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45c Where to start - converting from generator/UPS to more reasonable solar / powerwall?  02/272tall4economy13:04psteinx
4t When can you transfer in kind?  00:47*3!4!/5!01:56whodidntante
106c In-N-Out Burger - Best Chain Fast Food Burger Joint?  page: 2 320093CT_Paddler02:02rosylenm
26p Administration of relative's estate  03/22AAA21:00Silk McCue
3h [EM, Poland] Investing from EM, currency risk  03/24adamus06:30in_reality
20h 401K Advice  03/21adbuenavista17:25ruralavalon
2212c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 452014Alex Frakt17:03ruralavalon
10c home buying negotiation tips  03/23alloykat22:34Alto Astral
215c gratuitous homeownership items  page: 2 3 4 503/12alloykat18:11Hug401k
31t Vanguard: "Important: We've been unable to reach you by email"  03/15Angst09:32stemikger
21h Advice for resident alien  03/14applec04:53in_reality
21p Series 65 Volunteer Advising?  03/21aristotelian15:59patrick013
10h How should I evaluate these Vanguard funds?  16:57atxeng21:17nisiprius
1h Should I choose a HSA even though I have an employer sponsored HRA?  13:33avalanchz14:19ICMoney
3h Help with Retirement Planning  08:59ayhtida10:12Peter Foley
32c Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)  13:02azurekep06:29pondering
37c Small appliance electrical safety  03/22azurekep09:58killjoy2012
29c Winter Travel  03/21Barefootgirl18:59btenny
25h Help with my father's windfall  03/23BD.15:03BL
62p How did graduating out of daycare impact your finances?  page: 203/21berg19:15Ron Ronnerson
0p Estate Tax Liabilities  23:00BetaTracker  
52h who should i choose to help me??  page: 203/06bethsanfrancisc23:05bethsanfrancisc
25h 1st Request; Post-Retirement Plan Critique  03/15bhjjk1914:17bhjjk19
16c How to make my old MacBook to work?  09:29biscuit18:41Gronnie
2p Help: Suggestions for converting HELOC to fixed rate loan  07:04bluebolt12:05bluebolt
7h Timing of I-bonds purchase  03/23blush211210:47Lou354
14t Reinsurance. CAT bonds  12/05boglerdude13:25larryswedroe
0h FULL Portfolio - Feedback Requested by Boglehead Guru's  15:11brianh70  
0p Moving from 1099 to w2, what to do with an i401k and retirement saving options  01:48britishguy77  
8t TSP, G Fund and the Debt Ceiling  03/16BSlew00:30junior
17h Thinking about adding a 5% position to commodities  03/23Buster6515:57WallStreetPhysi
285c What is your favorite consumer product?  page: 2 3 4 5 62015Bustoff03:15Pill
2t Vanguard asks DOL to delay fiduciary rule  03/23bzargarcia15:11LadyGeek
2h "Maturing" Target Date Fund  17:55CABob19:58CABob
2c Indoor plants that smell nice  10:57Caduceus11:05Pajamas
23t Justification for Adding REITs  03/23Call_Me_Op21:52NiceUnparticula
65p So someone drained $13k from my checking account...  page: 203/23Cash22:22sport
3p Choosing HDHP Versus Plan with No Premiums  16:14cfniswander20:25TheJourneyConti
3h Can a Sole Proprietor pre-pay health insurance premiums and deduct them?  16:36Chicago6021:47avalpert
33c can't logon to vanguard account  03/24chipperd18:21*3!4!/5!
6p Self Employed Tax Strategy to Reduce FICA tax (using Solo 401k)  03/22clashcity23:26Spirit Rider
15h Close taxable account?  03/23Clipsadi16:30Kevin M
2p Pension Options  18:36cody6919:10mattshwink
19h Very Sad - Loss of Backdoor Roth IRA all these years  03/22confusedinvesto15:47celia
4c Where to live in Kansas City, student at UMKC  03/23conundrum15:29sco
123c Telephone Calls! Help! [Stopping telemarketing calls]  page: 2 32014CountryBoy22:24pondering
40p $25K Whole Life policy for daughter - $130/year - keep it?  2015CT-Scott19:52inbox788
11h Ameriprise/RiverSource inherited annuity 1035 help/questions....  03/23CyclingDuo05:19KSOC
10c Anyone use Verizon wireless prepaid for cell phones???  03/23davidkw22:04gator1
0h Regular Tax Loss Harvesting  05:00David Scubadive  
19h Roth v. Traditional allocation  03/23David Scubadive00:17Ketawa
14p IBR Student Loans or Retirement Investing  03/09decentwimp17:20Miriam2
9p Capital Gains on real estate?  03/23defscott62714:48curmudgeon
215c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 3 4 52013denovo17:39reggiesimpson
6t Is CAPE math wrong? Earnings from dividends vs. Buybacks  03/23Dirghatamas18:28Dirghatamas
1p Form 8606 - Submitting after the fact  09:54diy6010:11Spirit Rider
1p CFPB Fines Experian $3 Million for Deceiving Consumers in Marketing Credit Scores  18:35dm20019:22afan
9h Vanguard or Fidelity IRA ?  14:16Dojo20:06Toons
1h Help with existing 401k Choices  20:00draco15923:01radiowave
67p Citi card Nightmare  page: 203/17drawpoker23:26Gamma Ray
7h Tax Loss Harvesting - Alternative List  03/23drummerboy13:25Earl Lemongrab
27p Need help picking term life policy (updated)  03/06easye41819:37rralex1
7h Investment advice please  03/23ecocredit09:49cheese_breath
5h 401k Rollover  16:08ellwood17:05retiredjg
9l Any Albany, NY Bogleheads out there?  2016evarrr19:06Mel Lindauer
16p Quarterly Tax Payments Planning to Avoid Refund and Penalties  03/23fantasytensai08:55fantasytensai
7h Converting a target day fund to a 3-fund portfolio?  03/24Fargonian15:33Fargonian
1h Portfolio Review Request  07:44fedbogle08:49desiderium
2p MFS & HOH how to handle 1099-DIV 1099-B?  15:24FeistyNumerate16:57FeistyNumerate
290l Your USER NAME...what does it mean?  page: 2 3 4 5 602/09fishandgolf08:21Veni Vidi Deces
15p How to minimize increases for apartment rent?  03/23flamesabers19:28clutchied
11t 401k access at 55 vs 59.5  03/23fortfun00:12Watty
48p Are Bogleheads in the minority on the use of investment advisors?  09:18fourwheelcycle04:15SGM
5p [Taxes] Can we deduct music lessons cost for child in New York State?  03/24Gamma Ray06:02dodecahedron
2p Is there any downside to Home Equity line of credit even if we won't use it immediately?  23:23Gamma Ray04:26German Expat
5h After-tax IRA with a 401k in the future - backdoor Roth in the future  03/24gilgamesh18:47gilgamesh
9c thoughts on in-ceiling speakers?  21:31Go Blue 9901:03GuyInFL
22c Do I need title insurance?  03/22goshenBogle18:22littlebird
4c My TrueCar buying experience  22:56grabiner04:46KSOC
1327p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2705/25guitarguy18:45Bfwolf
38p GEICO vs. USAA auto insurance  2014gwe6721:16enki
100h Suggestion for updating "Asking Portfolio Questions" thread  page: 2 32012hoppy0852007:11retiredjg
40c What to do about a bad neighbor in same unit -- both renters of same landlord.  03/11HurdyGurdy03:59HurdyGurdy
4p Contribute to HSA after Dropping HDHP Coverage?  12:25I_Am_Not_A_Doct17:39Artsdoctor
7t Data request: % of 401K dollars in Target Date Funds  03/23Imp12:15livesoft
2h Schwab's Intelligent Advisory (now live)  02:41in_reality05:26in_reality
16h A look at my new asset allocation  03/05investordad18:18ruralavalon
10p My W-2 says I over contributed to my HSA; I didn't  03/13j0nnyg198410:08j0nnyg1984
2h Portfolio Review Request - New to Indexing  03/23JackArbor17:51Duckie
0p Vanguard – Information Only Login for Mint?  21:12janeway  
9h Advice investing in index funds  03/23jb114:49Artisan
13h Thoughts on ADR OTC stock??  03/21jb110:00inbox788
4p Wife Getting PHD. Should I open a 529 Account  15:51jimmyrules71221:50Alto Astral
74p How did you do your income taxes?  page: 203/23John15119:29hudson
0p Question about recharacterizing a Roth IRA to tIRA when above AGI, etc  17:01jplee3  
25h 3 fund portfolio vs. all-in-one fund  03/16jsa30716:39Kevin M
58p Mortgage APR 4.96% - too high?  page: 203/22JuztVZ21:55Solair of Astor
5h Vanguard Fund changes - A little help?  09:33katzmandu10:24dbr
7p Contributions to Simple IRA affecting taxes  03/23kgressler13:11gilgamesh
49p $200 Emergency Visit Copay Waiver?  02/22kjvmartin13:00StormShadow
26c Help Overcoming a Lead Paint Phobia  03/23LandOLakes00:23CynthiaCPdx
9t Part 2 of series on EM, another look at valuations  07:53larryswedroe23:36gtwhitegold
71t an in depth look at gold  page: 203/17larryswedroe22:25NiceUnparticula
11t the important asset that many fail to consider in portfolio construction/allocation  03/20larryswedroe20:02KlangFool
63t Blog on emerging Markets, and investors underweighting them  page: 203/22larryswedroe08:12larryswedroe
1p Income tax extension? local?  03/23lazylarry23:26lazylarry
24t tips on buying TIPS: new issue vs secondary market?  03/15learning_head14:41kolea
10c Pontoon boat owners!!  14:01Lemonaid5619:13dratkinson
14c Skinny Ties  03/21lifecomm23:39Amishman
17t Why nobody talk about cash allocation ?  03/23lifeisagame09:55lifeisagame
18h Your Experiences with Risk Tolerance and having smaller versus larger account balances  03/22LukeHeinz5714:42dave_k
13p Primary residence mortgage over the 1.1M mortgage interest deduction cap ... what to do?  03/23Magikmike15:08littlebird
7p Questions about itemizing state income taxes and about foreign tax credit carry forward  03/23marbat09:33marbat
7h Rollover Hypothetical  03/23marti03819:55shanghaista
3p MAGI for Roth IRA Purposes  03/22MaryAnn Summers16:38MaryAnn Summers
5t New Investor mutual Fund Question  09:25MattB11:21MattB
23t Motif Investing Implementation of Ultimate Buy and Hold  03/15maximuum08:13CyclingDuo
4h Help me avoid a wash sale  09:32mets91414:18mets914
18p Pretirement  03/23miamivice16:50reggiesimpson
18p Irrevocable Trust Distribution: Tax Reporting by Beneficiary  03/23Michael123412:07Michael1234
144t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 2 32014MichDad10:58rkhusky
17h Merriman Bonds vs. horrible 401k bonds . . .  03/23MikeT06:31MikeT
0p Schedule B with FBAR  22:46mikey_2017  
95t What % of your income have you converted to wealth?  page: 22013MnD23:29HuckFinn
4h Liquidate mutual funds from Ameriprise to Vanguard Index Funds?  10:46moemac51113:50BL
7h 403b help. New/late to investing  17:56mossyroc23:03TropikThunder
2p VALIC refusing to send 1099-R  14:21Mr. Gatti18:01Katietsu
45p Divesting to heirs. When and how quickly.  03/18msk22:14msk
7p brother managing mother's investments?  03/23msrumphius07:20cherijoh
4h Help with Fixed income Asset Allocation  03/22nance14:46patrick013
194p Gross Yearly Income needed in Retirement (Speculation)  page: 2 3 42014nelson101513:02vveat
2p QRDO, Annuity in IRA, who pays surrender fee?  16:42neurosphere18:43neurosphere
1p Help with TaxAct 1099 forms for joint owners (spouses)  23:24newbieboglehead23:56itstoomuch
12p Backdoor Roth IRA conversion - is my technique allowed?  03/16nik08:06nik
2h Another Backdoor Roth IRA question  03/24nvstmnt12:39Kevin M
8h 401k/457 Help  16:23Nypdblues01:29willie838
3t Use Debt Instead Of Cash/Fixed Income In Asset Allocation?  23:37Park05:33privatefarmer
256p Quicken's future direction - a cause for concern  page: 2 3 4 5 602/04Peculiar_Invest03:22russellh
33t AA after reaching your "freedom number"?  03/23pepperz18:08retire57
7p Follow up: What is RMD for wife (61) after death of husband (72)  03/23petesamprs16:55petesamprs
4t REITs vs Rental Property  10:05pkcrafter21:26abuss368
13h Utah 529 Fees  03/22PlayingLife06:17Grt2bOutdoors
1p Advice about retirement in the EU (Spain)  16:28plotina04:33Khuen
2h What does this mean?  03/23pricey11:18pricey
39p Dizzying Medicare options  03/21protagonist20:13HIinvestor
13h New Allocations after Inherited IRA  02/18Purpose31118:16LadyGeek
10h Need Newbie Advice for Large Sum - US or Europe?  03/23pycut05:54Curtailment
17h 100% stocks w/pension?  03/23Que199921:20sergeant
20h AXA Annuity getting fleeced- switch to Vanguard?  02/22rabbitrun13:50Vanguard Fan 13
36p What online bank do you use?  09:37radnor22:43radiowave
12p Thoughts on Capital One 360 Money Market account for use as checking account?  15:29radnor20:18Alto Astral
38c Car Dealer Forgot to Charge Sales Tax - Ouch  13:00Rainier05:28jharkin
63c A SUV for towing a Travel Trailer  page: 203/19Rajsx18:36tibbitts
39c Honda Transmission Service  03/23rashad300006:12jharkin
78c What to do with $100???  page: 203/15rashad300023:20athan
21h Total Stock Market Admiral in both taxable and IRA?  03/23ray33317:57F150HD
2c Thoughts on bicycle route from Amsterdam to Passau, Germany  18:07Raybo23:11Raybo
22h Buy a house or wait in bay area  16:54ray.james03:26CurlyDave
8p Quicken Problems - Anyone Else?  03/22retire5711:00LSLover
110p Best HSA (2017)  page: 2 301/02rgurmankin05:39sesq
20t So why exactly is everyone gloomy about bonds?  08:23ribonucleic13:35harvestbook
35c Where's the sweet spot in the cost/benefit curve for floor speakers?  03/22ribonucleic09:47sid hartha
14c Need help with info about Portland  03/23Riverstwo00:58iamlucky13
10c Wimbledon 2017 - Experiences?  03/23roamin survivor20:03Toons
22c How to know if someone has filed your tax returns fradulently?  03/21RookieInvestor21:44grabiner
3c Credit cards in Iceland  22:01RudyS22:57gouverneur
45h Helping my MIL figure out her holdings (Current: paper Lucent stock certificate)  01/30runner912:44runner9
4p To file or not - irrevocable trust  03/23rxtra807:47bsteiner
5p Revokable Living Trust without telling the executor & beneficiary(s)?  22:55S17C06:20CAsage
10c Bank mobile e-payment to another person. Good as it seems?  17:51S17C22:06guitarguy
42c Do you purposely spend with companies in your investment portfolio?  03/19S17C16:36TravelforFun
2p planning to visit San Francisco for a short break  00:48sabhen01:04rolandtorres
3h Portfolio update: Is adding Target Retirement Income to AA of Wellesley + Balanced Index+Total Bond redundant?  10:58Sandtrap23:49Sandtrap
18h Tax Loss Harvesting with Automated Contributions (401k, HSA, Etc) Logistics  03/23sco23:08sco
1h Treasury Securities and 1099-B  03/23SeaGSB13:20#Cruncher
10h Double Check my Buckets!  03/23seezoram18:27seezoram
11h dollar cost averaging  03/23selftalk14:50WallStreetPhysi
4p HSA questions  12:10sgadlin13:10harvestbook
0c Can a massage chair favorably compare to mediocre budget massages from Groupon?  00:33Slacker  
101p Vehicles as a percentage of net worth  page: 2 303/22smitty151523:04ianferrel
2p Mortgage refinancing help understanding costs  09:40smtrebes22:28Alto Astral
0h Anything unique for withdrawls from 3Fund after age 60?  15:44soazfree  
16p Moving to the US, which CCs to get?  03/24Sophia188417:14hoops777
87t What inflation rate do you use for your planning?  page: 201/01SpartanBull21:37sergeant
9h Moving TIAA CREF out of money market  03/22Springbok11:52House Blend
107c Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt?  page: 2 302/15squirm20:47srt7
15p Emergency Fund...Savings, Money Market, or CD?  03/22stlbrucefan20:46Kencufc
2h Need new eyes on my portfolio please  10:20sycotik11:01flamesabers
2h Funding Solo 401k with Inadequate Income  13:07tashfeen13:55Spirit Rider
1t "Designing Your "Glide Path"  10:20Taylor Larimore23:08RandomFly
11t Vanguard Target Date Funds  03/23Taylor Larimore21:35Silence Dogood
99t The $1,124,176 Car.  page: 203/22Taylor Larimore08:45prudent
4c Easiest way to send certified mail  11:15tc10113:35neilpilot
10p Splurge Budget  09:38ThankYouJack22:44Watty
23c The Sweet Spot for Yearly Car Costs  13:11The Dan22:52msk
6h Consolidating old 401ks question  09:36Todd.M13:55Todd.M
10c Ever apply a competitor and have word get back to your employer?  09:26tony541217:46Afty
54t claim: stock/bond allocation should be independent of investment horizon  page: 203/01trademil19:44*3!4!/5!
16h Jumping back in the market  03/23trainerjay22:36arcticpineapple
29c Vegetable Gardening - seeds vs seedlings?  03/16TRC13:13scooter
7h Which of these funds for new 401k?  17:56treemantyler03:43HurdyGurdy
101c Tell me about Smart TVs and cutting cable  page: 2 303/01Triple digit go10:01BashDash
55c What is your preferred Weather App?  page: 203/20TxAg21:12Go Blue 99
9h [Questions about my company's "In-Plan Roth Conversion"]  03/23TxInjun18:44TxInjun
39c Camcorder recommendations  03/17VictoriaF15:23jcchen
2h Allocations between 401(k), traditional IRA, and Roth IRA?  08:36Vngrdnvestor14:57aristotelian
12h How to invest if you are not sure about your income?  03/24volimsmes11:47mopman78
10h What broker for EU investors?  03/24volimsmes09:37volimsmes
9p 2016 Tax Return - Paper Mail Form 8453?  03/23walletless14:14walletless
44h New to Forum Questions  2015Waterddd11:30pkcrafter
44p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  03/05whodidntante23:35Mrxyz
20t Searching for cash flow investment.  11:29yellowgirl15:00Derby
14p Can Vanguard roll a pention plan to Roth IRA directly?  03/20zrzhu11106:06retiredjg

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