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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1782 new posts and replies over 249 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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4792cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36812:11 sixtyforty
4136pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy08:31 HEDGEFUNDIE
2626tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore15:24 Triple digit go
1965tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab00:26 placeholder
1879tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar16:23 stocknoob4111
1551c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir09:36 michaeljc70
1469tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE01:23 Pandananana
1202pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon19:39 ARoseByAnyOther
1008lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1607:24 Hopeful
374tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan09:03 Julieta7
358pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses2018 White Coat Inve22:01 kinaokole
332tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas09:31 Forester
304hHolding bonds vs 100% equities10/29 irasymn1019:57 unclescrooge
265hWill we be OK at 3% WR?11/05 bhsince8709:31 EddyB
241cMan’s life savings stolen from hijacked cellphone number04/28 cdu714:50 ARoseByAnyOther
194lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner10:57 VictoriaF
179cSaving seats on Southwest11/10 squirm09:26 Gill
151pAnyone want to share their monthly budget? Here's ours2018 jehovasfitness21:56 catlady
150tChanges to Morningstar Website?07/18 Call_Me_Op08:21 Richard1580
149hSpend It All vs. Leave $$ for the Kids11/09 MaryO09:24 flyingaway
149tAre TIPS really a good inflation hedge? Pros and Cons09/15 CULater13:10 garlandwhizzer
145pDo you charge your employer for the time that you spend working on your off days?11/08 CobraKai23:36 Watty
141lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte19:11 Elsebet
136tRich people are hoarding cash09/09 hdas20:04 LadyGeek
136tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest17:18 longinvest
132tIsn't lack of transparency in China a huge risk for international stock index?10/15 Vision06:29 columbia
127tDebunking Bonds in Taxable2018 Cartographer23:14 billthecat
117pSeller's agent not letting us use a buyer's agent11/08 jks198510:29 bsteiner
115hInvesting $140k in cash at 1k per week11/11 timetraveler08:28 retiredjg
104lArizona Chapter2018 mabromovitz06:44 FHBoglehead
93pH&R BLOCK Pre-Order 2019 Software Offer10/30 patrickscott08:43 RubyTuesday
93pVanguard keeps pushing their financial advisors...why?10/11 meercat814:46 bondsr4me
92pTimeshare offer experience10/30 HEDGEFUNDIE10:02 HEDGEFUNDIE
87tIf you were forced to pick an alternative asset...11/09 eleventhstreet03:37 DualCitizen
86tFidelity to $0 Commissions10/10 Cash16:55 StandingRock
84pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1108:55 4th and Inches
77lMaster Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads2014 gotherelate12:20 chrisdds98
74tRetired: Do you withdraw from investments or cash ?07/03 sixtyforty09:44 Bir48die
72pFirst Republic Bank doesn’t have physical coins10/25 DualCitizen08:30 samsoes
68tLong Term Bonds getting killed today11/07 hdas10:32 Lee_WSP
67tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?2018 Darwin13:32 RanchHand
60pDental Insurance02/24 Leesbro6309:40 jeffyscott
59cSpectrum Internet has a good scam going11/05 Inframan471217:00 RickBoglehead
58tVgd alt strategies fund (vasfx) open to retail investors?2018 grok8708:51 grok87
57c2 days in New York City03/15 catdude10:25 sk2101
54pHomebuying in Los Angeles - Advice Needed11/11 poppy4222:29 A-Commoner
54cAfter 2 weeks on new job, I am wanting to return to my old job, this is a terrible idea right?11/09 tiburblium18:04 michaeljc70
53hRoth 401K or Taxable11/01 CCD20:51 bradpevans
51c(Sigh) "Wasting" year-old smoke detector batteries...11/12 nisiprius09:28 HueyLD
51c"Beer Money" Methods11/06 CryingHawaiian09:04 mindgap
49tBitcoin Talk06/22 Enganerd23:08 JoMoney
48pI think my friend is already financially independent (through a fantastic bitcoin investment), can you confirm?11/11 JacobTeach06:03 halfnine
47pWill I be audited?11/11 Ddd765108:26 dodecahedron
47cWeddings - The good? The bad?11/05 skntwi23:28 Sandi_k
47hWhat’s in your TSP?11/09 tomwood20:35 peseta
45cTech guys need help with Mesh wifi booster...11/10 Ykcor09:14 michaeljc70
44nEuropean in the US wants to FIRE in 5 years. Questions.10/07 euinvestor123421:16 wineandplaya
44tThings you should know about minimum volatility investing02/17 hdas13:06 GaryA505
43cBlankets/Bedding for Cold Winter Nights14:05 CaptainSaver09:21 Colorado13
43pFidelity - promotion bonus11/05 johnubc08:27 sperry8
43pAlly Savings Rate drops to 1.8%10/09 Rob5TCP06:10 MikeG62
41nEuropean, dutch investor here: Is investing in VTI and VXUS still a good choice?02/16 finrod_200207:04 finrod_2002
41cAny Western CO Folks Here (Durango?)? - Would you Rec?08/11 TallBoy29er19:25 jello_nailer
41cQuestion on refilling prescriptions11/06 MrMojoRisin11:51 dm200
39pBasic Medicare Part B 2020 Premium $144.30 ??11/08 dm20013:02 Electron
38pSelling house with no commissions,fair deal?10:49 hoops77717:37 hoops777
37pAmica - Auto Policy, only 6 months11/06 grenadaRocks11:57 InMyDreams
35pMedicare [Can I contribute to a Health Savings Account?]2017 jazzbeat10123:57 TropikThunder
35tWhy no one created a etf of dividend free stocks11/09 sharukh19:20 aristotelian
34cBuying Wall-to-Wall Carpet: What Do I Need to Know?2013 Oilburner00:45 bayareainvestor
34cSmart Garage Door Openers11/06 mtmingus19:05 WorldWanderer
34h"Tax advantaged Annuity" advised for friend11/11 Wenonah15:44 Stinky
34cHard Wired smoke alarms. Recommendations.11/09 ram10:24 TrustButVerifyi
33hTax Gain Harvesting and Dividend Schedule11/11 LIGuy8221:28 grabiner
32hInternational Small Cap Value?2016 rattlenap06:44 dcabler
30tSaving for a new vehicle11/08 Gretzky19:07 Horton
29hHow to combine finances with your spouse? Recently married/early30s03:28 DualMotors09:33 ponyboy
29cRoku - is the Express sufficient?11/12 Triple digit go15:00 Triple digit go
28hSIL retirement puzzle23:44 gips09:03 teen persuasion
28pHDHP over BCBS Basic for Feds?11/11 RJC07:50 RJC
27tThe End Is Near....Isn't It ?15:23 ejezee16:41 LadyGeek
26pAre complicated credit card cash back strategies worth it?01:52 hungrywave09:32 sunny_socal
26cSnow tires11/11 OldBallCoach08:47 dbr
26toptimal strategy for exploiting robo-advisors11/08 ksJoe23:49 nedsaid
25hinheritance11/10 Schwing198519:26 Schwing1985
24cAnyone had their house repiped?11/11 Jwulgaru08:44 lthenderson
24tOrder or distributions on Roth IRA10/23 international0016:50 retiredjg
24cWater hammer11/11 Swansea15:07 Housedoc
22cWould you buy a Galaxy S9 now?16:17 BogleFanGal09:24 sunny_socal
22cIs LastPass still top in security, any reason to switch?11/11 squirm08:56 ThereAreNoGurus
22cFruit Fly Problem11/10 runner921:22 sarahjane
22cMobile finance apps - do you use them?11/11 JD277510:41 MiddleOfTheRoad
21tFlaws with 4% Rule?14:08 AverageInvestor09:32 willthrill81
21pHow to start a business08/27 CraigSutta08:17 simas
20cExperience/cost MLB spring training?11/12 dm20017:10 jlawrence01
20pOB/GYN Prepayment?11/11 sg206013:14 8foot7
19cLos Angeles to San Francisco Roadtrip11/11 aude09:13 JackoC
19hRoth IRA Portfolio Options11:11 thenovice07:37 retiredjg
19cKindle/Paperwhite -E Reader11/10 GiannaLuna23:16 rj342
19cOrganization supporting Veterans - Donation11/10 tranquility13:28 rotorhead
18pOnline MBA - Worth It?22:15 KandT09:29 stoptothink
18tThe "Armchair Millionaire"- the "original" 3 fund portfolio?2018 sleepysurf09:03 siamond
18pHow to Calculate Qualified Expense (for 529 Plan) for College Student Living at Home10/27 HomeStretch08:56 Spirit Rider
18pSingles/DINKs in HCOL/VHCOL areas, can you please share your budget?11/08 Plz06:35 desafinado
18tAlly savings rate changing17:12 Gnirk06:20 mx711yam
18hAdvice needed for unusual financial situation11/11 Jacksright22:31 JAZZISCOOL
18hRoth IRA Rollover10:08 aristotelian18:43 David Jay
18hDilemma: After-tax 401K to Roth IRA, limited allocation for all 401K "types".11/10 corp_sharecropp10:16 nolesrule
17pMonths Leading up to Retirement11/12 GiannaLuna09:12 musicmom
17hMoney Market Fund in IRA for RMD11/10 LarryG08:55 dbr
17pSimple Bank - ACH to/from a "Protected Goal" account11/11 Ricchan08:10 arf30
17pShould I do a cash out refinance?11/12 dmk39507:52 Watty
17tVTWAX/VTWSX availability at Fidelity11/09 yogesh18:05 mongstradamus
17tRoth Conversion Calculation11/11 ColoRetiredGirl15:21 celia
17pNeed to add houseguests to homeowners or umbrella insurance?11/10 need403bhelp14:03 Lee_WSP
16tWhy is VBTLX dropping?11/07 Tenesmus8316:29 arcticpineapple
16hSpeculating - Chesapeake Energy (CHK)11/12 Makaveli15:52 Grt2bOutdoors
16hDad is looking to move money out of Fisher Investments...need advice11/10 PackersFan1215:37 pkcrafter
16hAbout to put $ in Fixed income, which one?11/11 William Million13:29 rossington
15hBRK.B16:10 Bernard09:25 Outer Marker
15pGrandparents helping with college11:07 SocraticQuestio09:24 NotWhoYouThink
15hWhich BOND Fund in Taxable at 22% Tax Rate11/11 Rajsx08:49 skeptical
15hNew member, and advice seeker..11/08 Bankroll07:12 Olemiss540
15nEU investor: 7M+ in VWRA vs SWDA + EIMI (or a combination) and partially hedged global govt bond ETF11/07 cafe7220:58 glorat
14pThe difficulty of discarding frugality?08:12 midareff09:11 Shallowpockets
14cacura rdx or mercedes glc300 small luxury suv18:37 lomarica0109:03 Laker1
14tMOM is real, too bad it doesn't work13:40 garlandwhizzer06:48 lazyday
14hBuy some VYM [Vanguard High Dividend Yield]?13:07 LilyFleur03:48 birdog
14hQuestions about Fidelity Charitable DAF11/10 Saving$00:11 increment
14cphone bloop2015 mouses19:19 totallystudly
14pACA Marketplace11/04 typical.investo09:34 HomeStretch
13hFIRE Roth Ladder Tax Question11/12 Paradise08:54 Paradise
13pLooking at buying a foreclosure Dallas area cash19:52 totallystudly07:28 jucor
13halternative investments11/11 smoothnobody22:44 nedsaid
13pBeneficiary Settings in brokerage accounts13:58 fm304019:31 mptfan
13h4 % Rule10:44 Eldorado18:01 ExitStageLeft
13pMake donation through proxy (friend) and deduct?11:24 neatp16:51 LadyGeek
13pStudent Loan Refinance Suggestions11/10 flyfishers8315:16 Lee_WSP
12hSchwab or Vanguard simple ETFs portfolio at Schwab2018 normalmal07:58 paradiseapplefi
12hDo you batch 529 reimbursement or match costs?11/11 shess07:20 rkhusky
12tDefined contribution vs defined benefit retirement plans00:02 danielc02:40 iamlucky13
12cIs anyone else getting bogus subscriptions on Prime?11/12 montanagirl11:47 Silk McCue
12h[Help with my three-fund portfolio]05/04 Basel Hodge11:35 Taylor Larimore
11hRegular investing into taxable while maintaining AA12:59 ma21n209:31 ma21n2
11pAttorney Career Advice needed15:12 CorradoJr08:31 Valuethinker
11hMuni guidance for $15m portfolio11/09 crossroads22:54 sfmurph
11hSearching for broad ETF that tilts value17:53 yaqub21:36 yaqub
11p29yr Big 4 Tech Consultant Pursuing Higher Earning Potential11/11 MrProcess17:48 fallingeggs
11pEvaluating going self employed, what to consider?09:37 Pitagoras15:36 Pitagoras
11h401k rollover IRA by end of year12:24 TheWiz15:11 Spirit Rider
11pCash In or Take Annual Leave11/11 HarleyGuy11:35 jbinpa59
10hIRA to 401K Roll In Rules, 60 Days, Vanguard Screw Ups08:41 StandingRock09:27 StandingRock
10pTiming on self-employment and income tax11/09 socialforums20109:04 Spirit Rider
10hUTMA v. 529 in no-tax state11/10 Cash21:18 Cash
10hVanguard Index Funds vs Fidelity Managed Assets Program11:54 keep_the_change20:59 dbr
10h5 fund portfolio11/11 jos3f878718:18 AMJoshua
10hAnyone ever appeal their Wells Fargo Advisors termination fee?11/07 ronno201817:25 F150HD
10hTIAA's real estate fund11/11 dmcmahon11:34 dodecahedron
9pForgotten Expenses in Retirement--Travel08:37 cresive09:28 snackdog
9cApple TV vs Competitors01:25 DTalos09:03 rich126
9hTaxes on Long Term Capital Gains11/12 Laila1008:22 kaneohe
9hVanguard Market Outlook11/12 rockthisworld07:14 lazyday
9pPension Lump Sum Offer - Monthly Big Mac in 2047?11/09 kinetic225506:19 Silk McCue
9hRecently married, early 30's portfolio/fire advice?22:55 fresh_boglehead02:00 mortfree
9pDistribution of principal from a bypass trust11/11 ChrisLA19:55 ChrisLA
9pHealth Reimbursement Account (company funded HRA)13:25 big bang17:46 Ron
9hAdvice on Nest Egg draw down11/11 KatchABogle17:24 ResearchMed
8hIs this too simple19:05 Laker108:51 Watty
8tDow closing15:58 theduke22:37 rocket354
8pHow to shop for term life insurance16:19 28fe619:20 Brianmcg321
8pEducate myself with financial planning11/12 ig7713:34 GerryL
8p$10K wire transfer - loan to son - tax implications?11/12 chestnut11:46 HueyLD
7pHSA questions22:17 kinaokole09:33 kinaokole
7hTaxable account18:47 Eastcoaster21208:48 Lalamimi
7pHSA catch-up contribution to 2 separate accounts13:14 Clarice07:04 Clarice
7hPortfolio adjustment help11/11 gndibot21:35 gndibot
7cCarbon Monoxide Alarms12:10 boater0719:32 Pugs1351
7cScale of Lionel Trains Rolling Stock: Early 1950's vs. Current Vintage10:16 Strider18:34 mortfree
7pHas anyone been retro billed for IRMAA?11/11 Mitchell77714:51 cas
7pWhat do I do with S corp money?12:57 stranded2x14:31 niceguy7376
7pRetirement and Tax savings question11/11 Morgan8413:15 ExitStageLeft
7pH&R Block Tax 2019 is Available on Amazon11:51 mervinj712:29 jhfenton
6hVanguard Estimated December 2019 Year End Distributions08:44 billfromct09:19 rkhusky
6hMoving Roth IRA from Vanguard to TIAA Brokerage22:05 IowaNative09:02 aristotelian
6hTo Roth or not to Roth, that is the question12:58 Skeeter108:56 Skeeter1
6pHow do wills work (in a case like mine)22:49 oldguy08:32 michaeljc70
6hStrategy for transitioning to Bogle07:28 bethesda07:58 Wiggums
6tVanguard and basketball04:11 asset_chaos07:54 JoMoney
6cCraigslist vs Kelley Blue Book cash offer for car06:04 EnjoyTheJourney06:44 runner3081
6pHigh deductible insurance vs basic16:06 Abarn23:09 toofache32
6hTSP question11/12 tman994021:57 3504PIR
6pSocial Security Retirement Benefits02/27 WWO20:36 phornsby
6hAsset allocation in Triditional 401k11/11 scooter10117:51 retired@50
5hNew financial responsibilities - a young couple seeking advice07:18 Baxxter09:27 lakpr
5fError Message while PMing06:28 bhwabeck353309:11 bhwabeck3533
5cSetting up a new android phone09:42 tc10108:06 michaeljc70
5hHave a regular TSP, should I consider a Roth TSP?11/12 LuigiLikesPizza06:29 billfromct
5pPaying for Medicare Via Monthly Social Security Distribution15:41 muddlehead18:59 Stinky
5cHow does receiving ACA subsidies work?16:43 LesBleus**17:15 Workable Goblin
5hNew Employer - 401(k)14:27 ammck14:40 lakpr
5p2020 FEHB HDHP - how to calculate vs. traditional plan?11/07 ems201313:37 grabiner
5tMorningstar--Vanguard Won the Loser’s Game How an outsider conquered the fund industry.11/12 MFInvestor13:08 grettman
5pQuestion re: COBRA and Health Insurance Plans11/12 OnTrack202010:41 HomeStretch
4pQuestion on personal accounting costs for tax preparation08:04 couchpotatoadop08:56 CAsage
4nReceiving an International Bank Wire Transfer Questions17:50 waltman30007:10 RubyTuesday
4hRetiring soon and need help02:27 Newlearner1907:10 Deblog
4cHearing Aid Question18:27 Bigfish07:01 carolinaman
4nPortfolio Review (Australia)20:15 alex12371105:08 andrew99999
4hPortfolio Advice - Near Retirement - New Investor Needs Help!17:44 dogbros19:49 HomeStretch
4p401k Catch Up Contributions17:39 SurfCityBill18:55 Stinky
4hVMATX (MA Tax Free) for proceeds from locking in LTCG?11/11 557880yvi17:36 557880yvi
4hBest bond fund for taxable11/11 qjoe17:06 qjoe
4hESPP with short holding period - worth participating?11/11 kytt15:12 SDLinguist
4pFlex Spending Accounts & Retirement Year?12:10 LuigiLikesPizza13:22 H-Town
3tMoney Revealed09:00 SSM109:33 David Jay
3pRetiring in early 2020, want to stuff preferred tax vehicles?04:33 TresBelle6509:32 niceguy7376
3pShould DW go down to 11 month contract?18:10 fortfun09:05 Colorado13
3pRelationship between the 1 and 3 mo LIBOR, utility of refinancing variable rate loans22:48 mrfoxdoc08:20 Valuethinker
3nBeginner - US/JP dual citizen in Tokyo02:16 whizzo06:59 TedSwippet
3cCondensate pump recommendations wanted12:24 dalbright06:11 Tecktser
3hNew member, Portfolio review help17:58 mrtbhf23:53 retired@50
3hFund similar to Fidelity FFIZX?23:11 sugarandspice23:49 sugarandspice
3pHow much can I contribute to an HSA?18:15 CoastalWinds18:37 CoastalWinds
3pDonating RSUs and Options from StockPlan Connect11:03 HIMcDunnough12:18 mhc
3cPurchasing a used iPhone from Consumer Cellular?10:48 GiannaLuna11:38 protagonist
2cSwitch Citi Thank You Preferred for Prestige + card?11/09 protagonist09:28 protagonist
2pOffsetting short-term loss with long-term capital gains to reset cost basis11/03 co49d0x07:23 MikeG62
2nMy Portfolio - Seeking Advice. Romania. 4 Currencies.11/12 bravenewworld05:44 buylowbuyhigh
2hUSRT For HSA11/11 gogent21:31 grabiner
2tChanging AA in a 529 depending on spend-down11:12 tenkuky15:25 harvestbook
2hBond fund or ??11/11 Rosencrantz110:57 Rosencrantz1
2hPortfolio checkup11/12 Dadachihuahua10:29 lakpr
2pIntra Family Loan tax consequences11/12 MrMojoRisin09:50 RickBoglehead
1p250k Live off of or put in Index funds05:56 snowox08:53 CAsage
1pRisk analysis of having HSA vs. PPO Plan20:58 haranoth21:56 grabiner
1hGetting comfortable with AA heading into retirement19:27 Tjb19:41 MotoTrojan
1pHSA/HDHP18:13 AzleaHeights18:56 fabdog
1pWhat is "VC Potential?"16:09 renue7416:44 356Fan
1cFormat a high schooler resume09:49 tenkuky13:43 CAsage
1nNon resident Alien considering relocation from US to EU09:47 Useful_Monk13:16 TedSwippet
1pWhat really are the differences between the versions of TurboTax (deluxe, premier, home & business)?10:40 billthecat10:52 HomeStretch
0padult child moving back09:25 SSM1 
0pRoth IRA guidance08:31 Gritty1109 
0p401k loan analysis08:19 FL370 
0hAsset Allocation advice05:24 MoRS76 
0cwould appreciate your thoughts [circuit maker]20:57 micooch 
0pBuying(or leasing) a car with OOS ID17:10 OCDinvestor 
0tTicker symbols for mutual funds - historical question13:02 Makefile 
0tBond Sectors - JP Morgan Fixed Income Asset Allocation Portfolio?11:26 alluringreality 

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