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2460c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 502014Alex Frakt13:52bertilak
1983p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 402016guitarguy11:44CodeMaster
1398t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 282014InvestorNewb18:14inbox788
478t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1008/05Earl Lemongrab22:18whodidntante
376l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82008Barry Barnitz01:55deskjockey
223l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 4 52010niteowls08:26midareff
196c Netflix, Your Current Favorite Show  page: 2 3 42016dbCooperAir10:48acanthurus
195t Dividend Misunderstandings & Only Spend Return  page: 2 3 407/06Phineas J. Whoo15:47mega317
194c Buying house - Very important decision  page: 2 3 406/28prettybogle13:18KlangFool
178p Do you count vehicle equity in net worth?  page: 2 3 407/12neophyte109:25BogleBoogie
157c Learning an instrument as an adult? Six Months Progress  page: 2 3 412/06investingdad10:35Fallible
141t How are folks handling the unprecedented rise in the market ?  page: 2 307/14skor9917:38inbox788
135c Are you finding any good values at Amazon anymore?  page: 2 307/03azurekep14:16SrGrumpy
133h Can anyone convince me I need international stock in my portfolio?  page: 2 307/20GaryA50515:48coincollector
119c Shopping for first bike since I was a kid  page: 2 307/08guitarguy14:17DoTheMath
119t My Favorite Alternative Funds  page: 2 307/06grap001322:56packer16
116t The Quest for Perfection  page: 2 307/18TD262612:05Youngblood
115c Books not to read.  page: 2 307/17Wricha15:32Fallible
114c Would you let your teenager spend all his savings on a gaming computer?  page: 2 307/19markfaix12:21CodeMaster
105t Vanguard 403b Changes  page: 2 307/14alpenglow13:33Thrifty Investo
96t Vanguard upgraded my accounts - angry [Brokerage Services]  page: 206/28jackhensy06:28Doc
83t Do Index Funds Distort Market Valuations?  page: 207/16Simplegift08:04jbolden1517
75p 4% mortgage rate vs 2.5% BND yield  page: 207/16WarChest13:36KlangFool
72t Using Funded Ratio to drive retirement investment plan - Part 1 of Funded Ratio series  page: 205/28bobcat210:36itstoomuch
70p Capital One $400 bonus for new checking account  page: 206/15sunny_socal11:44gvsucavie03
61c Indoor activities for a 3-year-old  page: 207/19market timer08:20rob65
59p Is it still worth buying a house in a state with insane property taxes  page: 207/17sschoe219:47avalpert
58t Larry Swedroe: REITs Aren't Special  page: 207/21Random Walker15:24asif408
54p Those Of You In a HCOLA - What's Your Financial Plan  page: 207/19irishnick2312:21Traveler
52c Keurig vs coffeemaker - and the Keurig won  page: 207/20lightheir17:19inbox788
51c Investing well for Retirement can be frustrating  page: 207/20investingdad17:51Calli114
50p Denver or Portland for a 2nd home  page: 207/21whodatheads10:59letsgobobby
50t Market vs Limit order  page: 207/15Incendiary18:53inbox788
47p Kicking the net worth habit  07/21gordoni214:40The Wizard
47t Most Americans don't trust financial advisers  07/19tennisplyr13:57arcticpineapple
46t Do you pay fees to buy funds or ETFs?  07/13goingup05:12Chip
41t US and International Bond Fund Allocation  07/19pong3d15:47spdoublebass
41t Cryptocurrencies  07/21AgentHoopla09:21bs1
40c Commuters (that drive), what do you listen to?  07/21mirror12:19azurekep
39p non-resident alien(UK), convert IRA to Roth, tax ?  2013bluejeansman15:06Jaco
39t Do you find financial advisors to be all that bright?  07/21Ron Scott12:11goingup
39c Humid basement  07/17AAA08:51deanbrew
38c Scooter for local commute - Honda PCX 150, etc...  07/21CyclingDuo11:23Kenkat
38c Anyone use Verizon wireless prepaid for cell phones???  03/23davidkw03:45camillus
37h Please explain Capital Gains tax after retirement  07/20Trophy_Husband13:56FiveK
36t Bogle is pro-SCV!  07/20amd723922:14Alchemist
34p Fidelity Full View usefulness?  07/19spammagnet14:18Beck49
33c My Costco/TrueCar auto shopping experience  07/18CULater15:29nilu19
32p MVNO's versus the Big 4  07/20brak14:58CULater
31c Why does State Farm have poor reviews?  07/20kiddoc08:59pshonore
30h Best Short Term, Liquid Investments  04/20novicezach13:48TM90
30h Windfall: Buy or wait?  07/20TimRomut10:08Lauretta
30p Lexus to Camry, invest difference  07/21cjhud3200:47Nate79
29c Medical Coverage Outside US  07/19Prudence15:43dm200
29p simplicity vs chasing bonuses  07/20camillus20:34Lancelot
28t Stocks just got cheaper... per Vanguard [sudden change in Vanguard fund P/Es]  07/18Jiu Jitsu Fight08:12alex_686
28p My risk tolerance suddenly went down  06/28Angelus35907:27retiredjg
28c How is U-Haul for getting a trailer hitch?  07/20CULater19:13iamlucky13
27p Tumbling USD -- expats  07/18txranger21:09Lancelot
26t My favorite CNBC program  07/20Dead Man Walkin14:23Johnnie
26c Anyone else extremely frugal?  20:35jb100:10TheHouse7
26p Is there any reason not to? [4% Checking]  07/21Keepcalm18:58dratkinson
25p Thinking about buying a house in South Bay Area...  07/20Mrfantastiko15:32TravelforFun
25p AnnualCreditReport Equifax  07/21AlwaysaQ14:45Grasshopper
25h Planning 529 Distributions  07/19ElwoodBlues07:47Spirit Rider
25t Continue stock picking or invest in index funds  07/19youngin8700:50itstoomuch
24c car rental at OGG, any opinions?  07/21squirm14:19Kiter
23p What's your personal savings rate?  09:41Incendiary15:04KlangFool
23h Feedback on large portfolio - moving to self-directed  07/21zippy12310:23retiredjg
23p Turned 44...performance against forecast  07/21investingdad23:06Hawaiishrimp
22c Is Amazon Prime worth it?  14:324nwestsaylng15:49climber2020
22p Chipping away at the mortgage  07/20bbrock10:25jabberwockOG
21c car lease buyout at term end - how negotiable?  07/20jpohio17:49Jags4186
21t Can real estate investing (actual properties) be relatively "hands off"?  07/20hudson435116:04abuss368
20c Healthiest Beer for the Buck  00:35Longtermgrowth14:43Longtermgrowth
20p Does anyone set portfolio goals and rewards?  20:03j7se14:37mortfree
20c Flying first class/ business......  07/19cartman06:51savemorelivebet
19c Am I getting good advice - replace the AC, not the 21 year old furnace  19:58URSnshn15:25Abe
19p Changing Health Insurance Around Child birth to reduce costs  07/20Magikmike14:55Magikmike
19t Estimating taxable income from holding TSM/TBM in taxable brokerage  07/04kehyler11:05kehyler
18p Mega Backdoor Roth Questions  07/20Thrifty Femme15:02retiredjg
18p 6K credit line too low.  07/20Keepcalm16:28rec7
17c Alternatives to Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player  20:23azurekep13:12Polymath
16h Which cost basis is best average cost or FIFO  07/20rec712:14House Blend
15h When doing retirement planning, do you count your spouse's savings?  12:11doss15:36Thesaints
15t How the economic machine works  2016GKSD22:33LadyGeek
12t Changes to Univ California Retirement Plan  07/18CAMD15:37LadyGeek
12h Son's trust fund for education  07/19ymarkley14:20itstoomuch
12h First Time Check-in - How am I doing?  18:21foamypirate14:17Duckie
12c Career Advice  23:28WolfgangPauli14:15fandango
12t Global Growth vs. Stock Returns, 1970-2015  19:04Simplegift13:41Simplegift
12h Unwise to contribute to the same equity index fund in both taxable and IRA account? [Preparing for TLH]  07/20S17C11:14Gadget
12h Young invester- building my portfolio  07/21Lambin8r08:33ruralavalon
12c Pre-pay four year tuition?  07/20malabargold18:34bigskyguy
11t What's with the narrow spread in 1-year and 2-year Treasury yields (~14 bp)?  06/16lack_ey15:19Doc
11p if spreadsheet with account balances goes to hackers?  17:34gips13:33TravelforFun
11p Debt: pay down student loan or car loan  21:39kazper08:58jimb_fromATL
11p Second Child - Updating a Will  07/20FamilyGuy8717:47Watty
10p Teenager taking out loans to establish good credit  14:10anonymousbogleh15:21hushpuppy
10t Fraud???  12:04Dutchgirl14:56The Wizard
10p How much cash to hold for ~2-4 yr home buying time horizon  19:36newinvestor8414:34mega317
10c Sears appliances from Amazon  07/20vinvedi14:18Kenkat
10h Minimum amount for closed Vanguard Admiral funds?  19:16ResearchMed14:00hushpuppy
10p Helping foreign nephew get settled  07/20physiorol10:35JGoneRiding
10h ibond purchases on treasurydirect  07/20tipee16:30tipee
9p Going from 1099 to W2 and having trouble with cash flow  12:03notmyhand13:33Finance-MD
9h Investing 500K Cash  15:51get2reds12:48Lafder
9h An easy-to-understand withdrawal plan for comments  07/20flyingaway09:37pkcrafter
9h Vanguard AUM can't manage part of friend's portfolio. Understandable but  19:49Jackson1208:08Jackson12
9h Do I have to liquidate or move my account if I decide to dump my financial advisor?  06/06JimmyJim01:05Nate79
9h Where to invest assets from home sale to pay for assisted living?  07/20rhubarb18:19sergeant
8p Recommendation for Good Book on Personal Financial Planning?  07/20alexcr15:09clydewolf
8c Home Security System with/without monitoring  07:12dia11:52Diogenes
8h Stable value fund vs Vanguard Total Bond Market Index  17:19psmoove11:47retiredjg
8h Vanguard VTINX [Target Retirement Income Fund]  07:21roh837211:39beardsworth
8h Transferring an IRA to VG Question  07/21OnTrack202022:01*3!4!/5!
8p Auto Pre-Purchase Inspection Services - any good?  07/21Small Law Survi20:21Small Law Survi
7p Delaying pension benefits - what would you do?  06/23ABS15:27ABS
7h Help with 78 yo widow's investments  07/21squidler414:41grabiner
7p Federal Taxes [Estimated payments or lump sum withholding]  01/1854rigley10:41thecarrotfund
7h Which funds for these asset sources?  07/21meridian585009:06retiredjg
7t Retirement Withdrawal Sequence/Strategy  07/18Chuck47408:33flyingaway
7h Vanguard Total Stock Market Index  07/15carguy199323:11LadyGeek
6h When to switch from Roth 401k to traditional 401k  21:12StephL21015:46shermanpie
6p 10 month review: Keep paying off debt or invest?  07/21Fisherman815:41hightower
6h Newbie Trying to catch up.  09:54Frugalnotbroke14:07Frugalnotbroke
6p should my 22 yr old son have my power of attorney  12:52lomarica0113:46Watty
6p How to give for Gif Tax? Tax Best Practices?  11:39FoolStreet12:22PFInterest
6h Re-allocating into 3-Fund Portfolio  07/21Texaco5008:46ruralavalon
6h Revising/improving my Asset Allocation  07/17theheel18:07Duckie
5t Larry Swedroe: What Drives Municipal Bond Yields  11:11Random Walker15:42Random Walker
5t How leveraged should your US market investments have been?  07/21hdas13:56munemaker
5p Restricted SS Spousal benifit  09:00jwtietz12:53Timoneer
5p Help with career direction  07/21lateregistratio21:20youdiditr2
5p Signing up for term life insurance  07/21InvestorNewb19:22Nate79
4c How much electricity are you using and how expensive it is?  14:58notmyhand15:22White Coat Inve
4c Driver's seat cushion for tall drivers with long legs?  12:29rgs9215:02dratkinson
4h Cleaning Up TIRA Basis (Form 8606)  20:06slapfish13:46retiredjg
4l SoCal Bogleheads chapter  2015wediger11:37Dickerson
4h Opening account  07/20roh837207:34Toons
4h Rebalancing - Newbie never really paid attention before now  07/19tikiri06:34CyclingDuo
3h Security trades with an IRA (ROTH)  08:06JimmyJim14:20JW-Retired
3h UK expat looking for a simple three ETF option  09:35sfj12:50TedSwippet
3h Totally Changing 401K Direction: Active to Indexing  07/20Retirement5512:07ruralavalon
3h ESOP vs 401k  11:30Illini8712:00WoodSpinner
3h Choosing asset allocation for young children  02:02jonathan200108:56SimplicityNow
3t Balanced fund (or target date) daily re-balancing?  07/21WarChest23:49venkman
3h Please review my plan to move to 3 Fund Portfolio  07/20BostonButterfly17:02Duckie
3h Best investments for a Roth IRA  07/21neveragain16:12retiredjg
2p 403b change and black out dates  13:15Tiona15:38anonenigma
2h 50K USD: Investing via Vanguard Personal Advisor vs DIY  00:57bayareainvestor15:30mhalley
2t Scraping and archiving Vanguard funds characteristics  14:13siamond14:51stlutz
2h Roth 401k  13:01DoubleR13:28TigerNest
2p Tax Exclusion for living abroad using Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) questions  12:10CodeMaster12:30CodeMaster
2c Scanner compatibility with Mac Sierra OS  11:40fast12:27rob
2h Help with allocation  17:07Jf511:37ruralavalon
2h help with roth and taxable account  08:05sleevelessjerry10:07retiredjg
2h American in South Korea - Part Deux  19:16SnackySnack23:43SnackySnack
2h Rick Ferri's Bond Portfolio at Fidelity  20:48happyyoda21:28stlutz
1p Helping parents invest IRA  13:39nyjetfan15:23retiredjg
1p Simple question on Donor Advised Fund at Vanguard  14:43Good Listener14:56aristotelian
1h Help! Saxo and Currency  06:31Chinabased14:26grabiner
1c OuiGo and OuiBus: Any experience?  11:26VictoriaF11:51bberris
1t In(dex)-ception? Fund within a fund  08:43SgtSlaughter2809:24alex_686
1p Simple Estate  00:49Mike4nu06:33Steelersfan
0c 2017 Genesis  15:29ralph124cf  
0h $725,000 Portfolio Review and Suggestions  14:37target4321  
0h Advice for 457b distribution  13:43mikejomike  
0p NYT Medicaid Article  08:14skepticalobserv  
0h Portfolio review and suggestions (~$400k retirement assets)  17:20BusterMcTaco  

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