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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1396 new posts and replies over 214 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
6661tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill14:43 heyeaglefn
3075cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt22:24 paramedic
2178tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore14:28 Taylor Larimore
1116cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds22:38 davidsorensen32
532tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC13:25 MnD
315lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6522:01 jcar
273cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo22:52 Glockenspiel
265t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M13:18 jeffyscott
175pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371113:11 nisiprius
164tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton21:14 Bulgogi Head
146pCan you retire on $2M?06/21 schrute12:54 HomerJ
125tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer21:07 LadyGeek
111cDid you celebrate when you finally hit $1m?06/22 TheBogleWay12:03 WhiteMaxima
110tFactor Investing Makes Someone Money, But Maybe Not You06/21 Rick Ferri07:51 vineviz
106cWhen did you start flying business class?06/23 hmw14:17 Elsebet
104twill the SP500 double in 7 years?2011 LH14:09 siamond
95chow to make friends in new location?06/17 jayk23816:29 Lynette
93hStruggling - Seeking Advice to Get On Track06/19 investjack01909:20 pkcrafter
84cRoad trip Pennsylvania,Maryland,and DC06/18 hoops77710:20 jebmke
82tI-bonds look pretty bad right now06/17 danielc09:40 #Cruncher
71tLarry Swedroe: The Battle Of Passive Strategies06/18 Random Walker15:21 Random Walker
69hWhere to invest $50K+ down payment money for five years?06/10 Jesteroftheswam14:07 Meg77
68c"distilled" water for wife's CPAP machine06/18 dm20013:11 Lynette
67pThis is ridiculously expensive LTCi, right? Or maybe not?06/22 ktip12:51 WoW2012
64pRetirees: When you cut spending, what do you cut?06/23 AtlasShrugged?06:40 scottinmet
62h"Never time the market" vs. lump sum investment06/21 bonzai07:15 knpstr
61tWhat’s the magic savings rate???03/30 crockpotinvesti10:31 Garco
60cComputer Security03/25 Larry262321:57 KyleAAA
60cSeverance Package Question06/05 aburntoutcase19:38 aburntoutcase
59t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency02/19 triceratop12:46 triceratop
58cIs this solar panel bid reasonable?01/12 Boston Barry11:40 TravelforFun
52hStart TSP disbursements and delay social security -- or the other way around?09/01 Bammerman08:35 Bammerman
51ccar for long-distance driving06/23 azumagaoka11:39 Johnnyappleseed
49tGeneral Electric booted from Dow Jones Industrial Average06/19 Paul Romano05:40 Bacchus01
47hHow much of your taxable holdings is unrealized capital gains?06/20 Luckywon14:32 Grasshopper
47hSo much angst06/24 billthecat14:10 mpnret
44pHow to pay college tuition from a 529?12/29 OldSport07:07 alrick
43cChipmunk problem06/15 dollarsaver10:01 ColoRetiredGirl
42tNew York Times on current yield curve as powerful signal of recession06:24 SelfEmployed12314:47 Pajamas
42pAnyone at Goldman Sachs/Marcus bank 1.5%?01/20 broslami16:01 Grasshopper911
41pCareer Burn Out: Should I quit high paying job and take a sabbatical?06/23 oilrig14:06 FIREchief
41cLooking for Mazda CX-9 Feedback10/25 FrugalInvestor11:39 neilpilot
41hShort-term Treasury ETF vs just buying Treasuries06/20 danielc18:40 jalbert
40pCompliments for Vanguard?06/23 celia11:04 laughlinlvr
39h[100% stock, uncomfortable with international]06/21 bg511:12 vineviz
39tWhy won't Vanguard drop VTI & VOO expense to 0.03?06/22 vu816:20 sschoe2
38hWhy not go 100% stocks?10:35 masonstone14:28 baconavocado
38cCostco tire - Michelin vs Bridgestone2017 walletless13:17 WhiteMaxima
38tS&P P/E Ratio17:37 KandT13:17 JBTX
38hIs this all investing is?06/23 jb121:25 MrPotatoHead
37hviews on "Empower Retirement" as a 401k provider? fees? ease of use etc?01/16 jayk23814:47 Dottie57
36pSudden appearance of multiple buyers real or negotiation tactic?05:25 cdu714:50 michaeljc70
35tPortfolio Diversification, Long Before Mr. Markowitz06/23 SimpleGift12:28 FreeAtLast
35hHelp - investor starting later in life06/01 z00b23:28 Hawaiishrimp
34pCash Out Retirement Account vs Rollover to IRA06/23 docjok10:59 Pajamas
33cFront load washer gross moldy gasket06/23 xrvision14:37 michaeljc70
33hStarting out, in Japan06/06 ewerton09:15 rhe
33cBuilding a Computer2017 Alexa916:04 bob60014
32cCollege: extraneous expenses06/08 sunshine1812:48 Jack FFR1846
31pThoughts on Canadian Universities [Dual US / Canadian citizen]06/24 Isabelle7706:41 Isabelle77
29cComplain or Negative Review for Rip-off Plumber?06/21 ClassySDLivin12:00 scottgekko
29tFidelity portfolio advisory services2017 gym486611:45 dodonnell
28c2007 Toyota Corolla06/24 tman994021:08 LadyGeek
28cAm I wasting money on my old car?06/21 Keith4318:44 inbox788
28pSEP v SIMPLE - Higher Employee Cost but Offset by Tax Savings?06/14 Clarice15:22 Spirit Rider
27h>$250,000 portfolios with Vanguard? Insurance?2015 ghudson18:25 VaR
27tHidden Index Bubble - I'd love to hear some thoughts!06/24 AaronScott17:02 longinvest
25pSettling Consumer Debt09:11 docjok14:09 docjok
25hHire financial advisor?06/22 musicteacher11:25 neilpilot
25t30 yr tips auction: june 21: 1.0% yield?06/07 grok8710:32 grok87
24cHouse seller fudging disclosure re: buried oil tank?21:09 motorcyclesarec14:31 Loik098
24pBuying new home while selling current one Qs06/23 dandypandys11:41 dandypandys
23hDouble Digits years of living expenses in Fixed Income06/24 TheTimeLord14:49 Dandy
23pFIRE thought experiment06/24 skor9911:40 rgs92
22pPodcasts on money management and investing basics06/23 Matahari21:42 Matahari
21cGarage refrigerator06/23 bungalow1012:09 Earl Lemongrab
21hTSP advice needed!2013 Finsfan10:25 Bammerman
21pApplying for Social Security Online04/20 TravelforFun10:11 Austintatious
20cCheap simple tablets?06/23 ChinchillaWhipl14:40 Exafchick
20tThrift Savings Plan to Change I Fund Index12/07 Barry Barnitz13:49 MnD
20cRepair old refrigerator or purchase new06/23 mmmodem09:34 neilpilot
19tLiability Matching Portfolios 20% failure rate?06/24 garlandwhizzer09:44 CULater
19hHitting your number---Now What?06/24 curo09:21 J295
19tAQR throws a bit of shade at CAPE06/21 matjen22:05 willthrill81
19pLTCi option - whole life w/ Continuation of benefits rider06/16 spammagnet19:36 capjak
18pLeased Car Totaled - What Do I Owe?2015 yasafener190711:47 scottgekko
18pPurchasing an old home in an old suburban area; to what old-house specific issues should I pay attention19:07 InvisibleAeroba10:04 wstrdg
17hStocks vs. rental property23:25 johnkgan14:45 WanderingDoc
17pSibling wants to share house sale proceeds - best way to avoid gift taxes?06/23 nguy4410:50 dm200
17h28 year old investor [Australia]06/21 Young Saver02:55 Valuethinker
17pAre you smarter than my CPA? (IRA issue)06/23 lemonparade420:38 celia
17h“Buying the Dividend”06/22 BoggledHead220:07 JustinR
17hMoving taxable LinusP17:38 grabiner
16hHelp! Late Saver Approaching Retirement12:15 bluecollarretir14:47 Chadnudj
16hhelp with expense ratio06/13 r21emember12:58 retiredjg
16p1st Vanguard Complaint in 30 years06/23 chrisjul17:27 AlwaysWannaLear
15cBest time to travel to Iceland?06/20 sunshine1814:42 Wilderness Libr
15cRecommendations for ice machine21:29 WaffleCone13:56 michaeljc70
15hRetirement Fund Help with TIAA-CREF06/20 rhatfiel04:26 rhatfiel
15p529 tax question06/23 Edmonds_investo02:40 Edmonds_investo
14hVTI -> VTSAX10:04 Ren14:06 Taylor Larimore
14pTaxes confuse me!06/24 tman994021:28 LadyGeek
13tAs time goes on, will total market investing become more perfect, and tilting strategies less?04:42 JustinR10:09 staythecourse
13hMUB vs SHY For a taxable account [iShares National Muni Bond vs. 1-3 Year Treasury]06/22 bosocal05:33 UpperNwGuy
13hFixing My Cost Basis [on inherited stocks]06/23 Steve163621:26 celia
13cSouth Florida for 2 days - Agenda?06/23 oaks19:17 orlandoguy
13pSocial Security Calculation Done Correctly?06/24 schrute18:32 jimb_fromATL
13tAnti Indexing investment06/24 msr99915:30 jeffyscott
12cWater leak when it rains - older Camry10:14 dm20014:47 downshiftme
12tDoes technical data matter?07:56 ChinchillaWhipl14:43 alfaspider
12hGarrett Planning Network experiences20:01 averagedude10:47 TLB
12hCaps Gains Tax Strategy06/24 KDF09:54 ofckrupke
12hSell individual stock, or index fund06/23 acanthurus23:59 Earl Lemongrab
12cDual king mattress06/22 btenny15:42 PhilosophyAndre
11hCharity giving how much? How much do other retirees give?06/10 Wricha14:41 Dottie57
11cHow to spend it all07:29 tennisplyr11:07 rgs92
11treliable investment calculator with dividends reinvested10/10 wstalcup09:33 vineviz
11tIs there a point of "Peak Passive" with index funds?06/24 Noob070718:56 jalbert
11pFind a new job or not (golden handcuffs, etc etc)06/22 saj17:23 saj
10hPortfolio Advice.06/12 isidhu14:44 ExitStageLeft
10tWhat Now With Down 2018 Market08:50 Duffydog114:29 bloom2708
10hFirst timer looking for help [Estonia]06/14 BatChainPuller08:09 BatChainPuller
10tLow Bond Duration06/24 yousha20:16 livesoft
10hHelp a 'Three Funder' Allocate Inherited IRA06/21 luap19:44 asset_chaos
10tReal Estate vs. Equity - Market Cap Weighted06/21 trope16:06 Valuethinker
9pMortgage pre-approval questions10:44 F150HD14:33 jfn111
9pMid career retirement planning, HCOL area06/20 jeanpierremelvi10:05 CurlyDave
9hRoth IRA investment question06/23 Molly.S08:31 moehoward
9tSmall company effect is overstated due to flawed dataset06/23 carolinaman07:31 Valuethinker
9hWhat should I do with my taxable account?06/24 salamyen07:17 nolesrule
8hAm I talking about market timing or dollar cost averaging (or both?)18:27 Mursili14:39 Earl Lemongrab
8lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?06/21 Housedoc14:33 marti038
8pBetterment fined07:57 blevine13:59 wolf359
8tHow does a guaranteed income stream affect stock/bond ratio?20:22 GrowthSeeker13:57 ThrustVectoring
8pMedicare HSA to HRA07:06 GridironGems13:37 GridironGems
8pCD Maturity notice06/23 mickeyd12:27 Austintatious
8cBuying Audi 6 in Germany05/14 retire1410:48 02nz
8hPlease critique my portfolio20:38 Daphne12205:55 dwickenh
8pBogleheads Are Better in the Morning06/23 John15101:16 samtex
8hThinking about adding international06/23 tman994020:41 3funder
8tsome rethinking on taxable and retirement accounts with 2018 tax law06/23 brucicle16:25 jeffyscott
7cSan Antonio and Austin trip20:38 vpm888913:34 baritone
7cBuy year end 2018 van vs. 2019 model06/24 markfaix11:27 -buzz-
7tLarry Swedroe: Long Term Factors08:13 Random Walker11:20 Random Walker
7pWhy tax amount determined by software lower than schedule?06/24 lext09:34 dratkinson
7pGifting in a community property state06/23 Edmonds_investo02:31 Edmonds_investo
7hMobile deposit of Rollover Check06/23 OnLevel00:45 icefr
7cInsuring a rental car as non-owner06/24 azumagaoka23:01 Nate79
7pQuestion about NY 529 plan19:05 md0122:30 seawolf21
7pHELOC vs 401k Loan - Looking for Options06/23 hpnas20:20 hpnas
6pCNBC: Social Security buying power has slipped by a third for retirees13:09 CULater14:29 beardsworth
6hHelp me understand Roth vs Traditional IRA12:15 danielc14:19 FiveK
6pShould my girlfriend who is here on a work visa open an IRA?16:31 purpleradish13:57 TedSwippet
6tStill re-balance in TSP/401k if it is split between traditional and Roth?02:02 RamblinDoc13:25 Earl Lemongrab
6cQ on appealling Medicare surcharge21:08 SpideyIndexer12:25 GerryL
6taca and investment income?06/23 gips10:34 gips
6hHedging annuity with life insurance22:26 28fe609:33 Stinky
6cCell Phone - 5G?06/24 Rose09:21 bloom2708
6hpaid financial advisors17:29 realtimes01:47 MrPotatoHead
6hFirst questions for those willing to help06/23 Hidjet00:32 Hidjet
6hConvert Windsor II to Primecap in Roth IRA?06/24 doraemon22:24 RickBoglehead
6hTo sell or not sell individual stocks06/24 drdrgolf21:50 MrPotatoHead
6cBest book to read before buying a house?06/24 jastevenson19:32 Cop51
6pDonor Advised Fund and KQED06/24 Duckie18:24 Artsdoctor
6tBlockchain virtual real estate06/23 jalbert16:37 JoMoney
6hTaxable account setup06/24 stevedc16:24 ofckrupke
6hdividends06/24 omerthegrouch15:48 oldcomputerguy
6hBack-Door Roth and Rolling TIRA to 401(k) Sequencing06/18 Jack Stone14:57 Jack Stone
5pAfford a house addition?13:33 fyrfyter814:50 fyrfyter8
5cBasement waterproofing questions08:05 doon14:22 marti038
5pWanted: Trust theory and administration book recommendation06/24 heartwood12:27 Earl Lemongrab
5hFeeback on portfolio06/24 BFRAME09:58 Pajamas
5cAdding a trust to your homeowner's policy06/24 barber05:52 mouses
5hVariable Annuity question06/23 MariamQ21:56 grabiner
5tInternational Tax efficiency vanguard vs fidelity06/24 agarret6619:21 triceratop
4hAll Treasury Portfolio13:15 jeffreyalan14:42 John151
4pHouse and HELOC refi advice06/21 just_me14:41 Meg77
4pNiece & Vanguard as co-trustees15:18 Myopic squirrel13:48 afan
4hIndividual Treasuries at auction - Cost07:42 kobbiemandd12:24 DetroitRick
4cLincoln Aviator11:03 rvflyer12:02 Jack FFR1846
4hIndividual ETFs or all-in-one fund?06/24 echoslime08:46 livesoft
4pEstate Planning06/24 willyd12308:15 bsteiner
4hHelp for a beginner investor in Germany06/24 antipro05:04 international00
4hHelp with Personal Investment06/24 purplemountain19:43 Grt2bOutdoors
3tVanguard LifeStrategy Minus International Bonds11:43 Catfish Plumber12:36 Catfish Plumber
3h401K Portfolio Churn & When To Rebalance?11:04 Jason-Paul11:44 Jason-Paul
3pSmall loan by the way of 0% APR credit card05:44 DocHudson08:21 CurlyDave
3phelp me figure out the best retirement account type for my situation (i401k, 403b, etc.)06/23 mesmer00:24 Misenplace
3tGulf between MOM research and MOM fund results06/23 garlandwhizzer23:59 jalbert
3hCleaning up Portfolio06/24 Lefty22:21 RickBoglehead
3tVWALX up over VWLUX - why?15:09 john_nh21:57 venkman
3hRollover IRA and the Pro-Rata Rule17:30 dustball519:27 dustball5
3cMedicare Choices - what you can do now06/24 dm20017:25 dm200
3p401K vs IRA Asset Protection06/24 blackbeen17:20 Mitchell777
2pRoth or loan for kids last year of college13:08 jj4513:35 livesoft
2pVanguard health care cost study19:37 corn1813:17 CULater
2hRedundancies in Investments21:56 LCMay12:47 vineviz
2hThoughts on my Investment Plan?10:31 simple_investor11:03 Pajamas
2hIndexing in Australia20:39 retire1402:48 Valuethinker
2cEuropean Delivery in November [car]20:47 retire1402:36 Valuethinker
2hIRA Investment Picks - Only One Fund?20:14 vpm888922:12 pkcrafter
2hNeed help with portfolio, template included06/24 AnneMiller198015:28 Duckie
2p~1 year from FIRE (#2): Good Book under NEW 2018 Tax Law?06/23 AlwaysWannaLear14:54 mhalley
1t"The Vanguard Group Rules"14:00 Taylor Larimore14:41 bondsr4me
1husing CDs and bonds to generate tax losses13:06 stevej14:39 mega317
1cTerm Life Insurance ?14:18 jeremyl14:38 MI_bogle
1hPortfolio Review - Simplify Me12:29 PCPilot13:15 Tamarind
1tVanguard's Balance Funds08:44 yousha08:50 livesoft
1hRoth IRA - Treasuries vs Int'l Equities00:14 danielc01:30 mhalley
1pSecond malpractice insurance necessary?21:50 scorcher3100:06 Doctor Rhythm
1hIncentive stock options strike price on pre/post IPO wire06/24 qmanchoo18:12 MotoTrojan
0tFlorida Estate Planning14:44 erik265 
0hCan I TLH QQQ and pick up VTI, IVV, VOO...14:43 ndnboy 
0fAmazon Link14:39 zeppy 

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