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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1563 new posts and replies over 215 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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3498cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:15 BrooklynInvest
2976cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:39 drhcc
2134tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore08:28 Rick Ferri
936tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab23:38 Earl Lemongrab
701cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds09:49 kenyan
619pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy17:07 welldone
295lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls15:54 pink
219pHow old are you and how much do you save for retirement a year11/07 RDHlooking4FIRE07:26 rob
209cHow Far is too Far, Commuting?02/24 JF214109:34 Socal77
204lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec15:45 Flying Penguin
199cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater06:55 Carl53
194pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses01/19 White Coat Inve18:13 ShabonScribe
181tKF's simple rules to achieve FI04/20 KlangFool07:46 KlangFool
170t30 yr tips auction 2/15: 1.0% yield?02/08 grok8710:00 Snowjob
166cIs Los Angeles a good place long term to live financially?04/17 GrayS2614:32 A-Commoner
160lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE17:22 Miriam2
153t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M20:46 Kevin M
150tBoglehead Philosophy Open To Change?04/21 Alexa910:40 snarlyjack
150pNeed for Medicare supplemental plan?03/16 barefootjan09:54 dm200
143pCan I retire at age 40?04/15 Johnretirement10:33 chicagoan23
137cBH travel tips?04/14 leftcoaster10:29 Hyperborea
121pVanguard Web Site Down?2017 Leesbro6309:24 Summer
117tIs it time to dump high yield savings for prime money market?03/20 mbasherp10:35 pascalwager
108tI’m still not a fan of international bond funds04/20 Rick Ferri08:17 Rick Ferri
98cKitchen features03/01 daggerboard16:32 staythecourse
94hAlly Bank No penalty CD for parking cash, is there a catch?06/16 marcopolo09:52 TonyUncleJohnny
93t2-year AA Munis at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/12 Kevin M08:39 gmaynardkrebs
92pCharles Schwab Checking + Brokerage Account2016 jb908:31 MnD
92tAny value investor buying a Russia fund?04/09 Lauretta20:17 LadyGeek
92lSan Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter2015 alanwbaker18:15 wwhan
91tNYT article: Everyone should hire a financial planner04/20 Teague10:02 afan
90tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton17:32 jhfenton
89cDo you buy new or used cars?04/20 Hulk10:38 jharkin
87cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet09:02 Elsebet
85pPension Freeze - What did you do?10/06 tooluser19:44 Earl Lemongrab
84pWhat online bank do you use?2017 radnor08:24 MnD
76pWhat is a good flat rate cash back credit card?01/27 Tbonerazor21:35 Looking4Answers
76pResign from job or possible termination03/30 Colorado1314:24 Watty
70lToo much Iowa David18:33 Rick Ferri
67cNew retirees: so whatdayathink ?04/20 tennisplyr07:09 rennale
63pSettlement Offer -- Accept or Wait?04/21 3funder21:07 ssquared87
58pInheritance Changing Lifestyle04/21 arf141010:18 Sandtrap
58cCheap cell phone plans02/05 mbres6021:27 mike77308
57cSelling a car: how to get paid?04/19 shawn_lad09:48 SlowMovingInves
57cIs this solar panel bid reasonable?01/12 Boston Barry04:15 madbrain
53cAAA? What to do in car emergencies?04/21 LaurieAnnaT10:39 Earl Lemongrab
52tHow good are Vanguard bond funds?04/19 Doc18:31 shum
49cMedicare Questions04/17 Prudence10:50 kenoryan
48hShould I continue to hold REITs?04/20 Starchild17:59 Starchild
43hEXPAT: Strategy when invested in USA and spending in EUROS04/17 international0016:23 airelleofmusic
40cLooking to purchase new car/SUV14:46 ugaDAWGS0910:19 02nz
40pInteresting vs higher paying job04/20 TheTurtle11:18 golfCaddy
39cCoffee maker recommendations03/22 bungalow1010:26 daheld
36t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency02/19 triceratop10:36 johan851
36tWhy is the SEC yield the one that Vanguard displays?04/17 linenfort09:46 alex_686
36tBill Bonner: what's your take?04/19 TreadLightly21:50 TreadLightly
35pReview after one month with Fidelity Cash Management2017 whodidntante09:51 snowman
35tHow can Bond Funds perform better than yield2014 3feetpete20:04 Kevin M
32tI seem to get into fights a lot (budding Boglehead)07:11 Badger175410:41 mak1277
32cLong term care ins John Hancock04/21 captpete06:08 Allan
31hWant to be 100% in stock index funds ,04/21 kayaklover411:05 hulburt1
29cCar for 23 year old04/20 Mr400meterdash09:57 dm200
29tTencent now largest non-US stock04/16 jalbert06:08 fortyofforty
29cMedical alert "button"04/21 rjbraun23:02 rjbraun
28tFloating Net Worth w/ VT after 5 Years04/21 princetontiger10:41 WanderingDoc
28cHow long have you been unemployed?04/22 corn1809:07 Hillview
28cVisiting Chicago - Foodie suggestions?04/21 KNMLHD13:42 Spedward
27cNew car hit accident - loss of dimished value04/19 core4portfolio10:16 dm200
27hOpinions on SPTM ETF in taxable for US stock index fund02/28 ChinchillaWhipl10:00 motorcyclesarec
27tWellesley January Price Drop? Why?04/17 Shabber17:02 Electron
27cMaster Bath remodel price?04/19 SteelPenny13:23 Pajamas
26hFinancial planners [looking for one]04/19 howboutsomehelp19:16 ruralavalon
26hLending Club Investing04/20 Wezzley7719:11 Wezzley77
25cEurope- Zurich<->Paris- 10 days04/17 OneWorld11113:40 stan1
24hBest options for cash in Schwab brokerage accounts?02/10 MnD08:59 togb
24cNeed to cut the cable cord - is there an alternative?11:23 summerof4208:55 markcoop
23cHow much off MSRP should one expect?04/20 Hulk08:48 LawEgr1
23cBasic PC - HP Pavillion All in One?04/21 letsgobobby13:38 02nz
22hRetirement Planning for Health Care Costs04/21 Kalaloch07:41 THY4373
22pTwo Solo 401k Questions04/19 taxck3311:41 taxck33
21tGotham Enhanced Value Index2010 Robert T16:40 staythecourse
21hmutual funds or etfs, why each04/20 boardwalkmike13:22 whodidntante
20cTraveling to Asia-need advice20:57 Buster6510:07 Buster65
20cHyundai Kona03/24 50ismygoal00:04 ray.james
20tEmerging Markets - Extending historical returns04/12 siamond17:36 Tyler9000
20pFamily shared real estate purchase - how to best structure?04/12 Polymath11:28 dm200
19hAnyone in high bracket using short or Ltd. term muni for EF?12:28 am17:58 Dandy
18hwash sale rule on final disposition04/20 spinnaker8709:29 spinnaker87
18pestate planning with animals04/21 notmyhand08:53 DarthSage
17hIn-laws financial advisor rip off04:25 Eric7609:57 DarkHelmetII
17tNick Murray and bonds2015 MoneyMike8208:15 livesoft
17hBuying T-bills needed04/17 raixx01715:57 Valuethinker
16cNewborn- essential financial steps04/20 uberdoc09:31 Loik098
16tThe Limits of Modern Portfolio Theory - Do Investors Understand What They Own?04/22 Noobvestor07:55 Nowizard
16pStrategy for Use of Restricted Stock Units04/21 naclt18:25 dbr
16hWhat is "journaling" of assets?04/19 Cara18:16 mindbogle
16hEasy way to compare funds, indexes, stock04/14 MrJones17:23 MrJones
16cMowing with a ZTR - sharpening blades04/20 Valdeselad11:33 theplayer11
15hMy taxable account is banged up. Need some help!04/22 Starchild10:40 Starchild
15pMortgage payment frequency - Monthly vs. Weekly04/20 tstark10:14 dm200
15tVanguard Surveys14:35 fortyofforty08:39 goingup
14pYour own General Contractor04/21 BradJ10:38 GCD
14pHow long does a will last?22:12 jetsmell08:42 bsteiner
14pMortgage refinance rate shopping?04/20 dcr198413:15 Bogle_Bro
13pDAF Suggested?18:44 duckfan10110:07 dm200
13hApproach to diversity out of a single stock (purchased through ESPP)18:09 manedark09:33 Hyperborea
13pWhat type of loan?04/06 jetsmell00:41 Nate79
13hHelp with Personal Investments, thanks for LOOKING!04/14 carlosantaana22:38 radiowave
13cLessons learned with and VRBO04/15 fortfun14:30 Rainier
13hFirst time backdoor Roth Conversion. form 8606 help04/20 renn2011:39 FiveK
12p[How do I send my Qualified Charitable Distribution to a charity]?04/22 TheCreeker10:30 tomd37
12hTSP Allocation at 3518:15 LIGuy8210:14 junior
12hBest Alternative to a Pension (DB )04/22 antiqueman08:48 midareff
12h(U.K) Advice sought on Long Term Gilt index04/17 LongTermInvesto07:14 LongTermInvesto
12pState and fed tax credits - buying a Bolt electric vehicle before it’s needed04/21 letsgobobby04:57 just frank
12hAnother emergency fund allocation thread14:50 clutch109121:57 avoidingdumbmis
12twhen to rebalance?04/21 gips17:01 gips
12pSocial Security Spousal benefit & FRA03/03 nanook15:00 JoeRetire
11h403b04/21 NickAdams10:29 Realisticinvest
11hI am 62 year old with no bonds now. Need advice please.04/22 flounce10:17 ruralavalon
11pLawyers: Career Advice (Urban to Rural?)21:02 markesquire10:01 DC3509
11hShould I consider Roth conversions while working?11:54 JB4909:51 retiredjg
11hContinue investing?03/30 bog72upCash09:21 BL
11cPrepping My Snowblower for Off-Season04/22 Small Law Survi09:03 ddurrett896
11hIndividual bonds versus bond funds.17:36 dan195306:01 carolinaman
11pHow much can mom spend on a house?04/21 heidim22:20 Watty
11pIRA rollover to 401k question04/19 soccerrules19:27 soccerrules
11cCar driver's power window - problem - ideas?13:25 dm20019:15 rec7
11cGood pushreel lawn mower?04/21 Small Law Survi18:47 MikeWillRetire
11tHow to avoid a bad day on ETF conversion to MF [Mutual fund]04/21 Vulcan11:27 Earl Lemongrab
10cTraveling to italy.........20:18 cartman10:08 rjbraun
10hRethinking old CD ladder04/21 karlrasche09:32 indexonlyplease
10t"Making decisions based on past performance works (except when it doesn’t)"04/20 Taylor Larimore08:12 gmaynardkrebs
10pRenting from potential in-laws?11:51 dwade110916:40 Watty
10cRemedy for Post-Purchase Problem (House)04/22 bhwabeck353315:43 pshonore
10cBose quiet comfort noise cancelling headphones04/20 mouses13:36 Mudpuppy
9c2011 Acura RDX16:55 Cigarman10:22 FootballFan5548
9pRenting out home with Swimming pool04/19 IoTfela00:25 Nate79
8tCurrency Risk for ETFs [Canada]04/21 Ben209410:40 chatbotte
8hPortfolio Analysis needed!12:58 Starchild10:39 Starchild
8cFree Channels on Apple TV without Cable Subscription20:38 FB0110:18 quantAndHold
8c'Basic' phones that work with Lyft & Uber?07:51 goshenBogle10:08 quantAndHold
8hUSD/EUR Investment and Tax Optimization04/13 A2NTrader09:36 A2NTrader
8hIs mid/small cap necessary04/21 stocknoob411107:44 hithere
8tWhite Coat Investor Interviews Paul Merriman04/21 DFAMAN06:00 IlliniDave
8hWhat to do with an inherited Roth IRA20:25 bigguy843701:11 BL
8cRemoving Existing Satellite Systems04/21 pascalwager00:09 pascalwager
8hDividend fund in taxable account during retirement, yea or nay?19:42 keepingitsimple23:28 venkman
8pWALKME Appearing on URL Bar04/22 mslaw22:09 Mudpuppy
8cVisitor to us needs SIM card for 2 weeks12:08 inbox78813:43 123
8hTake tax losses now or wait??04/21 fmhealth11:29 RCL
8hNew to Investing04/21 Sisaf11:01 pkcrafter
7cWebsite will not allow sign out or log off? How to safely end session?10:17 URSnshn10:42 URSnshn
7hI need to download historical stock prices from URL06/16 gt4715b09:42 ymlee
7hSpreading Bond Safety to Taxable [Portfolio help]17:47 zerosandones08:15 cherijoh
7tJohn Bogle Attends Warren Buffett's Shareholder Meeting04/18 Taylor Larimore23:16 CollegePrudens
7hWhich bond fund to choose: Schwab (SWAGX) or Fidelity (FBIDX/FSITX)?04/22 FedGuy21:53 jacoavlu
7hwhich retirement vehicle is best?04/18 peterwantstosav14:28 ruralavalon
6hHelp with 111K IRA Vanguard Portfolio20:19 finind10:28 finind
6pFIRE and health insurance04/21 Determined05:37 guyesmith
6hMaking inheritance easier17:03 Cara20:51 aristotelian
6hRecreating VFINX cost basis?04/21 Johnsson19:22 FactualFran
6tHow to Hedge Currency Risk? [for US ex-pats and non-US investors]04/22 dphilipps19:03 whodidntante
6hPortfolio Help Please11:10 tstark18:14 3funder
6hIRA Accounts - 401K plus individual IRA10:46 Atherton17:57 manedark
6hNew to investing (uk)04/20 tonywesley17:45 tonywesley
6tWhat If Rip Van Winkle Invested In The Stock Market?04/20 snarlyjack15:57 staythecourse
6hWhich Lazy Portfolio is the best for taxable investing13:21 jhendrix13:53 dh
5hCorporate investment grade bonds - 5 Yr - 5.05%10:09 fortfun10:41 ruralavalon
5cShrub removal - Village/HOA permits needed?10:00 scorp_pccorp10:24 dm200
5hSmall ROTH, big RMD--advice?17:44 togb10:08 mhalley
5tVanguard factor funds slow to catch on07:55 Rick Ferri10:07 Random Walker
5cMid May trip to Malta04/21 ready2009:52 Raymond
5hNew Investor but have funds that were set up for me as a minor. Just now taking control of them.18:19 JJP8809:30 Spirit Rider
5p"How to Engineer your Layoff" book, has anyone read it?01/16 bhsince8722:42 ladders11
5cApple Pay Cash?16:53 linenfort20:13 jeffh19
5hHelp evaluate portfolio & retirement plan04/21 5moreyears19:55 5moreyears
5hInvesting to buy first home12:56 4408916:49 avoidingdumbmis
5hOpinions on current Morgan Stanley portfolio - and move to Vanguard PAS04/19 SomedaySoon11:48 Colorado Guy
5hThree-Fund Portfolio with ETFs for European/Swiss investor03/03 ekoli10:52 ekoli
4tNon-profit needs a high-interest savings account... advice needed05:46 orthros10:37 BolderBoy
4pBuilding a New Home (Talk me out of it!)09:24 Hogan77310:12 slayed
4hIs this ESPP worthwhile?09:37 mbasherp10:03 Darth Xanadu
4tRecent grad looking to safeguard his earnings and invest (MEX) I know this is a US-centric forum but hear me out.07:39 Spedka09:41 KlangFool
4pOne of the many reasons healthcare cost is so high08:32 Cpadave09:20 prudent
4hBack Door Roth15:55 Offshore19:18 02nz
4hBanking question and annutities17:32 BurnedBefore18:03 BurnedBefore
4t-- Mixed Mutual Funds15:46 Pizza194517:24 Pizza1945
4tStop Asking the Wrong Investing Questions04/21 Rowan Oak17:10 Fallible
4hSavings Account Options for Non-Profit Organization03/29 delrinson15:16 dm200
4hRental Property - Keep or Sell?11:14 biggs19812:53 BerkeleyChris
4h2018 ETF Portfolio Maintenance & Asset Allocation04/21 Cintrapark11:43 Cintrapark
3tYield Curves-Treasury, CD, AA/AAA muni21:27 Kevin M10:16 ofckrupke
3hFairly New to BH, Portfolio Advice and general questions04/22 Quantum09:18 retiredjg
3tBond prices and "expected" interest rate changes06:55 ibhhvc09:07 zwzhang
3hInvestment Class/Group at Work07:03 cam24007:32 cam240
3h5% prepaid card versus int. Muni04/22 am04:38 mega317
3hMax out 401K with Empower or open a separate IRA14:21 manedark18:30 manedark
3hRoth401k to RothIRA conversion - tax question13:39 bogle_jdm15:26 Alan S.
3hWhat should I change or adjust in my portfolio?04/21 Rob1Sanchez13:20 ruralavalon
3hwash rule moving from short term investment bnd to short term bnd?04/22 BogleFanGal11:25 BogleFanGal
2tLarry Swedroe: How Investors Undermine Returns08:25 Random Walker10:17 bgf
2hEvaluating moving DODFX to IEFA11:58 Quickblue0208:21 not4me
2hGuidance with Stock Options17:44 BruinBones23:27 MathIsMyWayr
2h401k Guidance20:47 alerya22:57 TIAX
2pSEP-IRA questions14:30 joyceg279716:20 msi
2pCondo mortgage for seniors04/22 jefmafnl13:35 grandmacassie
2hReits Rockymountain exposure12:05 manusnd113:10 daveydoo
1hQuestion on IRA contributions19:58 gurusw00:44 mhalley
1hRetirement Account - Advice Needed18:40 LIGuy8221:39 Watty
1pSEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA tax confusion19:06 Joseph_inv21:27 Spirit Rider
1hNeed Advice Related to 3-Fund Plan in TIRA18:23 Heymahn20:53 Tyler Aspect
1pLate Paper Tax Filing Logistics20:10 fantasytensai20:12 jebmke
0cExperience with wood countertops for kitchen / wet bar ?22:44 skeptical 
0hHelp with 401K and BDA IRA [Beneficiary Distribution Account IRA]19:24 Petorius 

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