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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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999 new posts and replies over 150 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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9t21 AUG 2017 solar eclipse's effect on volume of USA stock market trading08/19 S17C00:39 123
16cHow do you watch movies? (Theater, online streaming, DVD, etc.)08/20 OkieIndexer19:36 3dream3
39pThoughts on Chase for everyday banking2015 TxAg08:55 3dream3
39pAccidental landlord turning to for sale by owner04/17 BashDash06:04 8foot7
9pHelp with trust / spendthrift in-law08/18 pakcer06:51 afan
2h401k after-tax contributions and a Vanguard Roth IRA rollover13:12 AppreciateLife17:07 Alan S.
56pHow to get a job as a software developer?2015 yellowgirl18:12 Angelus359
8tUSAA Closing my Roth - Question on Account Closing Fee08/18 Righty06:10 azanon
18c"Structured" Flip Flops, Slides08/18 azurekep13:34 azurekep
14hNew to 401k. How is this Match?08/19 ReedMan17:41 bada bing
61tIBonds: My worst bond investment over the last 5 years08/19 jdilla110719:35 beardsworth
114pI own no international stocks. Can you guess why?10:43 Taylor Larimore06:23 bilperk
1h401k/Taxable account assistance wanted21:04 KCRoyals23:55 BL
25cLastpass anyone use it?06/11 squirm07:09 blueman457
9csheets for older, thinner mattresses?08/19 BogleFanGal11:56 BogleFanGal
2pGift Question - Combine Gift w/Repay of Short Term Loan22:03 boglesmkcents22:30 boglesmkcents
133pAnyone planning on never retiring?08/16 Muri07:06 BV3273
2pQuestions about trust17:09 retire1418:14 CABob
7cSeal off rooms that are not used?16:54 gasdoc20:26 Candor
8pHow to Undo Backdoor Roth Completely08/19 John_Smith07:11 cherijoh
51cLittle P**S Ants08/17 invst6507:07 cherijoh
3pStarting my career on the right foot19:40 error06:46 cherijoh
1cYour opinion on [a tower fan]04:40 parigi72307:12 Church Lady
2hBitcoin Cash (BCC) - Best Wallet, Exchange, etc.12:59 Gauss4416:35 curiouskitty
33tBoston Globe: Smart Investors May be Killing Capitalism08/19 Small Law Survi07:00 Da5id
3cBest internet provider in Boston?20:27 bigguy843707:12 Dantes
1hNon USA Person- Need help picking equity ETFs12:31 DaringStar22:32 DaringStar
6cWine pairing08:52 Barefootgirl20:34 daveydoo
18pReal estate vs stock market returns: some unbiased numbers08/19 deanmoriarty12:31 deanmoriarty
12pContractor job - what type of entity?08/12 petebogle00:41 denovo
2hInherited AXA annuity14:47 Determined20:44 Determined
4hBuying NZX Stock [New Zealand Stock Exchange]08/19 BamBamBam09:12 DetroitRick
3tPlaintiffs win Tibble v Edison (re: lower fees in 401k's)08/18 ResearchMed12:55 dkturner
39tXIRR - Non-reinvested dividends08/13 JustinR10:46 Doc
2h401k Allocating/Shielding and Time Horizons plus Circuit City09:38 pc9511:26 Dottie57
33cKitchen knife set. Good quality - Recommendations08/19 ram00:42 dratkinson
97cLED light bulbs08/02 ediekrager09:10 dratkinson
1pWhat it means to be acquired by a holding company?12:21 chuppi12:43 drk
4p529 plan tax deduction08/20 bulbul09:24 Erwin007
4cSelling on Ebay - one time event15:06 Dottie5721:53 F150HD
174hLost $7000 today in ONE DAY!08/17 Alex GR20:40 Fallible
10pMUST my employer ensure I do not over-contribute to my 401k?08:07 neurosphere06:31 FedGuy
20cFrozen steaks ordered through the mail08/19 Barefootgirl17:36 gasman
1cRecommendations for nanny/internal home cameras08/12 Gemini10:59 Gemini
10hDollar cost averaging on withdrawals?08/20 riverrchic14:43 Goal33
11hOptimizing Roth/Traditional in mixed account08/17 TinkerPDX20:03 grabiner
61h30,000 in Checking Account08/14 GridironGems17:52 GridironGems
5hSeeking Advice on Simplifying Large Taxable Retirement Portfolio17:07 grilli21:03 grilli
7pComing up with plan08/18 headingboogle20:59 headingboogle
15hGood time to invest in gold?11:31 ascension18:46 Helo80
13cPossible January trip to Naples, Italy / Amalfi Coast14:26 rjbraun01:31 HongKonger
12cHome Theater Help08/19 athan18:52 htdrag11
12pAdvantages of Having No Credit Score16:07 cnblure21:12 Hyperborea
13cDental Insurance/Costs08/20 BSucre01:19 IMO
14c2018 Merc S560, 2018 Lexus LS500 Discounts?08/20 msk06:24 Incendiary
3tUnrated municipal bonds18:24 jbolden151705:31 in_reality
13hInvestments that Colleges Don't Count Against You.08/18 Vermont Farmer13:28 Jack FFR1846
2hQuestion about type of account at Fifelity20:09 LouMan67605:35 jbolden1517
14hBe careful with Passive Index ETFs11:40 Sunsolar03:28 jbolden1517
36cSafe car for wife and baby12:32 Triple digit go07:02 just frank
15tHSA, Medicare retroactivity & SS File Restricted and Suspend04/26 EHEngineer15:07 JW-Retired
13hIntroduction and a Question: IRA vs 401k Tax benefits08/18 Kae00620:53 Kae006
78hplease I overextended - first home08/15 jezo20:52 Kae006
147cIs it worth it? [demanding jobs vs time with family]08/17 vk821618:40 keith6014
7hHelp: Old Employer 403b to Roth IRA Total Contributions for Year10:14 kilkoyne12:47 kilkoyne
259pKF's Worst Case Retirement Plan [KlangFool's]06/02 KlangFool15:49 KlangFool
13pOther financial sites worth reading10:10 DireStraits05:15 KSOC
74pObamaCare 201808/10 munemaker18:19 LadyGeek
85cDUI lawyer - need advice08/18 Michread13:26 LadyGeek frontpage: view first unread post in topic ?2016 triceratop08:53 LadyGeek
69t"Vanguard fund shareholders encouraged to vote as proxy campaign gets under way."08/14 gkaplan07:26 LadyGeek
9tHow Might Bogle View Proxy Vote Prop 7? Here's a Hint.08/18 iceport07:23 LadyGeek
145lBogleheads Los Angeles meetings2015 rocko00:45 Lanseril
6pIn retirement how much drawdown from savings is needed to generate $150k/year in expenses?08/19 Luckywon11:57 Luckywon
44hCancer at 38. Going from high income to no income. Need help generating income from $5m portfolio08/16 ZbnkInvestor11:47 Luckywon
1h401H Info12:03 RRAAYY312:23 mhalley
3h32yo Australian - New Investor Seeking Advice08/07 Kallak02:37 Miriam2
13hSeeking Non-Retirement Portfolio Help08/19 Kae00600:17 Miriam2
6hPlay money bet gbtc (bitcoin etf)08/19 am14:35 mnaspbh
28cWeightlifting Equipment for Home Gym08/19 Alexa923:00 monkey_business
2867cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:25 MoonOrb
104pJobs that pay over $100,00008/18 indexonlyplease19:47 MotoTrojan
14hwhere do I put the proceeds of my house sale?08/19 mpguy3408:17 mpguy34
6hRecent Residency Graduate Seeking Assistance Graduating from Lifecycle Funds14:46 pulps22:24 Mudpuppy
12hTeacher 403(b) signup - any tips?08/19 cockersx322:20 Mudpuppy
9cHelp Painting Wood.08/19 emanuel_v1916:43 Mudpuppy
74tHow I use I-ORP, and who shouldn't05/11 LeeMKE22:25 munemaker
84hTIAA Traditional Annuity as sole fixed income component2015 classicjazzfan09:47 need403bhelp
7cRunning a fundraiser/raffle13:53 BV327316:43 neilpilot
2pLLC + tax deductions19:50 zonester07:06 neurosphere
2hNewB Investor needs advice on asset allocation and execution18:24 NewB8921:03 NewB89
8hPortfolio asset allocation for a retiree08:36 diyinvestor05:51 Nodrog
23pShould we sell our Home to Mother-in-law?08:11 SuperSaver16:01 NotWhoYouThink
5cFree computer support?08/19 parigi72306:35 Nyc10036
105pCapital One $400 bonus for new checking account06/15 sunny_socal08:11 ny_knicks
3p1035 exchange WL-> Fidelity annuity, tax ramifications?17:45 simas19:16 ofckrupke
16ttoo much money in indexes?2015 petej06:36 packer16
5pis yodlee moneycenter dead?08/19 guarana18:58 Pajamas
57pReverse Mortgage Considerations06/15 dm20012:33 patngordo
8tDynamic risk management and dynamic correlation adjustments08/20 jbolden151721:29 patrick013
87tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox00:25 Phineas J. Whoo
11pLeveraging minority ownership into healthcare?08/19 WalkingTessie18:04 Phineas J. Whoo
25tHelp with my understanding of bond funds & efficient market hypothesis08/16 need403bhelp14:18 Phineas J. Whoo
0cIssues with Contractor for Water Damage22:02 PlaidPolarbear 
40tJapanese Bubble Burst 198908/19 matthewmatt07:04 protagonist
4c"Forget Tough Passwords: New Guidelines Make It Simple"20:58 gkaplan23:40 protagonist
76tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 Simplegift21:00 protagonist
12pUse of VanguardAdvantage Visa Debit Card at Foreign ATMs for Cash Withdrawals08/19 pubman22:20 pubman
10cHVAC scam?12:26 CedarWaxWing19:21 renue74
5pAdding a 2nd Mortgage vs Combining into one new note07:56 astrohip19:05 renue74
21pAfter Tax 401K Contributions Advice08/19 sf2sv16:53 retiredjg
5hVanguard advisors08/20 curo12:20 retiredjg
2hbest strategies for income now retired for 2 months09:42 sil201710:08 retiredjg
8hTiming of Converting Taxable Stock Fund to Bond Fund for Retirement08/19 msheald08:09 retiredjg
13hAccumulation phase: Roth vs Traditional IRA?08/18 graphite0107:48 retiredjg
0lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter09:35 RetiredMarine 
18hAdjusting AA as retirement nears08/20 Barefootgirl07:14 rkhusky
19cTrip to Banff / Lake Louise / other places08/12 Rob5TCP19:32 Rob5TCP
21pLeasing a vehicle08/13 Gamma Ray14:16 RosieQ
31cIs it difficult to transfer website to different hosting company?2015 fsrph07:10 Rowan Oak
33tIrrational Despair?08/18 DomDangelina21:12 RudyS
13cBest place to sell my used iPhone?08/19 motorcyclesarec08:25 runner3081
26hWhat to do with divorce settlement05/24 bigguy843707:48 runner540
2tInventions That Changed the Modern Economy--"And John Bogle sets up Vanguard [the first index mutual fund for individual09:08 MFInvestor09:55 ruralavalon
154cHow far would you travel to see The Eclipse?08/11 weltschmerz23:21 rvs323
20pRoth Conversion 5yr Holding Period?08/16 goingup14:48 ryman554
17hWhere to park emergency fund to beat inflation?15:02 CUDAcores8920:38 sapphire96
2tDoes Market-Cap Growth Benefit All Shareholders?17:02 Simplegift22:16 Simplegift
43pChipping away at the mortgage07/20 bbrock15:33 SJR
11cConstruction Pros08/19 stemikger11:56 staythecourse
19hNeed a high risk option for $25008/17 jwhiteker12:38 stella
21cSoliciting personal recommendations for a Barcelona trip08/13 Swampy06:34 Swampy
0pQuick question about deductibility of interest on refi to buy out co-owner11:14 Tamarind 
210t2017 hedge fund contest12/30 BackOfTheNet10:28 Tanelorn
14cSchool District Quality13:26 ENT Doc06:49 Taz
24pPension Survivor Benefit or Life Insurance -teenage daughter08/16 sheriffwoody08:19 Teague
7cPoker Software08/18 kommisarrex11:36 tech_arch
2h1M USD net worth, 60K USD annual expenses [UK]15:39 Omar197317:41 TedSwippet
5pCFP vs MBA with focus in finance/management during career transition08/19 OSUmountaineer10:38 TheNightsToCome
11tIVLU for international value exposure [iShares Edge MSCI Intl Value]08/18 grabiner17:56 Theoretical
28pPay off mortgage or taxable account08/18 sojirovs21:34 ThePrince
375pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy10:55 timmy
11pNew job will lump sum me over HSA limit08/19 engineer428615:26 tj
1hWhich DAF allows you to grant from a selected investment?21:27 mgensler21:48 Tyler Aspect
11tBond fund SEC yield08/18 AAA20:38 VaR
50hShould I rollover an existing IRA to my current 401K account?07/01 vbn01:30 vbn
1hTaxable account recommendation00:23 sojirovs02:34 venkman
2h529 contribution and AA08/19 wasaver19:29 wasaver
57cNon-fiction bucket list08/17 Nectarineman14:36 windrose
2524cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:53 Zott

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