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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1615 new posts and replies over 217 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
3pNeed help with kiddie tax (form 8615) to estimate AGI & Tax11/14 47Percent10:20 47Percent
10tWithhold-to-Cover method for RSU grant11/15 GuyFromGeorgia11:12 Afty
40pDeceased year RMD of inherited IRA2013 livesoft12:46 Alan S.
1hQualified Account Allocation Guidance11/13 Senior Miguel19:46 alec
1tMM fund interest starts on what date?14:11 zeugmite14:24 alex_686
5tLooking For Charts Based On Total Return2017 runnerguy13:24 alex_686
3tShould I expect 4 funds to perform better than 2 funds?01:30 Simple Simon11:17 alex_686
1tVGCIX (and newly released funds in general)06:18 dalbright07:24 alex_686
17cDo You Backup Your Phone Locally? How?11/03 iceport09:33 Alexa9
88hI can't take this anymore=) I'm selling stocks and buying bonds!11/13 Alex GR14:42 Alex GR
16pPPO or HSA11/14 l1am14:48 alter
3pMarried HDHP; one HSA or two?20:10 naj8914:29 alter
30cwhich snow blower ?15:41 lmea10:32 alter
7hTax-Exempt Bond Funds Kicking Off Capital Gains11/14 animule21:33 animule
3hMove money from VG Total Bond Market Index Fund into TIAA Traditional?16:05 NYC Retiree10:04 aristotelian
305pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee2017 indexfundfan08:01 aristotelian
31tIf riskier than US, why doesn't international outperform?07:10 samsdad12:14 asif408
17cNeed advice on (2) jackets.06:51 Keepcalm14:51 averagedude
29pCredit Card for International Travel04/28 Axtremus01:53 Axtremus
14cAre gift cards for fund raising worth it?10:11 Calico14:29 b0B
40prule of thumb for using HSA funds?11/13 feh18:52 Bacchus01
34pTransfer funds from Schwab to Vanguard2016 bigguy843715:38 Bacon+Beans
5pIncompetent home inspector - what to do?14:27 novembre14:59 barnaclebob
0tNews: Vanguard rolls out HSA's13:14 Barry Barnitz 
13hNY 457/Settlement Advice10/31 drayno200106:20 BashDash
4pWho pays taxes on interest on EE bonds11:54 bbb14:15 bbb
12hWhat are the upsides / downsides of these two portfolios? (European Investor)11/10 MountainTop14:01 BeBH65
15tIs Ireland taxing dividends on Accumulating ETF share classes UK domiciled for non Irish people?11/14 thibaulthib11:43 BeBH65
9pPPO >, < or = HDHP11/13 alphacollector18:27 beergod
9hQuestion about Rebalancing Asset Allocation11/14 justsomeguy201807:11 betablocker
22tAlpha Architect: Factor Investing Fact Check: Are Value And Momentum Dead?21:58 Random Walker14:42 bgf
10hVanguard Roth IRA for someone on a non-immigrant visa11/15 bostonboglehead17:55 bhradbh
43pHow high can House prices go11/06 prettybogle10:04 bighatnohorse
9pSolo 401k - Maximum Contribution vs. Maximum Deductible Contribution21:15 EggCarton23:13 billfromct
34tAQR fund family's performance relative to its benchmarks11/12 nisiprius11:21 bjr89
11hMortgage payoff given new 2018 tax code06:15 ltlku14:59 BL
4hMM vs Bonds vs CDs for a 69 year old11/13 MoneyKnuckleHea12:34 BL
43hNorthwestern Mutual nightmare - help needed11/14 ZeldaMD08:34 BL
7hTaxable account - Cost basis - specID or Avg21:28 SeaEngineer07:20 BL
3hDoes anyone have experience with Principal's 401k plan?2016 Emily198012:49 blackcat allie
34pEmployer about to switch 401k to Principal Financial Group2012 rholt11:21 blackcat allie
49hIs maxing out Tax defered 401(k) enough?11/12 TASK12318:17 blinx77
1hWhat percentage to withdraw from each fund for down payment22:05 saving4good02:25 bluquark
0hHandling tax forms for Traditional IRA held in trust. Named beneficiaries.11:48 bnes 
0pSSN for Solo 401K vs EIN for 5500-EZ13:27 boglelogic 
183tVanguard - You'll need to sign up for security codes soon06/12 KlingKlang07:29 BoxOfUpticks
24pFEHB HDHP options for Federal Employees11/05 grenada09:04 Cash
7hWhy You Should Consider a Backdoor Roth IRA18:30 retire202201:29 celia
5pHelp needed with retirement numbers11/13 Cheego09:40 Cheego
38cCremation seminar – with complimentary lunch20:09 GerryL14:34 cheese_breath
4tWhy does this S&P 600 fund (NMSCX) hold Russell 2000 eminis?20:42 HEDGEFUNDIE10:20 cheezit
21hPortfolio decisions as we approach retirement11/14 Skyflyerman04:19 Chip
3hIs this rollover restriction correct/allowed?09:28 Clark Kent10:43 Clark Kent
75tVanguard investor class shares on their way out?11/12 MnD14:06 Clever_Username
14cMy experience with iPhone6s battery replacement20:54 StevieG7211:54 Conch55
34cWhat convenience fees does your city charge for credit card use?15:21 protagonist09:52 cookieid
39cHome sale etiquette: wall repair07:38 coalcracker14:37 corysold
63cfuel for snowblower11/13 serbeer13:23 criticalmass
49t"What If You Retire At a Stock Market Peak?" - by Ben Carlson11/13 Rowan Oak18:43 CULater
58hStrategy during the last stock market decline11/09 dh09:20 CyclingDuo
8hVBTLX vs. Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund11/14 GRS15911:33 Dandy
27cMesh versus Range extender11/14 jeanpierremelvi21:58 davehica
78tHow do you "Stay the Course"?2014 Blue13:15 dcabler
9hMaxed out Self Employed 401K & HSA where else can I save11/15 GuayaquilEcu08:07 dcabler
461pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover15:00 deskjockey
3408cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt11:53 dewey
6tNon-USA person investing: AGG vs IUAG yields2015 galeno00:24 DJN
4pRecommendation for building my first iOS app?08:36 financeidiot14:09 djpeteski
9h401k Post Tax vs Brokerage Question11/08 infinitix17:37 dkb140
9hIs HSA for us?11/02 herennow17:28 dkb140
15pFinding an Attorney with Demonstrated, Credentialed Expertise In Elderlaw16:05 Strider09:03 dm200
15pMedicare considerations for person with employer insurance11/14 AdamP08:57 dm200
27tQuestion about Roth conversion16:54 MisterMister13:44 dodecahedron
1hImport XML from Morningstar Performance page09:03 donheff09:43 donheff
19tPress Release--Vanguard Continues To Expand Active Fixed Income Offerings With Proposed Global Credit Bond Fund08/09 Paul Romano21:26 drzzzzz
1hRoll IRA into Employer 401k? Then Backdoor ROTH ?16:51 LFT_PFT17:50 Duckie
13tDo BHs care about real asset value or stay in course?11/14 WhiteMaxima14:29 Earl Lemongrab
44cUnderstanding the difference in cell phone OS types11/14 Earl Lemongrab13:28 Earl Lemongrab
6hContribution limits question (Defined Contribution Limits)15:36 beginner11:05 Earl Lemongrab
102lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte19:15 Elsebet
16hShould I fund a 401k by drawing down a taxable account?11/15 empiricist18:23 empiricist
6hStarting Off- How Does This Look?15:52 HankTheTank1114:52 ExitStageLeft
439tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore21:53 fennewaldaj
129hRoth vs. Traditional 401k11/10 FrugalPharmacis15:01 FiveK
20hContribute to Roth IRA now or tIRA later (to save tax)?11/14 vwgrrc21:41 FiveK
149p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou201514:55 flossy21
18pWhat to do with RMD - 91 Year Old Mom11/15 Jelloanddon07:35 fourwheelcycle
12tWhat if mean reversion of stock prices is a myth?15:12 CULater11:17 GAAP
9pVoluntary Withholding2008 ShortStop10:24 GAAP
14t2 Fund Ports: Everything You NEED?11/14 galeno14:35 galeno
29tLarry Swedroe: Momentum Distinctions11/14 Random Walker11:55 garlandwhizzer
37pAnyone have a bad experience with HDHP?11/13 Arizonasun200813:51 Glockenspiel
4hbest method for selling stocks/funds in taxable acct.17:11 cals400ex20:58 grabiner
51t"Yes, You Can Time the Market!"2010 fredflinstone10:10 Greenman72
8hTRYING TO DECIDE FUTUTRE INVESTMENTS11:09 roncle32912:18 Grt2bOutdoors
0lBogle Conference/Speaking Events?13:03 hawkeye2188 
0pNeighborhood association management software12:54 HEDGEFUNDIE 
15pFlood Insurance- When is it necessary?11/12 PoultryMan21:19 HMPlac
6pIRS announces 2019 Tax Rates, Standard Deduction, etc.11/15 P&C actuary19:00 HueyLD
4pin kind transfer from VG taxable account to VG Coverdell?11/15 bryansmile15:41 HueyLD
11pWithholding tax on US Mutual Funds for UAE investor11/06 chrismues00:09 ICH
26cGlobal Entry Turnaround Time ?11/12 J29509:21 J295
69hMy Edward Jones IRA is out performing my Vanguard 401K10/20 CashedOut22:19 J295
34hCan you rollover a Traditional IRA into a 401k if some of the funds were non-deductible?2017 verge23:00 jacoavlu
132tCore-4 Investing is LIVE! It really is this time!10/31 Rick Ferri11:26 JasonF
9hDividend Growth Fund VDIGX11/15 Vikingfan10:00 JBTX
16hRookie boglehead's first post -- please help with my 401k investment options11/14 bhlearner09:12 JBTX
928c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir20:38 Jeff Albertson
232tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5314:52 jeffyscott
4pHow Do Social Security Disability Quarters of Credit Work?11/14 Kennedy20:08 JGoneRiding
22tPortability of Fidelity ZERO11/13 Mind Bogler20:11 jhfenton
22pMoving to NYC, self-employed, with a kid. How big will my tax hit be?10/07 jks198512:16 jks1985
3cForeign Currency14:25 JimMolony14:38 John Doe 123
10cbest way to find flights11/15 28fe614:34 John Z
6pAlliant CU Signature Card11/15 rashad300017:41 jriding
17hHelp With Backdoor Roth11/04 justsomeguy201809:35 JW-Retired
12pACA MAGI, dependent, and subsidies questions11/14 evonboeck23:24 Katietsu
59cRecommend Chrome ad-blocker11/09 kayanco11:56 kayanco
6hIRA Contribution Deadline April 15- Questions..00:07 DestroyingAngel01:31 krow36
18hTax loss harvesting (TLH) for tax-exempt bonds04/29 lapuce14:50 LadyGeek
171lMaster Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter2012 dickenjb13:19 LadyGeek
63pWait, do I need a prenup?11/13 icedtea08:20 LadyGeek
16cDid millennials really get the short straw?20:31 Hastelloy22:11 LadyGeek
6hVanguard Global Credit Bond Fund15:47 Offshore20:47 LadyGeek
1hAm I going in the wrong way ? [Bahamas]11/15 Jasperi16:17 LadyGeek
49hShould we drop our manager, for 4-fund portfolio?11/11 Lazareth20:42 Lazareth
28pWhen to transfer stocks to kids08/03 viewer013:23 libralibra
2tNew Online Game Teaches Investing10:37 Rowan Oak11:21 linenfort
5hNew 401(k) fund allocation advice16:53 luminn10:45 luminn
3hBasing allocation on available buckets11:39 Closer232312:01 magicrat
25tAnnuities11/13 ripete09:21 marklearnsbogle
1498tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews12:28 matjen
2hIs it worth doing a Roth conversion now to avoid future backdoor pro rata headaches?13:48 greenwood14:58 mhalley
4hOld 401k from employer roll over to Vanguard IRA??11/13 inn_vest11:44 mhalley
16hMuscular Portfolios Questions10/14 Helpmebogle09:18 midareff
114tAre you all staying the course?11/14 Esq12310:20 minesweep
4hTax computation check for SS# tax liability11:10 MisterMister11:54 MisterMister
2306tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore23:30 MJW
19t"Bogleheads On Investing" podcast stats and more11/14 Rick Ferri14:34 MnD
17cMobile cellular hotspot for low data use11/14 AND_YOU_ARE15:18 Momus
6hCan I purchase individual stocks in my Vanguard Rollover IRA?11/13 BogleInTraining15:03 MotoTrojan
17hFirst grandchild11/15 Rudedog14:44 Mr Winston
98pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy12:27 munemaker
2hiShares ETFs in Fidelity SIMPLE IRA?10:19 samsdad12:30 Murgatroyd
9pSoFi Money11/14 Naris21:20 Naris
43pWhy I plan on buying a life annuity - even if it is a stupid idea11/15 CULater13:56 Nate79
24pKaiZen Life Policy2017 investor99916:01 Nate79
13cDealing with Jeep for warranty claims. Any tips?11/14 ChinchillaWhipl15:53 Nate79
29c$50 Prepaid Visa Card for Taking Test Drive at Jeep Dealership10/31 bigtex10:41 neilpilot
3fHow do I make a avatar20:27 Mr Winston22:29 Nicolas
4hLifePath Fund 204019:51 WHB320:11 nix4me
3pHow did I miss this? Roth 401K10:32 captpete11:26 noco-hawkeye
5hTrying to figure out my best option for upcoming ESOP15:16 Player172413:23 NYCPete
15tBest Chart Sites for Total Returns on Mutual Funds?2015 duffer14:32 Oak_Tree
1h[Tax loss harvesting (TLH) for VNYTX - Vanguard NY Tax Exempt]14:43 emunzer14:51 PFInterest
24tRollover - Time out of market10/25 Danielle89614:46 PFInterest
1hOld VALIC annuity14:25 Blister14:26 PFInterest
6hRetirement Portfolio Review - Advice needed11/12 Br6910214:25 PFInterest
2h401K Fund advice13:26 Anonperson14:04 PFInterest
1hPlease critique my TLH plan20:21 alil21:58 PFInterest
13pWhen can you buy TurboTax for 2018 tax year?04/20 Derivative20:58 pileitup
24cMouse in the house11/15 mancich19:50 prairieman
3c3.2 Million Mile Volvo Owner Passes Away - Car Still Running12:22 WhiteMaxima12:45 prudent
33cOne food I could never give up10:05 tennisplyr12:40 prudent
99cGranddaughter needs $ help for university11/12 Almost there09:39 Radjob4me
27pannuity with true COLA built in11/14 montanagirl00:05 randomguy
10pRetirement Planning18:07 tundratoy21:39 retire2022
7833tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill14:57 Ricchan
696tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex08:47 rich126
8cNavigating Venice Italy Transportation System10:28 Swampy14:52 Rob1
6hDo I need a financial advisor?13:13 BikeRider14:40 RootSki
4hFresh graduate seeking guidance12:12 Gensou14:32 ruralavalon
99hAre We In A Real Estate Bubble?11/07 kadibex114:03 Sam1
8hNeed to invest $100k to bring my asset allocation back in line11/13 wannabebogler06:56 samsdad
26cModel 3 Mid-Range or Volt10/31 PaulAtreides11:50 Sandi_k
75tCan someone explain specifically how the "bucket" approach to retirement withdrawals is supposed to work?11/14 CULater10:36 Sandtrap
10cLexus NX vs RX11/15 wabbajack22:58 sasquatch12
50hOops! Edward Jones tops Vanguard in customer survey11/13 nbseer20:20 sawhorse
4cHome security system and outside cameras16:34 serbeer13:15 serbeer
22hYoung Professional...No Safe Investment? Pay off Debts?15:17 jst378811:48 shess
8pEmployment for a disabled son12:39 mrsbetsy13:42 shorty313
49pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8114:04 siamond
3000pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy09:16 SlowMovingInves
6cHigh lumen outdoor LED bulbs15:22 newbie00317:16 Smorgasbord
0pMax contribution limit of $55,000 with First Year of Fiscal Year Partnership14:34 Spedward 
29tTreating I-Bonds as Long-term Bond Holdings2017 aj76er06:55 Sportswhiz00
38cGarmins & Fitbits: Worth it for non-athletes?11/13 MnyGrl12:48 squirm
12cThe biggest / best web development technologies11/15 ThankYouJack12:30 srt7
24pAdmiral share class for total world stock11/10 DartThrower07:44 stan1
32cAny space heaters that automatically maintain a temperature in a room!11/12 bigguy843721:11 strafe
88hFirst time invester, help needed please11/07 stt81611:57 stt816
16p38 & 43 with pension and $1M in assets considering increasing spending11:57 Ybsybs14:02 student
2pThe Variable Savings Rate (VSR) -- an accumulation-time prelude to VPW08:20 longinvest13:01 Svensk Anga
27pEnjoying Your Work11/12 brokenrecord10:05 T4REngineer
55pAmazon says TurboTax 2018 will be released November 1211/07 cadreamer201514:44 TBillT
3pComparing Medigap Policies - Need a Bit of Advice11/13 tealeaves08:36 tealeaves
78pHow Long / Hard To Become a Millionaire on Under $100k Income11/15 bigtex14:33 telemark
7tFisher Investments11/15 steelerbacker06:33 tennisplyr
6tSell 0% Fixed Rate IBonds and Buy TIPS?07:52 pop7711:35 tfb
84pFinances in NYC11/10 mark3914:50 TheGreyingDuke
48pAs a new grad, should I consider buying or renting?11/15 jumbopapa08:49 TheHouse7
4hDoes my investment selection make sense?11/14 tommy8519:03 tommy85
6hRoth IRA conversion and possible early withdrawl11/15 blackwhisker20:31 trueblueky
0pWhen should I worry about cost-basis for exercised stocks from an acquisition?13:48 tthesian25 
9pFailed to take RMD for 5 yrs. Inherited IRA from trust.11/14 frascati14:54 UpsetRaptor
32pRelative Never Took RMDs on Inherited IRA From 200404/17 UpsetRaptor14:51 UpsetRaptor
51pAccuracy of Zillow/Trulia/Redfin Estimates11/14 vested110:31 vested1
39tVanguard's Quantitative Equity Group Losing Talent11/15 matjen14:46 vineviz
1hBullshares ladders10:10 Always passive10:31 vineviz
51tInvestment advisors- is regulatory burden higher on fiduciaries?11/13 Misenplace23:48 vineviz
1hTilting to decrease equity exposure16:07 lassevirensghos16:31 vineviz
6pKeep voluntary life through employer at 58 / 60 years old?19:49 startwithtruth07:44 Watty
5htotal US bond fund for Fidelity account holders08:18 feh10:02 welderwannabe
15cHow to get rid of palmettos [Palmetto bugs]11/12 parigi72309:45 wfrobinette
28cHelp with choices for new car10/07 EMDW11:01 WhiteMaxima
81tWhy don't I read about this strategy more? [12-month moving average, momentum]09/27 Dink201809:42 willthrill81
246p[Ally online savings now at 1.80%]02/09 sycotik16:30 zaplunken

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