonm09:05BolderBoy
8h Sell high??  18:03hacksaw202519:57whodidntante
8p "Triangular" Gifts  05/25Oompadeedoo18:06LadyGeek
8p Major home and auto hail damage claim - now what?  05/24MnD17:39Earl Lemongrab
7c Interview follow-up  09:43InvestorNewb15:03Mudpuppy
7p Employer over contribution to SIMPLE IRA  20:31WorkToLive09:52Spirit Rider
7h What is "escrow to maturity".  05/25Toller08:28skepticalobserv
7t Moody's cuts China's credit rating  05/24jalbert00:37jalbert
7t Neat Calculator: Sell or Rent Out Property?  2015Meg7716:24protagonist
7c Carpet Cleaning Rental  05/25eastwayroad16:17eastwayroad
7p California probate - DIY?  05/24letsgobobby16:12letsgobobby
6p Solo 401K 5500 IRS form quick question  10:29msj1615:50msj16
6t Shiller interview  14:33lazyday15:48Tabulator
6t Foodstamp's Proactive Indexing Model  08:04foodstamp15:06LadyGeek
6p Pay off car loan?  13:19Bammerman15:03chrisdds98
6p Second Thoughts on Whole Life Insurance <1 Year into it - Advice???  14:07frymiller14:49mickeyd
6p Sanity check on home purchase numbers  05/24berg14:22berg
6h How to best allocate TSP Roth with limited bond funds?  05/25savageguy12:58kelvan80
6h Wellington VWELX or 3 fund portfolio  01/06jimbeam2211:51Voltron
6t "The World's Largest Fund Just Got a Bit Cheaper"  09:22Taylor Larimore11:23Vanguard Fan 13
6p using Roth IRA for downpayment  05/24justus10:50justus
6c Plumbing issue  18:18jwblue08:04barnaclebob
6h House Down Payment vs Retirement  05/25Keepcalm07:26dwickenh
6h 30 yr old - help prioritizing next decade of investing  05/25michael2821:33aristotelian
6h Help with Funding Plan  05/12bigringsprinter17:47bigringsprinter
5t How many investment companies to have money in?  11:24Oompadeedoo15:12Toons
5t CAPE adjusted stock/bond ratio  13:00mckaydw14:26junior
5h Seeking Financial Advice for a Widow  11:10cjay2214:18Levett
5h Limited Vanguard 457 options... where to invest?  05/24OnFire11:54Mudpuppy
5h Target date and 3 fund?  23:58QuasarZ09:34QuasarZ
5h Index's Holding Cash? Why?  19:37flyersrule21:42flyersrule
5p Mortgage or Refinance & Invest - Specific Scenario  19:34$tar-Lord20:08$tar-Lord
4p Havings twins  14:35stlbrucefan15:11sjt
4p Defer income - is it wise?  12:30steelerfan15:06steelerfan
4h Move cash from Ally to Vanguard?  09:2850ismygoal14:0950ismygoal
4h New poster - please evaluate and provide suggestions  21:34$tar-Lord11:37rkhusky
4t Schwab Intelligent Portfolio vs DIY  23:04dmayes11:18mhalley
4p Debit card and 529  05/25seachtu06:47gasdoc
4h TaxCaster 2017  19:21Swimmer06:30retiredjg
4t John Bogle: "Balancing Professional Values and Business Values"  05/25Taylor Larimore21:12grok87
4h Treasury Direct delay in crediting interest?  18:05bligh19:28#Cruncher
3h Austrian investing: starting simple  14:28Tabulator15:45Phineas J. Whoo
3h What Vanguard option for Roth, on top of my 403b?  12:09mossyroc15:03bonfire
3h The best bond ETFs for a European Investor?  08:33smesman13:42livesoft
3p Stockpile Website  05/24Andymoler5813:35VA_Gent
3h Boglehead portfolio suggestions for IB as a Dutch Global nomad  10:36daand113:20daand1
3h Question about setting up Vanguard Account  11:57Shamrock7113:11rkhusky
3h Voyager Select vs Flagship  12:31tc10113:02heartwood
3t MATH HELP NEEDED - AXA and AF expence ratio theory and actual  09:34RW-Expat10:28neurosphere
3h investments in 401k (asset location)  05:28zadie09:05zadie
3c denture/partial cleaners?  05/24aquamarine23:04seashell
3p What to do with accumulating real estate savings?  05/25ronan17722:01JGoneRiding
2p Are middle-aged breadwinners getting a raw deal?  15:40simple man15:48Pajamas
2t Is international a momentum investment?  18:26Dead Man Walkin15:17nisiprius
2h Need to rebalance out of an expensive target date fund  09:27a5ehren14:53a5ehren
2h REITS in my Roth - "stay the course?"  13:36Myopic squirrel14:15sreynard
2h Need Help and Advice [on retirement investments]  11:35carguy199313:07carguy1993
2t Depletion calculator? Chance of losing X% from withdrawing $Y annually?  12:13ThankYouJack12:41dbr
2h Investments inside an Irrevocable Trust - a conundrum  17:09JQuinn18:00swimfin
2h Investing "Borrowed" Tax Money  05/25vm52116:52livesoft
1p Is It Worth It?  15:12Storcher15:19willthrill81
1h Allocation Help Across His/Hers Accounts  05/22RThomas12:14Mudpuppy
1p Help with rollover from Municipal Job (pension and 457 deferred comp)  07:47y4rivera11:45Mudpuppy
1c Trip Cancellation Insurance (Illness of a Dog)  11:32Strider11:35mhalley
1p What Fees can be added to cost basis  05/25xrw111:32xrw1
1c Potential contract to hire interview questions  08:46nannid09:48avalpert
1p Interesting Brookings Report: “Later Retirement, Inequality in Old Age, and the Growing Gap in Longevity Between Rich an  05/25Small Law Survi20:52MP173
1p TRUST - If Original copies are missing  17:50Copernicus19:52Gill
0c Cleaning of Hardwood Floors  15:40rakornacki1  
0l Sacramento Area Bogleheads ~ Meeting 10:30 AM Sat June 10  13:41digarei  
0p i-ORP: testing and verification ?  13:22JohnFiscal  
0p Limited Purpose FSA  08:59BogleAlltheWay  
0p International tax minimization  23:21Mademoisellebog  

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