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5h Selling rental properties and investing the proceeds  19:07136863323:38patrick013
7h International Index Fund Choice  11:571stWorldproblem19:55iceport
13h Quick Thoughts on 403(b) Asset Allocation?  06/17AaronScott10:52EdLaFave
4h Is this the best, most tax-efficient allocation strategy?  10:57a cute dog18:44TravelforFun
1h Question about RSUs  18:45adam6118:59TomatoTomahto
18p Best Practices for Managing Paper Receipts  06/21alexcr04:46buckstar
2364c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 482014Alex Frakt22:12azurekep
11p Leave a good boss for career advancement?  11:20alwayshedge17:46BolderBoy
13h 28, Single, No Debt, Seeking Portfolio Advice  06/19arowback20:16flamesabers
187t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 3 412/30BackOfTheNet19:13honduranhurrica
51c Worthwhile TV programming?  page: 206/23Barefootgirl20:19scubadiver
45c Fermenting Vegetables  06/18Barefootgirl12:06j0nnyg1984
25c Fun place to stop overnight en route from Florida Keys to Tampa ( not Disney)  06/24BashDash00:17Wricha
12h A Bogleheads success story  06/04baw70391613:08bligh
13c Where to put a vegie garden  06/23bcdfgh13:03bcdfgh
39h 58 years old and laid off seeking advices  06/24Besty201723:12GMT-8
46p Mediator for ownership division of primary home  06/24Bfwolf12:56HornedToad
1h Retirement plan split between before/after tax money  22:38birdec05:11billfromct
36t Passive vs Active funds  06/23BogleAlltheWay19:54TD2626
46p New Baby - Wife stay at home for 1 year?  06/22bogleburger19:14Jackson12
6h Emergency Fund  06/20bogledesk00:14mega317
2h Vanguard LifeStrategy Fund  22:59bogledesk23:51saltycaper
3h 401k Portfolio Help  06/20bogledesk23:00bogledesk
0h Rollover Question  22:16bogledesk  
7h VC fund -- 160 pages?  05/31boglerocks01:20boglerocks
8p "Disruptive" life insurance  06/25boglerocks01:18boglerocks
11h what do parents do with sudden windfall  06/23booboo123413:08ruralavalon
8h How do you calculate "enough" for retirement accounts?  18:18Booper22:07Taylor Larimore
14c Bed comforter for spring / summer / fall in Maine  04/26Boston Barry09:51Boston Barry
16h Please Help Me Get Started Investing  06/23bradsw11:24ruralavalon
17h Please help me get invested -revised!!  06/23calichem3912:46calichem39
21t Avoid taking Dividends?  06/19chabil20:57grabiner
2h Investing Plan  21:11chapt20303:21in_reality
3c Sealing/staining a new cedar gate  06/23chickadee12:08praxis
49c can't logon to vanguard account [Website Down]  03/24chipperd15:08LadyGeek
4h Impact of rental properties on AA  06/25ChrisH13:55RobG
4h 5-7 year investment with yearly withdrawal?  06/24ColHeights09:15dbr
47l [Virtual online chapter - Master thread]  2013dandan1419:17Lieutenant.Colu
7p Where to find a financially like-minded significant other?  01:08deanmoriarty05:28Mr.BB
15h Another Roth vs. Traditional debate, but for high-income Feds  06/22deskjockey04:32SpecialK22
32h ETFs or Mutual Funds for an inexperienced investor  06/24dia23:44Earl Lemongrab
12p Reverse Mortgage Considerations  06/15dm20014:00dickyboy
7t Two Podcasts -- Good?  09:58DomDangelina10:41snarlyjack
1c Painter in upper Manhattan  17:40Dovetail22:44123
3p Cashing out solo 401k  19:46dp43423:36jimb_fromATL
15p Fund Parent's Trusts  06/21Dudette07:22bsteiner
31c Contractor took deposit but never did any work. What next?  06/15EnjoyIt10:02Geneyus
51c Google Fi? pros/cons? anyone using it?  page: 206/21F150HD04:13sperry8
6h Allocation help needed - I want to reinvest 457 funds and other retirement funds into Vanguard Index Funds.  06/20Farang23:21Farang
7c Two days in Vancouver - Suggestion...  19:07FB0122:20SR II
1p Term life insurance for specific occupations?  19:33fferd00:08ralph124cf
59t Why bonds when one's investment horizon is long?  page: 206/22football23616:39TBillT
18t The "angle" at Schwab  09:21frankmorris20:43dn123
3h Tax/other differences between Schwab funds & Vanguard  09:26frankmorris12:41triceratop
68c Bogleheads: Please help me pick a new car  page: 206/22fredflinstone11:12mhalley
105p Require Access to School Records?  page: 2 304/09gasdoc09:19TomatoTomahto
49t "Home Bias Blues: Investors really should get out more. The reasons for sticking to local stocks are fewer by the day."  06/21gkaplan16:11Valuethinker
6f Getting notified about a thread  12:14Good Listener15:14LadyGeek
12t "Automation, Robotics & AI" ETF  19:54Hawaiishrimp23:54saltycaper
1t VXUS vs VWO + VEA [Number of Holdings]  16:45hdas17:04triceratop
103t Amazon Buys Whole Foods  page: 2 306/16heartwood02:34Valuethinker
0t Bond funds vs. Dividend Funds?  23:12hoangtrunglien  
16t Robots Are Eating Money Managers’ Lunch  06:50htdrag1105:26just frank
64t Argentina issuing 100-year bond.  page: 206/21HurdyGurdy10:21nedsaid
4p listing beneficiary on Ally application for CD  18:37Idawanna20:51123
5h [UK expat] sanity check first portfolio  06/18InnocentAbroad10:06InnocentAbroad
69p Which High-Yield Online Savings Account Should I Open?  page: 204/27INTRESIS17:04rickhuizinga
14h Keeping track of a taxable account  06/24Investing Newbi10:42triceratop
42h Retire Early?? Need a sense check  05/07InvestorThom20:46InvestorThom
2h 3 fund portfolio- ROI and impact of returns after taxes  06/24Jackson1211:52Jackson12
23c Things to do in Iowa/Nebraska  19:16jaj227604:52Cigarman
7h Use my HSA for another person  06/24JbT205:49FIREchief
3p rental property  12:05jessikaur13:49unclescrooge
14t How riskier are Aaa corporate bonds?  06/14jmk16:30Theoretical
11h Traditional IRA Conversion Question - 28yo  06/23joemama91917:29grabiner
2h Rental home and ex-pat ?  06/24kayanco08:39kayanco
24p What to do with mortgages, etc.  06/22kiva2221:15jimb_fromATL
45t Costco vs. Amazon - Thoughts of Prime Members?  06/22kjvmartin11:53hoops777
13p Aging parents  06/25koditten19:29koditten
19p I need a strategy to address debt and savings  06/23lateregistratio22:46DSInvestor
17c Surge Protector for Refrigerator  06/23Leesbro6304:27mancich
6c SPF Driving Gloves  12:13Leesbro6316:48Leesbro63
35p irrevocable trust for children receiving an inheritance  17:07letsgobobby22:52letsgobobby
7t Five Very Basic Questions About Mutual/Index Funds  12:39Lieutenant.Colu20:57TropikThunder
28h 20 Years To Med School: Saving For Tuition Math  06/24Lieutenant.Colu19:08Lieutenant.Colu
42h How does Fidelity makes money, if I own all Vanguard funds or ETFs  06/24LiveSimple19:46alex_686
6p How can undistributed trust income be taxed at beneficiary tax rate?  06/23ljb20:49bsteiner
39h My Variable Annuity [what do I have?]  07/01LookingForward09:40LookingForward
10p Full Insurance Picture  09:08lowndes21:22Watty
24p Federal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare  04/29LuigiLikesPizza21:10dodecahedron
29c Worth it to attempt repair on A/C condenser?  06/24mancich04:48blueman457
7t BIV Question  19:14marshall21:48marshall
5c Alaska Cruise  09:14Maya123414:11Doom&Gloom
4h Need Help With Annuities Sold to Parents  13:41mensday22:56Bogle_Feet
41h Crazy(?) Adviser Advice: "I don't believe in bonds"  06/24Messner800013:49Messner8000
4c Which Dealer Cost/Invoice does one use?  18:44mfrank8420:53mfrank84
9p How much to pay for extra work (furniture delivery)  10:36mhalley03:11GoldenFinch
180t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 2 3 42014MichDad11:10Info_Hound
66p Ally no penalty 11 month CD rate increased to 1.50% this morning  page: 206/20MikeG6215:12kaneohe
16h Is structured notes sound investment choice?  06/24Mingfriz23:50TBillT
20t 5% of portfolio balance a better SWR than 3-4% inflation-adjusted?  06/24MnD12:52Dottie57
59c Slide rule anyone?  page: 22012MP17301:42FreeAtLast
3t Recent factor loadings?  06/22mrwhitepe18:07rkhusky
23p If I want to have a safe portfolio in case of...  06/24Mrxyz12:57retiredjg
1p Grad Student Aid in UK/USA for non EU/USA Residents  01:15msk01:52Iridium
26c Sam's Club vs. Costco  14:28munemaker23:50sport
227p Regret early retirement/downsizing  page: 2 3 4 505/13namekevaste15:47RudyS
57t How Do You Like My New 'Doo  page: 22015nedsaid16:35Avo
3h Assistance with allocations please???  06/24newbie0119:10btenny
5h Newly married, new doc, new investor and new Boglehead in search of advice  19:24newDDS00:05heyyou
7h Portfolio critique, bond options for taxable at Schwab, in CA?  06/24NorCalGaal20:27grabiner
3c Pre-owned X5 xDrive35d or ML 250 Bluetec  09:03nura11:00kwarden13
2h Yahoo! Price Quote Update Not Working  06/24One Ping12:13Gumby252
7c Auto Throttle Body Servicing & Injector Flush: 2017 Equivalent to Strut Scam????  14:46patriciamgr215:52RudyS
8h Two-Part Portfolio during Retirement; yay or nay?  06/24paveldatsyuk4422:18David Jay
102c is luxury car a smarter purchase?  page: 2 306/19pepperz10:32watchnerd
12c [Can I move data from Microsoft to Mac with new computer?]  16:06pkcrafter21:13pkcrafter
13p Two potential job offers and buying time - please help!  06/24PlayingLife19:19Lobster
23t Total World expense ratio lowered  02/24pragmatist19:09TimeRunner
47h Am I being unrealistic about my expectations of dividend income? Is there a better alternative?  06/17preach18:41VaR
84t Your Favorite Portfolio Tilts  page: 206/16PrettyCoolWorks07:18ControlContentm
5h Downside Risk of Ultra-Short Credit Bond Funds  11:52PriceOfFreedom16:04PriceOfFreedom
8h Analysis of my portfolio as I contemplate early retirement?  19:29ProfLA23:48ProfLA
14h New military officer. Is the Roth TSP the obvious choice?  08:22pxs123404:37AgentHoopla
29c Is someone trying to steal my identity?  06/22R2D217:49R2D2
5h Investing Help. New Roth account  06/23Rad-116:53Rad-1
14h Advice for relative with mostly cash and 7-10 years to retirement?  06/24radnor18:08Duckie
44t Vanguard Intermediate Term Treasury (VFITX) - Actively Managed  06/20raven1515:59Kevin M
22t Good Article on Bubbles and Staying the Course  06/23RedCedar1415:27Dude2
35c emerald ash borer disaster  06/24retiredbuthappy12:49retiredbuthappy
17p Online Savings vs No Penalty CD  06/23RetireSomeday522:47kaneohe
8c Getting out of lease options  16:27Rifampin21:11sweeden22
15p Credit cards' credit lines - pros/cons of requesting reduction?  12:17rjbraun22:12bayview
2h Taking advantage of a low income year  14:42RobG15:06retiredjg
43h Lump sum investing in stocks vs. DCA  06/23Ron Scott23:42Earl Lemongrab
5p SS Payout - Individual and Spouse Benefit  07:52Rose13:58neilpilot
34c Recommendation of Security Cameras for Exterior of House  06/02ruanddu17:15mnaspbh
41p Can we/should we afford a $2M house?  06/23Salmon20:57scubadiver
14p Buying Health Insurance  03/05samsmith08:45sawhorse
37t Your Favorite Vanguard Fund  06/24sapphire9601:56Longtermgrowth
0h Can we retire early?  22:36saulg  
9c Bitcoin in the event of owner death  06/23sawhorse05:57wassabi
89p Should I buy an $800k house?  page: 206/19Seattler12306:48PlayingLife
6p Leaving a job with HSA  06/23seattletom118:18The529guy
11c Buy condo at Trump Tower Chicago a good deal?  22:11seine23:06Watty
3h PHD student (bro) needs help with financial planning  06/21sighchological19:43The529guy
6t The Age of Tech - Even in Emerging Markets  06/24Simplegift16:17Valuethinker
59t International Stocks - New thoughts  page: 207:31simplesauce02:31Valuethinker
18t Explaining a Bogle quote  06/24simplesauce13:40Thesaints
35t Anything wrong with 100% US Stocks?  06/24simplesauce10:14Valuethinker
24t Yes, This Is Market Timing: If the CAPE Goes Above 30, Bring on the Larry  15:32sjwoo03:28GoldenFinch
7t Money Pours In = Diminishing Returns?  06/21slowmoney12:29inbox788
12p Where to stay/what to do in Seattle  09:11Small Law Survi18:43ShortInSeattle
96p HSAs and "Saving Medical Receipts"  page: 206/11Small Law Survi09:03Artsdoctor
167p Early Retirement - what to do about healthcare?  page: 2 3 403/15sox201711:33visualguy
10p iPhone 6 Water Damaged/Broken  06/23SpringMountainF12:03aristotelian
4c Chrome vs Firefox  13:40squirm14:58LadyGeek
5p Hello and how are we doing?  06/24sreeramk20:51Watty
7p S corp salary timing  06/25strongboy200500:20ralph124cf
13h Need advices cleaning up my portfolio  06/05sugarandspice01:32sugarandspice
25p Capital One $400 bonus for new checking account  06/15sunny_socal09:56siamond
13c HP Laptop - Black Screen - Help  06/23SVariance114:24cutterinnj
4h Calculating mutual fund returns for non-standard dates?  11:13SWBoarder20:26arcticpineapple
7t "Heads I Win, Tails I Win -- A Gem  20:53Taylor Larimore00:18oldzey
95t Anyone else gotten totally bored with investing?  page: 206/15texasdiver22:10zaboomafoozarg
1h [Need] Roth IRA [Recommendations]  18:59throdd19:48David Jay
46c Bay Area housing  06/24Timon020103:38denovo
61h Portfolio for belgian (Europe) investor  page: 203/06TM9016:14Valuethinker
0h Looking into selling a structured settlement and need some advice  23:46TOPSZN  
712t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152009Trev H08:22Johnnie
6c December on Oahu - Northshore or Waikiki?  09:48TTGO80814:35VaR
7c Assess our possible new house purchase  18:56uwbadgers05:06wilked
20c Attention Win XP users  06/20VictoriaF09:13nura
190p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 2 3 403/05whodidntante19:45Gamma Ray
2p RMD and Annuity Life Expectancy Tables  21:05winski5823:53ralph124cf
25c Has anyone purchased a car from  2016WL203411:04abstractionjack
8c Travel to Kazakhstan - Health Insurance  06/24WolfgangPauli10:56Isabelle77
4h Old 401k  06/24zeigler201023:26Peter Foley
6h Newbie question about my stock in Amazon...  06/24Zeusy Zeus10:21Valuethinker
11p Just found out my wife is pregnant.  22:20zig2502:482comma

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