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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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11tNeed advise to keep investment cost and advisor fee low09/17 InvestVS09/21 afan
1hData Scraping (Again!)09/16 Afieldsmd10:21 Afieldsmd
23hHelp with XPath for ImportXML Google Sheets.2014 NOgmacks10:19 Afieldsmd
5hfiguring out my 401k investments09/21 AHumanInterest01:15 AHumanInterest
14htreating all of investments as one asset allocation pool09/13 OregonDucksFan16:13 alex_686
2tClosed End Funds and Dividend Reinvestment Programs09/20 ChinchillaWhipl09/20 alex_686
36cThinking of selling my car09/20 Calygos09/21 Alexa9
4hAsset Allocation and Consolidation Help09/20 Alibis09/21 Alibis
2795pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy12:34 Allixi
30hHELOC as a bonds replacement for drawing down from in a downturn?09/19 andrew9999903:26 AlohaJoe
6tVanguard MultiFactor fund vs ETF after tax return09/20 Rob't09/20 AlohaJoe
2hSharing Health Coverage with a spouse00:05 jakerm1711:07 AlphaLess
31hTax Loss Harvest (TLH) VWIUX09/13 hudson13:06 am
34tBuying VWIUX Today [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Muni Bond]09/20 Oak&Elm12:55 am
9hSwitching Vxus (tot int vanguard) to ftipx (Fid tot int)09/21 am11:36 am
87lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte21:31 amiller7x7
63cLadies: bra shopping question08/25 mouses09/20 annebert
12cauto/home insurance rates09/19 Dmanse0209/21 annielouise
4hThe Betterment 80/20 savings plan09/20 Doodadooh09/21 aristotelian
10pCredit card spending $2000009/20 OneWorld11109/21 aristotelian
3hVery Basic Investing Question on Portfolio Growth Day-to-Day09/19 bullsdoc09/20 aristotelian
2cApple watch Series 309/21 retire1409/21 Artful Dodger
5cTraveling Outside of US and on Medicare09/20 Jelloanddon09/21 Artful Dodger
4h23 with 130k cash to invest in index funds need help [Australia]09/21 Thinkagain9416:30 asset_chaos
104cAny Instant Pot users here?12/18 Beezthree09/20 av111
46tCommodities have never been cheaper - time to buy?09/09 CULater09/20 azanon
5hInvesting for disabled relative22:24 techszewski11:22 b4real
23cPainting kitchen cabinet09/20 fittan09/21 barnaclebob
9cLooking for best quality indoor security camera09/21 newbie00309/21 Beach
7hRetirement investing help...please09/21 beeej09/21 beeej
23pThoughts on Using Medicare Consultant that is Paid by the Insurers09/21 Small Law Survi11:17 Big Dog
3hRoth TSP, Vanguard, inheritance and early retirement09/17 binary_byzantin09/20 binary_byzantin
12tChase You Invest, is low cost the new default?09/20 cdu720:21 BlackcatCA
7pUmbrella questions10:26 blevine14:44 blevine
81cWhat to wear for job interview - skip the tie?2017 tim199910:59 blevine
10cSports fan trying to cut cable07:56 jimmac909:10 bloom2708
7hPortfolio advice. 3 fund?09/20 Zest09/21 bloom2708
511lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt09/21 bo105954027
487cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater06:50 bob60014
118tUsing Funded Ratio to drive retirement investment plan - Part 1 of Funded Ratio series2017 bobcat209/21 bobcat2
145lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis09/21 bobinberea
737tFidelity Files for Four Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER)08/01 jhfenton09/21 Bodhi312
3hFirst time Asset Allocation - thoughts and feedback appreciated09/21 boglebobble12:33 boglebobble
48pDelaying SS? How Long It Will Take for It to Pay Off?09/16 LSLover12:52 bradpevans
17pPay-off or keep mortgage with 2018 interest deduction changes?09/19 Nowizard09/21 bradpevans
5pHome Equity Line of Credit, keep or close?12:01 bumblebh14:39 bumblebh
26cRecommend a To-do app please.09/21 kayanco03:57 camillus
8hCoverdell ESA Asset Allocation09/18 Wings502:50 camillus
163ciPhone XS Max09/12 Leesbro6313:51 Cash
6pAnyone ever use a career counselor/career coach?09/21 WageSlave14:14 cautious
107pDelaying Social Security Until 7009/15 TinyTim23:30 celia
32cBlackFriday Shopping - what do you usually buy? (other than Christmas gifts)09/20 atlanta_dad12:08 cheese_breath
30tSimple-minded sayings?09/20 libralibra03:12 cheesepep
41pYet another CP2000 for Roth IRA conversion thread04/16 Viking6509/21 Chip
21hThe bond side of my asset allocation ...09:37 ClemsonDad13:39 ClemsonDad
2pOwner of Corporation, how much salary and how much draw?09/21 nriggz16:24 cmb16
1051tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn06:41 columbia
5tBad Investments Within Foundation09/20 Philly_fan09/20 columbia
3hNeed Help Beginning Ignorant and Naive Investor09/20 rowemi109/21 Compound
2pIRS Late payment interest09/21 Cpadave09/21 Cpadave
15cAndroid podcast app that remembers where you are in podcast?09/20 knightrider09/20 CRC301
7hAutomated Roth in plan conversions better than Mega Backdoor to Roth IRA?09/20 crg1109/21 crg11
31cHow to watch baseball playoffs without cable09/18 clemrick09/21 criticalmass
14tIs there any difference? (Re-balancing AA)09/20 fortfun22:45 crumbone
2hUsing Capital Losses to Free Up Headspace for Roth Conversions in 12% Tax Bracket09/20 OffGridder20:42 #Cruncher
4hHow do I allocate social security in retirement?11:00 1937bert14:40 Dandy
30hHigh employer contribution, still max 403b before taxable?09/14 DanEmmy18:08 DanEmmy
13pThank you from a widow15:19 Mintee09:56 David Jay
1pIs HELOC interest deductible in 2018?09/21 sunny_socal09/21 David Jay
5tVanguard ETFs vs Traditional Mutual Funds09/20 EyeDee09/20 Dead Man Walkin
8hTiming vs planning -- what would you do?09/21 DebiT18:32 DebiT
81cBuy-Out BMW Lease / Buy More Practical New Model / Buy Practical Used Model? Help09/18 JustWantToGetIt07:27 dekecarver
25pRate our 5 yr plan and beyond09/20 jehovasfitness09/21 delamer
15hSaving for house down payment with Vanguard VWINX or VSCGX?09/19 spicyoctopus0116:56 dkb140
5cHVAC Options -- Any advice?14:21 blinx7714:49 dknightd
138pConsidering Quitting Job - Seeking Advice. Would you do it?09/15 RW7314:21 dknightd
60cState Farm nickel-and-diming me09/18 thewizzer12:44 dknightd
66cTrue cost of a [dental] implant2014 davidkw12:36 dknightd
42pHow did you decide when to retire?09/15 BarbBrooklyn09:24 dknightd
48pCan I really retire? Please check my math and poke holes.09/18 dknightd09/21 dknightd
94lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam209/21 dknightd
96pOut of network care11/02 Hayden14:10 dm200
44pReverse Mortgages - Pros, Cons09/18 Yellowjacket113:26 dm200
50cWhere do you buy CPAP replacement parts?07/20 genjix17:15 dm200
2pMost Medicare "Cost" plans will convert or go away in 201909/19 dm20009/21 dm200
29pGuaranteed access for Medigap policies09/18 Good Listener09/21 dm200
0cLife insurance and monitoring health09/20 dm200 
11tBuckingham Strategic Wealth #12 on Barron's09/21 davidkw13:46 Doc
99tSLYV vs IJS [SPDR vs. iShares S&P 600 Small Cap Value]10/26 Fryxell09/21 Doc
1cLetter from Signator Investors16:59 Gamma Ray19:01 Duckie
30hIm going to die somewhere between Bankruptcy and $20 million09/20 dvd7e07:11 dvd7e
15p0 - 0.99% APR on auto... would you finance?2016 workingovertime12:37 Earl Lemongrab
125tFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch11:59 Earl Lemongrab
10hRetiring at 55 - regular 401k vs. ROTH 401k....which?09/20 EricLThomp18:41 Earl Lemongrab
1tVanguard research paper; Rising Rates, Flatter Curve09/21 garlandwhizzer09/21 edgeagg
30pWhat is a reasonable fee charged by financial planners?09/18 MBL09/20 edgeagg
3hRoth IRA, ETFs, and Settlement Funds09/21 EggCarton09/21 EggCarton
68pReal estate dropping like a rock in U.K. - can the U.S. be far behind?08/18 CULater18:48 Elysium
31cGalapagos Islands2008 Black Knights09/21 Emilyjane
2hRoth in-plan conversion questions09:37 GuySmiley10:51 ExitStageLeft
13psocial security disability09/19 Enzo IX09/20 Factor1
7hFidelity-Very Negative Experience with Inheritance Services09/18 Spyder5909/21 Finridge
38pEstate Planning Attorney Says Putting tIRA in a Revocable Trust is "Complicated" - True?09/21 Small Law Survi13:55 FIREchief
40pTraveling overseas .. credit cards? cash exchange?09/19 dh14:28 FireProof
1p2018 Fed Taxes Withholding Options23:01 Madbull23:40 FiveK
1hContributing to a Roth IRA, Roth 401(k), and 401(k)09/21 EPCOTCenter198209/21 FiveK
4hLooking for help investing 140k savings09/09 unyc13:17 Flyer24
3688cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36812:50 friar1610
65cMy Very First Smartphone — Please Critique This Plan09/21 iceport14:29 FrugalInvestor
4pImproper Distribution from After-Tax 401k to Roth (Mega Backdoor)17:07 fufgirl07:34 fufgirl
5tMorningstar free "Portfolio Makeover"09/19 Taylor Larimore09/21 galeno
22tI found this informative about the next possible crisis09/10 jayk23809/20 galeno
23tAQR podcast: stocks are not real assets and do not hedge against inflation risk09/21 Lauretta12:19 garlandwhizzer
30cAnother Wifi extender thread09/20 BashDash23:05 Ged
21hTSP to Roth IRA Tax Strategy (Post Retirement)09/17 geobrick13:33 geobrick
5cMySocialSecurity and credit freeze block annoyance09/20 texasdiver09/20 GerryL
1pTax consequence of inheriting international property14:26 mvc14:47 Gill
6hTrust Under Will (TUW)09/19 cruisefan09/20 Gill
52tAre We Headed For A Passive Index Meltdown?09/20 destiny11:27 gmaynardkrebs
142tAge in Bonds - Still Recommended?09/14 Jacobkg09/21 gmaynardkrebs
56cDon't trust Tripadvisor reviews09/20 BogleMelon14:25 Gnirk
3cWhen is it OK to not go through car insurance after you've been hit?10:39 BogleInTraining11:30 gohuskys
18cNeed iPhone case recommendations09/20 SuperSaver15:14 gold99xx
9hHow to fund education for grandchildren: various strategies? Help?10:38 Sandtrap14:32 Good Listener
11tDo vanguard tsm and 500 funds distribute capital gain?09/17 vu819:33 grabiner
30pAnother mortgage repayment thread..09/19 m@ver1ck19:23 grabiner
16tHow likely is it for a corporate bond rated BAA3/BBB to fail?09/19 JimmyJammy09/20 grabiner
6hSavings (Investing) for house07/22 GreenBinary16:26 GreenBinary
11cBattery backup sump pump recommended?09/19 krappei09/20 GrowthSeeker
59pQuicken - Do you use it?05/22 abuss36811:44 Gryphon
8hGetting Started with Rental Property Investments00:44 techszewski13:42 harrychan
6hVGT vs QQQ09/18 sabhen09/20 hdas
14tA bump on the road from active to passive09/21 restingonmylaur12:54 HEDGEFUNDIE
2tMatter-scatter sidebar: sequence of returns in accumulation12:05 nisiprius12:44 HEDGEFUNDIE
14tIs there any active forums/BBS grouping up non-Bogleheads?09/20 bo10595402717:40 Hockey10
7hHelp with HSA fund selection09/19 div19:20 honduranhurrica
27tWhich Funds to Take RMD From2015 CWRadio13:11 inbox788
4tWhy do Schwab fund only pay distributions once a year?12:49 ChinchillaWhipl13:58 indexfundfan
10tBest corporate long-term bond fund09/20 international0018:27 international00
11pWhat is the process for Trustee to sell house?09/21 ionball07:49 ionball
140tVanguard - You'll need to sign up for security codes soon06/12 KlingKlang20:05 ionball
7pHow to handle huge medicare/medicaid premium increases at age 65?09/20 ipo_fin_z20:11 ipo_fin_z
38cHumidity in basement09/14 unclescrooge17:08 jabberwockOG
3cWater filters and vacuum cleaners.08:14 jackal11:33 jackal
13tCan predictions on currency depreciaction be any more accurate than those of the stock market?09/19 Lauretta09:56 JackoC
7hAsset Allocation for Minor ROTH IRAs for Kids Ages 15 & 1309/21 Jajb602912:23 Jajb6029
13hFidelity brokerage account - question about automatic investment09/20 jaypee22:37 jaypee
6pChange Careers -- slower path to retirement04/27 justdreaming11:58 Jazztonight
16tAllocating 1/3 of Investable Assets to Roth Accounts09/21 PFInterest14:44 JBTX
45tFor those who use a 2 year cash(like) buffer, how do you know when to use it?09/21 FrankLUSMC11:21 JBTX
48tWhy Diversify? Why Not 100% Global Stocks2017 richardg12322:15 JBTX
21hSIMPLE IRA salary reduction for wages earned prior to the plan effective date09/20 jc114:30 jc1
7hProposed Retirement Portfolio Critique Solicited09/21 amiller7x701:40 jclear
3290cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:09 jdb
21cGoing to the Everglade. A few questions please.09/13 Faith2087909/20 jdb
93cI need a chainsaw to trim branches and limbs!!09/13 dundee09/20 jdb
0cGabi Insurance09/21 JediMisty 
4cSprint to Tello or something else?08:51 ediekrager09:57 jjface
5hSPY + VB = VTI ?09/21 FootballFan554809/21 johan851
12hQuestion on Vanguard web site: hide fund with 0 balance2013 itworks09/20 Johnnie
4hWhen or is an index to big?09/20 NewTimes09/20 JoMoney
3pQuestion re SS Restricted Application for Benefits09/20 bikechuck09/21 JW-Retired
35cAny Cyclists With a Brooks Saddle?2014 LifeIsGood12:10 kaesler
14hMechanics of IRA Rollover w/ Tax Basis into Employer Plan09/18 PGR18:18 kaneohe refinance ?09/20 Pooswa09/20 Kennedy
7hBuying secondary market TIPS via Vanguard Brokerage16:49 VictoriaF20:56 Kevin M
31tBond Funds vs. Individual Bonds: Can someone quanitfy?09/18 rbrb09/20 Kevin M
59tBonds. Why? (vs. cds)09/18 m@ver1ck09/20 Kevin M
12tTime periods for personal investment10:10 Ron Scott14:26 KlangFool
21pFirst time Salary Negotiations09/11 HardHitter14:09 KlangFool
42hConcerns over funding priority when investing with debt09/18 majiaknight09/20 KlangFool
6h401K - Portfolio Plan Picks09/18 knick7909/20 knick79
4hRolling over IRA and Roth IRAs - allocation advice09/19 krisspteacher18:49 krisspteacher
30hNew to Investing, I feel lost10:54 LifeIsElectric14:46 krow36
49tS&P 500 Forward P/E ratio - Are stocks highly valued?09/20 willthrill8114:08 KyleAAA
27tZero-ER Fidelity Funds [Closed to new investors?]09/20 crumbone10:58 LadyGeek
25tNew [Vanguard] environmental, social, governance (ESG) ETFs09/20 Jeff Albertson18:28 LadyGeek
30pWhole Life vs Universal Life Insurance09/17 cmauss15:46 LadyGeek
26pKid's school brought in Wells Fargo to teach them financial literacy today.09/20 fortfun09/21 LadyGeek
32p[AARP Article re: ID Theft & Dark Web]09/15 carolinaman09/20 LadyGeek
26pLiving trusts and relabeling accounts09/14 edgeagg09:40 Lafder
13hCIT vs. ALLY vs. 36009/21 mikeyzito2214:18 Larry2623
14pNew job offer09/19 lateregistratio09/21 lateregistratio
1hFidelity, Charles Schwab, TD, Other?09/21 Bhairston201814:55 leonidas
44cShould I bother meeting with a Chase Private Client Rep09/19 cdu709/20 letsgobobby
17hPaying off mortgage vs investing?09/19 jb109/21 LiterallyIronic
8hNew job. Need help adding funds to my new 401k18:11 jbuenoo09:13 livesoft
21hWould Stop Orders with ETFs protect against a downturn?09/20 Frznrth09/21 livesoft
2hMassmutual 401k investment selections listed. What's best for me?09/20 EricLThomp09/20 Living Free
18hNewbie with no idea where to invest09/20 eatpraylive09/20 Living Free
1cCharter/Spectrum Mobile and Streaming TV05:25 SagaciousTravel12:59 LMBFlorida
17h[Non-US] Advice on replacing Vanguard FTSE All-World with iShares (MSCI World + MSCI EM IMI)09/20 longvista09/21 longvista
45cBathroom and Basement Remodel Costs09/19 Bacchus0110:56 lthenderson
115cDid you really have something to retire to?09/19 flyingaway14:49 Lynette
24hComplete Beginner to investing, 24 years old12/01 Macro09/21 Macro
3cAnother Mini-split thread.09/20 PinotGris09/21 Magruder
2h409A/Backdoor Roth - Question09/21 Malinois00015:25 Malinois000
1hLeveraged investing using a loan02:29 zarci03:33 market timer
22pPlease help me assess condo purchase and overall finances09/16 Bob_Sacamano09/20 Meg77
5pMy 529 strategy....please pick this apart09/21 jjj8815:35 mervinj7
31pCapital One 360 no beneficiary option04/11 Bhairston201809/21 mervinj7
86t2-Year Treasury Note Auction07/24 Kevin M09/21 MikeG62
4hPortfolio advice09/12 mikeguima09/20 mikeguima
5cYou don't get all the rebates if you take the 0% financing02:24 2comma08:12 Mike Scott
34cExperiences downsizing to single car09/16 seychellois_lib09/20 Mike Scott
168hHow real is cyber risk?09/14 Coato12:46 mikeyzito22
137cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet09/20 Miriam2
48tTSP to Increase Stock Holdings in L Funds09/19 autolycus08:57 MnD
8tS&P sectors are changing09/21 div19:28 Monster99
19hRoth 401k or Traditional?09/20 channtheman23:50 MrBeaver
28phow do/did you teach your kids finances/investing?09/16 bling09/20 MrBeaver
0hNewbie portfolio overhaul14:08 Msdoolittle 
6pACA tax credits09/20 samsdad09/21 munemaker
8cDIY Home Security: SimpliSafe vs Ooma vs Nest vs Ring vs Other?09/20 Saving$09/20 ncbill
154tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid09/20 nedsaid
6hNeed 401k Portfolio asset allocation recommendations - 35yo with 200k.23:52 needadvise113:05 needadvise1
3cConverting Tablespoons to (non-liquid) ounces09/21 newbie00314:59 newbie003
37hSmall cap tilt09/13 BWildt14:45 nisiprius
5hLet's rebalance my young 401k09/20 wabbajack09/21 nolesrule
10hHSA investment plan09/17 Kingside09/21 nolesrule
14hUniversal Life article in WSJ 9/20/1809/20 Boglegrappler17:38 notinuse
12cProposal for Structural Damage09/19 Nova196709/21 Nova1967
13pBest Way to Apply for Social Security Widow Benefits and More09/20 Mintee15:18 ObliviousInvest
17pDad Died - Handling Mom's Finances09/18 LifeLearner09/21 ObliviousInvest
18cFidelity cobrowser??06:59 oldcomputerguy13:21 oldcomputerguy
4covercast is eating up my data plan09/20 Econberkeley09/21 OnceARunner
25cYouTube Home workout vidoes09/20 ThankYouJack15:54 onedayer
13tWatching for Dividend Ex-Date - any tips?09/20 PalmQueen10:51 PalmQueen
45tWhy should bond duration = investment horizon?09/19 Chief_Engineer16:28 patrick013
1hPortfolio Review - (relatively) new to this whole thing12:43 tzatziki14:01 PFInterest
1hCD mutual funds in 401(a)?17:54 dcba555720:44 PFInterest
1pKeep excess deferral in 401k?16:19 chemeng19:20 PFInterest
6hBonds in Taxable Account09/21 son.of.a.lummox16:43 PFInterest
1tLarge Government Retirement Funds09/21 c.coyle09/21 PFInterest
7tBuying Put Options on the S&P 50017:46 BuyAndHoldOn23:22 PHD-2
172cCan Sneakers go with Business Casual?09/08 get_g0ing09/20 PhilosophyAndre
4hStarting Fidelity Roth IRA10:59 aker14:15 Phineas J. Whoo
9hStable Value Similat to What Bond Fund21:24 antiqueman13:58 Phineas J. Whoo
21hAlly Savings vs Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund - Need Advice09/21 Investing.Newbi13:44 Phineas J. Whoo
9hStill haven't made sense of this 50-50 AA situation17:50 Cody13:20 Phineas J. Whoo
3pACA subsidy question09/20 theplayer1109/20 Phineas J. Whoo
7hshould I invest it all now?09/20 LFM09/21 pkcrafter for a refinance?09/17 Pooswa09/20 Pooswa
61cWSJ print edition renwal time - any discounts?09/13 TnGuy10:28 QoolQat
30t401k: Why not only after-tax?09/17 international0010:19 QoolQat
68tWhy do we expect TSM to keep growing?09/12 chase_logi13:18 qwerty3020
7hPortfolio rebalancing advice after small cash windfall09/20 avn210909/20 randomizer
7hBuying brokerage CD with Fidelity09/20 RandomPointer22:58 RandomPointer
2cBacking up Windows 1010:04 AAA13:20 RetiredAL
3hAA Review [Asset Allocation]09:10 bgreen788712:48 retiredjg
16hTraditional TSP and Roth TSP09/19 Vol08:55 retiredjg
16hMedallion Gold Signature12/15 techszewski08:24 retiredjg
17hRequesting portfolio review09/19 Softie17:05 retiredjg
4hHelp: Is it worth it for me to do a Back Door Roth09/20 tonsofthorns09/21 retiredjg
24hDollar cost average funds being transferred to new retirement account?09/16 VA_Investor09/20 retiringwhen
6p1099 estimated taxes09/20 GeoffD09/21 RickBoglehead
27hSo new to all this it hurts!09/14 ClemsonDad09/21 RickBoglehead
8hFirst time six-figure investors2016 Rifampin09/20 Rifampin
53cCredit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?03/13 lazylarry09/20 rj49
26cDeveloper Laptop09/15 SagaciousTravel09/20 roflwaffle
12tLearning How to Value Invest07/31 InvestingInvest11:08 Ron Scott
47hAsset allocation calculator09/16 VA_Investor09/20 Ron Scott
47pMoving to Dallas, how to establish residency09/19 corn1811:40 runner540
6hHelp with 401K fund selection09/19 Ghosh_Bogled16:24 ruralavalon
6845tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill09/21 ruralavalon
8hCD Ladder09/21 BoggledHead214:16 Sandtrap
5pLinking Interactive Brokers (Checking) Account09/20 Carno11:51 saver007
40cDental work and hypertension issue09/18 Zonian5909/21 sfchris
13hPhilanthropy 10109/19 rosebrook09/20 Silk McCue
273tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar17:42 Silverado
2pLLC for Consulting and minimizing personal liability09/20 Stezza09/20 Silver Bullet
12tHas anyone gone to a Retirement Wealth Academy seminar?10:59 1030danielle14:42 sixty40
351lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond13:27 Snowjob
88pTracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 402017 Just_For_Jenna20:34 Snowjob
16pHome away from home09/19 epilnk22:34 SoAnyway
205cWhat is your single most expensive mistake?09/18 bo10595402718:04 SoAnyway
65pShould we temporarily reduce our retirement contributions in order to pay off our $400k mortgage in 7 years?09/19 kelladoo10:34
19pSocial Security Claiming Strategy review09/20 SpideyIndexer01:33 SpideyIndexer
13pACA subsidy for >2% owner in Scorp18:00 theplayer1113:49 Spirit Rider
32pGeneral 2018 Tax Question09/19 ubermax13:16 Spirit Rider
2hToo High Income for Roth - Lower AGI with LLC?23:26 tri dpt09:26 Spirit Rider
5pConverting solo 401k and SEP IRA to 401k with loans and/or early withdrawal09/21 smalltown17:23 Spirit Rider
5tVG Muni Bond Fund Question09/21 SquawkIdent18:32 SquawkIdent
73pHubby soon to be laid off09/20 starfish2608:19 stan1
2cHow to report water utility company overcharging and not providing service?09/21 SeaToTheBay15:54 stan1
66tAre unleveraged real estate returns more comparable to stock market returns or just a notch above inflation?09/19 foodhype13:06 Starfish
102cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner09/20 Starfish
4tWhat book by Keynes is Mr Bogle referring to here?10:06 Lauretta11:26 staythecourse
245tWhen people put all their eggs in the wrong basket2014 zaboomafoozarg09/20 staythecourse
58tPodcast Now Available - Bogleheads On Investing: Episode #1 with John C. Bogle09/14 Rick Ferri15:26 SteadyAsSheGoes
30cDoes your Capital One 360 reimburse international ATM?09/20 kayanco04:56 steadyhand
4lRTP, NC Chapter Meeting 12 Noon Sat Aug 25, 201807/22 Steve Thorpe10:00 Steve Thorpe
4hDid I buy the wrong Treasury?09/20 Startled Cat09/20 stlutz
1tMomentum strategies and implementation costs09/20 GammaPoint09/20 stlutz
23cStereo receiver amp without aux plug or bluetooth ?09/14 bighatnohorse08:15 TANDM
210tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer14:33 Taylor Larimore
8hBond Fund Question05:30 HonBee12:12 Taylor Larimore
2hESGV and VSGX17:46 prince18:45 Taylor Larimore
3pHelping set up my companies 45709/20 AkwardDoct@rd09/21 tenkuky
2hLooking for a modest, steady, tax efficient ETF08:35 Bwlonge08:48 terran
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