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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1733 new posts and replies over 215 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
2tMerrill Lynch = Thieves?01:55 MakingBacon04:22 Gardener
4pRisks of buying a Bay Area home with 4-year time horizon?01:05 joh03:48 smectym
1cEmail from LastPass00:30 squirm00:36 Whakamole
2hPortfolio Review Request00:09 investor_86753001:06 Tyler Aspect
2tHow correlated are interest rates and inflation?23:11 andrew9999900:17 andrew99999
0h401 Rollover Questions...22:01 Bulldog662 
3pHow do I determine the interest rate if I finance the sale of my business?21:46 yosh9923:13 TLB
15cLetter from Amex - scam?21:38 sawhorse01:07 dustinst22
3h401(k) or Nondeductible IRA -> Backdoor rIRA?20:44 ajr203322:06 patrick013
1hRecently inherited TIRA and Individual Account20:38 dekecarver20:43 livesoft
2hHelp invest with current 3 fund portfolio19:56 investright21:59 Watty
6hretirement portfolio income19:47 jarhead121:44 Beehave
7pOur situation : any compelling reason to defer Social Security to age 70?19:43 Jackson1223:06 drawpoker
4hBond choices, risk vs yield19:24 ZachFinch7602:39 Valuethinker
12h529 - lump sum or annual?18:59 southwest_stack02:34 mattshwink
2pTax on realized gains to buy 1st home?18:41 Clarice19:12 Arbol
34pTake the cash or the free dinner?18:24 livesoft23:13 FIREchief
3cOwners of RECENT Speed Queen washers ONLY17:52 A44020:01 Leemiller
7hPortfolio Question17:42 owenmia23:28 bluquark
2hAA for 529 accounts sanity check16:56 SpideyIndexer18:18 DarkHelmetII
6h2 to 4 fund YTD numbers from fellow Bogleheads.16:36 Skeeter119:40 nix4me
7cLow Cost Burner Phone?16:31 LuigiLikesPizza22:50 dumbmoney
4h529 for retirement16:21 gch16:32 lakpr
56tDo you care about your home appreciating?16:15 dred pirate00:11 CurlyDave
3tQuick double check on RMDs and multiple accounts15:49 cresive16:45 delamer
9hInternational stocks15:41 Fishing2retire20:13 petulant
20hUS citizen retiring in Spain - portfolio concern15:39 eldinero03:44 typical.investo
4pFidelity & Vanguard check deposit apps15:31 bb20117:00 HawkeyePierce
5tLarry Swedore: Are TIPS Cheap?15:26 willthrill8120:07 corn18
6hTrigger GEARS - structured notes15:12 SCRVestor19:57 grabiner
14pHow to plan for extended illness?15:06 notmyhand23:01 clip651
11hCounseling a Colleague About Their Financial Advisor14:41 travelogue19:41 arcticpineapple
6hSelling ETF partial shares14:25 DTSC15:09 DTSC
15cDash Cams [want recommendations]14:16 marko04:05 EZ James
12hQuick question about GA TRS13:59 fingoals15:53 fingoals
2pHow to refi this 80/10 mortgage?13:52 sunny_socal22:19 Watty
7cAlly Bank [customer service problems]13:42 momo5417:23 Horsefly
32p1 million in liquid assets or paid off mortgage by 40?13:41 TarHeel200222:57 sf_tech_saver
11fQuote only the part that you are responding to13:27 dual21:22 Nicolas
8hUnderstanding Bond Fund NAV12:27 InvestmentNewbi21:25 bluquark
3hStudent loans PAID, opening Roth12:07 cantcoverdiggs19:34 cantcoverdiggs
6pLemonade Insurance11:50 BoglePaul23:50 JoMoney
7hWhat to do with my work Principal 401K11:43 cantcoverdiggs15:00 Northern Flicke
1pFSA/HSA for Newlyweds11:41 mcraepat917:09 Spirit Rider
11p457(b)11:36 Goblue9720:10 EngCapt1
11hInternational Bond Fund - yes or no?11:13 Admiral23:09 abuss368
26tMathematical model of Roth conversion suggests more is better.11:00 GrowthSeeker22:46 elgob.bogle
12pHelp Responding to the IRS10:50 mako17101:26 phxjcc
2pFidelity Cash Management10:18 Bigt314214:55 edge
2tSustainability of State and Local Government Pensions10:09 Grt2bOutdoors19:19 garlandwhizzer
6hUltra short term bond ETF comparison - saving account alternative10:01 guyinlaw19:47 Lastrun
4t"Stay the Course," by Jack Bogle [book]09:59 Howard Donnelly10:46 Taylor Larimore
1hCapital Gain Calculation Clarification09:52 SamNewton21:32 random_walker_7
3hWorld's Bond markets09:34 jtelwood10:32 jtelwood
4hi-ORP and annual Roth contributions after age 65?09:10 Lazareth14:21 Alan S.
33pBuying a home; Very HCOL Area08:42 BoggledHead222:30 sf_tech_saver
16hCompany Stock at discount - immediate sell08:39 soccerrules13:13 dm200
13hBond question: VBTLX vs VBILX08:25 Johnny9901:28 TropikThunder
7pEstate Question - What Happens to Partnership Account?07:58 aristotelian21:42 renue74
2tETF Order Status & Confirmation Price -vs- Transaction History Price Precision07:57 PGR08:14 livesoft
48pBeing a hands off homeowner07:57 VegasBH13:49 JediMisty
12fSuggestion: Approx. or ca. rather than tilde ~07:04 TomatoTomahto13:43 ResearchMed
3hS & P 500 Fund07:03 jamesb8909:12 dbr
62pCollege cost prediction and savings for 5, 3, and newborn06:13 wabash_sphinx23:49 luminous
11hAsset Location - Soliciting Thoughts05:19 Call_Me_Op21:22 Cyclesafe
6tAvoiding all taxes while rebalancing - why no Target Date ETFs? Are 80/20 target ETFs e.g. AOA better than 3-fund?07/16 LegendaryRed23:09 longinvest
2pCalculating Tax on Unqualified 529 Withdrawal07/16 psy106:46 psy1
8nBritish Expat Tax Advice07/15 Curny21:09 glorat
29hNot Another Pay off the House or Invest...07/15 DoctorPhysics00:16 DoctorPhysics
19hConfused by allocations for Tax Efficiency07/15 11_blade03:58 Derpalator
3hLarge sum in High yield account07/15 flh09:21 retiredjg
21hShould I start indexing NOW in current Market?07/15 Johnbnice23:51 whodidntante
6tMinimum to start fund.07/15 dru80821:26 venkman
5hShould I refinance my home loan?07/15 zero704:04 Nissanzx1
7pHome Purchase Options07/15 LineHand13:42 delamer
14pShould i disclose my liability insurance policy limits?07/15 Jain8222:20 boglerdude
32cNew Subaru Outback Engine Offering for 202007/15 tomd3723:31 whodidntante
5hREITs07/15 prk08:18 Sandtrap
5pWiki - How to campaign for a better 403(b) plan07/15 LadyGeek22:49 Peter Foley
12pQuestion about bonus withholding07/15 Adastra12:08 mcraepat9
8tdumb question about mutual fund returns07/15 fru-gal09:18 dbr
71hPoor financial advisor performance07/15 jjodod13:46 dbr
8cRing video doorbell 207/15 raveon15:15 rj342
9nUS expat transferring assets to UK - financial and tax advice urgently needed07/15 USinUK23:44 USinUK
39tFull list of Vanguard ETFs that are cheaper than their index funds?07/15 JustinR19:39 vineviz
11pReferral for Financial Planner07/15 shukaistudio02:25 tj
34cBaking in the summertime?07/15 MN-Investor17:24 Turbo29
3hInterest Adjustment on my TIPs - What is this?07/15 Always passive10:04 DanMahowny
3hRe-Organizing Investments, Advice?07/15 Shael_AT09:34 dbr
6hPlease review our investment selections07/15 rashad300009:00 rashad3000
9tAgree? Article: Tracking the Agg? Why the Bond Index May Not Work.07/15 stvchang17:39 nisiprius
8tHow to generate normal random correlated variables in excel?07/15 jmk15:07 Capricorn51
3hConcentration risk in brokerage account(s) > SIPC07/15 Alearning14:41 nisiprius
17cBathtub Mat Recommendation07/15 daytona08410:53 BIGal
3pAny gotchas converting from SEP IRA to Solo 401K?07/15 knightrider09:15 Spirit Rider
5hPlease Help me Simplify my IRA - Fidelity 3 fund?07/15 MidwestInvest22:32 Watty
7hPortfolio review/ check-up07/15 Toboso_Boy18:19 prioritarian
3hHow to calculate Capital Gain Taxes?07/15 NYC121:43 random_walker_7
16fUsing Site From Smartphone Question07/15 dm20009:53 dm200
16pPaypal MC instead of Citi DoubleCash - 2% w/ more benefits07/15 Looking4Answers16:48 Jags4186
90pHouse not appraising for amount we were offered!07/15 Yellowhouse22:10 willthrill81
72pTenant turned off all utilities advice please!!07/15 turkey123401:18 TropikThunder
13tDoes factor investing only work if you rebalance?07/15 Jefferson14:25 Taylor Larimore
13pEF in Roth IRA for NJ resident and withdrawal consequences07/15 BogleMelon16:08 retiringwhen
29pChildren's Savings Account & FAFSA07/15 imsomeguy07:02 jabroni
7pAmended 1040X07/15 NavyIC309:11 michaeljc70
8hRoth 403b07/14 RevFran12:38 Admiral
8cSecure Android program for photos?07/14 get_g0ing07:14 get_g0ing
23hVTMFX or VSMGX?07/14 BV327318:54 grabiner
73tWill you buy Total Bond with a negative yield?07/14 strongboy200520:25 ohai
8pHealth Care criteria for retirement07/14 rgs12:19 toofache32
86hSwitching from passive to active management07/14 michaeljmroger19:31 corn18
11nItalian investor: how to invest long term after recent windfall07/14 StarsChild12:25 me81
5nUK bias in VG LifeStrategy and Retirement funds (UK)07/14 steveyg5003:37 xxd091
39pThe exact month to begin receiving Social Security benefits for the maximum.07/14 Good Listener21:44 drawpoker
111hPhase out EF [Emergency Fund]?07/14 bstewie06:08 abuss368
13cRetire or relocate to Portland, Maine07/14 mtmingus18:56 alpenglow
35hVanguard TD funds07/14 Fishing2retire16:52 vineviz
29hGrandparent 529s07/14 Swimmer10:35 Spirit Rider
78cAnyone buy the Nissan Rogue over the Honda CRV???07/14 BeachPerson03:41 CULater
23cWhat to do in Little Rock07/13 momof323:25 whodidntante
10hTransitioning to liability driven investment (LDI) approach in early retirement07/13 RubyTuesday21:02 RubyTuesday
9hRoth IRA - Suggestions Needed07/13 kappy20:04 kappy
11hNew to investing at 35, Portfolio check please?07/13 NewYork500023:53 NewYork5000
78tFrom ex-dividend to distrubution where is my money?07/13 J G Bankerton21:44 FIREchief
54c"Objective" Importance of Keeping Your Physicians?07/13 dm20001:55 phxjcc
25cCar Rental in Europe--specifically Sicily07/13 gensuki15:17 neilpilot
5hPortfolio Review for a Non Resident in the US07/13 martiboy11:30 martiboy
19cCan an HOA ARB legally deny a request to install motion sensing SPOT lights07/13 synthfan2311:45 FreemanB
139pInvest in career change to Accounting for 37 yr old? Would it be foolish?07/13 lostinthesauce19:14 pile05
32hWas going with AXA a bad move?07/13 becksftw11:46 beyou
46cNew family car and safety considerations07/13 charley16:55 H-Town
28cWant a 2 in 1 laptop07/13 Incendiary23:23 kacang
16hInheritance money - all in the market or slowly put in?07/12 jenniferbarber00:00 psy1
10hAdvice on what cost basis to use to sell VTSAX07/12 ruchei17:28 ruchei
176pMedigap vs Advantage: Which did you select?07/12 charleshugh21:56 drawpoker
23cGrand Canyon and More In October07/12 akhilsam14:26 jlawrence01
23hRefinance 30yr - 4.75%?07/12 rocketsrule09:16 rocketsrule
73pNo A/C in Office [not a safe work environment]07/12 Thegame1419:35 theplayer11
67pWill your investments be enough to cover ALF/misc.medical costs/ there is no burden to your children?07/12 rossington20:25 delamer
8cchoosing a contractor07/11 brandy20:47 phxjcc
6p401k fee disclosure question07/11 harveyclayton09:44 Stinky
17hPortfolio Review - Tightening Up - $140K Cash07/11 rocketsrule09:32 retiredjg
49cGot robbed in London...Phone stolen...what else do I need to do?07/11 Theseus12:58 Broken Man 1999
72pHow to Safely Share User IDs / Passwords with Spouse07/11 doug102217:24 Swimmer
15h24 Year Old With Options07/10 KeystoneK10:22 Valuethinker
40cFriend's car caught in flood ?07/10 dm20016:02 dm200
56hPortfolio Checkup07/10 peterwantstosav08:05 retiredjg
30hTeacher 403B Plans07/09 aadwen06:06 A440
151cWho cuts your hair? And for how much?07/09 Mr. Digweed16:38 LuigiLikesPizza
32hSafest way to invest $1 mil for individual with cognitive impairment to protect their assets?07/09 jastevenson00:24 psy1
46tFidelity Expands Their Index Fund Lineup07/09 aj76er01:39 jbranx
118cBuying a Smoker07/09 Alf 10118:21 John88
23hSIMPLE IRA - Transfer of Funds from Edward Jones to Fidelity (Send help!)07/08 A_Bond21:06 Spirit Rider
28pHaving second thoughts about Personal Capital07/08 eddot9819:22 afan
90hHelp - Talk to me like I'm 4 y/o please07/08 kelsa8lynn16:29 Wiggums
139pIf there are no close or trusted relatives close by, who will care for you, pay your bills, etc.07/08 1210sda01:41 goaties
16hRetirement Funds Questions07/07 SquawkIdent19:31 SquawkIdent
5hInvestment Allocation Advice / Debt paydown etc.07/07 bucktp09:57 ruralavalon
462tWhy factor investing isn't working07/06 CULater03:03 greenhill
94tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach07/05 Hydromod21:00 Hydromod
32hG Fund Question in Retirement07/05 cresive20:09 tadamsmar
8pTransferring HSABank to Fidelity HSA07/05 engineerbme14:46 engineerbme
8tMajor changes in VWOB (Vanguard Emerging Markets Govt Bond ETF) portfolio (almost no China)?07/03 jhfenton11:21 jhfenton
21t'There Are No Average Investors' - My interview with Morningstar's Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak07/03 Rick Ferri22:32 Noalani
77tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest08:06 longinvest
31n[Wiki] Bond basics for non-US investors - seeking feedback and contributions06/25 DJN04:14 DJN
19hPassive investment help before I meet with Fidelity FA this week.06/23 vipertom197022:37 HJG0989
66hRoth Conversion Question – Please help! (First Post)06/19 mkaytn1714:34 celia
16fLength Limit on Quotes06/18 TomatoTomahto19:20 typical.investo
113tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas21:52 Portfolio7
59tWealthfront now offers 2.51% APY05/28 div09:03 jeffyscott
41cWindows 10 - May 2019 Update (1903)05/22 F150HD19:40 BigFoot48
29pTax return filed 4/3/19, still no refund received. How screwed am I?05/20 financeperchanc19:03 arcticpineapple
15hNeed Advice for Low Cost Investment in TD Ameritrade for HSA Money05/10 wangy2611:20 deltaneutral83
4pPlan for ISO exercise (ouch, the AMT)04/24 crit12:59 km2417
15hFidelity zero-fee index fund questions04/12 new2bogle203:24 jbranx
111hThose that have an "Anti-Boglehead" investment account, what are your "risky" plays?04/06 Bob Sacamano22:12 boomergeneratio
107hMoving from Vanguard to Merrill Edge03/21 international0013:43 international00
143pAre RMDs that bad if you're not an over-saver?03/19 ThankYouJack22:56 willthrill81
58pHelp! At Fault’s Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Diminished Value02/27 Boston Barry20:49 JonnyDVM
84pBig IRA accounts02/10 elainet721:01 bsteiner
2521tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE00:37 MoneyMarathon
74tSmall-Cap Value Funds: Then And Now01/31 Taylor Larimore16:54 Alchemist
95h"Steelmanning" the case for owning individual stocks01/29 hdas13:29 hdas
855tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8119:25 BlueEars
12nDalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio [Europe]01/13 FabrizioC08:37 pedromdias
197pMillionaire by 40 and How you Did it?01/11 bigtex21:06 Patent Guru
773pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon08:13 corn18
434cTalk me out of buying a Tesla Model 310/08 investor99721:12 iamlucky13
77pThe Boglehead is anti-entrepreneur?09/15 Ron Scott18:43 GRP
1277tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar02:29 TropikThunder
47tBest Fidelity Money Market Account to Hold Cash?08/07 duffer17:07 sarabayo
143pHave $3m at 33, "approach to career" advice needed2018 gcc3223:22 Loik098
51cPicking up New Subaru-Worth buying extended warranty?2018 Buster6521:17 Tdubs
334pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses2018 White Coat Inve15:24 dm200
849lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt17:40 lostdog
80tTax Reform - Revised Kiddie Tax2017 TIAX20:26 Spirit Rider
54hEdward Jones trap2017 robolove00:23 Luckywon
114pTrust Services2017 rigoodma19:45 afan
25tPrimecap Admiral Fund VPMAX2017 sport21:06 sperry8
1793tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab22:02 pre
36lOrange County, CA chapter?2015 Clixt15:28 ocdaniel
188h$13 Million Goal for Early Retirement (am I crazy?)2015 MaxSave16:49 visualguy
20tWorld's worst market timer. Buy high, sell... never?2015 jasc1522:04 willthrill81
24pHow have elderly parents affected your retirement?2014 Investor216:37 ER2023
103nNon-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?2014 DXB07:31 typical.investo
149pCash - Throw it all on the table!!!2014 abuss36814:54 Swarm Trap
4594cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:48 Nicolas
1014cTesla S2012 Offshore18:10 ualdriver
750pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4817:40 trueblueky
11057tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill20:26 J G Bankerton
395lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls22:26 LazyNihilist
265fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb22:13 Vanguard Fan 13

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