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5c Dimmer Switch  20:25sport23:52123
99t Why are pensions revered, but annuities reviled?  page: 204/22Stormbringer09:122pedals
12t Not enough US market listings?  04/22Ged19:402pedals
8h How to migrate to better retirement plan?  04/173spots18:183spots
2596c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 522014abuss36807:44abuss368
23h Looking at buying our first home, what can I reasonably afford. Also a tax bracket question.....  04/14MikesChevelle13:00Admiral
7c Cost of Estate Planning  11:03Gropes & Ra12:41Admiral
18l Hawaii Bogleheads, where are you?  04/12brother700:59AgentHoopla
10p RMD for 2017?  04/22mark82114:48Alan S.
1h Nondeductible tIRA Limits (Backdoor Roth)  14:23sg042214:38Alan S.
30c Alaska cruise advice  04/22Whakamole13:36alaskantraveler
29h Rght Bond fund/s when interest rates rise?  04/22Med413:55alex_686
22h A few questions about International... VXUS, VEA, VWO... low returns  04/22Christian NY12:58alex_686
45c Car Choices  04/21gypsylady19:55amd2135
8c Major appliances - when would you buy/upgrade?  13:25an_asker14:19an_asker
39c Time savers - life on automation  04/22PNW8609:01anonenigma
7h Investing a windfall  04/23Crshdavs08:14aristotelian
4h What fund to invest spare change in?  03:06AgentHoopla06:25aristotelian
5c Car Donation Experiences  12:16onmyway3313:51arsenalfan
20t everywhere we are encouraged to trade and to our detriment  04/18selftalk11:56asif408
3t Tilting vs. Asset Allocation...  19:46joo2lo20:48avalpert
21t "Commodities in Your Portfolio? 'Hogwash...'"  04/17nisiprius16:09azanon
7c Any Pale Moon users?  15:40azurekep19:11azurekep
10c Aftermarket batteries for cordless tools?  04/22Saving$10:32barnaclebob
27p Accidental landlord turning to for sale by owner  04/17BashDash13:55BashDash
8h SPY vs. VTI vs. VOO  12:03bfinners2314:14bfinners23
7h Analysis Paralysis - Extended Market  04/22bhjjk1919:24bhjjk19
2h tIRA rollover to 401k  08:22bhradbh10:54bhradbh
41t What's Wrong With AQR? (Managed Futures)  04/18matjen14:01bjr89
5h Portfolio Changes (30 years old)  04/23defscott62714:39BL
4h What mix should my Brokerage link be?  10:41MikesChevelle13:28bloom2708
2p Personal Finance Software Quicken 2017 Online Version or PC based] , Personal Capital, Mint, or QuickBooks?  10:02memawfinance12:20bloom2708
5p Space X launch in Florida  23:59fastrock10:09Blueskies123
6h Multiple account transfer  04/23scanda14:22Broken Man 1999
12p Where did you buy your Long Term Disability Insurance ?  08:56confusedinvesto14:08BruDude
4h Best NRA non US tax treaty Accumulating Bond ETF?  04/16brXrfeu19:34brXrfeu
27c If you are financially independent, how much monywould you bother to make?  04/23flyingaway14:19btenny
6p Before Tax Donations to a Donor Advised Fund?  17:50WoodSpinner23:12chemocean
4h All world ex US fund needed  00:12Chinabased05:08Chinabased
21p Joint Checking Account - Fidelity CMA vs. Schwab?  04/23totalnoobie13:47Chip
3h Portfolio Questions and Review  04/23Pax06:49Chip
135t Case study Broker trade executions  page: 2 32015livesoft05:01Chip
13p Options for downpayment (Good or bad?)  18:32supaflyjae09:05CoAndy
37p Software to track asset allocation (no tickers)  04/13KATNYC13:46dadu007
12c Are CCRCs a good deal?  17:54MrDogg13:04Dan999
1h Question about new 401k  01:54ramsfan06:18dbltrbl
8p Child's Debt Consolidation  04/21Mettaman13:36dm200
44c My Doctor says I am "unusual" (declining some blood tests)  04/21dm20008:26dm200
19t Vanguard corrected 1099B is now incorrect  03/06Pete1212:14Doc
1h Backdoor roth tax mistake  13:15sparkleme13:31DSInvestor
12h 403B  04/23Akinyi3518:16Duckie
0p Kitces on Social Security- Divorce and the spousal benefit  07:21dwickenh  
0p Tax deferred options for S Corp owner  14:15EinAustin  
85c You can never go "home" - retirement  page: 204/10PoppyA23:50ExpatChris
50c Comcast negotiations  page: 22016miles monroe14:07F150HD
15p A Little History [from old bank statements]  04/22sport20:36F150HD
64h Young EU Investor  page: 203/14mrwhitepe06:00Fabio
40p how much house can we afford? Boston area.  04/23panchilly10:45fishmonger
6p Did you file your taxes with Credit Karma?  04/23John15114:16flamesabers
40t Is $20K I-Bonds considered cash or bond?  04/23Alto Astral13:55flamesabers
6c Administration Professionals Day  10:43kgressler12:35flamesabers
15c USAA 2.5% unlimited Cash back Card - Weird...  04/23WolfgangPauli09:41flamesabers
0h Real life saving and investing stories  11:44flyingaway  
7c Sabbatical/year away plans-- what to consider?  08:50chisey14:18flyingbison
0h Recent tranfers to Vanguard, cost-basis success?  11:40FoolMeOnce  
46p Ally Bank - Savings Account Rate Increased!  04/22soulreapersteve14:12Gamma Ray
13p Looking For Advice - Move NY -> Tampa?  04/222Birds1Stone12:01Gill
25h Best Place to Park Over $1m in Cash  09:25TheodoreMonit12:41Good Listener
5h Tax-sheltering and target retirement fund disadvantages  02/21NewbieBogle00722:25grabiner
3p Are relocation expenses deductible if given lump sum from company?  19:01knightrider22:18grabiner
6h Fund selection for unmatched 401k  04/22thisPerson22:10grabiner
23c Refrigerator Water Filters -- OEM or Generic?  05/28ShoogyBee18:00grabiner
12t Passive and Active, All the Time?  15:56Copernicus02:43gtwhitegold
10p "Negative points" on mortgage  12:49R2D213:49harikaried
21t Bill Sharpe's preferred portfolio  01/09Quark07:04harvestbook
1p Installment Sale of business / Keeping money separate  18:10Mr. Gatti18:26hicabob
307t Larry Swedroe says "Goodby."  page: 2 3 4 5 6 704/19Taylor Larimore12:00Hub
7t Moving company 401k from MassMutual to Vanguard  09/11renter11:49Hub
18h Just left my company and exercised my options [invest now or DCA?]  04/22Piper200121:21iceport
3p Capital One vs Capital One 360  02:19diddleman11:13inbox788
10p Need advice about permanent life insurance policies  01/24Incendiary10:18inbox788
19t Selling Mutual Fund shares - watch ETF prices at 3:45pm?  04/19S17C09:53inbox788
16p Is this tax deductible?  04/23island23:09island
46t Location of SPIAs, which account?  04/22ralph124cf14:11itstoomuch
5h How to invest now for child's downpayment 20y years hence?  17:23jmk23:50itstoomuch
7h Investing with Vanguard - need help  10:50Janet726214:16Jack FFR1846
2h TDAmeritrade Rollover Bonus  13:29rjsob5813:51Jack FFR1846
18p typical deductions for retirees  04/22sil201713:13Jackson12
12p LLC taxes- discrepancy between Tax preparer instructions and official government form  04/23Jackson1209:32Jackson12
23p Buying a home in the Bay Area  04/23afoolwithmoney13:58JaneyLH
36c Issue With Real Estate Agent (Seller)  04/22Goodman6019:45JaneyLH
30c Terminal Cancer Diagnosis for 5 year old: What would you do?  04/22Strayshot16:51jdsize
7p Lowering service price for charity, tax writeoff?  14:40guitarguy06:46jebmke
19p New home expenses versus a high (overly-high?) savings & investment rate  04/01Jeff711:48Jeff7
11t The Skinny on Dividends  04/21JessicaLee12811:03JessicaLee128
6p Considering Non-tangible Assets as Part of an Estate  04/22celia21:00JGoneRiding
75c Six pack for barbecue?  page: 204/22radnor10:24jharkin
59c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 211:06crazygrow14:14Jimmie
37l The next generation of Boglehead authors  04/23timmy13:55Jimmie
137c Ordering a Weber grill this week  page: 2 304/10guitarguy13:41Jimmie
44c Zero-Turn Mowers  03/08Kingk1311:58johnnyc321
5h Fed and newbie boglehead seeking portfolio advice  04/22johnnyringo13:31johnnyringo
21c Recommendation for Adults-only All-Inclusive resort/hotel?  04/22toto23814:38JonnyDVM
293p Bank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards  page: 2 3 4 5 62014navyitaly13:17jrbdmb
14h [Should I get an advisor?]  04/23stillers09:59JW-Retired
11h Help with Ticker Symbols on 401k Northern Trust Funds  2015bubbly08:30KATNYC
15h Asset Allocation - easiest way to rebalance?  04/21KATNYC17:08KATNYC
1p "Pulling Money From Your Roth IRA? Read This First"  09:58gkaplan11:37Kevin M
27h Advice for resident alien  03/14applec05:12Khuen
103p Why never speak badly about boss? [Need Bogleheads' wisdom]  page: 2 304/
15h Question about 403b plan  04/23whitepaws12:26krow36
7t Morningstar rating: S&P 5-stars, but TSM 4-stars?  11:51S17C13:06lack_ey
4h A compliment to the forum and its members!  16:05Hef Saf18:51LadyGeek
23c How much to pay a housekeeper?  04/21Luckywon15:47LarryAllen
36t A test for when risk factors have positive expected returns  04/19backpacker02:25lazyday
11t Zweig: The Expensive Ingredient of Cheap ETFs [Price vs. NAV]  04/15triceratop01:14lazyday
10t foreign tax credit for international stocks  21:30bogleboyz00:49lazyday
17t LMP-1: P&I article on corporate & public pension plans  04/20grok8712:58learning_head
44p Calling for all the Moms: career and family.  04/19lotofquestions08:33leeks
1h Portfolio Questions  20:52stillers23:10LeeMKE
33c National Parks in Northern CA  04/22Offshore14:11livesoft
3h is there any restriction on trading bond ETF  09:40Woodlake11:50livesoft
1t Vanguard Long Term Corporate Bond ETF Question  08:17Vanguard Fan 1308:20livesoft
19t Tax Deferred vs Taxable Account Calculator?  04/22selters16:38livesoft
1c Unauthorised Amazon payments  07:48Fzbc2311:59Loik098
8c interesting things to see/do in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada  19:52sabhen11:39Loik098
5c Any golfers played Bandon Dunes on the Oregon coast?  04/22maxq15:45MarkNYC
20c Buying weekend home: suburbs or rural? (yard privacy important)  04/23sevenseas12:30maroon
35t Weight loss and investing  04/18corwin12:09Maverick3320
65p What online bank do you use?  page: 203/24radnor07:14MikeG62
21c Orlando Disneyland advice  19:12andyandyandy14:17mmarreco
15p Mortgage at 75 ?  04/23OldTimer07:48mnnice
163t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 3 412/30BackOfTheNet00:15Mudpuppy
21c Best surface for garage, epoxy, polished concrete, something else?  04/20financial.freed00:12MulesFan
30t value of stock options  04/16multiham17:40multiham
29h Is robo for me?  04/05mattwall4516:25multiham
2p Ally Bank - Savings now 1.05%  09:31BanditKing10:19Munir
20p Helping adult children  15:15Swimmer23:46Nate79
5t Investing with American Funds like betting on Tiger Woods  22:13dwickenh13:38nedsaid
42t How Do You Like My New 'Doo  2015nedsaid22:48nedsaid
4h IRA Portfolio Allocation - Advice for 45 year old  2015fm304021:48nedsaid
20h Truly appreciate your suggestions on my investments  04/23Oracles444419:17nedsaid
6p IRS Code 453 Trust  03/14Carefreeap00:16newbie001
173t I don't understand the case for EE bonds  page: 2 3 404/20sometimesinvest13:36NiceUnparticula
44t Larry Portfolio Equities: What % Each Market?  04/22Lieutenant.Colu05:50NiceUnparticula
37p Should some professions tell people how much they make?  04/22Derivative13:57Nowizard
25c Becoming a homeowner/landlord in a college town?  15:51Barefootgirl12:32Nowizard
11h DRIP question [TDAmeritrade trading fee]  01/20No1KCfan611:50nps
25c Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?  04/21lynneny13:58nwrolla
70l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 207/11invst6507:52oldcomputerguy
4l Minnesota Bogleheads Meet May 6, 2017  04/18Fallible21:32Peter Foley
16p Baby on the way checklist  04/22Gemini11:33ponyboy
1h Help with finalizing fund choices  11:45sweetblaze12:13RadAudit
4h Portfolio advice needed please  21:51Musculus07:09radiowave
4h Investing Priorities (& 401k rollover)  18:05supaflyjae07:04radiowave
18c Strange cable wall jack in home. What is it? (pics included)  04/21mr_breen21:11RCL
58c Is my electric bill high?  page: 204/17Luckywon15:16RCL
4h Retiree Withdrawal Portfolio  12:39EldestUser14:10retiredjg
9h VPAS Investment Plan Check  04/22WestCoastMounta06:39retiredjg
9h Where to Place Bonds (Revisited)  04/22Advaita15:48retiredjg
20p Need help setting up backdoor Roth IRA  04/21IADFlyer15:30retiredjg
3p Automatic Increase Benefit Rider  04/20rhodnius00:11rhodnius
51h Why is Real-Estate so Bad?  page: 207:43tomer75514:04rick2427
1442p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 2905/25guitarguy22:16rjbraun
14p Rent versus Buy in NYC  04/21bingo198021:21rjbraun
57h Small cap fund index question  page: 204/19xrayvsn11:17rkhusky
8h Should I switch 401a funds?  04/16mikepeetz8411:05ruralavalon
0h TIAA-CREF to Fidelity  11:34sallyann2  
2p Amended tax return question - what to include?  19:09macaroon20:53sschullo
36l Master Thread for RTP, North Carolina Bogleheads Chapter  2014Steve Thorpe18:49Steve Thorpe
0l RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 11:00 AM Sat August 26, 2017  18:48Steve Thorpe  
13t Does Knowledge of Fellow Employees’ Retirement Contributions Encourage Greater Participation?  2016obafgkm16:01StevieG72
107p Any regrets living a frugal life for high income/high networth individuals?  page: 2 304/22am14:16stoptothink
462c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102012reggiesimpson11:58stoptothink
43h TDAmeritrade offers commission free ETF's  2010In The Weeds12:42stupidkid
5p New employment- Help with 401K fund selection  04/21Suman19:14Suman
33c Considering Michelin Premier A/S tires for my Honda Accord. Any thoughts?  2015mac_guy08:25sunny_socal
12h Solo 401k recommendations?  12:04Superorb13:04Superorb
4t VWAP and other "not held" orders  2014SeattleInvestor22:29Swelfie
2c Wifi Camera for Google Wifi  04/23Fiat lux09:39takeshi
6h Advice needed: Ibonds for College vs 529?  04/17jmk21:35Taz
83h Please Help a 36 Yr Old With $7m+ Portfolio  page: 22013TheodoreMonit21:10TheodoreMonit
4t Reasons to Hold Corporate Bonds vs. Munis, given equal after-tax yield?  18:58venkman14:17Theoretical
40t Question for RobertT  2016saurabh08:53Theoretical
7t How would tax bracket changes affect the value of munis?  04/22JonnyDVM18:50Theoretical
4h mutual fund trade still pending  20:17theplayer1105:44theplayer11
13p Would You Buy This Home? Please Tell Me Why Not?  18:38Thrift Shop11:06Thrift Shop
950c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202012Offshore08:46TomatoTomahto
14h Which Vanguard fund for Roth IRA  04/23camsco18118:06Toons
9c Flying to Asia and electronics ban  04/16asterix018:18TravelGeek
20c Hotel Living  04/22LuigiLikesPizza10:57traveltoomuch
69t Single most important investing advice?  page: 204/21thefoggycity13:26Trebor
20t Schwab False Ad (4X Cheaper than VG)  20:20Alexa913:37triceratop
6c Laundry closet: Can we convert to stackable washer/dryer?  20:07canderson13:02Twood
43c Gardening 2017  04/10MP17315:14TxAg
81p What constitutes "a lot" of money?  page: 204/14Longdog13:40UKFred
7c Cool roof - worth it?  18:03unclescrooge13:21unclescrooge
9c Best Choices for a Summer Place in the Rockies  10:32WildBill13:30Viking65
8p Mom's Universal Life Insurance – Keep or not?  04/22Viking6505:43Viking65
4h What about a longevity (deferred) annuity with a fixed rate?  20:32Five09:17vtMaps
9c Location ideas for month-long sabbatical abroad  04/22welx2323:27Watty
60c Removing a tree - expensive!!!  page: 204/21dm20022:00White Coat Inve
3t article- "Pro Athletes Need Financial Advice..."  13:00CAMD13:41willthrill81
526t Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112010MediumTex13:25willthrill81
4h Neophyte Boglehead Humbly Requests 403(b) Allocation Input  04/21wjthornberry11:37wjthornberry
1l Eastern Iowa Diehards, Sat April 29, 2:30PM, Cedar Rapids Library  04/07wmcclain12:54wmcclain
91h Too much inheritance to handle. Advice needed  page: 204/17ndara201706:42wolf359
33h Grow my taxable index fund, or contribute to a non-matching 403b?  04/20zayd1320:30zayd13
4h Help with father's investments - fixed income  15:51colddeadfish04:34zuma

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