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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1440 new posts and replies over 222 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
12844pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1118:06 $=WxTxI
8nPortfolio management (Need Help with 7 figures)10/03 erYof53122:19 1squirrel
0cBest over-ear portable Bluetooth headset23:34 28fe6 
93cWays to lower electricity costs?2021 I-Know-Nothing16:36 4nursebee
7hafter-tax 401k in-service roth conversion - before or after rollover?10/04 calimero14:42 Alan S.
3354cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger20:02 AnnetteLouisan
268hOK, I am calling the bottom of this market cycle09/03 ronno201805:52 AnnetteLouisan
796tWhy don't you factor tilt?09/16 Cannibly13:02 Apathizer
10hSell TBCIX (T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth I)?09/30 Average Investo16:34 Average Investo
0pTravel medical insurance without trip cancelation component?01:40 BarbBrooklyn 
57hVTINX - 72 and scared10/04 rocko21:12 Beensabu
18tMorgan Stanley's Crystal Ball10/04 aquinas19:37 Beensabu
9hTrying to create a long term strategy09/29 ceverson7014:11 Beensabu
61pAny early retirement stories you can share?10/04 Bennie23:56 Bennie
1990tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado10:37 Bentonkb
0tOne week until the 2022 Bogleheads Conference!08:59 Bogle Center 
45pDealing with CPAP recall fiasco2021 AllMostThere10:17 Broken Man 1999
10tAny thoughts on why mid-caps have fared relatively so well?10/03 Edicito22:57 Capster1
4h22 Year Old Investor - Portfolio advice and rebalancing towards VTI/VXUS14:07 youngbullishinv16:28 Capster1
11pSharing the down payment for a house10/03 tuningfork02:56 CaptainT
3hNegative Transaction Fee on Schwab T Bill purchase?10/04 CenTexan12:52 CenTexan
5pVTI Dividend Reporting Held at Fidelity [non-qualified dividend discrepancy]10/04 kaatzchris04:32 Chip
3tValuations03:18 invest411:34 CraigTester
187tMarketWatch: Many young people shouldn’t save for retirement10/01 AnnetteLouisan21:41 CyclingDuo
25cCrawlspace Encapsulation? Alternatives?10/01 Dan011:10 Dan0
110hAre total bond market investors a sitting duck?10/02 DesertInvestor18:11 DesertInvestor
15pProtecting non-Bogleheads spouses if you die first - tangent from co-workers/finanical literacy discussion10/04 zanza13:30 DetroitRick
6hThinking of moving stable value contributions instead to Total bond and TIPS09/27 Doc712:33 Doc7
71pEtrade 1.4% online savings account06/18 Emptykeg08:46 Doc7
4pExternal account for banks-security10:18 nesdog00:04 Doctor Rhythm
32thumor: wise words from my teenager10/04 bobblershead20:20 Domadosolo
10pCleaning up shop & closing bank accounts. Any reason to keep open for a mortgage?17:49 manlymatt8319:46 DoubleComma
114hPortfolio Question09/05 roccodean17:04 Duckie
43hFixed income portfolio review for newish retiree who doesn't understand TIPs09/29 DebiT06:10 Dude2
2tNew Highs - New Lows indicator10/04 Econberkeley05:38 Econberkeley
130hVanguard Money Market Funds - Differences in Returns?05/08 water235712:52 Electron
56pDoes IRA to ROTH Still Make Sense AND How Much to Convert09/22 patrickscott12:04 FiveK
168t[60 year old - anxiety over market downturn]09/22 doc254718:50 Florida Orange
649cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman22:53 FoolStreet
6tEmergency Fund10/03 filbert19:45 FoundingFather
1pHelp Locating Retirement Account for John Deere Retiree19:51 Fredz400020:11 Fpdesignco
139tIf things are so bad, how come the market is up 900 points today?10/03 Fremdon Ferndoc12:33 Fremdon Ferndoc
75cLooking for comfortable shoes to do a lot of walking10/01 Lauretta09:24 GG1273
11pIs a mega backdoor roth always worth it?05/25 GaRPH17:16 GaRPH
23hWill it make sense to buy i-bonds in 2023?15:08 justsomeguy201820:14 GoldenFinch
228tNew Avantis worldwide ETF with value tilt06/28 brademac18:55 IndyMachiner
24cUnited Airlines flyers (or cc holders): Mileage Plus still valuable?10/04 NYCaviator18:04 Jags4186
5842pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy12:46 Jags4186
29pForced into this awful car market10/04 SunDevil07:54 Jags4186
49cWhat a car repair experience!10/04 Janclam00:31 Janclam
7pNeed bank recommendation19:43 purplepencil00:24 Janclam
14cSmall SUV with hard to steal catalytic converter11:54 jimjam60023:42 Janclam
1creplace Swiss watch movement20:12 Nyc1003620:19 John Doe 123
2hTimestrategy - Reinvesting of all retirenment funds after necessary liquidation of all assets (Broker Change)18:39 Morgi8718:56 John Z
13tInterviewing new companies what is important?10/04 2ball11:34 JohnFromPNW
0t'Bogleheads® Live' #23 podcast is out: Mike Piper on bequest planning14:40 JonL 
3hHow To Exchange Mutual Funds for Treasuries Online At Fidelity10/04 BBBob19:21 Kevin M
121tTIPs: The final year in the life of a 5 year TIP04/15 grok8718:05 Kevin M
1797tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)05/24 Kevin M17:21 Kevin M
27tSchwab IT and Account Issues10/03 KISS19:52 LadyGeek
6hReal estate investing and how to get out12:27 roadracer71115:50 LadyGeek
31tDan Wiener's newsletter shutting down after October 2022 issue01/19 lomarica0113:27 LadyGeek
11pSEP-IRA - Sole Proprietorship Question.15:33 redacted00:39 Lee_WSP
12pHow can undistributed trust income be taxed at beneficiary tax rate?2017 ljb19:25 Lee_WSP
27cBuying a second hand car to keep at my parents place to use when I visit them: suggestions?10/04 Lauretta20:44 Living Free
7hTreasury in tax deferred (IRA)10/01 is50xenough20:06 Living Free
7pMove Educational Trust Cash into 529 Plan?10:40 Lucky2Invest22:52 Lucky2Invest
13pExperiences legally pursuing identity theft13:41 coalcracker19:41 MHA556
8pRoth conversion review13:09 wokkawokkawokka19:32 MHA556
1pNo receipt on IRS Form8832 submitted10/04 Lxw312:54 MP123
8pS-Corp Solo 401K contribution suggestion10/03 venvis200111:07 MP123
2hBrokered CD Values -- Why Do They Increase and Decrease?10/04 Madam Librarian13:01 Madam Librarian
7tinternational and bond index look like trash?22:57 2ball00:55 Marseille07
888cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek20:45 Marseille07
197tIf long TIPS hit a real yield above 2.0% I will…09/18 McQ00:16 McQ
12hCritique my plan for windfall09/28 bernie515105:39 Motostash
1046tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?2020 poppa2322:28 N372TW
65t3 Reasons International Investing Hasn't Paid Off.10:44 Apathizer01:11 Nathan Drake
41tVanguard Mutual Fund Purchase Fees at Other Brokerages09/09 LazyNihilist23:51 Owl
8tHow to allocate to TIPS in retirement?13:57 Poe2223:58 Poe22
14hCash out Inherited (non-Roth) IRA for Alternate Investment?10/04 R219:44 R2
6tIs there an approximate/projected rate for Nov 2022 issue EE Bonds?14:14 hoofaman20:41 Random Musings
6pEstimated tax treatment of Roth conversions18:12 FreddieFIRE22:34 RetiredAL
26hAdvice on Death of a Parent10/04 Novice202020:18 RetiredAL
187lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine20:21 RetiredMarine
20pIUL (Indexed Universal Life) fiasco10/05 o'pinion21:24 Rex66
100cI buy extended warranties, here's why.08/15 Chuck Bronson21:42 RudyS
61cWireless Earbuds09/18 shavenyak08:02 Sandtrap
608tSchwab Information Thread with FAQ, Links, Tips and Q&A2021 galawdawg17:16 Save2Survive
3821tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7614:10 SnowBog
265tConversation with co workers/ financial literacy among non-boglehead types10/02 upstate9019:42 SteadyOne
566cVanguard website succumbs to "Fisher-Price" UI design01/27 HanSolo19:15 Stinky
10h401k Questions RE: Shutting Down S-Corp09/25 catchinup20:14 SuzBanyan
40pNeed help: How to buy a house with aging parent?09/30 privateID16:18 SuzBanyan
85tBND - Sure Thing Short05/03 macattack78910:28 Tamalak
15hSanity Check - Mortgage vs Cash10/02 frisbee15:26 Tavistock1
16cSpot repairing finished wood flooring - feasible to match?10/01 LeftCoastIV15:03 Tavistock1
25hTime to exchange Total Bond Index for Short Term Bond Index?10/03 mikedm11:36 Tom_T
14pFactors to consider for Soc Security?10/03 LaurenRose10:05 Tom_T
235tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew23:41 Total_Risk_Pari
25cRepair 14 year old Jeep VS purchasing new10/04 Sigz23:49 Tracker968
36cGlobal Entry09/30 Iporante23:44 TravelGeek
10nQuestion about bonds funds YTM, Real yield ...10/02 Picablo13:04 Valuethinker
10nUK Salary Sacrifice Pension Vs Vanguard ISA09/29 Poozay11:42 Valuethinker
35cIf you buy a classic car in Europe and aim to keep to drive it daily for 50 years2018 Tellurius11:34 Valuethinker
1cgood learning resources for young kids18:50 Edge21519:48 Watty
11hCan I Successfully Retire ?16:08 antwerp19:38 Watty
6hCredit Suisse Bonds?18:34 justsomeguy201821:29 Weathering
24cPrivate Golf Course Membership15:00 vgc30300:59 White Coat Inve
4pHas anyone had problems getting telephone appointments with Social Security ring your phone?11:40 cadreamer201513:37 Wilderness Libr
68pAlly Bank - Bad Experience...09/29 MrMarket11:16 acegolfer
2283cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman08:03 andypanda
110cWaiting lists for EV SUVs03/29 delamer23:39 angelescrest
24hAdvice for 50 year old, $2Million in Cash09:50 planchicago22:49 anon_investor
8cNew Condo - Problem with the Dryer13:46 JHU ALmuni22:47 anon_investor
73pFidelity Account Breached (and what I did about it)09/24 motiv8ed12:24 anon_investor
5tTax free conversion of Vanguard Mutual Fund to ETF - how to do it?11:13 simas12:24 anon_investor
48cNAS (Network Attached Storage) Questions05/04 Valdeselad11:04 audioengr
6hRollover ROTH 457b to a ROTH IRA?15:04 bbrock18:31 bbrock
11cWhere to camp between Salem, OR and San Francisco, CA?19:56 CommitmentDevic00:34 bhtomj
10tConvert mutual fund shares to ETF shares on a per-lot basis?14:52 WhatsAllThis17:14 billaster
27p$401k Loan vs Personal Line of Credit (Auto Financing)09/28 AD313:57 bobblershead
16hTreasury Direct site for an update with a new design10/04 300019:46 boridi
6pFSA Newbie Questions10/01 catchinup19:44 catchinup
24hInherited Traditional IRA10/04 jes5817:05 celia
8cIncreasing Number of FEHB "Advantage" Plans10:52 tallguy389123:44 chemocean
6pRequired IRA withdrawal - transfer ETF11:29 michaeljc7018:33 chemocean
36cChanging Old Truck to Full Synthetic Oil?2021 Fordguy8821:23 chrisjul
65pMail Problems07/16 btenny21:08 chrisjul
340lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!2021 Miriam209:05 cockersx3
220pAccount locked at Treasury Direct and cannot get through on phone04/27 willthrill8113:09 cookienadal
0hPlanning with a State Pension20:44 cr23 
11cNon-tracking search engine question03/09 Chaconne21:01 csmath
4pFederal Disability Retirement10/04 bernie515116:00 dbr
5hDesignating Redemption to TD C of I20:22 dcop23:51 dcop
8cStrange emails from NY state Tax08:12 ikowik13:06 dodecahedron
30t100% Wellesley Income Fund10/02 Charles Joseph22:22 dvvader
320tIs "Stay The Course" dead?09/29 ScootyPuffJunio23:24 ebeb
2cHow often do you update your browser on your PC?23:06 water235700:24 enad
14t"Wrong! My Mistakes Over a 20-Year Advisory Career"10/04 Taylor Larimore00:11 enad
53pDental Insurance - retired - probably need expensive work10/02 Circe22:28 enad
148cOriginal Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage10/01 fishandgolf21:29 enad
14cWhat type of pool pump to choose to replace a defective one?2021 sabhen11:34 enad
5cHas Anyone Used "AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee"10/04 hirlaw08:43 enad
13cRecurring whole house low water flow10/03 fatima52617:14 fatima526
14pwire transfer out of Marcus account09/22 feh20:00 feh
37cPropane vs Gas New house purchase decision09/22 jgman11:59 forwhatiknow
3hOptions for my retirement account07:26 freelanceeer19713:30 freelanceeer197
42cSmart Thermostats – Worth it?2020 an00j20:04 galving
0hMy Bond Strategy - Questions14:05 gfirero 
36t"A New Paradigm for Portfolio Risk" by Robert H. Jeffrey08/30 vineviz11:15 goodenyou
84hManaging my mom's account09/22 LadyGeek21:08 grabiner
14hHelp with buying individual muni bond ...10/03 prozario0110:29 grok87
3hHow to buy a corporate bond or marketable CD in the secondary market.10/03 guitar212man00:13 guitar212man
2hMajority of portfolio in a single global index fund07:48 RedMan191909:15 homebuyer6426
25cGetting a good price on LASIK10/04 homebuyer642608:49 homebuyer6426
9cPanasonic cordless phone set problem with Ooma10/04 hoops77717:14 hoops777
32cCalling all HVAC experts! SEER question08:08 Admiral20:09 inverter
157tThe EE Bond Manifesto (A companion piece to Mel’s I Bond Manifesto)2021 SnowBog10:44 ivgrivchuck
5tsubmit ?s for Charles Ellis10/04 JonL11:28
1hTax Loss Harvesting20:01 TLHHead20:11 jebmke
34cWifi Antenna for metal building10/02 4nursebee11:30 jebmke
9pAsset Protection ideas for taxable assets22:03 jh22:59 jh
142cBest place to get tires? (Disappointed with Costco Tire Center)12/11 Ztx01:14 jlawrence01
13223tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE17:12 langlands
1cparakeet bath thing18:03 tunafish18:08 livesoft
1886tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest11:45 longinvest
3pDo I need to give myself a raise (S corp)?22:36 stranded2x23:41 magnusw
17hBond Fund Yields very low10/04 Mannyjim14:20 mas
10hHow to compare a bond fund "return" to options like HYSA and T-bills?10/01 OkanePlease05:24 max12377
41cMedical bills going to collection - insurance mess up09/30 michaeljc7012:45 michaeljc70
23pMoving money from Ally to Treasury09:12 fittan22:52 mongstradamus
79pTrust or Don’t trust the keys to the kingdom into a password manager10/02 Domadosolo19:56 mongstradamus
11hFidelity CDs10/04 justsomeguy201811:16 mongstradamus
12cRain gear and overnight bag recommendations10/04 jkushne110:12 mrb09
4349tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab01:27 nalor511
129cFlorida in the summer2015 tennisplyr21:30 nchowrin
5pHow your future SS benefit depends on assumptions for national average wage growth and CPI/inflation changes2016 neurosphere16:32 neurosphere
5pSocial security COLA adjustments to PIA10/04 kenburke16:22 neurosphere
2245pTales from this insane real estate market [Home sales]2021 ASpenderInRecov21:22 newyorker
2tIs Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond much riskier than Vanguard Total Bond?09:50 withrye10:17 nisiprius
39hLeaving Federal Government - What to do with retirement (FERS) contributions?05/13 Invest_Wisely18:38 nps
326pAlly Online Savings Rate Increase05/10 BogleMelon05:53 oldcomputerguy
67hMoving money from Company IRA to Vanguard now taking over 3 months. What are my options?07/20 passive10122:46 passive101
32hCan 401(k) trades trigger a wash sale?08/30 chazas00:27 placeholder
22tThe Most Tax-Friendly States For Retirees: How To Compare State Income Tax Options (by Michael Kitces)10/04 SockMonkey00:17 placeholder
11hIndirect Rollover of Combat Zone Tax-Exempt funds, Year-End Planning10/03 StewedCarrot23:13 placeholder
11tOptimizing short term loss with long term gain10/04 viewer023:11 placeholder
21hMarcus CD rate updates post Fed rate hike09/27 consinv14:49 pmorgan2020
7nUS resident - accounts for UK funds?10/01 porkula00:08 porkula
21pBest high yield savings accounts09/30 jgsloan5311:29 professor_ameri
6pIRS CP56V Bill11/16 Nowizard08:22 radeon962
7hIs Buying Treasuries At Auction Bad?10/04 rahulgarcia09:28 rahulgarcia
1hPlease suggest Schwab funds to park cash in IRA account22:34 FourSeas01:23 ralph124cf
155tIT'S TIME! Registration for the 2022 Bogleheads Conference is NOW OPEN!04/18 Bogle Center20:58 ram
236tMaybe Wade Pfau was over-optimistic … [New study on Safe Withdrawal Rate]09/30 McQ21:36 randomguy
17hHow to get out of Merrill Lynch brokerage advisory account?11:46 financial.freed19:57 remomnyc
13cbest time to book air travel around Christmas10/03 protagonist19:06 remomnyc
7hNoob trying to Google my way through Vanguard IRA questions10/03 soggywaffles17:45 retired@50
1hAnother change and re-look; advice welcome10:55 Eblana111:10 retiredjg
3tDoes anyone know of any banks that will not allow on line access if your browser is not the latest version?05:28 water235706:00 retiringwhen
8hCD early withdraw penalty question10/02 rivercrosser10:04 rivercrosser
28cQuestion for Computer Experts12:08 tallguy389115:57 roamingzebra
20pDealership offer while waiting for new car to be repaired08:48 psrande13:23 rooms222
0hQuestion for those currently drawing on their retirement01:49 schildkrote 
47tAre bonds safer than 100% equity indexing?10/01 Marseille0715:41 seajay
6pRMD after a rollover10/04 gavinsiu10:12 secondcor521
170tIs Anyone Rethinking International AA?03/19 AaronScott19:57 snowday2022
13hShould I change my investment strategy? Looking for advice/tips.13:29 Kandinsky14:50 squirrel1963
16cMen's Fashion -- Buy Suits or Jackets/Pants Separately?10/04 CoastLawyer203012:18 stan1
696pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion10:32 stan1
2hHow risky are Vanguard and Fidelity MM funds vs FDIC insured?18:38 justsomeguy201819:15 starboi
8834cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:33 stoptothink
25c2023 Honda Odyssey EX-l10/04 TarHeel200222:14 stupidkid
13cTimbertech Azek or Trex ? Hot? Which level of product for deckboard09/22 Domadosolo21:33 stupidkid
6hBest way to manage cash fund right now with interest rate fluctuation?10/04 justsomeguy201809:49 texasfight
34pClosing my TSP account: Any tips?09/18 VictoriaF21:40 tj
2hVG Brokerage account10/04 RMO8710:35 user9532
7hHow to know cost basis method on 1099-B?2021 userwithconcern20:52 userwithconcern
11pIs there a trick to contact IRS10/04 gavinsiu09:49 valleyrock
7nBond options for the fixed income part of the portfolio10/02 Spgold10:47 vineviz
19hDalio on cash: no longer trash10/03 chassis09:34 wetgear

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