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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1235 new posts and replies over 194 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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17tHas anyone gone to a Retirement Wealth Academy seminar?09/22 1030danielle00:47 1030danielle
46pHow did you decide when to retire?09/15 BarbBrooklyn23:09 2015
13tCorporate debt bubble?09/18 Tideout08:50 3funder
87pLeasing Cars in Retirement09/14 Frisco Kid16:53 8foot7
11cWhen is it OK to not go through car insurance after you've been hit?09/22 BogleInTraining10:27 AAA
2pMedical Bill and Credit Card15:33 kdiom17:47 Alexa9
52hTax Loss Harvest (TLH) VWIUX09/13 hudson16:27 AlphaLess
2pNursing Home/Medicaid issues14:58 spartanap17:18 arcticpineapple
7tWhy do Schwab fund only pay distributions once a year?09/22 ChinchillaWhipl09:00 Artsdoctor
3692cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:09 aspirit
19hHow do I allocate social security in retirement?09/22 1937bert12:52 Austintatious
114pDelaying Social Security Until 7009/15 TinyTim09:51 Austintatious
32tRegrets / Pearls03/04 RamblinDoc16:46 bayview
31hHELOC as a bonds replacement for drawing down from in a downturn?09/19 andrew9999910:34 bdaniel58
1lSeattle folks - looking for reviews of Sandpoint cc20:30 Chan_va10:41 beardsworth
72cAmazon Prime - Value?09/10 TresBelle6519:39 beastykato
25cFord F-150 Technical Service Bulletin, legal ramifications09/07 bhsince8713:55 bhsince87
6cConcrete sealers13:08 bikechuck17:28 bikechuck
44hMom's Estate: Can you help please?09/22 bluesclues13:34 bluesclues
29pHow to pay for upcoming medical / IVF expenses09:43 boomstick15:50 boomstick
7hAm I on track for retirement? Also: Simplify? Optimize?19:22 understandingJH15:46 bradpevans
33pLiving trusts and relabeling accounts09/14 edgeagg07:04 bsteiner
3cBest Credit Card for Redeeming Points on Hotels15:30 shengjiang17:33 BUBear29
6pCredit score impact of high card balance10:37 CABob13:10 CABob
10hPay taxes on EE bonds now or later?18:14 totalnoobie14:46 cas
10cYou don't get all the rebates if you take the 0% financing09/22 2comma16:57 Cash is King
10pHow to handle huge medicare/medicaid premium increases at age 65?09/20 ipo_fin_z22:52 celia
80cMy Very First Smartphone — Please Critique This Plan09/21 iceport17:52 CFM300
2pTrustee16:24 teegjo17:50 cheese_breath
1cDon't try this at home?12:06 Longruninvestor17:47 cheese_breath
3pNon-Filing of IRS Form 990: How to Rectify23:11 stargazer08:39 cmb16
129tFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch14:06 cpumechanic
40cHOA Donation in Remembrance of Deceased Owner09/15 DTalos15:24 criticalmass
488cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater08:38 CULater
48cBathroom and Basement Remodel Costs09/19 Bacchus0121:31 Cycle
29p0 - 0.99% APR on auto... would you finance?2016 workingovertime16:23 Dandy
6846tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill11:31 DanMahowny
7pLong Term Care15:04 ready5317:55 delamer
2cGeneral contractor vs. hiring indivdual contractors01:40 TTGO80802:56 denovo
36cAny Cyclists With a Brooks Saddle?2014 LifeIsGood07:21 Desert
14pBest Way to Apply for Social Security Widow Benefits and More09/20 Mintee18:59 dodecahedron
13hStarting Fidelity Roth IRA09/22 aker14:45 Duckie
4hNewbie portfolio overhaul09/22 Msdoolittle19:42 Duckie
7pI'm just itching to tax-GAIN harvest01:45 catdude13:12 Earl Lemongrab
36hWhich do I pick? Roth 401(k) or Traditional 401(k)?09/03 EPCOTCenter198217:25 EPCOTCenter1982
1tForbes: How Marketing Is Changing In Financial Services: Insight From Vanguard11:59 davidkw12:41 Fallible
61cHow to get rid of rabbits20:35 yousha17:03 fishandgolf
21hRoth 401k or Traditional?09/20 channtheman14:29 FiveK
14hCIT vs. ALLY vs. 36009/21 mikeyzito2219:10 Flyer24
219lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec19:16 Flying Penguin
7cPrepaid car maintenance -- Mazda -- HCOL18:23 understandingJH21:13 fortfun
9cSeattle and (Victoria OR Vancouver) next week.20:09 Rob5TCP21:05 fortfun
6hRoth in-plan conversion questions09/22 GuySmiley11:19 fufgirl
3h[Non-US] VWRD or VDEV+VDEM?12:23 galeno14:03 galeno
18tBest corporate long-term bond fund09/20 international0013:46 garlandwhizzer
27hTSP to Roth IRA Tax Strategy (Post Retirement)09/17 geobrick18:52 geobrick
6pNaming a co owner on EE bonds. Gift?08:32 bbb13:12 Gill
10hI-savings bonds: To do or not to do00:59 ThisJustIn11:35 gmaynardkrebs
54tAre We Headed For A Passive Index Meltdown?09/20 destiny21:43 gmaynardkrebs
11cSports fan trying to cut cable09/22 jimmac919:59 gohuskys
20pHome away from home09/19 epilnk18:29 GoldStar
23hHow to fund education for grandchildren: various strategies? Help?09/22 Sandtrap12:19 Good Listener
18pShould I Care About My Credit Score if Debt Free?10:03 watchnerd17:43 grabiner
3hLooking for a modest, steady, tax efficient ETF09/22 Bwlonge11:20 grabiner
3hCD mutual funds in 401(a)?09/21 dcba555711:13 grabiner
22pConcrete company refusing to lower bill09/18 cwademba00:22 greycrack
0hRSU, ESPP, trading restriction window, wash sale08:59 GuySmiley 
22pFirst time Salary Negotiations09/11 HardHitter10:41 HardHitter
14hVTSAX vs. FZROX for new investments09/22 hey23:45 hey
18lJack Bogle Bobblehead09/17 abuss36810:09 Hillview
7pAnyone ever use a career counselor/career coach?09/21 WageSlave18:38 Hillview
8hNew immigrant with complicated situation11:37 hojatb14:41 hojatb
42cDental work and hypertension issue09/18 Zonian5905:58 HongKonger
2h[Are we prioritizing our investments properly?]10:32 Peanut&Cash14:08 hoops777
38tBuying VWIUX Today [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Muni Bond]09/20 Oak&Elm08:19 hudson
69tAre unleveraged real estate returns more comparable to stock market returns or just a notch above inflation?09/19 foodhype09:32 ignition
2pTax Question - NY K110:56 IngognitoUSA11:31 IngognitoUSA
0hOptimizing a Taxable Account15:30 investacat 
12csqueaky lock and hard to turn key12:38 mouses16:45 IowaFarmBoy
6hFunding a Roth IRA for 60+ Years18:38 FlintHills10:26 ivk5
9hNew job. Need help adding funds to my new 401k09/21 jbuenoo17:53 jbuenoo
10hSelling off funds. timing question09/22 jeam313112:13 jeam3131
35tSimple-minded sayings?09/20 libralibra12:20 Jiu Jitsu Fight
41pTraveling overseas .. credit cards? cash exchange?09/19 dh11:22 jjbiv
3hRollover IRA from previous employer?19:35 jmanter14:41 jmanter
172hHow real is cyber risk?09/14 Coato17:50 jsmoove123
1tCan someone else explain the math behind this?12:47 Jesteroftheswam13:10 k66
0hHow much is too much in one stock?17:50 Kelly 
36cBlackFriday Shopping - what do you usually buy? (other than Christmas gifts)09/20 atlanta_dad09:49 Kenkat
89pTracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 402017 Just_For_Jenna10:45 LadyGeek
25tHow do you define your success in our life, career and job?01:47 Glasgow09:38 LadyGeek
20pPuerto Rico as legal tax Haven?09/19 Leesbro6321:10 LadyGeek
83cWhat to wear for job interview - skip the tie?2017 tim199913:46 LarryAllen
66tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE03/14 Mel Lindauer05:23 Lauretta
11p2018 UTMA tax gain harvesting08/12 mogg12:07 libralibra
6cExperiences (Ideas for)05:09 4nursebee17:11 livesoft
1hPros/cons on exchanging these funds?16:02 JCP716:19 livesoft
2hMy Portfolio Review -- Fund Advice09/22 AJC40821:08 Living Free
16cCan salt water kill weeds permanently?09/22 hmw15:52 longleaf
29cAnother job interview ‘skip the tie’ question09/22 lostinjersey23:15 lostinjersey
10hIRA Contribution Question11:55 lws677214:19 lws6772
56tS&P 500 Forward P/E ratio - Are stocks highly valued?09/20 willthrill8122:59 marcopolo
18hPaying off mortgage vs investing?09/19 jb116:40 Meaty
1hTo Keep or Cash-in Whole Life Policy16:35 goodenyou17:04 mhalley
1cmonitor when credit freeze thaws12:37 SpideyIndexer15:02 mhalley
52pReverse Mortgages - Pros, Cons09/18 Yellowjacket110:25 michaeljc70
30hInvesting my first million09/21 michaeljmroger17:35 michaeljmroger
316lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6516:25 Miriam2
0hHow to set up direct deposit to Vanguard Prime Money Market?17:20 Momus 
13hShould we pay off $90K mortgage with idle cash or not?03:25 Factor117:10 mortfree
35tAllocating 1/3 of Investable Assets to Roth Accounts09/21 PFInterest15:43 MrBeaver
6h23 with 130k cash to invest in index funds need help [Australia]09/21 Thinkagain9406:41 msk
31hIm going to die somewhere between Bankruptcy and $20 million09/20 dvd7e04:16 msk
33pCapital One 360 no beneficiary option04/11 Bhairston201821:10 munemaker
6pConfused about Roth 401(k) and Roth IRA contributions in the same year09/22 neatp04:43 neatp
1hFidelity: REIT funds17:33 viz17:51 nedsaid
9tMy CAPE10 based IPS11:04 letsgobobby15:37 nedsaid
2h529 to 529 Rollover - when?08:21 Iowa David11:42 NoHeat
23hSIMPLE IRA salary reduction for wages earned prior to the plan effective date09/20 jc119:32 nolesrule
20hDiversifying from Amazon stock - help!06/02 RobinsEggBlue00:52 novemberrain
82cBuy-Out BMW Lease / Buy More Practical New Model / Buy Practical Used Model? Help09/18 JustWantToGetIt00:40 novemberrain
9pAnecdote: PMI Removed08/11 og15F112:50 og15F1
40hNew to Investing, I feel lost09/22 LifeIsElectric11:39 Okie77
38tZero-ER Fidelity Funds [Closed to new investors?]09/20 crumbone16:56 oldcomputerguy
3tEmerging vs Developed in Fidelity Total Int’l22:48 Sgt.Pepper08:35 oldcomputerguy
67hSmall cap tilt09/13 BWildt17:27 pascalwager
5hEU - Trouble finding an alternative to the VEA fund10:19 pecunia12:35 pecunia
7cHow to Get Rid of My Unauthorized “Two Year Contract” With Verizon16:24 Small Law Survi17:22 pennybags873
127cDid you really have something to retire to?09/19 flyingaway08:45 pennywise
1tI am thinking about using this Two Bucket Retirement Plan how does it compare to the three fund portfolio?11:49 iamblessed11:50 PFInterest
5hWhat is right place for MLPs in portfolios?16:29 RIMDBogle17:19 PharmVest
12hPersonal investment plans09/16 Learning10117:52 pkcrafter
12hInvestment Advice for a Teacher10:49 LMB12316:17 Quaestner
29cFidelity cobrowser??09/22 oldcomputerguy17:17 ResearchMed
4hFund my traditional rollover or open a new roth? Am I on a good path to retirement?10:53 cburg8615:50 retiredjg
5hPortfolio Review - (relatively) new to this whole thing09/22 tzatziki15:25 retiredjg
13tBuckingham Strategic Wealth #12 on Barron's09/21 davidkw08:14 Rick Ferri
65tFor those who use a 2 year cash(like) buffer, how do you know when to use it?09/21 FrankLUSMC17:25 rixer
0l2018 Annual Bogleheads Conference Vegans & Vegetarians12:15 rlaustin 
4hFirst time Asset Allocation - thoughts and feedback appreciated09/21 boglebobble07:35 Ron Scott
64cDon't trust Tripadvisor reviews09/20 BogleMelon14:11 rr2
825c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:10 ruralavalon
6hLooking for help investing 140k savings09/09 unyc13:55 ruralavalon
8hNeed 401k Portfolio asset allocation recommendations - 35yo with 200k.09/21 needadvise110:41 ruralavalon
12hNeed your advice , please08/28 Sarah Thomas14:27 Sarah Thomas
9pShould I try to sell Rental prop or Refi to generate cash?20:03 Sasquatch16:20 Sasquatch
5cSlip on loafer shoes for working guy?09:13 bighatnohorse15:36 Sasquatch
23cHVAC Options -- Any advice?09/22 blinx7714:26 Saving$
48hAlly Savings vs Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund - Need Advice09/21 Investing.Newbi17:38 SeekingAPlan
7hVanguard VTMFX Vs. Three fund portfolio divided 50/50 asset allocation06/25 Erich22:40 sf_tech_saver
15h529 Plan - NJ Resident05/13 mikes8112:20 sharukh
4tVanguard for business 401K?21:37 ylee09:10 sixty40
25pThoughts on Using Medicare Consultant that is Paid by the Insurers09/21 Small Law Survi08:35 Small Law Survi
42pEstate Planning Attorney Says Putting tIRA in a Revocable Trust is "Complicated" - True?09/21 Small Law Survi08:33 Small Law Survi
4pCareer Question - Upper Mgmt Position13:12 og15F116:49 smitcat
24tTime periods for personal investment09/22 Ron Scott16:37 smitcat
4tMatter-scatter sidebar: sequence of returns in accumulation09/22 nisiprius21:26 Snowjob
11pInsurance Question for minor car accident (other side clearly at fault)09/02 Anon6401:09 SoAnyway
78pShould we temporarily reduce our retirement contributions in order to pay off our $400k mortgage in 7 years?09/19 kelladoo00:54 SoAnyway
4hSharing Health Coverage with a spouse09/22 jakerm1723:52 SoAnyway
186ciPhone XS Max09/12 Leesbro6315:33 SpaethCo
33pGeneral 2018 Tax Question09/19 ubermax22:21 spectec
1hDoes DBP 401 A mandatory contribution reduce AGI?08:17 elderwise09:22 Spirit Rider
40hEmotional Investor - I'm a mess and need help!12:22 sruliz17:41 sruliz
7cBest paint finish for garage?21:20 unclescrooge17:43 stan1
2hDirect rollover from 40K to IRA09:38 stemikger13:37 stemikger
3hSwiss Investor 3 Fund Portfolio09:27 etnesh13:33 steve roy
32cMinimalist Lifestyle09:52 Alexa915:01 stoptothink
8cvacation in the Ozarks10:37 wije16:32 straws46
6hWhat investment company does your employer use?11:55 Newenglandcowbo14:31 student
9pNew Type of Home "Loan"18:03 sport23:49 supalong52
34cAnother Wifi extender thread09/20 BashDash17:01 Texflier
16pACA subsidy for >2% owner in Scorp09/21 theplayer1106:54 theplayer11
61cState Farm nickel-and-diming me09/18 thewizzer02:55 thewizzer
16hPortfolio with 3.2% Yield09/21 scarson21:37 tibbitts
5cBareboat Charter in BVI23:04 krafty8111:16 TN_Boy
11p6 Month Update: Buying a House Right Before Baby09/21 topofthebellcur08:16 topofthebellcur
19pTrustee for sixty something sister09/21 Trapper14:36 Trapper
2806pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:14 TravelGeek
78lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe07:03 V49
22tBuying Put Options on the S&P 50009/21 BuyAndHoldOn12:14 Valuethinker
6tWould David Swensen's advice be different if he wrote his book in 2017?11/01 simplesauce12:11 Valuethinker
12tWhat book by Keynes is Mr Bogle referring to here?09/22 Lauretta08:23 Valuethinker
24tA bump on the road from active to passive09/21 restingonmylaur11:55 vineviz
5c“Floating Basement Flooring” - Which Product?10:06 Small Law Survi16:35 wageoghe
130pPhysical Banking - Any benefits anymore?09/19 modulusmath17:56 watchnerd
13hBond Fund Question09/22 HonBee12:18 watchnerd
12pTax consequence of inheriting international property09/22 mvc14:56 Watty
148pConsidering Quitting Job - Seeking Advice. Would you do it?09/15 RW7310:19 Watty
1210tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab11:07 whodidntante
15tTail Risk Protection08/08 hdas17:54 willthrill81
275tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar09:12 willthrill81
11hRoth vs Traditional IRA20:59 winter515:46 winter5
14pReducing longterm capital gains taxes19:25 ylee17:44 ylee

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