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3p Bermuda beach hotel recommendation  21:05Rexindex21:39renue74
1h Help with Roth IRA Investment Selections  20:58RegDunlopCPA21:03mortfree
7p Master bathroom remodel- what to spend?  20:37Nectarineman20:57Watty
3h Advice needed regarding a duplex for sale  20:26TMCD7520:55TMCD75
1p Special Needs Sibling and Mom's (deceased) House  19:56CarlZ99320:06celia
2c Garage Remodeling  19:39oragne lovre20:53Girino
14p What's you safety deposit box fee?  19:14island21:36topper1296
12p Job loss insurance  19:02Meaty21:12Watty
4c Treadmill Desk  19:00LuigiLikesPizza21:21HoosierJim
3p My financial needs have changed - looking for advice  18:03Booper19:26Booper
10p How am I doing? (dual physician household)  18:02beezquimby19:38lernd
7h Dealing with Expensive 457 Plan Options  17:42Mroberts45b21:38indexonlyplease
6h Pension buyout option  17:39labguy20:29Thesaints
4t Best way to convert to a brokerage account  17:26Dead Man Walkin20:15celia
12c Suggestions for Lyon, France?  17:23GerryL21:28Hyperborea
2h Can I transfer in kind if I don't have fund minimum?  17:06mikejomike20:47pkcrafter
2h Transfer old Roth IRA to vanguard  16:55Trinidiva20:00David Jay
4t TIPS question - ytm for Jan vs. Jul issues  16:47FIREchief20:53FIREchief
2h 401k Vesting Question  16:22oinkyboinky16:47runner3081
11h Alternative Investments best use of expensive 401k?  16:13jmk19:42jmk
3h What to do with money for house down payment?  15:56jakes17:26Kevin M
4h How do I get back to my asset allocation?  15:43sanfran201519:13123
8t If markets efficient in local currency why would unhedged foreign equity holding provide adequate return  15:32Osp6220:50Thesaints
5c Best value used sailboat 22-27 feet  15:294nwestsaylng19:114nwestsaylng
4p DAF and recommendation for tuition  15:19nec18:53nec
4p RIA [Registered Investment Advisor]  14:57Kennyt718:44ny_knicks
7h Low cost Roth IRA contribution  14:57pablolo16:26pablolo
12p MAGI and Medicare  14:43Beehave20:47neilpilot
8h Should I convert my tIRA to a Roth? (Pro rata rule)  14:15Interpolfanclub17:14Thesaints
12p Investing in an AirBNB unit? ROI?  14:11miamivice20:39Watty
4c Three credit card scams ATTEMPTED this week  13:50LynnC17:54LynnC
4h Saving for downpayment  13:25Ace7714:39mega317
3t the "correct" PE ratio  13:20matthewmatt14:10dcabler
8h Retired and Lost :( Thrift Savings Plan Question  11:41mattod12218:12prudent
9p 0 Percent CC - how to take advantage  11:06Palatineman15:56Taylor Larimore
1p HSA Contributions w/ Mid-Year Marriage  10:59bandit51014:25Spirit Rider
1t Ameriprise Recommendations  10:53TIAX10:57mancich
10p AXA Structured Variable Annuity - Help me calculate fees/returns  10:52nyjetfan21:04itstoomuch
6h Should I change my cost basis on my vanguard funds?  10:41AntsOnTheMarch12:19AntsOnTheMarch
1h My First Experience Owning Non-US Individual Shares  10:36roh837212:54DetroitRick
3p First-time home buying: New Construction Condo in Atlanta  10:33GMan8213:19KyleAAA
9t VCIT Year to Date growth? Exactly how is it calculated  10:30cpumechanic12:19Kevin M
3h Roth IRA and Marriage this year  10:19doc4kids13:00c1over8
56p Investing Education and Mansplaining  page: 210:17Small Law Survi21:02goingup
4p Is this a good deal for xfinity  10:04skor9911:39Katietsu
2p Fidelity vs Personal Capital  09:55bogleboy16:34Iliketoridemybi
0c Has anyone used Traditional medicare with Kaiser Medicare Cost plan?  09:49dm200  
9h $1,000 for taxable 3-5 year outlook  09:47goofylbj18:32camillus
7h SEP IRA and backdoor Roth  09:47tristanflynn19:45JW-Retired
3h Stock Options and NQDC strategies  09:37toocold14:17toocold
4h Should I combine 401k and IRA accounts?  08:43Phonam16:55Phonam
13h 4-6% a year  08:40fblade00715:50delamer
11c Potential Move to the Upper Valley, NH  07:35tarheel18:53stinkycat
5h Resident Alien now expatriated need help sorting out my US accounts  05:43NRAExpat20:21bsteiner
20t Can a TIPS ladder 'fail' ?  05:24Dudley21:35FIREchief
38t Dividends vs buybacks  04:45selters21:12willthrill81
20c Would you chase down this possible hit and run lead?  02:18t6012:04Dude2
3t Optimizing asset allocation with backtesting  00:47ozi11:05Cyclesafe
4c help with a new cell phone strategy  00:31camillus06:31Watty
9c Lifetime Tire Alignment  23:51jpa08:36Ron
2h How to use a non-government 457b?  23:09kiddoc13:14retiredjg
16p Can you review our assets and offer suggestions?  07/22miamivice10:29BeBH65
4c How to view internet slideshows on 1 page?  07/22island19:32island
7h 50yo 80/20 AA please evaluate  07/22wcombat191116:03retiredjg
8p When will my wife's RMDs begin?  07/22fourwheelcycle08:52Spirit Rider
6h Business brokerage account: seeking tax efficient, medium risk fund  07/22BusterMcTaco20:34BusterMcTaco
2p locking in kids' health insurance status  07/22GMoney08:22Rupert
18p Any way to avoid capital gains tax (from K-1) using married filing separately?  07/22MisterBill12:29bsteiner
5c Flooring for rental condo  07/22boglerdude14:22Steelersfan
8p Any contractors who get benefits?  07/22neveragain11:51tibbitts
3h Help transitioning to a Core Four Portfolio.  07/22mrsmith20:59mrsmith
29p Medical malpractice attorney - how to find?  07/22TomatoTomahto09:09LadyGeek
23p What if mother uses daughter's Special Needs Trust for herself?  07/22gensuki17:04bsteiner
14c 2017 Genesis  07/22ralph124cf21:17czr
62c How much electricity are you using and how expensive it is?  page: 207/22notmyhand18:32iamlucky13
7p Simple question on Donor Advised Fund at Vanguard  07/22Good Listener17:28tj
15h $725,000 Portfolio Review and Suggestions  07/22target432114:42target4321
73c Is Amazon Prime worth it?  page: 207/224nwestsaylng18:51kellyfj
6t Scraping and archiving Vanguard funds characteristics  07/22siamond10:17siamond
17p Teenager taking out loans to establish good credit  07/22anonymousbogleh12:47anonymousbogleh
9h Advice for 457b distribution  07/22mikejomike06:27retiredjg
10p Helping parents invest IRA  07/22nyjetfan11:51retiredjg
7c Driver's seat cushion for tall drivers with long legs?  07/22rgs9223:48rgs92
28h When doing retirement planning, do you count your spouse's savings?  07/22doss14:05island
37p Tax Exclusion for living abroad using Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) questions  07/22CodeMaster13:27d0gerz
14t Fraud???  07/22Dutchgirl09:35BolderBoy
35t Larry Swedroe: What Drives Municipal Bond Yields  07/22Random Walker20:59indexonlyplease
11h Newbie Trying to catch up.  07/22Frugalnotbroke16:28Frugalnotbroke
62p What's your personal savings rate?  page: 207/22Incendiary20:26watchnerd
9p Restricted SS Spousal benifit  07/22jwtietz14:59Chip
9p NYT Medicaid Article  07/22skepticalobserv21:19VictoriaF
24h help with roth and taxable account  07/22sleevelessjerry20:16sleevelessjerry
13c Home Security System with/without monitoring  07/22dia09:08KSOC
2h Help! Saxo and Currency  07/22Chinabased07:15Valuethinker
11h 50K USD: Investing via Vanguard Personal Advisor vs DIY  07/22bayareainvestor06:24Daryl
35c Healthiest Beer for the Buck  07/22Longtermgrowth20:51sco
19c Career Advice  07/21WolfgangPauli22:39aquamarine
21h When to switch from Roth 401k to traditional 401k  07/21StephL21014:17Incendiary
27c Anyone else extremely frugal?  07/21jb121:05Traveler
22c Alternatives to Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player  07/21azurekep15:23azurekep
7h Cleaning Up TIRA Basis (Form 8606)  07/21slapfish09:01retiredjg
32p Does anyone set portfolio goals and rewards?  07/21j7se21:30Hawaiishrimp
28c Am I getting good advice - replace the AC, not the 21 year old furnace  07/21URSnshn18:55limeyx
12h Vanguard AUM can't manage part of friend's portfolio. Understandable but  07/21Jackson1216:44pkcrafter
18h Stable value fund vs Vanguard Total Bond Market Index  07/21psmoove16:56Kevin M
14h Help with allocation  07/21Jf518:24ruralavalon
81t Larry Swedroe: REITs Aren't Special  page: 207/21Random Walker14:49nedsaid
14t How leveraged should your US market investments have been?  07/21hdas21:30unclescrooge
53c Commuters (that drive), what do you listen to?  page: 207/21mirror20:34palaheel
7h Re-allocating into 3-Fund Portfolio  07/21Texaco5000:24mcraepat9
27p AnnualCreditReport Equifax  07/21AlwaysaQ15:46Phineas J. Whoo
30c car rental at OGG, any opinions?  07/21squirm14:00Gnirk
45t Do you find financial advisors to be all that bright?  07/21Ron Scott21:38Hawaiishrimp
4h Should I move my money or keep it where it is?  07/21rashad300022:26rashad3000
13p Help with Amortization Schedule with Extra Payments  07/21Stryker1616:15ubermax
45t Cryptocurrencies  07/21AgentHoopla06:59Valuethinker
52p Denver or Portland for a 2nd home  page: 207/21whodatheads08:09SQRT
24p Changing Health Insurance Around Child birth to reduce costs  07/20Magikmike17:51camillus
10p Recommendation for Good Book on Personal Financial Planning?  07/20alexcr19:05Grt2bOutdoors
41c Why does State Farm have poor reviews?  07/20kiddoc13:28ToastCrunchToas
5h Opening account  07/20roh837218:41Jerry55
10h move US Savings Bonds to Vanguard  07/20Casimir17:50Thesaints
29t Can real estate investing (actual properties) be relatively "hands off"?  07/20hudson435113:35Levett
42h Please explain Capital Gains tax after retirement  07/20Trophy_Husband12:38kaneohe
33p Thinking about buying a house in South Bay Area...  07/20Mrfantastiko21:40KlangFool
6t 6 Index Funds That Are Cheaper than Vanguard  07/20oldguy15:08GMan82
12p Second Child - Updating a Will  07/20FamilyGuy8715:32FamilyGuy87
35p MVNO's versus the Big 4  07/20brak19:20CULater
14c Pre-pay four year tuition?  07/20malabargold17:09malabargold
5h VC ETFs  07/20uberational4416:34uberational44
158h Can anyone convince me I need international stock in my portfolio?  page: 2 3 407/20GaryA50521:29mcraepat9
11p Helping foreign nephew get settled  07/20physiorol21:16physiorol
9h Rebalancing - Newbie never really paid attention before now  07/19tikiri11:57Lafder
36c Medical Coverage Outside US  07/19Prudence16:52dm200
54t US and International Bond Fund Allocation  page: 207/19pong3d21:24indexonlyplease
13h Son's trust fund for education  07/19ymarkley14:43dharrythomas
4p Payoff a HELOC advice requested  07/19just_me00:19just_me
34p Approaching major milestone, need cool-headed advice  07/19Gattamelata12:53123
15c Property in Rural Area that is going "chic"  07/19LuigiLikesPizza11:53KyleAAA
55p Those Of You In a HCOLA - What's Your Financial Plan  page: 207/19irishnick2317:00irishnick23
56t Most Americans don't trust financial advisers  page: 207/19tennisplyr20:24VictoriaF
11p HSA vs. FSA  07/19Goblue9712:44captpete
117t The Quest for Perfection  page: 2 307/18TD262611:58John1960
19h Need investing advice  07/18geltman16:30GmanJeff
4p Life Insurance Benefit Interest?  07/18Steeler91900:20MrsBDG
120c Books not to read.  page: 2 307/17Wricha17:19eucalyptus
16c Scan negatives or the photos?  07/16Caduceus22:12Nowizard
80p 4% mortgage rate vs 2.5% BND yield  page: 207/16WarChest18:10KlangFool
14p YouTube TV - Anyone used or currently using?  07/16FrugalInvestor18:35tj
143t How are folks handling the unprecedented rise in the market ?  page: 2 307/14skor9901:10littlebird
14h Newbie with Portfolio help needed  07/14zenmusic16:50dratkinson
15h Converting existing potfolio to 3 funds - novice  07/14morpheus195807:06retiredjg
106t Vanguard 403b Changes  page: 2 307/14alpenglow00:24zack907
98h What advice to give 21 year old?  page: 207/14TomatoTomahto13:13TomatoTomahto
73t % bogleheads of overall population  page: 207/13doon15:07kappy
120c Shopping for first bike since I was a kid  page: 2 307/08guitarguy08:07wrongfunds
282t Dividend Misunderstandings & Only Spend Return  page: 2 3 4 5 607/06Phineas J. Whoo21:27LadyGeek
143c Are you finding any good values at Amazon anymore?  page: 2 307/03azurekep14:10Geneyus
110t Vanguard upgraded my accounts - angry [Brokerage Services]  page: 2 306/28jackhensy18:05Doc
30p My risk tolerance suddenly went down  06/28Angelus35907:23Longdog
1h South American investor needs help with bonds part of portfolio  06/28PvdHeuvel16:46googel
16p Delaying pension benefits - what would you do?  06/23ABS16:27ABS
16t A closer look at taxes/distributions: Fidelity vs. Vanguard  06/19whilemggw23:14whilemggw
43p Federal employees considering early out - buyout?  06/17MnD17:34MnD
25p IRS form CP2000--they want tax on an IRA rollover, please advise  06/09whyme15:25whyme
40p New Milestone  06/02JeepDaze19:19PFInterest
53p Medicare Supplement Policies?  page: 205/05galectin17:33djbaer
8h 401k over contribution and 1099R  04/25icedtea09:48icedtea
35h Best Short Term, Liquid Investments  04/20novicezach12:48kaneohe
1h Advice needed: Saxo and currency exchange  04/18Chinabased20:09Chinabased
14h 28yr old - retirement portfolio - denmark  04/11hojlund8810:48BeBH65
33p Recharacterization madness: Roth excess contribution --> TIRA --> Roth  02/27icedtea09:39icedtea
34t Reasons to Deviate from the Global Market Portfolio  01/27chbog20:13nisiprius
18t Vanguard backdoor ROTH - Exchange vs Convert to Roth options  01/05szhman16:00White Coat Inve
204t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 3 4 512/30BackOfTheNet08:45LadyGeek
158c Learning an instrument as an adult? Six Months Progress  page: 2 3 412/06investingdad22:36aquamarine
202c Netflix, Your Current Favorite Show  page: 2 3 4 52016dbCooperAir23:28jmk
71l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  page: 22015digarei14:08digarei
2464c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 502014Alex Frakt15:52itstoomuch
2782c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 562014abuss36820:49VictoriaF
1400t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292014InvestorNewb14:13WhiteMaxima
42p non-resident alien(UK), convert IRA to Roth, tax ?  2013bluejeansman13:40TedSwippet
25t Should I lend securities (IB)  2013Oliver12:43Tanelorn
55c Switching iPhone to Android...PITA?  page: 22013protagonist16:32protagonist
226l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 4 52010niteowls13:31Miriam2

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