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3401t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 692011Lbill01:12Ari
2548c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 512014abuss36821:17Thrifty Femme
2229c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 452014Alex Frakt23:56jjunk
1363p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 2805/25guitarguy21:58Bfwolf
898t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182014Rob Bertram11:32Pocket Cruiser
330t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 708/05Earl Lemongrab10:05Earl Lemongrab
198t Great CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%  page: 2 3 411/16protagonist15:10nalor511
144c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz12:56Luke Duke
142t What was your costliest investment mistake?  page: 2 32015walletless21:51diy60
129c Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)  page: 2 303/24azurekep00:50danaht
126c Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt?  page: 2 302/15squirm17:51just frank
121p So someone drained $13k from my checking account...  page: 2 303/23Cash21:45WL2034
107h Weathering sell-off days like today  page: 2 303/27myInvestments22:59EricaInvestPink
103t Does your asset allocation derate tax-deferred holdings to account for future tax liability?  page: 2 303/25n00b21:54Ketawa
91t an in depth look at gold  page: 203/17larryswedroe16:25NiceUnparticula
87p An Edward Jones Financial Advisor stopped by my house and spoke with my wife  page: 203/27pondering22:16tibbitts
86c What's your personal criteria for deciding whether or not to rent a car?  page: 203/28rashad300019:28researcher
84p Not opting for 529... anyone else?  page: 203/28I_Am_Not_A_Doct21:56EddyB
73p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  page: 201/10batpot15:24slbnoob
70c Re: Where to buy a Vanguard hat? An Update and bad news  page: 211/16arcticpineapple15:49Grasshopper
70t Bogle Interview CNN - Sat.  page: 203/18EvelynTroy08:46haranoth
68t Justification for Adding REITs  page: 203/23Call_Me_Op16:22SGM
59h When do you plan to die?  page: 217:19ribonucleic05:09whodidntante
59p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 203/05whodidntante19:35giesen5
58c Toyota vs. Honda  page: 203/27rashad300019:32inbox788
57t What's your strategy for withdrawing funds in Retirement ?  page: 203/21sixtyforty10:11cjking
56c Selling Car - Private Sale vs CarMax vs Dealer  page: 201/09ny_knicks22:34investor997
47h Trying to transfer a Roth IRA and this Medallion Signature requirement is driving me nuts!  03/1541fan15:50retiredjg
46t Stay the course, always?  06:42bob_m1004:20stemikger
46t Christine Benz's Three Bucket System  03/26newcollegeman19:29Fundhunter
45c thoughts on in-ceiling speakers?  03/24Go Blue 9921:22scooterdog
44t PurePoint 1.25% online savings $10K min  02/24wstrdg19:37walletless
44t anyone factor in future inheritance?  12:05theplayer1119:36tinscale
42c Geico insurance rate increase: 26.24% APY?  03/27triceratop19:26talzara
42p Child Planning Checklist  03/21mass8817:20TheJourneyConti
40c Do I need new tires?  03/21fmhealth23:06BogleBoogie
39c Best take it everywhere camera  03/27TheTimeLord21:31TN_Boy
39p Bank of America bogus late payment fee.[temporary software glitch, gone now]  03/25*3!4!/5!14:58*3!4!/5!
39p Daugther's Credit Card Windfall  03/28KlingKlang06:06prudent
37h Where can I buy Vanguard Funds w/o Fees ?  03/28confusedinvesto18:41FelixTheCat
35c Anyone replaced a pickup with an SUV?  03/25Tamales14:07killjoy2012
34c Salvaged Wood Furniture and Table  03/27Kencufc19:19Loik098
34p Max Out 0% Promo Credit Card  03/29kellykline19:12Jags4186
34h 3 fund portfolio vs. all-in-one fund  03/16jsa30714:15KlangFool
30c Eyeglasses Problem - how to fix? Any Opticians Out There?  08/22Sweet Potato20:42just frank
30h Non-traded REIT - Analyzing how horrible, and trying to get out  03/22jbrinker12:24Valuethinker
29t Doubting Shiller -- what is the "correct" P/E?  08:45sean.mcgrath01:56sean.mcgrath
28p Wells Fargo Brokerage  2015hoops77711:46PaddyMac
27c $50 AMEX Gift Card - What does a Boglehead/minimalist do?  03/28mattyfu112:29Rainmaker41
26h Roth TSP vs. TSP Contributions  2015Bandit22:23FiveK
26p Hospital billing nightmare  03/26LiterallyIronic20:34OnTrack2020
26c Advice for Used Car Buying  03/25GoUBears15:32deltaneutral83
25c Home Energy Audit recommended actions: 28.4 year payback period??  03/28Dakotah05:11Valuethinker
24p Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI): Too Expensive or Worth the Cost?  03/26TD262602:09SGM
24t Over last 6 years, has the Total Bond Market Index produced an overall slight loss?  11:06S17C00:15S17C
24c Prius Prime Looks Interesting...Price is Very Attractive  11/06Norton75017:46just frank
24p Any tax deductions from vacant second home?  03/26knightrider15:35LadyGeek
23p Wife wants to get into real-estate  03/14perseus02:46rfowler
23c planning to visit San Francisco for a short break  03/25sabhen00:01Rick Rock
23t Vanguard Target Date Funds  03/23Taylor Larimore19:27lazydavid
23h Invest now, or wait for a market crash  2012bill890213:31500INDX
22p Problem e-filing return (deceased primary)  2016azurekep12:54talzara
22h How to get "Total US Stock" and "Total US Bond" in my 403(b)  03/28Frenchy101106:08Frenchy1011
21t Should Implementation Of Asset Allocation Targets Account For Taxation At Withdrawal?  03/26Lieutenant.Colu18:31Lieutenant.Colu
21h Asset Allocation - Help with rebalancing  03/14radstar17:23Duckie
20c quickest or best way to learn Spanish?  17:26montanagirl01:45msk
20p Fidelity issued 1042-S Instead of 1099R. They Refuse to Change it  03/28budha111122:29in_reality
20t Personal experience over time? [How far from retirement, time spent investing]  03/28LGH20:50Miriam2
19h Roth/Traditional mix  03/2873200203:45The Wizard
19h Opinions on my investing strategy  03/26Tim8900:55venkman
19p MLP's and Non-Resident State Taxes  2014OnTheFly20:55bsteiner
18p Mortgage Broker and Closing Costs  03/28Booknower23:10hookemhorns
18h Replace total bond idx with high yield?  03/27Rexindex05:59retiredjg
17t Mega Backdoor: In-Plan vs Out-of-plan conversion  10:43walletless23:55Alan S.
17p NYS medicaid Pre 65 - no asset test?  03/27ButterUtterD20:23drawpoker
16c Boglehead and iphone  14:06Almost there23:21pondering
16h Question on managing own 403b  03/26Mndiver17:11Mndiver
16p Backdoor Roth Epic Fail!  03/26greenm7514:33Spirit Rider
16h Utilities and Preferred Stocks in Retirement???  03/28cresive14:18btenny
15h Vanguard All-World FTSE ETF (investing from Europe)  2014Steve196802:28TroyMcClure
15p Credit score dropped 30 points because I paid off my auto loan?  12:00haranoth21:21grabiner
15p Anybody collecting a Canada Pension in the U.S.?  2009Lbill19:11LadyGeek
15h Any opinion on Popular Direct?  10/16Gamma Ray15:11sperry8
15t Forbes article: "An S&P 500 Index Fund -- Is It A Good Investment?"  03/27oldzey13:42sreynard
15t Target Date 2060 funds: do their managers continuously monitor holdings and adjust frequently?  03/28S17C10:45rkhusky
14c Chores for elementary school age kids?  03/28vveat21:40spammagnet
14p Furnishing Apartment for Work - Tax Implications  03/27aadwen14:45Kosmo
14c Get a 0% loan just to keep credit score high?  03/28S17C12:15Gronnie
14h Strategy for late 20s couple with 100k cash  03/28Woodlake07:26hightower
13h Question re 403b with TIAA-CREF  13:33Athenaios22:19masteraleph
13h Guidance on Portfolio setup - New to Investing  03/17emanuel_v1921:54Beensabu
13h Vanguard Balanced Index Fund In Retirement?  13:17rattlenap21:18rattlenap
13h 200K+ Cash- Where to put it?  03/28Arizonian10:12MotoTrojan
12h Advise needed to help investing for the first time  03/26dmg01:53traveltoomuch
12h What do Bogleheads think about Aspiration?  16:49mossyroc00:34sco
12h Advice with new multiple account asset allocation and opening taxable account  03/28Maxdog21:54Maxdog
12t Are TIPS flawed, untested products?  03/28simplesauce21:27LadyGeek
12t What Bond ETF to use for a 3-fund portfolio?  03/26PursuingSimplic20:19lack_ey
12t The value premium, retained earnings may be the most important  06:56larryswedroe16:11NiceUnparticula
12l Master Thread - Greenville Metro Bogleheads  2014Snow Boarder15:07loopback_zero
12c Thoughts on bicycle route from Amsterdam to Passau, Germany  03/24Raybo13:57One Ping
11t Bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric  12:45Planner05:23just frank
11t opinions on VNQ? [Vanguard REIT Index]  13:40Woodlake05:13in_reality
11h Transfer from Edward Jones  03/28tnpuddleduck04:18Lobster
11p Selling a Private Mortgage  17:19farmdog23:14Spencer
11h Have had money in a managed Merrill Lynch account for years, wondering if I should switch  16:35sockkin20:48pkcrafter
11p Expat Condo Purchase  03/28VAslim1620:38VAslim16
11p How to effectively advertise a vacant physican (M.D.) position?  15:23SwampDonkey20:08hmw
11h Withdraw Roth Contributions for Taxable  10:02afeltz19:43grabiner
10h Beginner advice for a Brit in Japan  06:55Rezz05:53in_reality
10p Moving money between countries  16:04A_C_E04:10kramer
10h Few questions to those who switched to Ally Checking  03/29Gamma Ray01:01Gamma Ray
10t Tax-Managed Small Cap vs. Small Cap Index  03/28BBBob22:38grabiner
10c China Trip - Visa Expediter?  03/27linenfort19:52hmw
10p Self Employed Tax Strategy to Reduce FICA tax (using Solo 401k)  03/22clashcity13:41Spirit Rider
9c August Vacation With Kids  03/25ThreeBears22:59Loik098
9c BEHR Premium Deckover  15:38mattyfu122:36Loik098
9c Lastpass bug  18:45blueman45722:12Ged
9h Help for a beginner opening a ROTH at Vanguard  14:57JessicaLee12816:53Alto Astral
9h Increase paycheck TIAA contribution to 18% OR move $100,000 from savings into investments through Vanguard  03/28Springbok11:48House Blend
9p Help with inheritance/financial situation  03/28thrill2111:36thrill21
9h how quickly can you convert tIRA to rIRA  03/27tipee09:54tipee
9p Another TurboTax 8606 Complaint.  07:21miles monroe09:45miles monroe
8p Air Travel from Vancouver BC to Denver  03/28tibbitts21:58tibbitts
8t Cars - possible recession indicator?  15:11Flymore20:42alex_686
8h Best way to "sell" fund no longer want  15:12soazfree19:35soazfree
8c After market car backup camera and stereo system  03/28walletless17:00Broken Man 1999
8h Does this constitute a wash sale?  03/28johnanglemen11:10livesoft
8h Flagship access to closed funds?  03/23SpringMan07:33TomatoTomahto
8h Difference between this two etf.  03/28volimsmes07:17BeBH65
7t John Bogle on international  00:21stemikger05:33stemikger
7p Budgeting vs Tracking Expenses?  22:37kjvmartin05:19Daryl
7h About Wellington - VWENX  21:01jafcorrea05:07KSOC
7f Disappearing posts?  2016GerryL02:11traveltoomuch
7h starting a roth IRA with Ameriprise  15:05s1771901:17krow36
7p Stock spinoff tax reporting  20:15FBN201422:07kaneohe
7p HSA contribution from prior employer not reported  03/28jplee321:49grabiner
7h construct a portfolio  03/27finengage21:16Artisan
7c Home Intercom Upgrade / Replacement  03/28dabretty21:05scooterdog
7h New York Muni Bond?  12:22csm1420:43grabiner
7h 403b: side by side comparison of high fee/low fee  03/22BashDash19:43BashDash
7p Need advice/help selecting new health insurance company - Pregnancy  03/29Pessimist5518:53Loik098
7h Mid-Term investing?  03/27yikesbikes18:39yikesbikes
7c Need a Vine for a Masonry Wall  15:56Loik09816:51roymeo
7p Laddering Employer Group Term Life Policy with Individual Policy  10:47dad_of_two16:00sport
7t Prime MMF is 25% Yankee/Foreign. What is that?  2011tc10112:05tbradnc
7h Portfolio critique  03/29ecocredit10:53zuma
7p Non-Qualified index annuity ???  03/28raptor00109:33Cyclesafe
7h Should I open a Taxable Account?  03/28jnk71507:35flamesabers
6h Physician-Resident looking for Portfolio Advice  14:12Forsberg2105:11traveltoomuch
6h Roth Conv 15% bracket for 3yrs  14:29bhjjk1903:28celia
6p Mortgage payoff?  18:20pgs5923:54jumppilot
6p First time home buyer loan review  17:23Dogsplaypoker20:42Dogsplaypoker
6p Mother's Identity Stolen? Need help with next steps!  15:04West of Chicago20:29tinscale
6c Gift Card Security  03/26*3!4!/5!19:51*3!4!/5!
6p Modest whole life over 70  13:43dm20016:30BruDude
6h Best Bond Suggestion (rising inflation): VG Advisor or Merriman?  15:00MikeT16:26MikeT
6t Life Strategy in Roth  03/18emanuel_v1913:39emanuel_v19
6h Job change - ESPP Hold Period Requirement  03/28LawEgr111:48smee44
5h Advisor fee  21:32Jake04:16Bogle_Feet
5h Schwab vs Vanguard - 401K Rollover to IRA  03/27forge8902:44investordad
5h Need a Strategy  03/28TallllK23:46in_reality
5p review paper returns in TaxAct before filing?  21:25TylerDavis23:21calendario
5t ETF settlement  03/29jefmafnl23:01*3!4!/5!
5t Vanguard Continues Scheduled Reporting of Expense Ratio Changes; Announces Reductions on 15 Fund Shares  03/28MFInvestor22:52*3!4!/5!
5h Selling Covered Calls - LEAPS  03/28joshdamon20:40grabiner
5c Best way to check a person's records for convictions & DWI?  18:21tractorguy20:19LadyGeek
5h Help understanding index purchase and allocation  15:24kidvicious20:14kidvicious
5p Understanding IRA -> Roth IRA Recharacterization  13:07Alien_Megastruc20:05Alan S.
5p QRDO, Annuity in IRA, who pays surrender fee?  03/24neurosphere17:49neurosphere
5h Cross vendor plan with Fidelity and 403b  03/27Mndiver17:08Mndiver
5h Help selling foreign stock  03/28Alto Astral16:43daveydoo
5h Massive Re-Allocation in 4 IRA's: go to cash first ok?  13:25MikeT14:15MikeT
5h Why is a better fund and why? Confused  09:21confusedinvesto09:53livesoft
5h AA, and exchanging stock funds for bond funds in Roth IRA  03/29GPeezy09:19livesoft
4h 3F Portfolio at Schwab  03/28okazaki02:20investordad
4h Third Party Annuity vs. Self-Purchasing Annuity  03/27WhataM15:32RetiredinKaty
4h Contribute to Roth IRA or 401K after tax  03/28alphamale12:55deltaneutral83
4h Dividends from index funds?  10:05dn12311:58alex_686
4p earned income credit question  03/29ketanco09:08RudyS
4h Need help allocating new contributions  03/28accumulator5y06:59accumulator5y
4t What is stock, really? (Bloomberg View)  03/28huntertheory05:55lazyday
3p Parents paying second home's expenses, but not paying rent?  19:46kategrace05:40jumppilot
3h Efficiency: TSP+Brokerage+IRA+EE bonds?  10:49chrismj02:42Fishing50
3h Contribute to a govt 457(b)?  21:40trav86722:45DSInvestor
3h Sell high cost basis fund shares with a carryover loss??  14:06yorkpond22:07desiderium
3p Disability Insurance -- how much is it worth it to have good contract (eg. Guardian) vs longer benefit period and FIO  21:30amanosz21:50Maxdog
3p I found a favorable dental plan in Denver CO  03/17dratkinson18:57dratkinson
3p New Employer Retirement Plan  03/28NorthCenter18:31ruralavalon
3h Best place for a bond fund?  16:50teacher517:25patrick013
3p Handling future healthcare expenses AFTER legal settlement?  03/16cockersx314:14cockersx3
3h Backdoor Roth question  11:06tshaw2113:49mhc
3t Looking For Charts Based On Total Return  03/27runnerguy12:19jimb_fromATL
3h Rollover or not?  03/27jab10012:14jab100
3p Retroactive Form 5329 Tax?  03/28wrongfunds08:16wrongfunds
3h Am i a fool?european needs guidance  03/28port.foliofinde07:40imperia
3h Help with fund selection  03/28tech_arch06:36in_reality
2h Transferring Between Accounts  03/26impguard02:46impguard
2h Best CDs?  22:00radstar00:26Gamma Ray
2h Vanguard NY Tax Exempt Money Market Fund  21:44Pepe.Silvia22:41anakinskywalker
2p Unemployed for 2-3 days- potential benefits  21:36Suman22:25DSInvestor
2h Total Sck Mrkt Index w/ Schwab  21:29Fiat lux21:45lack_ey
2h How to research an old fund  17:02Cheesepizza18:39mhalley
2t Black Rock is going Robo  16:53htdrag1118:20lack_ey
2h Seeking feedback on post-advisor asset allocation  11:16NoVaBlue13:49NoVaBlue
2p Term life insurance: fine print and credit ratings  12:53nyclon13:15Rupert
2t One question about Vanguard Health Care Fund  10:46a4youngie12:04TropikThunder
2h VTIAX VS VFWAX  03/29AHOD07:39harvestbook
2h My Investment Plan/Asset Allocation  03/28Frenchy101106:09Frenchy1011
1h What if capital gains net tax = zero, how would you structure taxable portfolio?  02:01rfowler02:11AlohaJoe
1c My Wife's Birthday Present  23:29pondering23:49Pajamas
1p Back door Roth IRA for past year  21:31theNewInvestor22:02DSInvestor
1h Investment Feedback  11:40deucemcgee21:39random_walker_7
1p Tax implications of opening an two IRAs, but funding only one  20:55bewildered_by_t21:35livesoft
1h Emergency & Short Term Cash  21:30radstar21:34Sandtrap
1h Where can I buy a non-hedged Global Index Bond Fund in the US?  16:59lizzard21:16in_reality
1t At BlackRock, Machines Over Managers to Pick Stocks  11:43Dinosaur Dad20:51LadyGeek
1p Messed Up a Roth Conversion  20:18bornintheusa20:49GKSD
1p Parent Plus Loan Debt  10:39csho.mc19:03Loik098
1t Japanese TV producer doing story on post-election gains  03/28Mel Lindauer18:55LadyGeek
1h Reallocating Investments  09:03calleebean18:52Duckie
1h Real newb. Help with a check up.  14:06Alfonsia16:21FiveK
0p Anyone Familiar w/ Uber/Lyft Taxation?  23:34kaneohe  
0p Good Read - Asset Managers and the Technological Arms Race  19:43imsomeguy  
0h Short term munis vs. CDs for extra cash on hand?  19:35jjunk  
0p Tax help for Wash sale for mutual fund  18:59Taxhelp06  
0t Portfolio Visualizer monthly dates for prices  13:09SpideyIndexer  
0p K1 with only 0 in boxes 1-20 but J has info  11:49FeistyNumerate  
0h Comment/Help on my fixed income portfolio  10:33njay73  
0h Is it worth paying for safe custody fees?  08:43Jaxx  
0t structured products - Japanese investors chase yield (off a cliff?)  07:04Valuethinker  

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