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0h Need help analyzing a Fidelity Tax Managed SMA  07:39NDND60  
5h Offshore diversification  02/20elb200007:24Diogenes
1h Resident in Netherlands, South american citizen / Portfolio Checkup  06:57expat_squirrel07:21norciom
24h "Borrow" $5500 from Emergency Fund to Qualify for Vanguard Admiral?  02/23AgentCircus06:58blaugranamd
23h Portfolio Checkup/Critique me and Questions  02/23David Scubadive06:26KlangFool
3h tax efficiency advice for retirement withdrawals  00:33marco191006:10jr6857
112h risk of my Tesla deposit  page: 2 302/23letsgobobby05:50carguyny
17h Pension at the PBGC - when to begin taking  02/24Brewman03:59Carl53
6h Help with selecting 457b plan provider (CA)  16:21zenb03:40zenb
4h Need direction on managing portfolio  02/25Rahm02:38Rahm
59h Windfall, investing, insurance?  page: 202/20atxeng02:31MIpreRetirey
13h First Post. IRA vs TSP  02/22browne49702:26weedf16
17h schwab lowering ER's  02/25bondsr4me02:25Theoretical
0h Question on Proper AA  00:56SCV_Lawyer  
0h Starting off with the three fund portfolio  00:35mxz  
6h First Time Major Portfolio Reallocation at age 60?  13:27engineeer00:142comma
16h VFIJX - GNMA Admiral - SEC Yield jumped?  02/24dm20000:10jalbert
37h Should we wait before buying in?  02/25Ginnysky00:08gkaplan
4h $125K to play with...but late to the party  20:50Captain Oveur23:43dumbbunny
46h VBILX vs VBTLX [Vanguard Intermediate-Term vs. Total Bond]  02/20MrFlish23:39jalbert
0h Where to focus investments as entrepreneur, dad  23:16theeryman  
30h Vanguard vs Schwab vs Zacks? Any experiences?  10:41confusedinvesto23:12tj
9h Requesting Critique of My Portfolio  10:32madmartigan23:10nedsaid
4h Looking for thoughts on my 401K Portfolio  12:20Captain Oveur22:59mcraepat9
7h Donor-Advised Fund Providers, low fees/recommendations?  02/18taegirain322:58mcraepat9
50h Bogleheads' Philosophy a Generalization?  page: 202/25Vision680022:42David Jay
6h Consideration of Job Income Exposure in Portfolio Diversification  21:03scidenta22:25scidenta
10h What Amount of My Bonds Should Be I Bonds?  02/25mayhapbh22:20mayhapbh
5h VKQ Invesco Municipal Trust  15:54cmills22:04WildBill
37h House as Temporary Pseudo-Proxy for Bonds  02/26delrinson22:04delrinson
23h Can somebody please explain brokerage accounts at Vanguard?  02/25Triple digit go21:58grabiner
11h What to do with my Savings?  02/17ak5421:50ak54
5h Splice investing  15:42noelgally21:49grabiner
3h Portfolio review and questions for new BH  02/24calvinandhobbes21:30Fiat lux
18h "Simple" question about compounding  02/241030danielle21:301030danielle
10h Donating Vanguard Admiral shares to Fidelity Charitable  02/26kiddoc21:08Willy
5h what to do with old 401k, 403(b), 457(b)  13:25Merritt080621:04Merritt0806
6h A little guidance needed to get started  16:24mikepeetz8420:55mikepeetz84
1h IRA from last year.. Roth?  20:23dentoid20:47Alan S.
0h New job + much lower income predicted = tIRA conversion question  19:57Vanrnr  
110h How Much Cash Do You Actually Hold?  page: 2 302/11restingonmylaur19:51pasadena
44h Please evaluate our situation  02/24rashad300019:44rashad3000
8h Help with HSA Investment Selection  02/24Expat_Investor19:18mattice06082
23h All my eggs in one basket?  2008redfish18:56sperry8
4h Please critique my planned portfolio  17:38krem123418:30krem1234
2h March Dividend Dates  09:05Loandapper18:30mattice06082
7h Best place for static HSA money (~$20K)  12:54rpl300018:24mattice06082
6h Transition from Edward Jones to Vanguard  15:24Vermont Farmer17:48califboglehd
5h Help with buying I bonds  16:44BogleMelon17:31Jack FFR1846
6h expat invest through shell company  02/25crswvc17:15in_reality
9h 300k to invest for the long term, am I on the right track?  02/16leo2817:12leo28
4h SEP IRA  02/25Jimbandit2417:11gclancer
0h "Fairfax limited Holdings limited" - how does it fit in capital size and international/emerging markets exposure  16:42outwash  
16h Switching portfolio - 3-fund with slight tilt to Larry Porfolio  02/13zenb16:41zenb
1h International  16:10prk16:34Longtermgrowth
6h Portfolio Recommendations  02/19SetToInvest16:24Duckie
19h Has anyone had problems gifting Vanguard shares to an organization?  02/24SRenaeP15:24drzzzzz
6h College town rental property a good idea?  13:15Agon14:54samsoes
0h Invest in ETF [portfolio advice] or pay down mortgage?  14:18dubaitaxfreeaus  
28h New To Investing: Am I on the right path?  11/18OnedayAHouse13:31OnedayAHouse
9h Please critique my bonds ratio  08:53BogleMelon13:11Young Fellow
2h Portfolio Backtesting  11:26Vision680012:12Vision6800
2h Open new SEP-IRA other than established one?  08:22friareye12:09Spirit Rider
7h retirement option pay $500/yr to insure $250,000 over 12 years?  02/25lomarica0112:06lomarica01
6h Is this a wash sale?  02/25INDUBITABLY11:55supernova
1h Asset Allocation across multiple accounts - tax differences  11:33TarHeel200211:53LadyGeek
1h 529 Now 1-2 years before college  11:15SimonJester11:29livesoft
2h VEXAX or VIIIX? [Vanguard Extended Market or Institutional Index]  08:09H_and_G11:27Phineas J. Whoo
10h Bad to immediately sell vested RSUs due to possible stat arb?  02/25scidenta11:02TomatoTomahto
5h Newbie Portfolio questions  02/25pheebs10:46pheebs
8h Roth Conversion and Backdooring advice  02/26bironology10:31bironology
3h Roth ira  02/25Boglerules09:30Boglerules
12h MyRA for Vacation Savings - Rollover Issue?  02/21Jb1109:27Dottie57
1h Multiple 401K rules small business  02/26physiorol09:20Spirit Rider
6h Selling ETF's in most tax-advantaged way...  02/24fermata09:08grabiner
11h The Cost of Holding Cash  02/17aj76er08:56grabiner
54h 529 Asset Allocation - is this valid thinking?  page: 202/16pepperz08:55Incendiary
3h Should I sell Individual shares of Stock  02/25Duffydog108:38grabiner
1h distribution yield versus dividend yield  02/26jmk08:35grabiner
6h Investing/asset class strategy for American abroad  02/04mf170108:15in_reality
7h Portfolio review and a few questions!  02/23Theycallmesteve02/26Fishing50
4h Investing in Japan: ETF and Funds, fees and hurdles  01/28Raylex02/26rhe
12h HSA vs PPO - Sanity Check  02/23RichN02/26RichN
33h UC DCP Questions [Univ. of CA Defined Contribution Plan]  2011emp2b302/26StarTrekFan
4h Simple IRA Options  02/25gnr02/25krow36
4h 401k & Chase account help  02/24CAPTvalue02/25CAPTvalue
15h 401k AA - no Total Market Fund option  02/24srmach0502/25CFR
5h What's my next move  02/22Marjimmy02/25lazylarry
4h Vanguard Allocation - International Stock  02/25IJJ02/25VaR
30h Betterment, $500k in cash, no taxable events to transfer?  02/21atxeng02/25retiredjg
41h What Do You Keep In Your Bank Safe Deposit Box?  02/17rattlenap02/25powermega
1h 401K Asset Allocations (Advice)  02/25srwitmer0502/25in_reality
4h Portfolio questions - wife starting new job  02/25Dadachihuahua02/25Bob's not my na
3h Need Help with iBonds Tax Question  02/25Lerner02/25Lerner
42h Rebalancing -> Market Crash and rebalancing  02/24KlangFool02/25clip651
2h investing for internationally married expat couples  02/24intlinvestor02/25halfnine
11h Backdoor Roth IRA  11/22perseus02/25LadyGeek
2h Cost of bad ETF purchase fills: Betterment vs Vanguard ETF Portfolio  02/25scidenta02/25jhfenton
7h AGI in Roth phase out  02/24Bondman02/25retiredjg
46h Talking with parents' financial advisor  02/24silentslinkies02/25tj
24h How am I doing?  02/16rabbitrun02/25abonder
2h Backdoor Roth IRA [May not have done this correctly]  02/25Dirk4102/25retiredjg
3h Regarding taxation USA  02/25alex1234502/25TedSwippet
11h 401K Allocation Help  02/24srwitmer0502/25pkcrafter
13h 100% Stock Portfolio? - 20s Military Investor  02/19link94802/25Nords
6h 5k for 10yrs  02/25WHB302/25WHB3
28h Early Soc Sec or spend down investments/assets?  02/23Big Dog02/25SeeMoe
88h Why own individual stocks?  page: 202/15Vision680002/25David Scubadive
14h Thanks for AA advice - new to the game  02/21gettingthere8902/25gettingthere89
7h Just opened my Vanguard account  02/24OOlaf02/25ruralavalon
2h British National Hong Kong based Investor looking to retire in France  02/24hufhouseinvesto02/25finite_differen
36h Vanguard Lousy Customer Service  02/24AndroAsc02/25*3!4!/5!
30h Young Investor needs help with Vanguard Roth IRA options  07/04fireman4402/25sometimesinvest
9h Selling Individual Stocks With Capital Gains  02/25thepianoman02/25David Scubadive
4h make sense? [Vanguard 500 Index vs. Total Stock Mkt]  02/25jafcorrea02/25oldcomputerguy
20h Just beginning: $40k to open taxable and IRA accounts  02/23OffTheGrid02/25OffTheGrid
2h Has anyone used YieldStreet?  02/25LightTurtle02/25Dale_G
29h Open vanguard CD Order  02/22kmurp02/25dm200
4h Mixing Roth 401k and 401k funds  02/25BFRAME02/25ThreeBears
9h Why not more Consumer Staples in Portfolio?  02/25tedrzz02/25tedrzz
2h Can you critique my plan?  02/25fallon82502/25fallon825
4h Not sure what direction to go.  02/25Ifly8602/25pennstater2005
12h Bear-Proof Bond Allocation  02/24aristotelian02/25dbr
150h Wow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.  page: 2 3 402/07blueman202/25neilpilot
7h index funds available for romanian citizens?  2014SefuLaBani02/25barenziah
7h What to do with gains since November election?  02/24privatepilot02/25BrandonBogle
8h Roth "earned income" is 1040 Line 7 only? (salary) ; filing an amendment ? :)  02/24stvyreb02/25House Blend
3h Investing thoughts  02/25fusspot02/25iceport
4h How to allocate mother's taxable assets for retirement?  02/24jasc1502/25BL
32h Low Income 29yr old  2013chevchase02/25ivk5
6h Australia - EFT VS Mutual Fund (wholesale) fees.  02/18swifteagle02/25swifteagle
11h Simplifying worth taking gains?  02/24TylerS702/24BrandonBogle
0h Roth - Removal of Excess question  02/24apbalance  
30h Excessive Optum Bank HSA fees vs HSA Bank vs SelectAccount?  08/10googaapl02/24millennialfalco
22h Vanguard versus Dimensional  02/22Dinosaur Dad02/24Robert T
40h S&P at 22 times multiple  02/23erik26502/24willthrill81
6h No Tax sheltering for NJ public employees!  02/24BogleMelon02/24Billavoider
9h Invest or pay off mortgage?  02/23dairyman02/24grabiner
9h International or not - best & worse case  02/22Good Listener02/24Good Listener
4h How to by municipal bonds  02/23mjrgkusa02/24RAchip
23h What to do after maxing out 401k, IRA, and HSA?  02/23Todd.M02/24wander
11h [Should I buy Vanguard funds or Fidelity?]  02/02wingman02/24kgoodrich
19h Company merger, rolling 401K to IRA  02/24Hawkeye_Saver02/24badbreath
26h Just received a UGMA in the form of a variable annuity…cash it out, or keep it?  02/20robert2702/24kgoodrich
116h Child on the Way - What to do for College Financing?  page: 2 302/07s0me0nesmind102/24wrongfunds
2h tIRA Contribution help  02/23athenslb5702/24FiveK
13h Stay at home wife 401k question  02/24eltron02/24KlangFool
8h saving IRA 5498 statements - which file folder  02/24ps56k02/24jebmke
30h Backdoor Roth Step By Step  2014co_investor02/24ClevrChico
46h ETFs vs mutual funds and expense ratios  02/23Jacksonhole02/24triceratop
0h Planning for home purchase and simplifying investments  02/24arch94110  
14h Maxed out retirement accounts, now what?  02/21MrsRoos02/
3h Help With Asset Allocation  02/24BogleNeophyte02/24BogleNeophyte
4h Exchanging Target Retirement fund in Taxable Account  02/23enos5kh02/24enos5kh
2h Help for Pre-Retirement Income  02/24jolmscheid02/24HomerJ
5h Please review 401k (TSP), Roth, and taxable accounts  02/23Stang7002/24Stang70
9h Vanguard Total Bond Fund?  02/24Sandtrap02/24kgressler
1h Emerging Market Bonds: Is there any reason to choose VGAVX over VWOB?  02/24stimulacra02/24jhfenton
35h Emerging Markets Allocation  2014Taggerung02/24lazyday
7h Confirming reliable online banks for CDs  02/24RobLIC02/24RobLIC
7h Best funds for Roth investments.  02/23Laurence02/24bigred77
7h TIAA Rebalance  02/23conlius02/24Timoneer
18h The relation between stocks, bonds, and interest rates  02/22Virus476202/24Phineas J. Whoo
18h US Small Value - Did i just luck out big time?!  02/24ZenInvestor02/24ZenInvestor
4h Advice to my sister  02/24MichaelRpdx02/24MichaelRpdx
7h How to save for retirement after maxing out 401k and IRA?  02/23rebfor02/24wolf359
6h Are there any good funds with <$1,000 minimum purchase requirement?  02/24fantasytensai02/24harikaried
3h Absolute newbie, 29/f dual-citizen of Netherlands and the US  02/14gale198802/24sean.mcgrath
7h which bond fund?  02/23bond02/24ruralavalon
5h Merrill Lynch Fees  02/24MikeG6202/24LarryAllen
9h Thank You  02/23ny_rn02/24stemikger
30t Why has Vanguard increased International Stock and International Bond in Balanced Funds and Portfolio Recommendations?  09:23Sandtrap07:43Bogel0048
12t "Buffett: Indexing the Best Choice for Investors Large and Small"  10:19Taylor Larimore07:34Quark
2t STPZ (PIMCO 1-5 Year U.S. TIPS Index) holds only 12 TIPS thus why not just...  04:14bargainhuntingk06:40nisiprius
3t How reliable are forward PE ratios?  05:45selters06:26NibbanaBanana
151t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 406/09happysteward04:18Lathund
28t Technical Analysis  08:58Biil McNeal02:56magneto
11t Rebalancing frequency - Balanced funds  02/25Copernicus02:49magneto
199t Extreme Valuations, and why you should reconsider  page: 2 3 402/21dcarste01:41AlohaJoe
8t Buffett interview Monday 2/27  14:23bzargarcia01:03triceratop
1t Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate "Fair" Returns  02/15msk23:39nedsaid
13t News Article Today: Index Investing Unmasked: 96% Of Stocks Are Garbage. What does this mean??  19:34Sandtrap20:39LadyGeek
20t How to Rebalance with Rate Hikes Looming  02/23Stormbringer20:19Quark
21t Why has growth beaten value recently?  2016Beliavsky19:02larryswedroe
79t new study on Investor behavior being disconnected from financial theory and reality  page: 202/24larryswedroe18:51jainn
10t Questions about how Bond ETFs work  02/25mixinvest18:32triceratop
2t Four-Fund Portfolio  02/25chatbotte17:39EddieGee
43t AP: Americans buy existing homes at fastest pace in a decade  02/22creditdefaultsw17:03runner540
36t Compounding under the microscope.  02/25*3!4!/5!16:56linenfort
2t Inspired by Buffett's bet: New 20 years bets?  15:29Dirghatamas16:32Dirghatamas
63t Vanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients  page: 202/22davidkw16:22wstrdg
20t A look at funds managed by the Vanguard Quantitative Equity Group (VUVLX, VSEQX, VSTCX, VMNFX, VMNVX, VASFX, VPGDX)  12/31lack_ey16:19Theoretical
62t How should people factor Social Security into their "magic number" with early retirement?  page: 202/25manzana15:21Atilla
2t New Contribution Allocation  13:25Stivo14:02retiredjg
61t Buffett Annual Letter 2016 [Jack Bogle is a hero]  page: 202/25matjen13:31rattlenap
3t Asset Markets as Banks  08:55sjwoo11:57LadyGeek
2t Buffett chides his students for charging too much  02/25htdrag1111:45Portfolio7
8t Anyone using Optum Bank for HSA?  02/25whitecliff11:16jcerickson
0t Weekend Entertainment: Read the Long Bet  10:26MichaelRpdx  
0t Inspiring quote  10:23prettybogle  
1t Total tax-deferred savings amounts, growth (looking for US stats)  09:29Tamales10:05livesoft
32t ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF - thoughts?  10/30Vision09:16NibbanaBanana
11t Source of the Small Value Premium  02/25petulant09:14larryswedroe
40t Warren Buffett v. Bogleheads  02/21fantasytensai02/26Redstorm
49t Please vote on the wisest decision  02/24BogleMelon02/25pkcrafter
1t Roth Horse Race - Taxable account?  02/25Dovahkiin02/25pkcrafter
27t BofA HSA dropping Vanguard Funds  02/15VFANX02/25ftobin
14t Total World expense ratio lowered  02/24pragmatist02/25triceratop
5t Talk on CAPE 10  02/25larryswedroe02/25sid hartha
10t Oscillating withdrawal rate - OWR  02/25Swampy02/25Swampy
90t Retiree Accumulation/Withdrawal Phase -- How many funds do you have? Allocation? Withdrawal strategy?  page: 202/01Sandtrap02/25hoops777
17t "preview" of bear market  02/17Merrilee02/25Merrilee
4t Already Roll over 401k but receive another check?  02/25ff493002/25livesoft
22t Fisher Investments hard sell  2010nhdblfan02/25hoops777
4t Options For 8 Employee 401k Bogle Friendly  02/25Vanguard Fan 1302/25Spirit Rider
19t Why not hedge using futures?  02/24bogleviewer02/25lack_ey
3t Ally 1.25 APY 13 month CD  02/24akblizzard02/25xenial
27t Credit Suisse Yearbook 2017  02/21LadyGeek02/25Tycoon
8t "The Impending Fiduciary Armageddon Of (Most) Mutual Fund Share Classes" by Michael Kitces  02/23arcticpineapple02/25heyyou
56t Does anyone own gold?  page: 202/22Erwin02/25TX_Man
147t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 312/30BackOfTheNet02/25dougger5
35t Peer-to-peer lending as an investment?  02/22radnor02/25larryswedroe
13t Vanguard Reports Third Round Of Expense Ratio Reductions Resulting In $143 Million In Cumulative Savings For Investors  02/24davidkw02/25toto238
76t Market Run Ups - Now vs. Then  page: 202/23Barefootgirl02/24gundlached
3t Factor based investing  02/24maximuum02/24lack_ey
3t How much SP500 might have dropped in 2000 crash if no 911?  02/24flyingaway02/24LadyGeek
7t PurePoint 1.25% online savings $10K min  02/24wstrdg02/24wstrdg
43t VTIAX now has 0.11% ER [Vanguard Total Int'l Stock, Admiral Class]  02/23oldcomputerguy02/24grabiner
83t Relative tax efficiency including Foreign Tax Credit (VSS, VWO, VBR, etc.)  page: 204/03triceratop02/24ps56k
2t How does one figure out how Value-y an index is?  02/24anil68602/24anil686
12t Taking profits  02/23ruahoo202/24ruahoo2
7t Warren Buffets Bet almost over  02/23DEZ102/24jrbdmb
3t DRIP vs dollar cost average the dividends or buy a few days later  02/24Osp6202/24Osp62
7t Just started a Roth IRA w/ Vanguard  02/15dslk82002/24Taco Knight
3t "Beware the Pessimists!"  02/24gkaplan02/24garlandwhizzer
104t For people who think the market is going to crash, where along the continuum are we?  page: 2 302/21TomCat9602/24KlangFool
10t behavior and bogleheads wiki page on passively owning individual stocks  02/22printer02/24CyclingDuo
18p Household budget  18:55Incendiary07:47climber2020
6p New role inside the company - what would you choose?  23:52Rick Rock07:46carolinaman
481p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014techcrium07:46ravenecw
7p Gift Tax Question  02/14Vanguard Fan 1307:45Vanguard Fan 13
4p Best Way To Get British Airways Avios Points  13:59Leesbro6307:40Jags4186
5p tax calculators don't agree!  14:31nbseer07:34cheese_breath
2p Simplified Capital Gains Reporting  01:21*3!4!/5!07:10neurosphere
1p Turbo Tax and Form 1116  06:33SlowMovingInves06:46livesoft
15p Mortgage vs student loans  15:22dropflow106:22dropflow1
12p To Rent or Buy Townhouse  14:03Goodman6006:19Goodman60
21p Physician Disability Insurance  02/25Cali12305:51MrUnsure
11p Why not to do ROTH Conversion  18:57JoelAlbert05:32Carl53
107p BH thoughts on Time shares  page: 2 302/22dodgersummer04:54lazydavid
48p Credit card: Cash versus Flight Miles  02/23LowER04:482stepsbehind
34p Tracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 40  02/18Just_For_Jenna02:22sawhorse
6p taxes - Short vs Long on Sched D Part III  18:26ps56k01:24FiveK
21p Deciding how much house to get  02/25SpartanBull01:16Clever_Username
5p Advice for expected windfall  13:21T-Wrench00:14daveydoo
23p Protecting Aging Parrents - Advice Please  02/25DVMResident23:40DVMResident
1p Tips for handling uncertainty by Bill McNabb  02/21arcticpineapple23:26nedsaid
7p Ending a special needs trust.  02/24Sugarb91423:24Afull
9p How to avoid paying penalty for getting too much of a refund?  16:55nimo95622:58FiveK
5p Thoughts on how much insurance to have, with little kids  17:44theeryman22:57theeryman
17p New Member Here, Looking for some suggestions  02/26Zephyrpilot22:57spammagnet
2p Any tips on searching for new auto and house insurance?  10:26Infomom222:49boglerdude
6p Prior year AGI doesn't match and I can't retrieve it??  11:15Tamarind22:47Katietsu
19p Wells Fargo Brokerage  2015hoops77722:39tobyjoe
0p Backdoor IRA recharacterization and conversion in different years  22:32fabagnale  
2p Tax breaks for 2016, by category totals  21:44Tamales22:09LadyGeek
2p 5498-SA - Help  21:53Tommy21:56Tommy
50p Check Your Beneficiaries!  page: 202/24obafgkm21:20obafgkm
12p "Tithing" money to your parents?  18:41pepperz21:13LadyGeek
4p Made a big tax mistake rolling 401k into a Roth IRA, do I have any options now or am I out of luck?  19:21gullit1821:09tdhg566
20p Real estate vs debt payments  02/21yo gabbapentin20:57FiveK
4p Selling rental at a loss  19:36ddurrett89620:29tdhg566
2p Scenario Mortgage vs Student loans vs. Retirement  17:20crazylightgirl20:26FiveK
26p Best way to get rid of lot of land?  01/23lazylarry20:01lazylarry
39p Debt Payoff Priorities - Insight Please  12/18jed200919:06jed2009
37p Delivering a Large Check  02/25dbc4718:44jbuzolich
5p Converting my 457 to an IRA  10:33Carefreeap18:44Carefreeap
13p Closed HSA but Reopen within 18 Months... Sufficient?  02/23I_Am_Not_A_Doct18:41Spirit Rider
2p Valuing Charitable Donations of books/comics  16:52SlowMovingInves18:38dumbbunny
31p Have Fidelity account- adding Vanguard 3 fund plan- stay at Fidel  08:12Jackson1218:37Jackson12
0p Refinance low student loan balance  18:03londonfog  
2p Montreal x 8 hrs  02/24arsenalfan17:32arsenalfan
6p 10 yr. term life policy for soon to be 57 yr old.  02/25afr17:24afr
2p turbotax K1 suspended deductions help  16:41Jcdoc10717:22Jcdoc107
2p Is it really necessary to save the Financial Statements  16:06luckybamboo17:10whodidntante
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