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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1677 new posts and replies over 220 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
0pHelp with interpreting Open Social Security calculation10:11 Tattarrattat 
6cHelp with replacing water heater09:15 MrNo10:06 lthenderson
0ppart owner of C corp dies--what happens to outside investments09:05 patlizly 
8h$100K in a traditional IRA or $76K in a Roth?09:01 Boogieknight10:05 Watty
3cVisible Wireless vs Total Wireless08:49 mxs09:58 zie
5pRetiring at 55 and help deciding on Pension now or delay08:38 Woops09:32 galawdawg or Similar06:55 TresBelle6508:30 lthenderson
2hBiotech/Pharma06:34 PTGuy109:48 GeMoney
5hAdvice for Boglehead friend who has a non-Boglehead wife?06:30 fredflinstone07:06 Flyer24
0nUK banks - Common Reporting Standard (CRS) form06:00 occambogle 
4hSafe to convert VTSAX in Roth to VFIAX, without interrupting schedule of auto-buy of VTSAX in taxable?04:41 ronin56110:09 rkhusky
2tHow do underperforming funds/ managers survive?03:53 alex12371106:22 snowox
8pHSA contribution question23:57 Tommy08:02 Spirit Rider
10cHelp with YouTube TV buffering issue23:15 investor4life07:26 arf30
3hwithdrawal from a fixed annuity22:25 k198204:36 Stinky
4hFirst Taxable Account - Help with Setup22:05 llmgwc10:07 llmgwc
8hCash in mutual funds22:02 cognovimus10:05 cognovimus
0pTrust and deed of property contained in trust.21:48 Seaurchin2 
1h2 different pricing on VFIAX in my account today 9/3021:17 Mode3221:22 Stinky
18hinflation rate over next 5 years20:21 averagedude10:07 bighatnohorse
0t2020 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- Third Quarter Results20:11 Taylor Larimore 
6cAdvice on getting a refund from Airbnb20:11 herrick5507:25 csm
4cFast mail for someone else in my Hotmail acct20:01 HueyLD20:40 HueyLD
4hMorgan Stanley/ JP Morgan Chase19:51 Marrduk2409:16 MikeG62
3hMid Term Investing in a Taxable Account19:25 Mathematicus09:55 KlangFool
4cMP3 player for exercise?18:47 TresBelle6506:41 bob60014
2hWhat happened to Fidelity Real Estate Index fund?18:22 tenkuky18:41 tenkuky
20hTrying to understand logistics of a Backdoor Roth18:15 playtothebeat09:33 MindBogler
44cFavorite Camping Gear18:03 ThankYouJack10:05 mak1277
9tS&P 500 vs Vanguard 50017:47 summerof4220:56 summerof42
42cI need a Ladder—What type to get?17:33 Random Poster10:14 Sandtrap
13hIs my employer's 401(a) target-date fund (.02% ER) sensible, or would it be better to approximate a 3-fund portfolio?17:32 wizard90301:04 FiveK
1pYNAB and Fidelity17:24 FelixTheCat00:31 mhalley
14pSocial Security question17:07 k198207:38 #Cruncher
17cPSA: Never store something on top of water heater!16:34 mediahound22:23 mervinj7
0pRefinance & Purchase for a newly married couple with a property16:30 Robbiej3489 
3hNeed Some Help With The Plan16:12 mrsmitt10:14 ruralavalon
21cAmazon seller requires signature for item shipped via Fedex16:11 Lynette22:08 Lynette Vanguard’s Active ETFs Underperform 09-30-2015:49 Vegomatic20:54 JamesDean44
3pTrust question15:41 DaveRetired18:04 bsteiner
2hShould I make these voluntary contributions to my IAP account?15:29 dropdx18:01 dropdx
4tForward revenue vs. annualized revenue15:20 Virus476216:53 alex_686
27pIRA Roth Conversion Question14:56 Dantes09:02 peppers
20pJoint account for convenience – inheritance issue14:48 Peter Foley20:57 tadamsmar
5hExtra money, what to do with it? FIRE?14:47 vgc30317:20 ExitStageLeft
6tCAPM: Assumption argues against its usage?14:43 Freddy1991118:44 alex_686
27hWhat is the best investment you made in your children's/a child's life?14:06 ChipShot19:22 Flyer24
29pHow well did you predict your income growth?13:49 warner2510:01 toocold
37pThoughts on college and aid for National Merit Semi Finalist13:47 NewBie7510:07 NewBie75
7cVerizon landline cost13:39 elisa21:09 dukeblue219
4pBay Area electric vehicle owners - free / heavily discounted fast charging13:06 Tingting101314:11 Tingting1013
41hTerrible on-boarding experience with Vanguard-- keep going?12:48 95zr109:09 Raryn
3hMutual fund for Inherited IRA - Wellesly Income?12:47 fabis19:57 grabiner
3cHow Often Does Medicare Pay For COVID Tests12:30 cheese_breath12:53 vested1
2hBond Fund12:26 William2715:18 dbr
4pOpen enrollment, Dependent Care FSA, and COVID12:25 Afty14:46 cshell2
4hMaturing CDs - should I buy bonds?11:55 yadayada14:58 hudson
22hfixed annuity11:55 k198219:03 fsrph
2p[Can an inherited TSP be transferred to an inherited Roth IRA?]11:47 CCRewards01:19 celia
12pBest Way to Capture/Conserve Our Vanguard Profits11:47 patrickscott09:51 michaeljc70
4pRefinance Sanity Check, MA-area11:38 antitelephonic08:59 antitelephonic
12cIndoor bike trainer options11:31 Startled Cat15:13 batpot
9cVoice over WiFi and iOS 1411:26 Voltaire2.020:40 vasaver
0tReporter doing story on reduction in Muni Bond Funds11:18 Mel Lindauer 
3tmadsinger monthly report (August 2020)11:16 madsinger20:08 000
33hInvesting $150,000, in this day and age11:12 WiscoBC09:28 bampf
9nKicked out of Degiro, where to go now?11:04 VS00007:03 DJN
6hShare lending11:02 GoldenGoose08:57 GoldenGoose
10pPenalty for too much tax withholding?10:50 StrangePenguin20:28 grabiner
21pHousing Oh Housing10:31 Phinance15:35 Sic Vis Pacem
19pCan I/Should I Stop Working (Child Care)10:21 dcw21323:53 LilyFleur
2tMutual Funds Total Net Assets graphed over time10:20 DDDDD11:02 JoMoney
23tProtection against Flash Crashes when using Margin09/30 RayKeynes08:23 David Jay
35tNew Bengen Article Citing Kitces. SWR vs Valuation09/30 Leesbro6309:33 RadAudit
5pLooking for housing in or near Venice, Florida09/30 jefmafnl14:18 MAJIC9
14pBuying a condo online09/30 jefmafnl09:29 csm
8tIncome from Taxable Account, Minimizing Taxes, and First Child09/30 FOMiddie2220:46 FOMiddie22
22cReverse Countdown Timer09/30 TomatoTomahto17:31 TomatoTomahto
26hHSA AA for near-term orthodontia09/30 familythriftmd09:17 flyfishers83
17hInternational Index in Taxable Account09/30 rbslos3606:21 rkhusky
10tMuch higher short interest in SPY than in VOO? Stock lending09/30 YRT7006:25 YRT70
2ha question about mega backdoor roth (does early withdraw penalty apply to those < 59.5?)09/30 argees20:16 argees
13pMoving to Law Firm/IP/Patent09/30 FineOne09:14 We're wolves
38pSix Figure Student Debt09/30 I_need_advice15:48 Bloomie25
5tAre there any backtesting sites that go back to the Depression?09/29 zetsui20:40 dcabler
9hShould I buy TIPS in Roth if I think stocks and bonds are overpriced?09/29 Register4414:40 Register44
15pPre-retirement and bridge to Medicare09/29 RyeBourbon09:29 Watty
13hReady to execute my three fund portfolio plan, need advice :)09/29 mariocarrillo12:00 bertilak
8hportfolio assessment09/29 thyroxine01:02 thyroxine
17pMedicare premium cost — ballpark09/29 J29518:35 kaneohe
50tVanguard is pushing Personal Advisory Services09/29 Dead Man Walkin09:33 WhyNotUs
7hHelping Retired Family Member with 403b09/29 OneGig22:17 pkcrafter
18cDo you think is safe?09/29 rh00p01:14 fwellimort
21cStarting a Vineyard09/29 petulant08:05 F150HD
19pHow much house can i afford09/29 AbottK23:41 enclee
24cAnybody have experience booking through dundee09:46 Sandtrap
11cBuying an elliptical machine - please recommend09/29 Sweetpotato19:59 Big Worm
3pHome Equity Line of Credit09/29 J29510:50 carolinaman
54cHomeowner attempting to resurface neighborhood public road09/29 mkc23:23 celia
16hCan't contribute to VTSAX for 30 days?09/29 JD277518:46 Scooter57
16cMotion Detector Lights:09/29 Nowizard10:39 Luke Duke
9hwhat to do with my 401k?09/29 ddiaz39610:03 DisplacedHoosie
12pIncremental Property Taxes vs. Incremental Interest - House Purchase Consideration09/29 portfolio12312:13 Admiral
71chow do you make your home smell good?09/29 mrtimo08:45 topper1296
7hRoth 403(b) vs 457 vs Roth 45709/29 bwn11:20 retiredjg
44pDoes a deferred income annuity count as deductible IRA funds?09/29 gasdoc08:22 retiredjg
69cDo you have any hobbies for a long winter? I bought a Sony A7 III mirrorless camera.09/29 Lynette10:09 smitcat
37pPurchasing a lake house with my parents09/29 VT1485011:03 Onlineid3089
16hBackdoor Roth for College Savings09/29 Invest_Wisely08:36 humblecoder
9cNew Roof leaks - roofing company unresponsive09/29 ThankYouJack13:09 dsmil
10tMorgan Housel is our latest "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest09/29 Rick Ferri09:33 Rick Ferri
18tShare your story of needing to withdraw during accumulation years09/29 mbasherp14:28 Exafchick
3hGold ETFs09/29 rerombo07:24 rerombo
21tWhat happens after the risk shows up?09/29 PicassoSparks03:34 Uncorrelated
5tNo Fee Purchases of Baird Muni Fund (BMBIX)?09/29 Hedgy15:26 hudson
25hTIAA-Cref vs. Vanguard for 403b09/29 mookie09:49 crefwatch
79lWhere did HEDGEFUNDIE go?09/29 Tellurius22:48 calvin+hobbes
25tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure09/29 CanaBogle2409:51 HawkeyePierce
11pVHCOL area housing decision / lifecycle planning for single professional09/29 sphinx202009:25 willthrill81
7nInventory in Ireland and other questions...09/28 zemmac23:25 zemmac
7hHow does taxation for HSAs work in reitrement for non-medical expenses?09/28 index2max09:09 Spirit Rider
4hTSP and Vanguard RMD Withdrawal Timing09/28 JerryB12:12 rkhusky
12hBalanced funds09/28 Trollope17:44 yules
9hEmergency Fund and beyond09/28 Jackson716:09 mega317
7pHealth insurance options (life event)09/28 lassevirensghos16:48 PaunchyPirate
37hShould I switch from 401k to Roth 401k09/28 Dp2cents14:30 ExitStageLeft
39tWhy invest in CDs instead of target retirement funds?09/28 knightrider10:10 Blue456
81tWhat fund(s) are in your taxable account?09/28 Frugalbear08:30 jpelder
65tWhat do Bogleheads think of what happen to Japan?09/28 zetsui08:59 Mr-et-Mrs-R
13hZero Income - Convert to Roth?09/28 breeves224514:54 lakpr
7hWash Sale Questions09/28 manlymatt8312:34 manlymatt83
110p401K Overpayment - Ex Employer Asking for Money Back09/28 cdogstu9916:00 Thrifty Femme
53cReplacement for a good pocket point-and-shoot camera?09/28 nisiprius10:00 dowse
72cHow do YOU find a good doctor these days...09/28 xerxes10122:42 MSO4PRN
51cDoes anyone recommend this $350 laptop?09/28 xerxes10109:24 catpepper
12pPreapproval for mortgage09/27 Oh12318:54 WS1
7hAdvice selecting funds and balancing09/27 SloanKeterson00:31 theorist
130pFriend on the verge of financial ruin, how to help?09/27 neowiser04:46 Ivygirl
54cMusic for a camping trip09/27 LuigiLikesPizza08:52 Sandtrap
77tAre we NOW in a bubble?09/27 Tellurius09:57 bighatnohorse
81cDSLR camera improvement suggestions09/27 tommy8508:33 tommy85
3hnew physician out of residency portfolio build09/27 familythriftmd20:02 familythriftmd
68pHow much do you pay for healthcare (50-65 year olds)09/27 EnjoyIt07:59 HoosierJim
5nInvesting in Ireland for less than 8 years09/27 gri3g006:52 DJN
9tETF alternatives to VASIX09/27 neatp12:02 bck63
7nEU Investor - Gold ETC09/27 rerombo08:00 megatron1911
25nTrouble understanding yield for INXG - iShares £ Index-Linked Gilts UCITS ETF09/27 hackingdragon11:39 TedSwippet
70cCar Battery issues - SHORT Drive due to COVID (Work From Home)09/26 Nathan Drake16:17 batpot
91cDIY life style. Typical Boglehead?09/26 Lets do this th12:03 Bigvern777
32hMunicipal Bonds in Taxable as Alt to Cash, how to choose which fund?09/26 miasma13:00 Carol88888
11ccordless cleaning scrubber09/26 egrets20:02 LISD
25tWhat Is Your Preferred Short Term Bond Fund For A Retiree's IRA in Distribution Phase?09/26 Munir13:03 Electron
60cOil change disaster09/26 baz_202304:34 Outer Marker
74cTalk me into buying a Tesla Model Y09/26 retire1406:58 TomatoTomahto
88tWere you nervous when you retired?09/26 4nursebee01:05 phxjcc
67cWhat are subscriptions that add the most value in 2020?09/26 BogleMelon08:38 Thegame14
46tGold is again on my head09/26 Always passive14:11 tmcc
27tThings to know when buying Individual Foreign Stock on US Exchange09/25 00019:16 alex_686
58cHow to approach kid’s middle school / high school / college decisions?09/25 charleypartanna13:59 oldfort
52cAny Blended Scotch Drinkers Here?09/25 tomd3707:24 lazydavid
29cPHEV + Solar panels + Midwest09/25 chrismj12:30 TomatoTomahto
67pGazillionth mortgage pay off question09/25 Frugalbear08:53 dknightd
8hExtended Market Index09/24 William2712:35 CyclingDuo
56pWife Quitting High Earning Job?09/24 CactusGuy14:56 rjbraun
60pShould I Quit Hated Job And Take 80% Pay Cut?09/24 Teachnik08:46 unstartable
150hLong Suffering VXUS Holder No More09/23 cowdogman08:05 Robot Monster
30tA Good Technology Fund or EFT?09/23 abuss36801:20 occambogle
209cA simpler car.09/23 SmallCityDave09:40 tibbitts
250tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6323:13 Zardoz
1nUK investors: which broker are you happiest with?09/21 steve32119:51 Fortune Seeker
40hFidelity Zero funds vs Vanguard performance09/21 Brucie05:23 dogagility
23t"The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel09/21 KlangFool09:27 Sandtrap
166tIs anyone waiting until after the election?09/20 Loandapper08:15 Robot Monster
69pethics concern with trust09/16 MerriebytheSea18:20 FoolStreet
5hLooking for help structuring three fund portfolio between 6 accounts09/15 TommyTwoTone18:01 TommyTwoTone
75cNeed some advice for buying my first flat screen TV.09/07 atikovi22:01 Ged
15h529 investment for California resident09/06 gurusw23:26 inbox788
14pBank of America removed "My Portfolio" function?!? What to use now?09/06 McCharley08:16 MikeG62
77tWhere do you put cash now? Vanguard's Prime Money Market is too low!09/04 andysnp09:10 jakechance
11cRenters insurance additional interest vs additional insured09/04 morbo01:45 btq96r
105hInvesting Beyond 403bs Options?09/03 rvfigs16:48 retire2022
100pShould I quit high paying job?08/28 yosemite_mounta09:34 rjbraun
16pRental Issue/Dispute08/27 AD323:09 AD3
5tConsequences of Direct Listing08/12 viewer007:15 viewer0
29pChase Sapphire Pay Yourself Back08/09 Superleaf44414:58 MikeG62
10cAnyone with a relatively recent minivan and a video entertainment system? That or ipad holders?07/29 doss00:54 Roscoe Griffon
6pHow to Get a Credit Card for an Irrevocable Trust07/27 celia17:51 celia
54cNew Vehicle Suggestions - need more utility07/01 Mr.Chlorine21:38 Darwin
135pCapital One is at it again06/17 JD277520:07 Mudpuppy
98tCALPERS Needs 7% Return06/15 David Althaus19:02 tibbitts
45pFiled paper return in mid March. Still no status06/08 tealeaves23:00 DinkinFlicka
7tNegative Interest Rates in US?06/08 Francis4216:11 Robot Monster
112tHow long after starting investing, did you start to be happy about the power of compounding?04/10 thibaulthib04:56 dogagility
27hIs this a good time to invest in 529 plan?04/07 van_sun_3817:50 Lalamimi
13tWhat book to read next?04/02 Tim147723:24 Carol88888
317cSo what are you cooking03/21 Skeeter122:02 nptit
226cGardening 202003/19 kacang18:05 LadyGeek
46tOdd Lots: Why Passive Investing Might Be Distorting The Market (Podcast)02/19 dignan16:38 langlands
1267pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan21:03 hornet96
498pJPM Chase Reserve Card gets more expensive01/08 WhiteMaxima21:22 BeneIRA
9nTradestation Global - anyone here use this platform?11/07 sublimelaconic01:26 sublimelaconic
7061pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1110:02 sunny_socal
6436tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE07:43 Dr. Long
20cBest way to continually get SiriusXM Radio discount2019 ThankYouJack10:01 GlennK
2994tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas05:36 YRT70
252lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam209:55 onthecusp
518pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek23:49 LFKB
14hportfolio, plan and early retirement2018 SSM110:47 Living Free
8978tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:22 willthrill81
11pGetting out of vacation club contract2018 DrDexter11:24 TanisG
33tAlternative Investments2017 Matas22:36 GaryA505
236tSLYV vs IJS [SPDR vs. iShares S&P 600 Small Cap Value]2017 Fryxell20:02 vineviz
4825pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy08:22 protagonist
125lMetro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter2016 vbonthu09:13 stup123
68lSalt Lake City Bogleheads2015 TNL21:26 iamcam
286tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5800:57 occambogle
71lDetroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread2014 daytona08409:15 KW2020
428pImproving the TSP [for current participants]2014 MichDad11:56 LadyGeek
114tConsistent Yield & Duration to Help Choose TIPS Fund2012 #Cruncher21:34 #Cruncher
10tIsolating Beta with BTAH & BTAL2012 Bongleur09:51 BJJ_GUY

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