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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1397 new posts and replies over 223 topics in last day (sorted by Original Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
29pGap Year, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence - Questioning My Sanity12/10 2Birds1Stone00:06 CFM300
16pTwo commas, I'm calling it15:05 2 bits08:36
0pare made for iPod, iPhone, iPad accessories safe to use?08:34 A Boglehead 
29cLexus RX 350 - new vs. preowned12/14 abonder19:03 Hulu
3hETF vs MF for day pricing12/15 ACA09:01 nisiprius
4hBack Door Roth13:10 ACJC22:01 marklar13
70cI am buying a car: Most/Least Reliable Makes?12/08 Alexa912:20 NJdad6
1cDoorfront Direct12/14 Almost there14:26 gretah
160tVanguard 403b Changes07/14 alpenglow07:35 A440
1hNo withholding tax with Interactive Brokers23:53 alwaysonit00:35 in_reality
8tBackdoor process clarification12/12 amindu17:32 amindu
0tEmerging Market Bond Fund Choice15:24 an_asker 
4hinvesting strategy and allocation - advice solicited10:47 andyInCT08:08 bubbadog
1pCare Connect LIJ declining [coverage for outpatient procedure]12/14 Ankle201608:59 Ankle2016
1hBuying funds in December10:47 anna2521:22 grabiner
5hSuggestions on where to put some extra cash12/13 azwildcat10:38 dbr
9hPLEASE HELP: Setting up new individual 401k12/15 BabyBogle07:32 welderwannabe
232t2017 hedge fund contest12/30 BackOfTheNet15:56 goblue100
0hVanguard's minimum in the UK04:06 Banti 
148cNew vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?2014 bbrock02:03 letsgobobby
64pWhat happens when car accident claim exceeds insurance limits?2016 betterfinances19:53 akirby22
7pDependent Care Reimbursement Account09:52 bgf16:25 pshonore
6h401k to VG tIRA and lose Roth back door11:49 bhradbh22:04 Spirit Rider
5hNo earned income, Traditional IRA to ROTH Conversion?12/15 BigPrince16:18 BigPrince
118tVanguard's Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Funds in registration [now available]07/26 Billavoider20:36 dh
11tDo ETFs have the same issue as mutual funds at year end (distributions)?12/10 billthecat22:01 MnD
1hRetiree and GNMA09:00 Bjtsven10:27 nedsaid
3pAnnual Gifting07:53 bmelikia08:12 Gill
64pKeys to a Successful Retirement2016 bobcat220:35 Sandtrap
22hChanging cost basis on Noncoverd shares12/11 bobsmith17:20 bobsmith
8hVanguard not letting me convert $5500 tira to backdoor roth?09:07 boglechu13:19 TN Bogle
17hTSP 401k Contribution Question12/09 BogleFanGal20:34 Helo80
52tVanguard year end distributions - updated estimates12/08 boglesmind08:32 mouses
47cLinux based laptop or just a Windows based laptop formatted?12/08 bogleviewer00:44 jalbert
2pSold Rental Home - Was Primary Residence - Tax Situation18:56 bogleviewer19:25 ResearchMed
391pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak19:17 EHEngineer
7hThe 9.1 billion shares mystery of Googles IPO13:47 BSO99917:10 LiveSimple
5hScottrade wrong IRA distribution12/14 btenny18:33 RetiredAL
23t2nd million is easier!18:44 bubbadog08:36 bubbadog
15cBest albums of 201711/14 buckeye798320:34 metacritic
0cSalomon Shift AT binding21:03 Buster65 
33pWhat are your favorite tax deductions and credits for 2017?12/14 Bwlonge09:12 Sheepdog
7hStop adding to 529 in favor of 401k because of GI Bill benefit12/09 Calico00:14 AFdoc
5tDifference between VG Growth and Income vs Equity Income Funds12/15 Captain kangaro16:50 Wakefield1
21hBackdoor Roth IRA worth it?12/13 cbr shadow06:22 retiredjg
78tCall the top! - Bitcoin12/07 ccieemeritus08:46 Tycoon
26pFor those in retirement, how close is your post retirement spending to your pre-retirement estimate?12/15 chipperd15:26 SGM
14hWhat happened to Bridgeway???10:29 CRTR01:56 jackholloway
23cNew Honda CRV is MotorTrend's SUV of the year12/14 CULater13:05 FrugalInvestor
7pAccidental Ineligible Roth IRA Contributions - Recharacterization?12/14 dabretty13:48 cherijoh
96cTerrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]02/10 Daisy Dog08:15 Tycoon
2pOwning vs Renting -- A thought on taxes and returns04:54 danielc07:14 bberris
44hPortfolio advice: Total market vs Larry Portfolio12/10 danielc22:55 danielc
128pH&R Block Software11/11 DarkNyte18:49 Earl Lemongrab
25cJapan in summer12/10 davidsorensen3221:20 knick17
251cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo07:41 arsenal_fan
10pHow can independent contractors legally move their salary to the following year?12/14 Derivative07:28 smitcat
1pIf you were so inclined to commit CC fraud...09:40 djpeteski09:45 prudent
47cUber vs Ambulance - HUGE cost difference11:09 dm20008:12 whomever
10tIs Nationwide a good company?12/13 dodgersummer22:10 gostars
65p55+ Early retirement offer.11/15 Dottie5708:22 Watty
83cHonda Pilot vs Toyota Highlander?12/19 doug102215:11 sunny_socal
1hPlease rate my ETF-Portfolio, thanks! [Germany]21:00 DrChef07:34 imperia
13pStates with tax-friendly policies for dividends/LTCG12/11 duckcalldan18:27 livesoft
684tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab08:25 SlowMovingInves
80pDone gone and did it [Retire]12/11 Earl Lemongrab11:49 MandyT
13hStarting my investing journey - your advice12/14 earlyknight11:03 ruralavalon
3hPlease review my personal portfolio and questions20:56 ebp1210022:18 patrick013
3cApple 2FA is saving DEVICE passwords in the cloud20:08 EHEngineer01:56 in_reality
5tBest 401k Provider12/15 employer05:48 employer
10hNew investor15:29 Esq12307:40 ruralavalon
8hUse HSA money now for high medical expenses?12/10 Eyedoc7621:30 terran
22pWorth it financially to trade my Tesla Model S for a Model 3? Got my configuration invite12/14 eye.surgeon15:42 eye.surgeon
33hI’ve made huge errors and hope it’s not too late12/14 Fixitfelix08:48 voodoo72
15hWhat to do with T. Rowe Price funds11:05 focusedonwhatma19:22 ThePrince
35c4WD necessary/recommended on Big Island, HI12/07 fortfun18:17 fortfun
118hWhat to do after losing $117k in stock market?12/12 Fountain8411:27 focusedonwhatma
10hHelp with Creating Portfolio with Company Offering for 401k.12/14 fpt201517:12 Duckie
30hgoing to cash w present instability01/31 frederickj14:48 midareff
4pQCDs under proposed tax bill?12:00 friar161013:47 prudent
2tAsset allocation22:34 GBR08:41 rkhusky
14hFor ETFs: Fidelity or Vanguard or others12/12 get_g0ing11:00 Earl Lemongrab
1panyone been able to connect Wells Fargo Mortgage to Go Blue 9923:15 schwank
3hSettled Cash in Brokerage Account09:42 goldenBorder10:33 dbr
2pWhen do I sign up for Tricare-For-Life?13:02 Gort16:05 friar1610
39tWhy is Vanguard switching all accounts to brokerage accounts?12/08 goshenBogle20:45 randomizer
29cAdvice for Used Car Buying03/25 GoUBears07:34 GoUBears
59tBuying Real Silver and Gold (Not Bitcoin)12/13 grayfox19:50 linenfort
10cBest place to get a Suit22:01 GridironGems08:38 Watty
69cAncestry / 23andMe12/11 GridironGems21:28 Steelersfan
2pOnline Savings Account Bonus18:13 GridironGems18:28 fortfun
2hplanning for 201811:01 hardfork9115:27 Ohalawa
157pSave all this money, what do you splurge on?12/08 HardHitter06:06 annielouise
20hGlobal nomad advice/newbie alert11/29 hermano09:57 halfnine
18hQuestion About TIPs and TIP Funds10:52 hirlaw00:57 jalbert
10hChanging companies and what to do w pretax retirement funds13:15 homeslice08:33 TomatoTomahto
10hI-bonds in December12/13 hope2520:02 hope25
16pActive Duty Military Bereavement Leave?12/13 iamlucky1310:14 chevca
3hFeedback on Security Benefit 403(b)18:08 ImUrHuckleberry08:03 ImUrHuckleberry
279lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6511:50 dsronfire
21cFinancial Assistance to Adult Child (health insurance)15:58 it'smyjob?21:35 it'smyjob?
252pPrepayment of SALT Taxes? [State and Local]12/04 jjj8808:12 Chicago60
146cSnow Tires? Worth it?12/11 jkushne107:11 stoptothink
6tAm I wrong in thinking about the bull this way?13:17 jmetsrule14:42 midareff
18pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15116:42 pshonore
4hWhat happened to SLYV today (Index tracking)??09:31 JRB2210:32 DetroitRick
1pNew credit card account hits my credit reports before I even get the card?22:17 jrbdmb22:48 runner3081
22tJim Simons Medalion fund averages 71.8% annual return12/13 jthokie414:31 HomerJ
28hAmeriprise :(12/14 justwondering17:56 indecisive
33hIRA for 2016 & Need some assistance with 401K funds changed by employer04/07 KATNYC05:36 retiredjg
38hCan rental home generate small income?12/14 kayanco07:19 kayanco
84tStocks always in taxable for tax efficient investing?12/09 kehyler08:30 dbr
14h2017 tax help17:14 KPG08:41 KPG
16cIs a Year on the JOb too Soon to Ask For a Promotion?17:24 Kuota Rider03:19 ccieemeritus
3hNeed Help with Trust Investments12/13 kw7938316:52 Duckie
12hBoglehead Beginner12/11 lali11:15 ruralavalon
10ptax management: taking full advantage of AMT sweet spot12/14 learning_head00:01 FiveK
4hShould a trust own taxable or tax exempt bonds?10:56 letsgobobby19:07 letsgobobby
16pHome owner liablity questions - parcel delivery12/14 LittleGreenSold18:17 Rupert
18hTax planning: Convert Roth or zero tax due?12/14 luke_airig10:18 retiredjg
24cTo buy or not in the SF Bay Area (yes another one)12/13 Lynx31065009:07 TheAncientOne
4hAsset Allocation Rebalancing Question08:47 maggsmaggs11:21 maggsmaggs
60pYear end review with less nerdy spouse12/11 mancich23:27 winterfan
39pCan/Should early retiree avoid ACA tax credits?12/10 marcopolo08:20 Chicago60
5hWhere to hold temporarily when transferring fund to Vanguard?10:51 MathIsMyWayr11:22 mega317
71tFactor-Based Investing: The Long-Term Evidence - Dimson & Marsh12/15 matjen06:57 rkhusky
8tNo Silver Bullets: 8 Ideas for Financial Planning in a Low-Return Environment12/11 matjen17:10 TSR
10hTraditional 401K or Roth 401K at this stage of the game??12/14 mevans15408:55 CnC
117pHow much did you contribute to your 401k in 2017?12/13 miamivice08:46 stoptothink
37pShould I open a fitness center for extra money?12/15 miamivice21:41 itstoomuch
85tWhat is total return vs. dividend investing?2015 Miriam222:17 nedsaid
20cProgressive Insurance12/11 Mndiver21:27 SixAlpha
14hcash, market timing, and such: retirement funds12/14 mnr318:20 delamer
2hUTMA: help with tax gain harvesting12/15 Monk10:25 livesoft
11pbe careful, no longer allowed to prepay local and state taxes for a deduction06:23 mouses08:40 mouses
16pBecoming a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Help12/14 Mr400meterdash21:59 JBTX
16hRoth Conversion ... Timing12/09 mrgeeze08:24 mrgeeze
5h401(k) vs. Roth IRA11:10 MstrBlstr20:44 teen persuasion
4hYear End Distribution for ACINX17:32 munemaker22:08 munemaker
82tJust not getting it12/08 namrac12:19 harvestbook
7hIs there still time to open a backdoor Roth this year?12/14 Nearly A Moose20:29 grabiner
102tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid16:41 nedsaid
30tWhy not own every stock sector & rebalance?2016 new2bogle215:17 Copernicus
6hPortfolio review please for new boglehead12/14 newphillybogle15:51 Juice3
59pRecast mortgage as part of a pay down strategy12/14 NextMil12:02 NextMil
2tMonthly stock investments12/14 nick729708:57 ryman554
35hany sense in purchasing an annuity before retirement?12/14 nick evets14:41 itstoomuch
11pActive vs. index funds in a recession:17:57 Nowizard23:43 Watty
2hRequest for Portfolio Review/Advice10:56 OakPark20:48 Taylor Larimore
5hNeed tutorial on interpreting Vanguard year-end estimates09:41 ody1015:36 ody10
11hAssest allocation - inputs please09:07 omega18:13 KlangFool
4hMaxing out my TSP while deployed12/14 OrderAndChaos02:30 Fishing50
217tHow Much To Tilt To Small Value?2016 Park09:40 Park
3tIRA for SAHM whose husband exceeds income limits?20:17 pepperz08:21 retiredjg
27hTaxable vs. Tax Deferred - not much difference?12/13 pepperz05:44 angler-39
56pState Farm Insurance, Time to Leave12/12 PFInterest13:29 Houe
20cBeefy Brothy Stocky Thing Advice12/05 Phineas J. Whoo21:43 Phineas J. Whoo
4cApple Watch - which case for my wife?07:37 PlayingLife08:25
16pLTC policy increase - keep, reduce coverage or ditch?12/15 Pretzel lover08:03 Sheepdog
2tfactor loading of emerging markets01:34 privatefarmer01:53 privatefarmer
2pH+R Block Tax Software- discount. Which version?15:52 protagonist17:21 vtMaps
144cChromebooks- What is the lure?2015 protagonist16:02 CFM300
4pSocial Security 2018 Wage Base has been revised12/15 pshonore12:43 Spirit Rider
10hNon-US resident portfolio with an emerging market ETF12/05 Pudu18:08 galeno
3cDependent Childcare FSA15:04 raamakoti23:26 Katietsu
8pLegal Documents Required08/29 raamakoti16:22 smackboy1
42cHow to deal with Micro-manager12/13 raamakoti14:24 LadyGeek
20hHelp with 401K admin fees06/29 rene11:14 Magic7
11hBonds-Is the "coupon" what we should expect for return??15:41 retireearly00:24 Thesaints
56hReached 50X annual spending. Now what?12/14 retiringtype11:59 investor997
51tAny of you trade just a little as a hobby?11/18 Ron Scott09:35 bgf
14cTakata Airbag Class Action Settlement16:43 Rose06:42 3feetpete
11cNew Car - Always use parking brake ?21:16 RRAAYY308:28 munemaker
12pOn Medicare Part A & Spouse's corporate medical policy which ends 9/30/201709/06 rupalb914:05 rupalb9
5hYearly checkup am I spread to thin?12/08 RVosen18:10 KlangFool
7tinterest rate hike, bond went UP12/13 sambb22:32 zeugmite
26tThe Pros and Cons of Target-Date Funds vs 3 Fund: LifeCycle Investing12/03 Sandtrap22:52 JBTX
3hI bonds: Should I put money on I bonds rather than keep them in a savings account13:21 sdsu0421:37 sometimesinvest
8pAre you prepaying real-estate taxes this year?16:45 serbeer03:06 ccieemeritus
17pbaffle about Roth IRA contribution using turbo tax10:41 sil201716:30 cherijoh
6cIs Room and Board Deposit a 529 Qualified Expense?12/14 SimonJester20:35 texasdiver
30tMoods of the U.S. Stock Market, 1990-201712/14 SimpleGift20:11 whiteprius
6hSkeptical Tuna hit it big, but questions remain.12/14 skepticaltuna16:13 Derby
1tTD Ameritade Year to Date Income21:13 SlowMovingInves04:23 livesoft
24cNeed to find a Used/Refurbished Macbook Air12/14 snowox09:26 donaldfair71
6hMoving Funds To Vanguard: ETF or MF12/14 southpaw32802:19 Thesaints
12tDividend Clarification13:10 spdoublebass15:14 patrick013
3hCapital Gains: take in 2017 or 201807:29 suewolf08:46 dbr
8cAlliant 3/2.5% card - any experience?12/14 sunny_socal20:23 an_asker
8pTerminating Medicare Part B12/13 Swansea04:51 Swansea
21cGetting rid of junk mail?12/14 t6012:46 boglegirl
1934tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore00:52 saltycaper
12tWhat Experts Say About "Simplicity"2015 Taylor Larimore22:21 rgs92
2t"Creating a Durable Estate Plan"14:43 Taylor Larimore15:24 Taylor Larimore
1hMedallion Gold Signature21:55 techszewski22:40 tony_roach
1pDetermining if HSA distributions is still tax-free for dependent that recently went nondependent12/14 Temple11:38 Spirit Rider
41cKidde fire extinguisher recall11/25 testing32114:21 DartThrower
3cDryer Vent Door Replacement15:34 ThankYouJack18:33 Epsilon Delta
8tMore code for getting TREA quote into Google Sheets2016 The529guy12:33 The529guy
10hQuestions about mega-backdoor Roth, and is there any reason NOT to do a mega-backdoor Roth?12/14 TheBogleWay05:35 angler-39
33tInvestor Analysis of Index Annuities2013 ThePrune10:21 ThePrune
49hPlay money individual stocks, which ones?12/12 TheTimeLord16:45 dabears5496
8h529 Gift Splitting and Form 7092013 ThinkingRunner16:58 bengt
499pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy21:10 timmy
68cDad Needs Help Buying Wedding Liquor12/05 TLC195717:42 Katietsu
11hPseudo-bridge financing09/12 TOM196412:56 mchop
12cUS Postal Service Informed Delivery15:25 tomd3708:46 bighatnohorse
10hTom's First Post needing portfolio help12/12 Tomwoody02:50 in_reality
4hPortolio and Approach Feedback12/05 tony_roach12:33 tony_roach
4tAnyone still able to pull in TIAA Real Estate Quote?05/08 Tramper Al12:36 The529guy
70pCan we afford to live on one income?12/10 Triple digit go09:08 Triple digit go
20ccostco auto insurance2011 troglodyte01:55 MrJones
11pStudent Loans vs 401K12/15 uclalee12:14 NextMil
0hSwitching to Index funds09:59 v5200 
5hTarget date fund or custom allocation?14:46 vchengap21:59 vchengap
4pPsychological anxiety to retirement00:27 vchiu2506:20 carolinaman
2p2018 Taxes on Pass-Through (CA)17:29 veritas17:45 prudent
1cSelling Gold Jewelry13:21 virginiabirdie13:26 CAsage
30tFarmland REITs?2016 wije08:34 uberational44
5pHave a Variable Appreciable Life Insurance Policy - should I ditch it?12/13 YetAnotherUser10:56 YetAnotherUser
23tPodcasts for Bogleheads?12/02 yncraig31611:13 tj
31h28 Years Old: In the current market, what % into bonds?16:18 YoungPup2621:55 YoungPup26
9pEstate Planning in PA with Revocable Living Trust? Special Needs?12/15 Yukon15:31 Katietsu

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