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114p Why never speak badly about boss? [Need Bogleheads' wisdom]  page: 2 304/
142p TaxAct pre-purchase discount  page: 2 310/16Saving$04/252015
67c Spring Break Trip to Disney World  page: 203/30scienceguy04/262cents2
341t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 708/05Earl Lemongrab17:18*3!4!/5!
19p If you pay a high AMT, would you take out $1M mortgage?  12:4435andcounting06:4035andcounting
6p Co-trustee B trust rights to asset documentation?  12:573spots08:303spots
32c Terminal Cancer Diagnosis for 5 year old: What would you do?  04/22Strayshot04/25abuss368
5t Article Bloomberg--BlackRock Forges Two-Tiered ETF Strategy to Fend Off Vanguard  04/26MFInvestor15:10acanthurus
0p Mypersonalindex software stopped downloading prices  04/25acr123  
34c National Parks in Northern CA  04/22Offshore04/25AdmiralSnackbar
20c Fiberglass batt in basement ceiling  04/24airahcaz04/26airahcaz
3p Question on backdoor roth IRA  04/24omega04/25Alan S.
5h What To Do With After-Tax 401(k) Contributions  04/25almeida04/26almeida
62t Is $20K I-Bonds considered cash or bond?  page: 204/23Alto Astral21:17an_asker
8p what to do with our rentals ?  04/26Jimsad10:49an_asker
2p Any Boglehead wanting to sell used CFB books?  04/25newbie00104/26an_asker
27c Doctor fees - Insured vs uninsured patients  04/17an_asker04/25an_asker
7h Can you take these Core funds and Create a Three Fund Portfolio?  04/26Voltron02:35ANC
4h Portfolio update - Now need to review taxable investments  04/26Gamma Ray01:12anjou
12c car portable refrigerator  04/26aquamarine16:20aquamarine
13h Investing cash short term set aside for roth contributions while in grad school  04/27preventionmatte08:56aristotelian
118h Retirement income for 50+ years?  page: 2 304/25djtino07:50aristotelian
1h Need help with $320K in rollover traditional IRA  18:22wdl157019:19aristotelian
176t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 406/09happysteward14:55aristotelian
14h Tax efficient method for selling stock?  04/25dropflow110:41aristotelian
9h Whats the rule of thumb with allocating?  04/26jb104/26aristotelian
6h Suggestions - Fidelity DAF Investment mix?  04/14dm20004/26aristotelian
1h Rebalancing My Bond Funds  04/25kittygirl4u04/25aristotelian
9h Thoughts how/why/when to finally move to Bonds/Fixed Income  04/24retireearly04/25aristotelian
10p Using an HSA for Canadian RX  11/17noco-hawkeye04/26Artful Dodger
32p Los Angeles house buying  04/25nealc21:37Artsdoctor
4h Target Date Fund - Forced to change by Transamerica  11:49dskillz113:44asif408
5p IRS form 8606 Inherited IRA w/ basis  04/26atomicsquirrel16:25atomicsquirrel
14t Is not Tax Harvesting usually a wasted opportunity?  13:36S17C08:53avalpert
2h Breakdown of a portfolio to stock level  22:01joyanni22:16avalpert
5h expense ration and management fees of same fund vanguard vs etrade  10:43leo2812:28avalpert
0t Pairing "Life Expectancy" withdrawals with SS delay to 70  08:28azanon  
50p how much house can we afford? Boston area.  page: 204/23panchilly04/25B0bL0blawsLawBl
43c New job and offer - recruiter sent a wrong $$  04/24biscuit04/25Bacchus01
5c Time and Materials Vs. Flat Bid  04/27thefoggycity09:28Barefootgirl
12h Portfolio Review: Early 30s (401k, 457b, 403b)  04/24Bayoufrogg04/26Bayoufrogg
5h Best NRA non US tax treaty Accumulating Bond ETF?  04/16brXrfeu08:40BeBH65
19c How to find a good local mechanic?  04/26anil68604/27Beensabu
20p Refinance student loan to Earnest?  04/26benevo04/27benevo
8h How to Capitalize Your Pension and SSA for AA Purposes?  04/27restingonmylaur09:00bertilak
11p S Corp? C Corp? No corp?  09:27Nosteopath16:08betablocker
12h AXA index-linked deferred variable annuity  04/17Bhbop120920:03Bhbop1209
30h New to all of this, need a consult/reassurance please.  03/0941fan04/27birdy
4p How and where to invest if 401k is not offered on W2  21:22Fortune23:05BL
24p IRA rollover into 401k  04/27Hederal16:19BL
10h Maintaining AA with new investments  15:18luckybamboo18:16bloom2708
37h We have a lot going on .... Input Requested.  04/05soccerrules04/26bloom2708
4h New Here - Looking to Get Started  04/25Variant04/25bloom2708
0h Portfolio Suggestion  21:31bluehawk91  
1h Should I max out 403b/457b before changing jobs?  04/26megerman04/26blueman457
97l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 22014grabiner12:56bobcat2
8h Target date funds - multiple in an IRA portfolio  04/25cubguy04/26BogleMelon
5h Newbie investor hoping for portfolio advice  21:27cleague07:01Boglerules
5h Help Transitioning Taxable Account Assets  19:20BPK62408:15BPK624
953c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202012Offshore04/25BrandonBogle
29p Where did you buy your Long Term Disability Insurance ?  04/24confusedinvesto04/26BruDude
15p First post be gentle... credit card 24 month rule? [cancel then reapply to get the bonus]  04/25barberakb04/26bta15
13p Moving to CA for 2 yrs, lease or buy used car?  04/27Sophia188418:18btenny
13p Phone For Japan?  10:04sandramjet07:52burt
9h Before I do the Portfolio Review...(Update: Portfolio Review. Ha.)  04/26BusDriver3404/26BusDriver34
20p How much life insurance?  03/20neophyte106:10BV3273
117p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 2 303/05whodidntante15:37BW1985
14h Help with Retirement Plan  04/24calliecake4714:49calliecake47
5p Credit monitoring: Credit Karma vs. ProtectMyID vs. ?  09:08Calygos10:56Calygos
14h Very minor and possibly silly question about MMF exchange in tIRA  04/25Calygos04/26Calygos
6p Vanguard to WellsTrade  04/25Calygos04/25Calygos
70p Ally Bank - Savings Account Rate Increased!  page: 204/22soulreapersteve04/25Calygos
3h Muni or not Muni?  21:06Carbonate2408:33Carbonate24
19p Calif Tax Refund Length of Time to Receive  04/06Frisco Kid04/26Carefreeap
3c Recommendations - Swimming Pool - Solar Cover  05:39charleshugh06:23Carl53
6p Should we wait untill tax's are changed  07:40hulburt109:05carolinaman
45t Thinking in real vs. nominal  04/24MoonOrb04/27carolinaman
0p Home Refinance Question  06:45cashisking500  
7t Benefits and methods for Gradual Rebalancing  09:25smesman09:05Chip
4p Multiple acct Roth conversion/recharacterization strategy  04/26fishboat04/26Chip
19c interesting things to see/do in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada  04/23sabhen04/26Church Lady
18p Increase W4 withholdings or make estimated tax payments  03/13ancho04/26cowbman
47p "Negative points" on mortgage  04/24R2D210:44#Cruncher
3p Basic depreciation question....  04/25cudds04/25cudds
39p 529- should I stop contributing?  03/05cutterinnj19:59cutterinnj
5c Home Warranty  22:34Goal3306:15DaftInvestor
80t Vanguard has switched to brokerage only accounts  page: 204/25goshenBogle08:10DaleMaley
29t Should we treat investors' tolerance for volatility as fixed?  17:59willthrill8108:17Dandy
20h Reached 50% of my "number" today  04/20baw70391604/26Dandy
1h May I receive some advice for finding an accountant/financial-planner?  04/24xilex04/27daveydoo
1c Low Cost Shipping Methods ?  04/10sixtyforty04/27daveydoo
2c Rare Coin Stories.  04/26planman201404/27daveydoo
17h Recent transfers to Vanguard, cost-basis success?  04/24FoolMeOnce04/25daveydoo
11t Are ER for mutual funds < ER for ETF?  04/223spots04/26David Jay
5p taking 35,000 what to do  04/25gopro05:27dbltrbl
6h investing in a 403b  09/02grand197404/26dbltrbl
4c Help with Medicaid Questions  04/27CULater07:47dbr
113h Why is Real-Estate so Bad?  page: 2 304/24tomer75504/27dbr
7h I'm jumping into taxable brokerage account not knowing what I'm doing, advise please!  04/26milkshake04/26dbr
58c Comcast negotiations  page: 22016miles monroe04/25dc328
6p Refinance or sell?  11:28fastpace_re16:23delamer
17t Retired, but postponing Social Security.  04/26SoDakJeff04/26delamer
12h Diversifying same-index ETFs  04/26frankmorris04/26delamer
54c Are people aware that Verizon email is being terminated?  page: 203/31chuckb8404/25delamer
129t 2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT  page: 2 304/02Mel Lindauer23:19denalta
7h Equity crowdfunding/investing in tech startups  04/25716God21:24Derby
6p Sell Condo or Rent it out  22:25rexhat08:04dm200
10h Cash allocation and Joint account holder greed  11:24jane_13:11dm200
15p Car sharing with neighbors and liability  04/25TheGreyingDuke04/26dm200
55c Car Breaks Down on Long Road Trip  page: 204/12bagelhead04/25dm200
15h Blowout [poor] investment RYJUX and replace with what?  04/203nickles20:57Dottie57
43p IRS refund today!  04/21Spirit Rider12:33Dottie57
0h Roth IRA for children (minors)  22:50drapples  
4h May not be eligible for Roth, where to save?  10:28CorradoJr20:25dratkinson
11h Expenses Question  04/25Vanguard Fan 1304/25DSInvestor
3h Roth Conversion Question.  04/25Lemonaid5604/25DSInvestor
81c Removing a tree - expensive!!!  page: 204/21dm20016:01Easy Rhino
9c Dimmer Switch  04/23sport04/26Easy Rhino
5t Requesting feedback on my quest to reform OCPS's 403b/457b  04/25EdLaFave04/26EdLaFave
5c Do you have a Billiards Table?  04/25investingdad04/25Elsebet
55h Investing $1M  page: 204/24djtino10:50emanuel_v19
3h Termination of 401K Plan (business closing)  11:26physiorol15:35ERISA Stone
6h 401k over contribution and 1099R  04/25icedtea04/26ERISA Stone
0p What to ask when refinancing mortgage  08:18everythingsephe  
14h Euro government bond ETFs vs cash, accumulating REIT ETFs?  04/20finvestor04/25Fabio
14h How to buy Vanguard funds from the European Union?  2010Charybdis02:10fahej
65p Helping adult children  page: 204/23Swimmer07:03feh
16p Retirement Planning Today Course  04/02Barefootgirl15:09FinAdvisor
12p Refinance to 15 Yr Mortgage  04/18get_itright04/26Finance-MD
7h Portfolio checkup  04/24warren2604/25Finance-MD
5h Unable to rollover 401(k) at Schwab  04/26AdmiralSnackbar01:40Fishing50
5h Under $99k AGI for 2017, Roth or Traditional IRA  04/26bloom270804/26FiveK
7h Taxable Stock Account Question ( again )  04/24BashDash04/25FiveK
28c USAA 2.5% unlimited Cash back Card - Weird...  04/23WolfgangPauli16:51flamesabers
76p Just laid off - what to do  page: 203/04Fortune21:24Fortune
6h Non Resident Alien, Retirement, and Tax Considerations  04/06freetz04/26freetz
6p Hit $1.5 million, another $1 million to go  08:22frugalecon09:02frugalecon
6c water softener for whole house?  17:49rakilive00:36FrugalInvestor
98c Best take it everywhere camera  page: 203/27TheTimeLord18:18FrugalInvestor
2h Sanity check on TLH  04/27Gadget04/27Gadget
5h What mix should my Brokerage link be?  04/24MikesChevelle04/25Gadget
12c Replacing MacBook Pro (retina) Battery  04/25ThankYouJack04/26gator1
9t Have anyone thought ER/fees comes from gains but not total balance?  04/26ray.james16:40GerryL
31p Can a reluctant executor simply reassign the role?  04/26BogleFanGal20:43Gill
16h Single Premium Immediate Annuity  04/24thefoggycity04/25Gill
13c Bed comforter for spring / summer / fall in Maine  04/26Boston Barry22:48gkaplan
18t Schwab Vs. Vanguard?  04/26meowcat09:16goingup
8h Rolling over 401k to Vanguard & time for annual rebalance. Need advice.  04/25murphyslaw8604/26goingup
4h Invest my rollover  18:44mustangs113320:55grabiner
8p Adding "Amended" Header on Federal Tax Forms Filed with 1040X?  04/26Random Poster04/26grabiner
3h Wash sales on calls/puts  04/25Virus476204/26grabiner
6c umbrella for auto insurance  04/25bohica04/25grabiner
16p required info on personal checks  2015pinebarrens104/26G Rade
8c Need a "grabber" on a telescoping pole...  04/24Tamales04/26grok87
2t Vanguard's Jack Bogle Warns Smart Beta May Be Over-Promising  20:27Ever Ready08:15happenstance
129h [Advice needed for mother's inheritance/finances.]  page: 2 304/17ndara201717:35harikaried
15p Career Advice-Job Change  04/18N10sive04/26harrychan
11h My girlfriend and her 401K, need to give her advice  04/26Michael Alden04/26harvestbook
28c Why I'm tempted to fix things myself; it's not about the money  14:22letsgobobby08:51HomerJ
28p Buying a home in the Bay Area  04/23afoolwithmoney04/25hoops777
28p Need help setting up backdoor Roth IRA  04/21IADFlyer04/27IADFlyer
40c New HVAC - Assessing Quotes? - Update, New Info  04/16Sandi_k17:58iamlucky13
75l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 207/11invst6510:32iceport
17p Need advice about permanent life insurance policies  01/24Incendiary10:17inbox788
18c Appealing a bill  04/25Mitchell77704/26inbox788
3h Inherited IRA Transfer-in-kind to Vanguard  04/26drowningdoctor04/26indexfundfan
9p Transferring DAF funds from VG to Fidelity  04/25Sidney04/25informal guide
6p Co-pay health insurance- Varying costs for specific and same blood tests needed regularly?  17:13Jackson1223:41InMyDreams
5t Tax Loss Harvesting on a one fund portfolio  04/27AgentHoopla00:28investor997
31h Bonds  04/25invstar20:49invstar
30p Best strategy for retaining tenants?  04/26Rick Rock11:42itstoomuch
113p Why are pensions revered, but annuities reviled?  page: 2 304/22Stormbringer04/26itstoomuch
11p Is this a good long term care policy?  04/25Small Law Survi04/25itstoomuch
54t Location of SPIAs, which account?  page: 204/22ralph124cf04/25itstoomuch
52p When does it make sense to start paying down (or off) a low rate mortgage?  page: 204/20panhead17:00J295
12h Retire By 40?  04/24QueenB04/25J295
12t Portfolio growth - Edward Jones vs Vanguard Target 2045  04/25Inv3st0r04/27jadedfalcons
23t Investing with American Funds like betting on Tiger Woods  04/23dwickenh04/25jalbert
22h understanding TIAA-CREF  04/24alloykat04/25jasg
4h Which international fund in 401k?  04/25jasonrecite2504/25jasonrecite25
4h Slowly building my portfolio!  21:42jb105:48jb1
152p When do you plan to die?  page: 2 3 403/29ribonucleic09:08JDCarpenter
8t something odd regarding EE bonds  01:26Nasrudin08:33jdilla1107
32c DIY Yard Tick Spray?  04/24TRC04/26jebmke
13p RMD for 2017?  04/22mark82104/25jebmke
32p Major health issue - finding new employment with health coverage  04/26Elemental22:11JGoneRiding
21p Continue to rent or sell condo  01/24takingcharge04/25JGoneRiding
2p What type of mortgage should we get?  04/25eddot9804/25JGoneRiding
22p Would You Buy This Home? Please Tell Me Why Not?  04/23Thrift Shop04/25jharkin
174c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 2 3 404/24crazygrow21:38jhfenton
26p Using Roth IRA as a savings account?  04/25carlk4721:51jimb_fromATL
20h Restarting retirement savings at 40  04/25txottopilot04/26jimb_fromATL
11p Retirement spreadsheet help (excel)  09:13warowits11:07Jimmie
332t Larry Swedroe says "Goodby."  page: 2 3 4 5 6 704/19Taylor Larimore19:49jimmyq
44p Anyone use Kaiser Senior Advantage for Medicare  10/25Raybo13:16JMacDonald
32t "ETFs Are 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'"  11:24baw70391608:42JoMoney
13h I thought I understood MF expense ratios -  09:34dm20003:49JoMoney
10t Morningstar rating: S&P 5-stars, but TSM 4-stars?  04/24S17C04/25JoMoney
18h Setting up an LLC to hold stocks  2014larkebay08:20junior
8t Sell in May and go away - not this year?  09:34inbox78823:34k66
5h long term loss with postive 3,5 yr returns ??  13:44lomarica0119:46kaneohe
7p Estimated tax payment posting  04/26bdoran04/26kaneohe
0h W2 employee - solo 401K?  09:07KATNYC  
4h 401k Refund for 2016 contributions from employer  12:26KATNYC09:04KATNYC
7h Deferred Annuity  04/25dragant04/26kenner
0p LLC in Florida  03:30ketanco  
1t More Rebalancing Benefits from More Asset Classes?  08:00fedbogle08:46Ketawa
9p Should I buy points on this mortgage?  04/25Medguru04/26Ketawa
16p Question on realized cap gain / estimated taxes  04/26cjclueless13:11Kevin M
6h Backdoor roth tax mistake  04/24sparkleme04/25Kevin M
38l The next generation of Boglehead authors  04/23timmy08:02Kitty Telltales
10c Any MPA Grads or Students? Advice.  04/17kjvmartin04/26kjvmartin
17c Cost of Estate Planning  04/24Gropes & Ra04/26KlingKlang
7h Trouble w/Vanguard transferring assets due to Divorce  12/12mambruml20:35klyons0815
10p Are relocation expenses deductible if given lump sum from company?  04/23knightrider04/25knightrider
31h Rght Bond fund/s when interest rates rise?  04/22Med404/25kolea
3t What ratio of large:mid:small to approximate Total Stock Market Index?  04/25squarepegs04/25kolea
12h Thrivent Financial  15:56MamaBear19:20krow36
106p Great 403b for teachers?  page: 2 32015krow3604/27krow36
28t "I don't want to wait till I'm 59.5  04/26WannabeAgAlum04:46KSOC
1l Local Chapters  21:24happytooth0921:52LadyGeek
2p How Long Does It Take for MIB to Receive Records?  17:09terrygunter21:20LadyGeek
7p Housing crash 2008  17:32prettybogle18:43LadyGeek
2p Ways to time-shift income for tax purposes?  11:54nerdymarketer16:26LadyGeek
8h How should I factor my pension into my AA in retirement  04/26WoodSpinner16:02LadyGeek
1p Tax on index options  04/26Virus476216:01LadyGeek
4h Vanguard NY MMF vs. Savings Accounts  04/24markbco04/26LadyGeek
5h Diversification of IRA  04/25LadyGwendolyn04/26LadyGwendolyn
0t Shiller: Europe's low CAPE "reflects psychology"  11:18lazyday  
25t LMP-1: P&I article on corporate & public pension plans  04/20grok8704/25learning_head
7h Can't contribute to employer 401k, what to do?  04/26dropflow104/26LeeMKE
6h VTI vs VTSAX (ETF vs Mutual Fund)  11:13Leesbro6313:52Leesbro63
10t "When Holding is the Hardest Part"  04/26Taylor Larimore04/26Levett
54t How do you do the Larry Portfolio?  page: 22015mbk73404/26Lieutenant.Colu
5p House sale to cover long term care expense  04/25SGM04/26likegarden
2h Advice for a Newbie- Exchanging Index Funds (Timing?)  04/25Lila804/25Lila8
7p need advice on sale of a 55 or older retirement listing  04/26tuffy722204/26littlebird
6c Washing Machine Hook-up to Kitchen Sink  04/26Dallas152104/26littlebird
1h 529 [How often are earnings applied?]  14:55IndexERDoc16:18livesoft
37h ETF verses Mutual Funds.  04/26Hef Saf15:42livesoft
3t Question about dividends paid out by mutual funds  04/25jcavana104/25livesoft
20t DEMSX vs VSS  05/16Hawaiishrimp01:42Longtermgrowth
26h Does Portfolio Size Influence Stock/Bond Allocation?  04/25Hogan77301:21Longtermgrowth
34h Should I make changes to my portfolio ?  04/08Hef Saf09:04Lou354
18t Ben Carlson Drawdown Chart  04/11Taylor Larimore04/25MachineGhost
8p Delayed Mega Backdoor Roth  04/22Aerophany04/26madbrain
168p Any regrets living a frugal life for high income/high networth individuals?  page: 2 3 404/22am07:46mak1277
10h Pension Choices and AA  04/25kishinev08:29maniminto
18c Car troubles?  04/25kamikazekid04/25MattE
2h What am I missing?  04/25OH2DC04/25mccannr
149c Ordering a Weber grill this week  page: 2 304/10guitarguy04/25meowcat
0t Vanguard Press Release--Vanguard: World's Largest Stock And Bond Funds Report Lower Expense Ratios  08:53MFInvestor  
21p Revocable trust worth paying attorney for?  04/25mfswatz904/26mfswatz9
2h Just retired-Need help deciding what to do with funds from my 401K and Traditional IRA  15:35Cloud917:23mhalley
53c Porsche Lease  page: 204/26Ged18:33midareff
14p Which High-Yield Online Savings Account Should I Open?  21:30INTRESIS08:00MikeG62
27h Looking at buying our first home, what can I reasonably afford. Also a tax bracket question.....  04/14MikesChevelle04/25MikesChevelle
17p Married couple: gift tax - source of funds relevant?  04/25MikeT04/26MikeT
102h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  page: 2 311/29millennialfalco04/25millennialfalco
34p Baby on the way checklist  04/22Gemini05:57motorcyclesarec
2p Mortgage Discount Points: How many before IRS deems "excessive"?  21:13motorcyclesarec04:41motorcyclesarec
11p Incentive Stock Options, NSOS, and AMT  04/27MotoTrojan23:50MotoTrojan
35c Windows 10 upgrade, now legacy software doesn't work  04/13Hayden04/25mouses
2h Tracking 401K Funds in M*  04/26njbh104/26Mr.BB
51c My Doctor says I am "unusual" (declining some blood tests)  page: 204/21dm20004/26mrc
2h Investor --> Admiral shares in VG  04/25MrsRoos04/26MrsRoos
0t How to determine hedged bond expected yield?  23:37mrwhitepe  
2p Setting up a holding company in the EU for investment? Asset protection?  04/10pycut04:05msk
9h Now That my advisor is gone..  04/25Mstrmcky21:42Mstrmcky
10h AA & Fund Recommendations (401k/457)  04/25kjvmartin04/26Mudpuppy
16h How do I choose and Financial Planner and what can I expect?  04/24Tiredofwork04/25multiham
23t Vanguard adviser - advice when not carrying a mortgage into retirement  19:42jasper08:42n00b
8p Negotiating commercial lease- advice  04/26JonnyDVM19:21ncg1983
34t [Vanguard Is Growing Faster Than Everybody Else Combined]  04/14Taylor Larimore04/25nedsaid
14h Moving my mother's obscure funds to Vanguard  04/19sschoe204/25nedsaid
21c Somebody hit my car in a parking lot  04/24sulsj15:58neilpilot
26h Sitting mostly in cash. Please help.  04/26nervouswreck18:13nervouswreck
21h Tax-sheltering and target retirement fund disadvantages  02/21NewbieBogle00708:58NewbieBogle007
3p IRA early withdrawal penalty free for education?  17:49newbieboglehead23:30newbieboglehead
575t Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 122010MediumTex08:59NiceUnparticula
227t Retreat to cash  page: 2 3 4 511/22marge-g12:58NiceUnparticula
235t I don't understand the case for EE bonds  page: 2 3 4 504/20sometimesinvest12:53NiceUnparticula
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