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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4093 new posts and replies over 391 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
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0pBuying house in retirement??04:24 albireo13 
2cIs there any point to keeping old X-rays?03:13 Caduceus04:31 tyrnup13
1tHelp with 401K allocation - Vanguard Total Stock Index out of 401K options01:24 m@ver1ck01:46 vineviz
5cOil change interval for low-mileage vehicles01:20 catdude04:51 lazydavid
1cRecommendation for Meditation Apps00:03 Kennedy02:50 mbasherp
3pWhat do folks use for long-term forecasting of their personal finances?23:34 alexcr03:42 basspond
0tAllocation across accounts with different withdrawal dates23:24 rockymtn82 
1pEstimated Federal Income Tax Payment23:21 blueman45704:12 rainyday1
1cCar predicament22:59 Thevillianinbro23:07 runner3081
4tDon't Fear the Reaper (RMDs) - White Coat Investor blog post22:44 willthrill8105:03 Ron Scott
0hCan I construct a three-fund portfolio given my 401k choices?22:03 butforwales 
6hWhere to invest cash in IRA21:21 scarson05:21 dogagility
2cHonda Accord EXL 1.5T Lease deal21:10 Jags418622:40 Alexa9
12tUS TSM returns since 200921:03 Elysium05:08 dogagility
1hbest use of $115k20:25 mesaverde21:50 longleaf
3hVEXRX20:22 sgsleep20:44 sgsleep
6pFIL bought land with 6 other people, and one passed away20:02 deecee03:56 basspond
2pTax Returns - Multiple states and tax exempt interest19:26 oaks19:44 Gill
1pIncome Taxes - Form 4562 for depreciation of rental property19:22 oaks20:15 trirod
23pLosing Passion for Hobbies. Cheap or normal aging?18:52 Enganerd04:12 DukeLecker
4cElectric Shaver/Beard Trimmer18:50 anonenigma01:04 mhalley
1hI need help with the next step to a three fund portfolio17:24 nasrullah01:21 mhalley
14tAn algorithm that decides whether it's worth trading to avoid a dividend17:17 johnanglemen02:49 johnanglemen
6pSolo proprietor - separate bank account needed?17:05 ge121:50 JBTX
13p[Help my company select 401k plan Target Retirement Funds - T. Rowe vs Vanguard]16:59 Higgins22:02 JBTX
3pWhat Kind of Insurance Do i need as a landlord?16:52 masonstone18:18 ResearchMed
1tHelp Understanding Mark Spitznagel And Tail-risk Hedging?16:41 bluerafters22:53 unclescrooge
9p2019 ACA prices out16:34 hicabob21:56 JBTX
9hNovice question16:23 Old Man21:59 jehovasfitness
14hTo rent out our house or not16:08 fortysixandtwo17:51 ClevrChico
2pOptions on how to finance a new home without selling existing home?16:07 silverskates16:44 delamer
3tSPIVA passive vs active fund scorecard for the US and many other countries16:03 Daendrew16:42 Taylor Larimore
16cIs "earn and burn" the right travel rewards strategy?16:01 latesaver00:49 Bfwolf
2hIs previous employer 401(k) good enough to "shield" from pro rata?15:55 paranoid16:19 mhalley
23c$450 for 1.5 hour plumbing job normal?14:54 knightrider04:59 mrgeeze
3tHyperinflation and holding foreign stocks/bonds14:34 Pagw04:53 Pagw
37pFed up with health insurance situation14:06 sergio23:53 Kennedy
12cDoes health insurance cover hearing aids14:06 catdude18:03 Pigeon
5tOver SIPC limit14:00 gougou15:59 gougou
2pWhat do you think of SmartDollar?13:59 jumbopapa14:33 BogleMelon
3hUnderstanding 401k / IRA after moving to the US13:36 Neoseo130020:26 Neoseo1300
12hPersonal Capital Target Allocation Tool - should I follow it?13:21 ronno201822:34 ronno2018
16hDoes it make sense to own two different total stock index funds?13:14 EPCOTCenter198215:25 rkhusky
0pWhere to place ownership interest in real estate LLC13:07 conundrum 
10tDigging deeper on advisability of Roth Conversions12:43 Details22:06 celia
10c7 Ways Medicare Will Improve in 201912:36 dm20016:04 dm200
55cRipped off by a locksmith12:10 Thegame1421:47 pennylane
38cVacation without saving adequately?12:09 Beach20:16 Watty
2pBuying leased car options11:58 vk_21713:15 vk_217
4hRebalancing/modifying a portfolio11:33 ativelr8917:32 ativelr89
3pSelf Directed Solo 401k - any one doing it for investing here?11:32 elderwise19:39 Spirit Rider
2fPower Distribution testing underway11:27 mingstar15:10 LadyGeek
14pMortgage application: Disclosing All Assets?10:51 delamer23:17 JGoneRiding
28cAcoustic Pianos10:11 GoldenGoose05:14 mrgeeze
3p1041 question for estate tax10:07 SGM16:34 Gill
2hTax Loss Harvesting and my HSA10:03 Petra10:37 aristotelian
9pHow to best plan for future large expenses?10:03 Thegame1415:19 Thegame14
5pIRA contribution made income too LOW ... thoughts?09:59 PeterParker13:27 SoAnyway
15cDigitalizing Old Photos Help09:59 Limoncello40213:07 ddurrett896
3hNewbie Investor Taxable Account Questions09:58 mountainsoft11:59 mountainsoft
4cShipping Fresh Fruit - Packaging Materials09:44 General Disarra10:12 mouses
9hWhat to do with a windfall09:35 OriolesFan8915:21 Darth Xanadu
9pHow to evaluate a pay package of a startup09:28 haranoth15:20 badger42
4pDebt pay off with taxable stocks or ira?09:20 shareholder0119:18 grabiner
40cWhere are the hybrid or fully electric two seater commuting vehicles?09:14 letsgobobby20:33 ncbill
23tAre Government Back Bonds or FDIC Insured accounts more at risk of Default?09:06 coupleofcents22:36 Theoretical
10pChanging careers (changing gears) - Can I?08:58 renue7420:35 Watty
22tAre target funds off-target?08:11 CULater20:13 HEDGEFUNDIE
26tLarry Swedroe: Factors Persist In Emerging Markets08:03 Random Walker02:08 privatefarmer
16hAny reason to leave the 401(k) with previous employer open07:56 Elysium19:42 TallBoy29er
7tNitty Gritty of solo 401k07:52 jackal21:16 jackal
39hPreparing for My First Recession?07:51 YoungSisyphus21:28 Flyer24
3cSolar Power question: SREC vs Net Metering06:24 motorcyclesarec08:20 MildlyEccentric
36tSiegel: 'stocks are overvalued on a long-term basis, but bonds are enormously overvalued on a long-term basis'09/24 Lauretta22:28 willthrill81
2hNeed help with Asset allocation and management for a newbie!09/24 mschurner16:36 mschurner
66pBest way to get $100k cash09/24 novemberrain05:21 afan
8hReview my IPS09/23 AHumanInterest21:08 Watty
0pDo I really need a CPA to do taxes for LLC?09/23 sandramjet 
1pMedicaid and personal injury lawsuit09/23 akrishna13:42 arcticpineapple
7hTLH09/23 sgsleep16:23 rkhusky
3hInvestment Property Advice09/23 thefoggycity09/23 Sandtrap
3h31 year old needs 3 fund portfolio guidance09/23 EPCOTCenter198222:01 venkman
50hInvesting in the Rare Opportunity09/23 Ron Scott20:41 bhsince87
10cNYC weekend house: your experiences?09/23 jory180418:43 Pigeon
6hLooking for advice on whether to participate in Deferred Compensation Plan09/23 calimero22:19 slowbutsteady
4tAnother SS question - unique situation09/23 FireHorse13:00 JW-Retired
2tDifference between VUSUX & VLGSX?09/23 ishkadetto09/23 UpperNwGuy
5hTake out 15 year Mortgage in time we have left?09/23 mickeyvee13:18 Admiral
1hRebalancing and Capital Gains09/23 drzzzzz09/23 grabiner
22cMom needs hip revision: how can I fight on her behalf?09/23 BobStrauss20:58 BolderBoy
8pStrategy for Maximizing College Financial Aid and Minimizing Taxes09/23 deweybogle21:34 deweybogle
9hHelp with moving from an Advisor to a self managed account09/23 cheapskate9739719:41 aristotelian
4tTIPS in Portfoliovisualizer's Monte Carlo simulation09/23 NoHeat09/24 JoMoney
13pS Corporation vs. LLC Partnership Logistics09/23 Rangeros21:21 Lieutenant.Colu
3hTransferring RSUs: Ing to Fidelity09/23 WhatsIRR19:12 WhatsIRR
12hREIT ETFs in Taxable Account: To sell or not ?09/23 SlowMovingInves19:16 indexfundfan
17cDark stain wood floors09/23 crockpotinvesti04:25 rainyday1
1hMother's Retirement Portfolio/Fidelity ESG Funds09/23 Minty09:52 ExitStageLeft
21cBest/worst flavors of Gatorade/Powerade09/23 Tamales21:09 GoldStar
38cVentilated car seats?09/23 weltschmerz00:41 Dottie57
6hIntroduction and some questions!09/23 marksmall09/23 HereToLearn
13hHow much is too much in one stock?09/23 Kelly07:59 CyclingDuo
8hFidelity: REIT funds09/23 viz13:56 viz
13hHow to set up direct deposit to Vanguard Prime Money Market?09/23 Momus07:41 Dandy
6hTo Keep or Cash-in Whole Life Policy09/23 goodenyou13:32 goodenyou
12hWhat is right place for MLPs in portfolios?09/23 RIMDBogle09/23 runner3081
2pTrustee09/23 teegjo09/23 cheese_breath
14cHow to Get Rid of My Unauthorized “Two Year Contract” With Verizon09/23 Small Law Survi05:20 abner kravitz
1hPros/cons on exchanging these funds?09/23 JCP709/23 livesoft
5pMedical Bill and Credit Card09/23 kdiom09/24 Lancelot
2hOptimizing a Taxable Account09/23 investacat09/23 livesoft
6cBest Credit Card for Redeeming Points on Hotels09/23 shengjiang07:39 desiderium
69pLong Term Care09/23 ready5300:03 RetiredCSProf
10pNursing Home/Medicaid issues09/23 spartanap13:22 Thegame14
5pCareer Question - Upper Mgmt Position09/23 og15F109/23 stan1
9cConcrete sealers09/23 bikechuck13:48 daheld
1tCan someone else explain the math behind this?09/23 Jesteroftheswam09/23 k66
18csqueaky lock and hard to turn key09/23 mouses16:31 nisiprius
5cmonitor when credit freeze thaws09/23 SpideyIndexer23:37 kaneohe
3h[Non-US] VWRD or VDEV+VDEM?09/23 galeno09/23 galeno
72hEmotional Investor - I'm a mess and need help!09/23 sruliz22:18 White Coat Inve
0l2018 Annual Bogleheads Conference Vegans & Vegetarians09/23 rlaustin 
8cDon't try this at home?09/23 Longruninvestor21:30 cheese_breath
1tForbes: How Marketing Is Changing In Financial Services: Insight From Vanguard09/23 davidkw09/23 Fallible
9hWhat investment company does your employer use?09/23 Newenglandcowbo09/23 Quercus Palustr
10hIRA Contribution Question09/23 lws677209/23 lws6772
11tI am thinking about using this Two Bucket Retirement Plan how does it compare to the three fund portfolio?09/23 iamblessed15:07 Jordan4FI
8hNew immigrant with complicated situation09/23 hojatb09/23 hojatb
48tMy CAPE10 based IPS09/23 letsgobobby22:33 nedsaid
5pTax Question - NY K109/23 IngognitoUSA19:11 MarkNYC
9hFund my traditional rollover or open a new roth? Am I on a good path to retirement?09/23 cburg8607:15 retiredjg
19hInvestment Advice for a Teacher09/23 LMB12315:52 LMB123
4h[Are we prioritizing our investments properly?]09/23 Peanut&Cash15:21 ruralavalon
6pCredit score impact of high card balance09/23 CABob09/23 CABob
15cvacation in the Ozarks09/23 wije06:31 jadedfalcons
6hEU - Trouble finding an alternative to the VEA fund09/23 pecunia09/24 Valuethinker
5c“Floating Basement Flooring” - Which Product?09/23 Small Law Survi09/23 wageoghe
34pShould I Care About My Credit Score if Debt Free?09/23 watchnerd09/23 watchnerd
65cMinimalist Lifestyle09/23 Alexa921:31 grettman
43pHow to pay for upcoming medical / IVF expenses09/23 boomstick15:20 Jack FFR1846
2hDirect rollover from 40K to IRA09/23 stemikger09/23 stemikger
6hSwiss Investor 3 Fund Portfolio09/23 etnesh09/24 Valuethinker
8cSlip on loafer shoes for working guy?09/23 bighatnohorse14:46 Sasquatch
0hRSU, ESPP, trading restriction window, wash sale09/23 GuySmiley 
6pNaming a co owner on EE bonds. Gift?09/23 bbb09/23 Gill
2h529 to 529 Rollover - when?09/23 Iowa David09/23 NoHeat
1hDoes DBP 401 A mandatory contribution reduce AGI?09/23 elderwise09/23 Spirit Rider
8cExperiences (Ideas for)09/23 4nursebee09/23 fortfun
25hShould we pay off $90K mortgage with idle cash or not?09/23 Factor118:50 TomCat96
25tHow do you define your success in our life, career and job?09/23 Glasgow09/23 LadyGeek
7pI'm just itching to tax-GAIN harvest09/23 catdude09/23 Earl Lemongrab
2cGeneral contractor vs. hiring indivdual contractors09/23 TTGO80809/23 denovo
10hI-savings bonds: To do or not to do09/23 ThisJustIn09/23 gmaynardkrebs
4pNon-Filing of IRS Form 990: How to Rectify09/22 stargazer09/23 vinnydabody
9cBareboat Charter in BVI09/22 krafty8117:59 3feetpete
5tEmerging vs Developed in Fidelity Total Int’l09/22 Sgt.Pepper17:39 jhfenton
12tVanguard for business 401K?09/22 ylee17:28 Pulling Hard
12cBest paint finish for garage?09/22 unclescrooge08:42 edge
11hRoth vs Traditional IRA09/22 winter509/23 winter5
66cHow to get rid of rabbits09/22 yousha09/23 CedarWaxWing
1lSeattle folks - looking for reviews of Sandpoint cc09/22 Chan_va09/23 beardsworth
22cSeattle and (Victoria OR Vancouver) next week.09/22 Rob5TCP12:24 rj49
9pShould I try to sell Rental prop or Refi to generate cash?09/22 Sasquatch09/23 Sasquatch
4hRollover IRA from previous employer?09/22 jmanter09/23 Lafder
15pReducing longterm capital gains taxes09/22 ylee09/23 inbox788
7hAm I on track for retirement? Also: Simplify? Optimize?09/22 understandingJH09/23 bradpevans
7hFunding a Roth IRA for 60+ Years09/22 FlintHills09/24 FlintHills
21cPrepaid car maintenance -- Mazda -- HCOL09/22 understandingJH12:45 researcher
10hPay taxes on EE bonds now or later?09/22 totalnoobie09/23 cas
9pNew Type of Home "Loan"09/22 sport09/22 supalong52
14hVTSAX vs. FZROX for new investments09/22 hey09/22 hey
18cCan salt water kill weeds permanently?09/22 hmw05:47 mrgeeze
2hMy Portfolio Review -- Fund Advice09/22 AJC40809/22 Living Free
44hMom's Estate: Can you help please?09/22 bluesclues09/23 bluesclues
6pConfused about Roth 401(k) and Roth IRA contributions in the same year09/22 neatp09/23 neatp
1hTransferring Qualified Annuity in Trad IRA to Vanguard09/22 optimus09/22 ionball
13pTax consequence of inheriting international property09/22 mvc09/23 47Percent
29cHVAC Options -- Any advice?09/22 blinx7710:21 Big Dog
7hNewbie portfolio overhaul09/22 Msdoolittle14:27 Msdoolittle
7tWhy do Schwab fund only pay distributions once a year?09/22 ChinchillaWhipl09/23 Artsdoctor
5hPortfolio Review - (relatively) new to this whole thing09/22 tzatziki09/23 retiredjg
5tMatter-scatter sidebar: sequence of returns in accumulation09/22 nisiprius09/23 grabiner
5pHome Equity Line of Credit, keep or close?09/22 bumblebh09/22 bumblebh
19hHow do I allocate social security in retirement?09/22 1937bert09/23 Austintatious
14hStarting Fidelity Roth IRA09/22 aker11:56 mervinj7
17tHas anyone gone to a Retirement Wealth Academy seminar?09/22 1030danielle09/23 1030danielle
43hNew to Investing, I feel lost09/22 LifeIsElectric10:37 Okie77
8cCar storage09/22 navyasw0209/22 Watty
17cWhen is it OK to not go through car insurance after you've been hit?09/22 BogleInTraining21:57 Loik098
23hHow to fund education for grandchildren: various strategies? Help?09/22 Sandtrap09/23 Good Listener
9pUmbrella questions09/22 blevine09/22 Sandtrap
25tTime periods for personal investment09/22 Ron Scott09/23 Ron Scott
12tWhat book by Keynes is Mr Bogle referring to here?09/22 Lauretta09/23 Valuethinker
5cBacking up Windows 1009/22 AAA09/22 AAA
10hSelling off funds. timing question09/22 jeam313109/23 jeam3131
21hThe bond side of my asset allocation ...09/22 ClemsonDad09/22 ClemsonDad
6hRoth in-plan conversion questions09/22 GuySmiley09/23 fufgirl
8hOnline Savings Accounts09/22 bigdawgwill4409/22 patrick
11hAA Review [Asset Allocation]09/22 bgreen788714:46 bgreen7887
4cSprint to Tello or something else?09/22 ediekrager09/22 jjface
3hLooking for a modest, steady, tax efficient ETF09/22 Bwlonge09/23 grabiner
5cWater filters and vacuum cleaners.09/22 jackal20:08 abs9986
11cSports fan trying to cut cable09/22 jimmac909/22 gohuskys
29cAnother job interview ‘skip the tie’ question09/22 lostinjersey09/22 lostinjersey
34cFidelity cobrowser??09/22 oldcomputerguy11:47 ResearchMed
13hBond Fund Question09/22 HonBee09/23 watchnerd
1cCharter/Spectrum Mobile and Streaming TV09/22 SagaciousTravel09/22 LMBFlorida
18cYou don't get all the rebates if you take the 0% financing09/22 2comma00:38 2comma
8hGetting Started with Rental Property Investments09/22 techszewski09/22 harrychan
4hSharing Health Coverage with a spouse09/22 jakerm1709/22 SoAnyway
9hNeed 401k Portfolio asset allocation recommendations - 35yo with 200k.09/21 needadvise109/23 needadvise1
2hToo High Income for Roth - Lower AGI with LLC?09/21 tri dpt09/22 Spirit Rider
5hInvesting for disabled relative09/21 techszewski09/22 b4real
9hStable Value Similat to What Bond Fund09/21 antiqueman09/22 Phineas J. Whoo
11p6 Month Update: Buying a House Right Before Baby09/21 topofthebellcur09/23 topofthebellcur
19pTrustee for sixty something sister09/21 Trapper09/23 Trapper
13hNew job. Need help adding funds to my new 401k09/21 jbuenoo13:56 jbuenoo
16pACA subsidy for >2% owner in Scorp09/21 theplayer1109/23 theplayer11
3hCD mutual funds in 401(a)?09/21 dcba555709/23 grabiner
9hStill haven't made sense of this 50-50 AA situation09/21 Cody09/22 Phineas J. Whoo
22tBuying Put Options on the S&P 50009/21 BuyAndHoldOn09/23 Valuethinker
5pImproper Distribution from After-Tax 401k to Roth (Mega Backdoor)09/21 fufgirl09/22 Alan S.
2cLetter from Signator Investors09/21 Gamma Ray09/24 Gamma Ray
13pThank you from a widow09/21 Mintee09/22 David Jay
9hSwitching Vxus (tot int vanguard) to ftipx (Fid tot int)09/21 am09/22 am
25tAQR podcast: stocks are not real assets and do not hedge against inflation risk09/21 Lauretta09/22 White Coat Inve
11pWhat is the process for Trustee to sell house?09/21 ionball09/22 ionball
13tBuckingham Strategic Wealth #12 on Barron's09/21 davidkw09/23 Rick Ferri
4hFirst time Asset Allocation - thoughts and feedback appreciated09/21 boglebobble09/23 Ron Scott
7pAnyone ever use a career counselor/career coach?09/21 WageSlave09/22 Hillview
16hPortfolio with 3.2% Yield09/21 scarson09/22 tibbitts
102cMy Very First Smartphone — Please Critique This Plan09/21 iceport15:38 michaeljc70
34hInvesting my first million09/21 michaeljmroger06:23 exoilman
64hAlly Savings vs Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund - Need Advice09/21 Investing.Newbi01:17 smectym
9pAuto loan dispute09/21 Cardii62209/22 whodidntante
14hCIT vs. ALLY vs. 36009/21 mikeyzito2209/22 Flyer24
9pIs HELOC interest deductible in 2018?09/21 sunny_socal19:53 libralibra
35tAllocating 1/3 of Investable Assets to Roth Accounts09/21 PFInterest09/23 MrBeaver
25pThoughts on Using Medicare Consultant that is Paid by the Insurers09/21 Small Law Survi09/23 Small Law Survi
45pEstate Planning Attorney Says Putting tIRA in a Revocable Trust is "Complicated" - True?09/21 Small Law Survi15:23 afan
67tFor those who use a 2 year cash(like) buffer, how do you know when to use it?09/21 FrankLUSMC09/24 catalina355
6hfiguring out my 401k investments09/21 AHumanInterest09/24 luminous
7hAsset Allocation for Minor ROTH IRAs for Kids Ages 15 & 1309/21 Jajb602909/22 Jajb6029
8hCD Ladder09/21 BoggledHead209/22 Sandtrap
23hOut of Market09/21 Duffydog109/22 Turbo29
30tA bump on the road from active to passive09/21 restingonmylaur13:50 vineviz
7h23 with 130k cash to invest in index funds need help [Australia]09/21 Thinkagain9409/24 andrew99999
58tS&P 500 Forward P/E ratio - Are stocks highly valued?09/20 willthrill8109/23 willthrill81
38tZero-ER Fidelity Funds [Closed to new investors?]09/20 crumbone09/23 oldcomputerguy
37hIm going to die somewhere between Bankruptcy and $20 million09/20 dvd7e22:27 AlphaLess
14pBest Way to Apply for Social Security Widow Benefits and More09/20 Mintee09/22 dodecahedron
12pHow to handle huge medicare/medicaid premium increases at age 65?09/20 ipo_fin_z13:58 John88
6tBad Investments Within Foundation09/20 Philly_fan09/23 Philly_fan
35cAnother Wifi extender thread09/20 BashDash16:32 miriamele
4cAnother Mini-split [Air conditioner] thread.09/20 PinotGris20:27 LadyGeek
21hRoth 401k or Traditional?09/20 channtheman09/23 FiveK
19cNeed iPhone case recommendations09/20 SuperSaver09/22 Cash
15tIs there any active forums/BBS grouping up non-Bogleheads?09/20 bo10595402723:44 bo105954027
38tBuying VWIUX Today [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Muni Bond]09/20 Oak&Elm09/23 hudson
6pLinking Interactive Brokers (Checking) Account to an External Bank09/20 Carno09/22 Carno
74pHubby soon to be laid off09/20 starfish2609/22 dcabler
13tWatching for Dividend Ex-Date - any tips?09/20 PalmQueen09/22 PalmQueen
36cBlackFriday Shopping - what do you usually buy? (other than Christmas gifts)09/20 atlanta_dad09/23 Kenkat
37tSimple-minded sayings?09/20 libralibra07:39 2pedals
26tBest corporate long-term bond fund09/20 international0007:15 vineviz
64cDon't trust Tripadvisor reviews09/20 BogleMelon09/23 rr2
58tAre We Headed For A Passive Index Meltdown?09/20 destiny23:17 peterinjapan
23hSIMPLE IRA salary reduction for wages earned prior to the plan effective date09/20 jc109/22 nolesrule
15tOver 120 Vanguard funds go transaction free at E*trade09/19 Turbo2909/22 tj
20pHome away from home09/19 epilnk09/22 GoldStar
47pMoving to Dallas, how to establish residency09/19 corn1809/22 runner540
51cBathroom and Basement Remodel Costs09/19 Bacchus0110:35 queso
36hHELOC as a bonds replacement for drawing down from in a downturn?09/19 andrew9999909/24 msk
136pPhysical Banking - Any benefits anymore?09/19 modulusmath20:34 TheAccountant
20hPaying off mortgage vs investing?09/19 jb109/23 grabiner
16hTraditional TSP and Roth TSP09/19 Vol09/22 retiredjg
83pShould we temporarily reduce our retirement contributions in order to pay off our $400k mortgage in 7 years?09/19 kelladoo09:46 Admiral
70tAre unleveraged real estate returns more comparable to stock market returns or just a notch above inflation?09/19 foodhype09/24 ThrustVectoring
33pGeneral 2018 Tax Question09/19 ubermax09/22 spectec
43pTraveling overseas .. credit cards? cash exchange?09/19 dh09:50 timewarp
133cDid you really have something to retire to?09/19 flyingaway10:19 Lynette
13tCan predictions on currency depreciaction be any more accurate than those of the stock market?09/19 Lauretta09/22 JackoC
48tTSP to Increase Stock Holdings in L Funds09/19 autolycus09/22 MnD
20pPuerto Rico as legal tax Haven?09/19 Leesbro6309/22 LadyGeek
82cBuy-Out BMW Lease / Buy More Practical New Model / Buy Practical Used Model? Help09/18 JustWantToGetIt09/23 novemberrain
61cState Farm nickel-and-diming me09/18 thewizzer09/23 thewizzer
55pReverse Mortgages - Pros, Cons09/18 Yellowjacket109/23 mlebuf
224cWhat is your single most expensive mistake?09/18 bo10595402702:41 Voltron
22pConcrete company refusing to lower bill09/18 cwademba09/23 greycrack
42cDental work and hypertension issue09/18 Zonian5909/23 HongKonger
20tCorporate debt bubble?09/18 Tideout10:21 riverguy
26pNew car - 0% loan or $500 rebate09/18 adamsdp09/22 whodidntante
34cHow to watch baseball playoffs without cable09/18 clemrick16:30 ADower
18lJack Bogle Bobblehead09/17 abuss36809/23 Hillview
36t401k: Why not only after-tax?09/17 international0012:14 MathWizard
27hTSP to Roth IRA Tax Strategy (Post Retirement)09/17 geobrick09/22 geobrick
9cSuntrust Bank online banking has been down since Sunday.09/17 Watty13:18 Ice-9
12tNeed advise to keep investment cost and advisor fee low09/17 InvestVS18:48 InvestVS
50hAsset allocation calculator09/16 VA_Investor09/23 Ron Scott
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