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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2019 new posts and replies over 237 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0nput bonds purchases on hold while stock prices still low?05:12 Betelgeuse79 
1tJeremiah B. says to buy gold and silver03:31 rockthisworld05:10 Stinky
5tThoughts & Questions on the Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF03:14 coldman04:45 Stinky
1nHow to invest $1.2M for the next 10-15 years01:51 TobiasJacobs05:05 oldcomputerguy
6tTracking World Index w/ Separate US and International Funds Not Ideal?00:40 BHawks8703:55 Stef
7hHow do you retire early if your money is tied up in tax deferred?23:51 justsomeguy201803:58 sailaway
1tWhat are specific mechanics for V to rebalance TRF23:33 quirk23:56 123
11tAlarming Bid/Ask Spreads on ETFs22:29 nedsaid01:34 Lyrrad
4hTaxable instead of tax deferred22:17 WhatsIRR23:53 FiveK
10hConvertible bond ETF for less risk with some upside22:10 nolegs04:51 L82GAME
17tWill the US become like Japan?21:51 flyninjasquirre02:24 effigy98
3pBogleheads' Reading Strategies for Boglehead Forums21:50 Godot22:47 Eric
8cAudiophiles: Any one collecting speakers?21:45 m@ver1ck22:34 m@ver1ck
0hFL 529 best for 100% US total stock market?21:08 remnant 
7tMEMORIAL DAY20:58 Taylor Larimore05:09 Yukon
15pLaid Off- New Job Offer Advice!20:42 eer_no_evil22:46 go_mets
2hFun Money in Health Stocks20:38 smartinvestor2021:42 annu
4hManaging an Inheritance20:31 Bataleur03:09 Eagle33
23hTime until money doubles20:14 m@ver1ck02:10 typical.investo
17cUpdate current laptop or buy new one?19:59 anthonyphamy00:45 CFM300
33pWould you pull a trigger on a home purchase or continue renting?19:32 tRacer420101:27 MedSaver
1hPortfolio review please19:15 Chuck10723:44 typical.investo
3hVanguard Total Bond vs Intermediate Tax Exempt19:09 foursix04:57 Skiandswim
27cPandemic buys that have improved quality of life?19:01 hammond23:47 Watty
12pWhat to do with Mother-In-Law18:51 gasdoc05:05 galawdawg
2hWhere to allocate International Index Funds? Opinions welcomed for this new portfolio18:47 coco878803:01 annu
8pBudgeting for Gifts?18:08 Cranberry4418:38 FrankTheViking
3cLandscaping costs - in northern NJ18:06 Kow19:16 Kow
0hMorningstar Managed Portfolio, Asset Allocation17:58 gamenets 
4cinduction range - price point question17:38 kiwi12321:56 gips
21cWould you buy a new car without a spare tire?17:31 bikechuck20:22 rockstar
5hwhere to park $150k?17:20 atlanta_dad19:00 annu
20cDoes software play a role in choosing TV17:18 boater0721:05 tev9876
11hWhen to start investing again?17:07 Zillions20:51 deltaneutral83
8hCan I open a Roth IRA16:32 Yablo200420:37 MarkNYC
1hInvesting cash from sale of my rental15:55 Boulous16:20 annu
8cAdvice? How to stop mud swallow nesting under the house eaves and walls?15:46 Sandtrap21:37 SevenBridgesRoa
23hQuestion about Edward Jones disapproval15:37 WesAck20:34 retired@50
14hAny suggestions for the homestretch of my retirement plan?15:23 lazynovice20:05 Watty
15hStart adding bonds - best approach?14:58 nix4me20:35 nix4me
4tHistorical Statistics for Inflation, Bonds and Stocks14:52 Taylor Larimore03:12 rossington
1pRefi 15 vs 30 years and investing rest in FXAIX14:50 viveks15:21 grabiner
13hetrade fees on vanguard funds14:48 behindthetimes18:25 galawdawg
3pself financing mortgage w/i a family14:06 BoogieShoe14:44 BoogieShoe like site for home and yard improvement / repair?13:51 ThankYouJack16:23 TheNightsToCome
6pAmended Tax Return Status Unavailable?13:40 beastykato16:02 Katietsu
3hCash out small investment?13:28 nesdog14:42 Stinky
7tIs it safe to connect with broker?13:12 Ducker03:22 Brianmcg321
3hPortfolio Review13:01 jes04:31 bryansmile
0cYahoo Mail Logs Out Repeatedly12:57 TheNightsToCome 
17hWhy Vanguard Seems to Be Pushing Us Towards ETFs?12:49 ronin20:34 m@ver1ck
2pwould you keep this life ins policy?12:32 FXDXontherun20:29 FXDXontherun
17pSelling Boat to people out of State12:19 bg501:01 MrsBDG
10hDollar Cost Averaging - How long?12:17 Oleanmike21:59 Noobvestor
2cSuggestions for a video or voice conferencing system11:55 carolinaman12:49 runner3081
3pInterest Rates Falling—refinance or not?11:52 cdc12:02 Stinky
11pRe: High yield savings account (opening one for first time)11:06 Cranberry4413:38 Cranberry44
15cShould we drop our Long Term Care Insurance?11:01 brianphill7721:11 Nate79
5hPlease help with a strategy10:39 joeban12:55 retiredjg
1pStill not understanding how Qualified Joint Ventures works, pls help10:36 chudat12:14 cowdogman
43pNew Tires or New Car?10:36 justsomeguy201823:18 central-pa
61cFirst Time Car Buyer Needs Help. HELP ME PLEASE! Thank you!10:34 greenxspidey22:04 sd323232
2tinvestment performance is not cut & dry10:21 Eagle3310:53 Nowizard
12pMedicare Enrollment 7 month window vs ACA10:15 susa02:53 Eagle33
3tEE bond effective annual yield?09:32 Cpadave12:32 anon_investor
6tSell a Bond ETF before or after ex-div date?09:30 rockAction20:11 anon_investor
16tOwning Top Stocks in Each Sector?09:28 bck6319:24 abuss368
10hFather's Trust: Simplify Morgan Stanley Portfolio?09:22 mickeyvee17:31 retired@50
20pCustomer hasn't paid me not worth cost of lawyer but...09:14 mtwhmemn21:02 mtwhmemn
9cAdvice on Pillows08:57 Frugalegal22:40 lthenderson
4pWill my son be eligible for unemployment in CA08:48 Old Guy09:47 terran
34tBusinesses that are permanently destroyed due to COVID?08:42 JustinR15:36 LadyGeek
8tMinimum Safe ETF Size?08:32 Patzer02:56 AlohaJoe
2cCoursera Google IT Support Professional Certificate08:20 delamer15:44 SimonJester
26tWhy did you change your investing approach?08:15 tvubpwcisla19:59 dru808
3cHow to grow food indoors08:11 novillero09:23 Lynette
61cIf Jeep has such poor reliability, how come they are everywhere?08:05 CULater05:02 vested1
7hAlternative to muni money market or short etf- jmst?07:53 am09:15 grabiner
7pTwo kids, how to divide 529 allocation?07:43 peseta20:27 peseta
2n[AT/Austria/EU] Where to save / invest for an apartment deposit?05:34 investmentSloth08:15 investmentSloth
9hWhat’s the optimal turnover ratio for an ETF?05/24 quad21:36 Patzer
9tWhat's your take on the risk that authorities might ban private ownership of gold?05/24 steve32109:17 LadyGeek
17pNew here, need help with creating a nest egg for my autistic son05/24 Zillions00:49 MrsBDG
16c$250 off new iPhone SE via trade-in arbitrage05/23 HEDGEFUNDIE23:28 GiraffeGlove
18pWorried about sibling financial future05/23 justsomeguy201804:59 Stinky
1hRollover Company 401k to Solo 401k?05/23 fognyc08:31 retired@50
11pLittle decrease in premium after removing older car05/23 chemocean20:10 chemocean
18hAsset Allocation Dilemma – Contradicting Historical Data05/23 mahesh.kanth19:51 pkcrafter
77pInvestors: be aware of weakness in 2FA + strengthening05/23 YoungSisyphus04:32 xuphys
2cMr cool DIY a/c05/23 dru80814:35 dru808
5hDownpayment for the next house05/23 porfolio000115:39 anon_investor
16cWhat phone to buy after iPhone 7 Plus05/23 manatee200523:12 mr_mac3
14pRefinance appraisal issue05/23 barnburner444406:23 vested1
47pWhat do people spend money on?05/23 Livehard123417:03 FrankTheViking
6cHelp me identify these metal hooks left in my shed by the previous owner.05/23 White Oak16:20 White Oak
6hPortfolio review: rental condo, AMT, ISOs, target date funds05/23 elmandolk23:34 retired@50
8cDiscount wine sites for upscale wine?05/23 Socrates05:02 Chip
9tWhich investor is bullish?05/23 PurpleArc23:28 7eight9
5h401k Fees Not Disclosed05/23 Kookaburra00:44 Katietsu
18hDoes it make sense to exclude China from portfolio and/or EM05/23 zaplunken10:25 backofbeyond
17tDo you hold commodities?05/23 PurpleArc02:10 IndexCore
20hTraditional 401k and Roth 401k Combination?05/23 schildkrote15:23 retiredjg
18hRecommend a China-focused, risk-seeking fund05/23 jajlrajrf20:17 jajlrajrf
10hRoth IRA and Traditional IRA, merge or no?05/23 GettingAheadSD13:05 crefwatch
5pELI5 P2P payments: explain like I'm 5, person to person payments05/23 heartwood14:52 heartwood
11hAnnuity05/23 Ana-Maria5716:25 Eagle33
11tQuestions based on Graham's book05/23 fanoflazyportfo08:13 jeffyscott
16cMobile scanner: Why not?05/23 VictoriaF12:59 TimeRunner
12cSelf Isolating Winter Getaway Ideas05/23 ThankYouJack18:52 SuzBanyan
19pBest credit card perks besides cash/points?05/23 Looking4Answers18:56 JoMoney
12hWhich funds and allocations for accounts?05/23 maybethisone12:39 maybethisone
5cJeweler other than Tiffany who make nice sterling silver baby-related items (rattles, spoons, etc.)?05/23 totallynotsure12:20 MarkerFM
10hHow to rebalance in retirement? Various options. Advice needed.05/23 palanzo16:54 retiredjg
9hTwo bond funds, same index, vastly different maturities05/23 MidwestVibes10:27 retired@50
48tEl-Erian comments on the crisis05/23 garlandwhizzer02:59 Noobvestor
5phurting savings cushion vs. taking advantage of 0% interest on federal student loan COVID-19 forbearance05/23 kmbti08:29 tashnewbie
7hBuying foreign ADRs on the OTC using Vanguard/Fidelity05/23 GammaPoint04:27 Chip
12tHas anybody heard of DriverLoan Investor Club?05/23 FinKnight1900:28 rchmx1
23hBackdoor Roth simple question05/23 jakobox18:31 jakobox
107cPersonal spending out of control after Covid-1905/23 unclescrooge22:18 tetractys
14cCheap way to ship a few boxes?05/23 R2D207:53 mgensler
42tExamples of why NOT to hold individual stocks05/23 retiredjg03:14 MiloMoney
7tWhat to expect from Stable Value funds (Yield) in the immediate future?05/23 corp_sharecropp08:42 Stinky
38cWarning: Virginia State Inspection05/23 KlangFool07:19 LadyGeek
3tSpring 2020 Market Review for each asset class05/23 simplesauce13:42 simplesauce
58cHertz is declaring bankruptcy05/23 gasdoc23:37 F150HD
35pHow often do you change passwords on your investment accounts?05/23 tvubpwcisla18:23 DetroitRick
8tDelayed Retirement Credits05/23 meowcat11:48 Eagle33
30tPeer to peer lending in this day and age05/23 steve32103:25 YRT70
5pDonating small amounts of money- RSU/EPSP tax implications?05/23 novice11118:43 NJ_Bogler
85pApproaching 40, worried about financial future05/23 crinkles204:00 crinkles2
58cNJ property taxes too high. What are my alternative states?05/23 EliaK11:59 Rat_Race
26pMedical school student loan calculations05/22 Skarlo15:57 Skarlo
21cSubaru Outback vs deer05/22 jgdsss22:54 irishguy
36cAmazon Prime delayed shipping05/22 totallynotsure13:38 tooluser
68cTips to stick to a weight loss diet?05/22 Kennedy22:13 F150HD
9pIncome tax due for DF upon selling jointly owned condo where he did not live05/22 need403bhelp18:38 need403bhelp
71tTIAA warns on negative yields on money market funds05/22 CULater08:57 CULater
25hDoes larger portfolio make one more or less risk tolerant05/22 InvestingGeek14:40 am
32pCapitalOne Venture would not forgive annual fee05/22 PhillyBird11:41 Rob5TCP
13cThin, long lasting athletic socks?05/22 TresBelle6521:53 remnant
15cDel Webb 55+ communities?05/22 TresBelle6519:17 Lalamimi
66hThinking of selling some SP 500 to buy more Wells Fargo05/22 HenrysPlan203:41 HenrysPlan2
36pAdvice Needed regarding debt05/22 Meme23:43 Katietsu
257pThe axe falls and I am prepared. What's next?05/22 KlangFool03:05 majiaknight
37pFinancial advice for undertaking a PhD05/22 BaronRouge18:32 MathIsMyWayr
79hHas anyone ever used their Emergency Fund?05/22 REITired22:31 EnjoyIt
11cReplacement Window in Atlanta05/22 RockCapri08:35 RockCapri
13hOne Fidelity Fund Only - Possible?05/22 TImeshare Queen14:19 TImeshare Queen
11hSuperfund 529 plan right now?05/22 jenbrez21:47 Beehave
33cShould I pay $1,600 for this lawn care fix?05/22 RobLyons11:52 Saving$
43pSomething Fishy Here?? [CARES payment received via prepaid Visa]05/22 birnhamwood00:43 Mel Lindauer
16hRoth IRA 100% stocks Betterment or VTWAX Vanguard?05/22 passive10102:30 annu
13hTax-wise, might short-term gains be better than long-term? (in this case)05/22 CFM30000:50 CFM300
37tRoth + Time vs Pretax + tax05/22 Superleaf44419:58 Peter Foley
26tCan Taleb's risk mitigation strategy be implemented by retail investors (if so how)?05/22 steve32118:06 cos
22hWhen I start doing a Roth Conversion...05/22 barliss215:00 FiveK
34cBicycle Recommendation?05/22 bhwabeck353322:28 2pedals
144tThe Taleb Asness 'debate' in the light of Bogleheads philosophy05/22 steve32115:57 JamesDean44
17tAnother couple of TLH wash sale questions -- sorry!05/22 bertilak01:11 IndexCore
13cADT security - cost05/22 Poppy123413:12 Chuck107
49cWhat to look for when buying a table saw?05/22 Kennedy12:34 Pigeye Brewster
35hIs Vanguard's Personal Advisor Service Worth It???05/21 Xav202022:35 nedsaid
14pwhat to do with pension from previous job05/21 cals400ex13:42 DesertDiva
18hPortfolio review: Thinking about early retirement?05/21 cockersx316:39 cockersx3
29hWhat to do with cash?05/21 achen929111:53 hudson
36hRoth IRA for children05/21 ChicagoMedStude14:15 StealthRabbit
10hRetirement Portfolio Overhaul - Guidance on Proposed Revised Allocations05/21 kmanjir16:01 Duckie
59tPortfolios: 1 Fund, 2 Fund, 3 Fund or 4 Fund?05/21 Randtor22:06 abuss368
30tTaxable Account - a Swiss Army Knife for Savers05/21 SantaClaraSurfe23:05 assyadh
50tWho's right about the future? Stock or Bond market?05/21 garlandwhizzer07:19 macher
30cTesla Y test drive05/21 Will do good07:22 smalliebigs
7pQuicken Still Nagging Us to Renew?05/21 diyinvestor08:25 diyinvestor
39cBlown Power Amplifier: Repair or Replace? [resolved]05/21 iceport15:24 iceport
68cDo you dislike recurring billing for gyms?05/21 R2D219:00 FrankTheViking
30cRemote teaching a 15 year old [about stocks]05/21 alex_68618:35 lgs88
26tInvesting in International Stocks05/21 grayfox07:12 galeno
2uHelp with non-equity portfolio?05/21 MO204012:51 ICH
9pNew job opportunity .. would you take and how to negotiate and invest05/20 joetro2910:54 joetro29
1pEIDL loan, sole proprietorship, bankruptcy protection05/20 scm00714:34 scm007
1nhow to choose among ETC Gold05/20 clango03:31 Laurizas
22hTIAA Annuity Help understanding Contact Language05/20 drzzzzz15:59 macher
21p[Fidelity- new rewards program for Wealth Management clients]05/20 Paul Romano20:57 cabfranc
82cDiscarding Music CDs05/19 Caduceus13:06 wfrobinette
20tartificial intelligence ETFs05/19 chem11:39 JonnyDVM
138tDr. Malkiel: “I believe that investors need to put more China into their portfolios“05/19 simplesauce21:21 Rosencrantz1
83tEfficiency or resiliency in investing, business, personal finance, etc.05/18 willthrill8117:38 willthrill81
51hTIAA traditional vs. Vanguard Total Market Bond index05/18 boglethat17:11 Katietsu
19hDid I choose wrong index and allocations?05/18 Blue5513:08 Blue55
11hMerrill Edge Guided Investing switch to Self-Directed05/17 sanctified8905:55 tricon23
19hWhich ETF should i choose from the big list of Vanguard ETF's?05/17 stocks4t09:34 bertilak
131tS&P500 vs World Performance05/17 helloyou17:38 minimalistmarc
21hBH for a year now; what to do with new $ from a real estate Sale05/15 Randtor22:52 longinvest
312tRekenthaler: Long Bonds Are for Fools05/15 CULater21:48 Noobvestor
20pEIDL - Economic Injury Disaster Loan05/14 Crmck2621:53 Crmck26
18cWink moving to subscription platform. Hub will no longer work.05/12 A44016:25 A440
68tAlly lowers APR on savings from 1.5% to 1.25%05/11 tennisplyr17:07 Kevin M
50tAt what moment does retirement begin?05/10 tetractys22:31 tetractys
37h$250,000 Debt, High-Income Potential, beginner starting from ZERO05/08 asdfgghk18:32 potatopancake
15cNew Refrigerator: Problems? Solutions?05/05 Cruise02:06 Cruise
20tMy Road to Investment Success04/18 Taylor Larimore23:22 Napa Mountain M
136pOptimizing PPP Forgiveness04/18 Stormbringer20:00 DavidRoseMounta
2tany easy way to adjust cost basis in eTrade?04/09 jasonp9900:11 GuyInFL
42cHomemade Salad Dressing04/01 tetractys01:28 cacophony
46n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes03/31 ellaellela13:52 alpine_boglehea
452cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL17:58 JAZZISCOOL
29tInflationary effects pending?03/21 tetractys22:06 willthrill81
267cSo what are you cooking03/21 Skeeter120:00 LadyGeek
127cGardening 202003/19 kacang22:06 eob616
73hTIAA Real Estate Movement03/14 inepteft20:47 livesoft
16cVanguard Phishing Email03/06 dvvader16:08 dvvader
123hWhat Individual stocks are you buying?03/04 Frugalbear14:14 sp0704
20nGood portfolio visualizers that support non US domiciled ETFs?02/11 bogle102411:43 occambogle
51cVerizon Fios AutoPay Bad Idea?02/05 alx07:19 beyou
193cWould you drive without a spare tire?02/04 prairieman20:21 Marylander1
15pMy Social Security login problem02/02 GreenGrowTheDol20:39 rivercrosser
421pRetirement Friendly States11/25 LiveSimple21:21 palanzo
155pChase Sapphire checking 1000$ offer09/30 BashDash10:28 protagonist
1461pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1122:33 pfl5001
25nComparing VWRA with IWDA+EMIM combination08/13 BeBH6518:28 Jarmaniac
1474tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas00:23 index245
177lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam210:38 rsgdmd
981pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?2019 tomtoms22:48 AerialWombat
322pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion08:55 jajlrajrf
121tSWAN ETF - 10% Leaps / 90% Treasuries2018 Snowjob16:45 ChrisBenn
37pIRMAA Thresholds in 20202018 gobadgers22:36 capran
117pBest cash-back credit card right now?2018 TheBogleWay18:50 international00
45cToyota 4 Runner2018 skime22:13 Blues
118tGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices2018 pshonore20:32 eightytwo77
41pCollege costs not covered by 5292018 Hillview19:27 psy1
1401lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1622:34 HEDGEFUNDIE
120cAny Instant Pot users here?2017 Beezthree18:16 whereskyle
47pProper Protocol to Handle Fender Bender2016 Dynasty9009:11 Katietsu
1107tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36823:49 bfeenix44
5425cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:20 ResearchMed
269lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec22:30 Flying Penguin
1468tA different approach to asset allocation2007 market timer17:09 HEDGEFUNDIE

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