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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4773 new posts and replies over 433 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Original Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
3pNew Home Construction - Financing Options04/18 22investor2204/19 lthenderson
2pForeign Tax Credit - Interactions with other Itemized Deductions04/17 6 dollar ribs04/20 grabiner
7hUSD/EUR Investment and Tax Optimization04/13 A2NTrader04/18 hithere
10tNoob question for vanguard money market12:55 aabcd15:53 retiringwhen
2hAny reason to have both Wellington and 2035 Target in 401k?04/19 actx04/19 inbox788
7hwhat to do with a windfall$$$04/18 aeromarknyc04/18 Pajamas
5h2018 Portfolio Review10:46 Agwapijaw18:23 pingo
2hwash sale for IRA?23:12 aha23:40 aha
3hSpecID not yet available04/19 aha12:11 NotWhoYouThink
10pMAGI and Medicare Premium04/17 alamander04/19 TBillT
15pHow to argue for S&P04/18 alex1104/18 NotWhoYouThink
11tIndex Funds Return Above Average10:28 Alexa913:58 patrick013
37cTotal Cost of Car Ownership over 10 years04/18 Alexa912:04 dm200
71c[When is going out to a restaurant worth it to you?]04/06 Alexa904/19 oxothuk
65pYour Monthly Cost of Living04/06 Alexa904/18 winterfan
257lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt00:35 Darth Xanadu
2972cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:28 Blues
7pForgot AMT on taxes04/18 alpenglow04/18 randomguy
60tFactor Investing - A convincing article04/10 Always passive04/19 afan
27clandline solutions04/17 amazonchic04/19 msi
13tFinancial "coaching"/consulting certifications?04/19 AMG7912:46 aristotelian
3pFlexible Spending Account Plan Year Overlap04/18 anonenigma04/18 anonenigma
2pState Taxes for 2017 Paid in 2018 Deductible in 2018?04/18 anonymousTaxpay04/18 anonymousTaxpay
54hI want to pay off my mortgage. Am I crazy?04/17 Archimedes04/19 bradpevans
6hIs this annuity really as bad as I think it is? (Symetra Select 7)04/19 arcion04/19 Nestegg_User
31pAccount for Adult Children Allowing Parent Some Control04/15 arf141004/19 afan
9tShould someone close to retirement use a Backdoor Roth?04/12 a.trainer04/19 a.trainer
2cpaying California state taxes with multiple gift cards04/17 audioaxes04/18 audioaxes
24hNeed help splitting a muni bond ladder 50/50 between heirs and general Schwab Question04/14 avoidingdumbmis04/19 Kevin M
9hBuy US-domiciled ETFs by Swiss residents04/05 babcock04/19 babcock
5hSetting up an SFO (single family office) in Switzerland04/19 babcock04/19 HongKonger
19tAngel investor breakfast04/15 Badger175404/18 downshiftme
5tWealthfront's Risk Parity Fund expense reduced04/18 Badger175404/18 Freefun
142pNeed for Medicare supplemental plan?03/16 barefootjan20:40 munemaker
21hGrandparents requested our help to manage $300K04/13 Beach09:35 pkcrafter
11hConsulting income-how to manage taxes?04/08 beginner_invest04/19 SRenaeP
20pWill question04/17 BH8118:53 Gill
2pPMM during a recession ?04/18 Bhairston201804/18 Bhairston2018
9pChecking in -- fresh ideas?04/17 BigLaw Survivor04/18 crazcarl
18pOnce retired, tools to determine available spend?04/18 billthecat04/19 Toons
0pUbiquity 401k04/19 blackbird123 
2pCiti bank bonus offer: any recent experience?04/19 BlackcatCA10:36 Beach
111tMuni Money Market funds starting to look good!12/27 bligh04/19 neurosphere
16pSummary of Emergency Fund Options04/14 blueman45704/18 dustinst22
4pLoan Repayment with Appreciated Stock04/19 bmh1004/19 Nate79
11hmutual funds or etfs, why each13:18 boardwalkmike21:55 Kinkelly
5hTaxable account04/18 boardwalkmike04/19 boardwalkmike
6tVanguard changing stance on social activism04/18 Bob Alou04/18 LadyGeek
19pCheck my logic please (life insurance)04/18 BobStrauss04/18 corn18
15hPortfolio Questions10:01 bogglek3sh4v16:21 k3vb0t
25cBuying BRK.B to save $94 annually on insurance?04/19 BogleMelon00:31 boglerdude
22pI bond ladder2017 BogleMelon04/19 buffalo
2tAn example to why it is bad to listen to financial porn!04/18 BogleMelon04/18 DesertDiva
12hOpinion on Vanguard Personal Advisor Services04/19 bogletail13:08 bogletail
6hRollover questions in preperation for Backdoor Roth04/18 BostonButterfly04/18 Earl Lemongrab
31lNew Bogleheads Local Chapter in Little Rock, AR01/24 BradJ04/18 Cantrip
50cHas anyone used Costco car buying service?2015 Browser18:46 audioaxes
7cRefund on Extended Service Contract?13:34 bsquared23:21 bsquared
7tDramatic decline in VTSMX small cap holdings?04/19 buckeye798304/19 JoMoney
79cAnother discussion about private vs public schools?04/19 BuckyBadger20:27 harrychan
42pHow risky to have savings more than $250k FDIC limit?2011 burgrat06:56 analyticalron
0pConsidering a 529 with limited time horizon04/19 -buzz- 
13hWhat is "journaling" of assets?04/19 Cara21:38 retiringwhen
22cNew Zealand Accomodations12/20 Carefreeap04/18 SrGrumpy
89cPC laptops04/17 catdude04/19 tibbitts
2pNYT-AP article on "Financial Therapy"2009 catdude04/19 pondering
5pstocks gifted and new basis?19:50 CedarWaxWing20:22 livesoft
8hDoes low-cost active management makes sense for international?04/15 cegibbs04/18 retiredjg
0tMorningstar's Favorites (US/Intl Equities and Bonds)04/19 cfs 
24cDo you use Yahoo? New Privacy Terms04/18 chabil04/19 SrGrumpy
4tThe portfolio currency-hedging decision04/19 chatbotte04/19 chatbotte
5hHelp with rebalancing retirement accounts04/19 chen199104/19 retiredjg
19pEffects of 20% Down payment over time, thoughts?04/19 chevy0712:25 BFive55
41tAnyone hold any defensive funds in their portfolio?03/28 ChinchillaWhipl12:16 aristotelian
28cPerks of Owning Certain Individual Stocks04/18 cinghiale04/19 David Jay
0h2018 ETF Portfolio Maintenance & Asset Allocation02:39 Cintrapark 
24pExpensive house... does this make sense?04/18 clace04/18 CurlyDave
1preceived junk US credit card mails for canadian parents04/19 Coco nuts04/19 Pajamas
3hDoes this seem an unusually high stock AA for a pension fund?08:53 Cody09:55 alrick
11p[How should I pay off my mortgage?]04/17 Colorado04/18 NextMil
70pResign from job or possible termination03/30 Colorado1321:07 Beehave
2hVoya sold my annuity to a LLC. Keep it or cash in?04/17 Concerned one04/19 Concerned one
2pShould I be doing something differently/can I afford a home addition?04/18 Contango102504/18 Watty
6hWhich 3 are recommended?11:44 CoolInvestor14:39 CoolInvestor
13cNew car hit accident - loss of dimished value04/19 core4portfolio17:27 nhdean
7pHaving Child; Insurance Questions04/15 CRC30104/19 jimmo
9pOnline Banking Question10:44 CriticalCareJun11:52 blueman457
189cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater00:10 Finridge
98tWe crush stock indexes, Yale claims04/15 CULater16:00 inbox788
35hAny aggressive index funds in your portfolio?04/11 Culbretd04/18 ziggny
1tSPIVA - year end 201704/19 danieljquirk04/19 John Z
557cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir14:50 Capsu78
1pDefined Benefit Plan -- Self Directed/Checkwriting?04/19 dbp1804/19 bsteiner
14pEstimated Taxes Question -- Help!04/16 DC350904/18 MathIsMyWayr
7pMortgage refinance rate shopping?12:51 dcr198418:29 delamer
206cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo10:35 Chicago60
6pWhen can you buy TurboTax for 2018 tax year?13:03 Derivative23:09 FiveK
4hLump sum vs Dollar-cost average in 2018?19:03 Derivative19:55 9liner
1hWhat to buy with etrade Solo 401k contributions?13:01 Derivative13:55 raveon
21pCapital One 360 Money Market now at 1.5%02/21 deskjockey04/19 JoMoney
6h401k Administrative Fees04/18 diggs1404/18 dbr
6hReview & improvement on personal investment portfolio04/16 diyfihp12:27 diyfihp
86cFactor in evaluating Physicians04/19 dm20004:24 katnok
49tHow good are Vanguard bond funds?04/19 Doc19:11 lack_ey
29tJAMA article's health implications for asset allocation04/05 dodecahedron22:39 golfCaddy
24cNegotiating for a new Toyota.[my fault comparing apples and oranges]04/19 Dottie5702:52 inbox788
4pForeign taxation of tax-advantaged accounts [US expat]04/19 DouroBound04/19 DouroBound
2tFreakonomics Podcast on Indexing with Jack Bogle Interview14:08 dowse14:59 linenfort
13tPaying off mortgage vs investing04/19 drdeep23:47 CurlyDave
1hAnnuity and Trust Beneficiary04/19 drzzzzz04/19 Gill
13pPaying Wife in S-corp 401k max without Take-home04/16 duckfan10106:52 spammagnet
40tBest way to hold Treasury Bills???2016 duffer04/19 radiowave
56tCash instead of bonds?04/16 DWesterb2iz204/18 LadyGeek
930tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab04/19 whodidntante
17cOpen Office Calc problem04/18 Earl Lemongrab04/19 Earl Lemongrab
80cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet22:05 Mrs.Feeley
4cIT platform support for Telemedicine practice [edited subject]04/18 Elysium04/19 BolderBoy
8pearly withdraw of Roth IRA - Tax form questions04/16 emh04/19 emh
33c2018 Honda Fit EX04/18 Exafchick20:28 nura
12cDo Apple products need Norton anti Virus?13:00 exoilman17:04 SittingOnTheFen
3hSmall Cap Value Tilt in Roth IRA or 401k?04/19 eye.surgeon04/19 grabiner
27hHow to invest $950,000 over next 45-90 days04/19 Factor122:27 munemaker
20hIs an 80/20 Asset Allocation Appropriate?04/13 Factor104/19 Hyperborea
1pZero Return Filings (quarterly taxes)04/18 FADiver04/18 FiveK
9lMinnesota BH Seasonal Main Meeting 4/28/1804/03 Fallible19:42 Fallible
29tWhat hedge strategies do you employ?04/14 finite_differen04/19 daveydoo
6hHelp figuring out investment/retiring/medium term savings04/14 Floz104/18 Mudpuppy
18hWhat to do with T. Rowe Price funds12/15 focusedonwhatma18:38 CedarWaxWing
2hSuggestions on my mother’s holdings04/17 focusedonwhatma04/18 Dottie57
8hMerrill Edge "Money Account" Question04/19 FootballFan554819:30 triceratop
2pBreaking a monthly lease before tenant moves in.04/18 fortfun04/19 Pajamas
34pBest cash back card right NOW.04/15 fortfun04/18 dustinst22
33tBloomberg article on lump sum vs dollar cost averaging04/18 Freefun12:35 JustinR
26hFor those of you with pensions...2015 freeze04/18 Setafix
5hAge 30 how are we doing04/18 friuli_croatan04/18 randomizer
2hCan I roll-over aSingle Premium Equity Indexed Deferred Annuity?02/06 FrogPerson04/19 FrogPerson
10hWhat can I do with cash in my emergency account04/18 frotec04/19 frotec
11pQuestions about donating appreciated fund shares12/13 fundseeker23:35 Pigeye Brewster
4tShort-Term Investment Options for a Rising-Rate, Volatile-Market Environment04/18 GAAP04/18 livesoft
6cPlanning a week in Yellowstone 201904/18 Ged04/19 gliderpilot567
15pBest Available 2018 tax estimator02/27 Ged04/18 FiveK
9tInteresting S & P 500 facts04/18 GibsonL6s18:30 GibsonL6s
11hDivesting gun stocks04/18 gluskap04/18 LadyGeek
1pBlackstone LLC question14:37 GoldenGoose15:03 jminv
33pRetire early. Do you think it is possible?04/17 GoldenGoose04/18 mnnice
1pPrimary and secondary medical insurance - Out of pocket costs & deductibles17:27 Good Listener18:52 runner3081
6hdiversifying with multiple accounts04/18 gordieh0904/18 goingup
89tHow accurately can we measure INFLATION?04/15 grayfox04/19 Thesaints
153cIs Los Angeles a good place long term to live financially?04/17 GrayS2603:04 SrGrumpy
90pWanting to leave Fidelity04/12 Greatness21:39 drzzzzz
167t30 yr tips auction 2/15: 1.0% yield?02/08 grok8720:41 Grt2bOutdoors
27hHelp with my mom's investments, please.04/16 GuinnessPhish04/18 NotWhoYouThink
2543pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy04/19 theplayer11
96pShould we save for our son's college?03/28 guliver04/19 ncbill
6tVBINX/VBIAX vs LifeStrategy (3 years to life 'car fund')04/18 guyesmith04/18 PFInterest
2pHow much can mom spend on a house?00:12 heidim04:10 gotester2000
3hcheck up and some questions04/17 Hillview04/18 Hillview
6pShould I buy an apartment for myself, and how should I finance it?07:31 hithere00:38 Nate79
22hFinancial planners [looking for one]04/19 howboutsomehelp21:18 drzzzzz
15cHow much off MSRP should one expect?13:28 Hulk16:38 markcoop
44cDo you buy new or used cars?11:08 Hulk16:00 investor4life
23tSome basic questions about bond index funds04/15 ibhhvc04/18 Socal77
187pGot hit with a $2800 Medical bill. Can I negotiate?04/17 ig7720:17 LadyGeek
47hEarly Retirement - On the fence, need sanity check04/10 Ikigai14:39 delamer
3hQuestion on discount and premium treasury bonds04/17 indexfundfan04/20 stlutz
30hUpdated with questions about transferring work simple IRA to frozen simple IRA04/06 Infomom214:42 krow36
36hEXPAT: Strategy when invested in USA and spending in EUROS04/17 international0018:05 international00
5hPaying off mortgage with Mr Cooper04/18 international0004/19 lostdog
7hWeighted Expense Ratio Calculator04/17 Investing.Newbi04/19 Investing.Newbi
124tWhy International again?03/08 InvestInLife12:08 guyesmith
1821tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb04/18 Doom&Gloom
2hCost basis and Vanguard - Question04/18 invstar04/18 invstar
3pRenting out home with Swimming pool04/19 IoTfela01:59 joeblow
11hPortfolio Review and Advice Sought for UK Investor03/21 IsuzuIse04/18 Valuethinker
7hEJ Escapee04/18 izzor312004/19 ruralavalon
3hETF on Simple IRA and 401k04/17 jafcorrea04/18 David Jay
10cWhat does a typical homeowners insurance policy have?04/19 Jags418600:16 boglerdude
13cAtlantis Bahamas for myself with 2 kids?04/08 JakeF04/19 Watty
8tUpper Tax Bracket Folks...where to park cash?11:32 Jake Hogan13:37 Rager1
2tFinancial Advice for Dead People04/20 jalbert08:34 LadyGeek
15tTencent now largest non-US stock04/16 jalbert04/18 fortyofforty
5hFinally Getting out of Annuities04/19 jamerew104/19 Silk McCue
5hPay the Taxman or the Financial Adviser/Fund Manager?04/19 Jaredc04/19 Jaredc
4hApproximating VTSAX with limited 401k options04/19 Jaredc04/19 youngpleb
0pPurchasing New Home - Strategies in HCOL Area?04/18 jasonrecite25 
81pCharles Schwab Checking + Brokerage Account2016 jb903:46 mptfan
8hETFs for cash savings04/18 jeffreyalan04/19 lack_ey
8cWindow blinds to cut costs?04/14 jehovasfitness04/18 Valuethinker
5pSocial Security retirement and working04/19 jej6333804/19 David Jay
1pWills05:53 jetsmell06:13 aristotelian
205cHow Far is too Far, Commuting?02/24 JF214104/18 kenyan
24lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell07:52 jghassell
3pVanguard MM Fund Question19:21 jh-139119:47 livesoft
3hCoffeehouse portfolio using all Fidelity funds13:08 jhendrix21:25 jhendrix
15hFidelity 4 fund that would be better than freedom fund?04/19 jhendrix04/19 jhendrix
87tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton10:01 lazyday
2ccar [pay off, or invest instead?]04/18 jhoop2go04/18 bloom2708
11p529 Plan - grandmother or son?04/19 jimmy22:02 munemaker
30tThe Two Fund Portfolio04/09 Jiu Jitsu Fight02:22 jalbert
7pDeciphering USAA Auto Policy (or any auto policy for that matter). Need help.03/25 jkushne104/19 MrsBDG
2hpoor fund choices on HSA account BB&T04/18 Jmkimmd04/19 jhfenton
10hneed advice on retired mom's ira account04/18 Jmkimmd04/18 delamer
31hAre you keeping more in cash?04/18 John15110:16 Darth Xanadu
129pCan I retire at age 40?04/15 Johnretirement12:14 smitcat
0t'Behavior Gap' or 'Inspection Paradox'?09:28 JoMoney 
49hWhat advantages do a personalized portfolio have over a target date fund, in your opinion?04/14 jonce1704/18 inbox788
18cunderwater camera advice04/17 jpohio04/18 remomnyc
18pEstimating Future College Costs04/18 k3vb0t04/19 FootballFan5548
2h529 vs Amazon stock04/17 Kamadenu04/18 wolf359
2pSanity check on my taxes17:26 kaptan18:45 cutehumor
48hVTSAX or ?04/03 Kathys05:30 Kathys
23hHow to handle former employer’s retirement plan04/17 Kathys04/19 Kathys
3hTLH question04/18 kayli6904/18 livesoft
91t2-year AA Munis at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/12 Kevin M19:48 Mehitabel
121t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M16:03 Kevin M
43hRetirement Plan Review please04/07 kjsammy04/19 retiredjg
21pGuaranty appraisal on real estate. Good idea? This must be a bubble?12:00 kjvmartin23:14 quantAndHold
62tKF's simple rules to achieve FI14:53 KlangFool00:43 JBTX
1pSolo 401(k) while owning two LLCs?04/18 klompienj04/18 Spirit Rider
22cHow to ask town to build a sidewalk?09:27 knightrider17:11 Spirit Rider
0t[] Vanguard Active [Factor] ETFs Slow To Grow04/19 lack_ey 
59ccar at 8004/17 LadyIJ04/19 LadyIJ
50lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe04/18 drg02b
414pDo you consider mortgage payments as savings?2015 LateStarter197504/18 jehovasfitness
20tCAPE mean reversion: country specific or to the global average?04/17 Lauretta11:49 lazyday
78tAny value investor buying a Russia fund?04/09 Lauretta04/19 asif408
6t(Video) CAPE Fear: Why CAPE Naysayers are Wrong03/24 lazyday07:57 lazyday
10cHow to pay for travel? Redeem CC points vs cash vs apply for new card?04/17 lazylarry21:17 Exterous
6392tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill04/19 cfs
3pQuestion on tax planning04/19 lbrowning04/19 FiveK
121cBH travel tips?04/14 leftcoaster00:19 birdy
48pUndecided students and STEM majors04/06 leftcoaster17:23 CedarWaxWing
1pInherited foreign rental04/18 leftcoaster04/18 fantasytensai
39pCan I *not* claim all the state tax in my itemized deduction?04/15 lext23:02 ofckrupke
27tWhy is the SEC yield the one that Vanguard displays?04/17 linenfort15:47 Kevin M
24cSo many problems I can't even figure out how to prioritize them13:44 LiterallyIronic23:11 WhyNotUs
36pSuddenly I had a weird bill go to collections - what's my course of action?04/15 LiterallyIronic04/18 bayview
1pCash cushion: park it in savings account or...what?04/18 ljr04/18 Pajamas
16h401K rollover to Fidelity or my new 401K?04/17 ljr04/18 ruralavalon
5tThe cost of maintaining stable NAV in money market funds04/18 lm04/19 Geologist
157canyone else not liking the new cars?10/13 lomarica0101:01 Sandtrap
11h(U.K) Advice sought on Long Term Gilt index04/17 LongTermInvesto16:58 Valuethinker
101pQuitting job - what to do if getting walked to the door04/18 Looking4Answers21:16 munemaker
15cOoma, Ooma Telo Air, standard or premier, Obi20004/18 Looking4Answers16:47 SittingOnTheFen
53pBroke up with my girlfriend for financial reasons: crazy?04/18 malloc3304/18 triceratop
69cIs this too much for a kitchen?03/08 MangoMama04/19 jminv
88hAlly Bank No penalty CD for parking cash, is there a catch?06/16 marcopolo20:53 BusterMcTaco
3hPlease evaluate my 401(k) allocation and weighted Expense Ratio10:11 mark426911:43 BL
39tLack of FDIC Insurance a big deal?04/18 Marketgarden04/20 Valuethinker
10hFeedback needed on my portfolio04/19 maverick0204/19 ofckrupke
18hMoving my Roth IRA from T Rowe to Vanguard?03/24 michaelc09:20 ThePrince
20pThe "mechanics" of retiring04/11 michaeljc7004/19 shawn_lad
8cAssociation Property tax appeal - opt in04/18 michaeljc7004/18 bob60014
6hFirst Post: HSAs & American Funds v. Vanguard returns04/08 MikeJoe196204/18 MikeJoe1962
9hIs Rollover + $6500 contrib in 2018 ok?04/19 MikeT16:20 MikeT
6cFirst iPhone upgrade for VZW Post Contract Subsidies: Where to Buy?04/18 MikeZ04/18 bloom2708
4hNeed help with future planning.04/17 MiltonPierpont04/18 ruralavalon
3p3 years away from leaving military and buying home04/18 MiltoVegas04/18 chevca
2tIowa 529 for spouse and myself04/18 minivan09ia04/19 minivan09ia
4lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam204/18 cfs
67pHow do I make sure IRS receives my manual tax return ?04/12 misterno03:08 FIREchief
16hHow do you compare VNQ vs SP500?14:23 misterno00:13 Nate79
6hInvesting in Eurobonds04/19 misterno16:46 Valuethinker
65pHelp me choose a top law school!04/11 Moolala04/19 Moolala
8hCash [Balance] Avoidance with TD Ameritrade ETFs04/19 motorcyclesarec04/19 livesoft
28cCheap Caribbean [add-flights, cut price in half... too good to be true?]04/09 MotoTrojan13:21 MotoTrojan
8cBose quiet comfort noise cancelling headphones10:56 mouses03:08 mlebuf
12cCar for 23 year old15:14 Mr400meterdash22:13 Watty
14hShould I move 401K? If so where?04/15 mrbluewho04/18 mrbluewho
10hInvestment question...04/18 MrFlish04/18 MrFlish
50tvanguard notice - retiring our old investment platform04/12 MrPotatoHead04/19 oneleaf
2hFidelity account customization.04/18 MrPotatoHead04/18 HueyLD
18hVanguard customer experience04/14 ncgenx04/19 pokebowl
159lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE16:05 Miriam2
39hAnyone invest in I Bonds and why?07/29 Nectarineman20:05 jj
0pParents' joint EF - PurePoint Financial vs Synchrony vs other04/18 need403bhelp 
7tWhere to find call dates for bonds in Vanguard Bond Funds09:25 neurosphere10:43 alex_686
7hQuestion on ETF portfolio (UK investor)04/17 nico_ok14:32 TedSwippet
20tGoof? Prime MM, "retail," "Admiral," $5 million minimum?04/19 nisiprius04/19 whodidntante
82tUnimpressive category averages of managed futures, multialternative, market neutral, etc.04/11 nisiprius04/19 VinhoVerde
1hboglehead style 3 fund portfolio in international account04/18 normalmal04/19 CollegePrudens
17hHelp getting started [dual citzenship - US and Israel]02/14 normalmal04/18 bsteiner
0pPartnership dissolution and tax precautions17:14 NYGiantsFan 
18hI've made it to 30 years old and would like some portfolio help.03/27 offthetop04/18 offthetop
28pUse 25k From Brokerage Account For Investment Property?04/15 oinkyboinky19:57 togb
2hAdvice on which bond funds in taxable04/20 omibogle04/20 omibogle
23hPortfolio review looking to retire in 1-2 years04/18 omibogle04/19 omibogle
2lAlbany, NY chapter04/02 oner04/19 BH4me
16cEurope- Zurich<->Paris- 10 days04/17 OneWorld11104/18 euroswiss
6hneed help with cd terms conditions04/18 outdoorguy04/18 dm200
4pCan I take state tax deduction for UTMA 529 plan?06:54 ParlayBogle11:50 Grt2bOutdoors
3pTax-efficient way of distributing company stock through probate?04/19 ParlayBogle07:27 not4me
3pMoved and down to one income - can/should i buy this more expensive house?22:59 Pawpatrol23:43 Darth Xanadu
38cHulu, Your Current Favorite Show01/11 pennstater200504/19 Elsebet
4hwhich retirement vehicle is best?04/18 peterwantstosav04/19 dratkinson
4h2017 IRA Contribution Deadline04/18 PFInterest04/18 drben
2tJAMA study - loss of assets associated with increased risk of death21:48 PhilosophyAndre22:12 PhilosophyAndre
1tA fact about active fund performance04/18 pkcrafter04/18 willthrill81
32cMedicare Questions04/17 Prudence04/19 Prudence
122hDivs and Cap Gains are killing me11/27 ps56k04:08 JustinR
21pGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices03/27 pshonore04/18 sperry8
1hHigh Income no 401k option20:17 Pulse20:54 JStephens
9pExercising NQO Stock Options with Incorrect FMV04/18 qquartz16:55 Wagnerjb
89pIs the first 100k really the hardest?2015 r00ster03:58 Eric76
15cHow long have you been employed?18:15 radiowave04:45 StevieG72
82pWhat online bank do you use?2017 radnor19:58 9liner
4hChange to all pre-tax for max Saver's Credit in 2018? (not 2017 taxes)04/12 Rainmaker4104/18 Rainmaker41
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