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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4754 new posts and replies over 435 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Original Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
8tTax Basics Cheatsheet?11/20 1030danielle11/21 Ron Scott
15cMicrosoft account security alert email.....real or fake??11/21 1210sda11/21 TravelforFun
10pVoluntary life insurance - how much?11/17 2m203711/20 2m2037
84cTesla truck unveil11/17 4nursebee14:16 Jack FFR1846
42hGE - a good value?11/21 552BB12:41 sometimesinvest
5fNotifications11/16 AAA18:44 AAA
37pTax Returns - How Long Do you Keep?11/19 abuss36811/20 Toons
21tInvestment Portfolio Tracking & Spreadsheets11/18 abuss36811/19 dbr
16hOverwhelmed and seeking advice for my mother11/19 adviceformom07:37 mouses
38cReplace TVs with Smart Tvs or not?11/17 AKBTX1417:52 Ketawa
6hIRA at TIAA - optimize expense charges?16:46 alamander13:10 bikechuck
75lSan Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter2015 alanwbaker11/20 Tyler Aspect
41cBeware Amazon Price Gouging17:31 Alexa913:19 Cheyenne
30hWhat to do with 360k for an old man11/18 alexf11/20 midareff
16pRMD and taxes11/19 Almost there11/21 WhiteMaxima
150tVanguard 403b Changes07/14 alpenglow17:21 dkview
1pCan I deposit money into my HSA account, if I go on this PPO plan?18:08 alpha423df19:23 grabiner
64pDraft a will with legalzoom or other online legal help11/12 Amy201711/20 2015
67cWater Heater Install $1,800!12/19 Andyrunner11/20 TimeRunner
47cBest vehicle for seniors?11/20 angelescrest14:30 retiredjg
11pIs a solo-401k worth it?11/20 Anon123414:23 tesuzuki2002
4hThoughts on 401k Options11/21 apple1011/21 EHEngineer
102pThe valet smashed my Tesla into a brick wall!11/19 Archimedes11/21 LookingtogetFIR
22pWhich BoA Credit Card to use?10/11 arsenalfan11/20 Jags4186
7pShould my parents convert to a Roth IRA08:45 artgerst14:15 Dottie57
106pGrowing old without kids or younger caring relatives2009 auntie11/20 minskbelarus47
31cservice life of (walk behind) lawn mower?11/19 baconavocado12:03 SurfCityBill
35pHolding a mortgage for someone else - options?11/02 barefootjan11/20 barefootjan
21tMinimizing capital gains assuming FIFO basis20:22 baw70391613:08 DetroitRed
146cNew vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?2014 bbrock11/20 letsgobobby
11cAdvice on Mileage Reimbursement Options11/21 beachbum501111/21 Jack FFR1846
4hAdvice for end of 2017??11/21 beachbum501111/21 beachbum5011
12hInheriting 4 stocks05:18 bearcub14:24 tedclu
5hBackdoor Roth Guidance11/19 BergLust11/20 LadyGeek
246t[Yahoo Finance no longer works - Alternatives to download securities quotes]2016 bertilak18:53 EHEngineer
60pWhat happens when car accident claim exceeds insurance limits?2016 betterfinances10:09 Slacker
29pNewly built home. sell or rent?11/20 bfizz11/21 djpeteski
46cWant to build dream workshop/garage, but don't know how to start11/19 bhsince8720:33 bhsince87
3cQuebec Winter Carnival15:30 Bigfish16:27 dm200
335pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4811:34 BigFoot48
15hAnnual timing of Roth IRA contribution11/10 bironology11/19 jhfenton
21hsell fidelity index mutual fund and replace with etf index for tax benefit?11/15 blastoff11/19 CppCoder
116tUsing Funded Ratio to drive retirement investment plan - Part 1 of Funded Ratio series05/28 bobcat211/20 siamond
20hCashed out Inherited IRA used to justify IRA contribution?11/16 bobsmith11/20 bobsmith
28hCost basis question about Vanguard's covered/uncovered mutual fund shares11/16 bobsmith11/20 bobsmith
4pquicken and tracking everything11/19 boglebrain11/20 boglebrain
16tHow long does it take a losing company to shutdown?11/21 BogleMelon11/21 B3GINN3R
38pWhy I am not happy even with OK Net Asset11/19 boxerbali11/20 bo105954027
7hDo I need a cash reserve11/20 brak11/20 The Wizard
8tQuestion about Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND)11/19 breedlma11/20 Valuethinker
13cCostco kitchen Cabinets and design service....10/06 Broken Man 199911/20 MindTheGAAP
6hretirement portfolio01:02 brooklynne10:51 SimplicityNow
4h401k Allocation Change - Thoughts?11/20 BTH198016:03 telemark
11pSelling Farm Land - What next?11/21 BUBear2917:10 over45
7cETA: I can't do math. Question rescinded. ** Which flight would you recommend? (Premium economy vs business)11/19 BuckyBadger11/19 BuckyBadger
9ciPhone vs Android longevity11/18 Buster6511/20 ncbill
4hFTIPX in tIRA, any concern about foreign tax?05:40 Bwlonge07:31 Bwlonge
15pDo I have to report a thank-you dinner as income to the IRS?11/20 Caduceus11/21 Earl Lemongrab
1pRegistered Investment Advisor Registration?11/19 Caduceus11/19 venkman
4tThe negative alpha of the Value Factor11/20 Cantrip11/20 garlandwhizzer
184cFlying first class, business, versus economy.06/04 cartman11/19 lazydavid
76cCostco for tires and car insurance?11/09 catdude11/21 dm200
2hAre these 401k Expenses High?12:25 cbr shadow14:19 goingup
6tRoth IRA Contributions: Still make sense for us?12:50 cbr shadow14:00 cbr shadow
4hHoping for clarification on retirement income and financial advisor11/20 ccualumni22:56 ccualumni
0pQuestion about Supplemental Disability Income Protection (SDIP). Worth buying?11/20 ccualumni 
11hRoth transfer: Wait for December distributions?11/18 Chap12:27 Earl Lemongrab
4hAdvice on Portfolio11/20 ChickenLittle11/20 SimplicityNow
127pWhy not take Social Security at 6211/21 chipperd14:05 Johnsson
0cOpen Season - FEHB12:18 cmhall125 
39hLooking for multiple sets of eyes to review10/22 coachd5011/20 coachd50
54cDrive it till it dies. It died.11/20 corwin10:39 boglegirl
0cBest head set for listening and microphone12:34 CountryBoy 
35pBest option for large foreign currency transfer11/05 csm18:15 Peculiar_Invest
9pAsset location in retirement (stocks)?11/20 CULater11/21 TravelforFun
17cLooking for Black Friday tax software deals (HRBlock)2016 CULater11/20 jebmke
5hPortfolio Advice: late to the game11/13 curtenska11/19 LadyGeek
34pValue of 401k Employer Match vs. Salary Equivalent11/15 cwagon11/20 soccerrules
2hManaging taxable portfolio as retirement nears11/20 cyclist11/20 tetractys
38hConfused about cash and retirement - isn't this really about market timing?11/17 cyclist11/19 Dandy
26pTaxAct and alternatives11/20 Da5id09:33 Blues
43hCurrent precarious equity environment for a retiree11/17 dachshund15:12 dachshund
0hDFA International Core Equity (DFIEX) - thoughts anyone?10:45 DaftInvestor 
8pLimited Pay Life Insurance08:31 daheld12:22 Kenkat
3cMay You Always Do For Others And Let Others Do for You - Happy Thanksgiving dear Bogleheads20:51 Daisy Dog12:12 Broken Man 1999
42pH&R Block Software11/11 DarkNyte14:11 ICMoney
19pMerrill Lynch wants personal info--How to deal11/20 DarthSage11/21 Earl Lemongrab
7pRetention Bonus11/21 david21610:51 MikeG62
18cFIOS contract up - Price Increase15:16 ddurrett89611:04 Slacker
10hBackdoor Roth Vs Traditional IRA for Wife’s Accounts11/18 Deighve19:38 ulrichw
69tDo you keep anything in your portfolio as a monument to your bad decisions?11/10 delrinson11/21 Caduceus
130cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo11/19 runner9
2pOwn a US business but living in Canada22:36 Determined05:14 Determined
68cMy dad's army jacket11/17 dia11/20 ncbill
6hSale of Home Proceeds - Net Loss & No plans to purchase for 2 years11/18 DiffyQGibson11/19 DiffyQGibson
43cSomeone spoofing my phone number?10/30 DiggleRex12:57 S&L1940
140cAnyone planning on getting the new Pixel phone?10/18 DiggleRex11/20 RustyShacklefor
29hRetire couple Roth Conversion Help11/19 divebums12:15 pshonore
1hQuestion - Deferred Compensation Plan13:49 DKD14:03 retiredjg
13cTemperature setting for radiant floor heat11/19 dodgy5514:55 Mountain Fiddle
10pAny need for professional tax preparer?10:05 Dogbreath65013:36 thangngo
2pHealth Insurance11/19 doglehead11/19 Hockey10
2hVanguard Personal Advisory Services11/19 DonaldH11/19 arcticpineapple
16pYear end windfall and job loss11/20 doon11/21 doon
50p55+ Early retirement offer.11/15 Dottie5718:18 VictoriaF
30pAnyone had a POA rejected? [Power of Attorney]2016 dowse12:23 ResearchMed
19pTransferring $$ from Ally11/20 DrakeSRT11/21 indexfundfan
2fForum polls (restoration of capability using 3rd-party service)11/21 dratkinson18:19 dratkinson
66cMichelin or Bridgestone?11/14 Dri11/20 iamlucky13
6hRequest of Vanguard bond fund in SelectAccount HSA11/20 DriftWood18:16 grabiner
5hResident needs help with new moonlighting money11/19 drseapbu1011/19 hrain
9pTransfer Money from South Africa11/19 Dudette11/20 Calsaver
26cHoneymoon Suggestions11/19 Dynasty9011/21 an_asker
3pRecognize loss in IRA and rollover to 401(k) in order to do Backdoor Roth?11/20 eblokhina11/21 FiveK
1hhelp w/ deceased spouses 401K11/20 ed1claudia11/20 Duckie
136tThe fear of retirement, black swan, and math to dissuade the fear.11/08 EnjoyIt11/19 technovelist
39pQuicken 2018 for Mac [and PC Released]10/23 Eric11/20 tetractys
1hetf vs mutual funds taxes11/21 erik26511/21 prudent
19hInvesting at the top11/20 eternalpaw11/20 LadyGeek
22tSchwab acct. security tool11/19 EvelynTroy11/20 2015
11hanother refinance question (30 or 15 year?)11/20 evolvelo18:14 grabiner
111cWPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken10/16 F150HD11/19 FreeAtLast
34cCabo San Lucas - question10/29 FB0111/20 seersucker
20hTrev H Four-Fund Portfolio Tax Loss Harvesting Partner Options11/19 fedbogle11/20 heyyou
4tSurvivorship bias and stock for the long term11/20 fennewaldaj11/20 venkman
8tshort a stock that is halted11/19 financeguy8811/20 LadyGeek
50tShould we be using high equity retirement portfolios? - Some cFIREsim scenarios.11/16 Finridge11/21 ValueInvestor99
8hSome questions from a brand-new Boglehead11/20 FIREasap10011/20 Tyler Aspect
36cStoring Lawn Tractor over the Winter10/15 fishmonger11/19 zaplunken
1tVanguard Security Code via Text Message11/21 fizxman11/21 Symphonyman
28tMonte Carlo Analysis VS Historical Rolling Periods11/17 Flugugrubah11/21 Raybo
169tThe 4% rule DOES fail but still makes sense!11/14 flyingaway14:04 EnjoyIt
101cWhat are the things you want to do between 55 and 65?11/20 flyingaway13:21 VictoriaF
191pWhy NOT make more money?11/10 flyingaway11:03 bligh
64tWhat is the prediction of future long-term returns for your portfolio?02/07 flyingaway11/20 flyingaway
42cAre expensive tires worth it?11/19 fortfun11/20 carolinaman
8hAsset Allocation and SS Income11/17 frederickj11/20 Lancelot
2hRoll IRA into high fee 401k to do backdoor roth12:05 FriedFire12:35 FriedFire
35hVariable Annuity - Time to Surrender ?11/18 FRIZ10013:19 itstoomuch
2hUnexpected drop in fund13:53 fyrfyter814:29 djheini
28pOP UPDATE:Car Accident- challenge getting funds for repairs by responsible party/insurer11/21 Gardener09:23 ResearchMed
7tInvest using my State's college plan or Another?11/19 Gardener11/19 Ostentatious
42hHow do you define success in your life?08:39 gator1514:13 baconavocado
6tIntrinsic Value11/18 GibsonL6s11/19 avalpert
10p[Help with 401k, Backdoor Roth]11/20 girikannat13:01 retiredjg
4cHyundai Ioniq Electric lease vs. Nissan Leaf11/19 gluskap11/19 gluskap
2hNeed 529 Advice *New to Investing*11/19 goldenbear123811/20 goldenbear1238
11cInsurance claim - what is my obligation?11/19 goshenBogle11/19 quantAndHold
64tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox11:49 Jonathan
10tDropping Term Life Insurance When Hitting Your Number11/21 Greenie14:31 Greenie
329pDid you tell anyone you paid off your mortgage?2014 Greentree12:40 SurfCityBill
12hHelp Moving IRAs, Starting Anew, Balancing Debt, Saving and Investments11/11 GreyInvestment11/19 GreyInvestment
37t30 yr tips yield: 1% to 0.83% over last 2 weeks!11/07 grok8712:59 grok87
12pHigh deductible health insurance with HSA for family of 511/19 Grover20:10 grabiner
32hRefinance 30yr to 15yr mortgage?11/17 GrumpyMonk02:19 quantAndHold
26hHelp with mom's portfolio plan [taxes, SS, & selling $100k of single stock]11/21 guitarguy11:05 guitarguy
38pAdvice needed for parent's finances11/13 guitarguy11/21 guitarguy
15hHelp with Roth IRA Phase Out11/11 gurusw04:08 The Wizard
11hCapital gains timing11/18 gymble11/19 grabiner
6pNeed Help. Short term disability insurance for a solo / small business owner.09/26 hameshatumkocha23:29 hameshatumkocha
0tS&P Dow Jones and MSCI Shuffling Tech Stocks11/20 happenstance 
9hAdd international value?11/20 hazlitt21:09 randomizer
4pLong term care policy advice11:52 henrygibson13:06 neilpilot
14cbest SUV22:33 HerbRight12:47 queso
24cBest Basic DESKTOP?23:30 heybro12:30 pshonore
221pDave Ramsey says don't use credit cards, even if you pay them off11/19 hightower08:48 prudent
4cNeed bigger car - but may be moving overseas11/19 Hismandent11/19 denovo
13cBank of America Premium Rewards card11/18 hmw11/19 JDCarpenter
5h529 and ESA11/20 holycow00711:29 markcoop
16cTrip to Hawaii - what do I need to know11/20 Hoosier CPA14:53 NJdad6
8tAI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning in Investing11/18 Hopes10111/20 Valuethinker
28cUnited change fees11/17 Horsefly11/19 RudyS
25hPay down a 3.25% 15-year mortgage?11/13 hyperpigment2611/20 Meg77
24cWhole House Surge Protector still works with breaker off?11/20 I_Am_Not_A_Doct12:40 nisiprius
100cCrashplan for Home ending service late 201808/22 Ice-911/20 nerdymarketer
25hDomestic partnership benefits for health insurance11/17 icedtea15:35 arcticpineapple
1hMissed deadline to re-characterize my IRA11/19 I_D_T11/19 Alan S.
43tHave I put too much into the 529 plan?2008 ilan1h10:46 letsgobobby
0hHow to deal with tax?14:19 Ilija 
9hBest Method To Correct Roth IRA Excess Contributions11/19 IndexRookie11/20 retiredjg
42hhelp assessing risk of promissory note w/ Techshop, Inc.2015 InertiaMan11/19 Valuethinker
2cmodest credit card churn strategy (American Airlines)11/21 invest12311/21 midareff
92cHow much do you budget for vacation?11/19 investing101213:00 lthenderson
9hQuestion about Best Taxable Account Option - Vanguard Core Bond, REIT, or Global Wellington15:34 Invisi807:55 abuss368
254lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6511/21 cfs
4cHelp:w holiday gift: Tv or cheap laptop to watch movies with these requirements13:44 Jackson1214:18 Afty
24hThoughts on my asset allocation?11/16 Jacky81711/21 Jacky817
24pCar Lease Gotchas11/21 jason112214:28 2m2037
20pwhere should I put my direct deposit?11/20 jayk23812:16 radiowave
0cNoScript is back11/21 jebmke 
26hBond funds vs Ladder11/18 Jeresoph11/20 Jeresoph
42pCash on hand for emergencies10/02 JGoneRiding11/19 Greatness
42pWhat we don't know11/18 Johm22112211/19 flyingaway
16pWhy did Vanguard drop TurboTax?11/17 John15111/20 jimcrawford01
7cinternet browsers and free software?11/20 JohnFiscal11/20 lazydavid
466tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens11:31 TIAX
13hHelp Me Complete the Bogleheads Transition11/18 jonnyboy19:53 jonnyboy
13pPay lump sum to get rid of PMI?10/23 JonSnow11/19 JonSnow
3pIssue with spousal contribution to Backdoor Roth IRA after just getting married11/20 joo2lo11/20 celia
5hMidlife Portfolio Checkup11/18 JRider11/21 BL
4cAT&T MVNOs and Group Texting11/20 jriding11/20 jriding
28hBond fund in a ROTH11/16 jtelwood11/19 spdoublebass
15hHow am I doing?11/20 Jtf611/21 Jerry55
7hTransferring all funds to new elections11/20 jw2s11/20 Duckie
2pPortfolio mortgage?11/18 kac213811/19 lakja
40p2018 FEHB HDHP Recommendations11/12 Kanefa11/19 AnonJohn
10pRefinance to 15-Year Fixed or Not?07:26 KaskadeForever11:32 hightower
23cDo you record customer service interactions?11/19 kayanco11/20 rick0
7cCredit card protection vs. PayPal ?11/19 kayanco11/20 kayanco
5tVanguard Equivalents in new TDA commission free list11/20 kehyler11:38 kehyler
8tDISTRIBUTIONS20:36 Kennyt714:04 JDCarpenter
145tInitial SEC yield and subsequent 5yr and 10yr returns2015 Kevin M14:12 siamond
49hConcerned parent :(11/20 KevinThomas201811:26 dwickenh
27pCostco Eyeglasses - No satisfaction guarantee. Any chance of resolution?11/18 kjvmartin11/20 PaddyMac
46cPaying for news?11/14 knightrider11/21 avalpert
21tTreasury term premium estimate: negative this year (NY Fed Adrian, Crump, Moench model)10/23 lack_ey20:51 BlueEars
10cFirefox upgrade broke my add-on, switched to Waterfox11/19 LadyGeek19:05 LadyGeek
2tThrift Savings Plan Modernization Act - Wiki updates needed11/19 LadyGeek11/20 TimeRunner
93pShould I decline Grand Prize trip because of taxes on winnings?11/03 ldebhaar16:03 J295
95tLiability Matching Portfolio? Really?2012 Leesbro6314:14 NPT
0hLooking for 2nd opinions on early retirement portfolio & plan11:08 leisure21 
10hDid you end up overfunding a 529?10:45 letsgobobby13:21 letsgobobby
102cTipping in living wage state. Redux.11/13 letsgobobby11/21 stoptothink
2hAbout to make big changes, second opinions? Vanguard v. Schwab & SEP401k Qs15:28 lifix22:35 Watty
19cSavor credit card11/10 linenfort21:26 ThePrince
0cHigh Sierra OS and Veracrypt: Ok?11/20 linenfort 
1cShould I get a new solar hot water heater?19:07 littlebird08:17 BogleTurtle
146tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft13:12 zeugmite
3pHelp w/ NY state tax return and attachments11/20 livesoft11/20 livesoft
21h529 or not 529?11/18 loklav11/21 LiveSimple
27hNeed help to understand tIRA rIRA conversion11/14 loklav11/20 loklav
5cMaking collegebound Kid Financially Savvy Questions..13:07 luckybamboo14:22 Duckie
27cWhat brand of used car - Hyundai vs Nissan?11/19 luckybamboo11/21 bcdfgh
22cASUS Student Chromebook - thoughts?11/15 LuigiLikesPizza11/19 luckybamboo
107cHas used furniture dropped in value dramatically?11/15 mac_guy11/21 NHRATA01
6hHelp Planning for 201811/21 malibuboats9111/21 malibuboats91
20hInteresting ride so far - Crypto-curriencies07:33 Malinois00010:14 Kenkat
34pVolunteer to be laid off?11/18 marcopolo11/20 marcopolo
5pWhich HDHP (high deductible health plan) would you choose?09:32 markfaix11:55 raamakoti
4hAA, Roth conversion, and NUA as approaching RMD11/19 MathIsMyWayr11/19 MathIsMyWayr
53tMorningstar - AQR: The Vanguard of Alternative Investing?11/18 matjen20:27 Theoretical
13tS&P 500 up 1.85% in first four days of 201701/07 McGilicutty15:20 Portfolio7
6cBest places to stay/visit in Panama11/18 me11296411/20 Calsaver
191t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer08:52 prudent
7lA Thanksgiving to Remember: A Bit of Bogleheads History22:06 Mel Lindauer08:04 Mike Scott
90tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer15:26 Lax67
18hFirst time investor looking to jump in market but apprehensive with record highs11/21 metfan9913:50 Earl Lemongrab
17hCertified Financial Planner (CFP) fees11/20 Mezpi110:54 Sandtrap
9tLargest holding in Powell’s (next Fed chairman) investment portfolio appears to be Vanguard Total Stock Market index fu11/15 MFInvestor11/19 Ron Scott
25tJack Bogle, the world's richest man11/18 MickeyBoy22:03 Dinosaur Dad
6hBOTZ ETF11/20 MidwestMike11/21 MidwestMike
0hPost-71.5 y/o 401k contributions for a 5% owner?12:43 Mike83 
4hAnnuity - keep it or cash out?11/18 Mike8311/20 Mike83
2hFidelity/iShares equivalents for Vanguard Funds/ETFs11/21 minskbelarus4711/21 blastoff
15hHelp Advise with a Fidelity Managed (discretionary) Account11/16 minskbelarus4711/20 minskbelarus47
12hMy parents just received a large inheritance and I need to help them keep it11/20 mister_anonymou18:47 TravelforFun
6pJob offer negotiation - help11/19 mk103911/20 dm200
16hAre CDs within investment accounts the same as when you invest through bank?14:41 MnyGrl08:30 dm200
0hone year to 70! File now or not? (low income late bloomer)09:20 montanagirl 
23cContemplating offer on a house with SolarCity lease11/19 motorcyclesarec11/21 Mudpuppy
8pUber hacked - identities of 57 million exposed16:11 mrc14:13 oldcomputerguy
18cHow difficult and expensive to add a new bathroom?12:26 MrJones14:26 jabberwockOG
10h1st draft of my portfolio to evaluation [feedback please] [Europe]11/12 Mrpacman11/20 BeBH65
8hHow to weight Risk:Return for AA in Thrift G fund vs. F Fund?11/19 msheald18:03 grabiner
16hTime for my checkup - **Warning - long post**11/20 muck24714:30 Meg77
2hDisadvantages of Grandparents Owning 529 Accounts13:01 Munir14:21 Spirit Rider
4pHow do I sell silver coins?10:53 Muri13:03 SurfCityBill
43pDo we need disability insurance2016 mybogledhead11/19 MedSaver
7hVanguard on 201811/21 my name14:04 TheTimeLord
33lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE11/20 remomnyc
3hThoughts on my portfolio?11/20 newinvestor201711/20 3funder
9hBuy or rent a house?11/20 newinvestor201711/20 dm200
15pReturn of IRA contribution performed early in year, amend 1040 that year or the prior year?11/18 nguyena111/20 nguyena1
50hPlanning for the final months of work11/19 nick230208:16 Luke Duke
3hRoth Savings11/21 nick230211/21 TomatoTomahto
84cUber for someone who knows only taxis11/20 nisiprius07:58 Tamales
259lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls15:41 pennywise
40cUpgrading a flight - what are your rules?11/13 noco-hawkeye11/20 flyingaway
34hPost for Livesoft11/20 northernboy21:20 randomizer
2hWhy doesn't my 401k statement match the value for the fund?11/19 notmyhand11/19 Dale_G
98tWhere did you first learn about investing?11/16 Nowizard12:53 nisiprius
34pCollection agency calls intended for another person:11/19 Nowizard11/20 Raymond
8pSolo 401k contribution based on K-1 received for private equity investment exit?11/19 nyclon11/20 nyclon
19pSoutheast Asia trip - Cash handling11/18 NYGiantsFan11/19 Naismith
3tTransferring to Vanguard11:20 Oak&Elm13:17 Oak&Elm
4tDormant Bank Accounts11/19 Oak&Elm18:02 Karamatsu
32hSpending Taxable to Zero during Retirement11/17 OffGridder17:48 grabiner
11hQuestion re: my high fee 401k plan/my investments11/16 ohiobucks111/21 ohiobucks1
51pHelp with Understanding How to Handle Bonus11/15 oktax11/20 dratkinson
23lKnoxville/East TN chapter Established2016 oldcomputerguy11/19 Porter01
49hAdvice to become wealthy22:42 OldSport14:20 Earl Lemongrab
4pMultiple Grantor Trusts - funding and tax issues - whose SS# to use ?11/21 over4514:52 over45
23tThe passive investing trap11/15 overthought11/21 overthought
8pSolo 401(k) contributions on rental income?11/15 overthought11/20 MarkNYC
51hfacing unexpected capital gains - tax loss harvesting options...03/18 patient_investo14:00 libralibra
1hNew tax plan - have to sell oldest shares first. Would a "simple portfolio" become sub-optimal?11/20 patient_investo11/20 prudent
128pHelp DW gets fired, but then next day her boss offers her job back20:14 Payoffhouse14:26 HornedToad
10pAnother "To Rent or Sell" Question11/20 pdanet11/20 boomer
19fLinking wiki articles into forum posts2012 Peculiar_Invest11/19 LadyGeek
5pACA premiums and impact to SS timing11/19 petesamprs11/20 bberris
3hReminder, donations and Amazon11:42 pkcrafter13:10 bengal22
17lBH recent Membership [BogleHead]11/15 pkcrafter11/20 delamer
19hSlice and Dice11/20 poppa2312:51 Earl Lemongrab
42hPlease judge my Vanguard portfolio10/02 prince11/20 prince
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13pMedicare Supplemental Plan F High Deductible11/21 Prudence13:32 Spirit Rider
6hTIPs and a Three Fund Portfolio11/20 Prudence11/20 bobcat2
36pMedicare Part B premium unchanged for 201811/18 pshonore08:39 Blues
182lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec17:06 Flying Penguin
9pPublic or Montessori Private School11:39 raamakoti12:54 DarthSage
3p0% APR for 15month for Balance transfer19:18 raamakoti19:40 takeshi
16cDaycare Parting Gift11/21 raamakoti17:54 ThankYouJack
15cTipping contractors?11/21 RadAudit07:29 RadAudit
14cHonda CR-V vs Subaru Outback11/20 radiowave13:39 CULater
55tLarry Swedroe: Managing Risk With Factors11/20 Random Walker13:17 willthrill81
5tBook Recommendation: Adaptive Markets:Financial Evolution At The Speed Of Thought11/03 Random Walker17:41 Random Walker
0tVanguard: How Do You Measure An Active Manager’s Success11/20 Random Walker 
4hI'm 23 and im with Vanguard. Should I get a transfer on death plan?11/20 randydimera11/20 randydimera
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179hWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE11/21 queso
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8pMortgage Note Buying2015 renue7417:24 3DTV
0cCaregiver law in Massachusetts (pertains to elder care issues)11/20 ResearchMed 
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15lNew Northwest Arkansas Bogleheads Local Chapter Established02/04 Saddlebum08:10 Pocanutin
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144pTaxAct pre-purchase discount2016 Saving$12:11 Blues
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396t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond21:55 kramer
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1tVanguard: Why not "Pay to Play"?11/20 xerxes10111/20 Geologist
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46tWade Pfau’s new book: How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?10/14 zwzhang14:11 rgroden

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