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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1615 new posts and replies over 201 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
28hBond fund in taxable account08/30 sunisfun17:56 3Fund4Life
29pLive in MA, Need 2.5 years health insurance until Medicare10:03 557880yvi18:03 557880yvi
37hSIMPLE IRA - Transfer of Funds from Edward Jones to Fidelity (Send help!)07/08 A_Bond22:04 A_Bond
11pCost Basis for Inherited Shares09/13 GeekGal22:14 abuss368
45tBogleheads, how are your three fund portfolios doing?09/14 me11296422:10 abuss368
0tPortfolio Spreadsheets22:08 abuss368 
15pCollege savings options09/15 PaulS16:40 abuss368
20cMustang...GT or Ecoboost?13:08 mak127717:36 Afty
26cGrand Canyon and More In October07/12 akhilsam20:51 akhilsam
29nNot so happy in Denmark... individual stocks better than index funds? [US ex-pat]09/15 Ionchamp9921:53 alex_686
7pI know you shouldn't try to time the market but what about the "housing market"?09/15 Paul7818:33 AlexisAtEastern
27tI hesitate to post this (the sky is falling again on BND) but...09/15 cpumechanic21:47 AlohaJoe
1hIncrease short term debt to invest long term09:44 Oddball09:51 aristotelian
2hVOHIX income treatment at tax time15:17 arnik8320:11 arnik83
3pWhat income is excluded from Medicare earnings?09:04 miamivice11:04 Artful Dodger
18cHouse centipedes in an apartment06:41 Bob Sacamano14:07 atdharris
43cLaptop for aging parents09/13 Rienzi20:28 bampf
2lLocal Chapter - Fees?20:15 BarbaraB23:25 BarbaraB
63lJoin the Wiki!2010 Barry Barnitz10:05 Barry Barnitz
421pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener05:33 bayview
51cAnyonw driving Uber for fun and pocket money in retirement?08/19 flyingaway22:10 bhsince87
2hWhat else can I be doing to maximize investments?18:36 Saaybogle18:54 BL
69tOil price going to a $100-- time to change your asset allocation??09/15 guyinlaw21:50 Bluce
13cOptions for travel emergencies - AAA, Amex, travel agencies, etc.15:29 psteinx21:01 bluebolt
30hwhat should I be doing with my after-tax 401k contributions?09/09 BeerTooth17:42 Boatguy
57pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card03/24 whodidntante19:09 boglenomics
7pHave you coyrighted a poem?13:57 bondsr4me16:02 bondsr4me
12hIRA Trustee-to-Trustee, cash -- can this be simple?09/12 bsammon14:13 bsammon
7hBest Estate Planning Book09/14 black_knight_3214:09 bsteiner
14hWhat’s the best way to respond?09/15 rashad300008:13 carolinaman
80pBofA ShopSafe going away09/05 indexfundfan20:34 Cash
29tAvoiding fluctuations in BND (total bond) when withdrawing09/12 michaeljc7021:53 catalina355
19hPortfolio Recommendation For My Sister09/15 Bnjneer13:31 CedarWaxWing
54cVehicle idle stop-start when parking08/29 jeffyscott06:50 cherijoh
8pMoney back from Short Sale/Foreclosure?09/09 CmpdReturns11:10 chw
7pHow to figure out what % of YTD dividends are qualified ?17:15 CoastalWinds19:19 CoastalWinds
5pWhich cash account to buy second home??15:05 cobra91116:25 cobra911
17hIs this enough for retirement?09/15 cognovimus03:58 cognovimus
18tBrokerages for Futures Trading in IRA?08/27 jt407:01 comeinvest
10pCreating an amortization mortgage loan schedule in excel09/14 Planner0115:14 #Cruncher
374cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.2017 denovo08:07 csm
7hDid I understand this correctly?16:54 Jimsad17:43 dbr
6hHigh yield cash and I bonds for early retirement09/15 mathguy302109:12 dbr
22tS&P MidCap 400: Outperformance and Potential Applications07/13 imak06:44 dcabler
4704cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:17 deanbrew
18h403b: worth it or not?09/12 denj276620:03 denj2766
290tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries08/07 vineviz16:45 Doc
2pBest place to park commission08:55 rashad300017:56 Duckie
6pTransfer SEP and rollover 403(b)09/14 marky16:52 Duckie
19hShould I change i-bonds -> stocks?09/13 get_g0ing22:47 Dude2
62cWater alarm just saved me a lot of $$$. Do you have them?09/02 fortfun14:54 elainet7
298tExplaining the Demise of Value Investing09/06 Seasonal21:35 Elysium
5hsolo 401(k)09/15 renue7417:23 FelixTheCat
3hAnnuity question20:51 Figuring_it_out22:20 fire5soon
17hEarly SS to pay Roth convert taxes?09/13 hvaclorax21:35 FiveK
3pEstimated taxes18:17 Anon6419:35 FiveK
24cReplacing Tires on BMW X32018 jeanpierremelvi10:59 FlyAF
0pOpening retirement accounts after age 7016:31 fyre4ce 
7hLaid off at 62; need to move some money to cash from retirement account12:22 Gattina15:01 Gattina
34tCentral banks drive income seeking investors to equities09/12 garlandwhizzer18:41 gmaynardkrebs
41pGifting 60k to someone2018 over4513:57 goodenyou
7pHSA Contribution Limit - Employer Seed/Contribution?09/10 dabretty18:50 grabiner
3hWhere to take RMD's from?09/15 Greytdaze09:09 Greytdaze
3tDebt much higher than Rev + Cash:07:31 lever-viathan07:56 Grt2bOutdoors
16pAdvice on Mortgage10:40 atlgenxennial15:49 hand
25hWhen should I rebalance?09/07 HEDGEFUNDIE22:28 hdas
31tThings you should know about minimum volatility investing02/17 hdas15:11 hdas
38tTail Risk Protection2018 hdas14:59 hdas
103h"Steelmanning" the case for owning individual stocks01/29 hdas14:49 hdas
10hAdvice on ROTH Conversions and the non-retirement assets to support this strategy16:36 557880yvi20:35 HomeStretch
7hRecession strategy in a non-boggleheads fashion14:49 masterpresident19:30 HomeStretch
9cSolar company took 3+ months from install to turn on - compensation?14:30 wilked19:05 HomeStretch
18hRebalancing an Inherited IRA09/15 Husker4theSpurs17:52 Husker4theSpurs
221pPaying "early" on mortgage may be unwise03/28 dm20019:23 inbox788
4hInvesting $ for 3 years horizon09/15 Pomegranate14:41 inbox788
941lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt12:52 Investing.Newbi
29cBest Triathlon Bike?09/12 krafty8120:35 InvisibleAeroba
7pEstimated tax payment08:54 viewer020:58 ivk5
6hMAX HSA and 401k BEFORE contributing to a 529?06:43 doss08:06 ivk5
15hMust pick American Funds09/12 izTyo11:16 izTyo
13hBlackRock Equity Index Fund J - Add?04/10 dmojr02:41 Janef
61cBest Leaf Blower?09/13 Small Law Survi21:13 JBTX
66cBest Dog Car?09/11 skime16:05 Jimmie
15tDon't confuse strategy with outcome:18:02 Nowizard00:24 JoMoney
9tWhy the stock market may continue to go up09/13 McGilicutty00:14 JoMoney
7tTaylor summed up in one meme [humorous]20:40 305pelusa22:35 JoMoney
18cVG "You've successfully logged off"09/15 BolderBoy19:11 JoMoney
77cDo You Tip At Counter Service Restaurants?09/15 RJC22:06 Just sayin...
8hStupid retirement/fund selling question-sorry12:51 jvini14:28 jvini
8tFirstrade is hacked by HackerOne09/15 greenhill19:51 k3vb0t
6pEstate and Tax Attorney09/09 drzzzzz16:03 Kagord
2hTrying to Understand Tax Calculation on Qualified Dividends18:30 CoastalWinds20:30 kaneohe
2hBackdoor Roth at Schwab13:21 div15:14 kaneohe
16hSelling Rental Properties. What to do with proceeds? 3 different scenarios09/15 Archer499517:20 kevdude
1462c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir21:31 LadyGeek
52cNew iPhone on sale for $599.9901:59 catdude19:45 LadyGeek
25tI don't understand the benefit of title insurance in this case.09/15 atikovi16:21 Lee_WSP
26cElectric Range - Failing on High Heat03/09 burt19:44 LilyFleur
6hAverage 401k rollover time (by direct check).09:39 cdu715:04 livesoft
27nOne week out of the market?09/15 eurobogle10:51 livesoft
50hRebalancing to Oblivion06/22 Quaestner12:07 longinvest
3hTSP Changes09/15 yakers07:32 marana
74hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad19:47 market timer
15hA few years later... guidance/advice? Early 30's09/12 _invest4life_12:30 Meg77
42hWhere should we cut back saving/investing?09/11 daheld14:41 megabad
10hLooking for a More Tax-Efficient Intl Index Fund than Vanguard Total International (VTIAX)?20:04 CoastalWinds23:26 michaeljmroger
13pTrust or Will - Single never married09/14 MightySilly22:48 MightySilly
15hEmp Stock Purchase vs 401k increase10:26 AverageInvestor21:10 milktoast
141t5% Withdrawal Rate Recommended by US News Columnist09/09 BluesH12:04 MnD
867tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE23:42 MotoTrojan
14cLaptop for a child?09/14 Barefootgirl23:12 mrsbetsy
16cT-mobile vs Google Fi for Internatioanal?07:45 get_g0ing12:26 msi
159cHow old is your cellphone?09/11 MortgageOnBlack14:29 mtmingus
12cInsurance Issues - suggestions?11:07 ctuser121:48 Nate79
52tEx DFA CIO launches competitor which will also have ETFs06/26 larryswedroe13:43 nedsaid
26hWait to transfer ?09/15 NestEggLove20:27 NestEggLove
15cThe Berkshires or Finger Lakes?09/14 Bob Sacamano21:20 nisiprius
5hwisdom of moving a CD ladder09/15 brandy09:32 NoblesvilleIN
76cDo you trust Microsoft updating your Windows 7 machine?09/14 xerxes10123:06 Northern Flicke
44c2019 Subaru Forester Vs. 2019 Rav 411/13 Monica18:28 Nowizard
6cButcher Box09/15 sophie111:57 ohai
27pWould you spend an extra day a week for 1 year working for a luxury09/15 EnjoyIt05:04 oldcomputerguy
7h401k Catch Up Contribution: Newbie Question09/14 watchnerd10:50 PaunchyPirate
40hAlternatives to Fidelity Brinker fund?09/14 pdx4me18:25 pdx4me
2hWhat's the BEST money market fund now?22:26 pennywise8822:28 pennywise88
15hNow what?09/16 brownsfan2k510:31 Quirkz
6hCan I PRE-tire yet?08:55 markesquire10:27 Quirkz
13tThe "barbell" equity strategy -- 1991 to 201610:00 CULater16:21 randomguy
151tBest of Bogleheads - your #1 takeaway08/27 LilyFleur20:57 Random Musings
547tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa11:25 RandomWord
22cSeasoned retirees...09:21 tennisplyr15:45 Raybo
24pWhy does my mom need a home appraisal?11:19 rebellovw18:03 rebellovw
33cHaving to consider replacing my car09/15 Icarus96113:31 researcher
25cWorth it to upgrade 2nd car in 1.5 car household?05/26 Dietmar10:40 retiredjg
369lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam214:36 retired redhead
10pTwo Chase Sapphire Reserve Cards or one CSR + 1 other09/15 ram14:25 rich126
3pBest Method to Inherit House19:38 azianbob20:11 RickBoglehead
8hThree Fund Portfolio taxes09/13 Piplup199605:25 RickBoglehead
5pMintMobile... GSM vs. CDMA07:10 OCDinvestor14:08 rj49
7hHow to Achieve Growth/Small-Cap Tilt in Portfolio12:56 minnlaw16:01 rkhusky
2h403B Allocation05:51 nursenguyen08:17 rkhusky
3pTravel Insurance19:48 sksbog22:28 Ron
4cTeladoc-Specifically through FloridaBlue14:09 MarkerFM17:29 rterickson
13pUS tax court and "notice of deficiency"09/03 rtom18:28 rtom
12pcost basis when selling house - generator09/15 fru-gal08:29 ryman554
18pMultiple job offers - How to ask for time to evaluate with my BH?09/15 confusedinvesto16:59 sapper1371
7pHR pro's: who pays 401k plan setup fees?12:36 4stripes23:45 sawhorse
56hBest International Small Cap Option2018 billy26905:38 schismal
3hHelp Designing Portfolio and Approximating Total Stock Market for DW09/16 schleprock11709:48 schleprock117
34pWhat does “Stay the Course” mean exactly?09/15 CoastalWinds22:59 SevenBridgesRoa
273lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!2015 VictoriaF15:35 Skeeter1
12pCan I transfer part of a Solo 401(k)?09/15 outlookcapital22:19 southerndoc
12pAny gotchas converting from SEP IRA to Solo 401K?07/15 knightrider21:49 Spirit Rider
21cBooks set in New Zealand/Australia (police procedurals)09/13 ResearchMed14:36 SrGrumpy
11pDo I Need a Real Estate Agent if Building a Home?09/15 pghpens22:48 StealthRabbit
3hA question about VBTLX [Vanguard Total Bond Market Index]09/15 too_rich09:44 Stinky
12036tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill08:51 Stinky
3pRenting while working, buying at retirement?11:57 BogleMelon13:28 student
4hNovice question about diversifying with bonds13:04 Novice Investor15:58 stuper1
45cAccord approaching 100k miles, how to push it beyond07/24 sunny_socal14:24 sunny_socal
2tShould I buy separate corporate and treasure bond instead of total bond?11:25 hoaius719:10 sycamore
31pPrulife life insurance09/12 talnoe15:33 talnoe
25cUsed Tesla S or new Tesla 3?09/15 BuckyBadger21:39 TBillT
12h401-K versus Social Security11:12 deacon7619:59 TBillT
41pHelping elderly parents manage finances - pros and cons09/12 RickBoglehead20:15 Tdubs
41cNeed ideas for NY Upstate Getaway09/11 BogleMelon14:02 tennisplyr
128cMinivan Vs SUV Experience2018 samta0915:49 texasdiver
352pBay Area teacher saving half my income – why the doubt? (and asking more questions)09/14 Ron Ronnerson23:42 TheDDC
59tIs the 60/40 portfolio allocation strategy being killed?08:02 CULater22:44 ThereAreNoGurus
29pMortgage rate last week09/14 Fingerfish17:41 thewizzer
21h401K-What funds should I pick09/14 Bama1219:44 tigerdoc93
32pPlease help me understand I-orp results09/15 EnjoyIt14:00 TimeRunner
38p[2018 Open Season] FEHB HDHP options for Federal Employees11/05 grenada20:14 tj
21cHigh-dollar Plumbing Issue Decision09/13 rocket35418:01 TLB
26cImproving Lighting in a Dimly Lit Condo09/15 Cycle16:40 TomatoTomahto
25pSpendthrift Trustee; Bank&Trust or "professional fiduciary"08/28 Ranunculus06:25 TomatoTomahto
13cNoise16:52 Tool-Time20:41 Tortoisesque
10nUK - Helping an older relative - Account Review09/15 Tourne13:21 Tourne
25pMove up in house?09/13 NextMil08:40 Tracker968
5hInvesting in Retirement14:14 retired redhead00:00 Tyler Aspect
8hIs private wealth management worth it?21:42 pennywise8800:24 unclescrooge
5n[EUR] Inflation linked government bond yield vs inflation00:29 Sataman11:23 Valuethinker
7tETFs are getting cheaper. Are there ETF equivalents for everything?02:20 JacobTeach07:49 vineviz
1881tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab14:39 whodidntante
26hLate starter - Need help09/12 fnl1919:59 Wiggums
29tBuying the Dow as a super-low-cost index strategy?09/14 Null4200:03 willthrill81
51tAre TIPS really a good inflation hedge? Pros and Cons09/15 CULater23:30 willthrill81
6tSmallest market day portfolio change?19:28 Diligent Hands23:29 willthrill81
51tis real estate dead as a diversifier?09/10 prk23:27 willthrill81
24tStreetShares bonds2018 pgs5921:22 willthrill81
40cSwitched from Verizon's postpaid plan to prepaid: Saved 38%09/14 willthrill8121:14 willthrill81
1thow to update this chart to the present day?14:44 seugene15:10 willthrill81
11pTerm Life - Worth paying extra $50/yr for TIAA-CREF?09/15 tahwtahw11:28 willthrill81
23p> 6 months medical leave09/14 Newbie_Investor11:03 willthrill81
23hTarget of 25x with delayed "income"?09/15 SnowBog09:30 willthrill81
22hMath is scary13:12 mikemikemike23:16 wjo
115hToo Late To Get Back Into Stocks?09/11 Retiredat5707:23 wolf359
94pManaging joint finances when one is a perfectionist09/13 Caduceus09:04 WoodSpinner
2nVanguard Lifestrategy UK16:58 Luvchenko17:58 xxd091
10n3 fund portfolio for UK investor09/15 chrismckay12:56 xxd091
8cAsheville travel advice17:57 Bob Sacamano22:35 zeep

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