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8p 2016 Oregon Form 1099-G shows Kicker instead of Refund  01/28TozerBGood02/2210056753
25p Best way to get rid of lot of land?  01/23lazylarry02/2222twain
2h Vanguard Funds question  02/222bdbest02/222bdbest
8h Retirement on the Horizon & Asset Allocation  02/20Windyblonde02/222comma
6h 401K Blackrock Lifepath Index  02/22noelgally00:11*3!4!/5!
7h Help Directing 401K Bond Allocations  02/21Aaronmn02/22Aaronmn
4h Funds/ETFs selection help for a new rollover IRA account  02/22abcv20:56abcv
19c Arthur Murray Dance Lessons  2014asterix002/21Absolutely!
20c BRK Annual Shareholder Meeting- is it worth going?  02/09hgant02/21acp03
21p Please help me with Tax / form 8606 adjustment!  10/11adamhoud02/21adamhoud
5p What to do with our extra money?  20:21adaml3014:51adaml30
38p MRI Price [Magnetic Resonance Imaging]  07/27athan17:47afan
2p "The Impending Fiduciary Armageddon Of (Most) Mutual Fund Share Classes" by Michael Kitces  17:13arcticpineapple17:33afan
1h Portfolio Review and Taxable Account Advise for New Investor (UPDATED)  00:28AgentCircus12:15AgentCircus
1p Incorrect 1099-R for Vanguard 401k to Schwab Roth IRA mid-air rollover  15:33JWPepper18:36Alan S.
7p Excess Deferrals in 401(K) in 2016. How to correctly file taxes now?  02/21MBT02/22Alan S.
3h Confused about 401k to IRA conversions, backdoor?  02/21atxeng02/21Alan S.
66p BH thoughts on Time shares  page: 202/22dodgersummer18:19alaskantraveler
17p credit card usage / credit score  02/16spammagnet02/21alaskantraveler
79t The case against small cap value  page: 22014Streptococcus22:27Alchemist
1h Buying service credit? (Colorado PERA)  02/17lurkerdan02/21alec
3t New Market Surveillance System  02/20pkcrafter02/21alec
12h Australian High Net Worth Investing  02/18rsasub01:45AlohaJoe
13h Good time to ditch my target date fund in 457b?  02/22TSWNY12:15alpenglow
18p How to decisively determine HCE status  02/17sotpatro02/21an_asker
6p Selling mutual funds in non retirement account  02/22andyandyandy02/22andyandyandy
55h Stock Market Fears  page: 202/15AnnHW18:42AnnHW
33h Bought my first individual stock!  11/07kiddoc02/22anonsdca
4p Help please on estimated tax payments  02/21AQ20:16AQ
0p Tips for handling uncertainty by Bill McNabb  02/21arcticpineapple  
1h Please review my portfolio and question about future investing  18:11AllysonH19:13aristotelian
9t behavior and bogleheads wiki page on passively owning individual stocks  02/22printer15:05aristotelian
7h Tax Question - Custodial Inherited IRA  08:21aristotelian10:39aristotelian
3h What's my next move  02/22Marjimmy02/22aristotelian
4h Investing Cash for my Toddler  02/22Generator51502/22aristotelian
25h Simple Inherited IRA Portfolio  02/12aristotelian02/22aristotelian
4h Help with my portfolio (managing large windfall)  02/20steve_giblets0002/21aristotelian
11h Where to deploy cash now ?  02/21joyanni02/21aristotelian
29h Help with recent inheritance and investments  02/17caltrinity02/20aristotelian
11p Mega backdoor Roth with Fidelity - should there be a 1099-R?  02/18noraz12302/21artgerst
3h Review My New Asset Allocation  13:18LFKB15:57asif408
10t Credit Suisse Yearbook 2017  02/21LadyGeek17:44asset_chaos
50c Another can we afford home thread!  page: 202/20pdanet16:05auggiedoggies
30c Dishwasher suggestions. LG Quad Wash vs???  02/21Sandtrap15:56auggiedoggies
1p Refinance a student loan  02/21Schmago02/21awval999
0c Passing along some Consumer Related Information  22:17Barefootgirl  
36h Talking sense  02/12David Scubadive02/22barnaclebob
3c AirPlay not working with apple tv  08:57BashDash18:55BashDash
28p Negotiating tips for selling condo to tenant  02/06BashDash13:59BashDash
39t Warren Buffett v. Bogleheads  02/21fantasytensai17:09Bastiat
15h Long term treasury ? Pros and Cons  02/20LiveSimple02/21baw703916
4t [Opinion of Vanguard's Bond funds]  01/24bbees08:56bbees
7h Final Post on Long Term Plan  01/04bdrolan02/21bdrolan
45c Disney Cruise instead of Disney World?  02/04runner902/21beattherush
43c Cost of tax preparation  02/09Beliavsky02/21Beliavsky
2h Advice? Leaving financial advisor (AXA) for Vanguard  02/22betternowthanla09:12betternowthanla
10h Mother's finances... lots of stuff spread all over  02/18BFive5502/22BFive55
15h Backdoor Roth IRA for 2016 and 2017 in 2017  02/10Alto Astral07:18BHUser27
14p Reporting backdoor Roth IRA with H&R Block  02/19RandomPointer02/21BHUser27
2h Tax-sheltering and target retirement fund disadvantages  02/21NewbieBogle00702/21bigred77
4t AP: Americans buy existing homes at fastest pace in a decade  02/22creditdefaultsw12:30billyv
4h Recharacterize rIRA contribution to tIRA. Now what to go back to rIRA  02/21bizsbuzz02/21bizsbuzz
17h When to Jump In  02/21BogleNeophyte02/21blaugranamd
6c How to buy things from China?  01/10Caduceus02/22blennkins90
7c Sleep Number Bed  21:40Leesbro6311:34bloom2708
48c ringplus mobile premium plans - what is your experience?  10/02gabriel197002/22bloom2708
8h Have to hold bond fund in Taxable account-how to buy  02/21jvini02/21bloom2708
8c phone battery  12:40mouses18:39blueblock
15p I didn't report 1099-G?  02/22KelVarnsen08:15bluebolt
16l HAPPY 21ST HEARTDAY, JACK BOGLE  02/21Mel Lindauer02/22Bob B
13h Roll-over IRA  02/20bob_m1002/22bob_m10
31p GEICO vs. USAA auto insurance  2014gwe6707:34boglegirl
20h 401k switched to Fidelity. Which Bond Fund...  2014jw1121:30bogman
22c Cost of WiFi indoor/outdoor speakers: Is 3.5k too much?  02/19financial.freed02/21Boomer01
92c The Wall Street Journal to close Google loophole entirely  page: 202/11mr_breen17:04BrandonBogle
55h New to investing (25 yr/old). Diverse Vanguard Portfolio? Overlaps I am missing?  page: 202/16MotoTrojan09:13BrandonBogle
11p Portability and the Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (GST)  02/21MikeG6202/22bsteiner
19t The 100 year flood and stock market statistics  02/22pkcrafter14:07btenny
12p retired but thinking about value of self-employed income  11:01gips19:07cadreamer2015
3h What fund to use in Roth IRA as part of an emergency fund?  02/18Calygos18:49Calygos
31c Vietnam  02/17protagonist02/21cannondale
7p Father runs an empire at age 80; not my business?  16:01huangtiger1118:51Carefreeap
1t a close look at the low risk (low beta/low vol) anomaly  02/21larryswedroe02/21carguyny
62h New Boglehead Millionaire  page: 202/22InvestorNewb17:22CarlZ993
43p Rank These 401(k) Providers  2014Alskar02/21cebow
43h The need for bonds if I have a pension?  02/20CharlesNorris02/21CharlesNorris
4h First Post. IRA vs TSP  02/22browne49702/22Charlie Brown
14p Retirement and LTCG help please  02/21wormtail02/22cheese_breath
32h Do companies match after-tax 401k contributions?  02/21radnor17:30cherijoh
14p Tax question regarding trust inheritance. Help needed.  08:38Sandtrap16:55cherijoh
11c How to stop AMEX card offers being mailed to me?  02/21Rainmaker4102/22ChiefIlliniwek
66c Desktop Computer - Still relevant? Good investment?  page: 202/20kjvmartin16:01chuckb84
11t Peer-to-peer lending as an investment?  02/22radnor17:01chw
2h Vanguard 529 Plan Changes: New Age-Based Glide Paths  02/22clsms02/22clsms
6h How is my Boglehead Progress going??  20:11Coolstavi18:04Coolstavi
73c Audi Q7 Reliability  page: 202/12corn1813:37corn18
24h 403(b) "Fixed Return of 7%" Election Question  02/21David Scubadive09:26corysold
20c Planning for a long term trip  02/16CountryBoy13:07CountryBoy
2p HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) via ACA for self-employed, HNW?  14:29freebeer15:01curmudgeon
19t What Could Stop Vanguard From World Domination? - Article by Ben Carlson  02/19Rowan Oak02/21CyclingDuo
6h Barney Style Instructions on a Taxable Investment Account  02/22AgentCircus22:46Dale_G
6h Account transfer  17:26DavidFoe17:53DavidFoe
8h trading with ira  11:18ketanco14:45David Jay
1h Expense Ratio reported via 401k and Morningstar differ  11:49ianferrel12:22David Jay
12c Help Please, My Identity is at Risk  02/22Random Walker02/22David Jay
1t "How are ETFs different from mutual funds?"  02/22gkaplan02/22David Jay
7t Classic juxtaposition: What Asset Allocation is "Best"?  02/21David Jay02/22David Jay
0h Portfolio Checkup/Critique me and Questions  15:14David Scubadive  
15t How efficiently are my investments working?  02/22chabil09:17dbr
47p Negotiate lowball offer? (new job)  02/20taurus6707:11ddurrett896
2t help with cost basis issue plz  20:217thSunday20:41delamer
57c Does anyone else have (possibly too much) fun dealing with finances?  page: 202/21radnor13:34deskjockey
4p State Witholding / Bonus question  02/20Dilbydog02/21Dilbydog
47p How to Split Pension  02/20BetaTracker16:34dm200
2p Line of credit  13:04J29513:21dm200
25h Open vanguard CD Order  02/22kmurp12:58dm200
20p Mother-in-law Financial Problems  02/20Fiat lux02/21dm200
10h Switching from target retirement  02/22Dman252502/22Dman2525
17t Why TBM (total bond market)?  02/21kolea12:56Doc
15p Differences between TurboTax and H&R Block  02/20harikaried02/22dodecahedron
7t IRA distributions from Schwab via EFT?  02/20Doom&Gloom02/21Doom&Gloom
16t Why has growth beaten value recently?  2016Beliavsky17:03Dottie57
26h How bad is FTSE ex-US small cap in taxable?  02/07dphmd16:01dphmd
7p new lowest price rental car vendor  02/22hicabob20:40drzzzzz
7h Non-Deductible tIRA contribution limit  02/22SpideyIndexer13:51DSInvestor
2p Semi-retired; 12k/yr income; tax benefits?  02/21mukatsuku02/21DSInvestor
10p Another Backdoor Roth - Tax filing question - TT  08:38dreamchaser18:02Duckie
6h Thanks for AA advice - new to the game  02/21gettingthere8902/22Duckie
2h Rollover 401k into something. Need options.  02/22jb123902/22Duckie
2t Basic 401k, IRA questions  02/22kjsammy02/22Duckie
5h Tax return for Roth IRA recharacterization and subsequent backdoor Roth contribution  02/21TheIndexer02/21Duckie
2h Deferred Comp plan  02/21ERZ8002/21Duckie
2p Backdoor Roth Tax question  02/21Toasterthief02/21Duckie
5p Mac tax software for newbie tax filer  02/20fnmix02/21dumbbunny
9h Boglehead advice in Chinese?  08/22NewtoInvesting422:48duplobb
218p Bank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards  page: 2 3 4 52014navyitaly19:12Earl Lemongrab
7h Churchill Management  20:16milosax12:33Earl Lemongrab
1p Tax Insight/Direction regarding Form 8606 and Non-Deductible IRA  09:31savvyguy10:43Earl Lemongrab
4h Backdoor Roth After Rollover of All Pretax Funds  02/21gouverneur02/22Earl Lemongrab
1t Sharebuilder --> Schwab: Reimburse $75 fee?  02/17shmohan02/21Earl Lemongrab
6p Help analyzing retal duplex in rural Rome GA  10:18Dragon Slayer13:07EasilyConfused
2p Insurance Agencies  02/21Wellfleet02/21ebrasmus21
46t economics of landlording  02/19letsgobobby07:04EHoops
45t Why are HSAs called "triple tax advantaged"?  02/19*3!4!/5!02/21elgob.bogle
10h VTSAX vs FSTVX  02/22eltron02/22eltron
12h Contributions to a non-deductible tIRA vs. taxable  02/21eltron02/21eltron
4c Bluetooth Transmitter  02/20LifeIsGood02/21Epsilon Delta
8p Safe harbor paid in company stock?  02/21Tamarind02/22ERISA Stone
9p Specified ID Shares and Older VG Accounts/Purchases  02/21PGR14:44FactualFran
28t Market Run Ups - Now vs. Then  05:26Barefootgirl12:59Fallible
465p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014techcrium15:50fantasytensai
21p Advice for my Age - 28  02/18youngin8702/22fantasytensai
23c Amazon Coupon Code [expired now]  02/22Ged10:31fareastwarriors
12h Should I invest with the Robinhood app?  02/21Tok02/21ff4930
6h Branching out from my Roth  02/20talibear02/21ff4930
2h Retirement and Taxable Portfolio Review  09:45Newlander15:10Fishing50
1p Retirement vs Down Payment  18:22irishnick2318:41FiveK
14h My Choice to Fund Roths over 403(b)  07:01delrinson18:34FiveK
3h Roth vs Traditional IRA contribution pending a recharacterization  02/22ai_3_us21:48FiveK
17h Advice: Traditional vs Roth at top of 15% bracket with unrealized taxable account gains  02/21blastoff02/22FiveK
5h how much to put in roth accounts?  02/14matthewmon02/21FiveK
9p Balance Transfer card  02/22fiverus02/22fiverus
9h Early Soc Sec or spend down investments/assets?  09:15Big Dog12:28Flobes
2145c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 432014Alex Frakt19:00FreeAtLast
50c Anxiety about buying used car  page: 202/16verbose02/22freebeer
135t Extreme Valuations, and why you should reconsider  page: 2 302/21dcarste17:56freyj6
3h Portfolio with Variable Annuity  02/22beekus02/22friar1610
17p Real estate vs debt payments  02/21yo gabbapentin02/22Frisco Kid
0c Ritz/Marriott vacation club  19:13futureman  
0p Am I making the right decisions? Newbie  14:29futurewealthy  
4h Offshore diversification  02/20elb200002/21galeno
5t What does John Bogle think of TIPS?  02/20linenfort02/21galeno
1t Thrill seeking and investor behavior  02/22larryswedroe02/22garlandwhizzer
29c Household budget trim: next up is cell phone plan  02/21BashDash15:57gator1
231t Is a 4% plus CPI withdrawal rate actually aggressive?  page: 2 3 4 502/18willthrill8118:01gilgamesh
18h Beginner investor: start investing now or wait for a correction? [4-5 year timeframe]  02/16Scotty3202/22gilgamesh
161l New York City Local Chapter established  page: 2 3 42013quanuec02/21Gittel
13h What is a smart tax strategy?  02/207thSunday02/21GMT-8
4h Short-Term Government Bond Index (VSBSX) tax question  02/21ribonucleic02/21GMT-8
5t Taking profits  16:40ruahoo218:48goingup
18h Vanguard versus Dimensional  02/22Dinosaur Dad18:12goingup
2h ETFs vs mutual funds and expense ratios  16:33Jacksonhole17:51goingup
26h "High conviction investing"  02/21ERMD02/22goodenyou
5h International or not - best & worse case  20:06Good Listener19:16Good Listener
0p TurboTax importing Vanguard funds  18:08Good Listener  
1p H&R Block free file error for DC capital gains across multiple states?  02/19financeidiot22:39grabiner
6p Another IRS Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit) Question  02/20nomas22:15grabiner
40h Asset Allocation across TSP, and HSA and Roth IRA with TD Ameritrade  01/30persona482621:21grabiner
1h Funding priority question  02/22eltron21:13grabiner
2h ACL overfunding for loans.  02/22Ifly8621:04grabiner
4h Desired AA: Added Value of Across vs. Within  02/22Chindsey20:47grabiner
9t Bull/Sell your stock before dividend date or after dividend date?  02/19boglechu02/21grabiner
34h Emerging Markets Allocation  2014Taggerung02/21grap0013
32p Relocation to the Dallas, TX Area  01/08CaptainMarvel02/21gregc
3h Can't automatically reinvest dividends?  02/21GrowthObsessed02/22GrowthObsessed
26c Dashcam recommendations  06/27metrunt02/21GrowthObsessed
8t AQR Relaxed Constraint Funds Available at Fidelity  02/08tarheel14:34gtwhitegold
33c Tell me about Alaska  02/17an_asker18:12Hankscorpio_84
2c Repairing a flaking and peeling leather couch  02/22Triple digit go05:41heikejohn1
36p 1.3 million dollars in debt  02/18Slayer3722:23heyyou
10t Bond index for specific firm.  02/21hmph20:24hmph
16h Re-balancing Help  02/22holley5414:25holley54
37t Combining Wellesley and the Larry Portfolio  02/19hoops77702/22hoops777
7p Alliant Credit Union CD early withdrawal?  02/22xjz11:25hornet96
3t Carry forward loss / tax loss harvesting (TLH) question  02/22Plain and Simpl20:54House Blend
3h Transfer more than 10k from chase to ally  02/21robertmcd02/21HueyLD
0p Closed HSA but Reopen within 18 Months... Sufficient?  15:25I_Am_Not_A_Doct  
4p Splitting HSA Contributions (Form 8889 Line 6)  20:51I_Am_Not_A_Doct09:06I_Am_Not_A_Doct
6h Advice on what to do with portion of the downpayment. Short but flexible time horizon  02/17ImmigrantSaver02/22ImmigrantSaver
21h Requesting review of my IPS (Doctor)  02/22KidneyMD16:50inbox788
50h 529 Asset Allocation - is this valid thinking?  page: 202/16pepperz16:05inbox788
43h Two-Fund Portfolio Role Call  02/08rattlenap02/21inbox788
3c free credit reports  22:43Incendiary07:47Incendiary
0p Director's Fees from foreign country  02/22integrity  
5h New to investing and had some questions  02/12Inthemix2202/21Inthemix22
131c Learning an instrument as an adult? Seven Week Update  page: 2 312/06investingdad02/21investingdad
7h Flexible Investing Options for Children  02/22OffTheGrid14:59itstoomuch
6p Student Loan repayment Amortization - seems incorrect  02/21Palatineman02/22itstoomuch
3h Wash sale with ESPP: now how to deal with tax??  02/17itworks15:56itworks
4p Overestimated income on 2017 ACA application  02/22Musicman8502/22J295
4h 5 Year Investment Advice  09:06nikfleisch09:45Jack FFR1846
11h Help with choosing funds  02/20Dman252502/22Jack FFR1846
1p Fidelity Rewards Visa - authorized user charges identified separately?  02/22mptfan02/22jbmitt
3h Bond allocation  02/21jcarrolliii302/21jcarrolliii3
2t Investing biases and genetics  02/21larryswedroe02/21JCE66
10c Mysteries or other books set in contemporary Japan?  02/21ResearchMed02/22Jcraz13
14t Primecap Admiral Fund VPMAX  02/19sport02/21jdb
3p How to model/pay for serial conversion of [Large] IRAs--HELOC?  10:13JDCarpenter16:14JDCarpenter
23c Looking for suggestions for a Wine Cooler  09:32unclescrooge15:09JDCarpenter
11p Credit card limits  11:20Caduceus13:50JDCarpenter
123p Credit cards vs. Cash  page: 2 302/14dodgersummer02/21JDCarpenter
17h Newly married, how to move wife's accounts ?  02/20atxeng02/21JFP_SF
9p Maternity leave and Condo Loss = opportunity to liquidate taxable  02/20BashDash09:41JGoneRiding
3p Mortgage Calculator with extra payments  02/22zordon22:27JGoneRiding
18p How do I buy a building lot from current owner ...  02/20bertilak02/22JGoneRiding
18h Asset placement between different accounts  02/19mcken21602/20jhfenton
5p HEL Interest  02/22Bigfish02/22jimb_fromATL
14c Amazon free shipment down to $35  02/20VictoriaF02/21jjbiv
52c Cheap, Non-Traditional Cell Phone Plans  page: 211/06develop11:30jjface
0p Another Use Bonus to Invest or Pay Off Debt Question  18:01jkg81  
229c Why do you go to restaurants?  page: 2 3 4 502/10flyingaway02:00jlawrence01
16c Car Lease - Need Advice  02/21TubofProtein02/22Jonathan
13h Maxed out retirement accounts, now what?  02/21MrsRoos18:04jordank
224c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 4 52014gatorman02/21jordank
141h Wow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.  page: 2 302/07blueman212:10JPH
15h [What] to Do When Income Too High for Roth IRA  02/20ljbadd02/21JW-Retired
14p How to report 1099B cost basis discrepancy on non-covered shares?  02/21dratkinson18:08kaneohe
19h U.S. citizen in Japan  01/08orcrist02/22KatKatKat
148f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 32007tfb02/21KatKatKat
4p Vanguard Advantage Check Fraud  02/18kenp1102/20kenp11
2h trading foreign based firms  11:20ketanco13:40ketanco
16h Inflation fears  02/15juggleandhope02/22Kevin M
184t Great CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%  page: 2 3 411/16protagonist02/21Kevin M
12c Roku 3 vs Amazon FireStick  02/22catdude11:32killjoy2012
8p Auto Finance question  02/21tin36902/21killjoy2012
27p Credit card: Cash versus Flight Miles  07:25LowER18:33Kiter
23p Got an unexpected tax collections notice...  12/22kjvmartin02/21kjvmartin
131h 20% bonds: why bother at 48?  page: 2 302/20MikeT02/22KlangFool
9p Moving assets to taxable accounts for inheritance  02/18Choy02/20KlangFool
25h When do you need an annuity?.  02/19Erwin02/21KlingKlang
1697t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 342012Taylor Larimore02/21Kohaku
17t VTIAX now has 0.11% ER [Vanguard Total Int'l Stock, Admiral Class]  04:50oldcomputerguy17:01kolea
21t Lazy / 3 funds portfolio with ETFs for European (ITA) people  2013eastreef02/21kolinz
12h Phase II underway...(got most everything moved; few more Q's)  02/16kiva2202/22krow36
34c Wifi Router Advice  02/17Fiat lux02/21KSOC
31h VBILX vs VBTLX [Vanguard Intermediate-Term vs. Total Bond]  02/20MrFlish10:55lack_ey
7t Theory question about value/size tilts  02/21Triple digit go02/21lack_ey
82p Need advice on girlfriend debt/finances  page: 202/18cachemoney02/22LadyGeek
85t Retiree Accumulation/Withdrawal Phase -- How many funds do you have? Allocation? Withdrawal strategy?  page: 202/01Sandtrap15:41LarryG
4c Macbook Pro 2016: Monitor Options  06:19RooseveltG11:41lazydavid
25p Missing my Microsoft Money - any equivalents?  02/18lebewohl02/22lebewohl
29p Tracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 40  02/18Just_For_Jenna02/21Leemiller
8h Report all Roth contributions?  02/22LeeMKE22:47LeeMKE
10l Wisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread  2014LeeMKE02/20LeeMKE
27p Tell me about Raymond James?  2011Leesbro6307:55Leesbro63
19p Calculating Obamacare penalty  02/22Beck4905:03LifeIsGood
1h Question about Merrill Lynch 401k fund choices  14:45yura14:48livesoft
6h First Time Rebalancing Help Needed  02/22King175508:48livesoft
6h Help with rearranging Asset Allocation among numerous accounts  02/17gofarhaveacigar02/21livesoft
17p $200 Emergency Visit Copay Waiver?  21:29kjvmartin16:38logos
53p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  page: 201/10batpot17:37Loik098
36c Tesla Model X Review, 2 Months In  02/19cannondale02/21malabargold
20p IPhone in Japan  2015hirlaw02/21malabargold
0h Monte Carlo Simulation in Portfolio Visualizer  02/21maniminto  
4h Why no 1099-B for a C corp?  02/17jacoavlu02/21MarkNYC
5p Deferred Compensation - Tax Management  02/21dbl_hoo02/22mass_biker
2h Restructuring Portfolio/Best way to contribute going forward  02/20Matt302/21Matt3
26h Should I be investing in a 457b plan offered by my job  01/25mrb02/22mattyfu1
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203p Family member renting 2nd house. Ok to ignore on tax return?  page: 2 3 4 52013WhiskeyJ02/21montanagirl
2c Which version of QuickBooks for self-learning?  19:41Nyc1003607:45montee4
26h Stay in cash until rates rise?  06:22capgain2217:32MP123
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29p Honda: buy new or used?  11:44acunn17:48Mr.BB
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4h Sell or Hold Old Investments that Don't Fit My Current Allocation?  10:19700611:17niceguy7376
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2h What to do w/ the extra???  19:35WHB320:31nps
6h Thank You  09:55ny_rn19:09ny_rn
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