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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1725 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
0cReggio Emilia approach to preschool09:42 BuckyBadger 
0hPortfolio Review- 36 year old Fed worker, pending divorce09:35 Gardener 
1tLarry Swedroe: Capitalism Vs. Socialism09:30 Random Walker09:39 Vulcan
6pRefi of student loan: variable or fixed?08:34 ChinchillaWhipl09:17 Carl53
0cPersonal information management: Zettelkasten / The Brain / Scrivener08:25 VictoriaF 
8pCash Back card08:04 idealtrucks09:29 Leesbro63
9cProgressive Insurance -- Minor Accident07:05 Turbo2908:38 Turbo29
3pSale of Primary Residence - school me pls06:59 stockrex09:37 Bobby206
3tWhy VEA is up 11.3%, VWO 11.7%, while VXUS which supposed to be their combo is up only 10.9%?06:06 Ilya3807:25 typical.investo
3hQuestion about tax on Roth conversion05:57 Faraz08:26 JW-Retired
0p2018 excessive roth ira contribution pls help05:40 newbieKJ 
4tQuestion about Retirement Timing03:17 bnelson81707:57 midareff
1nReform of money market regulations in EU: does anyone know about it?02:48 DJN08:15 ICH
2tFama vs Kahneman [Behavioral Finance]00:47 alexfoo3905:45 vineviz
14pFraudulent credit balance transfer on my credit card - bank says "too bad"00:12 Raymond07:45 furwut
6hWhere to put bonds if 401(k) is full00:08 petrisunset09:32 Angst
3pCan I get an appraisal on home I am renting without telling landlord?00:00 revheck01:04 jminv
3hRMD time for TSP: equivalent for G fund?23:54 bayview01:29 bayview
35pHow Important is a Credit Score?23:37 InvestingAg09:43 Trism
5hAdvice for Post-Tax Investing. 34 years old. Thanks!23:16 tomfoolery1109:24 FederalFIRE
2hHow to manage a windfall?22:45 idleguacamole23:17 Sandtrap
9nIB: VWRD new margin requirement 100% due to low trading volume22:36 shcnno07:24 shcnno
3hRecharacterization question to reduce MAGI22:35 Loon1122:58 Loon11
7tTime to Scrap 'Emerging Markets'? WSJ article22:20 Sam209:27 DB2
1t401(k) Student Loan Benefits22:03 soup_can23:36 Spirit Rider
10cLooking to buy snow bird house in Florida. How does it work with realtors?21:58 kenoryan09:21 smitcat
6cWould a thermostatic shower valve solve my tankless hot water temp fluctuations?21:24 motorcyclesarec09:28 wageoghe
21hIs now a good time to put new money in the market?21:19 renegade0608:47 ruralavalon
3hSpouse recharacterized IRA instead of converting21:01 misterfuss21:50 Alan S.
4pPaying Off Rental - Selling in a Few Years20:59 Dammage101:24 CurlyDave
1pAmerican Airlines Food Voucher20:33 Rainier21:01 FIREchief
3hExcess Roth IRA Contributions - How to correct?20:21 gjankow07:16 gjankow
2hInterest-free 2nd mortgage due in 4 years20:20 ma21n223:19 ResearchMed
7pDeduction method: Can you use standard for federal and itemized for state?19:40 crypto1121:23 Turbo29
2hNew principal 401k19:26 Newb2219:55 Duckie
3pAnyone from Maryland? How property tax affects MD taxes19:23 crypto1120:38 drawpoker
5cApartment water billing question19:01 summit20:07 summit
3hSolid income portfolio?18:42 vu819:06 satoriboat
3cHome automation18:42 GatorFL07:49 Bacchus01
8hVanguard: "Your Account Needs to be Transitioned"18:40 MD805603:26 TravelGeek
2hS&P BSE Sensex Index Fund Inquiry17:40 VFIAX18:56 VFIAX
12pHow much do I need to save?17:16 notmyhand09:21 Olemiss540
10p1st time on ACA17:16 jcoll107:31 bberris
4cUniversal Technical Institute experiences?16:38 acunn20:19 acunn
4pIf You Disliked Schwab Before, Here's More Reason16:33 drawpoker18:17 LadyGeek
4tRoll call retirement 201816:33 Golfview08:31 marcopolo
3hSwitching jobs - What to do with old 401k16:09 bbwall00:45 bbwall
5hshould I roll my 401k to a tIRA16:05 viii21:03 senex
16hWhat 457b company? Lost!15:30 jimmy00109:40 ruralavalon
4hAsset allocation between a Roth and Traditional IRA14:30 730967520615:59 7309675206
12t"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."14:26 Taylor Larimore08:33 retiringwhen
2pQuestion Re to Tax Disclosures Required for IRA14:07 the11diesel19:13 Alan S.
4tTLH with a 52913:58 AkwardDoct@rd14:33 livesoft
4hDealing with Pro Rata, most optimal mechanism...13:55 paveldatsyuk4409:21 paveldatsyuk44
2pForm 8959 Medicare Tax Form13:45 epargnant16:40 HomeStretch
5hCarry Over Losses - Which shares to sell?13:21 purpleRose16:53 purpleRose
8hFixed Income assets allocation too high?13:18 cubsbank20:01 tibbitts
1hInvesting advice on extra cash13:12 manmystic709:04 bloom2708
1hHelp deciphering these bond & CD funds13:05 Randtor09:20 bloom2708
12pHow to payoff HELOC in most expedient fashion?13:04 miamivice07:09 Funancials
1hNeed to move from mutual fund to brokerage account13:01 Banjovi13:29 retiredjg
4pNew Home Loan + upgrades (how to finance)12:37 EmergDocAF21:33 EmergDocAF
8hThoughts on VT at TD Ameritrade?12:30 crazy_jones15:20 drk
2pMax Contributions limits across 401k and IRA12:15 mattvds12:58 retiredjg
7hEF placement11:50 geo500007:45 Dandy
4hWhose IRA to withdraw from?10:59 jj4520:12 Alan S.
61pHousing should be no more than 28% of your income.10:59 SmallCityDave09:41 Trism
38hMourning the loss of savings rate10:55 kinetic225506:55 StlIllini
15hAdvice on meeting my financial goal10:50 Creditcardguy15:33 ruralavalon
5hPossible over contribution to Roth IRA10:49 puckvega18:07 puckvega
1tAnyone know a good explanation of SRRI's (European risk rating for funds?)10:33 nisiprius02:26 asset_chaos
1pOhio/New Jersey taxation of Capital Gains Distributions from Ohio/New Jersey muni bond funds10:31 cas21:32 grabiner
58tThe Power of Not Caring10:30 CULater09:34 JuniorRob
14pReal Estate Nightmare averted- Cautionary tale Please Read10:21 Nissanzx109:36 stockrex
8tReal Estate Investing Resources?10:13 Boxtrap09:29 arcticpineapple
33cCalling Volvo and Audi owners! Reliabilty questions10:11 Wannaretireearl09:25 sunny_socal
15tAre I Bonds like cash or bonds?10:08 billthecat13:29 JBTX
10hFinancial Planner/Fiduciary and Value--FOMO09:57 cresive07:00 cresive
6hBackdoor Roth Quick Question09:48 Paradise10:15 Paradise
152cAm I being cheap? Wife wants a minivan, but I want to hold off03/17 berg09:43 SmallCityDave
9hPortfolio adjustments with company adding SIMPLE IRA03/17 lilplankton14:18 retiredjg
1tShifting retirement funds03/17 BFive5512:37 Broken Man 1999
5nStruggling to understand why Bonds in the Portfolio? UK03/17 northernangel16:07 northernangel
63cParis - Is It Safe?03/17 Small Law Survi09:41 RollTide31457
2pFree Services? ie FICO, Credit Reports, etc.03/17 Pizza194516:15 Earl Lemongrab
4cPersonal health and exercise websites?03/17 Iowa David09:48 stoptothink
15tCompanies that pay dividends to their shareholders not in the form of cash, but rather in the form of additional shares03/17 fredflinstone07:59 bberris
13cBuy a previous loaner car03/17 Fortune09:00 Trism
6pNational vs local bank/credit union03/17 Gufomel13:46 samsoes
6hLife insurance and supplemental disability for engaged 26yr old03/17 LazyLuke00:10 MotoTrojan
6hPortfolio analyzer based on market cap?03/17 ma21n217:55 ma21n2
22pShould you buy term life before you need it?03/17 Caduceus23:44 pdavi21
6tWhy do spreads rise when interest rates increase?03/17 Caduceus10:02 Caduceus
12pLost receipts for claiming sales tax deduction03/16 RandomPointer21:43 JGoneRiding
36tFavorite investment quote03/16 sabhen08:52 midareff
7c2007 vintage digital photo frame03/16 go_mets17:06 go_mets
20h3-fund portfolio relevance as of now03/16 lg31608:30 Tamarind
34pStruggling with debts and upcoming events, what are my options?03/16 dira7908:58 dm200
13hPortfolio & draw-down review request (possible unplanned retirement)03/16 Katalepsis18:28 Katalepsis
5pWife's Whole Life Policy03/16 jayboss17:06 J G Bankerton
22pGetting a "buyer broker" when home hunting03/16 buglenote13:37 unclescrooge
3hPortfolio review + help getting started in brokerage account03/16 KeepItSimple7815:20 happenstance
10hRetirement Calculators: variances in output03/16 InvestorThom09:29 Admiral
23hWhich bond fund to use in taxable?03/16 Addy08:47 50/50
11hAsset allocation review for 33 yo couple03/16 puffinz11:29 puffinz
26pAmEx Blue Cash Everyday Card03/16 drawpoker10:07 spammagnet
5hLearning asset allocation for a new investor: USATX Expense ratio and bonds?03/16 TomatoKetchup11:02 ChinchillaWhipl
19cNew HVAC systems before selling home03/16 indexresult09:55 SmallCityDave
55cAge for starting kindergarten03/16 hoops77721:49 hoops777
15tUtilities - worth another look?03/16 HEDGEFUNDIE22:11 Wade Garrett
37cMedicare annual physical vs wellness visit03/16 dm20009:37 dodecahedron
15hTax-Exempt Bond Fund options03/16 steve5022:20 vineviz
6hFiling tax returns for roling over IRA to 401k with distribution03/16 yadayada18:31 yadayada
13cBest app to listen to music?03/16 Gardener16:16 cpumechanic
11nWhat cash like assets do non US investors use?03/16 DJN02:01 DJN
6tPlease fact check Vanguard statement RE Social Security03/16 spencer9911:05 spencer99
12cHelp me understand my electric bill/ supplier03/16 BashDash09:22 Luke Duke
12pIs there a free tax program that will print out the numbers?03/16 Caduceus09:27 onourway
10tBogleheads Whose Plans Failed: What did (do) you do?03/16 AtlasShrugged?09:30 AtlasShrugged?
3hE-Trade for Solo 401K03/16 Boxtrap14:52 Boxtrap
24hReal estate instead of bonds to diversify03/16 masonstone11:40 Bobby206
192tThat's enough for me in 201903/16 market timer09:41 DrGoogle2017
32pOptimal age to purchase SPIA03/16 buckeye798315:53 buckeye7983
7p[How do I know if I am eligible for an IRA deduction?]03/15 Blandrew20:11 28fe6
50cEnd of Support Chromebook03/15 cheese_breath19:53 cheese_breath
22pPay life insurance premium with cash value?03/15 martint20:38 grabiner
125hThe case for 100% equities03/15 stocknoob411106:16 Grt2bOutdoors
28pFunding emergency home repair03/15 kski7414:43 Traveler
25pCPA is not including form 8606 for my backdoor Roth03/15 linenoise22:39 celia
5tCurious divergence between Schwab & VG ETF/MF policies03/15 dodecahedron12:21 jeffyscott
13hPortfolio Review - 7 years until Retirement03/15 steelerfan11:14 ruralavalon
20hBasic retirement withdrawal plan question03/15 c.coyle10:27 Rudedog
18hTSP Question...03/15 tideatty03:06 Misciagno
29cFishing Kayak recommendation03/15 TheOscarGuy09:20 nick evets
5tLarry Swedroe: Retirement More Than Just Money03/15 Random Walker10:02 am
26t"Active fund managers trail the S&P 500 for the ninth year in a row in triumph for indexing"03/15 Old_Dollar18:00 Strayshot
18cRent a car or buy a throw-away?03/15 Jeep4Life21:52 Jeep4Life
9cBuying a Roadtrek03/14 reisner09:33 WoodSpinner
7cA local neighborhood sell/buy site?03/14 Myopic squirrel10:49 Myopic squirrel
38cHaven't bought a car in ages - how does negotiation work these days?03/14 QuantumMechanic09:42 dsmil
5pNew llc S-Corp deadline tomorrow?03/14 middleclassish23:12 Spirit Rider
12pIRS letter regarding Backdoor Roth IRA03/14 apple4411:31 TexasMu
103cTesla Model Y03/14 4nursebee20:01 FoolStreet
34pRetiring- pension is 2x annual expense. Roth conversions/ss advice.03/14 Lrt1209:11 Lrt12
38hStock forecasts, ESPP and more03/14 fingoals15:36 fingoals
56cWhat's Your Opinion on Nest Thermostats03/14 NavyIC309:24 greyhound
196hHow to realistically FIRE?03/14 Wanderingwheelz09:37 MnD
24cSmoking tire/wheel/brake one week after wheel alignment03/14 Gladiators2Swan10:56 Morgan Dollar 1
34pFraction of insurance companies revenue goes to paying out claims?03/14 B4Xt3r11:47 simas
15pNewbie question on trusts and estate planning03/14 ctuser108:33 bsteiner
16hKeep VTEB vs. Switch to CA Muni even w/cap gain03/14 ma21n221:50 jbranx
12hGuidance on 401k Funds03/13 robert41120:59 robert411
12fDumb question but it's been bugging me [What do the the topic icons mean?]03/13 Case5914:42 LadyGeek
12hIPS Crafting for Excellent Adventurers03/13 Walkure18:14 HEDGEFUNDIE
27pSetting up Joint/Individual Accounts with Spouse03/13 Ppdyssy915316:26 Ppdyssy9153
47tSo what happened to the predicted bear market in bonds?03/13 Jim18012:32 packer16
15tMorningstar Style Returns03/13 Taylor Larimore18:13 tennisplyr
45hRisk averse portfolio for an early retiree?03/12 deskpilot6511:14 goodenyou
121pHow many companies have you worked for?03/12 BradJ17:27 honduranhurrica
51clawn care cost03/12 Jmkimmd09:40 Luke Duke
40pPredicted RMDs Have Caught Me By Surprise03/12 LMK509:29 LMK5
19tTSP RMD's03/12 JerryB20:05 Alan S.
52cLawn care schedule03/12 dalbright18:20 prairieman
67tWhat theory has changed, since you last took Economics/Finance courses in college?03/12 acegolfer07:21 Mr.BB
127tAre Vanguard Mutual Funds dying?03/12 international0009:23 vineviz
204hCan't see retiring without 15x-30x fixed income03/11 TheTimeLord07:25 TheTimeLord
58pLooking at buying from a builder -- should I get an agent?03/11 doss09:24 chevca
20cHow would you bargain for unique items?03/11 Caduceus09:31 BarbaricYawp
26pFirst Time Homebuyer | Recently Engaged03/10 vangaal05:11 jcoll1
35pMinor fender bender - how to approach03/10 RobLyons13:58 RobLyons
39pShould I leave my local bank03/10 Bigfish14:19 nguy44
13pUse caution to not incorrectly pay taxes on 529 distribution in TTax03/10 fundseeker19:21 RetiredCSProf
3pIRS Letter 5071C (ID verify)03/09 MnD16:59 rkhusky
3hPortfolio Review03/09 eck21213:13 ruralavalon
27pCredit Utilization03/09 Keepcalm08:09 dm200
11hPension calculator03/09 dogagility18:44 inbox788
40pChase $600 bank bonus deal03/08 JBTX13:19 JBTX
103cEspresso Maker 201903/08 Alf 10109:34 smackboy1
192tWhy diversification is not a viable strategy?03/08 KlangFool15:57 halfnine
35nIndex futures instead of etf to avoid withholding tax03/07 shcnno07:26 shcnno
105cHas any retiree taken classes at 4-year college - for interest - e.g. Spanish03/04 Lynette19:36 Sahara
160cMen & Women: What do you pack for travel inside 1 carry-on luggage only??03/01 Sandtrap22:24 Sandtrap
155cTalk me in/out of $35k Tesla Model 303/01 levocap06:05 MrNo
474tVanguard is Discontinuing their VanguardAdvantage Accounts02/28 bhwabeck353309:32 mpnret
29hJust read the book, now I need your help getting organized!02/22 ReeceBobby20:25 Wiggums
9hAnyone Using Vanguard Managed Payout Fund (VPGDX)?02/21 hirlaw17:11 Trader Joe
174tOn Leverage02/15 grayfox08:05 grayfox
308p[2018 tax return - How does it compare to previous years?]02/11 RobLyons11:37 darrvao777
12nNew to investing [Greece]02/08 jokerr16:48 Mors
87hOpinion on VTWAX [Vanguard Total World Stock]02/07 jo001di10:34 lostdog
1289tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE00:23 HEDGEFUNDIE
41hCalculating cost basis of Express Scripts in Cigna merger01/30 Loon1109:10 teen persuasion
34pNet Investment Income Tax and SALT deduction cap01/28 newacct22:39 MarkNYC
424tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8116:06 willthrill81
46hVTSAX at Merrill Edge01/14 Shazb0t17:00 radiowave
436pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon08:02 TdF fan
109tIgnored Risks of Factor Investing12/07 typical.investo08:25 knpstr
986tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5309:29 hoppy08520
9hHSA Bank and Trustee to Trustee Fee question for FEHB11/06 Helo8015:14 Cash
128hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin15:15 02nz
22l2019 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE DATES10/23 Mel Lindauer09:40 Mel Lindauer
70hWhere do you keep your Emergency Fund?07/10 TexMexIndex00:50 yeahman
63c[Small, Portable, and Ductless Air Conditioners]06/29 Alf 10116:32 dowse
57tWhy won't Vanguard drop VTI & VOO expense to 0.03?06/22 vu820:48 retiringwhen
128tYou Can Market Time At Valuation Extremes06/12 Park22:23 Chris42163
35nFidelity 401k And W-8BEN06/06 mrploppy10:26 TedSwippet
297hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer16:43 Kevin M
24tBond Index Calculator04/04 Tyler900018:03 siamond
14tVanguard Total International (VXUS) is an inferior choice?2018 fctu16:47 pokebowl
37tWhy investors shouldn’t panic over falling bond prices2018 BuyAndHoldOn12:42 BuyAndHoldOn
18hHCE/mega backdoor Roth risk?2018 whodidntante12:28 Spirit Rider
43pPreparing for a lay off - what steps to take now2018 Brewman08:54 Brewman
517tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8121:42 Turbo29
17hBest Method To Correct Roth IRA Excess Contributions2017 IndexRookie09:25 livesoft
25pHaving both kids and a charity as beneficiaries on an IRA.....2016 1210sda09:31 1210sda
100pWhy should FEHB members buy Medicare Part B?2016 Enkidu09:16 VictoriaF
101pCapital One 360 New Money Market Account, 1% on over 10k2016 boglerdude08:03 queso
268lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!2015 VictoriaF08:18 MikeG62
20nUS citizen/expat living in Belgium - investment advice2015 sociableorg01:30 sociableorg
26tReverse Glide Path2015 tennisplyr19:10 steve roy
3664cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:46 TheAccountant
364cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman09:21 robphoto
4270cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:22 magazinewriter
136lWisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread2014 renjuzone19:51 greenflamingo
10289tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill14:07 RobLyons
309tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius17:45 MotoTrojan
145lMaster Thread for Portland, Oregon2008 craigr01:48 TravelGeek
235tWhat's your U.S. : International ratio?2007 kpanghmc09:35 DB2

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