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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1428 new posts and replies over 201 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
19cDecision points on new Iphone11:43 tenkuky19:17 02nz
47tAsset Class Forecasts05/22 aburntoutcase12:48 2015
3honly iShares ETF's, risks?13:47 Wimble20:51 3funder
13cCan I join AARP and turn off all snail mail from them ?2015 12320:00 AerialP
24pSocial Security Calculations - married, 10 years apart03/10 Hillview07:21 afan
5hCan I create a SEP-IRA09:22 AkwardDoct@rd20:11 AkwardDoct@rd
19pReceived a 1099-R Form Late05/11 kareysue22:57 Alan S.
34cBest used SUV, Wagon, Hatch, Pickup under $10k05/21 snackdog17:33 Alexa9
1hAny broker offering options for commodities?11:25 pomidoro11:27 Alexa9
93tWithdrawal Rates – Part 24: Flexibility Myths vs. Reality05/10 nooneofnote23:43 AlohaJoe
19tLow net asset ETF — Issues?05/23 delamer22:39 AlohaJoe
11h403(b) Transfer???05/22 Rollover19:24 anonenigma
0cHow long is reasonable? Life insurance followup00:31 aquamarine 
0tCouple of questions about passages from Bogle's book "Enough"20:31 arcticpineapple 
36hDo I pay towards my mortgage or invest?05/17 mech_tower07:18 Bacchus01
50hParents with pre-K kids and 529 target05/23 NextMil06:17 Bacchus01
18pDeferred Compension tax treatment question05/22 jazman1206:13 Bacchus01
21p529 vs Emergency Fund05/23 Investing.Newbi06:11 Bacchus01
4hInvestment Allocation - 54 yr old couple17:05 dkeeney21:51 balbrec2
61pAm I crazy to pay off my 30-yr fixed 3.625 mortgage?05/24 rantk8107:26 bgf
4pLegally Exempt IRAs from Medigap Countable05/23 cheese_breath17:14 BigJohn
6cauto insurance quotes19:23 catdude06:50 bigtex
9hFlorida Prepaid gift tax issues16:18 bilperk06:47 bilperk
18hBuying Employer Shares10/17 dacoffee05:00 bironology
13cWhen did this start??06:48 tennisplyr08:03 blueman457
50lArizona Chapter04/12 mabromovitz16:30 Bnjneer
5tNewton MA library program - Zvi Bodie on Managing Your Portfolio05/22 bobcat219:37 bobcat2
4pBuying second property within a year - homeowner insurance22:15 chen199103:27 boglerdude
22hRecommendations for a young person in Puerto Rico03/08 BogleTurtle12:25 BogleTurtle
10pQuicken Alternatives05/24 abuss36806:03 brookwright
4pSelling ‘Gifted’ property01/22 badmojo21:17 bsteiner
1hQualified distribution tricks?21:27 fortfun23:58 celia
5tIs this a mistake or typo or something else by Fidelity?21:15 livesoft23:18 celia
14tDave Ramsey Retirement Calculator13:41 Boxtrap17:02 cfs
16tMorningstar's new posting rules05/23 Taylor Larimore15:17 cfs
2cChanging Medicare Part D Plan20:18 cheese_breath21:06 cheese_breath
7hWhat account to withdraw from?05/22 smileartist06:51 cherijoh
13pchanging job -- retirement account help please17:24 Hillview06:22 cherijoh
15hNoob investing, Want to avoid messing this up!05/20 Debtsuks06:29 chevca
7hSelling Rental House, Completely Lost on How to Invest05/23 TheLongGame11:19 Chris K Jones
34tEdelman & Financial Engines merging05/20 davidkw02:40 Church Lady
38tBogle featured in Barrons cover story05/18 Jeff Albertson18:11 Clever_Username
2pDual-Citizen Living Abroad LT Cap Gains From US Inheritance09:05 clsms09:26 clsms
32cAnyone using Obitalk for Google Voice?05/11 CULater17:14 CULater
12hHelp with old 401K/403B05/03 tommyone21:01 CyclingDuo
8hExiting a variable annuity09:10 Frank Grimes23:35 Dale_G
10pKeep or sell primary residence condo after job move?22:26 zagurit07:15 DarkHelmetII
8hExpenses now are 50k a year...can I plan that for retirement?07:03 doss08:03 dbr
34tWhy Edward Jones?01/04 CABob07:44 dbr
14hShort Duration Bonds ETF with Fidelity15:00 BundyBundy06:54 dcabler
5cSolar Power in Austin, TX09:17 sunny_socal11:24 dcabler
6hAdvice, new to investing but a bit older05/22 Delilah15:42 Delilah
13cCreate a shareable calendar for iOS and Android?05/16 runner921:06 DiamondplateDav
0cHtc u12+ on Verizon01:32 DiggleRex 
1tNon-USA Domicle Question Re Interest Income Withholding Taxes17:16 galeno03:15 DoctorE
20cMagic Jack Go vs Obihai obi200- which one as landline replacement?10/25 buckeye798307:50 dodonnell
2pHome sale proceeds - 529 funding11:57 scoutkb19:04 dogagility
21tMicrocap Stock Screener05/16 dothemontecarlo10:44 dothemontecarlo
282cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan22:57 Driver
4hInvestment advice - New job/House proceeds/Please help05/23 Orca8715:05 Duckie
16hIf you suddenly became a millionaire [exceed FDIC insurance limit]05/22 salamis0412:54 Easy Rhino
9hSaving and storing old statements05/23 temco_rep09:15 ElwoodBlues
7cvinyl plank brands, which is best?18:33 mrtimo07:51 emoore
17pAdditional Liability of Getting Married (Protecting Taxable accounts)05/23 Brocklobster20:50 ETadvisor
26h401k funds please help me chose.05/09 lepa7120:01 ETadvisor
7cHard Sided Laptop Protector13:01 Nearly A Moose20:52 F150HD
13pHow to find a quality Estate Planning Attorney?04/05 jkushne116:14 Fan23
1pEaton Vance?22:07 socraticbogler22:34 fortfun
3hDo I need to reduce monthly debt payments? Auto + House07:30 frisbee07:52 frisbee
3hMid-30's portfolio review, Married, 2 kids.05/23 YerYer03:28 fujiters
30cAAA vs. GEICO for Roadside Assistance--Help Me Decide!05/22 Finridge07:10 furwut
26pThree steps forward, two back with saving05/22 Calico11:41 getthatmarshmal
67pAlzheimer's Disease, Long Term Care, and your Retirement Finances05/19 CULater20:11 Gnirk
6hShort term bonds funds or CD Laddering for down payment house savings?05/22 Jesteroftheswam09:14 goingup
10tNew Trend: Bonds in Roth IRA05/22 PFInterest12:43 GoldenFinch
130tGE and the myth of "safe blue-chip stocks"11/13 nisiprius21:24 Grt2bOutdoors
15hAbout to retire and at an almost total loss.05/24 ghsebldr20:56 Grt2bOutdoors
41cFlorida Living05/22 searchher20:18 GuyInFL
14pVariable Percentage Withdrawal09/06 Leesbro6307:34 icetrap
42tRenting vs Owning Your Home05/24 Ben Mathew06:46 ignition
13hShould I hire a financial adviser?05/23 remsho09:30 ilovetech
16pOver contribution on 401k for megaroth backdoor05/21 international0006:47 international00
315lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt11:30 Investing.Newbi
2617pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy08:04 IowaFarmWife
154pPurchasing a house, downpayment vs. retirement and other considerations05/23 Brantley05:56 Jags4186
30tIs Precious Metal Equity a better diversifier than emerging market equity for US investors?05/24 jalbert20:15 jalbert
46pAre high dividend stocks advantageous for the 15% tax rate?05/17 rgs9212:39 jalbert
11pHave a side biz: Should I transfer and then close my biz checking account?05/23 doss10:55 jalbert
9cWisdom teeth removal and HSA05/23 achen929117:00 jayjayc
21pLease buyout negotiation tips?05/19 pomidoro19:34 jbmitt
975cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds16:16 jdb
45pNeed help with debt strategy05/23 valleyman12314:02 JGoneRiding
44pBuy an old farmhouse?05/22 health teacher07:41 jharkin
90cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner07:34 jharkin
83pCareer planning in IT/software development when over 4005/19 CobraKai07:29 jharkin
14pTile roof, natural cooling, solar electric05/22 tyrion04:17 just frank
35cShould I spend $1,500 on getting some rust repaired on a 15 year old Buick05/23 harrington20:52 Kenkat
6hSmall & Community Bank ETF's19:01 creditdefaultsw00:53 lack_ey
70pIs it time for me to change jobs or should I stay put?05/07 CobraKai19:01 LadyGeek
10pmedicaid as early retirement medical insurance (or maybe Obamacare)20:17 datamonkee23:06 lawman3966
43pShould I buy a new car?05/22 Maverick332007:26 lazydavid
71pHow do I tell if Roth conversions are worth the trouble?05/21 Horsefly19:58 libralibra
24pI need some math help-calculating interest savings08:39 daheld15:30 libralibra
175tBuy on Really Bad Days, Sell on Really Good Days?10/03 TheTimeLord06:29 Lieutenant.Colu
204t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M17:45 likashing
28cWinter Home - issues/costs?05/23 D-Dog20:44 Lilly
8pMy erroneous request to recharacterize >$5500 from Roth-->Trad IRA was honored by my custodian, what do I do?17:11 Lisa S.03:02 Lisa S.
5hShould I open a traditional IRA for bond allocation?23:36 vanhmm07:42 livesoft
2cDoes the book thread include biographies19:28 Socrates2820:48 livesoft
3hdiv yield for vtsax doesnt make sense to me09:34 Reggeee10:39 livesoft
91pTeachers: what are your best personal finance tips?05/31 seligsoj23:06 Loik098
5cVerizon - Total Mobile Protection10:53 new2bogle22:36 Loik098
757pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest08:00 longinvest
24tFear vs. reality. Don't worry. Be happy.12:20 protagonist07:57 lthenderson
22cFactory Five build cars05/21 bampf08:16 lthenderson
23tMerrill Lynch advisory fees2017 jim320:53 Lyra
29hIntermediate Term Treasury vs Tax Exempt Fund05/18 manedark23:16 manedark
8hPlanning a first home down payment fund14:26 qxam07:45 mark4269
13pLate 20's small business owner looking for career change12:13 closinggoalkeep17:14 mega317
8pBank account or Brokerage account for child?05/23 hmw16:58 mega317
4hVanguard 401 k fund without dividend05/22 metz338714:04 metz3387
975tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:39 MichDad
97tThe Millionaire Next Door and civil servants05/19 davidkw07:35 midareff
10hAnybody had CD with Columbia Bank, NJ10:34 walker41407:04 MikeG62
186lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE22:36 Miriam2
23hSchwab Intelligent Advisory03/09 Jmh04j10:35 mpnret
14cquality exterior stain?05/23 mouses17:02 mrc
58tThis is Unbelievable - another Vanguard customer support odyssey12/26 Chicken lady02:00 MrPotatoHead
110tVanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients2017 davidkw06:10 munemaker
18hA Lonely T. Rowe Price Account - Transfer?08:53 jbsmith0522:45 NancyABQ
8hPortfolio for an elderly person in poor health?12:32 Bohemiana20:26 Nate79
10tETF: Compound vs. Day/Swing trading (catch the wave)14:17 nckhrs23:14 nckhrs
269cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater06:34 need403bhelp
19cAlexa Echo sent family's audio file to a contact19:27 ResearchMed07:54 NextMil
3pNew tax law -LLC vs S-Corp08:07 doon09:05 niceguy7376
67hTIAA Real Estate05/10 Kathys21:42 oldzey
15hPre-Retirement Check05/18 ThrowAway10013:16 onthecusp
8pBaby on way, Empire health insurance or Oxford?05/23 sighchological21:47 Pajamas
3pSeeking Advice on financing a 2nd home05/19 lp20th16:47 Pajamas
21cAffordable luxury ladies watch?05/23 totalnoobie16:25 Pajamas
10hSwitching jobs, what to do with 401k05/23 zarzaquemada13:10 palaheel
179cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1822:31 pennylane
64cEquifax - credit freeze is now free?09/11 marklar1309:13 pochax
36cHawaii vacation suggestions01/01 Rexindex07:45 ponyboy
97tYTD: VBTLX down 2.28%; VBILX down 2.99%; VTSAX down 0.23%05/15 fantasytensai23:38 Portfolio7
2tFZDXX- 1.81%. Security?23:12 protagonist07:27 protagonist
32t5 yr CD up to 3.41% APY, NO EWP for seniors in IRA, but with catch05/15 protagonist22:53 protagonist
8tClarification of IRA transfer/rollover rules.17:25 protagonist19:21 protagonist
8pSF Bay Area Credit Unions or Banks Questions05/21 Quantum14:31 Quantum
36hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity03/18 ThisJustIn09:40 raixx017
4tMorningatar: sending portfolio info about OTHER PEOPLE?08:43 ResearchMed19:23 ResearchMed
18hShould I invest in expensive 457 plan?05/23 Socrates2805:17 RickBoglehead
19hHow to invest $1.4 million inheritance?05/23 Goodson5512:21 RickBoglehead
12chelp needed to restore data05/22 sksbog22:25 Rob5TCP
21pBuying Crypto tokens in private sale prior to ICO08:39 GKSD18:24 Rob5TCP
96cRe: done with Gmail05/20 Rob5TCP11:30 Rob5TCP
66tFact, Fiction, and the Size Effect05/22 Robert T03:28 Robert T
60hHow big a portfolio should I have before retiring?10/07 EdLaFave13:59 Ron Scott
8hNon-qualified Stock Options; when to sell?05/16 TX_Drew08:39 Ron Scott
441tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC06:44 ruralavalon
3030cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:27 ruralavalon
4hHelp with asset allocation05/22 emPA09:13 ruralavalon
48pQuicken - Do you use it?05/22 abuss36808:01 samsoes
24cany disadvantages to using Delta Skymiles for fare?05/16 JohnFiscal20:59 seawolf21
32pgovt vs. private job offers: please help me decide!05/23 freedompsych05:24 SelfEmployed123
101twill the SP500 double in 7 years?2011 LH16:38 shelanman
1cGreat deal on Calphalon copper cookware at Costco11:17 ssquared8721:22 Silk McCue
9pNY Insurance Costs on the Rise16:06 SJR07:04 SJR
24tPSA: Vanguard Drops The Ball (Cost Basis Issue)03/15 SJR16:02 SJR
39pBuy this home?05/21 shershahsuri19:22 Slacker
44tUS T bills - first time user05/22 duricka00:06 smectym
24tBogle again calls for a total corporate bond fund2013 Rick Ferri06:40 snarlyjack
58hHow long to hold 80/20 asset allocation12/18 Jermbo07:15 Snowjob
103tTheory: Total World Index a Sure Fire Win [VT/VTWSX]05/22 guyesmith07:06 Snowjob
10hPlanning for the Future05/14 bnndaww17:18 soccerrules
7hContribution limits to Roth IRA and 401(k) with small earned income05/23 MathIsMyWayr10:34 Spirit Rider
4p529 maximum contribution for myself as beneficiary05/23 nyclon09:55 Spirit Rider
48pI've never budgeted sucessfully05/23 Lyra08:01 SRenaeP
4lWoodlands TX Bogleheads Master Thread04/05 Stentem17:57 Stentem
5pLTC Insurance Evaluation05/23 stuper112:20 stuper1
38hTax implications of investing through London Stock Exchange for non-resident investors06/13 pcabraham03:16 TedSwippet
39pAre there any experienced real-estate people here?05/17 TheBogleWay01:57 TheBogleWay
92pWhat’s your phone/internet bill?05/19 Poppy123420:28 thedeadlybishop
6pwork one more year or attend law school14:48 novicejamED23:38 TheMadEph
9hMega backdoor Roth to Roth 401k or Roth IRA05/24 lm05:48 TheOscarGuy
19pPSA: Schwab International ETFs: 1099-DIV revisions coming [Updated]02/12 Chip23:40 ThriftyInvestor
14pBank of America ATM card not working internationally11:33 jima17:04 THY4373
5hWhat would you do: TIAA traditional vs. TREA?21:40 ai_3_us22:27 tibbitts
7pFree to freeze and unfreeze your credit report19:48 student22:06 TimeRunner
5hThree fund portfolio minus bonds10:44 Pspbutter07:59 TinyElvis
318pLucrative careers?05/11 TheFishGuy9923:24 tjhar
105tThree-fund portfolio returns and variance drain2014 longinvest00:12 TJSI
11tIs inflation the greatest risk to retirement portfolios?22:07 CULater08:02 Top99%
12cRental car in Denver, CO05/23 dknightd07:37 Trism
58h$1,700,000 from family trust...05/19 troubleshooter08:13 troubleshooter
33cRental cars in Europe05/20 tj21812:46 TrustButVerifyi
20tIf the US market cap was 5% instead of 52%, would the US vs International conversation change?01:47 JustinR07:57 Valuethinker
11tHelp me understand zero coupon bonds13:39 protagonist04:56 Valuethinker
145pNew(ish) attending physicians in the Bay Area: Housing05/12 somekevinguy21:57 Watty
41tThoughts on Paul Merriman's Portfolio2014 zadie22:50 willthrill81
0cTesla solar panel installation - experiences?18:23 Zendelta 

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