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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2026 new posts and replies over 240 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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23284tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill12:36 Marseille07
15201tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar14:59 mrspock
10334pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1113:11 Kyune
8949tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE00:10 Semantics
6695cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36814:53 Capsu78
5157pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy01:35 calwatch
3560tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb13:14 meowcat
3235tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore12:50 Dennisl
2399lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1614:04 HENRYGRUGER
1825tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36821:35 Triple digit go
955tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge23:15 drk
825tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8117:26 willthrill81
815pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek11:39 Baldrekr
659tCrypto mania !05/08 JohnDindex06:28 watchnerd
603pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa21:27 Bungo
512lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls10:31 abuss368
501lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz13:30 Brofessor
490tCryptocurrency - Bitcoin Continues to Soar!03/13 MinnGuyInvestin19:24 txhill
476c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco22:06 Nicolas
439tCryptocurrency in Free Fall03/15 MinnGuyInvestin13:15 LadyGeek
372p[Third stimulus payment - mega-thread]03/12 Flannelbeard00:43 asset_chaos
319pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm23:56 daave
271tNon-fungible tokens (NFTs): anyone investing in those?03/02 steve32112:28 Northern Flicke
235tWhence inflation?10/08 willthrill8120:49 Misenplace
234lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam201:47 scguy613
211tSmarter approach to "emergency funds"?2020 vineviz14:41 leeks
205tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach2019 Hydromod21:21 Hydromod
185tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May04/13 tomsense7614:36 Broken Man 1999
178tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look [Calculations may be incorrect]04/07 livesoft06:22 Tubes
174pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?03/06 CardinalRule06:30 Cheez-It Guy
151cElectric car in evacuation situation2017 artibug09:43 iamlucky13
150hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?02/14 grayparrot09:49 GeraniumLover
142hSocial Security as Part of Bond Allocation05/11 scguy61311:25 Ben Mathew
129hWhen would you buy cryptocurrency?05/12 TheLaughingCow02:18 decapod10
128hWhat Are You Doing Given Record Stock Market Highs and What Is Your Situation?04/02 MrCheapo16:50 afan
125pLosing Motivation in Work - 5 Years To Go - Suggestions?05/10 MrCheapo05:18 1moreyr
125pMother is looking to refinance and asking me to co-sign05/12 max7916:56 Broken Man 1999
123pWhat prompted you to pull the plug and retire?05/10 namajones06:02 basspond
123pThe Biggest Mistakes People Make With Social Security05/11 RickBoglehead20:27 smitcat
115hWhy foreign stocks?05/10 Gaston11:11 LadyGeek
113cPhoenix, AZ as an early retirement location? Advice please05/10 cbr shadow20:30 tj
110cHOA Advantage2019 sport18:25 Normchad
108cBackpacking gear recommendations - backpack, shoes, sleeping bag02/02 ThankYouJack17:33 teCh0010
99pI See no Path Forward Financially05/11 PlasmatronSeven10:01 investnoob
97tKen Moraif must be getting nervous2015 Bogle_Feet08:26 googly_moogly
95pHow much would you budget for a typical wedding?05/12 carloslando22:28 Grt2bOutdoors
78cDoes it make financial sense to buy a "beater" for a long distance commute?05/12 Maverick332005:50 crefwatch
74pMedicare - just A + B?04/13 hicabob06:15 beyou
74cWeight lifting question. Machine vs free weight05/11 retire1405:53 chipperd
72pTransferWise versus Interactive Brokers - thread?06/15 fogalog23:57 Marseille07
71hCritique my dividend stock strategy05/08 nbseer13:06 delamer
68t$365 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market after Musk tweet05/13 watchnerd00:05 Nathan Drake
66pHow much do you target for a 529 plan?05/10 dred pirate20:00 abuss368
65cBee keeping08/27 Calico19:56 momvesting
61pHouse appraisal in insane market04/14 BarbBrooklyn08:10 hand
60nso many issues for US expats ... would forming an investing LLC in the US help?2019 DouroBound01:08 typical.investo
60tI’m writing a really basic investor’s guide for my [adult children] - input welcome05/09 TheEleven19:46 chris319
58pLenderFi: Who did they sell your mortgage to?12/28 DoveBogle23:02 TropikThunder
53tIs inflation bad...07:32 BanquetBeer06:31 diabelli
53pIRS not answering the phone05/06 dual13:24 Da5id
52pFederal pension beats high salary and savings rate? (fed vs contractor for employment)2017 doss22:48 mattshwink
51pHow did you figure out what to Retire TO?05/12 TallBoy29er15:26 vanbogle59
49cHiking solo in the [Smoky] Mountains07:33 stocknoob411122:01 tooluser
47cDeck Replacement Options04/08 Johnny Thinwall16:52 finfire
46tFZROX vs VTSAX2019 raveon05:59 UpperNwGuy
46pSeller wants to back out contract05/12 nigel_ht15:00 VoiceOfReason
44hVanguard personal advisory service04/19 rramaswa13:41 retired@50
44pBecoming a multi state household04/25 manatee200513:35 RickBoglehead
43h10 million dollar dilemma05/12 powercherry520:38 4803
42chow to get rid of junk mail for my mother05/11 lomarica0112:53 IMO
41hRoth IRA vs. Traditional IRA12:17 necroman01:46 calwatch
41tKyle Weaver superstar fund manager 79% return09:47 Boglekid21:48 David Jay
41cSchool districts and reassignments05/12 jedin21:30 cchrissyy
41tSmall Cap Value vs Mega Cap Growth08/07 physixfan20:13 okwriter
40tAQR Style Premia Update; Certainly Low Correlations05/12 Random Walker19:50 willthrill81
38cUSPS Delivery issues04/11 Cousin Eddie05:48 Swansea
38h$5M Construction Project :confused05/12 FD23423:20 snackdog
38pwhat to do if USPS lost my certified mailing of IRS return?05/11 capran15:26 Gabelli2020
36t35/65 portfolio during stock market crashes, 1871-202105/11 Ben Mathew21:09 Volando
34p"Time the Market" By Selling Current House?05/09 CoastLawyer203013:59 greg24
33tThe Bogleheads Guides - Books04/29 abuss36809:36 abuss368
32tAre Two College Savings Plans Better Than One?04/16 vineviz22:12 asoka
32pBank error in my favor05/12 hicabob11:35 Stinky
30nFIRE in Europe: Qualifying for both US Social Security and EU state pension(s) and how to estimate benefits?05/09 wineandplaya02:56 bagle
30tWhen to buy a house05/12 TwoIdenticalInd02:07 calwatch
29hI thought I knew what I was doing01/30 animalsilhoutte00:35 Monsterflockste
29cRugged laptop options?05/12 victw21:38 lazydavid
29tRebalancing Bonus05/12 Adam Mundorf11:22 JackoC
28hTaxable Account - VTSAX vs. VTI07/06 Investor131901:55 Metsfan91
27hPlease review early retirement plan05/12 fullplay202423:00 bltn
27h[Maxifi Users] What rate of return are you using for simulations?05/12 jjunk20:42 bigskyguy
26pElectric Enigma13:19 joer121223:52 Fat Tails
25chow much is integrity worth?18:21 SavinMaven20:41 Flyer24
25pDon't Ever Doubt Yourself...A Story To Encourage Those Who Have Hit Rock Bottom.05/12 bg518:14 bg5
24cSummer Couples Vacation Spots11:49 davebo22:48 IMO
24tVanguard PRIMECAP Opening?2020 PRMECP07:12 RickBoglehead
23pMoving without job08:26 Beach19:42 leeks
22tCrypto: New Asset Class or Sector or ???13:30 ChinchillaWhipl21:06 nisiprius
22hYour Honest Opinion On This SCV Portfolio05/11 FIREGuy8818:59 Horton
21hMost secure Two factor authentication out of Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab?04/14 slamfire09:36 corpgator
20cBest time to buy tires17:50 dubsem06:39 h82goslw
20l"Starting Out" Life Stage Chapter Master Thread03/30 Miriam206:49 LadyGeek
19hNew Vanguard Commodities Fund?10/31 AspireToRetire04:14 Norsky19
19hTreasury Fund in Taxable? Any better options?04/24 lobsterman211222:05 grabiner
19hcash and asset allocation for a retiree05/04 Sahra12:48 Sahra
18cAmazon Pharmacy11/18 SlowMovingInves03:21 Cruise
18pFactoring tax credits towards being able to Semi-FIRE04/16 Wk101402:32 calwatch
18cMoving-YouTube Tv vs. Directv05/12 psteveo22:03 devopscoder
18pwho notifies Vanguard beneficiaries?05/11 miket2921:16 tibbitts
18cCostco Ghostbed vs. Casper vs. Novaform05/12 jeffyscott17:14 hvaclorax
18pbest order of withdrawal of retirement accounts.05/12 dred pirate13:30 celia
18tVanguard short term inflation protected bonds (TIPS)05/12 happysteward12:42 MishkaWorries
17pAttempted fraudulent CC application in my name...lock your credit reports people05/12 eye.surgeon22:06 IfIOnlyKnew
17pFidelity Brokerage -> Credit card payment BKM/ issue05/08 Dirghatamas17:33 Broken Man 1999
17hU.S. Expat investing questions (beginner investor)05/11 mrmcgillicuddy15:11 mrmcgillicuddy
16tToo Good To Be True Portfolio18:46 Bentonkb06:31 Bentonkb
16pHMBradley Caution11:40 L. H.05:23 808
16hnew to investing05/12 okiedokie02:03 okiedokie
16cWhat luggage to buy for young children?04/27 SwampDonkey22:24 stimulacra
16hWindfall - Immediate Steps05/11 apple23417:19 JCH10400
16tAny decent trend following commodity options out there?03/24 corp_sharecropp16:30 antman50
16cZero Turn Mower (Toro vs Ariens)05/11 fishnhunt12:13 Hoosier CPA
15pWhat specific complaints do you have for your tax software00:19 hollerg06:21 livesoft
15p[Looking for a reason to retire]05/10 HENRYGRUGER23:52 greg24
15hThoughts on my Brokerage Account Allocations?11:56 rongzhang9416:20 ruralavalon
14tYield or P/E ratio for thinking about expected stock returns2019 JamesG05:32 Tamalak
14hSaver's Credit-2020 taxes and UI04/25 Pugdog9621:44 Pugdog96
13tFor those pondering early or even mid-life retirement21:41 HuckFinn06:34 Tamalak
13tBasic Investing Principles: the Video05/03 chris31904:51 Laurizas
13tVanguard Value Factor Fund factor regression surprise05/11 Kelly00:09 Fryxell
13tWhy is Global Wellington not popular here?09/29 Blue45621:44 m@ver1ck
13hHow to protect against "Transitory" Inflation05/12 jaxinvestor10:23 willthrill81
12tShould the Total World Index include Crypto?22:50 BogleBuddy1205:22 whereskyle
12nAustralian expat seeking low-maintenance portfolio?05/13 futurefocus04:30 andrew99999
12hCan someone else buy i-bonds for me?15:41 FireAway01:51 leftcoaster
12pHDHP HSA vs PPO05/13 timtheenchanter01:47 Metsfan91
12pBest/tax-efficient sources for getting down payment together for a first-time house purchase05/12 cormacthecelt22:35 mikejuss
12hMichigan 529 Plan vs. Other States05/09 ChefOdy21:59 slow n steady
12pBorrow From a Roth IRA to Buy a House03/10 TR204717:18 Alan S.
12tLIVE May 8th Bogleheads® Speaker Series featuring financial planner Kara Beth Vance, CFP®04/29 Bogle Center16:02 Atticus
12tPublic Service Announcement - Solo 401k - Created After Jan 1 For Previous Year - Clarification from Congress - Employee05/09 Soon2BXProgramm07:18 Soon2BXProgramm
11pCollecting on long-term care insurance08:56 rick5118:26 crefwatch
11hRecommendations for custodian of new taxable account?05/12 delamer16:01 calmaniac
11pMaryland Pension Exclusion and Private Pension05/12 Faith2087915:24 jebmke
10n[UK ex-pat in France - please advise on investment accounts]05/12 Paddarazi00:45 Paddarazi
10pWorking at the CDC05/11 Jchatlanta20:47 IMO
10hannuities...good or bad idea?05/11 ddiaz39617:21 pkcrafter
10cHearing Aids05/12 pedsEDdoc11:08 BH_RedRan
9hCompany sold new 401k sucks PSA's?07:30 sschoe205:00 Target2019
9pMBDR: 1099-R for In-plan Roth Rollover -- State Distribution entry question10:49 teaman23:37 Katietsu
9cPort Townsend-Olympic Peninsula05/02 Allan18:24 Allan
9hMega Backdoor (paid tax at withdrawal/rollover):Did not receive 1099-R05/12 Abk91115:35 LilyFleur
9cTransfer SiriusXM Lifetime Account for $3505/11 TexasPE12:48 bloom2708
9pAdding Medicare Part B (already have Part A)05/12 radiowave08:50 Soon2BXProgramm
8hOvercontribution in 401k due to employer match01/04 surftheweb06:37 lakpr
8hTax Loss Harvesting - key points to keep in mind17:20 sman0906:32 RickBoglehead
8pApply for CC now or wait before buying a home22:33 chrstgtr06:29 Paradise
8tAnother Social Security Claiming Age Question ??15:34 Rajsx05:12 JoeRetire
8pWhat tax form for sale of LLC interests?18:56 AQ01:32 Contador314
8pTransitioning from Obamacare (marketplace) to Medicare05/12 jaytrain5201:12 calwatch
8pFidelity CMA "View Balance" at ATM failed. Should it?05/13 tomsense7620:53 Marseille07
8pConsulting for foreign businesses in retirement05/01 market timer09:41 canga
8nShould I add small-cap ETF?05/06 mohd06:52 nisiprius
7cProblem With Trip Booked Thru AmEx Travel - UPDATE & Resolution03/01 LifeIsGood06:34 beyou
7pCredit Card for easing back into travel20:00 tomsense7606:17 RickBoglehead
7n3 Fund Portfolio - UK Investor07:07 Niall Duke06:10 Valuethinker
7nA suggestion on minimum number of stocks to hold if randomlly selecting companies.09:28 Anon900101:52 Valuethinker
7hAdjusting funds for 403b at TIAA04/21 Fiscal Ferret23:46 TropikThunder
7hMisadventures in stock picking17:22 gtrplayer23:45 1789
7hRMD re-invested into a Roth?05/11 k1lesm1tty22:57 k1lesm1tty
7cWhat products do you use to clean and maintain a car "ceramic coating" or "other coating"?07:43 Sandtrap17:00 strafe
7p2021 Dependant Care FSA questions05/11 burn16:02 ipdiddly
7hAdvice for investing in taxable account05/09 ChefOdy15:43 wetgear
7t401K After tax bucket : Rollover to Roth 401K vs in-service withdrawals to a Roth IRA05/12 investmax14:56 okwriter
6hIRA (Roth) funding deadline issues11:31 psteinx06:38 HomeStretch
6cVisiting Boston w/ young family21:46 SwampDonkey05:19 chw
6tWatch out for inflation numbers - Redux05/12 #Cruncher20:48 #Cruncher
6ctennis ball machine recommendations2017 mookie20:31 NicB
6pDownpayment - sell investment or borrow from 401k?05/09 zrzhu11118:32 zrzhu111
6pIf your net worth is over $5 million, how did you do it?17:53 davidsorensen3218:23 LadyGeek
6pRMD in year of retirement12:17 Chuckles96016:55 Chuckles960
6pCashing in a whole life policy05/12 napercity12:02 Arby
6cIf you qualify, the FCC subsidizes $50 per month towards internet costs04/30 LadyGeek11:02 z91
6pNeed to file form 5500 ez for inherited profit sharing plan?05/11 hmw10:29 hmw
6tCLM Dividend05/12 boogiehead09:40 firebirdparts
5hBackdoor Roth Screw up23:19 raidman06:32 lakpr
5hIs a taxable account worth it in this scenario?19:40 gray03702:19 calwatch
5hSavings Bonds Questions05/13 water235701:29 calwatch
5pI guess I should file an amended return....01/09 Jyb3322:17 Jyb33
5pForeign tax credit and foreign capital gains14:21 rick5121:07 rick51
5tPre-market trading & order execution07:10 tonyclifton10:59 tonyclifton
5hPortfolio review: 49 y.o. former lurker, $1+MM, a few questions05/12 Bertha199009:00 retiredjg
4pAge + amount to no longer max out tax-advantage?21:36 chrismj06:37 jimkinny
4hRepay TSP loan or invest in taxable acct. for flexibility?05/13 LIGuy8200:27 Fat Tails
4pACA question & Medicare17:34 barryfaetheus22:19 marcopolo
4tTell me about your equities ramp up strategy05/12 revhappy19:10 Karamatsu
4pUnemployment Income Tax Refund11:51 bmelikia18:40 oldfatguy
4hMega Backdoor Roth request - Sample Email?11:06 eer_no_evil18:29 Soon2BXProgramm
4tIncreasing equity allocation using gains from fixed income+ new savings04/28 revhappy17:17 1squirrel
4hExpense ratio of John Hancock Stable Value Guaranteed Income Fund12:55 newbie00315:29 ruralavalon
4pSelling Condo - Max Interest Rate on Offer05/12 DarkHelmetII13:53 rooms222
4cCost to screen-in an existing deck?08:56 Ed_Sandwich13:31 forgeblast
4hIRA with post-tax contributions cost basis.10:39 PinotGris13:03 retiredjg
4pBackdoor Roth, no 1099R08:50 jfmiii10:11 DSInvestor
4tDifference between Portfolio income and Annual return on Portfoliovisualizer05/11 ilan1h09:35 sycamore
4cretired preacher selling in church08:10 bluegill08:21 Flyer24
3hTrying to get back in01:29 thundergod05:54 z3r0c00l
3hMid-life decisions - feedback please15:57 guppyguy05:22 guppyguy
3nAlternative and modest shelter arrangements for retired seniors? [Australia]01:06 Jaymover03:28 Jaymover
3h50k into recent refinance. Best place for extra cash right now?12:30 builder1002:17 calwatch
3pStimulus Check information in Tax returns16:49 sman0923:53 sman09
3cHow to buy a beater car in the Boston area?18:42 kurious21:41 Watty
3hExcess contributions to IRA05/11 investor231i14:40 investor231i
3p1099 B and Supplemental Form12:30 Abk91113:26 FiveK
3hCash Withdrawal vs. Index Fund Sale for Expenses09:22 JDSwim310:44 ruralavalon
3hWhat account to open after 401k/IRA09:41 boglenovice12309:54 David Jay
3pSituational advice05/12 pokerfun08:49 David Jay
3nInvestment novice at 56 (and living overseas)-help! [US ex-pat in EU]05/13 Billiken08:45 TedSwippet
3nUS expat looking for lower priced world etf05/12 Boog06:58 typical.investo
2nHolding both VWCE and VWRA, does it make sense?15:43 shortjohnsilver01:09 Genghis
2hForm 8606 and CreditKarma Taxes21:45 investor500000:47 FiveK
2cBluetooth AND Location service to be turned on?22:34 Nyc1003600:38 Katietsu
2pConvert Internship 401K to Roth?00:05 HereToLearn00:12 HereToLearn
2cHotels/Inn Midweek Getaway to Central Coast CA Recommendations18:13 Dougiefresh20:19 DoubleComma
2hafter-tax contributions to Roth 401K10:13 leeks15:07 leeks
2pQuestion about Credit Karma Tax10:03 lifesurfer114:08 lifesurfer1
2cautomatically backup cloud service to external drive13:03 WGP313:38 WGP3
2pSchedule C sales tax and deducting it05/12 schrute12:29 WAROB
2pSolo 401k After-Tax Limit and Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction05/12 SoloWriter09:33 Soon2BXProgramm
1cNear death experiences with Wild Animal Encounters01:49 midoxidil06:20 Flyer24
1pGift House to DD/SIL - best way to set price and report gift ?15:57 CAsage06:07 Gill
1hVFIAX vs. VLCAX21:39 Illegal Carrot23:42 retired@50
1pNYS Unemployment Insurance Registration When Employing Spouse? (Payroll Setup)04/28 NicB20:12 NicB
1pSolo 401K without contributions - roth conversion15:07 SoSoRollerDude16:48 HomeStretch
1hAccount Rollover from 457b to TSP? Roth TPS vs TSP15:17 burn15:44 retiredjg
1cExtension piece/tube for Santa Fe dehumidifier15:07 newbie00315:35 flarf
1nFinance/portfolio advice for 30 YO [Australia]05/13 BinChicken09:35 bos1234
0hMove VNQ from taxable to tax deferred?03:13 bertie_investor 
0nFEIE excluded income: Able to invest in Roth Solo 401k?01:57 K8ya 
0hA recent VWUAX investment concerning me00:28 newbieinvestor0 

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