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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1287 new posts and replies over 197 topics in last day (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
0hHelp consolidate accounts & 3-fund portfolio setup18:32 Perkunas 
2tLifestyle Creep18:00 4nursebee18:38 2pedals
0lBoglehead of another species17:46 mouses 
2hNeed $$$; tap my taxable acct or my IRA?17:38 catdude18:07 catdude
0tWarren Buffett Books16:30 abuss368 
1tThe real impacts of passive investing16:14 TxInjun16:30 JoMoney
1cMassage machine for diabetic16:13 andyandyandy17:23 123
0hMy idea---four fund portfolio ?16:13 vijaym73 
6hMove 401(k) to IRA after retirement?15:54 Nana18:34 arcticpineapple
0hnewbie - looking for help with consolidation/asset allocation/fund selection15:47 newstudentofbog 
18pAnyone own a home and drop insurance coverage after mortgage paid off?15:36 WarChest18:21 Admiral
5hHow do I retain check writing on bond fund?15:32 Eureka17:07 Eureka
9cThoughts on Barefoot/Minimalist Running14:54 azurekep18:24 azurekep
8cToilet Woes14:36 AAA17:15 neilpilot
0hRoth vs traditional 401k14:21 Jmkimmd 
9cBP monitor inaccurate–how to recalibrate? Or replace with which brand?14:17 teacher18:26 livesoft
3hInvest 400k Cash ?13:54 jagga16:09 jagga
7pExecutor died, as beneficiary can I become executor?13:44 snowcrazy18:05 Gill
9hWhat am I thinking.. a new car finance thread.13:41 midareff18:06 randomizer
9pTransfering 250K online from one bank to another13:31 Laconic14:56 orlandoman
12ccataract surgery: accommodating vs multifocal lens implants13:28 nekiuk18:21 engineerartist
0hiShares Core Dividend Growth (DGRO)13:19 bondsr4me 
3hShould I buy a long term municiapl bond fund?12:55 Petrocelli16:33 Gill
17hLarge inheritance -questions to ask potential advisors12:51 Grinder1200016:38 Grt2bOutdoors
18cAnyone used Amazon to buy household goods12:41 Petrocelli18:39 Pajamas
14cQuestion for car guys & gals: Two vs Three Row AWD vehicle...?12:29 kjvmartin18:31 kjvmartin
7hContinue to save for down payment or invest11:59 Xega13:04 chevca
10pInitial co-trustee instead of successor trustee11:39 Pretzel lover17:59 FIREchief
7cWhat phone carrier?11:12 metrunt15:08 jjface
2hIlliquid private shares and asset allocation - sound approach?11:02 chapstick13:09 dbr
16hWhy use a REIT over a rental property?10:40 jb117:00 dcprogrammer
29pBogleheads monthly costs of dog ownership?10:30 Coachrhino1114:30 TxAg
3hShorter holds on funds movement10:23 dm20014:44 dm200
4tArticle from Pfau on non us countries mostly not supporting 4%10:15 am11:42 HomerJ
3hInternational Bond Funds09:59 LuigiLikesPizza16:24 abuss368
1pAny retirees underestimate how much they need?09:55 am12:26 MnD
3pRoll over now or next year - thoughts?09:28 flight17:01 Duckie
2hMove 401k to new 401k or transfer to ira09:18 jgdsss15:24 AlwaysaQ
8hJust Need Encouragement to Stick with TSP G Fund over F Fund09:09 bdrolan13:39 aristotelian
0hSEP and 401k Max Contribution09:06 alex11 
1p[IRA withdrawal - rollover rule questions]07:05 anhcameron08:48 Spirit Rider
4hPaid off my student loans. 29 and looking for retirement/downpayment saving advice08:28 lionthens16:12 mega317
15pVanguard college calculator and some questions08:12 am17:34 David Scubadive
5hCan i max out a Roth at the start of the year?07:23 Reggeee16:53 CAsage
7hsell or keep stock for dividends07:20 my name09:46 my name
2hKeep small cap value in Roth or not?07:05 jeremyl08:18 jeremyl
9hHead-scratcher -- does Vanguard ever mistakenly charge fees?07:05 lgs8810:19 letsgobobby
6hIRS Letter07:01 Call_Me_Op07:55 midareff
7pShould I create LLC for new business?06:51 uwbadgers12:07 Spirit Rider
0hGetting ready to repatriate - help with portfolio06:24 repatNL 
15pInvest, or Buy a $25,000 Screened-in Deck?06:16 Messner800011:48 Messner8000
10cFinding a Driver06:06 J29510:52 midareff
38tHelp?! My 70 year old father is 100% invested in equities06:04 Messner800018:22 czeckers
27cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?01:21 Dead Man Walkin14:26 Kenkat
7hthe tax efficiency conundrum00:48 eye.surgeon09:44 livesoft
7hAnnuity ISSUE with transfer00:19 LastWinter17:00 LastWinter
0tBond Duration education23:28 workerbeeengine 
7ppre-tax money in a nondeductible IRA22:25 flight16:54 Duckie
2panyone use arcticpineapple22:42 CABob
15hRebalancing into U.S.Stocks22:03 unclescrooge18:20 unclescrooge
9pOnline brokerage bonuses - ever get taken away?22:02 flight15:06 G-Force
7p1099 vs W2 decision21:56 spammagnet17:54 spammagnet
6cManagement career job search21:50 prettybogle17:09 BHUser27
5pRoth conversion conundrum21:35 Ace112:38 Ace1
6hgrad student - how much to contrib to IRA21:28 ps56k18:31 DVMResident
47cAsking for no wedding gifts20:07 linlan18:05 Isabelle77
5hBond allocation choices for rebalancing 401k20:04 Mr.BB08:22 abuss368
0lSacramento Area Bogleheads ~ Meeting 10:30 AM Sat Oct 14, 201719:55 digarei 
6hTax Efficiency of Hard Money Lending19:52 arsenalfan15:45 randomguy
5hQuestion re passive income19:41 Petrocelli08:57 kaneohe
3pSS strategy source for couple.19:24 Padlin06:07 Padlin
9hHelp with asset location19:14 spelhouse0416:52 spelhouse04
10h[Is company stock part of my 3-fund portfolio?]18:51 PopMegaphone05:48 Chip
2h[How do I rebalance my Three-Fund Portfolio?]09/22 HenrysPlan212:33 steve roy
6pWills, Trusts, estate planning, POA's, Advanced Directives... what first??09/22 ShuksanMT07:57 ShuksanMT
12cBuckling in Hardwood Floors09/22 ChrisC10:53 edge
9pLife insurance - Your inputs please!09/22 omega07:31 Grt2bOutdoors
8hStruggling with tax implications09/22 mgzych16:22 Nearly A Moose
10cOlder or younger people travel around?09/22 flyingaway16:37 mouses
4hPortfolio Review Request - first time posting09/22 aggie12313:31 David Jay
10pDivision of trust assets after death09/22 pakcer16:37 Gill
11hcan I rely solely on the value of my home to retire?09/22 uscgvet20:15 randomguy
4pBudget Approximates for medical insurance post retirement?09/22 JohnFiscal18:54 delamer
44h$3.6 million at age 25 - need investment advice09/22 wolf8518:28 TxAg
2hSelling an inherited home looking to replace the rental income09/22 ogallala20:21 CAsage
7hVanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund VS GNMA09/22 billo4308:13 F150HD
33hAsset Allocation for mid 50 age group09/22 Mr.BB15:26 Dandy
17cIOS 11: Anybody using it yet?09/22 oldcomputerguy15:46 Invisi8
3hPortfolio Review - Contemplating Changes09/22 Circumspect14:24 Duckie
2hIn-service Rollover of BIL's 401k Plan....09/22 Broken Man 199918:12 Broken Man 1999
4hAsset Allocation + DCA Advice09/22 gandalfthegrey17:32 Duckie
7pRSU question/thoughts?09/22 RetireSomeday501:16 capper
17hLoans paid off!09/22 Utahdogowner19:00 Grt2bOutdoors
83pAge you retired09/22 ReadyToRetire18:17 burt
3hBloom - cheap robo advisor for 401k09/22 LarryAllen23:41 ThePrince
23pHow Often Do you make a Back-Door Roth Conversion09/22 Jones04717:57 mega317
39pNo down payment for home purchase: what is worst-case scenario?09/22 neurosphere12:04 Wakefield1
5plong term care09/22 parhur19:18 inbox788
8hPlease check my thinking - wife's high -fee 403b09/22 brettdj9908:26 brettdj99
13cQuestions on electronic security while traveling09/22 BlueEars21:25 jebmke
14hwhere to put $60,000 for three months...09/22 riptide10:22 prudent
23cHow to recognize self-help books?09/22 kayanco13:59 VictoriaF
24cPhone Techies .....09/22 J29507:22 JMacDonald
4hPlease help physician newbie to investing with intention09/22 behindthetimes17:38 randomizer
4pReversing [S-Corp] distribution?09/22 theplayer1120:39 theplayer11
25h1099 employees how do you mentally handle taking time off?09/22 TheTimeLord19:04 ralph124cf
11tWhich is better a Cryptocurrency or Gold?09/22 TheTimeLord23:25 slapfish
5hDiversification of retirement investments across multiple accounts09/22 manthus23:48 JBTX
13hNeeding a little guidance!09/22 Marcyp17:33 Marcyp
11hMoving to TSP + Pension - How to adapt AA to changes?09/21 kjvmartin09:06 grabiner
105tNo More Saving???09/21 ebrasmus2120:50 sailaway
46cLuxury Car Purchase09/21 Mralki16:00 eucalyptus
6cExperian will give you your pin on-line!09/21 samtex18:48 telemark
49cGaps in new hardwood flooring09/21 unclescrooge13:33 astute_pragmati
19cTips/Steps for selling a car09/21 ThankYouJack14:49 dm200
3hPortfolio Review 33 yo 80/20 AA09/21 mlb49101:36 mega317
25cThe money trail...import vehicle vs domestic.09/21 TxAg16:42 bottlecap
22cSet up a "reverse auction" to get a deal on buying a car09/21 CULater17:44 lthenderson
47tVG wants everyone to transfer to a brokerage account?09/21 bettyboopmary14:39 Doc
7hBest retirement strategy09/21 investtoplay08:25 dbr
25pWould you get flood insurance?09/21 investing101208:40 NorCalDad
94tVanguard: Please Offer a Gold ETF09/21 bjr8916:39 bjr89
31hShould I be worried about my AA?09/21 jbird07:45 ruralavalon
30tHow an asset with a NEGATIVE return can INCREASE your portfolio's return09/21 30sep1616:32 Random Walker
14hMerging inheritance with different asset allocation09/21 bostondan18:23 letsgobobby
4cPassword Managers Single VS Multi-user / Generic question09/21 samtex23:34 lotusflower
15pInnovis and ChexSystems freeze confirmation letters09/21 buckeye798305:48 DaftInvestor
35hWarren Buffett and Bond Funds09/21 LXEX5523:13 sco
16pTax issues relocating abroad, avoid capital gains by gifting to foreign partner09/21 jiji14:30 BeBH65
33pRealtor to buy home?09/21 Oak&Elm00:04 Spirit Rider
24pLarge Mortgage09/21 boglebrain20:13 Goal33
21pReally need Bypass and Qtip for ~$20MM estate?09/21 gotlucky18:37 FIREchief
193hI won the Lottery. Need sound advice.09/20 DrHotLunch18:24 cantos
39cShould I even bother with buying a school picture?09/20 t6000:29 Maya1234
49tAA if you were just starting out again09/20 pkcrafter10:35 oldcomputerguy
20cSpray Foam Insulation09/20 monkey_business12:25 M_to_the_G
19pHelp me calculate returns on Whole Life Policy - Keep it or cancel it?09/20 yowzer918:06 snowman9000
10cTulum? [Mexico]09/20 davewi12:48 nekiuk
56tOil - Price & Supply/Demand Conundrum09/20 Doc18:08 just frank
18pPlease help with evaluation of whole life and term from Northwest mutual.09/20 tubelight04:40 tubelight
17cAre quality exterior doors worth it?09/19 jmk06:22 Limoncello402
92pThe Magic of Savings Rate09/19 heybro14:36 JGoneRiding
12h401(k) & working for only a year before returning to school09/19 Vorpal19:35 Duckie
24pWhat is the right career path for me?09/19 Derivative00:09 White Coat Inve
16hAsset Location: 401k All Fixed Income?09/19 1210sda20:24 grabiner
76tAny "average Joe" here actually make out well with individual stocks?09/19 wstalcup08:32 dbr
4hAsset allocation: Comparative investor data not often found - any reaction?09/18 exponential21:55 exponential
29hTake The Lump Sum or The Immediate Annuity?09/18 michaellarimore10:46 itstoomuch
31pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436016:37 Pax
31h24F Looking to start an aggressive portfolio09/18 keys_af11:07 Nords
10hPortfolio Review Request - ReadyInvestor09/18 Readyinvestor16:02 Readyinvestor
79lBogleheads you would most like to meet and why?09/18 Nectarineman12:27 TheHouse7
186pCalling out the not so rich bogleheads09/18 skor9909:57 book lover
81cGetting (young) kids interested in coding09/18 daggerboard16:04 DrGoogle2017
113tLarry Swedroe: Vanguard Debunks Dividend Myth09/18 Random Walker12:42 jalbert
39tBitcoin Return and Investing Ideas09/18 grayfox11:45 HomerJ
66pWhat is FI if you love your job? [Financial Independence]09/17 DC350920:27 ReadyOrNot
9cbrand of solid wood floor-Help!09/17 omega19:35 edge
12pHelp me solve: Not allowed access to savings at Canadian bank09/16 jmk15:03 Bylo Selhi
21pWhy is TransUnion pushing True Identity vs credit freeze?09/16 lynneny13:42 J G Bankerton
23lDC Bogleheads Meeting in Ballston with Sita Slavov09/16 bobcat212:45 bobcat2
42pHow long did it take for Equifax to email you a security sign up?09/15 cdu718:19 Cloud
163pLet's talk about your FI # and family income [Financial Independence]09/15 Admiral19:14 TheHouse7
42pDeceased Mother medical bill09/15 MissionHockey21:54 arcticpineapple
17hTIAA Expense changes09/14 GMT-815:43 student
129cAccount security - Hackers gain access to mobile and then break havoc09/14 ray.james17:41 randomizer
311cIphone X is $100009/12 investing101217:57 kjvmartin
8hHelp with 401k Options09/11 Laconic13:13 Laconic
7cDVDs and Longterm Storage09/09 LuigiLikesPizza09:47 dr_g
31cCar for work09/04 A7las12:26 A7las
347tMichael Kitces 4% rule podcast on Madfientist08/31 camper116:46 VictoriaF
68cHurricane Harvey has me rethinking my approach to disaster preparations08/30 stimulacra08:10 livesoft
58pcalifornia homeowners - do you have earthquake insurance?07/15 blueleaf16:47 boglegirl
116tVanguard 403b Changes07/14 alpenglow08:28 LadyGeek
33tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?06/01 Mel Lindauer21:39 pkcrafter
9tConvert SEP IRA to Solo 401 K05/31 EinAustin12:45 theplayer11
65tRetirees, what is your marginal tax rate?05/12 BogleMelon18:30 Ruger
22pInvesting in Vanguard's Wellesley Income fund for 10 years to buy car05/05 Springbok00:32 eye.surgeon
17tRoth Conversion and Strategy03/19 MrFlish17:56 johnra
23hMaximum 401K limits for 201703/16 trueson122:25 need403bhelp
9pUnderstanding an HSA - help02/27 lernd20:03 Spirit Rider
8hhow much to put in roth accounts?02/14 matthewmon12:01 chevca
8h3-Fund Portfolio with Option Volume02/07 bliksem5515:48 inbox788
7pHelp: Employer Accidentally Gave Me Health Insurance01/18 linlan20:09 linlan
161pBest HSA (2017)01/02 rgurmankin10:05 motorcyclesarec
4hNew fee for Vanguard International High Dividend Yield Index Fund11/30 deeppizza08:58 grabiner
14pFidelity "FidSafe" Free online storage of documents - is this safe?2016 Saving$06:49 oldcomputerguy
37hLincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"2015 A44013:21 krow36
68tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid01:39 nedsaid
11p12-month IRA rollover rule questions2015 Browser08:40 LadyGeek
109cThe cost of walking el Camino de Santiago2015 VictoriaF18:00 livesoft
105lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis20:21 mrsytf
1842tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore15:30 abuss368
105cComfortable Vehicle Front Seats2011 mapleosb16:02 randomguy
18pAnybody collecting a Canada Pension in the U.S.?2009 Norbert Schlenk10:19 CULater
101pVanguard National Trust Company?2007 gasman09:03 dr_g
36t[Poll] Bull or Bear for Next 5 Years?2007 cudaman10:21 Tycoon

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