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10h Variable Annuities for 62 Y/O  20:55boglebob300004:43The Wizard
22h Cancer at 38. Going from high income to no income. Need help generating income from $5m portfolio  07:48ZbnkInvestor04:33ZbnkInvestor
7h Tax advantaged [pension] plan advantageous in Belgium?  06/11BeBH6504:28ignition
3h Holding VTSAX / S&P 500 fund exclusively  01:27WanderingDoc04:06McGilicutty
15h Portfolio options when relocation to home country India is possible in distant future  08/13binvesting03:51TedSwippet
107h Bitcoin  page: 2 308/13Malinois00002:57Valuethinker
4h Questions?? Need progress with AA  14:15tyjy02:38Fishing50
6h € 20,000-portfolio-idea - reasonable or not?  08/15dillastarr02:32in_reality
9h Looking for advise on Roth IRA [impact of contributing when ineligible]  10:32sbj198102:16celia
10h Rollover Fees with bad 401K  13:39nickjoy01:08mhalley
74h please I overextended - first home  page: 208/15jezo01:06junior
5h How am I doing?  20:19tmslcs5250100:49JBTX
34h California - clarification on taxes  08/16JustinR00:35Slacker
1h Startup Investing from IRA Accounts (e.g. Roth)  17:45boglebob300000:04FiveK
3h Edward Jones to Vanguard Transfer  17:36alred1300:02mega317
2h Rebalancing portfolio  19:45ratpacker0523:57mega317
12h Taking over from financial advisor - help getting off the ground  08/15EPdoc23:31Finance-MD
39h Munis at Fidelity: FTABX or VTEB?  07/31Cash22:25.David.
22h TSP Loan vs Credit union Loan  08/15DaddyTheInvesto22:09grabiner
5h Novice needing help  08/15skhalil22:03Watty
4h RMDs  08:46diyinvestor21:40Watty
3h Tax question about selling my house  11:56MrNewEngland21:35Watty
5h ETFs for Roth account?  08/15nikon123421:26nikon1234
2h Investment Vehicle to Help Stay on Track  20:02Sammy122421:26Watty
17h Help with Next Steps: How to manage investing with various goals  07/05Grahamhead21:20patrick013
6h Portfolio Review Request  15:4021801776520:52218017765
16h Which Audible book for Mom to convince her to get away from Raymond James  08/14cashmoney20:45onthecusp
24h Core position in Fidelity  08/12max38420:38bh
11h A plan that might work for two goals?  08/06elb120:31clip651
7h Help with doubt about heritage with assets in the whole world in a Interactive Brokers IB account  08/12frombrazil2worl20:31frombrazil2worl
6h a simple world wide portfolio  17:21selftalk20:17triceratop
6h A modified VTSAX  10:51Justalearner20:15jhfenton
52h REIT  page: 208/13le242420:04need403bhelp
31h 30,000 in Checking Account  08/14GridironGems19:55SimplicityNow
6h Grade My Work in Progress  15:42SimplepathtoBog19:52SimplepathtoBog
2h Newbie to investing  18:10MagicalFro19:49FiveK
22h Municipal Funds in a Traditional IRA?  08/09aramv19:47The Wizard
14h New investor/poster seeking affirmation  08/15TN Bogle19:47retiredjg
20h Buy + hold to avoid being priced out in the Bay Area?  08/15thewompity19:16itstoomuch
7h Does it work to avoid the $49.95 transaction fee?  05/24itworks19:12chevca
12h Backdoor Roth IRA  08/11Rayd8tr19:07Bacchus01
3h NEW at investing, looking for advice (35K)  12:45Berkeley81818:47Fallible
4h Emergin market bond fund in taxable  14:25hammockman18:47TropikThunder
14h Help with Taxable Account Allocation of Individual Funds vs Target Date Fund  11:26kilkoyne18:47retiredjg
4h Exit Strategy from Northwest Mutual Advisor  15:52HosedByNWM18:43ofckrupke
8h LifeStrategy for all taxable  16:22elb117:39TravelforFun
1h Transferring ROTH from AF (through NMIS) to a low-ER broker  12:28bsigmund9017:18mhalley
20h Do you manage your asset allocation like a Target Fund?  08/14rgs9217:16ruralavalon
2h Bond Home Bias vs whatever else  08/15martinlarosa17:11bigred77
12h CD vs car-loan payment  08/13MotoTrojan16:47MotoTrojan
12h Inherited Bond - Should I sell?  08/15bogle201316:45BarbK
4h Portfolio Review  08/14hercules06216:41Duckie
2h Future TSP Investing Strategy  12:32BigDaddyRich15:48jbolden1517
6h Unitized ESOP Fund in Company 401k Eligible for NUA?  08/14aciaitf15:26LadyGeek
3h S&P 500  08:43looking15:06CABob
14h Vanguard Portfolio for 24 year old  08/14legendor14:52SheReadsHere719
19h bitcoin makes you rich  08:00looking12:44book lover
9h S&P 500 vs Approximate TSM in 401k  08/14Yzf12:21petulant
8h Which International Fund is Best  08/15benign_user12:21dratkinson
16h Portfolio Review For A Late Starter  08/15zimrod12:20Engineer250
8h Exchange Between Funds Taxable IRA Vanguard Capital Gains  10:30kilkoyne12:17prudent
14h HGTV beach front bargain hunter  08:22looking12:13prudent
5h Midyear LLC/SCorp formation and 401k/IRA  08/14abstractionjack12:10abstractionjack
3h Should I sell and reinvest Roth IRA funds in SEP-IRA?  08/15bossballer4112:02FiveK
2h Did I create a taxable event?  11:48kylevet11:54kylevet
10h Trying to Save and Invest more Efficiently  08/11vaught11:51bloom2708
17h DC 529 Plan vs other states'  08/09CrownVic11:48CrownVic
5h Portfolio Review and Advice  08/15All_About_Benji11:16EHEngineer
21h what % of international stock  08:11looking11:03sschoe2
6h 401K Fund Choice Guidance  08/15LEB123009:56ruralavalon
2h Question about Participant Fee Disclosure  08:57ChaseC8409:53ChaseC84
4h Is there anything I need to know before investing in an HSA?  07:58SRenaeP09:42SRenaeP
8h Portfolio needs a reality check  08/15Creature08:18Grt2bOutdoors
19h Converting existing potfolio to 3 funds - novice  07/14morpheus195808:06retiredjg
6h Victor Mcclure, Financial Advisor in the Dallas Area  08/15TravelforFun07:57Accrual
11h SINGLE FUND for retirement  08/13Blue755606:45saltz1979
8t Article: Investing "insurance" (puts) vs. balanced portfolio  08/13timmy04:12timmy
40t Study: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-2015  08/16Simplegift02:29triceratop
6t Fundrise - Accredited Investor REIT  2016cmublitz02:21AlohaJoe
18t Why do we (passive index investors) invest at market weight?  20:08need403bhelp01:55aegis965
112t The Mathematics of Retirement Investing  page: 2 308/11longinvest01:13North Texas Caj
64t Bill Sharpe's preferred portfolio  page: 201/09Quark00:53pascalwager
35t Dumb, basic question about market-cap weighted funds?  08/15DrCheap00:42pkcrafter
27t Larry Swedroe: World Isn't Flat-Invest Accordingly  10:43Random Walker23:55nedsaid
25t Got a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?  06/01Mel Lindauer23:46VictoriaF
6t Help with my understanding of bond funds & efficient market hypothesis  19:09need403bhelp23:01venkman
36t Q&A WITH JACK BOGLE - Got a Question for Jack?  06/01Mel Lindauer22:20Wind_Reaver
21t XIRR - Non-reinvested dividends  08/13JustinR22:12#Cruncher
38t What a Low Return Outlook Means for Your Retirement?  08/14matjen22:08iceport
4t International equity index has a significant amount of short-term holdings. Attain global cap weight?  18:44S17C22:01grabiner
17t Bond Fund in Taxable... ok for me?  12:17Hiwatter21:55willthrill81
159t Social Security for Millennials  page: 2 3 404/03Rainmaker4121:46willthrill81
101t New Dividends Appreciation data series - backtesting  page: 2 308/09siamond21:18siamond
20t Market timing alert !!  08/15prettybogle21:02prettybogle
11t 401(k)/403(b) Conversion to Roth IRA  08/15marklearnsbogle20:40Johnnie
13t Investing in a international stock overseas vs the ADR  2013jwblue19:46whodidntante
3t Roth IRA vs. Employer's Roth IRA  08/16heybro18:20Helo80
21t "Vanguard fund shareholders encouraged to vote as proxy campaign gets under way."  08/14gkaplan17:59palaheel
121t What we know about robo advisors  page: 2 307/15jbolden151717:37tj
28t Going passive is an active decision  08/16james2216:22delamer
11t Can Bogle's philosophy lead to alt 3-fund investment phobia, nihilism, decision paralysis, etc.  08/16MannyCPA12:20bigred77
19t what was the actual return of BND last year?  08/154nwestsaylng12:03garlandwhizzer
19t REITs a disappointment, yet still useful  08/15simplesauce10:43nedsaid
205t A time to EVALUATE your jitters  page: 2 3 4 52011nisiprius10:16nervousnovice
14t Spreadsheet for Tracking the Global Market Portfolio  08/13aj76er06:37retiredjg
15t Vanguards online fraud policy - remember username -iPhone App?  08/13Osp6206:01Osp62
38p ObamaCare 2018  08/10munemaker04:35wassabi
31p Anyone planning on never retiring?  19:33Muri04:30bondsr4me
35p Due to 8 Year Bull Market, Pay Off Rental Now?  08/13quietgrit03:55timmy
99p When does renting make sense  page: 208/07wannabogle02:15IMO
37p Donor advised fund at Vanguard or elsewhere?  08/09daveydoo01:52daveydoo
27p Reverse Mortgage Considerations  06/15dm20001:33mlebuf
25p How can I keep track of my monthly spendings?  11:08surfer94900:33Nate79
35p 27y/o w/ 150k debt buying 685k house  08/152012heel00:27sco
9p Change job -- what should I do with HSA?  15:05Gigihsu00:17JBTX
54p How does personal wealth affect job hunting?  page: 208/12KlangFool23:56investor997
111p Plan for making child pay for part of college  page: 2 308/14caseynshan23:00Doom&Gloom
103p How does one determine their "number" and what exactly does it mean?  page: 2 304/04GrayS2622:31The Wizard
2p Xmas bonus for Honorably discharged veterans  20:52Ron22:31Raymond
8p Help with mortgage rates-closing soon!  07:45omega20:42TropikThunder
23p Kitchen Remodel Price/Contractor Dispute  08/15dabretty20:07Dottie57
5p 30 Year @ 3.875  18:40raamakoti20:02TropikThunder
7p Any dentist here? Question about practice opening  08/15ascension20:00Grt2bOutdoors
11p trailer SUV combination for tyro  08/14reisner19:49reisner
6p Travelers Checks Question  07:02Green Nut18:52clown
23p Planning for my Wife - Introductory Post & First Question  08/09ForMyWife18:34mrsytf
23p Accountant liable for penalties?  08/14Ruger17:01NotWhoYouThink
5p Roth Conversion 5yr Holding Period?  14:48goingup16:50kaneohe
12p Model Home Purchase/Leaseback  08/12Thrift Shop16:18HoosierJim
31p Billing 99212 for rx refill?  08/14sawhorse15:57staythecourse
20p Progress, thanks, and seeking advice on 2nd careers  08/04JamesSFO15:40Jazztonight
3p Medical/insurance - one fee per visit or one per service?  07:42dm20013:17dm200
2p Incentive Stock Options, AMT and underpayment penalty  08/15beachball11:50beachball
47p How long to keep IRA records?  08/13RudyS11:22kaneohe
17p Life insurance policy on toddler  08/14jcavana110:53dratkinson
66p Expect to spend $2.6M on healthcare?  page: 208/13refinedchain10:37finite_differen
62p Experience selling car to Carmax?  page: 211/12dm20010:30jimb_fromATL
21p Rent Out or Sell My Condo...  08/13GingerU10:07chevca
10p Restricted SS Spousal benifit  07/22jwtietz10:02jwtietz
11p IRS Audit 2015 1099 MISC  08/15Jam_ica09:21tomd37
6p Costco Visa Travel Insurance  08/15mbres6008:06mbres60
15p How much coverage should I buy in an umbrella liability policy  08/15Don4608:00carolinaman
14p Tax on I-Bonds Transfer  08/15Steelersfan07:44Steelersfan
9p Family Tree Template?  08/15bestplans06:33likegarden
26p buying a rental property vs investing more in stocks  08/12vanpan06:09runner540
58l Metro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter  page: 22016vbonthu10:04SRenaeP
380f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82015Alex Frakt23:33Miriam2
103f Revealing Usernames  page: 2 32016retiredjg19:25randomizer
22c Credit score dropped 100 points overnight  17:36rocket35404:53denovo
45c What kind of hotel do you get on business travel?  08/15miamivice04:48fillary
50c How useful is a home security system?  page: 208/14flyingaway04:44fillary
45c Where to buy glasses for eclipse viewing ?  08/13bpr04:42fillary
16c Wanting to learn how to play Bridge  08/09bliksem5504:36fillary
53c Do you plan to ditch your laptop in travel soon?  page: 208/09flyingaway04:36fillary
34c Bogleheads like PC Gaming?  2016JustJim04:24fillary
96c LED light bulbs  page: 208/02ediekrager03:00Valuethinker
514c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112012reggiesimpson02:03gkaplan
117c Is $9000 too much for a sectional sofa ?  page: 2 308/15JBTX01:40rgs92
6c Best place to find jobs and how to know the pay/benefits before applying?  17:47Derivative01:07JBTX
13c Should I put other jobs on my resume?  17:06Derivative00:44Bfwolf
12c Anyone have a personal chef?  19:39ThankYouJack23:16mega317
5c Best Garment Bag for flights  21:27jpa23:07mega317
76c Postal Service -- "informed delivery"  page: 208/15catdude22:34TravelGeek
34c I cut the cord a couple years back but think I'm going back to cable  04/04tony541222:22tj
56c Best Housing To Avoid Noise  page: 208/14heybro22:19srt7
4c Intellectual Life - Habits of Mind  08/11kayanco21:58kayanco
6c Home Addition-Managing Payouts to Contractor  08/15davebo21:57davebo
32c Backup of Sensitive Information  08/12AAA21:15weltschmerz
133c How far would you travel to see The Eclipse?  page: 2 308/11weltschmerz21:11GerryL
45c What home task(s) are worth learning to do yourself?  08/12LandOLakes20:51JBTX
123c Replace car battery after X years or wait till it dies?  page: 2 309/26fsrph20:50weltschmerz
4c ABS light, and OBD II scanners.....  15:01Broken Man 199919:49Katietsu
12c Lightning strikes nearby locking up my new smart thermostat  08/14MikeZ19:34Almost there
70c Toyota Camry Repair Priorities  page: 208/09angelescrest19:15Almost there
2521c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 512014Alex Frakt19:04bertilak
7c Paying directly for damage caused to someone else's car  16:39Muri17:55Muri
65c Free Reading  page: 207/27Earl Lemongrab17:38Will do good
2854c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 582014abuss36817:04Elsebet
16c Car Rental on Current Car Insurance Policy?  08/14schutzk2116:51wrongfunds
10c If you received robocalls from cruise lines  09:53littlebird16:38sbaywriter
61c Retired Boglehead obsession with money- devil's advocate  page: 208/14protagonist16:17bertilak
8c Why/how can Android web browsers stall the whole OS?  08/15nisiprius15:47telemark
19c LED bulbs for enclosed fixtures  08/08Dead Man Walkin13:24FloRidaRocky
43c T-Mobile promotion for 55+  08/08student13:08HIinvestor
0c USPS, Remote Mailbox Alert  12:56dratkinson  
3c ATT wireless  08:32looking12:01monkey_business
23c Big family, small house dilemma -- kid bedrooms in basement?  08/11WaffleCone10:24jdb
41c Your Movie Collection?  08/12Alexa908:22takeshi
11c Hail protection for new car?  08/13CULater07:58neilpilot
220c Buying house - Very important decision  page: 2 3 4 506/28prettybogle06:09VegasBH
2c Bicycle Cover  08/15Bigfish05:12inbox788

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