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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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5811 new posts and replies over 564 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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11pMoney Chimp has a Tax Calculator that figures QDI for Tax year 201801/15 1210sda10:30 1210sda
24cYahoo Mail: Delete Not Working01/12 1210sda01/19 1210sda
5cCar Stereo Questions19:36 Ron Ronnerson20:22 123
6ccheaper shipping/postage?15:19 Nyc1003617:17 123
24tMiFID II [European Union - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive]12/30 chatbotte08:40 1nv35t
174cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?01/08 tennisplyr18:44 2015
109pTaxAct and alternatives11/20 Da5id01/19 2015
2391pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy01/19 2015
423cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds01/19 240U
4hFutures on inflation-linked bonds01/18 24/7bull01/19 24/7bull
23cTravel to Rome Italy - Recommendations01/16 criticalmass01/19 2b2
68cPoll: BHs who rent - what % of gross do you spend on rent?01/11 2m203701/18 2Birds1Stone
4hSaturday Morning Panic and I-bonds09:08 cresive11:26 2pedals
8hRollover 401k to TIRA or backdoor Roth IRA09/08 nirvana01/17 300bigboys
8hSanity Check on Asset Allocation01/16 60guy09:20 60guy
43tNostalgic about old online brokerages that no longer exist01/13 investorpeter01/19 808
6pFinancial Cohabitation Strategies with New Tax Law01/02 desi_kalle01/19 a5ehren
7pVanguard app, mobile check deposits and all-in-one accounts04/07 TheGreyingDuke21:20 aaron2020
2pGE Capital pension fund01/18 ABS01/18 ABS
30tInternational Bonds11/23 abuss36814:14 abuss368
2010tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore14:14 abuss368
14pBook Suggestions01/16 TheNightsToCome01/17 abuss368
6pTax Help! US Citizen/Resident Worked In Canada For 1 Month01/17 booradley8309:53 Ace1
27tAvoiding being priced out in Los Angeles by buying the stock market01/10 MNS CA01/18 A-Commoner
16hEdward Jones Accounts01/19 janne54115:14 acunn
3cClothes hanger/closet question13:06 BashDash15:09 adamthesmythe website and annuity Experience?01/19 SGM01/19 adamthesmythe
43pShould I Cash Out my NML Whole Life Insurance?12/21 ytsejam2308:45 afan
12pIrrevocable trust for primary residence01/17 Index guy01/18 afan
33cCostco Citi removing Foreign Transaction Fees; No Fee/Reimbursed Fee International ATM; ; Free International Data01/18 inbox78811:41 Afty
1hTake lump sum on inherited IRA and contribute to Roth?01/17 Jayhawk8301/17 Afty
0hDoes Vanguard offer Quicken for Mac compatibility?19:03 aIIan 
4hNeed help with excess IRA/Roth contributions21:38 gurusw17:10 Alan S.
2pRollover spouse to spouse?10:46 8hygro11:30 Alan S.
8hHelp with setting up Inherited IRA and then transferring01/18 comehither2k1801/19 Alan S.
14hBackdoor Roth in 2018. Has anything changed?01/01 ram01/18 Alan S.
6hWhich tax year does a Roth conversion fall under?01/18 joo2lo01/18 Alan S.
70pWhat unexpected emergencies require sizeable emergency cash funds available immediately in a checking account?01/14 Global10019:27 Alchemist
212tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft16:38 alec
26hAre ETFs Really That Safe?01/18 uberational4401/19 alex_686
10hLifestrategy Growth and Total Stock market -Roth08:56 chabil18:09 Alexa9
0pSinging Praises for the Capital One Credit Card17:55 Allan 
115tBest 401k Employer Match Structure12/17 employer14:46 Alskar
10tNo more TDA Apex?01/13 ICF14:43 Alskar
10hBonds in Taxable: State-Specific Muni Fund?01/08 historikerstrei01/18 AnalogKid22
189pDo you have an umbrella policy?04/15 F150HD00:18 AnimalSpirits
92cXfinity Mobile06/09 student05:15 AntsOnTheMarch
4tEfficient frontier and negative premiums.01/17 jackal01/18 asif408
102cAny Instant Pot users here?12/18 Beezthree01/19 av111
84tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon01/18 azanon
2pVanguard Recharacterization and Tax Form Error01/17 B00st01/17 B00st
0tInvesting on HSA Administrators website01/19 bamajo 
5ciPhone 5 storage space question01/15 BashDash01/18 BashDash
18tRecent market gains01/17 skor9901/17 Bastiat
2hWhere to stash cash in retirement account?01/18 peterwfraser01/18 bcowan12
3pDealing with overseas inheritance?01/19 texasdiver01/19 bengt
8pTurbotax Online vs CD/download07:32 CorradoJr18:16 BerkeleyChris
23hWhat will happen if everyone indexed?01/17 rockfuture01/19 bertilak
10hHow much cash/bonds does Buffett's Berkshire own in percentage of its total portfolio?01/19 InvestInPasta06:44 bgf
8hAdvice for in-kind transfers in the midst of the Gov't shutdown09:27 takingcontrol11:43 Big Dog
15cPros and Cons of High Rise Condos for retired couple14:29 Lynx31065019:57 bigred77
48hHelp with inherited investment account01/11 ridgeline7308:50 BL
42p[Virginia] Transfer on Death Deeds .. New Husband?01/17 alpaca101/18 BL
8hMilitary TSP Question01/19 RamblinDoc20:25 blaugranamd
1tInvestor Sentiment01/19 garlandwhizzer01/19 bligh
94tA 4% move in the Dow and S&P in 12 days? Seems odd01/16 JCE6617:55 blinx77
17h$5000 to invest in brokerage account - what to invest?01/19 Bones_Jones01/19 Blister
3cTax software needed: two states & capital loss01/18 Rainmaker4101/19 Blues
9cSport Rx Glasses (for Mountain Biking)09/08 guitarguy01/19 boglemania
41cPremium gas at BJ's for Mercedes01/18 dollarsaver01/19 BolderBoy
52tWarren Buffett is a Boglehead2013 thewizzer01/18 bondsr4me
2pHow to file distribution from one trust to another01/15 bostondan01/17 bostondan
43pTake a 401k Loan?01/17 kwarden1301/18 bottlecap
8tWhy can you only send dividends/capital gains from vanguard funds to your bank account at vanguard?07:48 randydimera10:52 Bradiator
4hCompany moving profit sharing from 401k to deferred compensation plan01/17 Brain01/18 Brain
25hIs a Stable Value fund just a Variable Annuity?01/17 AlohaJoe01/18 BrandonBogle
12hAA mix vs paycheck mix percentages01/16 donkashane4801/18 BrandonBogle
187tWhy Buy Bonds If You Have A Mortgage?01/01 pezblanco01/17 BrandonBogle
6p403b rollover headache10:48 BSA4413:15 BSA44
8hDid you change your IPS when you discovered you were going to have kids?01/19 BuckyBadger19:42 BuckyBadger
14pLifetime learning tax credit..whats the catch?01/18 Bwlonge01/19 Bwlonge
9tUS stock market vs USD01/17 randomizer01/19 Caduceus
5hSEI vs. T. Rowe Price or Vanguard01/18 CAinvestor10:17 CAinvestor
3hInheritance01/15 cal01/18 cal
5hPlease Critique my Portfolio and Some Questions about Individual Stocks01/19 calculon1109:20 calculon11
11cAny downside to having a low property (house) assessment from the town?01/19 CT-Scott07:30 carolinaman
17pCareer Direction Advice01/16 knswamy01/19 carolinaman
3hSicily, Ireland, or Portugal?01/18 cegibbs01/18 Case59
0pbackdoor Roth20:19 cataxed 
32cAlliant 3/2.5% card - any experience?12/14 sunny_socal06:19 CDub
6pFather inlaw taxes: pension taxation14:14 BlackcatCA20:41 celia
10pDeciding acct to pull money for a new car?10:26 CFIT17:47 CFIT
11pPaying Off House01/18 bg501/18 Chadnudj
19hWhich is faster - Push or Pull - Transfer of cash into investment accounts01/19 KATNYC06:53 cherijoh
11hWithin 10 years of retirement01/14 startwithtruth01/19 cherijoh
1pon the fence about with math11:13 vrjcgFam11:59 chevca
12h401k how to reduce or eliminate fees11/17 choppyfish4601/19 choppyfish46
2hRSU Income and IRA Eligibilty01/19 chw05:23 chw
2pGreetings from the Midwest19:30 Cincyguy6319:59 Cincyguy63
38cBuying a car?01/04 lazylarry13:57 ClaycordJCA
157tHow does everyone keep track of your portfolio?10/15 Newone8807:38 Clumsum
51hLooking for multiple sets of eyes to review10/22 coachd5001/18 coachd50
37tJack Bogle says Fidelity will be sold in 5 years...2016 MusicBiz101/17 columbia
5hIncome tax on 401k vs roth 401k, please help01/19 Woodlake01/19 CppCoder
13pAre these benefits from my employer good ?01/17 jayk23801/18 CppCoder
0pPlease help with car deduction08:57 Cramerica 
9him 25 years old and want to start investing01/17 marmh1001/18 Crisium
30hviews on "Empower Retirement" as a 401k provider? fees? ease of use etc?01/16 jayk23801/18 crit
18pFederal tax estimator that includes Social Security income?12/24 technovelist13:26 #Cruncher
16cRange Hood Blower Sizing01/17 Cyclesafe01/18 Cyclesafe
2lthis is why I value this Forum01/19 Valuethinker01/19 DaftInvestor
1hWhat is the best backtest software?06:49 24/7bull06:56 DarkHelmetII
78tWhat's your U.S. : International ratio?2007 kpanghmc20:07 Dave55
2749cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:47 Dave55
14hInvesting in Indian Stock Market - Fund selection01/18 zenmusic07:18 david1082b
6hMega Backdoor Roth Questions01/16 kappy08:13 DavidRoseMounta
11pPrioritizing loans vs savings vs investments01/19 dbfb01/19 dbfb
1hWhen do you sell shares?12:32 Lemonaid5612:34 dbr
1tBuying overseas?01/19 nickstahloffici09:23 dbr
1t[Bogleheads' Guide to Investing - Is this calculation correct?]02:41 poisjr09:18 dbr
10hInherited Stocks, Dividends, and Taxes01/19 mxs08:59 dbr
6pVanguard Brokerage Tax Forms02/14 Zr01tg01/19 dbr
1hInvest or keep in cash01/19 Rotsevni01/19 dbr
2pNeighbor bequest question01/18 metrunt01/18 dbr
6tAutomatic rebalancing and bond maturity01/17 rudeboy01/17 dbr
14pShortchange your match -- true for all employers?15:07 Shikoku19:06 dcabler
402pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly16:53 ddd
11tWas 2017 a unique year for the stock market?01/16 Dead Man Walkin01/18 Dead Man Walkin
6hNew tax bill allows 529 use for K-12 tuition01/18 muffinmaker13:09 deskjockey
6h401k Asset Allocation Advice01/14 devdude16:21 devdude
11hVBTLX versus NUVEEN managed Muni Bonds01/12 DieterReuther09:08 DieterReuther
24pIndividual 529 vs Custodial (UTMA/UGMA) 52901/18 markcoop18:54 DIFAR31
3pPost-9/11 GI bill transfer and 529 withdrawls01/18 TheMilPhys01/18 DIFAR31
3hPortfolio advice for a 28 year old - Am I on the right track?01/18 DinCA01/19 DinCA
0hCountry dogs of the world - rotating through the 5 laggards of each year11:20 Ditchwitch 
2hPortfolio help01/16 divyasri01/18 divyasri
47pBrokered CDs - often better return secondary market11/14 dm20013:07 dm200
75cTrying to help acquaintence - medicare costs01/11 dm20001/18 dm200
79pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses01/19 White Coat Inve20:06 dodecahedron
5tinformation about TIAA "revenue sharing" policies01/19 dodecahedron10:15 dodecahedron
39hMerrill Edge best choice for higher net worth accounts?01/13 Captain kangaro01/18 dodecahedron
47cConsidering a LG 55" OLED TV10/27 MPLSTCH18:11 Doom&Gloom
5pHow to Calculate Value of Defined Benefit Plan2016 csm20:41 drbhb
9hrebalancing in a taxable account01/16 drew01/18 drew
9pCan Roth conversions count as RMDs?19:47 leftcoaster20:46 DrGoogle2017
60tFear of dying with too much money?13:37 willthrill8120:41 DrGoogle2017
1cRoth conversion in 2018 - makes more sense now?12:37 novillero12:40 DrGoogle2017
2hETF strategy investing through Robinhood16:17 integralx217:23 drk
38tPost Your Morningstar Box Style01/19 jonnyboy16:46 drk
3hHow to invest funds for retirement?16:48 Woodthrush19:50 Duckie
13pPublic and Private Schools in MA - your experience01/14 TonyUncleJohnny01/19 Dudley
16pQuestions re:home insurace01/12 doon01/18 dwickenh
13hDoes my rollover IRA count for pro-rata calculations?01/18 zz401/18 Earl Lemongrab
6hWhether to annuitize (or not) an IRA01/18 echidna01/18 echidna
44pMet with a CFP, not too impressed.10/13 MrMojoRisin18:55 Emilyjane
82lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE18:51 Emilyjane
1tA Q&A with Vanguard's new CEO01/18 arcticpineapple01/19 Emilyjane
34tTSP's F Fund outperforms the G Fund, so why is the G Fund favored?01/18 fundseeker01/19 Engineer250
4244tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill01/19 Engineer250
6hPortfolio Help01/16 Epochalypse01/19 Epochalypse
59cHow do you adjust side mirrors in a car?01/18 knightrider20:38 Epsilon Delta
3pAge limit for TIRA contribution and Roth Conversion12:48 OldSport13:28 Epsilon Delta
13pCan I leave my IRA to son instead of spouse?01/19 zz401/19 Epsilon Delta
47cA "Home" cell phone?01/15 dm20001/19 euroswiss
11h3 Fund allocation assistance01/17 Exige01/19 Exige
17hRebalancing bands tighter than 5 / 25?01/17 jrbdmb01/18 EyeDee
4hDividends vs Capital Gains on Total Stock Market not reinvested01/18 Webfoot01/18 FactualFran
10tTraditional IRA No use for me?09:02 FamilyOfFour19:40 FamilyOfFour
8t401k to IRA roll over question01/16 FamilyOfFour08:28 FamilyOfFour
6pAutomation of Net Worth Tracking01/19 rst11301/19 fatcharlie
1tAllan Roth 2018 Market Forecast09:20 Rowan Oak17:01 FBN2014
3264cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:34 Feb29
10hConsidering a change in asset allocation; tell me if I'm approaching this the right way01/17 fefifofum01/18 fefifofum
20hJob offer - no 401k offered20:56 prettybogle19:19 Finridge
43pUmbrella Policy - 1M or 2M01/15 tommormile01/17 Finridge
3tBonds in Roth IRA?01/18 bubbadog01/18 FIREchief
90tTax Law Sunset 2025 - Roth vs Traditional12/29 JBTX19:59 FiveK
10hRoth favored over traditional in PA?13:50 renner19:44 FiveK
7hAlready have a Roth, Now also Need to Open a Traditional IRA (how?)01/08 adamsapple1901/19 FiveK
16pStandard Deduction in 201801/13 Leroy Jones01/19 FiveK
7hBack Door Roth01/17 coffeehubcap01/18 FiveK
11tActive Core Bond Beats Total Index in 201701/01 BetaTracker01/19 foosball
4pTax Filing Question23:13 ForeverInvestor09:27 ForeverInvestor
39h457 worth it with these fees?01/18 fortfun01/19 fortfun
2tFinding hidden fees and other charges.01/18 fortfun01/18 fortfun
9cAny US Mobile experience?01/17 frazzlefeet14:07 frazzlefeet
19tRebalancing in last 12 months01/17 Copernicus01/19 Garco
32tAA is much harder than I thought...01/13 rudeboy01/18 Garco
3hVanguard Retirement Planning01/17 Gatewood01/18 Gatewood
10pCPA Careers01/19 OldSport18:29 gatorade10
0hInvesting inheritance money01/19 gbuk 
5h529 asset allocation question01/17 Geekling01/19 Geekling
2hInvesting in USD in Germany01/18 geri01/19 geri
106lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt01/18 GetMeToRetireme
140p[Pass-Thru Entities Questions Thread]12/20 ConcernedKid13:23 gilgamesh
3pGifting to Divest Appreciated Shares07:21 Stormbringer09:01 Gill
17cCar/Motorcycle Jump Starter?01/17 emanuel_v1901/18 goodlifer
46cKeeping sensitive documents in the cloud -- bad idea?01/11 pieinthesky01/18 gotester2000
5hBest International Small Cap Option01/19 billy26911:10 grabiner
18hMEC's instead of Bonds?01/19 boyntonstu01/19 grabiner
2hVBINX or separate equity and bond funds?01/18 cegibbs01/18 grabiner
3pcash vs in investments percentage01/18 BrianD_01/18 grabiner
35hDomestic SCV? [Small Cap Value]09/30 Gmaloof01/18 grabiner
32pFederal pension Vs Higher salary + 401k savings plan01/17 Indy201701/19 Gray
2pWhy I canceled my Connexus 3% 60 Month CD application01/19 Scooter5720:49 GreenGrowTheDol
5pTax Year for Return of Ineligible Roth Contribution Earnings?01/18 GreenGrowTheDol01/19 GreenGrowTheDol
2h423b Employee Stock Purchase Plan Share Conversion01/17 gromitbeast01/18 gromitbeast
29hHigh Dividend Stocks as bond substitute?01/18 triyoda13:30 Grt2bOutdoors
8hConfused with what to do with money-Looking for guidance01/18 Zoomy01/19 Grt2bOutdoors
3hSaving for college01/18 brak01/18 Grt2bOutdoors
164pMax It Out Tomorrow [your IRA]2017 Toons01/18 Grt2bOutdoors
19h23 Years Old, Uncomfortable with Target Date Funds01/16 Gundam01/17 Gundam
27t[n X expenses + r] instead of [n X expenses]01/17 visualguy01/18 halfnine
0pDeath Bed Donation: 1041 Charitable Deduction?10:59 harmony 
6psuccessful Boglehead business owner, could please you share?01/18 HenrysPlan201/19 harvestbook
55cHow to overcome the fear of spending money? (Buying a car)01/17 Hawaiishrimp14:04 Hawaiishrimp
15cNew Brake Pads13:59 GridironGems19:48 Helo80
5hBrokerage and DEGIRO ETFs - MiFID II01/08 wec01/18 herpfinance
55tInternational Small-cap Value Funds ??01/14 e_swami16:54 heyyou
83pTracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 4002/18 Just_For_Jenna13:55 hightower
74tlikely date for a bitcoin crash: does this make sense to you?12/10 Lauretta19:27 hilink73
186cSave all this money, what do you splurge on?12/08 HardHitter19:21 HJG0989
8pQualified Dividends Chevron01/19 Frisco Kid15:30 HJG0989
31pHave you or anyone you know actually used umbrella coverage?01/19 z9115:18 HJG0989
14pShould I stop 529 Contributions04:27 raamakoti14:18 HopeToGolf
96pHow did you do your income taxes?03/23 John15101/19 hudson
2pIRS form 860601/18 jtelwood01/18 HueyLD
35cFamily Balance and Children's Athletics01/18 BashDash10:43 hulburt1
28hAfter tax investment suggestions...01/02 dodgersummer11:38 iceport
2h60 year old mom - keep investing?01/18 Ilikesparklers01/18 Ilikesparklers
15tReconciling thoughts on Investing Vs Paying down mortgage01/15 pop7718:16 IlliniDave
29tAmazing how much your IPS can de-stress your life01/17 simple man07:58 IlliniDave
7hBond investment?01/19 Davefish195817:04 inbox788
45hwhich Brokerage do you use...why?2015 bondsr4me13:48 inbox788
8tTrying to purchase 5.5k in Vanguard Tot Int. Stock Admiral01/19 fortfun01/19 inbox788
12pCapital Gains 1 Day Short? Help?12/22 Sublime870001/19 inbox788
107cLooking for a reasonably priced, safe international destination01/14 Incendiary13:18 Incendiary
1tInsurance Association Guarantee Limit for Annuities01/18 NibbanaBanana01/18 informal guide
70hLost money through Bitconnect scam - learned my lesson09:25 Just_For_Jenna20:33 in_reality
1hModify Taxable Funds? What to Add?14:13 Ardarsh19:42 in_reality
28f[New forum request] International investing and US non-resident section2014 Tylenol Jones19:07 in_reality
24tNice write up in the NY Times about the transformative powers of blockchain on societal interactions01/17 Ditchwitch05:10 in_reality
3tNew Leveraged ETF of ETFs Targets Retirees Seeking 7% Return22:28 OkieIndexer01:47 in_reality
25hNew to investing, am I on the right track?01/15 Invested3101/18 Invested31
4tIs placing the lowest ER fund in tax deferred always the way to go?01/19 Investing Newbi01/19 Investing Newbi
1pSpending in Retirement: Roth, 401k, Taxable20:19 OldSport20:37 invst65
106cWhat is the best home exercise equipment?2016 davidsorensen3201/18 Isabelle77
22pPreparing for a lay off - what steps to take now01/19 Brewman17:24 itstoomuch
12p$50K Whole Life Insurance Policy11:57 schrute16:21 itstoomuch
11hBackdoor Roth IRA Question01/17 jj9900:37 ivk5
15cCapital one 360 money market New $500 bonus21:49 petras5220:33 J295
10hHow to step in?01/18 dagsnc01/19 Jack FFR1846
9hInheritance !! Moving From Morgan Stanley ...01/18 countdevio01/19 Jack FFR1846
17tJan 2018 TIPS Auction01/13 antiqueman01/18 jalbert
14hTIAA Traditional, what is it, and death of spouse2016 zeke201801/17 jalbert
2pNew HSA - GEHA Contribution Question for 201801/17 Jb1101/19 Jb11
40cTelemarketing calls from my own prefix01/19 michaeljc7020:10 JBTX
32cdryer vent cleaning--your thoughts?2012 seashell01/18 JBTX
3hAutomatically managed accounts and corrections01/19 AccordingToLuke16:34 jcf
3hNon-IRA Investment01/16 JeanneMD01/18 JeanneMD
3pAre Retirement Accounts Protected from Lawsuits in Virginia?09:31 JeepDaze10:05 JeepDaze
6h403b regulations question01/18 jeremyl01/18 jeremyl
3hBest short term investment21:43 Jcvece23:48 Jerry55
7hInvestment Options (Friend)06:25 jgar03028309:46 jgar030283
41cRecommend an A.C. powered auto tire inflator01/14 AAA08:27 jharkin
158pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan20:58 jhfenton
18pretirement scenario [safety of IRA funds]01/12 jim2k01/18 jim2k
4pHomestead question01/18 preciseman01/19 jimishooch
1p529 Plans As Estate Planning Tool01/17 Goodman6001/17 jj
5tMotif only $500K SIPC01/02 JohnnyM19:24 JohnnyM
6hNo-brainer Portfolio01/18 johnpau01/18 johnpau
5hTaking advantage of conservative equity allocations?01/18 Johnsson01/18 Johnsson
2hInvestment advice for US expat in Europe01/18 johnw702:56 johnw7
2hRoth IRA Contribution Question01/18 jonnyboy01/18 jonnyboy
1cOnline Management Forums - Recommendation?01/19 PlayingLife01/19 jpdion
17pMortgage Payoff Advice with Appreciated Securities07:17 jr685720:45 jr6857
30cNeed to buy new printer. Suggestions for best value?01/16 Kennedy01/19 jrbdmb
6hWrapping my head around creating a 'simple' pre-tax cd-ladder. What do you do?12/24 Johnsson10:15 junesen
34cAlternatives to Subaru Forrester01/19 RollTide3145707:06 just frank
45tEnergy sector time to turn around?12/21 HenrySouthernCa01/18 just frank
2pRoth or Backdoor Roth01/19 invstar01/19 JW-Retired
4cAnyone use a heart rate monitor for swimming???01/18 davidkw21:44 kaesler
5pInherited IRA with basis Form 8606 TaxAct01/19 letsgobobby09:03 kaneohe
1pDeducting less than actually paid01/18 hkcj01/18 kaneohe
53pGetting your spouse on the same page01/11 Beachdrinks01/18 Katietsu
31pDeceased mother's Financial Advisor wants $500+ to convert to bene IRA01/17 googly_moogly01/18 Katietsu
23pLegal to pay yourself to earn credit card bonuses?01/19 fortfun17:14 KATNYC
88p2018 Withholding Tables01/11 rkhusky16:37 KATNYC
18pMint vs Personal Capital01/18 Ditchwitch01/19 KATNYC
25pSomeone Needs To Pay For What They Did (Advice sought)01/18 JamalJones01/19 KATNYC
10hM1 Finance01/05 warowits01/18 KATNYC
32hLets talk about some favorite index funds?01/18 Hoggrad01/18 KATNYC
11hAutomatic Investing01/18 BostonButterfly01/18 KATNYC
20hHow to Invest my HSA - Lively12/26 GridironGems01/17 KATNYC
12hMuni Money Market Fund01/17 kenoryan01/17 kenoryan
13hBrokered CDs - Different brokers?2016 dm20014:37 Kevin M
8pRetirement Planning in Mid-20's01/15 RPIII01/18 keystone
17hChoosing 403(b) TIAA Investments01/19 kmstx15:18 kmstx
2pAct now or wait? Handling possible Roth overcontribution?01/18 Krischi01/19 Krischi
12hAnnuity in SIMPLE IRA01/18 c8n12:30 krow36
1hPriority advice for a medical student wanted01/17 Cauchy01/18 ksualum
10hFidelity 4 in 107:35 prk15:58 lack_ey
1hVBTLX vs. SWAGX11:49 Krcameron11:58 lack_ey
4hQuesiton about Bond Funds01/19 stocknoob411101/19 lack_ey
1hNew Vanguard Multifactor ETF01/19 OldSport01/19 lack_ey
142tREGISTRATION FOR 2018 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST12/31 rarvesen19:04 LadyGeek
118t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet19:03 LadyGeek
1pDeeds and restrictions??? on stores?09:57 JCBiggs16:23 LadyGeek
28pMother In Law's new boyfriend...01/19 Isabelle7708:32 LadyGeek
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3hSimplify My Portfolio!09:15 RRJeff20:00 livesoft
516tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens15:27 livesoft
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2pFiling for unemployment01/19 naveen01/19 lstone19
19pHow to max out 401k01/16 raamakoti01/18 lstone19
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35cportable chargers for electronic devices01/06 mouses01/18 Luke Duke
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1cUsed specialty’s car - Ext factory warranty or self-insure?15:04 OnFire15:14 midareff
81t70% chance of correction in 2018 according to Vanguard - Highest in 15 years01/17 Rowan Oak01/18 MikeMak27
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8h32 yo - Investment Plan/Retirement Portfolio - CZECH & EUROPE12/21 cizinec09:53 Mors
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8tAutomated Tax Loss Harvesting by Robo Advisor - Anyone with real results?13:57 confusedinvesto20:32 MotoTrojan
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59p$200 Emergency Visit Copay Waiver?02/22 kjvmartin01/18 mouses
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222tHitting The Sell Button01/03 nedsaid01/18 NibbanaBanana
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11hGoing Bogle01/19 ohboy!18:49 ohboy!
14hBoglehead Newbie pulled the trigger....2014 fmzip12:08 ohboy!
3pRollover kills deduction?17:47 PastAway19:00 oldcomputerguy
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