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71p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  page: 201/10batpot11:332015
52c Where to start - converting from generator/UPS to more reasonable solar / powerwall?  page: 202/272tall4economy21:162tall4economy
257p Quicken's future direction - a cause for concern  page: 2 3 4 5 602/04Peculiar_Invest15:182tall4economy
20p Bank of America bogus late payment fee.  18:27*3!4!/5!23:15*3!4!/5!
10t When can you transfer in kind?  00:47*3!4!/5!17:09*3!4!/5!
58t claim: stock/bond allocation should be independent of investment horizon  page: 203/01trademil13:16*3!4!/5!
110c Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt?  page: 2 302/15squirm13:28a
8c August Vacation With Kids  10:12ThreeBears23:44abonder
25p Do you have enough? How I realized yeah I do.  10:41TheTimeLord22:03abonder
12p Turbo Tax Form  03/10aeronina22:17aeronina
3p Grandparents who live in India want to contribute to grandkids 529 plans  12/22biscuit17:54allwin
1h How to tell if an Index Fund is a sample set OR tracks all stocks?  23:59luckybamboo00:01AlohaJoe
18h Jumping back in the market  03/23trainerjay11:40AlohaJoe
4p DOL fiduciary rule : April 10th, so far  18:56BoglePablo20:32arcticpineapple
35h Advisor suggested this - Good idea?  09:30confusedinvesto22:02aristotelian
2h From single stock to ETF portfolio  08:59thimplicity16:43aristotelian
12h Debt vs. Investing  12:00aearq16:05aristotelian
114p Best HSA (2017)  page: 2 301/02rgurmankin10:41atxeng
14h How should I evaluate these Vanguard funds?  03/24atxeng18:05avalpert
8h Diversification & International Exposure - Fund Selection Assistance  10:36bhdhs2221:16bhdhs22
15t Thinking of transferring IRA to Vanguard? How it went for us.  03/10mccannr15:59billyv
0p Tax professional recommendation in SF Bay Area (South bay)?  22:24bogleraw  
10p ACH deposits on weekends?  17:11bostondan22:52bostondan
13h Schwab's Intelligent Advisory (now live)  02:41in_reality17:02bostondan
4h FULL Portfolio - Feedback Requested by Boglehead Guru's  03/24brianh7021:09brianh70
4h Roth Rechar to TIRA then backdoor?  12:33Buccaneer8218:26Buccaneer82
39c Car Dealer Forgot to Charge Sales Tax - Ouch  03/24Rainier14:32Buford T Justii
140c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz17:47BW1985
7h How to explain MIL's high fees to her  10:13runner913:19CAsage
8t Does your asset allocation derate tax-deferred holdings to account for future tax liability?  19:27n00b20:12cheese_breath
6c Free/Cheap Sports Channels  18:18andyandyandy20:44Clever_Username
49c Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)  03/24azurekep18:56communipaw
3c Thoughts on bicycle route from Amsterdam to Passau, Germany  03/24Raybo13:53curmudgeon
10h Need Newbie Advice for Large Sum - US or Europe?  03/23pycut05:54Curtailment
1h Allocation percentage for new 3 fund portfolio & goal advice  16:23bearlymakingit20:36David Jay
8h Portfolio update: Is adding Target Retirement Income to AA of Wellesley + Balanced Index+Total Bond redundant?  03/24Sandtrap09:48David Jay
3h Too Narrow? Or overlap?  16:00Ardarsh22:29delamer
28h Buy a house or wait in bay area  03/24ray.james16:29Derby
0h Add TIPS (VAIPX) to Bond Allocation?  23:04dionysus  
2h Fund 403b and concurrently convert TIRA to Roth?  13:27djmbob15:34djmbob
2h Milestone Review of Portfolio & Increasing Income  03/22djmbob15:28djmbob
92p So someone drained $13k from my checking account...  page: 203/23Cash19:31dm200
7h Where to park excess cash  14:10mattwall4518:17dm200
100c Suspicious organic products  page: 2 303/16misterno14:53dm200
52p Dizzying Medicare options [in Massachusetts]  page: 203/21protagonist14:21dm200
2t Accounting for active bond ETFs higher returns  03/23jmk11:43Doc
2p how to pay for mother's dementia care...retirement accts versus other investments  23:12guarana23:50Dottie57
5h Help with existing 401k Choices  03/24draco15919:40draco159
17p Can Vanguard roll a pention plan to Roth IRA directly?  03/20zrzhu11115:54Earl Lemongrab
20t Hussman doesn't view me an a true investor  09:03coacher20:17Evidence Invest
4t S&P Index Funds at Vanguard  15:00Evidence Invest16:14Evidence Invest
77p How did graduating out of daycare impact your finances?  page: 203/21berg21:00finite_differen
2h Transferred $15k Traditional IRA to Vanguard  17:53Hulahoop6023:44FiveK
6h Help on Asset Allocation  21:38ultra2006mg23:33FiveK
3h Advice for NYS Deferred Compensation Plan  15:59rafterman22:20FiveK
4p CaIn We File 1040 MFS if We Didn't Receive Premium Tax Credit as MFJ?  16:11dumbbunny16:54FiveK
4h Planning for home purchase and simplifying investments  02/24arch9411011:18FoolStreet
21p Ever apply a competitor and have word get back to your employer?  03/24tony541223:30fossil_fuel
11p Is there any downside to Home Equity line of credit even if we won't use it immediately?  03/24Gamma Ray23:57Gamma Ray
9p [Taxes] Can we deduct music lessons cost for child in New York State?  03/24Gamma Ray23:45Gamma Ray
72p Citi card Nightmare  page: 203/17drawpoker23:40Gamma Ray
3h Where to put small cap value fund in portfolio  19:11Boglehawk20:14gclancer
4t Bonds held in a mutual fund  17:32powersmo17:42Geologist
0p Bank Bonus Master List  21:10giesen5  
17p Revokable Living Trust without telling the executor & beneficiary(s)?  03/24S17C19:47Gill
2213c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 452014Alex Frakt19:59gkaplan
79p Are Bogleheads in the minority on the use of investment advisors?  page: 203/24fourwheelcycle17:57GoldenFinch
16c Anyone use Verizon wireless prepaid for cell phones???  03/23davidkw12:21greyny
13h Utah 529 Fees  03/22PlayingLife06:17Grt2bOutdoors
131t How much international stock? A suggestion.  page: 2 308/06Taylor Larimore20:35harvestbook
1c Azera--Any thoughts on this vehicle  18:47fmhealth19:19henry
33t So why exactly is everyone gloomy about bonds?  03/24ribonucleic22:32hoops777
39t What's your strategy for withdrawing funds in Retirement ?  03/21sixtyforty22:16hoops777
85p How did you do your income taxes?  page: 203/23John15115:52hudson
1p Question about Medicare Easy Pay Form (SF-5510)  09:45Goldrush10:39HueyLD
14c Need help with info about Portland  03/23Riverstwo00:58iamlucky13
13p Thoughts on Capital One 360 Money Market account for use as checking account?  03/24radnor13:38inbox788
3h [EM, Poland] Investing from EM, currency risk  03/24adamus06:30in_reality
21h Advice for resident alien  03/14applec04:53in_reality
6c Advice for Used Car Buying  08:23GoUBears16:16investor997
17h A look at my new asset allocation  03/05investordad07:33investordad
3h Portfolio Review Request - New to Indexing  03/23JackArbor10:14JackArbor
4p How do you use a trust to buy a house?  03/06jackholloway22:08jackholloway
14t Vanguard Target Date Funds  03/23Taylor Larimore22:52jalbert
6h Need help with implementing Paul Merriman's Buy and Hold strategy amongst all my investments  08:25JillMadeline23:21JillMadeline
28c Help Overcoming a Lead Paint Phobia  03/23LandOLakes09:36jimb_fromATL
14c Anyone taken a mid-career sabbatical?  03/19AmericaninParis22:45jmk
2h Too much in Cash?  14:28jnk71514:41jnk715
20p Enrolled Agent or CPA for current issues  03/22jplee313:25jplee3
8t TSP, G Fund and the Debt Ceiling  03/16BSlew00:30junior
19c thoughts on in-ceiling speakers?  03/24Go Blue 9921:07Just sayin...
5p IRA conversion  03/21filelife17:04kaneohe
5p How to Report Property Tax Refund on my 1040  11:37dumbbunny16:56kaneohe
12t 401k access at 55 vs 59.5  03/23fortfun23:55Katietsu
42c What to do about a bad neighbor in same unit -- both renters of same landlord.  03/11HurdyGurdy20:05Katietsu
2p Income tax extension? local?  03/23lazylarry07:44Katietsu
3c Just purchased car- question about dealer  15:39schutzk2115:52Kenkat
14t the important asset that many fail to consider in portfolio construction/allocation  03/20larryswedroe10:08KlangFool
3h Retired couple with recently-inherited, actively-traded portfolio seek advice  15:01jimnicol23:52kolea
11h Ameriprise/RiverSource inherited annuity 1035 help/questions....  03/23CyclingDuo05:19KSOC
2p Avoiding Line 61 (Healthcare Insurance Mandate)  06:58kirent08:36LadyGeek
69c Giving my lawn the TLC it needs  page: 203/03Triple digit go22:19letsgobobby
2p S-Corp: Does Net Investment Income Tax Roughly Neutralize Employment Tax Saving?  22:41Lieutenant.Colu23:54Lieutenant.Colu
19t "Designing Your "Glide Path"  03/24Taylor Larimore00:12littlebird
15h Vanguard brokerage: Funds available to trade  01/18Quark11:23livesoft
2h Regular Tax Loss Harvesting  05:00David Scubadive07:44livesoft
2h 403b allocation help  17:32lmk196621:34lmk1966
11p rental property expense question  03/20Loon1121:13Loon11
7p Form 1099-B Gain or loss "(not reported to the IRS)"  15:32Matahari19:59Matahari
0t Rolling 25-year real stock returns (1826-present)?  15:13matthewmon  
23p Question for Docs/Surgeons/ARNPs  03/1422investor2213:33mattwall45
12h Help me avoid a wash sale  03/24mets91408:49mets914
37c The Sweet Spot for Yearly Car Costs  03/24The Dan22:13michaeljc70
42p GEICO vs. USAA auto insurance  2014gwe6714:26mickeyd
13h Making sure i understand income taxes after retirement  2015oldguy22:58Miriam2
112c In-N-Out Burger - Best Chain Fast Food Burger Joint?  page: 2 320093CT_Paddler22:11mlebuf
13h 403b Transfer question  08:14mlobur15:07mlobur
34t AA after reaching your "freedom number"?  03/23pepperz11:51MnD
4h is now the right time to start a roth  10:33tipee17:51mortfree
10p Do I have too much cash?  11:46radnor17:48mortfree
29h Help my portfolio is messy  03/10Fiat lux17:48MotoTrojan
27h 3 fund portfolio vs. all-in-one fund  03/16jsa30716:39MotoTrojan
168l New York City Local Chapter established  page: 2 3 42013quanuec15:28mrussell22
50p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 203/05whodidntante17:10Mrxyz
3c Can a cell phone get hacked?  21:58Grt2bOutdoors23:43Mudpuppy
217c gratuitous homeownership items  page: 2 3 4 503/12alloykat23:32Mudpuppy
41p What online bank do you use?  03/24radnor10:11munemaker
18p How much life insurance?  03/20neophyte123:26MWormwood
24c whole house water filter --your thoughts?  03/21seashell23:57Nate79
8h Thinking about opening an account with Merrill Edge  15:21student23:44Nate79
6p Wife Getting PHD. Should I open a 529 Account  03/24jimmyrules71210:54niceguy7376
78t an in depth look at gold  page: 203/17larryswedroe22:53NiceUnparticula
18c Adults trip in May to Zion and Bryce National Parks  03/21260chrisb19:18nimo956
16p Opening a joint (checking vs. savings?) account to save/pay for a wedding...advice?  03/12njfastlife09:34njfastlife
4h Help with Roth TSP, IRA, and CZTE strategy  03/19brew19:32Nords
20t "Find out if your [Vanguard] fund is declaring a quarterly dividend in June."  06/07gkaplan16:58oldzey
18p How to minimize increases for apartment rent?  03/23flamesabers10:35orca91
5t Use Debt Instead Of Cash/Fixed Income In Asset Allocation?  03/24Park10:16packer16
6h Can a Sole Proprietor pre-pay health insurance premiums and deduct them?  03/24Chicago6010:04PaddyMac
41c Honda Transmission Service  03/23rashad300021:50pennstater2005
7p Estate Tax Liabilities  03/24BetaTracker13:33Peter Foley
42t Justification for Adding REITs  03/23Call_Me_Op23:23PFInterest
6t I-Bonds Fixed Rate  12:49Stormbringer19:02Phineas J. Whoo
0c Nucore flooring  20:49PoppyA  
96t What % of your income have you converted to wealth?  page: 22013MnD13:20Portfolio7
14h New Allocations after Inherited IRA  02/18Purpose31110:26Purpose311
7h Where to Invest a Bit of a Windfall  20:14WolfgangPauli21:32radiowave
1p TD Bank Premier Checking - confused about minimum balance requirement  21:06radnor21:19radnor
11h Moving TIAA CREF out of money market  03/22Springbok21:47ralph124cf
2h Equity in Roth, Bonds in Traditional ?  17:30ray33320:52ralph124cf
0t One click instant x-ray  16:41RandomFly  
17c My TrueCar buying experience  03/24grabiner23:37randomguy
22h Total Stock Market Admiral in both taxable and IRA?  03/23ray33311:23ray333
7p Travel insurance  07:37brak11:23ResearchMed
0p Non-refundable hotel reservation booked with Chase Sapphire card  15:48rjbraun  
15c Anyone ever ship a bicycle?  2015Tamales21:37RudyS
8c Credit cards in Iceland  03/24RudyS13:14RudyS
0h Help With Asset Allocation  15:52runjosephrun  
14h Too much Large Cap?  06:59KSOC15:11ruralavalon
66t Blog on emerging Markets, and investors underweighting them  page: 203/22larryswedroe16:50RyeWhiskey
16c planning to visit San Francisco for a short break  00:48sabhen00:15sabhen
20h Tax Loss Harvesting with Automated Contributions (401k, HSA, Etc) Logistics  03/23sco21:45sco
3h Vanguard etf`s for small cap value asset class internationally  11:36selftalk14:44selftalk
7t Investing in the World - Part 2 and 3 [Financial Page blog article]  18:05siamond23:19siamond
2p Payment issued confusion  14:19sil201718:29sil2017
32p Administration of relative's estate  03/22AAA23:24Spirit Rider
2p Solo 401K: 1099 income reported as 'Other Income'  22:18aqan22:58Spirit Rider
4p W2 box 1 or 5 for earnable income  11:00sil201717:32Spirit Rider
3h Inherited IRA transfer question  11:55tc10117:15Spirit Rider
1p Tax Planning 2017 Help – S corp? Multi-member LLC? Solo 401K? Etc. etc.  13:40Gemini16:45Spirit Rider
2h Can I and should I consider a Solo 401k?  13:28FrugalFreud16:21Spirit Rider
8p Self Employed Tax Strategy to Reduce FICA tax (using Solo 401k)  03/22clashcity11:00Spirit Rider
31p How do Taxes work with Mutual funds.  02/19bob_m1017:19sport
2c Can a massage chair favorably compare to mediocre budget massages from Groupon?  00:33Slacker10:06squirm
1h Help with Bond AA in Taxable  20:09dougger520:32sschoe2
21h Thinking about adding a 5% position to commodities  03/23Buster6516:58stlutz
132c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 2 310/13SurferLife17:19Sunny Sarkar
3h small cap value international etf  15:27selftalk19:52sunnywindy
5p Social Security - 2 year inflation adjustment gap  02/07David Jay08:58Tadpole
21c Anyone replaced a pickup with an SUV?  10:22Tamales22:56Tamales
4p Advice about retirement in the EU (Spain)  03/24plotina11:13TedSwippet
20p Choosing HDHP Versus Plan with No Premiums  03/24cfniswander21:59tfb
1t How Would Factor Investing Have Done In Japan  21:14runnerguy22:31Theoretical
5h Merriman Expense Ratios: .65% and .58% too high?  11:07MikeT16:07Theoretical
287c What is your favorite consumer product?  page: 2 3 4 5 62015Bustoff11:18TheTimeLord
1p IRA partial deduction with work and retired pension  09:28sil201709:40The Wizard
6p Moving from 1099 to w2, what to do with an i401k and retirement saving options  01:48britishguy7719:51TIAX
9h Which of these funds for new 401k?  03/24treemantyler10:11treemantyler
18t Reinsurance. CAT bonds  12/05boglerdude18:03Valuethinker
2t Negative price/earnings ratio  13:43Castanea_d.17:59Valuethinker
15p Pension Options  03/24cody6917:37Valuethinker
3h What does this mean?  03/23pricey11:58Valuethinker
5t REITs vs Rental Property  03/24pkcrafter10:45Valuethinker
11c Buying Sunglasses  06:43CountryBoy21:12Vanguard Fan 13
12c Pontoon boat owners!!  03/24Lemonaid5619:01Vanguard Fan 13
23h Merriman Bonds vs. horrible 401k bonds . . .  03/23MikeT19:32VaR
20t Active Bond Funds Holding Their Own  03/22Doc16:18whodidntante
102p Vehicles as a percentage of net worth  page: 2 303/22smitty151513:04William4u
8h 401k/457 Help  03/24Nypdblues01:29willie838
11t Part 2 of series on EM, another look at valuations  03/24larryswedroe20:50willthrill81
35c can't logon to vanguard account  03/24chipperd22:29Wind_Reaver
28h 100% stocks w/pension?  03/23Que199900:14xilex
2h German Citizen investing in IRA  11:28xlestx13:32xlestx
21t Searching for cash flow investment.  03/24yellowgirl11:03ZenInvestor

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