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8p Roth conversion 1099-R modeling?  10:29Quark13:30Alan S.
5h Over 50. What is the retirement plan contribution limit for 2017?  17:52island07:24albanytexan
88t "Millennials may need to double how much they save for retirement"  page: 201/13Rainmaker4108:46alfaspider
19h Correcting mistake of VWENX in taxable acct  15:41Logan507:14aristotelian
12h Help me decide if I should Invest or Payoff Loans?  01/11line1260skr20:30aristotelian
12h Getting out of a high expense fund (without screwing up)  12:52fester16:18aristotelian
9h VTSAX or 457 -- Which choice is better and why?  01/14EHoops13:34aristotelian
9h Help Me, I'm Swiss: Diversifying Portfolio to non-US  01/10NexusGVA01:08ATope
7h Newbie question on portolio asset class rebalancing.  09:09Sandtrap15:12avalpert
8c Doing email with a Chromebook  09:23AAA16:15azurekep
99t What is the Bogleheads position on Long-term successful daytraders?  page: 206/29K8ya16:25bantam222
11h Need Major AA advice.  01/11BashDash09:45BashDash
12p HSA Contribution [Maximum allowable?]  01/03diehard15:40bberris
1c Best Travel Alert App/Sites - Flight/Hotel Costs  13:04HardHitter13:54BeneIRA
58h Dollar-Cost-Average over HOW MANY years?  page: 201/13MikeT07:22benualson
300p Picking College and College Scholarships  page: 2 3 4 5 6 707/06timmy21:41Big Dog
284p Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 4 5 62012BigFoot4807:55BigFoot48
2p Setting Withdrawals from Converted Roth in Retiree Portfolio Model  13:37cgrinst114:51BigFoot48
9p Inherited annuity & Ira  06:27Karl77307:58BL
10h Setting up my Vanguard ROTH IRA - 23 y.o. -- How many funds should I use?  11:56ceej18:23BL
5h Fidelity 3 Fund Portfolio?  01/12gr707010:40blastoff
90l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 22014grabiner09:32bobcat2
13t VBR higher p/e than VTI & lower growth  12/20investorguy121:57boglerdude
1p Lease vs. Buy - Car  06:05rakornacki106:26bottlecap
3h Evaluating 2016 Retirement Investment - Planning for 2017  16:48HardHitter02:19brad.clarkston
6p Pay down mortgage or leave in ROTH IRA  20:49warowits01:55brad.clarkston
4h HSA Investment Option Advice  13:52csage18:56brad.clarkston
2h TIPS and/or "stable value" fund in bond allocation  01/14WallyBird18:28brad.clarkston
19c Streaming TV for Elderly Parents  11:12boglesmkcents05:18BrianMc
60p Is driving for uber worth it for side money?  page: 201/05Nasman17:39bsteiner
4h Oops...Stuck with 100% Equities in Taxables!!  01/14Vg55Fan21:03btenny
4h Sectarian / Minnesota Life VAL Policy Mutual Funds  01/15buythefarm11:37buythefarm
19p Out of town mechanic botched fix  13:40covertfantom08:15Calhoon
2h Advice on dividend reinvestment and tax-loss harvesting  16:35Calygos17:06Calygos
12c Online legal service/form - simple will?  13:45Radjob4me07:06carolinaman
9p wisdom of converting most TIRA to Roth  01/14RustyShacklefor23:38celia
95t Investing only after a market correction  page: 201/12gilgamesh23:26Chadnudj
58t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 201/13duffer08:34chatbotte
15c What is that gas / fume smell from furnace?  01/15Micmh12:59cherijoh
7p Estimated tax payment: mechanism, etc.  01/13AQ21:41chicagoan23
22p Daring to figure it out for myself: Dare I retire this year?  01/09Church Lady18:32Church Lady
122p Fidelity free Turbotax  page: 2 311/23Hayden15:55Church Lady
19p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  01/10batpot06:16Cigarman
2p Still celebrating the small financial victories  15:43Mudpuppy16:13Clever_Username
6h Friend is accidentally in Roth phase-out  01/14Clever_Username10:51Clever_Username
31c Door lock actuators: am I getting fleeced?  08/29coalcracker15:38cockersx3
4h Investing help for 22 year old  10:45mxw2211:38Compound
48c Laundry lifestyle creep  01/07abonder20:24criticalmass
77c Best DNA genealogy testing kits  page: 22016Petrocelli02:00Cruise
4p Medigap Plans in Virginia  01/15retire1409:26CWRadio
7h Emergency Fund in Series I Savings Bonds  16:22manifold06:46Dandy
6h case study- roth 403b, roth, ira, taxable, investing priorities?  19:48dandypandys20:23dandypandys
2064c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 422014Alex Frakt19:58Dantes
2p Full tuition assistance vs pension -- what should I do?  09:49doss10:25dbltrbl
43h Value of House in Planning for Retirement  01/14delrinson08:56dbr
5c Collision Avoidance Systems  08:04Goodman6008:24dbr
7t The gulf between MOM fund returns and MOM factor returns  15:57garlandwhizzer08:40dcabler
17p FL prepaid plan(4-Year Florida University Plan)  01/08tampaite13:28DidItMyWay
39c what local pharmacy?  01/13mouses08:42dm200
27h WA state 529 program (GET) change worth it?  2015SunnySeattle15:38dnv1971
8h Can you exchange a 401k into a traditional ira  16:13Mr.BB07:39Dottie57
12c Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker? (or similar)  17:48Barefootgirl07:15Dottie57
43c Recommendations for home paper shredder  01/14Swansea06:10dratkinson
26p Help with taxes  01/14drmoneytails06:08drmoneytails
2h Just Married: Consolidate and Simplify AA  01/14rl318:30Duckie
4h Four 401k Fund Options - Need Advice  17:43dudeman13519:53dudeman135
10h Roth 401k Withdrawl / Match Question - Home Down Payment  01/15dudeman13515:13dudeman135
235t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 511/10Taylor Larimore06:39eucalyptus
32t What gets cheap when the dollar gets strong  12/25boglerdude10:12F150HD
4h Need confirmation/help on first time tax filing for investing  01/15ff493012:20ff4930
74t Why not put it all in TIPS?  page: 201/14Dimitri16:00FIREchief
1h 401k vs Roth IRA Allocation  21:32DrShoeses02:32Fishing50
30h thoughts about financial advisors comments regarding roth 401k  01/11lazylarry10:32FiveK
10c Home Theater Projector  10:07A-Commoner19:48Flashes1
104p Sallie Mae Rewards MC being discontinued  page: 2 312/14Eurookat04:50flroots
10p How am I doin?  20:05Slime08:55flybynite
33p is a 401k loan always terrible?  12:47jsa30708:37flybynite
11h Advice on next steps - taxable account and portfolio  2015MechEngOSU16:08flybynite
13t Help with Retirement Projection Assumptions  01/12accbh12:13flyingaway
2p auto retirement withdrawals  13:46frequentT17:55FRANK2009
91c Where do you buy coffee beans?  page: 212/08Morik10:19Freddy
52h $600,000. Now what?  page: 201/11brownsfan2k508:11Frisco Kid
7h Removing excess IRA contribution  01/10Gamma Ray23:37Gamma Ray
957p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2005/25guitarguy21:07giesen5
3h HSA trade  01/15reyarey19:30grabiner
29p NJ sales tax reduced from 7% to 6.875%; NJ estate tax exclusion amount increased to $2 million  01/08bsteiner11:07grabiner
54h Pre-pay mortgage vs Taxable?  page: 212/21Que199910:50grabiner
6p Way to turn off credit card applications?  09:32regfman22:59Gray
11h Where is the best place to keep a 529, and a new member question.  18:28GregLily0721:49GregLily07
130p Best Financial Moves You've Made  page: 2 301/09cashisking50011:14GregLily07
5p Buying out another person's interest in shared property  22:11Ciel23:30Gropes & Ra
4h 25 year old - Investing for Tomorrow Tips  11:24BlancoJordan12:46Grt2bOutdoors
14p locum work for docs, physician recruiters and so on - advice?  09:35Herekittykitty08:45Herekittykitty
19t List of possible investments  01/15Raybo00:04honduranhurrica
2h Suggestions for my portfolio [Italy Investor]  18:29Seboz04:31ignition
12h Euro and asian stocks  01/14jbonne8404:15ignition
2p Application/service for personal finance situation tracking  01/07interestedParty14:12interestedParty
2h Portfolio feedback/advice  01/08interestedParty10:45interestedParty
5h No company 401k. Already max Roth. Now what?  20:08UnLearnYourself22:22jafcorrea
14p Paying off mortgage  09:55Karl77321:33JamesSFO
2h How to AA with 401k and Roth Ira  01/14jimmac912:13jimmac9
5h Portfolio Review - 35 year old novice  01/14johnsmithsf20:23johnsmithsf
13p What happens to withholdings if I put 90% into 401k?  02/17Olav214:46johnubc
56t Flagship Reps  page: 201/14Bonnan02:01JoinToday
34p Let's say you are dying this year  01/13letsgobobby22:40JosephineP
38c Teeth whitening  01/09retire1407:41JPH
3p Separating Employee and Independent Contractor Business Expenses  19:17jpn50123:37jpn501
18h New to bogleheads  09:59Karl77306:37Karl773
10h Help with retiremet accounts  01/06kazcaid12:18kazcaid
4h VPAS  18:48Nthomas19:12kenner
5h Choice of bond fund  15:45SpartanBull16:47kenner
2p Amended return question  12:26john7713:36kenschmidt
2h Few questions..  17:11Kingtriton1017:59Kingtriton10
42p Does it sound like my employer trying to push me out?  09:09nitro421408:38KlangFool
6h 2016 I-401K employer contribution amount  10:10KlangFool12:19KlangFool
41t Retired, expenses covered but still growing portfolio, why?  09:02TheTimeLord07:57KlingKlang
7h Intermediate Bond Fund/ETF for Fixed Income AA  14:46maniminto23:43lack_ey
19t A look at funds managed by the Vanguard Quantitative Equity Group (VUVLX, VSEQX, VSTCX, VMNFX, VMNVX, VASFX, VPGDX)  12/31lack_ey13:17lack_ey
1t Vanguard muni distributions by state  11:35Quark20:27LadyGeek
5p Trying to Understand HSA [Health savings account]  01/14SpartanBull18:55LadyGeek
10h Asset allocation Help - 34 yrs old  01/12DEMONDEACS0518:34LadyGeek
2c Chicago's new soda tax  10:46michaeljc7011:07LadyGeek
1114t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232015Yesterdaysnews07:51larryswedroe
30p Landlord for first time - tips and things to know?  11/28UnLearnYourself06:12Liberty1100
1c Durable photo printer ?  02:43madbrain06:33LifeIsGood
7p Maxing out Tax Free accounts  07:59beerloin08:42livesoft
45h Cardinal Sin - went to cash the day before 2016 election  01/14darthA1708:34livesoft
1f Alert That One Forum Member Posted?  13:53Lieutenant.Colu14:15livesoft
12c Washing Machines  01/14Goodman6012:24Lovely Rita
18p Obamacare question.  12:16miles monroe03:01madbrain
16h Suggestions for Low Duration Bond Fund  11:20maniminto17:54maniminto
13t Liquidity risk/funding risk and are they rewarded  01/13larryswedroe10:54matto
2p Limiting retirement contributions?  12:03Minou3312:26Meg77
25c Google Chromecast  2013porcupine10:32michaeljc70
10p Health insurance and LLC  01/14boglebrain14:06MikeG62
54c Insurance company "outdoor steps need a railing"  page: 22015TheGreyingDuke17:46miles monroe
0p Who here owns a small business?  15:17Minou33  
2h ADP 401k Allocation help  01/12sloteke23423:07Miriam2
186l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 42010niteowls11:36Miriam2
182p Bank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards  page: 2 3 42014navyitaly22:16MisterBill
51h To those with a pension...  page: 201/09Admiral08:54MnD
64p Fidelity Rewards Visa 2% cash back  page: 208/12TxAg11:41mptfan
37h social security calculation  01/12Admiral11:18mptfan
21h Non-resident alien in Uruguay, which broker to choose for US investment?  01/11rogergaret11:44msk
12c Dishwasher Maintenance  01/12Leesbro6316:47Mudpuppy
106c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz19:42munemaker
25p Timing of Roth IRA conversion  12/10Namashkar00:25Namashkar
126t Shouldn't everyone do a traditional IRA/401k instead of a Roth?  page: 2 301/13JustinR02:58Nate79
45t leverage and beating the market  2015privatefarmer19:21Nathan Drake
1t "Navigating (Potential) Closures"  01/04Taylor Larimore09:50nedsaid
4p IRA for spouse treated as US resident for tax purposes  15:15need403bhelp08:15need403bhelp
11c Where to get HID (Xenon) kit?  17:21BogleMelon23:11Nekrotok
28p Why nobody understands importance of high-deductible insurance?  13:55knightrider08:31nisiprius
2h Vanguard Total World Stock question  07:14MusicBiz108:02nisiprius
34p Vanguard vs. Fidelity [Customer Service Reputation]  01/14nbseer17:34nisiprius
64h How to politely fire my financial advisor  page: 201/10Armando16:46noco-hawkeye
9h Advice on Retirement Savings  14:57bogglek3sh4v16:27noco-hawkeye
8p HDHP vs [HDHP + HMO(dependant on partner's plan)]  22:53zenb05:51nps
4h U.S. citizen in Japan  01/08orcrist07:22orcrist
8h 28yr old newbie playing catch up  19:19wanderwoman22:27Pajamas
1t Different asset allocations in retirement?  16:12MickeyBoy16:37patrick013
45t Bogle says 50-50 short/intermediate bonds  01/12McGilicutty13:19patrick013
18p ROTH conversion calculator to minimize RMDs?  01/12frankyo17:47Peter Foley
10t Who understands REITS?  11:06Johnnie20:19pkcrafter
21f Bogleheads is back!  01/01smartinwate20:48Quark
6p Forming a new company (LLC?)  17:35iridium_red08:40renue74
3h Which Bond Fund  07:03ny_rn08:30retiredjg
4h Limited Fund offering in 401K  15:16ulladulla2808:09retiredjg
6h Do Roth or After-Tax-converted-to-Roth 401k contributions count against the Roth IRA contribution limit?  09:51radnor18:35retiredjg
21t 3 Vanguard Funds That Are Taking on Water  01/15davidkw20:36rkhusky
6h Asset Location at the 15% tax bracket?  01/14jmk20:27rkhusky
14t Mathematics of international asset allocation  01/14gordoni208:52Rodc
82p What monetary value has your education provided you?  page: 201/06miamivice08:35Rodc
19p Should people own 2 cars for themselves?  01/14Derivative08:25Rodc
120c How much do you typically spend in a restaurant?  page: 2 301/12vveat07:56Rodc
1p New Ameritrade Client Rewards CC?  15:35Barefootgirl15:54rongos
67h Ally Bank - Is this a safe/best place to stash some cash?  page: 201/05fishandgolf15:14rongos
6p Debt repayment strategy  08/17rutgers0708:40rutgers07
6p 2016 W2 shows state wages for states I neither worked nor lived in  01/14cadreamer201508:49ryman554
7h Safe cutoff of after tax contributions  17:42hammond08:11ryman554
3h Interest rate hedged bond etf — too good to be true?  01/15retiringtype09:48saltycaper
0h When to annuitize?  22:35samjuno  
37h Advice on Vanguard Managed Payout Fund (VPGDX) vs ??  12/24Sandtrap16:48Sandtrap
2h TLH Question [Tax Loss Harvesting]  11:22johnnysidestree23:09sco
3h "Time in Market" versus small purchase lots?  01/14NeophyteCA22:28sco
14h HSA: Connect Your Care investment options?  11/27sco13:05sco
7h Basic Boglehead conversion help!  15:42Delta108:17SGM
234l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter  page: 2 3 4 52014siamond16:25siamond
29c How High is Your TV?  13:19maxq07:43SimonJester
1p Medical Career Advice  16:10David198617:05smitty1515
50h google spreadsheet function, 'GoogleFinance'  page: 22012vandizzle19:33sperry8
1t 457 contribution influence or treated separate from SEP/ROTH?  04:12chipperd07:01Spirit Rider
13p Retiring - "not subject to tax" 401K funds  01/14diy6006:34Spirit Rider
23h I401k Employer Portion limit 20% or 25% of income  01/14SpartanBull19:17Spirit Rider
1p 2016 Highly Compensated Employee?  12:26BobDaBlob14:38Spirit Rider
6c Best Flight Deals  15:57artgerst07:46SRenaeP
7p Proof of income for ONLY Roth IRA Conversions (ACA 2017)  11/01susa03:07susa
2t Morningstar review of 2016  01/15davidkw10:25Svensk Anga
42p Vanguard on finding a dead person's password  01/15tadamsmar05:09tadamsmar
22t Google finance performance comparison tool  2015Baltimoran8423:30Tamales
72p New Amazon Prime card, no annual fee, 5%(!) back on Amazon purchases  page: 201/11tampaite19:37tampaite
10t Do you manually do bookkeeping for all your investments by yourself?  01/15JustinR08:02Tanelorn
4h Moving Money Around With An IRA  01/14tchasteen22:20tchasteen
1c streaming amazon videos on HP Chromebook  15:55sarahjane16:16telemark
21h Amazon???  01/13retiredwrench21:05TF Hutch
17t 100% equities in Roth part of portfolio?  01/13MickeyBoy08:28TheGipper
322c What are Costco's best deals?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72015mr_scaramanga06:43TheGreyingDuke
59t institutional herding in corporate bonds and liquidity issues-beware ETFs in this space  page: 201/11larryswedroe15:48Theoretical
26p New vs. Used Car Purchase  01/13Mom 2 Groms14:54tim1999
5h Portfolio Review/Critique  17:15TomatoBoy07:42TomatoBoy
2261c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462014abuss36816:46travellight
9h Colombian digital nomad living in Germany: Is a Schwab One or an HSBC integrated pers. investment account a good idea?  01/12jamismo04:47TroyMcClure
153t "Why 97% of People Don't Use 529 College Savings Plans."  page: 2 3 42014Taylor Larimore14:53trueblueky
156t ... "The Coolest Portfolio Tool on the Web"?  page: 2 3 42015scottj1970710:35Tyler9000
29h Installment loan to boost credit score.  12/03Uncle Pennybags19:29Uncle Pennybags
8p Relocating to Berlin upon retiring. Please critique my plan.  01/14Eat3302:59Valuethinker
28p Receipts [Retaining purchase receipts]  01/14abuss36810:25Wagnerjb
17h Mother's Recent Death: Helping Father with Retirement  01/11franchesco20:14Wakefield1
26p How variable is your total income (5 year history)?  03/13betterfinances06:16walkindude
6c Sudden alternator corrosion... And Prevention/Protection?  01/13batpot23:30wander
27c Upgrade or just buy new? [Computer]  01/14lucky320:15wander
13h Sinning with non-USA bank USD CDs  18:38galeno08:28Watty
0h 40 year old newbie - portfolio review and advice  23:44WharfRat  
2h How should I Invest my inheritance?  03:11MichaelScott1406:16why3not
2h newly acquired portfolio feedback  22:25soldano05:46why3not
178p Your Retirement Number, or, calculating the funding ratio  page: 2 3 412/18bobcat220:20Wildebeest
27c How to improve my income as software lead/manager?  12/22ghudson08:47wrongfunds
14h SWSSX Schwab Small-Cap Index Fund®  01/11zig2523:55zig25

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