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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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5082 new posts and replies over 476 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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96cWarning: avoid Windows 10 update 180305/04 samsoes11:49 2015
6cCostco penny install sale & road hazard terms16:09 susa21:59 3dream3
21tIs short-term dollar-cost averaging (e.g. across 1 week) beneficial?08/14 sarabayo08/15 3funder
13hMutual funds / market correction08/09 resle08/14 3funder
26pBrokerage checking: Fidelity, Schwab, or Vanguard08/14 Elysium21:48 47Percent
7pTurbo Tax -- Forms 8814 and 8962 (Household income calculations for PTC)07/16 47Percent16:20 47Percent
0hIRA Converted Into a Variable Annuity - Can I get surrender charges waived?00:25 5boro 
0hAdvance Planning for Roth/ 401/HSA/ 429 accounts for future move to Canada08/15 aashusharma1 
138lMaster Thread for Portland, Oregon2008 craigr08/14 ABQ4804
14tSam Zell2012 abuss36807:51 abuss368
39pREITs - 20% Qualified Income Deduction07/04 abuss36808/14 abuss368
22tLarry Swedroe:Don’t Go “Mad Money”08/11 Random Walker08/14 abuss368
7hHelping elderly mother with her finances - 2 issues12:41 Stick5vw21:57 Ace1
8cBest (cheapest) way to book a flight well in advance13:41 MittensMoney16:06 adamthesmythe
31hWhat am I missing about bonds...08/13 aerosurfer08:59 Admiral
58pTrust Investment Policy Statement08/09 FBN201416:50 afan
2pIs 401k Roth conversion included in MAGI?11:01 scotsman13:15 Alan S.
6pSS benefits and work history question09:50 jehovasfitness11:28 AlmstRtrd
1hHouse in foreign country - US Tax benefits01:18 dbk01:37 AlohaJoe
8pQuant / Financial Technology Job Opportunities / companies in New York City21:32 LiveSimple22:26 AlphaLess
88pIs it possible to change one's career in their 40s?07/23 CobraKai08/14 AlphaLess
20hPoor HSA Investment Options08/09 mrrr080921:53 Angst
1hAnother timing the market thread18:59 stocknoob411119:39 arcticpineapple
20tMagic Formula Results08/14 dchamber08/15 arcticpineapple
83tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36806:43 arf30
4tShould I contribute to 401k this year if retirement income will be higher?08/13 app108/14 aristotelian
96pBest way to lose $200 in taxable income?08/05 CULater08/14 aristotelian
10pPaying for Medicare by credit card08/14 Mitchell77708/15 Artful Dodger
2tcompare return between sp500 and EAFE08/14 hifeng08/15 asif408
3653cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806:21 aspirit
1hinvesting while living abroad09:08 chAabw10:33 BeBH65
13tHow do index funds affect stock valuations?08/14 Esq12310:11 BeBH65
11pInheritance tax on UK assets owned by non-UK residents?08/14 riskless08/15 BeBH65
12hAggressive asset allocation for building a house in 10 years08/13 MiltonIsRetired08/15 BeBH65
2p[Highly Compensated Employee - 401(k) refund]08/15 bellavia09:59 bellavia
74cWhen is leaving your job that pays well a good idea?08/07 Sharpematt08/15 bh7785
13cBoglehead Birthday Gift for 50th B Day - Fine Spirits16:56 DelcoEE20:53 bhsince87
2hRoth or Traditional 401k? + Roth IRA19:14 mford59221:51 billfromct
3hMid life financial help08/15 trv7508/15 billfromct
162tBonds in Taxable2016 Doc08/14 billthecat
14hVTSAX, crash question08/13 eriister08/14 bkweathe
48hHelp with rollover into IRA and future retirement plans08/01 NBKCF18:27 BL
12h64 yrs old should I get into the stock market07/28 boglecat201808/14 BL
8hRisk Averse Widow - Investing Life Insurance Proceeds08/14 JerLon08/14 BL
38cTrip to Maine2017 WHB308/14 blackburnian
2hStarting a 529 question19:35 MCS2320:24 bligh
1hHow to rebalance broad ETF categories in an overcooked market13:51 popeti16:10 bloom2708
9hCan you place VPAIX in taxable account?08/15 Bigbinvestment14:25 bloom2708
1h$1.5 million to invest - 30 Years Old08/14 bmw335xi08/15 bloom2708
16cAqua Shoes for Beach08/11 alex1108/14 bltkmt
58hMoving from Vanguard to Fidelity (probably)2017 Calygos08/15 bltn
5hVanguard PAS Recommendation08/14 tj08/14 bltn
48cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced Rum?03/12 SimonJester08/14 Blueskies123
28cTime for new phone, Buy or Lease?08/15 MNGopher16:23 bob60014
32pChase Sapphire Reserve travel insurance07/27 kanu15:14 BogleMelon
8tnytimes buy vs rent calc does not consider new tax law08/12 gurusw08/14 BogleMelon
6pResidential vs Commercial Property Landlord08/14 boogiehead08/15 boogiehead
17cChevy Volt for Commute08/15 PaulAtreides07:37 BostonButterfly
3hDCA investing or going into debt ?13:55 airelleofmusic16:45 bottlecap
93cRetire in Florida or Alabama?08/13 Colorado2915:35 bottlecap
51hWhy the Yale Endowment Hate?09:04 mbenoit11622:29 bpp
5hJust left Edelman Financial and need help08/15 ShAdams08/15 BrainDrain
24cBooks - Your 3 Best - (Nonfiction, Fiction, Financial/Investing)08/13 Finridge03:52 Breakaway72
2pIn Retirement [How should finances be handled?]08/15 Broken Man 199908/15 Broken Man 1999
11hInheritance question - beneficiary is a spend thrift12:49 CrazyCatLady21:49 bsteiner
4hNeed advice on establishing Roth accounts07/21 Busdrvr22:03 Busdrvr
10pMissed RMD for 2017: IRS Form 5329. Accountant told me to file next year06/03 bzcti21:09 bzcti
7cFuji FC 440 Carbon Bike Fork and Fuji C7 Carbon Frame09:01 KlangFool09:27 caffeperfavore
8pRefusing a Portion of Inherited IRA07:29 LHDS17:33 camden
8pPersonal finance Advice for mid 30s couple08/13 captbone08/14 captbone
11tAutomating TLH at Vanguard08/13 car73308/14 car733
2hBuilding a basic portfolio from a Merrill Lynch 401k08/15 McClane14:38 carmonkie
2pBank of America Preferred and ML 401(k)08/15 carmonkie08/15 carmonkie
7hChoosing a retirement plan08/15 jkrm08/15 carolinaman
35pBig 4 Who Jumped to Industry - Compensation07/13 HardHitter12:28 carorun
16hAdvisor or no advisor?08/12 imperialman5608/15 CedarWaxWing
10hQuestion on Source of Roth Funding17:54 soazfree22:28 celia
7hQuestion/Update on my Situation08/12 soazfree22:11 celia
30pHelp with inheritance choice08/15 Newtothis18:53 celia
16pTrust account at Vanguard with 2 trustees with separate logins01/28 celia18:15 celia
4tVanguard Account Unavailable - Anyone Else?08/13 TallBoy29er08/14 celia
5pAdding Spouse to Real Estate Deed06/30 SpringMountainF11:56 ChicagoBear7
4h(ETF vs Investor shares vs Admiral) VXF vs VEXAX vs VEXMX -- what's the difference?08/14 chicagoperson7808/14 chicagoperson78
3hHelp with TDA backdoor Roth08/15 ChinchillaWhipl08/15 ChinchillaWhipl
4pHow does rental property profit effect MAGI?08/15 Sasquatch08:29 clutchied
55cShould I Do This? [borrow from relative to pay off loan]08/13 redbeard2508/14 corn18
48pAfter Tax Savings Rate02/26 blueman45708/14 Count of Notre
27hHigh tax bracket - Go 100% Roth in tax advantaged?08/15 ALostCause221:10 CppCoder
2hTo defer or not08/11 cresive08/14 cresive
6p401(k): Roth vs Non-Roth12:32 CrownVic17:26 CrownVic
15hAdvantages of I-Bonds vs CD ?10:38 kaeltor21:18 #Cruncher
5t40/60 portfolio08/14 skime08/15 #Cruncher
0tHere's what has happened to value since FF 3-factor21:43 CULater 
340cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater08:23 CULater
7pDisability Insurance - Total vs Partial/Residual Disability16:02 CuriousTacos20:29 CuriousTacos
17cPop up tent camper08/12 CWRadio19:12 CWRadio
109tVery confused with the current market06/17 capcase09:50 CyclingDuo
6pAnecdote: PMI Removed08/11 og15F120:56 Cyclone
5hHSAs08/14 dachshund15:37 dachshund
35cPhone Plan for US-Child doing a Semester Abroad (VerizonWirelss)08/13 DaftInvestor08/14 DaftInvestor
24hPortfolio Review/How are we doing?08/10 daheld10:54 daheld
9hNew member: help with asset allocation and fund selections08/12 DaMama08/14 DaMama
8tMassive small cap tilt with low equity AA - anybody do this?08/12 AerialWombat08/14 DaufuskieNate
3166cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt08/14 Dave55
1hElderly Relative Short on Money21:45 bajdygba122:19 daveydoo
16hEnough. How do I invest in Australia.15:54 TomCat9622:13 daveydoo
8hRoth and Social Security08/14 ttc5q08/15 David Jay
1hIndex Fund Tracking Question08/15 NestEggLove08/15 David Jay
7hVISA stock08/14 dbapaddy08/15 dbapaddy
2pCan anyone recommend a CPA in the Philadelphia area08/14 ssean08/14 dbforbes
4hRetirement Target Dates08/14 DeadPoets08/14 DeadPoets
4hWithdraw money from Investments05:48 indexonlyplease11:12 delamer
773c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:01 DelcoEE
0hSimple estate: Is 1041 filing is required.10:23 DelcoEE 
12tAnyone try to tax loss harvest and fail?08/15 Messy_Orchid_5113:31 deltaneutral83
12hVTSAX vs 3-fund portfolio08/05 ttc5q08/14 deltaneutral83
249pSurprise financial disaster, severe debt $300K caused by brother-in-law - Please help!2016 phatkev08/14 denovo
39cSign - Speed checked by Radar09:08 FB0116:15 Determined
17cCar alarm '98 Camry ?10:08 dm20017:43 dm200
1pBill Wrongly Sent to Collections16:52 jpa16:53 dm200
40cMail order pharmacy09:52 tc10116:48 dm200
159pWhat I spent in 6 months on medicare07/05 dm20008/14 dm200
1tWhat is the settlement time for T-bills held in a brokerage account?14:15 hotpancakes16:39 Doc
137tSwedroe's guidelines to Bonds2017 simplesauce08/15 Doc
40hAsked my advisor about fees and here's their reply08/13 johnsac08/14 Doctor Rhythm
55hMoving from Vanguard to Fidelity08/10 cowdogman08/15 dogagility
33hBuy back service time on pension08/10 Rogue118:11 Dottie57
6hMega Back Door Roth IRA - possible or not?08/15 bruingent08/15 Dottie57
13tSince you would want to eventually reinvest dividends/distros anyways, why wouldn't you make them automatic for TLH?08/15 foodhype19:08 dratkinson
336tInvest in Tesla?03/28 BradJ21:21 drk
10hfund choices for roth08/08 sleevelessjerry19:53 DSInvestor
5hAdvice on re-balancing efforts08/15 Blimpalot17:37 Duckie
1hNew member - American Funds to Vanguard08/15 LoveToCT08/15 Duckie
2hInvestment Strategy/Portfolio Suggestions and Opinions08/14 jdtwelv08/14 Duckie
16pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +12:01 Gardner's Son21:42 e5116
33pAlmost 30 - Check In08/13 acejacksingh17:07 e5116
40cCleaning gas grill08/12 dodgy5508/15 Earl Lemongrab
10hVTI vs VTSMX08/13 jbh989808/14 Earl Lemongrab
35hRMD's: take distributions vs selling08/12 jimmieg08/14 Earl Lemongrab
8hFunding 403(b) as Wife Starts Full-time Teaching Career08/13 jtnprogram08/14 EdLaFave
72pHousing affordability - what is your take?08/12 stocknoob411117:21 EHEngineer
6hAdvisor Dumped, Now How to Best Simplify22:37 ElwoodBlues22:23 ElwoodBlues
21h$1M in cash - invest or pay down mortgage08/11 entropy201708/14 entropy2017
51cAdult piggy bank08/14 BWildt18:08 ETFwhisperer
4pCash out re-fi or HELOC?08/14 removal service08/15 euroswiss
23hPortfolio Alignment Guidance07/14 RIMDBogle08:47 ExitStageLeft
10hContemplating moving to Vanguard08/15 FAR1515:41 FAR15
0hWhat are the cons of multi-family housing investments?13:24 fastrak99 
44pShould I accept a large cash gift from my mother?08/10 Grogs08:51 FBN2014
91tThe Bigger Story: Fidelity Expense Ratios08/10 burnout45408/15 fennewaldaj
40tWhy invest in international?2016 tdo196608/15 financeperchanc
1hWithdrawal rate and tax-adjusted asset allocation22:05 RetiredCSProf22:27 FiveK
28hShould I Max Out Tax-Deferred Accounts?08/15 bryanm13:19 FiveK
1pRoth Conversion due to first year in Fiscal Year End? end09:10 Spedward11:39 FiveK
2hRoth IRA conversion vs Capital Gains08/15 bookworm22:52 FiveK
8porder of withdrawal in retirement (regular, IRA, Roth)?08/15 miket2908/15 FiveK
14pMinimizing Capital Gains on Inheritance05/07 workingonit08/14 FiveK
4hPay for Deductible Education Expense with 529 Funds?13:32 beefey20:01 Flyer24
4pBuying car - help with closing the deal17:17 sman0919:58 foamypirate
67tNew York Times--Vanguard Warns of Worsening Odds for the Economy and Markets08/11 MFInvestor08/15 fortyofforty
24cBiking with 2 young children - what gear to get?08/14 rcjchicity16:25 fourwheelcycle
8pMarriage Name Change Logistics00:48 Goal3310:51 fourwheelcycle
36cDecided on Chromebook, now need spec help08/04 Coolstavi18:28 FrugalInvestor
6pResources for expat retiring and returning to the US08/11 jefmafnl08/14 fujiters
28pWhat to ask agent when seeking to cash out of Whole-Life policy?08/11 E_Zwicky08/15 FunnelCakeBob
8hWhen do you change your IPS?08/15 BuckyBadger12:24 g2morrow
69pRetirement accounts and physician SCorps and Tax Reform12/24 gasdoc18:50 gasdoc
28cDiscarding dead cell phone without purging my data08/15 gd18:15 Ged
70pReview of tax software for trusts and estates2017 FBN201408/14 GeraniumLover
3cUSB drive over Wifi?08/13 get_g0ing08/14 get_g0ing
23pInherited House Sale as Capital Loss11:02 PSM19:18 Gill
11hTrying to simplify - 18 holdings all less than 1% of total portfolio08/15 FootballFan554808/15 Gill
9t"Fidelity Zero vs Vanguard: Which index fund is better?"14:14 Rowan Oak16:15 goingup
103pFew weeks into new job recieved significantly better offer elsewhere08/03 teos08/14 go_mets
14hRoth IRA max salary08/11 indexonlyplease08/15 grabiner
17cTiming of car purchase during a model year08/13 R-Man08/14 grabiner
4tAsset location strategy between tax-advantaged account types08/14 HEDGEFUNDIE08/14 grabiner
21hBest placement for Small Cap Value? Taxable, Roth or 403b7?08/12 vpotus08/14 grabiner
18tHow to Underperform the Market15:11 Cartographer21:42 greenhill
13hHow Best to Utilize Permanent Life Insurance Upon Retirement07:03 delrinson21:39 GrowthSeeker
10tMistake done [Europe - Have you ever regretted a trade that you made?]08/15 leachim20:16 Grt2bOutdoors
8hInheritance investment08/13 98raven08/14 Grt2bOutdoors
13pRailroad Retirement vs Social Security08/13 fatbody08/14 Grt2bOutdoors
12hStudent Loans or "special" Mortgage payments08:20 newDDS11:55 GT99
58pMarriage [How should finances be handled?]08/13 Esq12308/15 GT99
21cAnyone have experience with au pairs?2016 ThankYouJack08/15 gtaylor
10hDo we change our self-managed investments/brokerage today assuming we might become non-USA residents in future?08/15 srsnerdshack19:58 guliver
4hTaking stock of current financial state and way forward08/15 engineerAndPara21:43 HEDGEFUNDIE
10hI would like to add a SCV tilt in International. What's the best ETF with low E.R.?08/14 mjuszczak08/15 HEDGEFUNDIE
1cNeed advice on where to keep safe money21:06 aquamarine21:12 HereToLearn
21pCollege grant ( not loans ) eligibilty08/15 skor9908/15 HereToLearn
34hNewly retired - need to make a big change08/10 Highfeehater08/14 Highfeehater
265pLow-earners- What is your profession?2017 Geneyus08/14 HIinvestor
16tThe Case for Multifactor Funds08/15 vineviz13:19 HomerJ
3hAvoid unqualified dividends by selling a lot too quickly when TLH.08/13 EdLaFave13:00 House Blend
24hWife got a new job! Please evaluate my portfolio...08/14 vpotus13:05 iceport
3hAsset allocation across 401k/taxable/Roth ira08/15 fabis08/15 iceport
18hItalian Investor (Ireland Based) - Lazy Portfolio2017 theBaffo08/15 imperia
23tWhat's a good way to calculate when I have won the game??08/10 barberakb08/14 inbox788
5hAre inherited MF shares considered covered or non-covered?08/15 CenTexan08/15 increment
7pHousing cost as a % of Income08/15 VoG220608/15 indexfund56
5pWife turning 65. Need to enroll in medicare?19:16 dave105421:45 InMyDreams
20tHow to calculate Real Estate in your Asset Allocation06/11 InvestInLife18:33 InvestInLife
0tAnyone know how to re-create Vanguard's “Fair-Value” CAPE Calculation?23:45 InvestorErik 
27cMoving soon; whom to hire to help me move?08/07 InvisibleAeroba08/15 InvisibleAeroba
8hOptimal fixed income allocation for TSP users with a Roth IRA08/11 InvisibleAeroba08/14 InvisibleAeroba
8hMoving within Fidelity08/15 moneywise321:15 Jablean
6hOverwhelmed! Inherited Tax-Exempt Bonds/MM/Cash in Taxable Accounts08/15 Ilikesparklers21:11 Jablean
2pRental home and paying off debt by refinancing primary home cash out17:08 Xrayman6919:14 Jablean
17hEvaluate my mother's portfolio08/07 investordjfh08/13 Jablean
5hGetting started - question on tax efficiency and AA08/14 be21708/15 Jack FFR1846
5tWorkers on Corporate Boards - Principal-Agent Problem11:27 zmaqoptyxbglp15:26 JackoC
57pThis is not a typical medical collections issue- what to do?03/09 Jackson1218:08 Jackson12
20hHelp explain TIAA Traditional to me08/13 Culbretd08/14 Jackson12
26hWhy bonds when they return nothing over inflation?08/14 andrew9999907:36 jainn
0tDaily contributions to non-US equity returns08/15 jalbert 
26hInflation adjusted annuity08/13 antiqueman08/14 jalbert
5tTLH partner for IXUS08/14 dbk08/14 jalbert
88cAs an American, where are some great places in the world to retire?08/14 Colorado2921:45 Jazztonight
0tS&P 500 Foreign Sales for 201715:04 jbranx 
4hDo I need disability insurance08/15 Gabbana9208/15 JBTX
21hAnother Roth vs Traditional Debate08/13 sergio08/14 JBTX
32hFor i401k, Vanguard does not allow investment into Admiral Shares04/09 socal77716:50 JDDS
77cHow often do you check your brokerage accounts08/11 RagnarRahl12:05 jehovasfitness
35cWhere to buy white, athletic fit dress shirt?08/15 ThankYouJack13:46 jesscj
0pSell taxable to contribute to solo 401k nrats16:24 jessikaur 
18cLock Suitcases on International Flight or Not?17:02 magazinewriter20:19 jhfenton
6hTreasury Direct vs Vanguard for purchase16:05 jpohio18:30 jhfenton
5tVanguard Total Bond vs Schwab Aggregate Bond: Moving in opposition08/15 AerialWombat07:45 jhfenton
31tAlternative Investments12/31 Matas08/14 jhfenton
181tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton08/14 jhfenton
8hSCZ2008 bdobson08/14 jhfenton
3hHelp with Inherited Variable Annuity08/13 Jimbo196008/15 Jimbo1960
33pExperian email alert! "Your score decreased"08/12 racy21:40 Jimbo9911
3hConfused on bond choice "noise"08/13 jimmieg08/14 jimmieg
5cLA weather in April - Planning Disney00:03 FB0106:07 JMacDonald
6hUS citizen living abroad in Europe and attempting to invest - help?07/29 capnnismo14:44 jminv
9pWhat do you do with your interest from your ER fund?06:04 NextMil22:21 John151
9hTax loss harvesting international funds at Fidelity12:21 SillyRabbit20:27 John Laurens
4hRan out of space in Roth. Where should I put Small Cap Value fund now?17:10 joo2lo19:37 joo2lo
5hTax Efficiency vs. Lower Basis Points08/15 joo2lo08/15 joo2lo
35hOctogenarian father in law's idea of balance: AAPL + CASH08/15 buffetedbythewi18:37 Kenkat
4psole proprietorship in foreign country08/13 ketanco08/14 ketanco
45tMaturing Credit Union 3% CD's this year06/01 dollarsaver10:57 Kevin M
379t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M08/14 Kevin M
6hWife changing jobs 401k options08/14 kgressler08/15 kgressler
80pHouse Value & Mortgage as a Percentage of Net Worth08/11 bligh13:23 KlangFool
12hHolding only VWENX for retirement08/14 KEVIN409108/14 KlangFool
28cTravel delay: Can I *easily* get $60 back?08/15 VictoriaF17:58 Kompass
38cIs the price of a new car a good proxy for the expense of owning it?08/13 vineviz08/15 kotsp
126lWisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread2014 renjuzone08/14 kriskd
76pTake auto loan 0.9% if I can afford cash?08/15 markfaix22:27 KT785
18pSavings rate per month???12:35 Bhairston201821:58 KT785
30hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am00:21 l1am
179p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest20:39 LadyGeek
2pWSJ: NYU makes tuition free for all medical students12:46 rjbraun19:29 LadyGeek
3hInvesting VA Disability Benefits vs Maxing out 401K2015 littlejohn30919:14 LadyGeek
6fMulti Quote08/12 WhatsIRR19:01 LadyGeek
18p401k excess contribution/highly compensated employee2017 Open Wide08/15 LadyGeek
13hRetirement guidance for 38 yr old in Silicon Valley CA08/11 county8008/15 LadyGeek
62cBest consumer products - made in USA08/14 ediekrager08/15 LadyGeek
21tMark Cuban bullish on Netflix and Amazon08/14 WanderingDoc08/15 LadyGeek
24cAre merchants more (too) careless these days?08/14 rjbraun08/15 LadyGeek
29cWhat is the best way to determine if one should buy something or save their money?08/13 GrayS2608/14 LadyGeek
14tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio experiment08/12 moehoward09:37 lazydavid
8hFIRE within 5 years with high income?08/15 unstoppable08/15 Lckiii
21pCan the greedy 'Private Bank' make any money off my index funds?08/13 DualCitizen08/14 letsgobobby
160cDo You Purchase "Medical Evacuation Insurance" When You Travel?07/31 Small Law Survi08/15 LifeIsGood
25cUsing Uber Without A Cellular Data Connection08/13 LifeIsGood08/15 LifeIsGood
10hBeginner Help with inheritance08/14 lilhamster08/15 lilhamster
2hInvesting fractional dollars in small (Vanguard) accounts21:26 limeyx21:51 limeyx
19tOK, maybe Vanguard's website IS a little old... "56K dial-up..."08/15 nisiprius14:31 linenfort
111t[New Vanguard website layout starting Saturday, August 11]08/11 am13:10 linenfort
61cColorado Summer Vacation - what to see and where to stay03/05 imyeti208/14 livesoft
7pDistributions for mega-back door08/12 llessac1502:03 llessac15
36pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW-adv) for Advanced Users05/27 longinvest08/14 longinvest
7hBoglehead 3/4 asset implementation for Fidelity/TD Ameritrade/ETrade update?08/13 RIMDBogle23:48 looking
8cAnyone have experience with an Au Pair?08/03 jkushne108/15 LovingLife
3cwithdraw home insurance claim13:23 audioaxes13:42 lthenderson
4tAre Investment and Retirement Accounts Proctected Against Identity Theft?08/15 Woodthrush08/15 lws6772
92pCan we afford to stay in HCOL area?02/27 Trying2learn08/14 mac808
7pBarclay Card with American Airlines11:03 ResearchMed12:50 mageedge
30cQuote from Electrician09:35 maggabelle20:51 maggabelle
4pSelling Dental Practice and Office Question08/15 Vanguard Fan 1308/15 masonstone
151pCash flow problems - best way to handle?04/09 MnyGrl08/15 Maverick3320
128phow much car can we afford?08/12 johussman08/15 Maverick3320
10pCredi card balance transfer offer08/14 rjbraun13:13 mayday23
5hWhat is the best way to invest my fixed income allocation within my IRA?08/15 Richard158022:28 mega317
6hRelocating/New Job - Feels Like a Good Time to Check In08/14 mnsportsgeek08/14 mega317
3hBH Sages - help me know if I'm on track!08/14 Mr_wynx08/14 mega317
13pHelp evaluate our financial health08/13 finoob08/14 mega317
625tFidelity Files for two Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER total stock and total international mutual funds)08/01 jhfenton19:44 mervinj7
11cOld Acura TL vs new Honda Accord13:15 Torger15:59 mhalley
25cKey West Family Vacation - February08/13 fishmonger08/14 mhc
11cHow much did you pay to relocate laundry from basement to upstairs?11:26 daheld19:51 michaeljc70
4cRecent Trip to Naples, Italy14:53 seychellois_lib19:47 michaeljc70
29cMaster Bath remodel price?04/19 SteelPenny08/15 michaeljc70
16pOptum HSA Fee Increase Notice05/01 ColoradoRob08/14 michaeljc70
95pUsing ACA for early retirement years08/14 smithmmark20:34 MikeG62
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11pNon-owner contributing to home renovations: what's fair?16:40 Kryten21:40 MJS
43cCelebrating the day you retired07:40 bfizz21:24 MJS
0hME vs Fidelity for brokered cds08/15 Moritat 
7hConvert TSP to roth on retirement?08/15 mortal17:43 mortal
14pOdd situation.. How much down payment? 15/30 year loan? Should I sell taxable investments for the down payment?08/15 Dan1708/15 mortfree
1hDCA-ing into HSA: VIGIX (Vanguard Large Growth) or SWPPX (S&P 500)?08/15 finagle08/15 MotoTrojan
2h401K vs PCRA - expense and return question08/14 ClemsonBogle08/14 MotoTrojan
18tWhat is Vanguard mutual fund trade execution time?2016 kkhanmd08/14 MotoTrojan
26tVanguard Switch to Brokerage Accounts08/09 cowdogman16:17 Mr.BB
342lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond06:18 mrmass
32tREIT Magazine2017 abuss36808/15 mrmass
27pFidelity 401k And W-8BEN06/06 mrploppy08/14 mrploppy
8hLow seven figure windfall looking for advice08/14 AlexC08/15 msk
67cChanging Car Cabin Air Filter - after how much time2017 FB0108/15 munemaker
13tWhy are 1yr Treauries paying more than 1yr brokered CDs?08/15 Turbo2908/15 munemaker
6tWhat is the minimum to buy Vanguard Brokered C.D's?08/15 Medlabscientist08/15 munemaker help2017 LarryAllen08/14 munemaker
11tFreedom Credit Union 30 Month 3.56%APY CD (Closed))08/12 pc9519:26 mur44
22hSmall business owner, mid 30s, doing great, clueless with investments08/12 NowWhat08/14 mw1739
12cReturn Protection: Citi Doublecash08/14 Alexa915:54 nalor511
347cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo13:56 Nate79
10pHelp! Yet Another WL insurance question [Whole Life]08/13 ascbc1811:32 Nate79
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5tUS small cap ETF: MSCI US small, S&P600 or Russell 2000? (UK based investor)13:23 steve32115:30 nedsaid
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5hVTEAX - a good tax advantaged bond fund?08/02 OtterBee14:08 OtterBee
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17hLazy Investment Porfolio Help08/09 cls198908/14 passiveTiger
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14pAre Roth conversions a no-brainer for me?00:50 catdude15:36 Peter Foley
10pCash or mortgage for house entering retirement?08/15 corn1808/15 Peter Foley
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13hFirst time investing(401k)23:32 Guacamole20:39 PFInterest
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44cMen’s Underwear recommendation08/15 Rexindex21:01 Tarheel_P
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200tVanguard to offer non-Vanguard ETFs commission-free07/02 Ever Ready15:30 tfb
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5hBetter Behavioural Finance Books?17:09 Expro20:46 totesmagotes
4tAre late Vanguard 1099s International/Small cap only?08/14 zmaqoptyxbglp08/14 TravelGeek
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39cVacation- home precautions?06/29 Howie04:58 Trism
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8pRefinance student debt08/13 Sid4708/14 xenochrony
8hLaddering I bonds as emergency fund08/15 ztq74821:44 ztq748

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