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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1679 new posts and replies over 244 topics in last day (sorted by Original Author). Days: 1 2 3
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2lPrinciPAL not princiPLE !!!07:47 22twain07:59 prudent
22cNeed encouragement (on doing own taxes to save money)03/10 28fe620:27 28fe6
3417cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:25 westrichj312
5hWhat Other Finance Planning Sites do you recommend?22:10 advice78909:30 Darth Xanadu
2920cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:21 BigOldBear
0hPortfolio check-up and lump sum question18:14 alu4589 
68hREITS and Swedroe03/08 Always passive09:50 iceport
13pCollege scholarship treated as income even he is full time student?10:32 annabel13:11 teen persuasion
36cStovetop Tea Kettle Recommendations?2016 anonenigma20:49 dratkinson
24t"Demographics and equity returns: A far-fetched horror story" by Joe Davis of Vanguard03/05 arcticpineapple15:10 Epsilon Delta
141cRe: Where to buy a Vanguard hat? An Update and good news2016 arcticpineapple21:35 gigemzach
1pQuestion on closing/rolling over 401k accounts prior to large dividend payments14:35 ArmchairArchite15:20 lstone19
33tThe Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns2013 ArthurDent08:07 lazyday
4pDid not file tax for trust for 201612:24 artibug12:41 Katietsu
77pCan I Retire at 38?03/19 assistca117:25 Bacchus01
6tReducing 401k and increasing taxable03/18 badbreath22:23 PFInterest
78tIncredibly sleazy Northwestern Mutual cold caller03/18 Badger175421:28 LadyGeek
6p"vanguard settlement fund"16:00 badgerland16:42 beardsworth
48cAmazon Prime Going Sideways/Weird Shipment Problems03/18 Barefootgirl08:00 head gamez
4pTrust attorney changes firms - does trust “move” too?17:31 bayview17:58 Carefreeap
3pTax question on EE bonds22:17 bbb00:40 BigOldBear
39lSan Antonio Local Chapter Established2016 bdrolan20:59 Miriam2
12hPlanning portfolio - European investor02/12 Belgiuminvestor12:59 Valuethinker
8hTraditional vs Roth IRA08:11 benne7716:12 FiveK
6hDirect Rollover 401k to 410k question03/19 betterdays16:58 Duckie
4pHow to respond to internship offer?12:55 big bang17:37 Jack FFR1846
12cWorld Travelers: What's the local economy look like?02/16 bighatnohorse13:58 flyingaway
104cPaging BH Gearheads: Reasonable Net Worth for Exotic03/16 BJJ nerd16:25 Serie1926
3hEmergency Fund Better Ideas?11:05 bluerafters11:37 KlangFool
12pWays to Reset the Capital Gains Exclusion on Primary Residence21:51 bmr1211:43 mrsbetsy
0hNeed help with Tax Exempt Money Market Fund16:38 BreakfastTaco 
50h50% of my portfolio in FANG - 15% in NVDA01/23 broslami10:25 ksualum
19hBuy bonds or pay down mortgage03/19 broslami09:58 Nate79
9pDoes it make sense to convert s-corp to llc?03/18 broslami20:55 Spirit Rider
44hIs buying $50,000 worth of TSLA at this time advisable?00:05 Cainito17:03 mhadden1
106pDonations to your enrolled public school03/05 Carson18:48 sergeant
18pelderly mother given 10 days to give IRS *transcript* to health insurance or lose benefits03/19 cas07:55 cas
12hShould I continue to participate in my Megacorp ESPP?03/18 cdrwok13:08 libralibra
2cCycling in the French Alps and Pyrenees20:34 cegibbs14:52 Freefun
1hSame flagship representative as parents [good? bad?]10:06 chargingrhino11:23 kaudrey
235pNeed advice re: Liberal Arts Colleges...03/13 cheapskate17:43 Natsdoc
1hAGG or IUSB14:42 ChiefEngineer1415:00 lack_ey
0hAA changed in HSA account?18:18 ChinchillaWhipl 
76pAt what point does it make sense to pay down your mortgage?03/15 ChinchillaWhipl09:35 NextMil
8pCPA fees for S-corp?03/18 ChinchillaWhipl08:46 Hayden
27tWhy is 16 the magic number for FAs?03/18 ChinchillaWhipl08:39 nedsaid
21tWhich foreign market sector will do the best long term?03/19 ChinchillaWhipl20:34 Johnnie
8fMobile-friendly version of the bogleheads website2015 chocolatemuffin07:16 pondering
35pRent in Retirement03/18 Cipro11:37 craimund
9cNew customer pricing for existing customers08:51 clipson12:28 runner3081
4hTreasury Bill Rates12:21 cmh12616:59 mhadden1
63hAnyway to get traditional IRA funds minimizing tax other then not working?2016 CodeMaster00:02 CodeMaster
9pIs it worth spending $1500 on a Planning Software?22:27 confusedinvesto01:16 BigOldBear
78c30-Day Minimalist Challenge02/27 Cycle13:00 abuss368
3hMuni vs. Corporate bonds18:51 dave105419:45 lack_ey
5hNovice investor, just starting out- Need Advice!19:26 davidcali4405:21 davidcali44
29c$20,000 question - Galapagos or Serengeti safari ?02/21 davidsorensen3204:32 kommisarrex
497cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir16:36 Elsebet
9hPortfolio Split 50/50 Roth/401K - Want ROTH Riskier03/19 ddurrett89607:12 rkhusky
3cZVOX AccuVoice TV speaker01:56 Dead Man Walkin17:25 douginct
136cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?09/23 Dead Man Walkin15:46 meowcat
1pChase Bill pay not functioning01:18 Dead Man Walkin06:55 bigcmagor
17cShampoo for silver/grey hair03/14 Determined06:42 dcabler
40pSecond Marriage & Beneficiaries Conundrum03/18 Diver424221:54 inbox788
63pCost of College vs Starting Income10:02 dm20018:17 Pajamas
16hIndex Funds in Retirement and Identical ETFs in Taxable?03/17 drhcc02:53 peterkirby
9hSupporting a High Withdrawal Rate for Medical Care13:37 drizzle15:40 MrBeaver
12csmall non-folding bicycle recommendations03/19 dual19:35 dual
42tBest way to hold cash in retirement accounts??03/18 duffer17:40 Earl Lemongrab
891tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab17:54 pre
182pThose with high savings rate: why?03/15 EGARCH17:47 stemikger
8cWhat have you baked recently?16:53 Elsebet18:15 westrichj312
1tPartial Roth Conversion & i-ORP data14:09 enjoyinglife17:04 FiveK
4pIRS rules reg. return of funds received by wire from parents [in India]07:12 erythrocyte09:48 erythrocyte
23tyour cash is trash at brokers J.Zweig - WSJ03/13 EvelynTroy10:09 bberris
26hConsidering a change in asset allocation; tell me if I'm approaching this the right way01/17 fefifofum13:56 fefifofum
19chow to approach downsizing/relocating03/18 feh22:43 kenoryan
4cBeach hotel near Boca raton03/19 Fiat lux19:15 honduranhurrica
24hWhy shouldn't I day-trade in Roth IRA and HSA investment account?03/19 finagle07:00 JoeRetire
1pBeneficiary of inherited IRA16:37 FlordiaGuy17:29 Gill
41cLondon Hotels03/18 fortfun17:55 Valuethinker for small business 401K?2016 fpricke112:05 Devil's Advocat
5trecommendations on SW to model withdrawals across a population?03/18 freebeer23:16 AlohaJoe
39cNew Subaru Outback vs. used Volvo XC-7001/31 friar161018:04 Bacchus01
57cModest stereo system03/15 friar161010:55 sailfish2
20cIs a Model Release normal for wedding videography?07:21 fundseeker16:23 Dottie57
24pEver received a legitimate unsolicited call from the I.R.S.?03/19 Global10000:20 spammagnet
28c9th grade earth science honors or biology honors03/19 goru116:59 LadyGeek
2hRMDs - where to take & how to report10:44 goshenBogle12:09 John Z
4psame stock in two separate brokerage accnts. dividend qualified in one not in other23:58 grideau14:02 not4me
3hSimple investment plan for 80 yr old in assisted living?12:48 guywhogetsit17:55 Watty
11hInheritance Investments03/08 happy113:47 prudent
3pState Tax ? Resident / Non-Resident14:55 harmony16:24 harmony
44cWhat kind of bike do I need and how much should I spend?03/18 harrington06:59 Ninnie
14lNew Israeli Local Chapter Established2008 Hashkaah17:15 Mel Lindauer
1hWhen to close a muni bond fund10:08 HeadTail10:23 Kenkat
74tDave Ramsey spends two segments on his investing advice08/13 Helo8009:34 ryman554
1hThoughts on this ISA s&s allocation using all in one funds? [UK]09:46 Hewkie17:55 Hewkie
32pIf you thought you were going to get laid off wwyd? [What would you do]03/19 Hillview07:11 raisinsaregrape
7hvehicle for mother-in-law's cash assets06:34 hufflepuff11:43 jimishooch
6hETF dollar-cost averaging for a non-American citizen08:44 hunszasz13:41 hunszasz
14pAccidental Real Estate Owner... Now What?03/19 I_Am_Not_A_Doct11:51 Nutmeg
4pDeduct estimated property taxes for 2017 tax return19:08 international0009:10 international00
28tFacebook's slide cost Mark Zuckerberg $6.06 billion in one day03/19 invst6515:11 invst65
21hNew-ish Investor--Advice on strategy05/07 irl14:21 irl
10tQuestion for Robert T/ people familiar with factor analysis.03/16 jackal19:26 dbr
9pTrust vs Will Gotchas11:45 jason112218:08 westrichj312
102ctraveling to mexico, should I be concerned?03/12 jazman1213:54 JBTX
58cBogleheads car buying strategies with new safety technologies03/18 jb319:28 alter
7hBest short term investment01/19 Jcvece19:33 radiowave
9cCargo Vans- suggestions03/19 jehovasfitness13:44 jehovasfitness
77tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton11:07 lack_ey
0pLong term care options - FPO at what age08:06 ji.isaacs 
11pSold house, trying to decide what to do with equity10:26 jimmyrules71215:54 rob65
7h$250k Vanguard/Schwab/Fideliy21:35 jiwan1j08:20 core4portfolio
2pBest Practices for Saving Tax Returns and Supporting Documents10:25 jkushne112:47 armeliusc
3pIndex investing vs Real Estate/P2P/websites, etc.. How much is time worth?10:57 jkushne111:12 alex_686
47tAnyone exclude emerging markets?03/15 john454618:05 Valuethinker
11tBond Maturity relative to Equity Weighting00:03 JonL18:02 JonL
22hRoth 401(k) vs. Roth IRA14:20 JR016:46 MrBeaver
1pRoth 401k Contribution Mistake19:10 jsapiandante19:19 retiredjg
14pconversation about finances/spending with significant other?03/19 juliewongferra18:00 delamer
3tVanguard Buy with ACH transfer timing question23:39 JustinR06:28 cherijoh
47hIf you knew a recession was coming, what would you do?03/16 jwhitebkny16:42 FlordiaGuy
37c2018 Honda Accord LX ... is this a good deal?03/19 kchico16:29 tennisplyr
0p401K transfer and 1099-R18:22 kchnew 
8hHow to Get Started Investing In The Right Direction.03/19 kchumley03:09 mhadden1
2pforeign residence start date14:41 ketanco17:14 plats
10phow to end residency with a state09:40 ketanco14:46 sperry8
2pSelf employed while in a foreign country19:20 ketanco20:01 AlohaJoe
4hReallocated my investments for simplification and need input03/19 Kittens15:52 ajw360
13cSuggestions or remedy for a fire on our apartment complex...03/18 kjvmartin16:42 hale2
8pWas my experience with a CPA typical?10:12 knightrider18:14 Olemiss540
15cAny recommendation on non-leather dress shoes?14:12 knightrider17:41 Iliketoridemybi
22cCookware Brands - Demeyere?03/11 kwarden1318:00 quaternion
12pStudent Loan Repayment12:39 Lalo550018:21 warowits, Truecar, etc....20:34 LarryAllen00:15 denovo
31lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe11:31 bkweathe
5830tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill09:15 CokeSlurpee711
42pCash Advance on Credit Card for $3K Car03/19 learner10018:17 westrichj312
21cLeast Expensive Way to Comprehensively Learn Law03/19 learner10008:30 alfaspider
46pMissing my Microsoft Money - any equivalents?2017 lebewohl19:35 hudson
5cRolling Lease For Apartment (Condo)09:36 Leesbro6317:38 Goal33
15tWhich is the hedge against higher future interest rates and inflation: the house or the mortgage?03/19 letsgobobby14:26 KlangFool
167pBought house six months ago - now feeling like we're treading water and can't save money03/17 LiterallyIronic14:09 hand
23tBought myself a private island03/18 livesoft11:02 willthrill81
11hApproximating Total Stock Market With High Dividend Yield?03/19 longleaf18:00 Nate79
13lIs there a U.K bogleheads Chapter??01/11 LongTermInvesto05:55 rgb73
34pMedicare Part B premiums2016 Lynette14:52 FactualFran
42h401K: Guaranteed 9.3% Return?03/14 Lynx31065008:40 smitcat
19hETFs that Mimic VG Wellesley's & VG Wellington's Equity Investments2017 maniminto22:48 Electron
11tIs it time to dump high yield savings for prime money market?10:34 mbasherp17:26 Doc
69lHAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY BOGLEHEADS FORUM2017 Mel Lindauer16:37 LadyGeek
23tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE03/14 Mel Lindauer11:18 buccimane
105t2018 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE SOLD OUT03/06 Mel Lindauer07:10 pondering
10pHMO vs HSA18:54 michaeljc7018:20 alter
4pPresent Value of a FERS Pension with a Spousal Benefit12:45 MichDad15:17 ExitStageLeft
7hReviving neglected retirement accounts00:08 Michele2017:19 krow36
27hHelping 20yr old son set up Roth03/17 Michele2020:51 Michele20
24pHome equity as part of retirement plan13:14 Miguelito18:04 Iliketoridemybi
28pTerm, Whole & Disability Insurance: revision questions03/07 Momof213:52 afan
20hRoth IRA Transfer from NMLI to Vanguard02/02 MoneyKnuckleHea03:45 TwstdSista
9pUnsolicited Green Dot Card2014 moshe21:55 padaukguy
6hBackdoor Roth for both 2018 AND 2017 Contributions03/18 Mosin913018:44 Duckie
12hBest 401k for small companies?05/23 MotoTrojan13:43 Spirit Rider
11tAlternative to market cap weighted bond index12:21 Mrfss535716:30 triceratop
12cSelling time share "points" for my stepfather03/18 MrMojoRisin20:52 MrMojoRisin
11tWealthfront Risk Parity???02/22 nasrullah17:49 lorneabramson
70c2018 Forester vs CRV vs RAV403/15 need403bhelp13:55 GeoffD
90tTSP bonds?03/11 neiderer17:24 hoppy08520
2t$40k Gift15:02 netcord16:57 craimund
1hThoughts on VDC ?10:58 newbie00311:11 nisiprius
13hAnnuity19:39 Newbogel14:39 Tal-
4hInvest or pay off some of mortgage19:29 Newbogel21:16 NMBob
22hNew Boglehead - 401k03/19 NewBogleheadTN13:19 NewBogleheadTN
38cHow to buy a safe "power bank" to replace my recalled AmazonBasics unit?03/15 nisiprius16:18 N10sive
3tWhich Cost Basis to Use23:10 Nonam312:31 BL
4cScottrade to Ameritrade19:50 Nowizard10:05 bberris
8pDeducting Prepaid Property Taxes01/24 Nutmeg20:27 Nutmeg
26pTaxable refunds NY/NJ03/07 nyc88822:43 grabiner
8tParking Business Cash - WHERE?03/16 oaks22:49 tfb
13hHelp deciding on 401k options01/23 OmG Im late18:12 OmG Im late
22tDo you Continue to invest even in down market??22:40 OmG Im late16:21 k66
0hHelp fine-tune my overall investment strategy16:15 oneboglehead 
22pFinancial checklist after passing of a spouse03/19 pancake1916:21 pancake19
34pWorth it to Amend incorrect CPA prepared tax returns?12/06 panhead09:38 panhead
0pHelp my wife when I die.06:34 pharmermummles 
0pTiming of RMD on Inherited IRA18:16 Pigeon 
9hStock Conundrum02/09 PJR20211:47 jtl46
2tIRA vs Roth22:36 pkcrafter12:51 FiveK
7hMaxing out 401,457 and 403b. Other ideas for pre-tax savings?00:30 Plan4Future15:13 angler-39
1pQuick thought on a counter offer & employment contracts06:24 PlayingLife07:57 simas
3pKeep money in IRA or move to Ally Savings?03/19 Pobre14:37 Pobre
46pDoes credit score matter if you never plan to borrow money again?03/17 prairieman18:33 goingup
20pDiscovered mistake on 2014 return—owe money03/18 Puppynewf18:10 retiredjg
1tMaybe Ramsey is right18:03 RadAudit18:13 mattshwink
13pHow to keep track of Roth cost basis?03/16 radnor07:47 raisinsaregrape
2pJust received a K1 form, but already filed19:09 radnor19:17 quantAndHold
40tHow much money can a CPA save you?03/18 randomizer09:28 ryman554
51tLarry Swedroe: Don’t Count Out Commodities03/12 Random Walker16:03 saltycaper
6tAllan Roth: Boosting Returns With Rebalancing12:36 Random Walker14:29 azanon
10pneed $5000.00 , take from U.S. treasury bonds or brokerage account03/19 riptide07:09 Call_Me_Op
11hAbout to make "catch-up" IRA contribution for the first time03/19 Sagefemme20:12 MP123
4hTraditional vs Roth funding12:39 seattletom114:01 JBTX
36pRetirement will cost the average American $828,00003/19 Sheepdog09:43 1210sda
17pBest Way to Leave Inheritance - IRA or Home Equity?03/18 Shikoku20:28 HIinvestor
21hIs putting my money mostly in retirement accounts and little in savings risky for potential before retirement purchases?03/15 shonenewt21:29 KlangFool
5tGlobal GDP Growth --> World Stock Returns, 1970-201713:06 SimpleGift14:40 SimpleGift
0pMy Non-Deductible IRA Basis is Messed UP16:07 Small Law Survi 
32pFast IRS refund02/24 Spirit Rider00:23 bbb
1cThunderbird Malfunction15:48 sport17:38 CFIT
9pUnique Housing Situation05:37 SteveKnox609:28 Jack FFR1846
3pThe business side of Google21:44 STINGRAY7500:40 Pajamas
7pBaby on the way - Will/Trust needed?11:48 Stryker1615:23 J295
1hWorthless Securities - how to close my account?15:48 tampaite18:20 Iliketoridemybi
2091tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore16:10 PhilosophyAndre
15hHelp with Retirement Investment for Teacher20:48 TeacherInCa09:34 advice789
102cLarge life style creep that was completely worth it03/15 ThankYouJack18:18 ThankYouJack
35cTV and set up recommendations for above fireplace03/17 ThankYouJack09:15 kwarden13
18cTV that is flush to wall03/18 ThankYouJack21:29 ThankYouJack
0pPledged asset loan to pay large tax bill08:36 The0s 
65pH&R Block vs TurboTax (spoiler: HRB is awful)03/10 The529guy09:51 JW-Retired
100tCould all of these "low expected returns over next 10 years" predictions be wrong?03/16 TheBogleWay11:35 WhiteMaxima
78tEmerging Markets: Yes or No?2015 The Planner18:51 Johnnie
212tJack Bogle Says ‘Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague’11/28 TheTimeLord17:49 Nate79
69hJustification for holding Emerging Markets?05/18 TheTimeLord15:49 mhadden1
2hHelp with portfolio review03/18 threadripper19:47 threadripper
50pTerminal illness with small kids03/16 timmy06:11 aristotelian
29cHave you had this issue with Subaru Forester windshield replacement?06/14 tioscrooge00:10 animarising
1hClosing Acorns account.03/15 tman994019:15 APB
95pHSA family max contribution lowered to $6850 for 201803/07 toblerone18:02 ClevrChico
0hA Different Excess Roth Question for Alan S.10:09 Tony 
18tScottrade/TD Ameritrade merger - Yuck!03/01 Trader/Investor17:52 anonsdca
10hHow to Determine Actual Muni Bond Return?21:41 TreadLightly16:39 Meg77
24hNeed new retirement plans ASAP [to be able to contribute for 2017 before deadline]03/19 TreadLightly14:30 TreadLightly
0pAny Fix for Error on Inherited IRA?00:08 tripletmoma 
29pHow seriously do you take emergency fund advice?03/19 tunacan19:22 Jags4186
11hPersonal capital returns: 35% a year?20:03 unclescrooge13:36 Pajamas
12cKettlebell Swing experience?10:52 VictoriaF12:27 alfaspider
25hVanguard Managed Payout Fund VPGDX2017 william4814:38 lack_ey
34pRetirement - Fear of the Unknown03/18 willyd12318:42 invst65
7pDebt payoff plan03/16 z06ray17:22 mhadden1
8cAnything I should know about new windows?18:25 z9112:12 btenny
21hHave $800k - What do I do?03/14 zeek12313:41 Sandtrap

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