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1h Should we pay off our student loan?  19:49Stayhomemom19:59grabiner
1p Turbotax Costco Sale vs Online  19:36angelescrest19:55SurfCityBill
0h Help w/ Detailed Equity Allocation  19:14MC1985  
2h want to leave EJ but dont know what to do with what currently have  19:06caldwell62120:07LadyGeek
2h Investing for House with Uncertain Timeline  18:36totalnoobie19:01aristotelian
9c When/If a degree is useful for software developers?  18:31Spooky19:55HomerJ
4h Vanguard Diversified Equity Fund (VDEQX) on taxable  17:54jafcorrea19:36jafcorrea
8p Taxes [When are taxes paid for a taxable account?]  17:43kylemerriman18:24Geologist
7t What are the global market cap weights today?  17:21simplesauce18:24lack_ey
3h Help on simplifying 401k for desired AA (is my strategy sound?)  17:05harry_hood17:32mcraepat9
5p Excess HSA contribution: W2 HSA contribution higher than limit, does not equal final paystub  16:53neurosphere18:20Spirit Rider
11t Does it matter which index Bond fund you invest in?  16:41rai19:42arcticpineapple
4p Software [Personal finance and investing, for Mac]  16:20Artisan20:04Championship091
6h Plenty of income, need portfolio help and advice badly :)  16:13salzbj0120:01salzbj01
7c Medical Charges vs Contract Price - Non Covered Work  15:41bogleviewer19:09Dottie57
3p Amazon Prime Store Card w/H&R Block refund  15:29susa18:51simmias
6h Recently retired, 60 y/o $80 K to invest  15:24FXDXontherun17:56inbox788
14t Vanguard 1099s available - Other companies just as good for sending 1099s???  15:18davidkw18:53livesoft
1h evacuate HSA?  15:14letsgobobby16:13mhalley
3h Vanguard and TurboTax  14:53shak_VF15:18shak_VF
1p Reporting inherited Roth IRA distributions from trust on 1041 and K-1  14:34aviateur17:52FIREchief
5p Best way to find a <good> accountant?  14:18Ollie12317:40FIREchief
5t RMD question  14:16hoops77719:38MN Finance
5h Reflecting the value of pre-IPO shares in Net Worth  14:01TheTimeLord14:57carguyny
0h Foreign resident (who might move back) - time to start investing.  14:00rosebranch  
10p Best way for under 25 to rent a car  13:59B3GINN3R16:45Rick Rock
2h Trio of Mutual Funds the Right Mix?  13:45Investing8614:41aristotelian
2t Vbilx corporate bond portion yield [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond]  13:44hoops77714:09hoops777
0h ING Goldenselect ESII [should I keep this annuity]  13:43Erokvestor  
4h Investing through Vanguard [are these 2 funds OK?]  13:39sophie12516:43Nowizard
3h Portfolio too heavy with Stock Options  13:3323skidoo14:26pasadena
0t Leverage and time horizons  13:10sean.mcgrath  
0h Bond ETF's TIPS vs Index/TIPS vs Total Bond comparison help needed.  12:57Sandtrap  
5h Opinions on Robinhood  12:56Huskies2614:18livesoft
2p Disability Insurance while not working  12:54jaj227613:15jaj2276
14h Vanguard TR or balanced index fund???  12:51dexter7417:37dexter74
4h Help with short term savings  12:34barb6315:50wilked
5h Stay with company VG 403 or switch to VG IRA  12:22rxtra817:53rxtra8
4p Social Security Benefits Based on Earnings Record of Ex-Spouse  12:07Canopus17:56Capsu78
4h 0.00% Fees?  12:06gr707014:32BrandonBogle
2t ER's Now Itemized in 401k  12:04Alskar18:58Alskar
0t Rewards of Multiple Asset Class Investing  11:44Random Walker  
1h Investing in TIPS  11:25Mr.BB11:35Quark
2h Pre Retiree Portfolio Advice  10:59haneyda117:27Peter Foley
14h 529 plan versus supplemental retirement  10:50maddogio19:40KlangFool
3c American Greed new season kicks off on Saturday  10:16davidkw14:32LadyGeek
6p reverse mortgage: now or (possibly) later?  10:09feh15:14feh
5p How can I improve my current plan?  09:52nakedbird22614:39bdpb
10p I run online business, can I set the business address to a cheaper tax state to save on taxes?  09:34CodeMaster14:51LarryAllen
5h 401K to Roth 401K Conversion Qs  09:31rvflyer16:15Dottie57
6h Criticize our retirement portfolio  09:17galeno11:26jazman12
3h Roth IRA questions  09:12Kingtriton1012:28Kingtriton10
0t How to simplify Prime Harvest?  09:11Toast_the_Knowi  
2h IRA conversion question  09:05samiam4409:15samiam44
21p Where to get $100k for home remodel?  08:43gaspony20:03SurfCityBill
3h Early 30s couple looking for general feedback and advice on tax and retirement investing  08:23Early30sCouple15:02Morik
7c Laptop transfer  08:16Barefootgirl12:19dumbbunny
5p Closing Credit Card Before Getting a Mortgage  08:07LemonGrab11:15surfstar
2h international small cap value fund  08:04curo09:13nisiprius
0t is there really smart money in mutual fund performance  07:54larryswedroe  
1p FSA expense year cutoff question  07:50Eagle4Life15:01lakpr
3t The Jack Bogle Appreciation Curve  07:38sosodan14:47cinghiale
7c Do I want to try out another bank for $250?  06:43pondering08:57White Coat Inve
4h Memory Bank 1.5%  06:21Inthemix2216:03dratkinson
25h Trying to get on track  03:42Tudor16:35newbie_Mo
5h Is there anything else I can do? [to cut taxes]  01:50evoila13:36celia
23p Vanguard screwed up IRA types...twice  23:10Trice17:34FIREchief
8h Please help physician catch up.. late to the game  22:51InvestorNewbie212:59PhysicianOnFIRE
2h Rollover SEP-IRA into SOLO 401K?  22:09jujubean02:22JDDS
3h AQR's 2 managed futures funds  22:02Wade Garrett12:40Wade Garrett
2p Will foreign banks file 1099INT for 2016.  21:59*3!4!/5!22:38sabhen
16h Vital Mistake - Damage Control?  21:50parentaladvice314:37celia
3h RSU's, 401k and TLH  21:46Expro09:11Expro
16t Are TIPS good or bad?  21:45JustinR19:11JustinR
16c Free Website Sharing Personal Information: Opt Out!  21:33Loik09818:34mnaspbh
1p Help! Car rental bill is on my credit report as collections because of billing problem  21:30smith23421:35student
7t "How Much Inflation Protection Do You Need?"  21:07gkaplan19:50FIREchief
17t Comparing EM value options [Emerging Market]  20:31robertmcd10:03robertmcd
17h How to factor pension into asset allocation?  20:27riverrchic10:42Admiral
3p Saving for home remodel, or other large purchase  01/19wabash_sphinx20:23wabash_sphinx
8h Which funds to pick  01/19pianoboy06:41aristotelian
1p "When Do You Actually Have To Register As A Financial Advisor?" by Michael Kitces  01/19arcticpineapple08:50White Coat Inve
12h Schwab brokerage incentive $2,500 - - - thoughts?  01/19Sandtrap09:59evoila
1h Which fund from Am. Funds 401(k)?  01/19Gropes & Ra21:39lazylarry
8h What data to use for backtesting with TLT and VIX etfs?  01/19vugusan22:37lack_ey
4t Beat the market long-term? Yes it can be done. (Vanguard article)  01/19toto23808:31House Blend
17p Easy Ways to Save a Little Money (Like Churning)  01/19Louverture13:24lernd
10c NJ Daycare Costs: What do you pay?  01/19PlayingLife17:41smitcat
4p Mega backdoor Roth IRA tax question  01/19hotdosa23:32hotdosa
8c London Hotel  01/19treypar00:02Cruise
2h Taking the next steps and preparing for retirement  01/19STINGRAY7511:10STINGRAY75
15c New Thermostat  01/19jf8914:52lthenderson
51c East Coast And Work/Life Balance  page: 201/19biscuit18:23Jazztonight
12h Should I move my Roth to a myRA?  01/19dexter7420:55dexter74
7p Roth Conversion taxes due?  01/19PapaGeek13:02Alan S.
8h A New Year - A New Me  01/19cccheel17:27pkcrafter
4c Retiring soon - health insurance planning Cal-COBRA  01/19curmudgeon20:25curmudgeon
5p Whole life or term life insurance  01/19kimkim21352222:01powermega
14h Help with Portfolio and SRE Stock  01/19Purpose31116:54Purpose311
4t American Century decreasing stock allocations - Interesting article  01/19goshenBogle20:44CaliJim
5h Fund set up after lowering 529 contributions  01/19bense az17:00bdpb
12c Award flight from NY to MIA with ultimate reward points  01/19BashDash09:25BashDash
55c Medical Billing Disagreement - Stark Law  page: 201/19bogleviewer19:50toofache32
11h Help With Bond Fund Allocation-403b/Roth IRA  01/19aristotelian13:30aristotelian
4p Closed Credit Accounts and Credit History  01/19powermega11:22dm200
23c should I scrap my car after this accident  01/19BuckyBadger21:44StevieG72
7p HSA Over contributions 2016  01/19dreamchaser09:41livesoft
4h Which funds should I buy for my HSA?  01/19JustinR13:06bdpb
16c Recommendations for radio stations  01/19Caduceus10:12rj49
36p Pay down 1.9% loan or invest  01/19ssquared8713:05emoore
5t Fama, Lo on optimal portfolios  01/19afan10:50pkcrafter
5h Help with Allocation  01/19nycnewbie18:31nycnewbie
7h First year of investing - advice needed  01/19compound1212:32gr7070
10h Newbie investor could use a lil advice  01/18dexter7423:31pkcrafter
5c backyard - Accessory Dwelling Unit ...  01/18chuppi12:10Yooper
27h Lost in Swamp in central Fl  01/18cracker3281122:57cracker32811
30c Toaster Oven Recommendations  01/18ThankYouJack16:31blgaarder
3h Need advice with 401k Transamerica Retirement allocation  01/18agent_simon17:28Duckie
44p ok to pull plug and retire?  01/18pivoprussia17:36gunn_show
26p Tax Question. Parents claim my brother or I claim my brother?  01/18nakedbird22600:53kaneohe
5h Help needed in my 401K investing  01/18chvvr16:57Peter Foley
69t Fed Rate [may go] to 3% - [investing consequences?]  page: 201/18btenny20:04jalbert
17p Anyone using i-orp as a guide for withdrawals?  01/18hawkfan5518:29hawkfan55
37p Does pharmacy school ranking matter?  01/18annabel18:28PittPharmboy
32t TIPS are great in "theory." But real world...  01/18simplesauce20:55Angst
14h best vanguard ROTH IRA funds to invest in mid 20s  01/18rap0907:36rkhusky
14h TLH Vanguard Long-Term Tax Exempt to Intermediate Tax-Exempt?  01/18BrandonBogle09:25BrandonBogle
25h Asset Allocation at age 33  01/18ponyboy17:44KlangFool
19h Beginning My Investment Journey  01/18vanchase00:12vanchase
45h 50 Year Old Late Starter With Questions  01/18CaliGirl15:58citromike
11p Is it ok to stop contributing to retirement accounts?  01/17TTGO80820:49ksleo
21t "The Year in Alternative Funds: A Bumpy Road With Some Bright Spots"  01/17Taylor Larimore19:24Taylor Larimore
30t Using "worst case" portfolio results to help determine asset allocation - yea or nay?  01/17CULater16:38Rodc
39h Help with allocating debt vs investing with increase in pay  01/17JB201310:36inbox788
28h Please help me [Transfer IRA]  01/17Deb1916:56krow36
38c Subaru + Mazda  01/17indexaway23:35kjvmartin
20p Tax forms for newly opened brokerage account  01/17pasadena11:04boglesmind
13h Advice for limited bond fund options in 401k  01/17skibumdoc12:02skibumdoc
15t Deciding on types of bonds is harder than stocks!  01/17simplesauce16:13billyv
16h Nearing retirement and looking for allocation/general advice  01/16LilyGator03:14patriciamgr2
28h What's a bearish investor to do?  01/16aaronl15:00gerntz
64c Basic question on Hybrid cars  page: 201/16dm20013:01just frank
16h Alternative investments to prepaying Mortgage  01/16SlowMovingInves19:50grabiner
17p Interviewing Candidates That Will Be Your Boss  01/16cannondale21:41cannondale
32p Thoughts on buying a house from a colleague  01/16athan10:16athan
45p If I decide to overpay on mortgage payment  01/16nakedbird22606:56Dottie57
26c Found! [What to do with old books]  01/16grandmacassie15:04RudyS
17h AA advice requested for married couple 37 yrs old  01/16Rhizzlebop16:57citromike
4p Auto insurance suggestions for FL  01/16moneywise320:16moneywise3
18h Which Bond Fund  01/16ny_rn21:16ny_rn
29h 28yr old newbie playing catch up  01/15wanderwoman06:48Blkflm6888
41t Mathematics of international asset allocation  01/14gordoni216:03afan
73p Vanguard vs. Fidelity [Customer Service Reputation]  page: 201/14nbseer10:20Chicago60
33p Very confused with W4 Allowances  01/14BD.16:00BrandonBogle
70p FAFSA for High Net Worth Parents?  page: 201/13gasdoc15:02DCChak
116t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 2 301/13duffer18:47Robert T
167t "Millennials may need to double how much they save for retirement"  page: 2 3 401/13Rainmaker4119:23Wildebeest
26t Y2k retiree how is s/he holding up after 2016  01/12AlohaBill05:39Rodc
21h Colombian digital nomad living in Germany: Is a Schwab One or an HSBC integrated pers. investment account a good idea?  01/12jamismo18:18jamismo
26h Robo-advisors vs Vanguard  01/12bearfinance10:02German Expat
29c Miami -Florida Keys visit - Late January- Suggestions  01/11ram11:41Beck49
18h Nearing Retirement's Horizon - Advise Please  01/11bobsully07:29bobsully
13h Investment option help  01/112bdbest14:54aristotelian
30h Non-resident alien in Uruguay, which broker to choose for US investment?  01/11rogergaret01:29msk
64c Thinking of getting tires from Costco  page: 201/10htdrag1119:15hawkfan55
16p Morgage Advice  01/09WhiteDice21:25Jack FFR1846
11l metro Denver Bogleheads?  01/09BsmartSM21:27radiowave
141p Best Financial Moves You've Made  page: 2 301/09cashisking50022:10bubbadog
8h U.S. citizen in Japan  01/08orcrist03:47orcrist
9h Advice for moving from active to passive investing  01/06blush211214:46ruralavalon
107p What monetary value has your education provided you?  page: 2 301/06miamivice23:05Train2bogle
248p Annual Vacation Budget  page: 2 3 4 501/06pop7717:49madbrain
67p Is driving for uber worth it for side money?  page: 201/05Nasman01:42jalbert
24p Best HSA (2017)  01/02rgurmankin15:06FrankAZ
28p USAA Dividend Distribution  01/01calisoldier8316:16Nords
123t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 312/30BackOfTheNet16:58nmanieri
110p Sallie Mae Rewards MC being discontinued  page: 2 312/14Eurookat02:41flroots
98t Vanguard's new "account overview" page... BOO!  page: 212/08nisiprius20:41fourwheelcycle
69h 403b help in NY Voya  page: 211/30BashDash15:32BashDash
34h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  11/29millennialfalco12:53millennialfalco
124p Fidelity free Turbotax  page: 2 311/23Hayden14:35523HRR
85p Turbo Tax 2016 purchase source  page: 211/11nonnie17:39communipaw
295t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 5 611/10Taylor Larimore19:00jsh84
50p Quitting Job to Start a Business  page: 210/28Drew77708:43mattyfu1
56c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 210/13SurferLife12:46Laren
59c Tesla Autopilot 8.0  page: 209/22soccerdad1216:42TomatoTomahto
240c How much is your cell phone bill?  page: 2 3 4 509/06imsomeguy14:06bloom2708
57p Convincing spouse to sell losing investment  page: 209/06randomizer08:16plannerman
227t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 508/05Earl Lemongrab19:31whodidntante
17h Another year where Vanguard Total Stock dividends aren't 100% qualified?  07/02johnanglemen19:45triceratop
11p Roth IRA Recharacterization  04/10ejvyas19:32doug4523
91c Best DNA genealogy testing kits  page: 22016Petrocelli17:07Petrocelli
308c Flaunt Your High-Mileage Car  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72015Teague20:07gunn_show
109p Spreadsheet to show how taxable SS benefits will affect you  page: 2 32015PapaGeek13:52GOGO
110l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 2 32015rocko19:19telcodenizen
210c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 4 52014gatorman17:26Grateful1
17c Any engineers? Studying for Civil-Structural PE  2014jf8918:03MrNewEngland
14h FPL Capital Management  2014Archibald17:49pezblanco
13h Any value in non-deductible IRA?  2013ThatFella19:23Lieutenant.Colu
71c Volunteering Ideas  page: 22012nirvines8821:45siamond
91p HSAs in California  page: 22012JustinR19:45grabiner
1654t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 342012Taylor Larimore16:19PhysicianOnFIRE
66t Forever Stamps as an Investment?  page: 22011billmonahan12:53greg24
978c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202008Petrocelli17:40Petrocelli

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