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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1725 new posts and replies over 271 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0pHelp with Real Estate in Montgomery County MD16:05 almostretired19 
2pGift of Stock - Logistics question15:54 SimplepathtoBog16:11 alex_686
1hAdding new funds and AA15:54 ChinchillaWhipl16:00 zuma
1fDoesn't seem like people respond to portfolio assessments like they did a few years ago.15:43 fortfun16:01 White Coat Inve
8hAm I being greedy?15:34 InvestorNewb15:44 Meg77
2pSolo 401 K Maximum For Sole Proprietor14:57 billy26915:30 aristotelian
1hTax gain harvesting or IRA to Roth conversion ?14:48 Blister16:19 krow36
10pCost Basis for Roth IRA14:43 boater0716:17 FactualFran
3hVanguard New Issue Brokered CDs (again)14:37 dbc4715:01 dm200
0pinheritance in the basic living trust14:33 regfman 
0hShiller and IP14:22 midareff 
3cWhat are the longest lasting double pane windows?14:20 Quickblue0216:01 clutchied
2pDo my wife and I need POA's if we live in community property state?14:01 nerdymarketer16:13 Big Dog
0pCurrency Exchange - Living Internationally Off A US Dollar Portfolio13:57 Hyperborea 
0hUHNW on paper - advice fire-testing AA13:57 mmetz79 
9cChevrolet Suburban - 1500 or 2500?13:53 chrismj15:52 Nate79
0hAdvice for first job with benefits at 2813:51 An030815 
12pThinking about changing jobs after 15 years. Looking for something I can land with a 2yr/tech school13:50 VinnyVincent16:08 winterfan
1hNeed Advice on my Retirement Portfolio13:39 scripter200215:41 kaudrey
9tSmall Value Premium - How Do You View It?13:24 Alexa916:21 alex_686
0tCNBC interviews Tim Buckey13:23 davidkw 
0tVanguard, Low-Cost King, Has Some Advice for Advisers on Price13:20 davidkw 
13pDust is settling.. feedback on what's next13:13 inthearena15:40 FiveK
2hRebalancing: Bond Alternatives12:55 markesquire13:02 bogglehead125
1cHow much house can we afford (Madison WI area)?12:45 zhuzhugougou13:05 Lonestarz
14cElder Care Issue; Non-emergency assistance12:45 femur15:10 dm200
1pUtah Educational Savings Plan changing its name to my52912:28 obafgkm12:38 Grt2bOutdoors
28pCost of living comparison (HCOL vs LCOL)12:26 miamivice15:39 denovo
2pHold harmless rule ?12:19 Tracker96814:25 Epsilon Delta
0hbond allocation12:04 WilliamDare 
1hStock Plan in Etrade to Vanguard Index11:32 JessicaLee12814:35 bloom2708
0tExpected earning in next 10 years11:30 kotsp 
1h2017 Tax forms for brokerage delayed till end of February11:30 AnotherSandwich11:33 jebmke
2tCost basis on stocks in trust distributed at beneficiary's death11:30 Cemsew16:23 bsteiner
4hSeparate Roth Accounts for Conversions and Contributions?11:11 Odiedog14:33 Pigeye Brewster
2tFund net assets11:06 mushyyy11:33 alex_686
1hCanadian Windfall Investment10:54 quicksand11:52 Valuethinker
17cWork-out schedule for those in 60s10:47 retire1416:19 carolinaman
5hPortfolio Evaluation10:36 ChinchillaWhipl15:45 Grt2bOutdoors
18hBrokerage Account Change to Fidelity - Pros and Cons10:31 vested114:27 welderwannabe
10cSwing Shift vs 8-510:25 BradJ13:19 darrvao777
1cPet insurance: Nationwide vs Healthy Paws?10:17 benevo11:48 lazydavid
34tThe regular investor can now trade the stock market 24 hours a day with TD Ameritrade10:10 KATNYC15:51 itstoomuch
8tjlcollinsnh - Stock Series09:50 Rowan Oak12:33 oldzey
2tCommodities for rising interests rates?09:35 Zach8210:42 Valuethinker
8hTax forms09:33 cliff14:52 mister_sparkle
1hCommodities for rising interest rates09:33 Zach8212:28 Beehave
3tPuzzled by Berkin & Swedroe contradiction re term premium09:06 iad16:15 pascalwager
1hRoth IRA for non US citizens08:45 marmh1010:25 TedSwippet
4h401k v Roth 401k08:17 hulburt113:02 KYDoc
11pJewelry Insurance - Custom Ring Options?08:16 bsigmund9013:58 DIFAR31
4hHow can I tell if a fido fund is tax efficient?08:08 zz413:40 zz4
4tWhat are some alternative, numerical proxies for risk besides volatility?07:45 foodhype10:36 alex_686
19pIs Tax CPA really needed for Vanilla Investments ?07:06 Dudley15:17 NotWhoYouThink
22tThe Power of Working Longer06:57 TomP1016:25 HomerJ
3fHow to delete a post / topic06:20 Joejoe0015:27 LadyGeek
40cCutting cable06:13 Joejoe0015:27 jimmo
10pSocial Security website05:58 mouses13:33 Conch55
0cGarbage disposal recall04:53 madbrain 
41hReady to give up on bond fund, Lost 2.25% past 6 months02:34 Milo95316:02 visualguy
4pGift and estate tax questions01:50 Afty10:24 themesrob
2hAge 30/29- need help with allocation01:46 njworldwide09:18 ruralavalon
1hRoll New York Life Annuity into company 401k01:42 apple888811:48 Alan S.
2hAdvice for a college student00:59 purplesaber01:53 BigMoneyNoWhamm
3pIf wanting to keep separate property separate, should I file "Married but Filing Separate"00:18 schrute09:32 fabdog
4tMerger between brokerage23:57 kevinchou33313:18 Pajamas
1hStarting Taxable Investing23:31 adam6101:06 mhalley
7cCollecting Old Currency... Best place to get? Online? Bank22:17 MortgageOnBlack01:02 daveydoo
6pStrategy for buying a new house with [a mix of assets]22:05 haniamam13:03 barnaclebob
24cKauai Travel Tips22:02 Utahdogowner13:38 darrvao777
2pSwapping out VUL for Term21:57 WhyAmeriprise10:35 WhyAmeriprise
4hFBKWX from Fidelity vs VICSX and VFICS21:48 ksualum10:47 ksualum
4pLogistics of using I Bonds as Emergency Fund?21:30 blueman45709:53 blueman457
7hThoughts on what do with a 85k cash21:27 Nlu82223:14 randomizer
4tExcel formula help needed please21:27 Gettingbetter1501:17 JoMoney
6h4% Rule Clarification in regard to taxes21:26 jimmy201709:17 The Wizard
2pCan I open additional HSA account apart from employer HSA?21:15 stn200708:45 clemrick
3hcurrent asset vs paycheck asset allocation20:58 Pistons4910:25 Pistons49
11pBenefit of elderly widow transferring home to adult children20:45 munemaker21:54 munemaker
1hIRA - Roth to Traditional or Traditional to Roth?20:30 VanillaThunder21:57 FiveK
6pBuying House in Area where Both Supply and Demand Are Growing Rapidly?20:07 SteveJ209:05 scifilover
29pTransfer money to family members to take advantage of lower tax rates20:04 schrute16:15 Gill
3hHelp with getting closer to 3 index funds portfolio19:42 golfer29212:34 CyclingDuo
6hAdvice on constructing a hands-off portfolio with intermediate-term uncertainty19:41 revert09:50 Sandtrap
6hNew investor cash on hand ??19:34 Thenewguy13:21 Thenewguy
5hInvestment Checkup19:27 fortfun10:26 fortfun
10cAny good blog for kids who want to pursue medicine ?19:27 new00007:56 capsaicinguy
2hPlease help me simplify my portfolio & asset allocation19:04 Simplify1112:38 delamer
5h529 Asset Allocation for college grad daughter18:39 Noalani22:42 Noalani
6hMilitary Retirement BRS vs. Legacy18:27 KYDoc11:16 KYDoc
1tFrom here to there18:10 Stipe18:19 Gill
7hBackdoor Roth with Existing Traditional IRAs17:28 nszzya14:53 Duckie
96pGoing to one income-seeking testimonials17:16 BradJ15:57 HIinvestor
21cDoes anyone subscribe to Kiplinger's, Kiplinger's Retirement Review, or Smart Money?17:06 Five22:34 whodidntante
33hPlease recommend an allocation now ( age 31) if retiring in 20 years ?17:05 jayk23814:01 flyninjasquirre
13pQuestion re 2018 tax rates16:51 bikechuck14:24 FactualFran
8hMismatch between my employer 401k contributions and Fidelity16:46 loklav11:16 lstone19
2hReview of portfolio and questions01/21 mavenleek10:26 mavenleek
2hRoth 401k when company is acquired01/21 monkeytypist17:34 whodidntante
4pAppreciation of Stock Portfolio Assets Related to Family Law in California/Community Property State01/21 schrute12:00 schrute
2hVNQ ETF -- Taxable? How is it any different than other ETFs?01/21 jt00717:26 livesoft
11cColor fringing in new Costco eyeglasses - what gives?01/21 CULater14:36 inbox788
4tWhen Vanguard papers say "diversification benefits," what precisely are they referring to?01/21 foodhype17:17 dbr
3pHelp to vet thinking on mortgage pay down/off scenario01/21 BlackcatCA13:27 grabiner
2hEquivalent of Vanguard in the Philippines?01/21 anonenigma22:03 anonenigma
4pBogleheads website equivalent for property investment?01/21 adam12320:46 Sandtrap
8pHow does Tax Reform affect Refi with Cash out?01/21 RetiredCSProf12:33 JBTX
23cPassport renewal and usage- what's the scoop?01/21 JD277516:16 TravelGeek
6pPay off HELOC sooner or Fund i401k?01/21 ChinchillaWhipl15:56 ChinchillaWhipl
9hTIAA - How do I tell the tax year of a contribution?01/21 CFM30019:52 CFM300
22cAnyone donated a car to charity?01/21 texasdiver15:31 runner3081
12h250k investing sum and no idea what to do with it. [Singapore]01/21 stjianqing17:30 RRAAYY3
6hHelp reviewing 1st time backdoor Roth for specific circumstances.01/21 RTR_early19:02 Duckie
7hWindfall Strategy01/21 sf2sv09:18 BeBH65
9hUsing Roth IRA Funds to pay off NML cash value loan01/21 jdc1090909:34 jdc10909
31tStarting LATE for retirement01/21 Joejoe0020:06 Rowan Oak
7hWhat is the best way to change current investments to tilt to SCV01/21 KATNYC12:54 grabiner
5hNeed some advice/help on what to do with my savings01/21 fireman4417:00 fireman44
9cHow much $ worth of things have you discarded without using?01/21 Caduceus16:13 F150HD
60hShould I buy a business or suck it up at a job(s) with a pension.01/21 VINNY16:18 CnC
18tDoes a Wider rebalancing band not make more sense?01/21 Always passive11:19 Doc
12hTIAA and me again (and Vanguard)01/21 anglophile14:34 anglophile
2hWalmart HSA Investment Options Advice?01/21 bluerafters16:54 grabiner
18tWhich brokerage for individual 401k?01/21 ChinchillaWhipl07:44 ChinchillaWhipl
33cwhat is the best mouse poison?01/21 F150HD14:03 midareff
2hInheritance money and taxable investments01/21 neveragain19:46 neveragain
33hQuestion with vanguard allocation01/21 Joejoe0008:01 retiredjg
24pWe need more space!01/21 PanchonLefty06:48 halfnine
13t"Why Simple Beats Complex"01/21 Rowan Oak14:53 Rowan Oak
16c5GB iCloud storage vs 128GB iPhone01/21 wrongfunds12:44 SpaethCo
7hAA questions mix index funds w/high yield01/21 ChinchillaWhipl18:34 ChinchillaWhipl
16pBankruptcy questions01/21 miamivice11:27 Nate79
14cWhat's a good file sync software?01/21 Caduceus23:59 Shikoku
28cXfinity broadband: should I try to negotiate a better deal?01/21 AntsOnTheMarch13:43 Atgard
38hA 4-5% rebalance to bonds barely budges risk/return01/21 Admiral08:34 Agggm
1hRevisiting Investment Portfolio After Job Change01/21 shailesh03018:37 Duckie
38lMy daughter got her dream job [Proud Papa]01/21 stemikger11:58 SimplicityNow
25pExcel for Personal Finance Accounting ?01/21 SpartanFan09:04 midareff
9tPortfolio Watch still sucks, international composition edition01/21 nisiprius23:42 asset_chaos
23pDisability Insurance - Physician01/21 RamblinDoc15:47 Kencufc
8tCurrency risk for non-US residents01/21 edan10:57 halfnine
29hPull back on retirement saving to increase savings for kids' college?01/20 Stick5vw08:46 CyclingDuo
21pAnyone at Goldman Sachs/Marcus bank 1.5%?01/20 broslami16:06 Thrifty Femme
22creturn expensive 3 year old's eye glasses?01/20 camillus18:04 Nutmeg
40cRent (free at library) or buy books?01/20 J29520:16 munemaker
19t"Why You Should Probably Just Give Up Trying To Beat The Stock Market"01/20 Taylor Larimore20:13 packer16
2pbackdoor Roth01/20 cataxed19:17 Earl Lemongrab
17cCar Stereo Questions01/20 Ron Ronnerson19:46 Ostentatious
7pGreetings from the Midwest01/20 Cincyguy6310:48 soccerrules
69cLaughter is the Best Medicine - What makes you Laugh?01/20 fishandgolf15:50 El Greco
70pDiscussing a 529 with your kids01/20 noco-hawkeye15:11 Maya1234
14hHow to invest funds for retirement?01/20 Woodthrush14:53 Woodthrush
25pSchwab vs fidelity01/20 Retire6620:04 Earl Lemongrab
30hHelp Late Early Accumulators Be Comfortable Right Now with (Bogle-appropriate) Aggressive AA01/20 adamsapple1915:37 remomnyc
18pShortchange your match -- true for all employers?01/20 Shikoku19:45 Earl Lemongrab
44cPros and Cons of High Rise Condos for retired couple01/20 Lynx31065015:39 mouses
19pFather inlaw taxes: pension taxation01/20 BlackcatCA12:53 GreenGrowTheDol
3hModify Taxable Funds? What to Add?01/20 Ardarsh11:42 Ardarsh
52cNew Brake Pads01/20 GridironGems16:14 barnaclebob
36tAutomated Tax Loss Harvesting by Robo Advisor - Anyone with real results?01/20 confusedinvesto08:42 confusedinvesto
137tFear of dying with too much money?01/20 willthrill8120:16 LadyGeek
8hInvesting in Individual Corporate Bonds01/20 Nachalnik7010:23 Nate79
14hIncome in retirement questions01/20 tundratoy15:26 b4real
21tWhat "efficient market" does and doesn't mean01/20 rbaldini16:24 desafinado
11hOpinions on 65 year old's portfolio01/20 buster42423:03 celia
20pNew tax law and changes to paycheck01/20 am12:38 ImUrHuckleberry
6t[Bogleheads' Guide to Investing - Is this calculation correct?]01/20 poisjr19:16 Taylor Larimore
2hWhat is the best backtest software?01/20 24/7bull09:43 24/7bull
9tNew Leveraged ETF of ETFs Targets Retirees Seeking 7% Return01/19 OkieIndexer16:05 LadyGeek
17cCapital one 360 money market New $500 bonus01/19 petras5210:34 Mudpuppy
9hNeed help with excess IRA/Roth contributions01/19 gurusw22:29 gurusw
8pAfter Tax 401K, 401a Limits01/19 Poltergiest14:44 Spirit Rider
22hEdward Jones Accounts01/19 janne54112:54 acunn
71tPost Your Morningstar Box Style01/19 jonnyboy00:43 randomizer
37hKeeping it in a shoe-box is a safer AA01/19 zz417:21 dekecarver
102pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses01/19 White Coat Inve13:57 dm200
32pHave you or anyone you know actually used umbrella coverage?01/19 z9115:30 golfCaddy
20pContacting store after urgent care visit?01/19 MtnTraveler07:47 seawolf21
36cMedical Appointment Cancellation Policies/Fees01/19 DaftInvestor16:58 sport
36pPreparing for a lay off - what steps to take now01/19 Brewman06:15 Brewman
50cDo we need an emergency supplies kit (go bag)?01/19 vveat14:55 AlwaysBeClimbin
10pPurchasing house we currently rent from in-laws01/19 ytsejam2315:00 Carefreeap
13hGoing Bogle01/19 ohboy!23:38 ohboy!
46cHome Humidifier input please01/19 investingdad13:09 Epsilon Delta
42pHelp Me Spend $900.00 Unused FSA Dollars01/19 coupleofcents14:03 queso
32hHigh Dividend Stocks as bond substitute?01/18 triyoda23:42 bearcub
38cCostco Citi removing Foreign Transaction Fees; No Fee/Reimbursed Fee International ATM; ; Free International Data01/18 inbox78814:57 inbox788
15hInvesting in Indian Stock Market - Fund selection01/18 zenmusic10:36 topcatin
10hHelp with setting up Inherited IRA and then transferring01/18 comehither2k1819:04 Alan S.
47h457 worth it with these fees?01/18 fortfun09:14 fortfun
37cFamily Balance and Children's Athletics01/18 BashDash06:59 London
14hCouple questions for taxable account01/18 lepa7113:45 grabiner
27pIndividual 529 vs Custodial (UTMA/UGMA) 52901/18 markcoop22:36 DIFAR31
42cPremium gas at BJ's for Mercedes01/18 dollarsaver18:26 tbradnc
139cShort Commute or Nicer House?01/18 bluejello13:52 Pajamas
36cRange Hood Blower Sizing01/17 Cyclesafe16:23 Nebster
4hVanguard Retirement Planning01/17 Gatewood14:52 ps56k
49hSell Home Depot?01/17 KPG16:21 HomerJ
36hMake me feel good about my bond allocation01/17 jvini11:21 Hogan773
3hSEP-IRA as employee01/17 strycker00111:43 strycker001
28cFinding Best USA-To-Europe FLIGHT When Dates Are Not Limiting Factor?01/16 Lieutenant.Colu03:42 Armada
15hWhich is the best 529 plan for nj resident?01/16 new00019:31 uberdoc
32cNeed to buy new printer. Suggestions for best value?01/16 Kennedy19:39 vbdoug
145pCan We Retire in Hawaii? Please Critique01/15 SurferLife22:28 sergeant
27cWhere do you get your auto loans?01/15 HardHitter14:37 JBTX
33h50/50 AA recommended by Benjamin Graham01/15 investing101212:55 whodidntante
32h“Better Buy” Total US or International ?01/15 RRAAYY316:24 aarondearu
10hCompany 401k - is this optimal?01/15 mech_tower12:56 ruralavalon
43cRecommend an A.C. powered auto tire inflator01/14 AAA14:05 Epsilon Delta
81pWhat unexpected emergencies require sizeable emergency cash funds available immediately in a checking account?01/14 Global10015:36 smackboy1
17tNo more TDA Apex?01/13 ICF14:25 serbeer
18t"The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret?"01/13 RNJ10:04 Hub
20pAccount Fraud01/12 rustinchole17:44 likegarden
56tLower tax rates for 7 yrs.-Are you switching to Roth 401K01/12 luke12315:14 e5116
5h2018 Mortgage Interest Schedule A01/10 arsenalfan19:21 pascal
14pSS Retirement Benefits for Widow with Minor Children01/08 Zigadenus20:04 dodecahedron
354tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?01/08 willthrill8114:42 FactualFran
182cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?01/08 tennisplyr01:39 visualguy
12cSoCal Ipe deck cost?01/07 unclescrooge15:30 Point
17hWhat do you think of my Asset Allocation? (UK Investor)01/07 spope218:43 Mors
7fNew Record? [number of posts in a day]01/04 Taylor Larimore00:49 randomizer
12tActive Core Bond Beats Total Index in 201701/01 BetaTracker21:03 SeeMoe
31pRefi After 1 Year?01/01 kwarden1308:07 kwarden13
2p2018 Tax Act signed - multiple threads allowed12/22 Alex Frakt23:49 FiveK
87cHow do Bogleheads save on eyeglasses?12/18 fortfun09:08 Quickblue02
19hHow to get some taxable income out of a 401k quickly12/13 tashina00:33 tashina
53tVanguard will use blockchain to share index data12/13 Barry Barnitz15:08 mws13
82cAncestry / 23andMe12/11 GridironGems14:05 dm200
84tlikely date for a bitcoin crash: does this make sense to you?12/10 Lauretta16:07 F150HD
193cSave all this money, what do you splurge on?12/08 HardHitter20:09 obgraham
40cGoogle Project Fi - "Device Protection" problem11/26 munemaker20:34 aj76er
141tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox10:17 crit
121tGE and the myth of "safe blue-chip stocks"11/13 nisiprius12:11 InvisibleAeroba
17hIRA Rollover 1 per year rule11/10 WorkToLive15:52 Spirit Rider
196pDoes anyone here with net worths north of $1 mil use financial advisors?10/20 Money Market09:47 miamivice
44pI need a better online checking w billpay and mobile check deposit10/10 heartwood06:31 oldcomputerguy
147cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo20:27 123
38hDomestic SCV? [Small Cap Value]09/30 Gmaloof10:37 Mors
164pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan15:25 indexfundfan
424cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds22:31 travellight
48tAlly savings rate raised to 1.20%09/01 techlion17:26 White Coat Inve
4h[Belgium] Comparing an ETF Index portfolio with a local fiscal pension fund06/10 zarci03:41 BeBH65
57cRefinishing roughed in stairs - removing carpet05/17 BW198516:23 pshonore
191pDo you have an umbrella policy?04/15 F150HD13:39 darrvao777
85tVanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients02/22 davidkw16:04 michaeljc70
506pQuicken's future direction - a cause for concern02/04 Peculiar_Invest15:02 michaeljc70
93pWhere do you keep your emergency fund?2017 red_uu08:55 Sandtrap
36hTaxation for resident of Lithuania: US domiciled vs Irish domiciled ETFs - LTU has tax treaty with both2016 arturaz09:08 BeBH65
56tWarren Buffett recommends putting 90% in S&P500 index fund, 10% in Bond index2016 Vision09:13 Rowan Oak
783tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab10:18 Leesbro63
35tRick Ferri's Bond Portfolio2016 neomutiny0617:15 bikechuck
519pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy11:10 itstoomuch
20pHow to Calculate Value of Defined Benefit Plan2016 csm12:01 Valuethinker
15hBrokered CDs - Different brokers?2016 dm20008:54 dm200
3hBoglehead Approved Delaware Statutory Trust?2015 Rolyatroba21:18 nnyljh
237tHistorical Bond Returns - Shiller: From Rates to Returns2015 longinvest18:13 longinvest
38tA better Permanent Portfolio?2015 Browser16:19 1nv35t
13tGlobal Stocks — Market Cap vs. Revenue Exposure2015 SimpleGift08:22 spdoublebass
84lSan Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter2015 alanwbaker12:55 BarbaraB
85lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei13:26 digarei
55tWhat Experts Say About Various Investing Topics2015 Taylor Larimore11:26 Taylor Larimore
48hwhich Brokerage do you use...why?2015 bondsr4me22:09 Garco
3275cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:14 dccboone
69cAny [iPhone] "Apps" you like?2014 Hawkeye_Saver16:50 Dottie57
12h529 Plan and Post 9/11 GI Bill2014 nspayne1706:08 TheMilPhys
194lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec20:43 Flying Penguin
35cWindow Blinds - Bali, Levolor, Hunter Douglas2013 joppy12:04 3feetpete
2011tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore08:43 Taylor Larimore
284lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls20:08 Mardoc01
7hGetting 1099-DIV forms for closed accounts?2009 GammaPoint10:52 Alan S.
360tWhat's your one big takeaway from the Crash of 2008?2008 Gekko23:07 randomizer

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