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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2592 new posts and replies over 308 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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91pTimeshare ever worth it? Please share details06/14 Wannaretireearl20:52 2015
11tOur interview with Taylor Larimore06/15 Barry Barnitz20:43 2015
22pDo you cancel old credit cards?06/16 28fe618:18 2015
22cHome Sellers - do you read Buyer inspection reports?06/14 snackdog06/16 2015
15pCareer advice (take the promotion or not)06/14 28fe620:56 28fe6
7tNew Fidelity Freedom Funds?06/15 pkcrafter06/16 2pedals
7pCapital Gains Tax Strategy06/16 2 Tasty12:35 2 Tasty
2p529 Contributions & Lifetime Gift Tax Exclusion06/16 neolk17122:30 47Percent
4pKiddie Tax06/16 zmaqoptyxbglp06/16 47Percent
6pJuggling ACA premium credit and non-refundable tax credits06/15 47Percent06/16 47Percent
12hHelp with my allocations05/31 abhan6721:22 abhan67
73tPaul Merriman criticism?2014 ctreada20:11 abogler
1hList of long-Term Support & Resistance in forex or stocks16:40 oliviersk17:22 adamthesmythe
37tAm I "market timing"?06/15 AerialWombat06/16 AerialWombat
15pUpping federal withholding allowances didn't work?06/14 middistancerunn06/15 airborne
3hLast 10 years Stock market Returns - for benchmarking06/16 johnpau06/16 alex_686
30pHow to calculate "fun money" per year?08:57 doss19:00 Alexa9
27t1 Year Rule - Not allowed to execute new investment strategy until 1 year has passed06/13 JustinR06/16 AlphaLess
62cHelp Buying Mens Shoes for Work and Dating05/26 Gardener19:57 AlwaysWannaLear
14hBond Ladder using Goggenheim Bullet Shares2017 Lawyerjoe06/16 antiqueman
0pSanity Check on House Purchase20:41 apertur 
37pUsing donor advised fund to diversify stock with large capital gains06/13 tj-longterm17:48 Artsdoctor
49cFord Fusion under Safety Recall for 2 Years - Ford Can't Fix - help12/22 WolfgangPauli16:30 Austintatious
5hGetting Inheritance-Portfolio Advice Needed11:33 tr12312:33 averagedude
37pHow much (green) cash at home for emergency ?14:29 burt21:10 bac
57tGeneral Electric05/29 sawyer_sully23:57 Bacchus01
7hFirst timer looking for help [Estonia]06/14 BatChainPuller04:17 BeBH65
2hLost and confused (bonds in taxable or not?)06/16 billthecat22:21 billthecat
734pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium06/16 BJJ nerd
14tCash question06/16 Cody10:56 blaugranamd
18hRetirement Accounts - Employer 401k Options / Taxable2016 mrhelios18:10 Blaze93
7h25 Y/O Seeking Opinions06/16 Blaze9306/16 Blaze93
13cPrivate Sale test drive06/15 boatdriver7906/16 bob60014
4cPatio high back chair cushions06/16 atlanta_dad07:50 boglegirl
15cHow do you read books?06/16 ying_yang13:28 book lover
0cDremel Versa17:59 brandy 
16tDFA Funds Direct Access w/o Advisor ? John Hancock03/26 confusedinvesto06/16 BritishInvestor
38hWhat do you think of my Asset Allocation? (UK Investor)01/07 spope206/16 BritishInvestor
2681pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:12 brushwood
12cThought on replacing roof before sale?06/16 jharkin00:19 BUBear29
20p$75,000 bonus - help me with my plan06/15 corgimom1106/16 -buzz-
17hVanguard admiral shares21:59 Mrfss535715:04 CABob
2tRetirement spending/ HCOL areas?17:36 PoultryMan18:46 Caligal
25cLong Weekend in November - NOLA, Austin, Other06/14 fishmonger21:08 cantos
258pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan06/16 captpete
0hBest way to invest $100k for HSBC premier account?06/16 cashheavy18 
12tBill Gross' fund, lately...06/16 nisiprius06/16 cfs
15cChanging Address in Social Security05/31 cheese_breath19:16 cheese_breath
26cChipmunk problem06/15 dollarsaver12:05 cheese_breath
5hBeginner's first stock suggested purchase09:00 Episinvestment309:41 chevca
78cAnyone with a paid off house drop homeowners insurance06/12 skp06/16 chrisjul
0pDependent care FSA issue13:18 corts 
7hInvestment book recommendations?06/15 kmwilson34308:32 CppCoder
11tTreasury Notes Return vs Actual TIPS Return2010 #Cruncher06/16 #Cruncher
10cHearing aids06/14 jefmafnl06/16 CULater
11cWater & Sewer line replacement02/26 jucor00:18 CurlyDave
44cAfrican Safari: Worth it or Hype?06/16 RooseveltG20:06 Cycle
52cLiving Abroad - Who's done it?06/13 IthinkICan11:36 CyclingDuo
35pTracking spending before retirement useful for estimating retirement expenses?06/16 marcopolo10:36 CyclingDuo
2tRising returns for bonds leads to lower stock prices?06/16 TM9006/16 david1082b
33hRole of Annuity For Savers Who have 20+ years until Retirement06/13 phrelo21:05 David Jay
27tHow much tilt is enough to make a difference?06/16 ChinchillaWhipl19:30 David Jay
6pA relative has named me in a trust06/16 privatepilot08:32 David Jay
15cconvert 4 wire to a 3 wire switch06/14 DavidW13:58 DavidW
4hNew to VG. Tax hit on trsfr of proprietary fund?18:26 sarta20:22 dbr
20hTake Advantage of Stable Value Fund?08:25 bac_minus_cab16:36 dbr
35tWhy is risk adjusted return important?05/30 RandomPointer14:56 dbr
1cAnyone live in (or familiar with) John Knox Village in Kansas City?06/16 CULater08:17 dbr
5hCD ladders vs bond funds06/16 danielc08:06 dbr
36hHigh Dividend Stocks as bond substitute?01/18 triyoda07:52 dbr
2pPoconos, PA Lake house Year-round?06/16 A44006/16 Dechan
11hHow confident are you with this scenerio?06/15 blahblahsunshin10:28 delamer
3hProceeds from Sale of Home06/16 JAg06/16 delamer
11hShould fixed income allocation necessarily change over the years?06/16 delrinson06/16 delamer
4hFull house purchase price vs loan and where to stash the moolah06/16 Fire wicket06/16 delamer
2tIlliquid Assets - Volatility16:08 golfCaddy21:01 desafinado
5hCash Drag06/16 DesertInvestor06/16 DesertInvestor
288cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman06:02 deskjockey
12pTake a job with a company being acquired?06/16 investor99713:40 dm200
3hYoung and rich20:45 afoolwithmoney21:23 Doctor Rhythm
5hAdding U.S. Growth Fund Investor Shares (VWUSX) to portfolio02:56 winter519:16 Doctor Rhythm
3hEmergency fund placement17:17 dcr198418:18 Doctor Rhythm
5hFeedback on possible portfolio update11:33 Deighve14:43 Doctor Rhythm
32hWhich way to save for my child?06/11 danny9s06/16 donall
6pBusiness tax ID number and Proof of current address - how to show?06/09 doss06:29 doss
8cCosmetic Question about teeth11:42 TresBelle6518:54 Dottie57
6pLooking for BLS data on retiree health costs09:14 Kelly20:43 drawpoker
11pSocial Security advice needed13:06 Crookedrivergus18:32 drawpoker
5hAre international stocks in a 529 a bad idea?06/11 neolk17106/16 Duckie
5hMega Backdoor Roth Question06/16 richard3706/16 Earl Lemongrab
54cWater heater installation situation06/11 Earl Lemongrab06/16 Earl Lemongrab
68cWhich Supermarket are you?09:55 Luis94r21:04 eddot98
34hNext Steps for Single 34 Year Old with Savings and Roth IRA (VASGX)06/09 EldFen06/15 EldFen
6hRoth conversion advice - charitable beneficiaries06/15 elgob06/16 elgob
4hrsu & iso [Restricted Stock Unit & Incentive Stock Option]11:49 vasu10013:59 emlowe
10tHow to calculate Real Estate in your Asset Allocation06/11 InvestInLife06/16 ENT Doc
7hPortfolio review06/13 mjshah06/16 ExitStageLeft
6hRetirement Reset - Best Strategy to (Re)Organize?06/15 eyescrossing06/16 eyescrossing
4hmarket still best option for me i think!22:29 familydaddy19:25 familydaddy
10hportfolio checkup - move more money to Roth?06/15 fcf1806/16 fcf18
59pBoring Job06/12 JF214106/16 Finridge
22cHas Anyone Tried Youtube TV?11:51 Small Law Survi19:36 fire5soon
66pcan we afford to spend $20K on travel annually06/15 Betterself12:08 FireHorse
1tFIRECalc/Pension vs Lump Sum Question13:02 Ready3Retire18:46 FiveK
1hHow to prioritize 457, Roth/Regular 403 b and Roth IRA04:14 rabidoctopi16:48 FiveK
11h401 k to. Roth rollover - min taxes?06/15 JohnSmith12307:02 FiveK
1hNQDC Plan - Should I drop to to minimum for match?06/16 Machine9921:47 FiveK
7hIf going Roth, do conversion or 403b?06/15 tenkuky06/15 FiveK
19hPersonal finance HELP06/15 Big512:54 FOGU
7hWhat next?06/15 Hope3408:11 FOGU
31pFractional Ownership [Property]2015 diehard01:20 FoolStreet
1067cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds22:55 FoolStreet
68pAdvice on building a timeless mens wardrobe?05/12 Gardener22:22 FoolStreet
66pJob in MA, live in MA, RI, or CT?06/15 B4Xt3r21:44 friar1610
13cHouston Safety06/16 BolderBoy06/16 Frobie
19hWhen to "raise my rate" (Ally bank CD)06/15 28fe620:13 GerryL
36cStandard buyer's remorse or poorly timed enlightenment?06/16 Sport01420:41 getthatmarshmal
68hTaking $1M+ Long Term Capital Gains06/12 viewer012:07 gips
7hi-ORP: Any way to force tax deferred savings?06/13 corn1806/16 gneeby
36hI feel like selling my 3 fund06/16 leo2816:41 goblue100
2pmaximzing HSA contributions when changing jobs14:07 Hoosier CPA21:14 grabiner
14tRate hikes vs - Muni, Corp, Total Bond funds06/14 ps56k06/16 grabiner
4hHelp with buying municipal bonds please06/14 jonce1706/15 grabiner
2hConverting real estate to stocks/bonds: pay off mortgages in the meantime or invest?06/15 billthecat06/15 grabiner
5hPay down interest only mortgage or invest?06/14 familydaddy06/15 grabiner
0tIndiv. REITs in taxable because of new tax law? Aargh!19:46 grok87 
29hVanguard Managed Payout Fund06/14 LXEX5506/16 grok87
15tSchwab's Securities Lending Fully Paid (SLFP) program06/15 bulbul06/16 grok87
9thow can i determine if Wellington only takes long stock positions?12:31 grouper13:56 grouper
2hVanguard Taxable Total Stock Market ETF Gains Showing as Short-Term?23:18 Kennedy09:02 GrowthSeeker
10hMaking taxable account more tax efficient06/16 hap_ca20:49 hap_ca
6tiShares lowers expense ratios on bond ETFs06/16 CppCoder06/16 happysteward
180tAlly online savings now at 1.60%02/09 sycotik08:11 harmoniousmonk
0csuggestions on which state to hire a mover: start or end?21:20 heartwood 
66tThe Psychology of Money - A Blog Post06/07 alpenglow06/16 heyyou
209cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex20:42 HIinvestor
173cLife in retirement - what did you do today?06/10 FireHorse17:10 HIinvestor
7ccompletely free background check website06/12 Econberkeley06/16 HIinvestor
39cToyota 4 Runner04/08 skime06/16 hudson
172cTop Shelf Liquor Overrated?05/31 Alexa907:58 ImaBeginner
5cGood family portrait place06/16 atlanta_dad06/16 inbox788
15hcalculator to get to desire $$$06/14 indexonlyplease12:08 indexonlyplease
17tWhy do we need 529?06/14 international0015:59 international00
7pAuto Accident Settlement06/15 Tech06/16 Invest2016
10hM1 Finance: What’s the Catch?05/31 BetaTracker16:43 investor997
11tI-bonds look pretty bad right now19:41 danielc21:18 J295
21pBenefits of using CPA for taxes04/13 TreadLightly21:11 J295
17hmove out of bonds into money market and online savings05/10 Jimsad21:05 J295
8tAre Vanguard's actively managed funds better?12:01 CULater18:39 jalbert
14tMechanisms for disappearance of factor premia -- how does it work for momentum?06/16 finvestor14:13 jalbert
8chow to make friends in new location?19:09 jayk23821:20 jayk238
17hThrivent?2017 PoppyA06/16 jbmitt
10tOpinions on taxable municipal bonds?13:02 danielc20:18 jbranx
23pTaxation for free-lancers06/12 manedark06/16 JBTX
13cSacramento Home Owners - House Areas/Questions06/06 HardHitter20:27 jbuzolich
5pInherited jewelry & diamonds--how to value & how to sell?06/15 GR8FUL-D23:05 jbuzolich
17tVanguard email about transition fund accounts to new brokerage platform06/15 asset_chaos12:09 jebmke
20tBasic Inflation Questions10:52 spdoublebass16:47 Jeff Albertson
7tFactor Diversification = Beta?06/14 analogsavior06/16 jeffyscott
0hVanguard Brokerage Acct. WHY ?19:12 Jerry55 
46hWhere to invest $50K+ down payment money for five years?06/10 Jesteroftheswam20:10 Jesteroftheswam
10h100% of international developed to small/mid?06/16 BFRAME20:05 jhfenton
162tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton06/15 jhfenton
434pAnyone regret paying off mortgage early?2012 acegolfer19:09 JoeRetire
38cToo much house vs. just enough06/15 The Planner06/16 JoeRetire
55tFactor-based strategy is better (winer), OK. then who are the losers?06/14 zwzhang06/16 JoMoney
9hNorthern Bank Direct MM - 2.26% APY06/13 geospatial19:15 Kevin M
60tFlaw in Logic? CD ladder instead of bond funds06/15 Michele in TX12:56 Kevin M
25tWhat do you sell after the emergency fund?17:16 KlangFool20:52 KlangFool
4hVOHIX vs VMMXX for fixed income in Ohio17:10 GrowthSeeker19:31 KlingKlang
3hRollover IRA question14:22 harmoniousmonk14:38 KlingKlang
17hBack to Treasurys...06/15 Jerry5506/16 KlingKlang
31cFunctional Medicine/ managing the costs06/16 togb12:38 LadyGeek
199tWhat's your U.S. : International ratio?2007 kpanghmc12:31 LadyGeek
11fCancelation of Notifications06/16 yousha09:11 LadyGeek
77hNON-US (Ireland) ETFs - Simplified Ultimate Buy and Hold Porfolio2015 pt3206/16 LadyGeek
71tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c02:39 lhwerdyt*1791c
0hBest Index Fund for HSA20:15 LIGuy82 
13cNew refrigerator issues06/16 jwblue17:19 likegarden
43hWashington GET 529 Reopened: Good deal?10/06 finance_learner06/16 limeyx
3hSTAR vs. 3-Fund Portfolio15:23 jmsaway15:34 livesoft
1hVanguard Monthly Estimated Cap Gain Distributions12:53 doyled13:00 livesoft
1hTax implications of holding Wellesley Emergency in taxable09:51 corey407woc09:55 livesoft
31pInherited IRA: Using it for kids college06/14 llessac1506/16 llessac15
15tNew Capitol One 360 ACH limits06/14 Turbo2921:08 Looking4Answers
4cUsing deceased mother’s jewelry to create new wedding ring18:40 aprilcpa19:59 MathWizard
173hMD&P just purchased X / sold Y [md&pharmacist]06/09 md&pharmaci18:21 md&pharmaci
3573cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806/16 mfswatz9
21pRMDs based on 1986 life expectancy versus today?06/15 jojay06/16 mickeyd
3cBest stroller+infant seat for gravel roads?13:30 notmyhand21:21 Millennial
12pLong time retirees: how much do you really need?06/16 tennisplyr20:31 moehoward
193cBH travel tips?04/14 leftcoaster06/16 moehoward
5cAnyone familiar with smart home and home security? What to buy and how?06/16 jayk23806/16 mogg
4hSmall Cap Fund.18:18 yousha21:00 MotoTrojan
9cwetlands permit for septic system replacement08:16 lmea17:28 mouses
45cWhat are your hobbies?06/16 Sasquatch21:17 MP173
6hPortfolio review with a couple questions06/14 ThermoMaster09:10 Natsdoc
42tA different theoretical view of SWR06/16 Ron Scott19:20 ncbill
1tThe Best Way to use Factor ETFs06/15 garlandwhizzer13:08 nedsaid
18hUsing Wellesley Fund as a bond alternative06/15 corey407woc12:47 nedsaid
10cEarly termination of Cable + Internet06/01 Fortune11:02 neilpilot
8tWill rising inflation increase 401K and Roth contribution limits for 2019?06/16 AtlasShrugged?06/16 neurosphere
0tArticle on corporate debt from financial post15:27 newimmigrant 
10cMS Office 2016 "The Operating System Is Not Presently Configured To Run This Application"06/04 Rob5TCP20:40 nisiprius
1hAltaba tender offer06/15 Xrayman6906/15 NoHeat
31pTraditional IRA conversion/Roth back door04/24 noobtoinvesting15:14 noobtoinvesting
1pConfused with Cost basis for Company Stock in a Share Value Plan06/15 ThankYouJack06/16 not4me
28pTerm Life Insurance for Young Couple06/06 Championship09118:18 nyclon
15hSchwab Independent Franchise10:58 Glamdring5620:14 Olemiss540
49pRule of 55 is it official?01/23 voidstar00:09 OnTrack
3hMercantil Bank CD?10:06 sport11:31 Pajamas
106cNeed advice on 1st international vacation06/02 ugaDAWGS0906/16 palaheel
35cNegotiating for a new Toyota.[my fault comparing apples and oranges]04/19 Dottie5721:15 pascalwager
23tHow many of you have some developed international and EM indexed bond funds in your portfolio?04/14 ChinchillaWhipl20:47 pascalwager
38hA Friend Asked Me - Ponzi or Not? [1st position commercial mortgage notes]2016 Bob.Beeman06/16 pcsrini
658tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex19:36 petulant
6pLTCi option - whole life w/ Continuation of benefits rider06/16 spammagnet16:10 pintail07
12hNeed advise with the first investment12:54 travellingrants16:17 pkcrafter
18tVery confused with the current market14:34 capcase21:18 Portfolio7
118tWhich boglehead rule do you break--and are ok with06/15 jmk21:06 Portfolio7
0cIf anyone works in organizational behavior or a related field, im hoping to speak with you.17:55 purpleradish 
107cPSA: Bank of America now charges $12/month for checking02/14 sunny_socal00:40 Quest80
5cSwiss Rail - Point to Point Tickets05:35 Rainier11:11 Rainier
4pMulti-year Service Agreement - take it now or later?06/15 RamblinDoc06/16 RamblinDoc
33pLost job. Take early SS or draw from accounts?06/16 remomnyc21:10 remomnyc
6pSeller Financing on Land Sale06/15 RetiredCSProf17:45 RetiredCSProf
29hIRA concerns12:23 Zonk6316:21 retiredjg
33hContribute to both 403(b) and 457(b)?06/14 sman0915:03 retiredjg
7hNewbie: How should we invest taxable account & Roth conversions - 1 year to retire06/16 Luv2Perform14:14 retiredjg
8pMega Backdoor Roth conditions06/15 CaptainKoloth08:52 retiredjg
60pI think I made an Traditional IRA mistake- Can it be fixed?05/31 Hairfarm06/16 retiredjg
21hStarting out, in Japan06/06 ewerton06/16 rhe
22pHouse that was in trust is actually in estate06/12 Determined06/16 riverguy
3hCap weighted versus equal weighted index investment06/16 naraicjul06/16 rkhusky
20pSpecial Needs Trust06/14 pete198311:28 rockonhumblepie
39pNew car hit accident - loss of dimished value04/19 core4portfolio11:17 rockonhumblepie
24ciPad Pro 12.9": Replacement for Laptop?06/16 RooseveltG19:22 RooseveltG
7hSelf-employed -- employer contributions06/15 rudeboy06/16 rudeboy
8pCan I take state tax deduction on 529 if relative makes a contribution03/14 sal paradise21:03 RudyS
25hWhen is the June ex-dividend date for VTSAX06/16 chabil10:19 RudyS
39cDrive from Phoenix to San Diego06/14 forks06/16 RudyS
20hSupplementing a Target Date fund?05/29 runyanorama06/15 runyanorama
5hPlease help with RMDs and asset allocation08:11 jhgeorgia21:23 ruralavalon
12hWanting to learn: seeking approval or criticism on my portfolio06/09 NewUsername12:43 ruralavalon
6hVEVFX06/15 yousha06/16 ruralavalon
3hInvest $200k+ Down Payment Money?06/16 togenboche06/16 Sandtrap
41cApple MacBook Air On Sale $69906/14 Sophia188406/16 Sasquatch
14h24 years old starting my first rothIRA06/14 randydimera06/16 SeeMoe
331lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond10:16 siamond
20tMean Reversion in Long-Term Stock Returns?06/16 SimpleGift11:50 SimpleGift
17hReconciling Buy-and-Hold philosophy with AA/TLH06/14 sman0902:54 sman09
68tSavings Bond Wizard to be eliminated 5/1812/31 Dead Man Walkin23:48 smectym
19padd to DW 401k while withdrawing from (self) 403b?06/14 spammagnet06/16 spammagnet
6hHow to prioritize paying down loans vs. savings06/16 ssihvone20:55 ssihvone
16hWhen most 401K savings are in one spouse's name06/16 startwithtruth21:06 startwithtruth
0hGetting Employer Match Rolled Over from Pension Account to 403b17:42 SteveJ2 
45h47 and clueless - direction needed06/13 chattyanne17:33 SteveJ2
43c“Day to kill” in Venice Italy06/10 marshallv17:28 SteveJ2
3cGFI tripping06/16 JT306/16 stl717
13tShould your employment/income source determine your investment choices?06/15 stlutz17:56 stlutz
33tLarry Swedroe: Rediscovering The Size Effect06/15 Random Walker16:16 stlutz
20tYou Can Market Time At Valuation Extremes06/12 Park15:11 stlutz
17cItaly Trip Questions09:38 bogledesk14:19 student
4hRetooling Portfolio After Job Change06/16 Balanthalus05:08 student
11hSold today, couple of questions06/14 suemarkp06/16 suemarkp
32tBitcoin Price Manipulation06/13 Ged20:54 supaflix
148pAre you including SS in your planning model? Are the benefits really that high?06/09 investingdad06/15 tadamsmar
3tVanguard S&P 500 Index tracking error?06/16 TalkingInvestme06/16 TalkingInvestme
153t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet06/16 Tanelorn
9hVanguard Balanced Index Fund Admiral Shares (VBIAX)17:31 TheTimeLord21:12 Taylor Larimore
2162tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore20:12 Taylor Larimore
10pPartial Owner of Inherited Family Farm/Land07:25 Taz17:42 Taz
16cWhat to do with the family wagon06/15 Invest201610:57 Teague
5p[NON-US (Ireland) ETFs - Deemed disposal rule?]06/15 markochozinco11:01 TedSwippet
32hFund college tuition through 529 plan or Indexed Universal Life (IUL)06/13 phrelo06/16 teen persuasion
5lHappy Father's Day 201812:24 Kathleen Ryan18:58 tennisplyr
17hCan we afford to drop our 401k contributions to pay for college?06/16 texasdiver21:19 texasdiver
14cSubaru EyeSight windshield insurance06/13 livesoft06/16 ThankYouJack
44cA vehicle that "sits up" but can't afford CRV06/15 Cody21:19 theplayer11
433pHow much money do you want to retire?08/02 benign_user06/16 The Wizard
42cLight Camping Trailer06/11 alex_68606/15 tibbitts
43cContractor - Threatening Lien/Lawsuit06/15 Hippster23706/16 TinkerPDX
18tGundlach sees 10 yr yields hitting 6%06/14 ReformedSpender19:09 tmcc
7pBoat Liability06/16 Fire wicket18:30 tmcc
0hSmall Company 401k06/16 tonsofthorns 
11t"Money Talk" Radio Program with Bob Brinker16:11 FOGU20:48 tooluser
135cShould I take possession of a certified mail?06/12 imyeti220:06 TravelGeek
3hVYM ETF Fund VS 3 or 4 fund portfolio.06/15 boyntonstu06/15 TropikThunder
1pWhat are the new CapitalOne ACH limits09:15 Cody09:27 Turbo29
21pnew thinking under 2018 tax law?04/23 jwhitaker18:03 TwstdSista
3hNeed Advice with Portfolio evaluation12:19 aknewark1815:40 TwstdSista
9hPlease critique and help me with my AA2017 nasrullah02:47 TwstdSista
36tAre Bogleheads smarter than the bond market?06/15 tc10110:45 UpperNwGuy
4hVCAIX - shorter term alternatives?06/16 dang106/16 UpperNwGuy
10tApproximating total stock market06/16 teddytimtam20:35 VaR
10pSavings rate to achieve retirement goals?06/15 ChinchillaWhipl06/15 venkman
3hKid's Online Access for Kid's Brokerage Accounts09:16 Rose20:15 Wagnerjb
19cBest tips for starting a new job07:15 Hillview21:14 Wakefield1
121tInteresting video from Ramsey today [How Ramsey Outperforms The Stock Market]06/11 Serie192613:41 WanderingDoc
27tVMMXX-Vanguard Prime Money Market is 55% Yankee/Foreign2016 justinvest19:31 welderwannabe
178cBogleheads, tell me about your 40's?2014 brian201316:39 WestUniversity
2hMultifactor vs. Value ETFs?16:08 Park16:34 whodidntante
58tOh my! Cardone says we need $10m net worth06/15 Serie192616:53 WildcatTofu
32lWisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread2014 LeeMKE06/16 Xrayman69
100pBest Advice You Never Took06/01 BradJ06/16 Xrayman69
156cDocumentaries to recommend?2014 StormShadow15:42 ytm
28hHelp - investor starting later in life06/01 z00b06/15 z00b
139hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer14:25 zeep

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