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10p Spending, Saving, and Debt in 2017.  01/222bewise09:20Strayshot
29p Looking For Advice - Move NY -> Tampa?  04/222Birds1Stone00:55PEMdoc
11t Are ER for mutual funds < ER for ETF?  04/223spots14:40David Jay
30h New to all of this, need a consult/reassurance please.  03/0941fan00:00birdy
3h Need some help with Retirement/Investing Planning  18:214solex19:58radiowave
5h Equity crowdfunding/investing in tech startups  04/25716God23:36kiddoc
24p First Mortgage, need help with financial considerations (15 vs. 30 year)  04/24abs998613:58TheHouse7
2609c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532014abuss36814:00Elsebet
3h Unable to rollover 401(k) at Schwab  22:04AdmiralSnackbar00:04TIAX
8p Delayed Mega Backdoor Roth  04/22Aerophany21:36madbrain
20c Fiberglass batt in basement ceiling  04/24airahcaz06:25airahcaz
119c Banned from Home Depot Returns  page: 2 32016Allan1222:23michaeljc70
5h What To Do With After-Tax 401(k) Contributions  04/25almeida17:52almeida
149p Any regrets living a frugal life for high income/high networth individuals?  page: 2 304/22am22:32marcopolo
18p Increase W4 withholdings or make estimated tax payments  03/13ancho22:39cowbman
19c How to find a good local mechanic?  18:13anil68601:16Beensabu
6c car portable refrigerator  18:37aquamarine23:07texasdiver
3p IRS form 8606 Inherited IRA w/ basis  10:07atomicsquirrel20:12Alan S.
10c How do you build a house?  04/25Bacchus0110:54user5027
15p First post be gentle... credit card 24 month rule? [cancel then reapply to get the bonus]  04/25barberakb12:16bta15
38c Becoming a homeowner/landlord in a college town?  04/23Barefootgirl21:29EddyB
20h Reached 50% of my "number" today  04/20baw70391610:30Dandy
12h Portfolio Review: Early 30s (401k, 457b, 403b)  04/24Bayoufrogg13:53Bayoufrogg
7p Estimated tax payment posting  05:44bdoran10:54kaneohe
19p Refinance student loan to Earnest?  07:39benevo00:17Loik098
5h Under $99k AGI for 2017, Roth or Traditional IRA  15:30bloom270821:19FiveK
2p Can a reluctant executor simply reassign the role?  22:03BogleFanGal23:35WannabeAgAlum
6c Bed comforter for spring / summer / fall in Maine  22:45Boston Barry01:42freckles01
5c When does it make sense to stop paying to repair your old vehicle?  19:34BrianMc21:50HAL 9000
9h Before I do the Portfolio Review...(Update: Portfolio Review. Ha.)  10:49BusDriver3418:32BusDriver34
13h Help with Retirement Plan  04/24calliecake4707:33kmurp
14h Very minor and possibly silly question about MMF exchange in tIRA  04/25Calygos20:42Calygos
2t How to Incorporate Bonds into asset allocation  21:21Carbonate2400:56ClaycordJCA
21p Using Roth IRA as a savings account?  04/25carlk4720:48grabiner
7p EE savings bond complications (owned by parent with dementia, paper, no beneficiary)  10:39cas02:21Gnirk
5t Re:NYT article - [Future of] Vanguard v. Everyone else  04/25Changing20:18Phineas J. Whoo
14c Colorado trip - w visit to Red Rocks  18:22chickadee23:15Nearing_Destina
3p Social Security Restricted Application Question  04/24ChrisMD13:17The Wizard
9p Question on realized cap gain / estimated taxes  14:23cjclueless18:34Gill
29p Where did you buy your Long Term Disability Insurance ?  04/24confusedinvesto13:42BruDude
162c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 2 3 404/24crazygrow17:02randomguy
70c $300+ to remove a racoon. Really?  page: 204/25crazylightgirl23:00StevieG72
8h Target date funds - multiple in an IRA portfolio  04/25cubguy17:35BogleMelon
0c Help with Medicaid Questions  00:05CULater  
18c Hearing aids: has anyone used a CROS hearing aid?  04/11CULater21:33rmark1
30p 529- should I stop contributing?  03/05cutterinnj08:23inbox788
6c Washing Machine Hook-up to Kitchen Sink  08:15Dallas152115:17littlebird
98h Retirement income for 50+ years?  page: 204/25djtino03:56DoctorE
53h Investing $1M  page: 204/24djtino23:48djtino
73c Removing a tree - expensive!!!  page: 204/21dm20021:05mags
6h Suggestions - Fidelity DAF Investment mix?  04/14dm20014:11aristotelian
51c My Doctor says I am "unusual" (declining some blood tests)  page: 204/21dm20009:07mrc
7h Seeking advice: Pay off student loan or ???  15:25Dogsbestfriend16:42flamesabers
7h Deferred Annuity  04/25dragant12:46kenner
12h Tax efficient method for selling stock?  04/25dropflow100:33BL
7h Can't contribute to employer 401k, what to do?  11:33dropflow120:53LeeMKE
3h Inherited IRA Transfer-in-kind to Vanguard  21:38drowningdoctor23:34indexfundfan
339t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 708/05Earl Lemongrab19:44michaeljc70
5t Requesting feedback on my quest to reform OCPS's 403b/457b  04/25EdLaFave17:51EdLaFave
1t HSA, Medicare retroactivity & SS File Restricted and Suspend  14:13EHEngineer20:48neurosphere
23p Major health issue - finding new employment with health coverage  12:04Elemental21:49WolfgangPauli
3h Questions regarding Fidelity Solo401k  10:37eltron14:53Spirit Rider
54c co-worker had a baby, chipping in on gift- how much?  page: 204/25F150HD18:24J295
5l Minnesota Bogleheads Meet May 6, 2017  04/18Fallible13:09Fallible
4p Multiple acct Roth conversion/recharacterization strategy  11:07fishboat14:08Chip
24h Fidelity taxable account - which is better ITOT ETF vs FSTVX index fund  04/25foodstamp10:40triceratop
46h $1m capital gains, worth it to simplify and index?  04/25FoolMeOnce03:09SGM
12h Diversifying same-index ETFs  10:35frankmorris12:32delamer
19p Calif Tax Refund Length of Time to Receive  04/06Frisco Kid10:40Carefreeap
13h Employer 401(k) Liability  04/25futureman12:04Rupert
5p 2017 Tax Reforms discussion  22:50Gamma Ray00:5122twain
0h Portfolio update - Now need to review taxable investments  16:00Gamma Ray  
3h How hard is it for company to amend 401k plan?  10:49gandg14:57Raabe34
39c Porsche Lease  12:45Ged01:23msk
14t Not enough US market listings?  04/22Ged17:13Tanelorn
28p Baby on the way checklist  04/22Gemini15:4410YearPlan
12p Refinance to 15 Yr Mortgage  04/18get_itright23:29Finance-MD
56t Vanguard has switched to brokerage only accounts  page: 204/25goshenBogle23:02*3!4!/5!
96l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 22014grabiner20:42grabiner
6h investing in a 403b  09/02grand197419:50dbltrbl
3h Franklin Income Fund for 18-Yr Old?!  22:41GrandMasterBlas00:55BL
17c Cost of Estate Planning  04/24Gropes & Ra15:20KlingKlang
1458p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3005/25guitarguy01:17Mudpuppy
6p 401k vs HSA limits  07:45guitarguy20:04Spirit Rider
170t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 406/09happysteward13:02Jack FFR1846
11t DEMSX vs VSS  05/16Hawaiishrimp00:28NiceUnparticula
25h ETF verses Mutual Funds.  09:01Hef Saf19:07Vulcan
5c Summer vacation, Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, AR  04/26hmw22:53texasdiver
22h Does Portfolio Size Influence Stock/Bond Allocation?  04/25Hogan77300:18stemikger
28p Need help setting up backdoor Roth IRA  04/21IADFlyer03:43IADFlyer
6h 401k over contribution and 1099R  04/25icedtea07:14ERISA Stone
16p Need advice about permanent life insurance policies  01/24Incendiary03:45BruDude
11t Portfolio growth - Edward Jones vs Vanguard Target 2045  04/25Inv3st0r01:14BL
74l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 207/11invst6515:42Miriam2
30h Bonds  04/25invstar18:17J295
9h Whats the rule of thumb with allocating?  19:53jb120:51aristotelian
1p what to do with our rentals ?  20:02Jimsad21:27EHoops
16h Fed and newbie boglehead seeking portfolio advice  04/22johnnyringo20:27Dominic
1t Vanguard New Lower ER .04%  02:29JoMoney03:03Crushtheturtle
3p Negotiating commercial lease- advice  15:24JonnyDVM00:44TinkerPDX
9h 23yr portfolio help  04/24Juggernautt88810:56SheReadsHere719
3h Hi all! Help a newbie  21:00JWforpsu122:34rzk96
2h Late start!  11:49kin14:27ruralavalon
9h Pension Choices and AA  04/25kishinev18:11kishinev
10c Any MPA Grads or Students? Advice.  04/17kjvmartin18:50kjvmartin
10h AA & Fund Recommendations (401k/457)  04/25kjvmartin10:18Mudpuppy
106p Great 403b for teachers?  page: 2 32015krow3602:07krow36
5h Diversification of IRA  04/25LadyGwendolyn15:31LadyGwendolyn
36c Downgrading Comcast (with no other competition)  04/14Loik09822:56sketchy9
34c Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?  04/21lynneny17:12nymeria.stark
224t Retreat to cash  page: 2 3 4 511/22marge-g19:43Alskar
4h VTIVX vs. VASGX  09:35maria0020011:06rkhusky
4h Vanguard NY MMF vs. Savings Accounts  04/24markbco21:38LadyGeek
54t How do you do the Larry Portfolio?  page: 22015mbk73419:30Lieutenant.Colu
9p Should I buy points on this mortgage?  04/25Medguru17:02Ketawa
541t Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112010MediumTex23:27foglifter
1h Should I max out 403b/457b before changing jobs?  21:18megerman21:29blueman457
14t Schwab Vs. Vanguard?  06:23meowcat00:51ClaycordJCA
10h Thoughts on VFSUX Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade Adm  08/08Messy_Orchid_5108:51sschoe2
4t Article Bloomberg--BlackRock Forges Two-Tiered ETF Strategy to Fend Off Vanguard  11:01MFInvestor22:29grabiner
21p Revocable trust worth paying attorney for?  04/25mfswatz917:56mfswatz9
11h My girlfriend and her 401K, need to give her advice  11:17Michael Alden19:44harvestbook
5t Article on Vanguard Total Stock Market  11:12Michael Alden13:55Jimmie
17p Married couple: gift tax - source of funds relevant?  04/25MikeT19:26MikeT
0h All of my fund options for 401(k)s and Roth IRA, need assistance to choose best path for growth  02:27milkshake  
7h I'm jumping into taxable brokerage account not knowing what I'm doing, advise please!  05:01milkshake08:08dbr
18c Appealing a bill  04/25Mitchell77705:22inbox788
44t Thinking in real vs. nominal  04/24MoonOrb12:46NiceUnparticula
2p Incentive Stock Options, NSOS, and AMT  00:26MotoTrojan03:53TedSwippet
30c Are CCRCs a good deal? [Continuing Care Retirement Community]  04/23MrDogg21:39Pajamas
8h Now That my advisor is gone..  04/25Mstrmcky11:11Tyler Aspect
8h Rolling over 401k to Vanguard & time for annual rebalance. Need advice.  04/25murphyslaw8616:06goingup
20p Shouldn't one's "number" be indexed to the current PE ratio?  04/25myford.m.lseven17:32Phineas J. Whoo
15p Career Advice-Job Change  04/18N10sive20:59harrychan
126h [Advice needed for mother's inheritance/finances.]  page: 2 304/17ndara201714:12spencer99
30p Los Angeles house buying  04/25nealc11:27aristotelian
21h Sitting mostly in cash. Please help.  09:27nervouswreck22:23pkcrafter
3p Advice for shareholder advocacy?  04/25neurosphere08:56sls239
2p Any Boglehead wanting to sell used CFB books?  04/25newbie00114:33an_asker
18h Tax-sheltering and target retirement fund disadvantages  02/21NewbieBogle00723:00grabiner
2h Tracking 401K Funds in M*  13:51njbh118:20Mr.BB
10p Using an HSA for Canadian RX  11/17noco-hawkeye18:46Artful Dodger
3h Taxation on Investments Question  16:49novicezach21:14grabiner
7h VG Advisory Services  04/23Offshore06:29rakornacki1
1t actual versus average returns [Spartan funds]  14:26outsideup22:09PaulF
16p grandparent college loan options  09:27pablolo19:27Spirit Rider
48p When does it make sense to start paying down (or off) a low rate mortgage?  04/20panhead22:16JDCarpenter
5h Portfolio Questions and Review  04/23Pax00:23pingo
34h One Fund? Really?  04/25Pax21:46Dandy
16p required info on personal checks  2015pinebarrens121:34G Rade
2c Rare Coin Stories.  20:51planman201400:45daveydoo
10c Likely buying new vehicle(s) - Some Qs  04/25psteinx13:33Twood
46p "Negative points" on mortgage  04/24R2D219:46nrb1129
8p Adding "Amended" Header on Federal Tax Forms Filed with 1040X?  15:18Random Poster22:54grabiner
96l favorite bogleheads posts?  page: 22014random_walker_715:56g$$
7c Social media marketing service ?  04/25raptor00117:32nymeria.stark
40p Anyone use Kaiser Senior Advantage for Medicare  10/25Raybo00:17DrippingSprings
3t Have anyone thought ER/fees comes from gains but not total balance?  15:35ray.james22:16Wakefield1
2t International Tax Efficiency - Bogleheads vs. Morningstar  15:25razor22:22grabiner
465c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102012reggiesimpson00:34sesq
11p Pregnant - HSA vs PPO decision  04/25rene14:06s0me0nesmind1
19h Investors Capturing Returns of All U.S. Equities?  04/25restingonmylaur09:54NiceUnparticula
22p Best strategy for retaining tenants?  16:10Rick Rock01:27rfowler
7p putting more than 20% down on new home purchase  14:17riptide22:44grabiner
12h TSP Lifecycle Funds/G Fund Too Conservative?  12:20Roguejim23:26NiceUnparticula
3h Transitioning to 3 Fund Portfolio  04/25rplakon14:37retiredjg
5p Advice Urgently Needed: Insurance Retroactively Terminated. Retiree Medical Medicare and COBRA involved  04/25RunningInCircle12:20btenny
19c interesting things to see/do in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada  04/23sabhen10:46Church Lady
4h TIAA-CREF to Fidelity  04/24sallyann208:10sallyann2
38c New HVAC - Assessing Quotes? - Update, New Info  04/16Sandi_k13:26Fletch
87h Time to reach 1M and 2M milestones  page: 22015sanfran201522:56flyingaway
11c Purchase new, but older model cell phone - Best method?  04/25Saving$21:34thrill21
67c Spring Break Trip to Disney World  page: 203/30scienceguy20:232cents2
5p House sale to cover long term care expense  04/25SGM08:49likegarden
1c Low Cost Shipping Methods ?  04/10sixtyforty01:04daveydoo
19c Doctor bill question  08:42soccerdad1221:20oru.rd
37h We have a lot going on .... Input Requested.  04/05soccerrules16:21bloom2708
17t Retired, but postponing Social Security.  09:27SoDakJeff15:23delamer
231t I don't understand the case for EE bonds  page: 2 3 4 504/20sometimesinvest12:40NiceUnparticula
5h max contribution mulitple employers 401k 403b  04/25Soon2BXProgramm10:56Soon2BXProgramm
9c Dimmer Switch  04/23sport18:11Easy Rhino
113p Why are pensions revered, but annuities reviled?  page: 2 304/22Stormbringer12:14itstoomuch
14c Somebody hit my car in a parking lot  04/24sulsj22:34rashad3000
50h Solo 401k recommendations?  page: 204/24Superorb15:02Spirit Rider
8c Need a "grabber" on a telescoping pole...  04/24Tamales22:49grok87
326t Larry Swedroe says "Goodby."  page: 2 3 4 5 6 704/19Taylor Larimore23:54Cruncher
1760t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 362012Taylor Larimore23:08nervouswreck
10t "When Holding is the Hardest Part"  06:55Taylor Larimore18:23Levett
3h Does the settlement fund earn interest  11:17tc10114:21tc101
5c Anyone know what this auto repair tool is?  22:39texasdiver02:02texasdiver
12c Replacing MacBook Pro (retina) Battery  04/25ThankYouJack11:32gator1
13c Is buying a car through a dealer auction still a good value?  11:41thebigad15:41runner3081
76t Single most important investing advice?  page: 204/21thefoggycity01:13HomerJ
3c Hourly rate for carpenter?  22:25thefoggycity23:22GrandMasterBlas
15p Car sharing with neighbors and liability  04/25TheGreyingDuke10:06dm200
2h Please Evaluate my portfolio  04/25Tiredofwork21:18Taz
111h Why is Real-Estate so Bad?  page: 2 304/24tomer75510:30renue74
32c DIY Yard Tick Spray?  04/24TRC15:51jebmke
5h Stock options and tax planning  13:17trees15:43trees
7p need advice on sale of a 55 or older retirement listing  16:59tuffy722220:20littlebird
20h Restarting retirement savings at 40  04/25txottopilot15:39jimb_fromATL
2h Savings, Investment and Trading One Account or Multiple?  09:10veritask311:50Tyler Aspect
0h Tax on index options  20:40Virus4762  
3h Wash sales on calls/puts  04/25Virus476220:34grabiner
2t "I don't want to wait till I'm 59.5  23:49WannabeAgAlum00:12JoMoney
114p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 2 303/05whodidntante13:3841fan
19c USAA 2.5% unlimited Cash back Card - Weird...  04/23WolfgangPauli20:50WolfgangPauli
5p How should I factor my pension into my AA in retirement  18:40WoodSpinner21:32stlutz
129f Why not add a "like" button to Boglehead posts?  page: 2 32012Xanadu03:54zuma
1h May I receive some advice for finding an accountant/financial-planner?  04/24xilex01:11daveydoo
6h Basic questions about selling stocks...  15:34yolli7119:55#Cruncher
53t Unwinding all positions and buy back after French Elections  page: 204/18youcha13:32Vanguard Fan 13
4h A checkup on my entire finance portfolio - am I on track?  20:53YoungBoglehead02:02ClaycordJCA
1p Online real estate class-NYS  20:07zig2522:54Phineas J. Whoo

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