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21c Adults trip in May to Zion and Bryce National Parks  03/21260chrisb17:46ddurrett896
53c Where to start - converting from generator/UPS to more reasonable solar / powerwall?  page: 202/272tall4economy03/26Valuethinker
35p Bank of America bogus late payment fee.[temporary software glitch, gone now]  03/25*3!4!/5!03/27gkaplan
23t When can you transfer in kind?  03/25*3!4!/5!03/27bighatnohorse
5c Gift Card Security  03/26*3!4!/5!03/27student
144c In-N-Out Burger - Best Chain Fast Food Burger Joint?  page: 2 320093CT_Paddler13:49countofmc
1h Roth/Traditional mix  22:0073200222:19PFInterest
36p Administration of relative's estate  03/22AAA03/26AAA
12p Furnishing Apartment for Work - Tax Implications  03/27aadwen22:13Spirit Rider
2546c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 512014abuss36803/27gkaplan
3h Need help allocating new contributions  10:22accumulator5y21:26krow36
10h Critique My AA  03/27ACM429709:55retiredjg
19h [EM, Poland] Investing from EM, currency risk  03/24adamus09:27BeBH65
15h Debt vs. Investing  03/25aearq15:47LadyGeek
11p lived in 2 states, how to file state taxes?  03/26aha03/27aha
2227c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 452014Alex Frakt13:15Accrual
218c gratuitous homeownership items  page: 2 3 4 503/12alloykat03/26WolfgangPauli
46h RMD in 2018  03/26Almost there20:03sport
0h Help selling foreign stock  19:15Alto Astral  
15h Calculating cost of retirement  03/26Aluminumfoil03/27AlohaJoe
1p How to find an independent insurance agent (disability)  03/26amanosz03/26sport
38c Anyone taken a mid-career sabbatical?  03/19AmericaninParis08:212Birds1Stone
8h Suggestion needed for Corporate Bonds/Funds  03/26andy201203/27aristotelian
16c Free/Cheap Sports Channels  03/25andyandyandy03/26Incendiary
83c To paint our wood trim or not?  page: 206/16angelescrest07:05nannid
3h help with 401k options  03/26anikb03/27David Jay
5p Solo 401K: 1099 income reported as 'Other Income'  03/25aqan03/26aqan
1p "Channeling my inner Jack Bogle", John Woerth's take on competitors' expense ratios  17:13arcticpineapple20:37in_reality
65c Re: Where to buy a Vanguard hat? An Update and bad news  page: 211/16arcticpineapple18:39Miriam2
5h Too Narrow? Or overlap?  03/25Ardarsh03/26Ardarsh
10h 200K+ Cash- Where to put it?  11:30Arizonian20:36eldinerocheapo
4h TDAmertirade short-term trading fee  03/27asif40803/27livesoft
5h 401k - Excess Distribution Payment  03/27atreat60013:34Alan S.
9h help? 401k rollover to ROTH IRA, quite confused  03/27atxeng08:26retiredjg
160t Michael Kitces says IRS auditors disapprove of Backdoor Roth IRA's  page: 2 3 42016AviN03/26anoop
4h Tax question about adding more money to backdoor Roth  03/27AZPediatrician15:23retiredjg
94c Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)  page: 203/24azurekep22:18whomever
50p Red light camera Fort Worth  page: 203/27BashDash22:08LadyGeek
17c Cord cutting: Masters Golf  03/16BashDash03/27knpstr
72p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  page: 201/10batpot10:502015
3t Tax-Managed Small Cap vs. Small Cap Index  11:50BBBob19:57BBBob
26p SS taxes  03/05bbees21:42bbees
2h Allocation percentage for new 3 fund portfolio & goal advice  03/25bearlymakingit03/26harvestbook
8p Estate Tax Liabilities  03/24BetaTracker03/26BetaTracker
12h Diversification & International Exposure - Fund Selection Assistance  03/25bhdhs2203/26investordad
32p Boston apartment hunting advice/can I afford a studio?  03/27bigguy843708:53jlcnuke
6p Retirements Accounts in Net Worth Calculation  03/26bingo198003/26bsteiner
10p Disability Insurance  03/27biscuit20:35LadyGeek
20c How to make my old MacBook to work?  03/24biscuit03/27jcchen
2p Linking bank account to VG brokerage (Safe way)  03/26bob_m1003/26Sandtrap
21h Where to put small cap value fund in portfolio  03/25Boglehawk01:07MotoTrojan
17c Should I drop Full coverage on my car?  17:36BogleMelon21:58BogleMelon
1p Disability insurance rider definition worries me  03/27BogleMelon03/27BruDude
33p What building year I should seek when shopping for a house?  03/21BogleMelon03/26BoglePablo
1p Tax professional recommendation in SF Bay Area (South bay)?  03/25bogleraw03/26kaneohe
0p Mortgage Broker and Closing Costs  21:38Booknower  
10p ACH deposits on weekends?  03/25bostondan03/25bostondan
20c Clearing customs in Seattle  03/26brak03/27brak
9h Retirement Net Worth Loaded with Real Estate Investments  03/18Bravelion03/26MightyHorus
2p Deductability of miles for PT Thrifting Business  15:14brian646416:19brian6464
12h FULL Portfolio - Feedback Requested by Boglehead Guru's  03/24brianh7011:41ruralavalon
33h Parents offering to invest $300,000 in my name as graduation gift; initial thought is to invest in a house?  07:51brightside0118:11Bacchus01
7p Moving from 1099 to w2, what to do with an i401k and retirement saving options  03/25britishguy7703/27britishguy77
4p USAA and Haven Life (Mass Mutual) Life Insurance Quotes  03/19bslice03/27bslice
11p Fidelity issued 1042-S Instead of 1099R. They Refuse to Change it  12:01budha111121:57in_reality
290c What is your favorite consumer product?  page: 2 3 4 5 62015Bustoff03/26Youngblood
16p NYS medicaid Pre 65 - no asset test?  03/27ButterUtterD19:52littlebird
6p Georgia Age 62 and Taxes  03/26bUU03/27bUU
3t Vanguard asks DOL to delay fiduciary rule  03/23bzargarcia03/26LadyGeek
62t Justification for Adding REITs  page: 203/23Call_Me_Op03/27wolf359
115p So someone drained $13k from my checking account...  page: 2 303/23Cash20:26tinscale
3t Negative price/earnings ratio  03/25Castanea_d.03/26Castanea_d.
12h We max out 401k, Roth IRAs, HSA, but still lost...  03/26cbrb03/27cbrb
13p Realtor vs MLS Listing Service  12:29cbr shadow16:26rolandtorres
22p Choosing HDHP Versus Plan with No Premiums  03/24cfniswander03/26cfniswander
30t Illusion of poverty/wealth  03/27chabil18:17wolf359
36c can't logon to vanguard account  03/24chipperd03/26Mudpuppy
7p Gifting an apartment to my cousin--Incur gift tax or not?  03/27chocolateolive14:30fantasytensai
4h Portfolio mix  03/27chuck2016:06chuck20
29h Optum Bank HSA using Admiral shares on Vanguard funds  2015classicjazzfan03/27lsui
2h Use Roth IRA for investment in private start-up LLC?  03/27cnil103/27cnil1
10h Large capital loss, how to think about harvesting.  03/27coalcracker03/27House Blend
19p Pension Options  03/24cody6903/27Valuethinker
29h Where can I buy Vanguard Funds w/o Fees ?  09:57confusedinvesto21:56Alto Astral
16h Why is 3 Fund Portfolio Failing consistently for me ?  03/26confusedinvesto09:53oldcomputerguy
41h Advisor suggested this - Good idea?  03/25confusedinvesto03/26aristotelian
6h Need help with allocation or low-risk alternative (LONG!)  03/26confused invest03/27confused invest
20c Buying Sunglasses  03/25CountryBoy03/27misterno
4h Utilities and Preferred Stocks in Retirement???  07:14cresive13:40patrick013
3p Humana pulling out of Tennessee next year  18:50cricket4919:08cricket49
3t Spousal Inherited IRA Question (Great Alan S. Question) :)  03/26Crow Hunter20:54Crow Hunter
5t Tax Strategies for Lowering Tax Bracket & Increasing Retirement  03/22csho.mc03/
2p Advice on correctly reporting Backdoor Roth in Turbotax with Massachusetts complication  03/26cskollmann03/27cskollmann
2c Home Intercom Upgrade / Replacement  09:47dabretty11:45gtaylor
5c Home Energy Audit recommended actions: 28.4 year payback period??  19:44Dakotah20:22knpstr
10h 403b/teachers pension plan rollover questions  2015darkhorse03/27ps56k
17c Anyone use Verizon wireless prepaid for cell phones???  03/23davidkw03/26tbradnc
10c John Deere 1025R with Mower  03/26dbc4708:47soupcxan
1h Help w/ International vs. US  15:39dcarste19:00Uncle Pennybags
5t CD Ladder at Fidelity - Why is purchase still pending?  03/22dcmouser03/26dm200
4t ETFs/Mutual Funds/Indexes - cash allocation  03/26deltaneutral8303/26livesoft
218c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 3 4 52013denovo18:58surfstar
62l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  page: 22015digarei03/27digarei
2h Active versus Passive  10:53Dinosaur Dad11:53pkcrafter
8h Add TIPS (VAIPX) to Bond Allocation?  03/25dionysus03/27nedsaid
1h looking for an article  03/26dityizzy03/26pkcrafter
8h Advise needed to help investing for the first time  03/26dmg03/27nedsaid
18p Using Schwab for primary checking account  03/27dollar_elbow10:08dollar_elbow
47p Federal pension beats high salary and savings rate? (fed vs contractor for employment)  03/27doss19:20delamer
20h Transfer-In-Kind: Cost Basis Considerations for Non-Covered Shares  03/26dougger511:58dougger5
4h Help with Bond AA in Taxable  03/25dougger503/26sschoe2
7h Help with existing 401k Choices  03/24draco15903/27draco159
75p Citi card Nightmare  page: 203/17drawpoker03/27inbox788
4p Backdoor Roth Tax Question  07:07drjx1720:10drjx17
18h Keep JNJ or invest everything in index funds?  03/26drmoneytails03/27SGM
1p Confused About Reporting of Roth Recharacterization!  18:31dudelove2219:53Duckie
5p Considerations in House Buying  03/27dudelove2208:46bkweathe
7p CaIn We File 1040 MFS if We Didn't Receive Premium Tax Credit as MFJ?  03/25dumbbunny03/26dumbbunny
7p How to Report Property Tax Refund on my 1040  03/25dumbbunny03/26dumbbunny
18h Allocation Questions  2016Eagle61819:21Eagle618
329t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 708/05Earl Lemongrab20:47*3!4!/5!
29p Need help picking term life policy (updated)  03/06easye41803/27BruDude
132t my review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage  page: 2 32014Easy Rhino03/26grabiner
4h Help with picking correct fund for taxable to avoid wash sale  03/26elderwise15:27Tyler Aspect
20h Vanguard reinvested my dividends - what now?  03/17Ella03/26Ella
5t Multiple Board Member changes recently. Means anything?  22:59elthespian13:07TropikThunder
5t Life Strategy in Roth  03/18emanuel_v1920:03Toons
9h Guidance on Portfolio setup - New to Investing  03/17emanuel_v1903/27Finance-MD
13p Best business checking and credit card for sole proprietorship  03/27Ethelred12:17Ethelred
2p Experiences with Alliant CU's bill pay?  19:22Eurookat20:13Eurookat
10l Any Albany, NY Bogleheads out there?  2016evarrr03/26evarrr
69t Bogle Interview CNN - Sat.  page: 203/18EvelynTroy22:17LadyGeek
13h Rebalance help - the math  03/26EvelynTroy03/26Oicuryy
8t S&P Index Funds at Vanguard  03/25Evidence Invest03/26anil686
22p Quarterly Tax Payments Planning to Avoid Refund and Penalties  03/23fantasytensai03/27bayview
5p MFS & HOH how to handle 1099-DIV 1099-B?  03/24FeistyNumerate16:01RudyS
0p Moving Expense Tax Deduction on State Taxes  10:05felizcortez  
30h Help my portfolio is messy  03/10Fiat lux03/26rabbitrun
4h construct a portfolio  03/27finengage03/27retiredjg
23h Retirement may be closer than planned - 401K advice, overall portfolio review  02/27FionaH13:30FionaH
1h Need Help Implementing Investment Strategy  13:05flashygilb16:27zuma
32c Do I need new tires?  03/21fmhealth11:50Sandtrap
3c Azera--Any thoughts on this vehicle  03/25fmhealth03/26Kenkat
4h Schwab vs Vanguard - 401K Rollover to IRA  03/27forge8917:24Malinois000
12t 401k access at 55 vs 59.5  03/23fortfun03/25Katietsu
86p Are Bogleheads in the minority on the use of investment advisors?  page: 203/24fourwheelcycle03/26goingup
0h My Investment Plan/Asset Allocation  21:30Frenchy1011  
18h How to get "Total US Stock" and "Total US Bond" in my 403(b)  14:48Frenchy101118:11whaleknives
19h Maxing tax-advantaged accounts -- am I getting this right?  03/23freyj603/26Sandi_k
4h Can I and should I consider a Solo 401k?  03/25FrugalFreud03/27retiredjg
20c Electric Space Heaters - Does expensive one heat better than cheap one?  03/27fsrph03/27FactualFran
4h Merge retirement accounts? Also what to do w/ $5.5k?  23:57fuzzball21:44Finance-MD
5h TLH Noob Question  03/27Gadget03/27MP123
13h Any opinion on Popular Direct?  10/16Gamma Ray17:25sperry8
13p [Taxes] Can we deduct music lessons cost for child in New York State?  03/24Gamma Ray00:08Gamma Ray
24p Is there any downside to Home Equity line of credit even if we won't use it immediately?  03/24Gamma Ray03/27tennisplyr
232c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 4 52014gatorman03/27Cloudy
12p H&R block? My CPA is MIA  05:32genjix13:07missingdonut
43c thoughts on in-ceiling speakers?  03/24Go Blue 9912:52edge
75h Fearful Investor and Close to Retirement  page: 202/12Goldenfan03/27Goldenfan
37c Do I need title insurance?  03/22goshenBogle17:24LarryAllen
19c Advice for Used Car Buying  03/25GoUBears12:52nhdean
23c My TrueCar buying experience  03/24grabiner03/27inbox788
13p Backdoor Roth Epic Fail!  03/26greenm7515:51greenm75
1h Selling ETF's within Traditional IRA  03/27grovesgirl03/27in_reality
20c Can a cell phone get hacked?  03/25Grt2bOutdoors03/27Mudpuppy
12p how to pay for mother's dementia care...retirement accts versus other investments  03/25guarana03/26TravelforFun
1335p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2705/25guitarguy21:40kyle1125
54p GEICO vs. USAA auto insurance  page: 22014gwe6716:20Uncle Pennybags
10h Transferred $15k Traditional IRA to Vanguard  03/25Hulahoop6003/26traveltoomuch
3t What is stock, really? (Bloomberg View)  19:20huntertheory20:25NiceUnparticula
43c What to do about a bad neighbor in same unit -- both renters of same landlord.  03/11HurdyGurdy03/26HurdyGurdy
23p Not opting for 529... anyone else?  17:42I_Am_Not_A_Doct21:57Angst
39p Texas Teachers Retirement too good to be true?  03/16I_Am_Not_A_Doct03/26I_Am_Not_A_Doct
18p Recharacterization madness: Roth excess contribution --> TIRA --> Roth  02/27icedtea03/26Alan S.
1h Transferring Between Accounts  03/26impguard03/26pkcrafter
8c Buying a home in a seller's market - how to decide how much to pay  12:43imyeti215:25adamthesmythe
27h help assessing risk of promissory note w/ Techshop, Inc.  2015InertiaMan20:13jnoble
16h Schwab's Intelligent Advisory (now live)  03/25in_reality03/26bostondan
64p 250k Student Loan Payment Schedule  page: 22013InterAlia03/27Loik098
14t Sitting down with Fidelity advisor next week  03/21investingdad03/26LeeMKE
4h Get money from IRA at brokerage A to Roth IRA at Brokerage B  14:09investordoc17:51celia
9c 10 days in Berlin and Krakow  03/26Iruntons03/26XtremeSki2001
2h Rollover or not?  03/27jab10022:53sco
52c Our technology is old...advice on upgrading...  page: 203/26Jags418621:11Doom&Gloom
7h 6 years from retirement - need investment & allocation recommendations  03/23jamimo03/26jamimo
6p Custodial ROTH a good idea?  03/26jayars3503/27avalpert
2p Help with retirement plan.  03/26jayars3503/26hawkfan55
25h Non-traded REIT - Analyzing how horrible, and trying to get out  03/22jbrinker20:37jbrinker
0h model portfolio  13:55jessikaur  
6h Need help with implementing Paul Merriman's Buy and Hold strategy amongst all my investments  03/25JillMadeline03/25JillMadeline
5h Retired couple with recently-inherited, actively-traded portfolio seek advice  03/25jimnicol03/26jimnicol
6h Helping parents convert savings to assets  03/26Jinwood23:01BL
4h Auto Insurance as a Medical Resident - Switching states  03/27jkushne118:32Good Listener
5h Should I open a Taxable Account?  17:53jnk71520:12Alto Astral
96p How did you do your income taxes?  page: 203/23John15103/26Bill M
5h Does this constitute a wash sale?  20:10johnanglemen21:24kiddoc
0h Selling Covered Calls - LEAPS  19:53joshdamon  
6p HSA contribution from prior employer not reported  14:59jplee315:54jplee3
28h 3 fund portfolio vs. all-in-one fund  03/16jsa30703/27jsa307
4h Current employer refuses to approve return of excess for contribution over 401k limit  02/16jwlazar17:58rickparks
6h Retire Early - Where to Place My Money With the Least Tax  03/26KandT03/26TomatoTomahto
47p Fidelity Charitable  2015karpems15:07GerryL
30t How to intelligently choose AA - Montecarlo?  03/14kehyler03/26Yordle
23c Salvaged Wood Furniture and Table  03/27Kencufc21:08littlebird
1p Vanguard website combine accounts  13:23kgressler13:26Silk McCue
21h Phase II underway...(got most everything moved; few more Q's)  02/16kiva2203/27kiva22
32p Daugther's Credit Card Windfall  16:47KlingKlang22:08island
16p Any tax deductions from vacant second home?  03/26knightrider03/27orca91
28p How to easily organize personal finances  13:29kris10w0420:45avalpert
15h Too much Large Cap?  03/25KSOC03/26KSOC
32c Help Overcoming a Lead Paint Phobia  03/23LandOLakes03/27tainted-meat
84t an in depth look at gold  page: 203/17larryswedroe19:44TX_Man
4t reviewing the literature on private equity  03/27larryswedroe23:33Dead Man Walkin
103t Blog on emerging Markets, and investors underweighting them  page: 2 303/22larryswedroe03/27selftalk
15t the important asset that many fail to consider in portfolio construction/allocation  03/20larryswedroe03/26afan
1h Job change - ESPP Hold Period Requirement  20:31LawEgr121:42Alto Astral
3379t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 682011Lbill20:38willthrill81
147h risk of my Tesla deposit  page: 2 302/23letsgobobby19:10just frank
4t Personal experience over time? [How far from retirement, time spent investing]  10:28LGH20:21Peter Foley
10h Short time to retirement questions, thinking about bogle philosophy in light of our short time frame  03/23LGH10:30LGH
7t Should Implementation Of Asset Allocation Targets Account For Taxation At Withdrawal?  03/26Lieutenant.Colu21:15Lieutenant.Colu
9p S-Corp: Does Net Investment Income Tax Roughly Neutralize Employment Tax Saving?  03/25Lieutenant.Colu03/26MP123
5c China Trip - Visa Expediter?  03/27linenfort03/27linenfort
19p Hospital billing nightmare  03/26LiterallyIronic03/27Rupert
1h Investing recent rollover funds into current Vanguard account.  03/27Littleredhen19503/27Duckie
7h 403b allocation help  03/25lmk196603/26krow36
12p rental property expense question  03/20Loon1103/26ralph124cf
24t Are passive funds dependent on active funds?  03/27luckybamboo11:40luckybamboo
7h How to tell if an Index Fund is a sample set OR tracks all stocks?  03/25luckybamboo03/26nisiprius
10h VXUS vs SCHF [Vanguard Total Int'l vs. Schwab International]  10:42Luckywon13:09Luckywon
24h Your Experiences with Risk Tolerance and having smaller versus larger account balances  03/22LukeHeinz5703/27grok87
3h Is Exchange the same as Sell for TLH purposes at Vanguard?  03/26lynneny03/26lynneny
12t madsinger monthly report (February 2017)  03/01madsinger08:23livesoft
2p Help! Tax return involving trust.  03/27madsinger03/27delamer
2h Portfolio Guidance for new boglehead  03/27MagicWagon03/27jayhawkerbeef
2h Roth 401K  03/26Malinois00003/26Malinois000
8h taxable account  07:22maria0020010:45AlwaysaQ
31p Child Planning Checklist  03/21mass8819:01celia
26c Should we take 0.9% auto financing?  22:55MathIsMyWayr15:54Rupert
2t Rolling 25-year real stock returns (1826-present)?  03/25matthewmon03/26k66
11h Where to park excess cash  03/25mattwall4503/27ps56k
20c $50 AMEX Gift Card - What does a Boglehead/minimalist do?  16:27mattyfu122:14Robert44
1h Advice with new multiple account asset allocation and opening taxable account  00:28Maxdog21:16Phineas J. Whoo
4h Roth IRA vs. 401k(Traditional IRA)  03/26maxgrowth03/27maxgrowth
6c Anyone in MD have experience with car being totaled?  03/27mbres6003/27mbres60
1h Help with bond allocation  09:14mcxavierdaniel09:25aristotelian
3p Vanguard Continues Scheduled Reporting of Expense Ratio Changes; Announces Reductions on 15 Fund Shares  09:57MFInvestor18:26Good Listener
18p Send check for quickly amended return?  03/27michaeljc7018:28michaeljc70
1h Where to find yearly returns: Barclay Municipal  03/20mikejomike00:56daveydoo
24h MSPGX (expense .79%) vs. Stable Value @ 3% return ??  03/27MikeT20:06MikeT
3h Bonds in Inherited or Traditional IRA, or both?  06:27MikeT08:35MikeT
29h Merriman Bonds vs. horrible 401k bonds . . .  03/23MikeT03/27MikeT
18h Merriman Expense Ratios: .65% and .58% too high?  03/25MikeT03/27jayhawkerbeef
3p TurboTax 101 Question  03/26miles monroe07:14miles monroe
61p Endless Job Interviews (with same company)  page: 203/17mirror03/27bubbly
101c Suspicious organic products  page: 2 303/16misterno03/26misterno
2p Do I need to file 1040-ES  02:32mjf5511:52mjf55
4h Cross vendor plan with Fidelity and 403b  03/27Mndiver22:18krow36
15h Question on managing own 403b  03/26Mndiver16:59Uncle Pennybags
22h Modified Larry Portfolio?  03/26mnmac119:36mnmac1
12h Is it time to stop investing in the 529?  03/26momvesting11:57markcoop
11h Roth IRA SCHWAB  03/27moneygame23:01KT785
8h 403b help. New/late to investing  03/24mossyroc03/26mossyroc
17h Our Risky 401K  09:39MPLSTCH20:40Theoretical
1h Near retirement 401K ideas / suggestions  03/26MPLSTCH03/26pkcrafter
10c Where to borrow a moving cart from  03/27MrJones22:28adamthesmythe
143c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz03/26jharkin
3h bonds versus bond funds  03/26mssmss103/27Bogle_Feet
86p Massive Student Loan Debt - Girlfriend  page: 203/26mstone303/27LadyGeek
8h Consolidating IRAs Question  03/20multiham00:56celia
5h Advice for taxable fund reallocation  03/27musicdr09:48traveltoomuch
106h Weathering sell-off days like today  page: 2 303/27myculito17:12eldinerocheapo
4h Help me spend $100k today  03/10myculito22:38kjvmartin
69t Does your asset allocation derate tax-deferred holdings to account for future tax liability?  page: 203/25n00b22:16petulant
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6p Spousal Social Security Benefits and Deemed Filing  23:35Nekrotok17:29Nekrotok
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