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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1477 new posts and replies over 203 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
76t[favorite] Boglehead quotes2012 grabiner10:46 1210sda
19pACA Subsidies / HSA accounts / advance premium subsidies / Questions10/15 Cloud13:28 2015
9hMarket high, interest going up: bonds or stocks or cash now?03:53 jjmaddison16:37 3funder
3lMinnesota BH Qtrly Meeting 10-28-1710/16 Fallible09:21 a2z
20tWarren Buffett Books09/23 abuss36821:08 abuss368
14cHow secure is fingerprint ID on the Iphone and also for App ID access such as Vanguard?10/19 Sandtrap09:57 abuss368
5chow often to upgrade phone?18:45 pb199621:04 AlohaJoe
19pHSA taxation in Calif10/17 hoops77723:10 AlphaLess
40pCredit scores fell this month a lot for no reason10/17 vmsx22:47 AlphaLess
14hOne Total Market Index Fund vs Three Different Cap Index Fund10/19 Amy201723:27 Amy2017
23tShiller: the 1987 stock market panic can happen again10/20 CULater20:23 aqan
64tIs a crash coming soon?10/19 Jacky81708:12 aqan
25cBusiness Laptop Suggestions Request10/16 the11diesel17:47 ArcticMike
24hTD Ameritrade fund replacement10/18 karls14:31 avalpert
2620cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt17:38 azurekep
5hRoth IRA + Rollover Withdrawals17:50 BamBamBam20:34 BamBamBam
0hInclude whole life policies as "retirement investment"?07:51 Bammerman 
13tI believe one can beat the market with a simple contrarian strategy. Am I a fool?12:48 BenfromToronto18:31 BenfromToronto
238tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox09:26 bertilak
6hVanguard Moderate Growth Fund in taxable?10/20 TylerS22:39 BL
3hTax optimization for stock sales10/20 boglerocks11:59 boglerocks
6tObservation on Edward ones22:38 MrPotatoHead20:37 BolderBoy
43hCommission only fiduciary planner06:52 Pdub20:13 BolderBoy
9hBest way to Improve TIAA 403b R102/20 camillus21:54 camillus
19tTIAA Trouble [NY Times: TIAA pushes clients to high fee products]07:49 digarei21:46 camillus
7hThinking of converting all my total us stock market funds to target date funds10/20 ca198910:45 carguy1993
8tJ. Clements: Jack's Comments at 2017 Bogleheads Conference11:16 iceport19:16 cegibbs
7pWhat to do: Financial Advisor for Trust Breaching Fiduciary Duty12:38 WBIII15:39 celia
33cMercedes Benz E300 Navigation System10/20 dollarsaver16:04 Christine600
5hAdvice with 'holistic' asset allocation05:35 Cintrapark12:22 Cintrapark
7pSold rental prop + purchased new rental prop - tax ques.10/20 crozbee11:21 clemrick
5hRebalance with large capital gain18:24 boglebrain21:02 Compound
29pmedicare supplement10/18 looking14:05 CWRadio
31pjust hit the two comma club today...some thoughts10/19 seligsoj18:50 CyclingDuo
11cCar Enthusiasts Unite! - Porsche, Benz, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.19:53 HardHitter21:49 darrvao777
12cAny BMW X5 owners?10/19 tin36921:06 darrvao777
124cWhat are you driving? And would you buy your current ride again?10/15 harrington21:02 darrvao777
108cHow many miles/years do you keep your car?10/13 Alexa921:01 darrvao777
5p2 comma club16:29 somekevinguy20:56 darrvao777
21pInheritance and Retirement Savings10/20 DarthSage20:23 DarthSage
6hTransfer of assets from Edward Jones to Vanguard20:57 SoSuzanne21:36 David Jay
581tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab07:46 David Scubadive
2tLong term viability of Real Estate as an asset class08:05 pop7709:35 dbr
16pBuying a house in retirement - what funds to use?10/20 raptor911811:53 delamer
5cMost reliable water shutoff valves? Plumbing question.12:04 mac_guy14:01 discman017
31cTurn fridge off when gone or leave it running?2013 Browser15:16 dm200
35cQuestions for Landlords - How clean is clean?02:14 rudycreat15:07 dm200
34t30 year tips auction-thursday 10/19, yield 0.86%?10/15 grok8715:47 Doc
12tThe Tell Tale Chart10/17 Doc12:46 Doc
11hSlicing and dicing with limited fund options; cost of emerging markets fund10:27 Dolcetto15:04 Dolcetto
194tWhy do you LBYM? Why do you save and invest?09/27 KlangFool16:18 Dr. Mom
44cHelp selling scion xa09/16 eagleeyes22:33 eagleeyes
2h401K Contribution Limits10/20 The Woodbutcher12:47 Earl Lemongrab
4hTSP advice sought13:58 surgdoc17:21 ENT Doc
2pDo you worry about linking external accounts?17:21 bligh19:07 Exterous
53cPassword Protection10/06 Carolina Shagge12:33 F150HD
14tRevised Version The Little Book of Common Sense...10/16 tomd3722:06 Fallible
12pReturning only the signature page [of a legal document]10/20 boglerocks19:17 FedGuy
4hMoving international index fund (VTIAX) to conventional IRA - thoughts?12:54 Finridge14:16 Finridge
26p2018 IRS tax information10/19 FIREchief21:47 FIREchief
4hYoung FERS Special Provision- TSP and Extra Money Questions10/20 rdrcontact03:00 Fishing50
1pHRA vs HSA - Simulation10:47 tampaite12:26 FiveK
18cLandscapers lack of a permit becomes my problem10/19 fsrph10:06 fsrph
5t2017 Bogleheads Conference - Gus Sauter: Understanding Active Investing15:33 LadyGeek19:28 GreatOdinsRaven
38cAntivirus Software Recommendations10/12 djdube52513:02 gtd98765
1hPortfolio Questions15:49 Nautilus21:30 Güero
18hTracking HSA investment income/cost basis for CA state taxes09/19 GuineaPig10:48 GuineaPig
13t4% SWR Rule in Other Countries10/20 Leesbro6315:12 halfnine
46cHelp with PR emergency prep: Water filter, Propane stove, etc.10/17 chickadee14:18 halfnine
42cWife New Car Recommendations - SUV10/19 HardHitter20:36 Hazel-Rah
6h401k Funds Help (27 years old)18:14 Daedalus20:55 Helo80
37pLife in AMT Hell (or, How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Hate the Exemption Phaseout)10/17 crumbone09:22 hightower
57pFederal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare04/29 LuigiLikesPizza21:26 HIinvestor
16cWhat service do you pay for that you could easily do yourself?15:09 harrington20:55 HIinvestor
3hCurrency Question on UK/USA Investments (+ Should I Trust the UK?)10/20 SmilerUK11:04 hood
38p[If I die before my spouse, how to direct Vanguard advisors?]10/18 1210sda10:08 HueyLD
6hPlease help! Portfolio mess - should I get a financial advisor?23:24 Salmon21:39 in_reality
21hAdvice on Advisor's choice of immediate variable annuity for retirement income10/20 Harvard3815:08 itstoomuch
32tFor those near retirement and rebalanced to Bonds...10/19 TheQuestionGuy13:39 Jazztonight
8tSwedroe: ‘Sure Things’ Check-In10/16 BogleMelon15:15 JBTX
60cTrash dumped on curb (need advice)10/15 scorcher3114:50 JBTX
5cAmegy Bank $1000 business Card offer00:28 JBTX14:45 JBTX
20cVisiting the Great Barrier Reef10/19 invst6511:59 JBTX
9hCanadian with $250 k (CAD) to invest. Need help with Asset Allocation.10/18 Avi1811:27 JBTX
27pHow soon to cancel a credit card after signup bonus.10/18 rgs9207:24 jeffyscott
0hHALP! - New Believer and overwhelmed20:48 jenw930 
10pOn selling home to a child14:21 RetiredMule16:56 JGoneRiding
11tWhen one reaches the 1 million mark what to do with all the money?15:28 jayk23821:39 joe8d
16pApplying for a new role with same employer - salary negotiation04/29 The Planner13:32 joeblow
385lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz08:24 jon7417
16pTurning 65, and choosing not to take Medicare Part B10/20 Mr. Digweed14:12 JW-Retired
6hhelp with inheritance and financial planning10/20 all_mine12:27 JW-Retired
9hat whose cap gains rate are gifted stocks taxed?10/20 duffer10:34 JW-Retired
0t100% Stocks?12:12 kathyauburn 
2270pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:36 Ketawa
6tCalculator - pretax vs aftertax plans21:25 Richard158021:53 KlangFool
50tWhy do I need bonds? (I'm 30)22:05 TheHouse721:50 KlangFool
9tAny compelling reason to not contribute to Indiana 529?18:47 iasw21:24 KlangFool
6hHelp with personal investments03/17 linguista5718:47 krow36
91hDoes anyone here with net worths north of $1 mil use financial advisors?10/20 Money Market20:46 KSActuary
332tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens20:36 ladders11
31p401k limit changes being considered- how likely is it and how much of an impact?10/20 jayk23816:16 LadyGeek
146t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer15:03 LadyGeek
5hNew to Investing- Portfolio Asset Allocation-Loan Repayment.10/19 connor8connor14:50 LadyGeek
5hRoth 401(k) as well as back door Roth IRA?10/20 LaundryLady14:05 LadyGeek
7fPolitical comments and proposed tax plan remain off-topic11/20 LadyGeek23:13 LadyGeek
7hRoth TSP Question10/19 peddler1222:40 LadyGeek
2hVFIAX vs. VSMAX vs. VIMAX13:42 EddieI20:56 lazylarry
58l[Virtual online chapter - Master thread]2013 dandan1420:42 lazylarry
13lWisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread2014 LeeMKE17:02 LeeMKE
31tWhy is inflation so low? Moore's law?10/09 mickeyd08:53 Leesbro63
4hIRA - 401 K - 403 B contributions -10/18 linguista5716:25 linguista57
23tCharles schwab - why so much cheaper?10/19 Jacky81704:27 Longtermgrowth
13pConfusion about Part D IRMAA10:05 Good Listener16:13 Lynette
20pHDHP vs PPO (baby in 2017) [High Deductible vs. Preferred Provider plans]2016 bcgreaf12:13 magellan
11hKeeping 6 months EF, what to do with rest?10/20 Payoffhouse14:06 Majormajor78
88cConverting to Safety Razors2013 12thman04:34 mancich
6hTo invest or not to invest10/20 togajord4022:29 mega317
1tGetting an HSA Brokerage option with Fidelity11:42 Saving$20:16 mhalley
20hFixed Annuities Bad Idea?00:10 LonnieG16:20 mhalley
79cRe: Where to buy a Vanguard hat? An Update and bad news11/16 arcticpineapple14:06 Miriam2
29pWhy not switch from Medigap F to G now?10/17 clcarter20:38 montanagirl
227pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak20:40 Mordoch
3hRolling Roth 401K to Vanguard Roth IRA08:25 MrMojoRisin20:19 MrMojoRisin
10cSeeking Insights for Family Member Providing Daycare06:19 J29518:43 mrsytf
7pTrust Fund advice, complicated family situation10/20 msk23:59 msk
26cTub Cleaning Issue - Soap Scum2016 LuigiLikesPizza16:39 munemaker
1pReady to make a change at work in salary but not sure about the order strategically17:06 purpleradish18:32 music_man
22hNeed Some Advice [changing advisors]10/18 Yodi215:38 nedsaid
51tLarry Swedroe:Better To Face The Correction10/18 Random Walker10:24 nedsaid
10hWorthwhile for parents to go from 100% IBPIX (0.73 ER) to single Fidelity fund through BrokerageLink? If so, which one?10/20 need403bhelp14:20 need403bhelp
5h3-fund of SPDRs is better than of Vanguard ETF (lower ER)?15:46 jjmaddison18:23 nisiprius
24hIs my prudential account worth the fees?10/16 matt_ham12:02 njgrower
5hConfused About 401(k) Rollover as HCE with Backdoor Roth10/19 scimitar12:07 nolesrule
4tHilarious Q&A with Charlie Munger05/11 stemikger21:32 oldzey
7fAbbreviations14:27 Coolstavi16:45 Phineas J. Whoo
4t"Trading Sinks, Stoking Fears"06:09 Offshore15:53 Phineas J. Whoo
35tHas the general public ever been correct about market crashes?10/20 JustinR14:51 Phineas J. Whoo
19pBetter than 4% Rule10/20 Knighted13:20 pkcrafter
14pBack Door Roth and Mega Back Door Roth10/20 pmdonca12:09 pmdonca
0pAnnuity restating 3 tax years of earnings to taxable07:28 Pretzel lover 
9hVanguard Portfolio Advise15:08 pugali21:35 pugali
16hWhere to park $100,000 safely for 2-3 years?04:55 Muri18:24 radiowave
34cHow does the medical billing system work?10/13 JohnFiscal00:20 ram
26pNeeds help regarding after tax 401k10/18 pmdonca16:20 retiredjg
60cDesperate to get rid of mosquitoes, what else could we try?08/26 vveat18:46 retired recentl
0hAltering AA for retirement12:33 Richard1580 
0cHow Often to Check Financial Email Account?09:03 Rose 
8cWater damage from upstairs neighbor - insurance, subrogation, other recourse?16:54 jplee321:54 Ruger
50pHow does/can Walmart offer such inexpensive prescriptions?14:08 dm20021:51 Ruger
4cGroupon dilemma17:04 Earl Lemongrab17:46 runner3081
105tHas your "risk tolerance" been tested?10/07 kathyauburn18:51 ruralavalon
15hHelp in understanding my performance.10/20 persona482618:36 ruralavalon
20hEmergency Fund Investment Strategy10/20 maxgrowth17:35 sambb
2hROTH OR IRA21:47 JD10121:54 samsoes
17pHelp Me Think About Roth Conversions and Retirement?10/17 Sandi_k12:30 Sandi_k
3tInvesting videos in Chinese (Cantonese)19:57 NewtoInvesting421:37 Sandtrap
10tJust starting checking out Bonds. Head hurts a bit.15:34 TheQuestionGuy21:24 Sandtrap
8hLink to Peter Bernstein the 60/40 solution full article19:20 carofe21:01 Sandtrap
22pMoving from one paid-for house to another09/30 whatshappeninma13:00 Sandtrap
1p1031 exchange for selling rental, building ADU at existing OO property?12:35 Saving$12:48 Sandtrap
3tIndexing: capitalism at its finest08:21 TinkerPDX11:02 Sandtrap
22hIs my rental property worth keeping?10/20 SillyRabbit10:53 Sandtrap
3hNeed Investment Advice [What to do with rental home?]10/20 chugs98923:50 Sandtrap
1pTax management for H1b person07:07 Suman07:29 SlowMovingInves
6pFiling jointly under common law10/20 Snowster16:57 Snowster
13hTIAA Questions10/19 spdoublebass11:41 spdoublebass
17hFunding an IRA for children.11:49 VINNY21:54 Spirit Rider
1tMultiple retirement plans ( two 457 plans)- how much can I contribute16:54 mrsytf18:21 Spirit Rider
2p401k, CB plan: attribution rules, control groups...10/20 jackal14:04 Spirit Rider
38pTax issue: Made a mistake on Inherited IRA RMDs for five years10/11 Small Law Survi12:36 Spirit Rider
4tQLAC - Should I, or shouldn't I buy one?10/20 wish2bCFP08:45 stlutz
24hWhat to do with TIAA CREF funds?00:30 LonnieG21:20 student
4pAnother new 2 comma club member + some questions10/20 Agni08:35 student
83tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio01/09 Quark11:23 tadamsmar
27cLetter from CC company (Discover) re: current income2014 DFWinvestor20:47 Tamales
62cAnyone planning on getting the new Pixel phone?10/18 DiggleRex21:34 Tamarind
19cBest no sweat athletic/work socks10/20 BashDash20:35 TBillT
16pMax out TSP, 457, AND 403b04/13 tbone55518:46 tbone555
128canyone else not liking the new cars?10/13 lomarica0118:33 tcassette
64cWork in Vancouver, WA..possibly live in Camas?2016 kdl15:49 texasdiver
90tVanguard's Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Funds in registration [now available]07/26 Billavoider15:14 thelimocat
10pRoth Conversions... I don't get it.08:08 Johnsson10:49 The Wizard
464pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy12:26 timmy
10pShould I apply for financial aid if my company reimburses tuition?10/20 radnor15:26 TomatoTomahto
25t401k "only" up 13.5% YTD10/20 JD277518:44 TravelGeek
22cDrawback of TOTP (app like Google Authenticator)?10/19 slin18:37 TravelGeek
38hWorry market crush, selling 50%, but increase buying 100%10/20 WhiteMaxima20:40 TresBelle65
43hLooming Retirement & Market Jitters10/20 TresBelle6516:12 TresBelle65
2hWhere to place extra cash on hand09:09 Triple digit go13:57 Triple digit go
23hNew for Vanguard!10/18 nkotbbh21:43 TropikThunder
5hSWYAX - Schwab Target 201017:30 bh20:08 TropikThunder
13hSchwab- which money market fund? (taxable account)11:30 F150HD17:02 truenorth418
5hUC employee seeks portfolio advice for first time10/20 UCemployee11:36 UCemployee
4tDestination funds10/20 1pk3mks09:13 Uniballer
40tCurrency risk?10/16 asif40807:25 Valuethinker
93phow long did it take to get used to retirement10/17 1year2309:48 VictoriaF
68tVanguard expects "decent sized correction" soon, sometime, maybe later10/17 CULater08:41 VictoriaF
3pCan I retire early?17:12 Monkeyseeanddo21:41 Watty
51pPaying for medical school for son?07:45 bubbadog21:11 Watty
7pAvoiding Transfer Fee---Will this work?12:02 TrademarkTer21:12 woodenpelican
55pnew 401(k) limits announced10/19 samsoes20:56 yatesd
19hAsset Allocation with Farm Land10/04 jamokaj19:31 Yukon

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