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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1614 new posts and replies over 250 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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10hThoughts on using safe-ish investments to buy S&P 500 on margin in December?16:08 whiteprius16:21 whiteprius
6hTom's First Post needing portfolio help21:11 Tomwoody16:21 new2bogle2
24hTaxable vs. Tax Deferred - not much difference?14:26 pepperz16:18 johne417
29hWHO IS RIGHT ME or SPOUSE15:28 tuffy722216:17 PugetSoundguy
17hHow to get some taxable income out of a 401k quickly10:19 tashina16:15 curmudgeon
15hOffice party secret santa, how to give the gift of investing?10:55 RDHlooking4FIRE16:08 DaftInvestor
6hYoung Investor: When to diversify09:44 Mr400meterdash16:07 Sandtrap
23hROTH IRA Holders: How Many Of You Max Your Contribution On January 1st?10:58 bluerafters16:01 bluerafters
6hSome General Investing Questions14:47 stroopwafel16:01 alex_686
1hHelp with mom's investment14:23 mlombar15:57 mega317
5hHelp - trying to find low cost advisers who will work with non U.S. residents13:53 ketchup15:53 TedSwippet
16hChanging cost basis on Noncoverd shares12/11 bobsmith15:51 senex
5hInvestment Account for yearly vacations11:40 NextMil15:49 Thesaints
6hI I have rollover IRA, do I need to make new traditional IRA for backdoor roth?00:50 boglechu15:46 pangea33
46hHow to allocate between 401k with expensive fees + Vangaurd09/12 cpan00b15:42 retiredjg
3hLooking ahead to 201810:47 Pilgrim21115:32 Thesaints
5hi401k that allows mega backdoor Roth IRA12/12 Hulk15:20 Spirit Rider
46hPlay money individual stocks, which ones?12/12 TheTimeLord15:19 dabears5496
16h~100k sole proprietor income. Better to take business deductions or contribute more to solo 401k?12/12 Derivative15:14 White Coat Inve
6hHelp w/ portfolio & w/ approximating stock market12/11 sighchological15:12 ruralavalon
110hWhat to do after losing $117k in stock market?12/12 Fountain8415:07 Dandy
10hHelp trying to simplify asset allocation to fit 3 fund portfolio12/12 gofarhaveacigar15:05 Duckie
4hCan non US citizen create corporation in US to invest in vanguard09/22 Neus15:02 InternationalMa
1hWhen is the deadline to set up and fund a solo 401k? roth solo 401k?13:42 Derivative14:48 kaudrey
3hWash Sale and IRAs12:49 charlieusa14:39 jhfenton
2hQuestion about change individual 401k custodian from Fidelity to TDA11:05 kchnew14:36 kchnew
0hMaxed out retirement accounts - next steps?14:32 ASa86 
0hseeking financial advice14:31 Gr819406 
31h1st draft of my portfolio to evaluation [feedback please] [Europe]11/12 Mrpacman14:25 BeBH65
4hMoving from a CFP to ?11:55 Mettaman14:17 Jack FFR1846
60hWhat's the case for including foreign developed & emerging markets with a 10-12 year outlook on retirement12/11 Ditchwitch14:15 Ditchwitch
1hBest HSA for buy-&-hold?14:02 TnGuy14:12 terran
9hPrepayment of Property Taxes with Escrow08:16 MuckB13:38 e5116
11hInvesting in Vanguard through TIAA-CREF18:12 anglophile13:38 CyclingDuo
0hEdward Jones Guided Solutions - Spouse is Employee13:36 buffalo88 
19hTax Gain Harvesting08:45 MichaelM13:29 Nowizard
9hAnyone own property used solely for Airbnb?06:26 J29513:24 Sandtrap
4hI-bonds in December12:16 hope2513:20 DaftInvestor
5hOpening HSA for wife12:46 eltron13:18 eltron
1hTransferring a 529 account opened in grandparent’s name12:44 Swimmer13:14 AnonJohn
11hTSP rollover to Vanguard IRA?12/06 PGary12:58 VictoriaF
30hEarly Retirement - Lump Sum vs. Annuity12/11 Bonch12:54 WoodSpinner
2h"Total US Market" with 2 Vanguard Funds in 401k11:36 Hiwatter12:19 Hiwatter
25hHow does the IRS know the value of my 401K at end of year for RMDs18:18 Lynette12:18 celia
4hbuying Vanguard VTI in my Etrade acct verses Vanguard?10:37 Shallowpockets11:31 Slacker
3hM1 Finance - now Free. Great way to rebalance10:00 Colleen10:53 Colleen
10hBoglehead Beginner12/11 lali10:39 ruralavalon
4hESPP: max out early in the year?23:05 MrJones10:35 MrJones
11hPortfolio review - rental properties10/01 z985210:18 Sandtrap
1hmega backdoor help needed09:54 henry00110:14 investor997
36hPakistan Real Estate?12/09 get_g0ing10:10 Valuethinker
8hQuantity of places to hold assets12/11 APD09:58 goingup
10hWhere to save cash over 5 years.21:15 get_g0ing09:53 mega317
13h401k Asset Allocations12/11 ACJC09:45 ACJC
23hWhere do I put 50k I don't need?12/11 zz409:42 blastoff
6h1099 income - enough to open a solo 401k?12/11 drpepper09:28 JBTX
0hNeed Help with Trust Investments09:23 kw79383 
5hVanguard Variable Annuities / REITs06:54 Call_Me_Op09:22 Jeff Albertson
1hInternational taxation06:13 Mrpacman09:11 TedSwippet
4hI'm sure you've seen this.07:04 RadAudit08:55 renue74
0hIRAs in wrong bucket - how do I fix it?07:15 laurie70 
4hMultiple TOD beneficiaries for individual stock18:11 luke_airig06:55 student
2hRe-balance IRA Question - Need Help!21:18 nepatriots106:53 rkhusky
10hSell to lock in 0% cap gains?12/11 desafinado06:43 rkhusky
4hFor ETFs: Fidelity or Vanguard or others21:27 get_g0ing06:23 Jack FFR1846
3hLate Bloomer Baby Boomers12/12 Fan2305:19 CyclingDuo
65hDoes a Boglehead ever time the market?12/08 Indexer Matt02:30 Indexer Matt
9hAge 29, No Debt, 137,000+06/28 westeast01:31 westeast
5hInvestment Planning Advice12/12 bubbakc1723:15 venkman
8hTax questions about moving taxable to lower ER options12/08 stw23:14 Peter Foley
41hPortfolio advice: Total market vs Larry Portfolio12/10 danielc22:17 danielc
71hRetire in my early 40s? Crazy or actually doable?12/08 yarnandthread21:44 yarnandthread
2hShift bonds from IRA to 529?12/12 Ultralight Hike21:42 Spirit Rider
4hPortfolio Overview Guidance11/26 Tater29er21:18 kerplunk
3hLiquidating Taxable Account to Fund Roth IRA?12/12 CryingHawaiian21:15 Jerry55
1hFidelity in-service rollover out of an employer plan20:04 zeugmite20:53 Alan S.
9hTake Two: Need Advice on the next 30 years12/11 stroopwafel20:49 stroopwafel
16hWindfall advise for my parents12/09 certifiedfordte20:40 HIinvestor
6hHedging RSUs12/12 ge120:27 ge1
18hSmall Business Retirement Options12/05 uclalien20:21 ralph124cf
2h529 for Niece/Nephew16:25 GridironGems19:32 GridironGems
4hQuestion about Beneficiary IRA & Investing?12/11 WillingtoLearn818:42 mhalley
4hhow to glean ETF information12/12 Remainderman18:24 pkcrafter
5hNew Roth IRA contributor needing help12/11 Apollo_Ken17:31 David Jay
8hOne rollover per 12 months or calendar year per IRS rules?12/12 Ditchwitch17:22 Ditchwitch
13hCD Ladder?06/20 diyinvestor17:20 J295
2hWhich 529K12/12 abhinav2316:37 rkhusky
6hRoth IRA-Vanguard12/12 togajord4016:25 rkhusky
178tJack Bogle Says ‘Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague’11/28 TheTimeLord16:20 Thesaints
11tJim Simons Medalion fund averages 71.8% annual return09:40 jthokie416:19 HomerJ
47tVanguard year end distributions - updated estimates12/08 boglesmind15:57 Thesaints
17tBuying Real Silver and Gold (Not Bitcoin)10:52 grayfox15:57 technovelist
28tVanguard will use blockchain to share index data03:44 Barry Barnitz15:44 Thesaints
117tVanguard's new security key option2016 pragmatist15:38 Finridge
50tVanguard Security Keys12/10 mptfan15:35 TomatoTomahto
5tShould I get out of New York Long Term Tax Exempt (Munis) ?13:57 JimmyJammy15:03 jhfenton
14tTilting sectors, regions and countries? Which ones.12/12 TheTimeLord14:57 asif408
28tWhy not own every stock sector & rebalance?2016 new2bogle214:44 nisiprius
4tAccelerating deductions into 201711:56 jon-nyc14:23 Wagnerjb
1tM1 Finance is Free10:53 michael1114:19 William55
2t"Vectors"19:44 Taylor Larimore14:01 bberris
61tWhat is total return vs. dividend investing?2015 Miriam213:57 snarlyjack
115tWhat are your thoughts on the "Golden Butterfly" portfolio?2016 PecuniaryPeccar13:42 grog
6tVanguard Government Index Funds Benchmark Change - Update11/15 Doc13:13 triceratop
66tAutomated Market Timing12/10 Veiled13:07 magneto
666tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:54 packerguy
101tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox12:37 arsenalfan
4tRoger Ibbotson and ZebraEdge Annuity12/11 Leesbro6311:41 1210sda
76tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio12/21 azanon11:33 dabears5496
5tVanguard vs Fidelity -- views on Target Date funds03:09 danielc11:28 KSActuary
18tLarry Swedroe: Don’t Write Off Value12/11 Random Walker11:18 Earl Lemongrab
4tIs Nationwide a good company?08:30 dodgersummer10:29 Nate79
34tVanguard Investment Advice12/08 bertilak10:15 drzzzzz
1927tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore10:06 UpperNwGuy
27tHedge Market Risk By Short Selling Index ETF Or Selling Index Futures?11/29 Park09:35 alex_686
41tAny of you trade just a little as a hobby?11/18 Ron Scott08:32 Da5id
34tSmall cap value vs. total market?12/11 overthought08:14 deltaneutral83
4tHow Will Indexers Affect A Downturn---or the functioning of the market in the long-run?07:45 Rus In Urbe08:08 Rus In Urbe
2tBest High Risk/Growth Options for Taxable Account00:39 csm1401:46 Noobvestor
5twhen rolling over ira to 401k, do you try to track how the old funds grew?22:28 boglechu01:04 barelybarefoot
4tVanguard Bond ETFs Attitude Toward Capital Gains Distributions20:31 learninginvesto00:07 triceratop
4tList of Equivalent Fidelity vs Vanguard Funds12/11 chambers13623:02 Dead Man Walkin
5tBackdoor process clarification17:18 amindu22:31 amindu
12tProsper12/10 GridironGems22:12 unclescrooge
9tVanguard VBMFX/VBTLX Bond Fund performance12/11 ps56k22:06 venkman
236tbitcoin - is there any real value here or is it a pure Ponzi scam?12/01 panchilly21:35 LadyGeek
89t"Vanguard fund shareholders encouraged to vote as proxy campaign gets under way."08/14 gkaplan21:25 LadyGeek
47tDoes any indicator not predict a 2000/2007'ish crash?12/12 whiteprius21:04 LadyGeek
8tCloud mining and holding bitcoin12/11 Lakeparty19:47 Veiled
50t30 yr tips yield: 1% to 0.83% over last 2 weeks!11/07 grok8718:26 jdb
152tGrok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation2011 grok8717:26 grok87
39tExpanding on The Rewards Of Multiple Asset Class Investing11/01 Random Walker16:38 Random Walker
25pHow much did you contribute to your 401k in 2017?14:45 miamivice16:20 thangngo
376pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak16:18 Broken Man 1999
184pPrepayment of SALT Taxes? [State and Local]12/04 jjj8816:05 msf
2pRealize capital gain vs Qualified Dividend with Loss Carryover12:22 mauwong16:04 mega317
6pQuicken Files Corrupting Often-Anyone else?12/12 virginiabirdie16:01 drwtsn32
3pDo I qualify for an HSA?15:38 nikfleisch15:56 Nate79
142pFidelity free Turbotax2016 Hayden15:50 MisterBill
8pHelp with ACA problem12/09 willybiggs15:47 munemaker
7pPutting a stop payment on credit card for broken TV14:57 salilsurendran15:33 nisiprius
3pAnnual Vanguard SIMPLE IRA Fees09:47 TylerS715:32 Spirit Rider
0pTerminating Medicare Part B15:14 Swansea 
14pThanks! We just let our VG PAS advisor go...12/05 malbecman15:14 malbecman
18pTeaching elementary school kids about money09:56 miamivice15:10 sport
65p2018 financial goals - what are yours?12/10 notmyhand14:56 new2bogle2
65pCan we afford to live on one income?12/10 Triple digit go14:55 JBTX
78pDone gone and did it [Retire]12/11 Earl Lemongrab14:27 vested1
1pFDIC, POD and account naming requirements14:12 tech12314:27 dm200
52pTaxAct and alternatives11/20 Da5id14:21 mikep
11pAlmost fell off my chair...09:55 PlayingLife14:16 Fallible
2pTaxes on Crypto Currency Short-Term Profit11:50 creditdefaultsw14:13 Nate79
2320pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy14:07 revert
0pCash back program to use for multi-location business14:03 newbie003 
7pCommercial property as part of your portfolio anyone?08/02 Nectarineman14:01 SittingOnTheFen
117pAlly Bank 1.25% 11 month with no EWP12/17 Rob5TCP13:55 J295
8ppay down mortgage or invest in taxable07:04 jessikaur13:46 WageSlave
0pA Decade of work and planning (by the #'s)13:43 clutchied 
4pRental properties, legal structure07:28 exit_r13:23 renue74
4pC Corp owner participation in solo 401(k) when wholly-owned subsidiaries have W-2 employees12/07 BrianJM13:23 BrianJM
54pShould I file taxes w/o her?12/07 zz413:11 DaftInvestor
1pbusiness use of a gift12:16 essmjay12:46 RudyS
25pConflicting goals, and limited income10/09 Slov12:23 Slov
32pState Farm Insurance, Time to Leave12/12 PFInterest12:14 talzara
1pLowering federal taxes with extra estimated state payment?12:03 Marylander112:07 mega317
19pSinking fund for dream cars09:13 rashad300011:59 Kenkat
2pMega Backdoor Roth - Earnings08:30 pancake1911:51 pancake19
11pExpenses, cash flow in retirement17:52 blmarsha12311:06 blmarsha123
1pEmployer File Paperwork10:23 Raabe3410:33 fizxman
7pMedicare coverage process for new and rare treatment12/12 curmudgeon10:25 InMyDreams
6pTrusts and asset protection12/12 FBN201409:41 FBN2014
11pTerm life insurance: fine print and credit ratings03/29 nyclon09:30 technovelist
31pyour inheritance for young kids2012 sunnyday09:10 Lieutenant.Colu
0panyone been able to connect Wells Fargo Mortgage to Go Blue 99 
1pSchedule C and foreign income07:27 in_reality08:57 vinnydabody
21pHDHP with HSA vs PPO breakeven point12/12 BogleAlltheWay08:49 BogleAlltheWay
10pSouth American bank interest rates question12/12 PJR20208:28 Valuethinker
0pVoice verification vulnerabilities07:38 TheGreyingDuke 
47p2018 FEHB HDHP Recommendations11/12 Kanefa07:17 UALflyer
1pChristine Benz: "Retirement Planning When There's an Age Gap"04/20 gkaplan07:02 JohnFiscal
89pQuit jobs to gain lower EFC [Expected Family Contribution]12/07 chipperd06:40 ncbill
10pHelping employer setup after-tax 401K contributions (mega backdoor): How do we allow employees to convert to Roth?04/11 nerdymarketer05:57 retiredjg
11p[How do I buy] Life Insurance2013 Biil McNeal05:25 Benton Bair
101pWhat are your big-picture ‘rules of life’ —financial or otherwise?12/10 lostinjersey05:13 oldcomputerguy
46pbest cashback credit card ?12/11 mk103905:00 snowox
8pFEHB and Medicare12/12 virginiabirdie04:54 motorcyclesarec
108pThe valet smashed my Tesla into a brick wall!11/19 Archimedes04:47 TomatoTomahto
15pGap Year, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence - Questioning My Sanity12/10 2Birds1Stone23:55 TravelGeek
39pNew Military Blended Retirement System starting in 20182016 servusdei23:50 sergeant
34pH&R Block 2017 Tax Software $9.95 , State $14.9512/09 TVBogle22:33 Whakamole
43pBest solution for digitizing documents?12/05 ermcgrat21:35 GuyInFL
4pNew job - possible to keep my 2017 bonus?20:00 PlayingLife21:09 techrover
54pYear end review with less nerdy spouse12/11 mancich19:55 J295
63pWhat did you do with your first RMD withdrawal money?12/07 bighatnohorse19:44 plumberboy
57pIs TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?2015 Morse Code19:03 jalbert
4pLong Term Care insurance - transfer from annuity IRS 1035 exchange12/12 ps56k18:28 LadyGeek
15pPre-Pay Property Taxes in 2017?12/05 FootballFan554817:58 Smilodon
9p403b: has required employee contribution, and an optional %; both are matched; what counts toward the $18,000 limit?12/12 mariezzz17:12 Spirit Rider
14pParking Lot Dent: Pay myself or submit claim12/11 lawman396617:07 talzara
3pRelo Expenses Tax Question for remote12/11 RetireSomeday516:45 earlyout
4pTime to move to a different company?12/09 sunny_socal16:43 limeyx
60lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte22:51 delconte
13cTo buy or not in the SF Bay Area (yes another one)11:38 Lynx31065016:19 Thesaints
25cCheap tablet just for internet surfing12/12 BashDash16:16 mega317
16cNew Quad9 DNS Service Makes the Internet Safer and More Private12/11 Electron15:57 drwtsn32
16cDownsizing - How much to invest in a house before selling?09:00 SoDakJeff15:47 Tal-
246cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo15:46 bbrock
36cConcert Decision and Advice12/12 roamin survivor15:45 SEAworld9
8cSams Club self checkout14:19 Conch5515:40 LadyGeek
173cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan15:39 afan
320cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds15:39 TomatoTomahto
106cSnow Tires? Worth it?12/11 jkushne115:39 William4u
3cTurning lemons to lemonade ... or ... how to profit from a traffic ticket!10:17 an_asker15:14 JBTX
147cNew vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?2014 bbrock15:04 bbrock
29cAccess to landlocked timber blocked by landowner12/12 Devil's Advocat15:03 Devil's Advocat
8c2015 and newer Suburban/Yukon XL Owners16:42 WalterMitty14:59 MrNewEngland
64cDad Needs Help Buying Wedding Liquor12/05 TLC195714:56 Artful Dodger
120cTraveling to Italy - 3 weeks in 2017, advice appreciated2016 giesen514:21 giesen5
16cHow to deal with Micro-manager11:31 raamakoti14:09 LiveSimple
21cNovel Gift Ideas for Adult Siblings08:28 Alf 10114:04 mak1277
23cprudent buying a refurbished laptop?12/12 heartwood13:50 SittingOnTheFen
44cMy Costco/TrueCar auto shopping experience07/18 CULater13:40 smackboy1
10cPrices paid for 2018 Honda Odyssey EX-L21:23 6441513:36 Alexa9
0cFor limited time add members for free on AAA12:39 artibug 
12cHomeowner's Insurance - How Do You Evaluate?10:05 fishmonger11:49 Rupert
11cBest albums of 201711/14 buckeye798311:40 DaftInvestor
38cNYC restaurant suggestion12/12 BashDash11:29 BashDash
1cPlease Recommend a Slideshow Program for Windows 710:57 J29511:19 bob60014
199cThat Extravagant Thing You Do2009 cinghiale11:18 praxis
5cNitrate-N level in well 16 mg/l vs EPA limit 10 mg/l22:36 gypsyman11:16 Mudpuppy
4cUPS, FedEx, etc. delivery to Post Office09:13 dm20010:28 dm200
52cAncestry / 23andMe12/11 GridironGems09:51 michaeljc70
31cPurchasing Airline Tickets12/12 Bigfish09:16 mmarreco
210c[Prevent mail theft; sign for USPS Informed Delivery]08/15 catdude09:03 Doom&Gloom
11cMicrowave - Reliable built-in with vent?12/12 linenfort08:31 ncbill
5cAndroid keyboards12/12 squirm08:04 squirm
41cEspresso Machine suggestions?12/09 TarHeel200207:31 smackboy1
33cKerosene Heater (for power-out emergencies)12/11 Small Law Survi05:53 Valuethinker
32cPaying contractors for incomplete work12/09 jwblue00:14 Mudpuppy
16cHow easy is it to minimize tax liability yourself without a CPA/accountant?12/11 Derivative22:12 markfaix
3124cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:29 htdrag11
16cProgressive Insurance12/11 Mndiver20:54 tj
44cLinux based laptop or just a Windows based laptop formatted?12/08 bogleviewer20:51 azurekep
24cElectric Bicycles01/23 victorb20:50 tj
28cdetergent without non-recyclable packaging?12/10 mouses20:11 telemark
24cNBA Tickets12/12 J29519:45 nyclon
17cWhere might be car security system "secret" button?12/11 dm20018:47 dm200
253cUSAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card2016 SurferLife18:46 revert
20cHome Security Camera: Post a Warning Sign or Not?12/09 Cruise18:34 wander
8cSpace Heater Thermostat Temp-based or just Duty Cycle12/11 lawman396618:32 lawman3966

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