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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3045 new posts and replies over 333 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
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0pEstimating taxable income for 2018 (next year's filing)17:02 runner9 
6pSpoke to a financial advisor yesterday - what do you think he's up to?16:47 rasputin17:08 jminv
0hNewbie- Which funds to pick16:29 Dmarigs 
1cBuying a new wardrobe tomorrow | Indochino or other options?16:01 PlayingLife16:31 GmanJeff
7pAdvice on Purchasing 1st Car under 3K14:54 learner10017:02 Sandtrap
2hWhy should you place money in a non-deductible traditional IRA?14:41 linenoise15:00 David Jay
2pHSA Account Reimbursement Rules14:23 brak16:43 ChinchillaWhipl
3cBest places to buy board shorts and sunglasses14:20 ThankYouJack16:41 elcadarj
39pBought house six months ago - now feeling like we're treading water and can't save money14:02 LiterallyIronic17:04 MindBogler
16p20% of US population are millionaires !!!13:54 prettybogle14:58 prudent
12pSay I Can Scrape Up Some Money, Then What Do I Do?13:49 Momof216:05 onourway
4pIRA Conversion "Income"13:48 BigPrince15:49 BigPrince
7cSoft boxer shorts for men13:38 sunny_socal16:35 GmanJeff
1pTax returen submitted, just got corrected Tax Information Statement13:24 RetiredArtist13:36 straws46
4h403b/457 distributions/rollovers and the pro rata rule13:07 fposte16:28 fposte
1pPlease help me fix my IRA (Fix IRA + Mega Backdoor Roth + Backdoor Roth)13:07 NS_Bane14:29 retiredjg
1hSplitting Vanguard Accounts?12:55 Tabaxus13:08 HueyLD
3pWhen to plan/arrange burial in national cemetary?12:18 dm20013:57 Mudpuppy
2hSuch a thing an inflation protected MUNI?12:15 Carbonate2415:50 grok87
3h529 vs taxable12:04 Oh12313:41 Grt2bOutdoors
1hFrequent Trading Policy - Impact on New Contributions11:57 Dragline12:04 Tyler Aspect
3hWithdraw from my Roth and contribute to Spouse IRA11:41 bhpkrind16:40 retiredjg
7hFront-loading IRA: save up cash vs taxable investments10:59 Krischi16:13 Krischi
14pTechniques in helping other with poor money skills10:58 DavidW16:29 Nate79
7pDAF tax reporting10:58 wabash_sphinx13:39 ofckrupke
4hHelp with savings09:43 Jugee12:29 ruralavalon
2hPost-Tax 401k vs. Taxable Account09:05 Stewie14:00 FiveK
3tHedging strategies to battle sequence of return risk?08:30 jeroly09:47 ionball
4pHSA (Health Savings Account) deposit?08:24 pearcewg14:09 garzjoh
5cAttic Ladder Installation - Whom To Call08:20 dougger508:55 tomd37
5pCancelled car insurance before leaving on extended trip, now premiums tripled07:00 redsky3312:04 chevca
15pOwning cars in 2 different states02:10 pax423511:29 Kenkat
12hHelping 20yr old son set up Roth02:06 Michele2016:06 Sagefemme
2hMutual Funds and Capital Gains00:24 stocknoob411100:50 RCL
6cDowntown Boston Hotels - Omni vs Hilton00:05 Arizonasun200810:20 Billius
5pIncorrect Box 5 on 1098-T23:39 erictiger13:50 gradStudentInve
22pTerminal illness with small kids22:49 timmy14:45 timmy
15tMarket Efficiency - Or Not22:08 tryingmybest16:47 MindBogler
52cPaging BH Gearheads: Reasonable Net Worth for Exotic21:53 BJJ nerd15:55 oldcomputerguy
3crepairing/replacing a balance spring for a vinyl window21:47 guardianangel11:08 pshonore
2cParameters of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)21:09 stargazer09:52 stargazer
3cNever leased a car...good deal? How to tell?19:41 markcoop22:19 lazydavid
5pDebt payoff plan19:34 z06ray06:55 Olemiss540
3cOpinions on Azek vs. composite (Trex/Timbertech)?18:34 Casper22:23 Sandtrap
2pEmployer contributing to an HSA for me even after I notified them I'm ineligible?17:46 nerdymarketer02:26 nerdymarketer
8tLarry Swedroe: Factor Investing Alive & Well17:43 Random Walker13:54 nedsaid
8hRetirement Portfolio Help17:20 hawker713:02 invst65
6pI Have Created a Conundrum [question about state tax residency]17:19 DrakeSRT00:10 DrakeSRT
3pHow to keep track of Roth cost basis?03/16 radnor15:20 retiredjg
3pLoan document/promissory note for family member loan03/16 Texaslad7917:41 gronkman
4pBackdoor and mega-backdoor Roth earning, HELP!03/16 calisun13:55 Earl Lemongrab
34hIf you knew a recession was coming, what would you do?03/16 jwhitebkny08:15 motorcyclesarec
13pAm I overpaying for 1120S prep fee?03/16 Cardio10:23 Hayden
7hiShares vs AQR multifactor funds03/16 Wade Garrett07:09 Cantrip
4tQuestion for Robert T/ people familiar with factor analysis.03/16 jackal20:04 Robert T
6pi-ORP: Short or Long input form ?03/16 JohnFiscal21:51 nanosour
9p[Are 457 contributions counted toward the 55k maximum?]03/16 cubfan21:41 gostars
1hPersonal Capital Question03/16 Sirjames03/16 02nz
6pCOBRA dental coverage03/16 Earl Lemongrab11:01 Earl Lemongrab
5hValic Move03/16 Buster Smith19:28 123
3h401k Question - Moving OUT of Company Stock03/16 yammer18207:39 nolesrule
0pMoving - taxes - need advice03/16 newtoit 
1hONE managed bond fund / ETF for USA-NRA w/o USA Tax Treaty03/16 galeno18:37 galeno
7hFSTVX/ITOT vs SPTM tax loss harvesting, dividend reinvestment and wash sales03/16 terran16:33 Nate79
7pDebt Normalcy03/16 BradJ03/16 LadyGeek
8pHow do you pick a financial advisor?03/16 skteam17:16 123
26pNew job transition and pregnant - when to inform employer?03/16 2m203715:20 mike127
38cTime/money trade-offs with work and life balance03/16 flowerpower15:55 gunn_show
39cShould I join Mensa?03/16 miamivice03/16 triceratop
16tWhat if investment bank goes under?03/16 amindu11:34 Spirit Rider
24pTurbotax Requires Drivers License for EFile03/16 Leesbro6310:06 tmhudg
12cThe accounting of insurance increases03/16 oaks18:42 JBTX
1tParking Business Cash - WHERE?03/16 oaks03/16 NYGiantsFan
8cunlocked phone on verizon03/16 DiggleRex07:47 taguscove
0pAnyone in NJ happy with their 457 provider?03/16 MDeck17 
4pHSA Contribution from Employer without Employer sponsored plan03/16 oaks20:03 motorcyclesarec
24cSeptic Maintenance Routine03/16 ThankYouJack13:25 3hrs
6hHSA deadline for 2017 contributions03/16 pianoplayer22:29 Spirit Rider
3hBack funding 401k or other retirement accounts03/16 Kamadenu03/16 SRenaeP
5cGoogle Drive [desktop Sync App] is going away. Which back up service to use?03/16 misterno03/16 mchampse
14pCost of a quality will?03/16 inthearena16:25 gtd98765
6hReplacing Total Bond Market with TSP G Fund03/16 analyticalron03/16 analyticalron
63pNeed for Medicare supplemental plan?03/16 barefootjan16:39 CWRadio
16hShort-term goal portfolio: Should I sell bonds and buy other assets?03/16 ThisJustIn21:25 Sandtrap
0lWoodlands TX Bogleheads Meeting April 7, 201803/16 Stentem 
6pincorrect form 860603/16 jsa30714:14 Earl Lemongrab
9hTax on bond ETFs: are they treated as bond or stock?03/16 toru_n18:46 toru_n
8tMDY<->IJH and AGG<->BND wash sale rule03/16 TagmoreClock03/16 Nate79
4pLived in three states - How to report schedule B income?03/16 knightrider03/16 knightrider
0pHELOC Close to HELOC Open Timing03/16 tev9876 
9hTax Loss Harvesting for a Newbie03/16 Hillview10:03 Hillview
21hWrapping my head around bond funds03/16 cresive14:16 Kevin M
14c5/24 rule for rewards credit cards - bunching applications03/16 michaeljc7011:00 onourway
131pHow does everyone here earn so much?03/16 markesquire03/16 triceratop
12tGordon Equation Update???03/16 Marketman11:31 TJSI
1pTaxes on portfolio03/16 OTStudent03/16 dbr
3hRe-characterize nondeductible TIRA deposits into ROTH?03/16 itsallrigged23:31 Alan S.
5hShould I hold my individual stock?03/16 vangaurddgp03/16 vangaurddgp
2hMorningstar Performance Data03/16 YikesHighFees08:05 ruralavalon
2hWhat to make of different SEC yields between VCIT and SPIB03/16 delrinson03/16 delrinson
72tCould all of these "low expected returns over next 10 years" predictions be wrong?03/16 TheBogleWay16:11 cfs
3hFinding Irish-domiciled ETFs listed on US markets03/16 aaaaarrrgghhh00:05 BeBH65
5hInteractive Brokers IB Key Exasperations?!03/16 msk01:53 msk
18tWhat return assumptions to use?03/16 confusedinvesto03/16 GAAP
2hCan somebody explain this cost basis calculation for me?03/16 cheesepep03/16 TwstdSista
23hwhat to do with 1 million in hand..03/16 Dottie57
0pPA 529 Guaranteed Plan (GSP) for K12 Education03/15 WaffleCone 
42pWhat are the jobs with the best medical insurance?03/15 Derivative14:04 Earl Lemongrab
2hBackdoor IRA vs more non-IRA savings when planning for early retirement03/15 jammy197603/16 ryman554
3hThe Case For Dividend ETF/Fund03/15 at03/16 at
17phelp! I want to treat heirs equally03/15 brandy15:00 orangeandwhite
5pTurbo Tax- Foreign Tax question.03/15 ram03/16 cas
14cSuburban Northern NJ Home Ownership Costs03/15 aburntoutcase03/16 aburntoutcase
4hStock partial sale and rebuy - how does avg. cost basis work?03/15 chilly8121:05 grabiner
10hSelling investments to pay down mortgage03/15 Iowa David03/16 ionball
26pI owe $50k in 2017 taxes. Where can I find a good accountant/ bookkeeper? Or DIY?03/15 broslami11:08 MarkNYC
40tFederal court tosses out fiduciary rule03/15 TheDDC16:40 sergeant
11hRebalancing03/15 khkorner03/16 Fallible
36cWhich Day Hiking Trails Do You Recommend?03/15 EGARCH08:51 hudson
15hOut of room in IRA & 401k03/15 muntz12:13 ivk5
3hRetirement Account Advice03/15 Baldwin Eagles03/16 krow36
43cModest stereo system03/15 friar161018:17 WhyNotUs
14tPSA: Vanguard Drops The Ball (Cost Basis Issue)03/15 SJR15:43 anil686
15pCheck, deceased payee03/15 pascalwager03/16 pascalwager
2hRetirement account strategy03/15 captpete03/16 aristotelian
8pLease of new Truck03/15 Coach Pat03/16 N10sive
2hTo Roth 401K or To Traditional 401K03/15 Puxor03/15 FiveK
3tUnderstanding CDs, bonds, bond funds03/15 raixx01703/16 dbr
129pThose with high savings rate: why?03/15 EGARCH16:57 ny_knicks
4cAnyone Use Wallet03/15 boater0703/16 jeffyscott
15hWhat bond funds do you use for taxable accounts?03/15 john454603/15 grabiner
3hEquivalent fund03/15 jammer4503/16 TwstdSista
20hIf you were to fully fund 2 Roths 22k tommorow.03/15 Wezzley7703/16 Wezzley77
44c2018 Forester vs CRV vs RAV403/15 need403bhelp17:04 finite_differen
6hIs putting my money mostly in retirement accounts and little in savings risky for potential before retirement purchases?03/15 shonenewt13:48 randomizer
8pMy Social Security -- Benefit Estimate Incremented by Month?03/15 alamander11:59 alamander
8hHelp with the new tax laws and deductions for a w2 salesman03/15 luberhill03/15 trueblueky
74cLarge life style creep that was completely worth it03/15 ThankYouJack12:28 prairieman
32tBreak-even inflation curve flat at 2.09%03/15 grok8721:59 grok87
2h401K Rebalance question03/15 jplatzer03/15 Clever_Username
3pAre dental/vision premiums deductible for an independent contractor?03/15 jkushne103/15 Spirit Rider
8pRoth Conversion Plan- input and comments03/15 Krcameron03/16 TG2
2hNewbie Question about 3-Fund Portfolio and Roth03/15 CrusaderJim03/15 venkman
3hFixed income (european investor)03/15 dani999903/16 dani9999
17hExercise ISOs or walk away?03/15 Tamarind14:53 curmudgeon
10hYearly Bonus - How to invest03/15 KandT03/16 racy
57pAt what point does it make sense to pay down your mortgage?03/15 ChinchillaWhipl16:08 ThePrince
13pNot Claiming Dependant to Get Saver’s Credit03/15 sf2sv03/16 jeffyscott
7tLower fees than VXUS?03/15 international0003/15 international00
3pRental Property Financial Calculator Advice03/15 Imp03/16 Imp
7hHelp with TSP proportional disbursement03/15 Rick C03/15 Alan S.
3tVanguard fund for Long Term Goverment Funds VLGSX or VUSUX?03/15 international0003/15 Day9
13tDo You Believe Diversification Is More Important The Shorter The Time Frame?03/15 Random Walker03/16 SGM
46hHelp with 529 Accounts - Son got full scholarship!03/15 NotSoWiseGuy12:31 Spirit Rider
3pJoint savings account with non US citizen in foreign country, is the interest reportable to IRS?03/15 Young Fellow03/15 BolderBoy
13tHow many people small value-tilt international?03/15 Whakamole12:17 Johnnie
10hBackdoor Roth and SEP IRA03/15 SVT08:53 welderwannabe
21hPrime Cap Core, Vanguard Health care fund as part of 3 fund plan of diversification03/15 roadracer71103/16 roadracer711
12hWhere do you save for your IRA Contribution?03/15 crake03/16 House Blend
4pHaven Life- insurance being hard to get?03/15 jehovasfitness03/15 PharmVest
8hnewbie to individual stocks - question03/15 AnnieMfuse03/16 dbr
11pCheck my Fed Tax Math Please03/15 arsenalfan03/16 dbr
3pWhich of these expenses can be claimed for child care expenses deduction (2017)?03/15 retprof03/15 retprof
5pRefinance Mortgage or Pay Car Loan?03/15 ddorsett03/16 mortfree
5hRoth conversion ladder at 57, retire in 2 years03/15 Plan4Future17:51 FiveK
2p2018 Recharacterization for 2017 Conversion - either TurboTax has a bug or I'm confused03/15 Just an Okie03/15 Alan S.
26h401k Recommendations and What to do with extra funds?03/15 WhoDatSaints14:20 WhoDatSaints
21hSelling investments - taxes03/15 avenger03/16 avenger
32cHow to buy a safe "power bank" to replace my recalled AmazonBasics unit?03/15 nisiprius16:58 iamlucky13
6hBackdoor Roth03/15 pedalincircles03/15 retiredjg
11cShould I close this Credit Card?03/15 mikemagz1103/16 BeneIRA
24cThoughts on Myrtle Beach03/15 almostretired1903/16 Prudence
25pBuy vs. seasonally rent vacation property03/15 protagonist03/16 jazman12
16cGrand Canyon and Utah Parks03/15 retire1409:29 fasteddie911
18pNeed Advice Rental Property -- Rent not covering PITI03/15 momob22:30 Sandtrap
3hHow does my investment plan look?03/15 moon_tea09:01 welderwannabe
37hAnyone exclude emerging markets?03/15 john454612:31 Starchild
13tSWR Players: How have you been spending in the past 9 years?03/15 Ron Scott03/16 CurlyDave
16pQuestion on credit limit increases03/15 DiggleRex19:45 pennstater2005
55cTires on a 15 year old car....Replace or not?03/15 harrington09:29 Beehave
18pGift tax03/15 jtelwood03/15 LadyGeek
5hpart time job with 109903/15 indexonlyplease03/15 indexonlyplease
7hDollar Cost Averaging vs Paying Down Mortgage03/15 numbloch03/15 grabiner
24pDo you consider an emergency fund as part of your overall allocation?03/15 broslami03/16 Dulocracy
24hAm I handling this windfall correctly?03/15 steubens15:04 lotusflower
4hAllocate funds between tax deferred and taxable acct.03/14 Trzebz03/16 Trzebz
5hWhere to hold 75k?03/14 SDboy03/15 radiowave
7hFidelity i401k vs ETrade/TDAmeritrade Roth i401k03/14 determined033109:42 livesoft
5cCostco Travel hold time03/14 Lynn198713:11 Lynn1987
30pRecommended savings ‘Buckets’?03/14 pepperz03/15 thangngo
5pBachelors degree in background check03/14 pejp03/15 LadyGeek
15pOverall financial picture - Need Advice03/14 whattodonext03/16 Pajamas
15cShampoo for silver/grey hair03/14 Determined08:12 Determined
13h200K sitting in brokerage account03/14 DR AJ15:20 Ben Mathew
6pCan I take state tax deduction on 529 if relative makes a contribution03/14 sal paradise03/15 RudyS
4hBackdoor Roth IRA possible03/14 WhiteLightning03/16 retiredjg
13hLiquidity/Sale of Brokered CD03/14 hirlaw19:24 Kevin M
28cHow to Thank/Reward Realtor03/14 pennywise03/15 LeviMama
42cTips on saving on living expenses for a first time single householder03/14 acp0303/16 Afty
3tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?03/14 Mel Lindauer11:32 book lover
1hHow should I allocate between my employer 401 (a) and my Roth IRA03/14 memphisvb03/16 retiredjg
3tDistribution Yield vs. SEC Yield03/14 sixty4009:18 pezblanco
12tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE03/14 Mel Lindauer22:22 staythecourse
19pCash out inherited IRA or just take RMD's?03/14 Captain kangaro03/15 RetiredCSProf
36h401K: Guaranteed 9.3% Return?03/14 Lynx31065003/15 telemark
5hHow are capital gains taxes computed?03/14 LKeene03/15 grabiner
33pWhat address do people put if they live in their car?03/14 pax423503/16 dm200
28hGood stock/ bond allocation for middle aged dude?03/14 broslami03/16 ruralavalon
81cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater16:36 CULater
50hDo I have enough saved to pull the trigger now? Or wait 1? 3? years?03/14 mister_sparkle14:22 michaeljc70
7tIs this tax loss harvesting?03/14 mortalsonofmort07:11 Doc
5hFuture after-tax value of bond vs stock investment03/14 Justin Time03/15 grabiner
10hRetired looking for investments03/14 clueless195203/16 Darth Xanadu
13hHelp with 100 year old Dad's extra PMM money03/14 birdsong03/16 Kevin M
2tAny other way to access these Vanguard resources as I am not a financial advisor?03/14 bluehighways13:59 arcticpineapple
11pCan A Traditional IRA Be Deductible If You Have A SEP03/14 BBBob03/16 BBBob
35tNo risk retirement withdraw strategy - WARM03/14 220volt09:47 Trurl Klapauciu
4cBank reports address change for all joint account holders03/14 mrc06:18 mrc
2pQuestion on two 2004 Voya GoldenSelect Annuities03/14 PlayingLife08:19 PlayingLife
16pUmbrella Insurance03/14 Barefootgirl03/15 talzara
46hsimplifying my financial life -- should i get rid of treasury direct?03/14 anoop03/16 lynneny
18tDCA falling bond funds?03/14 InvestInLife10:06 dodecahedron
25hHelp with how to respond to CP2000.03/13 mrx14:58 noraz123
21cCredit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?03/13 lazylarry03/15 JBTX
5hMarket Link CD03/13 Mr.BB03/15 grabiner
23cBackpacking in Guatemala and El Salvador?03/13 flyingaway12:07 mrgeeze
7cAnybody have a sixthreezero beach cruiser bike? Or Electra Townie?03/13 angelescrest03/15 angelescrest
1pNJ Schedule A and NY IT 21303/13 MutualFun03/15 MutualFun
9pDoing a Backdoor Roth Early in the Tax Year03/13 sassy_penguin13:52 retiredjg
4tWhat % of the stock market volume are (primary) tx from index funds03/13 BeBH6503/15 ogd
213pNeed advice re: Liberal Arts Colleges...03/13 cheapskate16:33 nisiprius
29tCAPE in the Context of Real Rates & Inflation, 1880-201803/13 SimpleGift23:11 lazyday
22tyour cash is trash at brokers J.Zweig - WSJ03/13 EvelynTroy22:53 grabiner
71tWho's doing 100% international equity?03/13 tennisplyr12:25 TheNightsToCome
6pInsurance Comparison Quotes?03/13 Momof203/15 Momof2
16tIs the investment-grade vs. junk bonds divide arbitrary?03/13 kagantx03/15 Electron
107hDave Ramsey on Bonds03/13 boxcarwilly03/15 TG2
38hJettison the financial advisors03/12 Sagefemme16:35 pascalwager
100cBicycle Commuting in LA - Thoughts?03/12 crystalbank14:56 LadyGeek
3pSpecial Needs Trust Taxes and Distributions03/12 geobrick17:07 Nutmeg
62cNeed help on car decision: Honda CRV vs luxury car used03/12 markcoop03/16 markcoop
10hFirst Post: Fees question03/12 twolabs03/15 Alan S.
22pAnybody use Lemonade Homeowner's Insurance?03/12 workPsy03/15 Loik098
15tReplacement shares with wash sale03/12 karlo22:34 grabiner
36tLarry Swedroe: Don’t Count Out Commodities03/12 Random Walker12:18 Random Walker
29cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced Rum?03/12 SimonJester12:43 ThankYouJack
82ctraveling to mexico, should I be concerned?03/12 jazman1216:52 rralex1
1p"Backdoor Both" aka "Deduct-and-Convert" within the deductibility phaseout03/11 nanoanalyzer08:54 nanoanalyzer
38hEffect of interest rates on my bond funds03/11 Seneca303/15 patrick013
31tMomentum and P/E vs. Market Cap visualizations for new Vanguard factor ETFs and others03/11 lack_ey03/16 lack_ey
32h65 widow small tax-advantage account, cash savings retirement planning in TX03/11 Powerfultools03/16 mhadden1
5pExcess Roth IRA Contribution03/11 BakeNeko12:42 Alan S.
63tTSP bonds?03/11 neiderer15:40 triceratop
45tBloomberg commodities index still in contango03/11 grok8709:00 grok87
39cFinally Cutting the Cord - YouTube TV03/11 HopeToGolf03/15 Working2notWork
55cH&R Block vs TurboTax (spoiler: HRB is awful)03/10 The529guy11:57 talzara
119tHow banks create money, not from deposits03/10 S_Track16:40 Mingus
40pThis is not a typical medical collections issue- what to do?03/09 Jackson1217:12 mhadden1
71pTo Move or Not To Move - Couldn't be more of a Coinflip! (Help Please)03/09 tarheel12:33 KeepinItPositiv
43cNeed Help Solving A House Smell Mystery03/08 Messner800019:22 Messner8000
18hShould I wait until the end of March to sell VBILX?03/08 texasgal4703/15 MindBogler
66tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton16:38 saltycaper
11cAnyone get a 'Tuff Shed' ?03/08 sunny_socal08:54 MnD
55hREITS and Swedroe03/08 Always passive12:33 nedsaid
2tRoth IRA options for tax arbitrage?03/07 ThrustVectoring20:43 bogglehead125
23tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c03/15 lhwerdyt*1791c
93pHSA family max contribution lowered to $6850 for 201803/07 toblerone03/16 Spirit Rider
94t2018 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE SOLD OUT03/06 Mel Lindauer16:12 Lynette
2tRe-insurance risk03/06 packer1613:45 aristotelian
6t"Demographics and equity returns: A far-fetched horror story" by Joe Davis of Vanguard03/05 arcticpineapple17:00 jayk238
53cColorado Summer Vacation - what to see and where to stay03/05 imyeti222:39 ColoRetiredGirl
104pDonations to your enrolled public school03/05 Carson03/16 DaftInvestor
176tIs Cash Trash? The Purpose of Cash03/04 Rick Ferri16:45 pascalwager
6h29 year old looking for help with Asset Allocation [Australia]03/04 LJBoland03/16 Mors
23cBoglehead business travelers - preferences03/03 Iowa David03/16 gunn_show
81p[Minimizing costs of a medical procedure (Colonoscopy)]03/02 VictoriaF16:10 Lynette
87tSharonview FCU 64 month CD - 4%03/02 EvelynTroy07:36 keinodoggy
11tScottrade/TD Ameritrade merger - Yuck!03/01 Trader/Investor03/15 Trader/Investor
31pAdvice Needed After Rear Ended Collision02/28 Tico_7521:52 queso
21pEstate planning/will for my wife and me02/28 Triple digit go12:08 Triple digit go
76c30-Day Minimalist Challenge02/27 Cycle10:19 HoosierJim
34cHeads up: Moto G5 Plus 32 Unlocked phone at Costco $17902/27 sunny_socal13:20 keinodoggy
1pMedigap insurance02/26 Retiringteacher03/15 lhwerdyt*1791c
39hUK resident non-dom: what's best investment location?02/26 stressed06:00 TedSwippet
2hSurrender Charges (Prudential) and account with Edward Jones02/23 InquiringMind17:58 InquiringMind
467c[What UN-frugal thing do you do? What do you splurge on?]2014 Professor Emeri14:23 FraggleRock
12pTaxSlayer backdoor Roth IRA help02/18 sa521:05 pipergates
108cBogleheads with $100K+ MSRP cars?02/18 HardHitter09:27 jainn
83cShould I be paying $1300/yr. for under/uninsured motorist protection?02/15 Small Law Survi11:47 squirm
304tWhat if you only live off dividends?02/13 getrichslowly16:03 willthrill81
51pAccountant not doing taxes while you are there02/12 beth6503/16 mhadden1
29tHas Seeking Alpha Become Worthless?02/11 Y.A.Tittle03/16 220volt
278cFor BHs who actually like cars - [what car do you drive every day?]02/03 OldSport13:54 lazydavid
6pHelp with issues on 401k rollover in H&R Block02/01 tmhudg03/16 tmhudg
30lNew Bogleheads Local Chapter in Little Rock, AR01/24 BradJ07:46 Cantrip
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