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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1707 new posts and replies over 253 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
46hWill REIT funds ever see another drawdown like 2008?01/24 NumeroUno05:45 hightower
10h<gulp> Expensive mistake20:37 Kristen05:43 oldcomputerguy
1hAsset Allocation21:40 jdsnee05:33 nps
10hBrother Inheriting a Business - Investment Help Appreciated!02/19 Travis105:04 Travis1
2hThe Age Old Question: Invest or Pay Down Student Loans01:21 windycityheat05:00 Compound
13hWhere to put 6 months of living expenses(emergency fund) ?02/20 Jim Mac04:59 B. Wellington
45hHow do I unwind this Wealthfront mess?13:42 nasrullah04:56 Tamarind
5hRoth IRA and Roth 401k contributions....02/20 Norsky1904:49 Norsky19
3hEmployer Sponsored 401K Fund Question16:30 mwong178204:38 TwstdSista
25hThree Fund Portfolio Excluding TSP?02/13 RamblinDoc03:52 Savio
1hInherited tIRA all in HAINX01:38 Sylliec02:42 Spirit Rider
1hAnyone else having issues with The Newport Group regarding their 403(b)02/02 VINNY01:00 duuuuuude
44hWhat do Bogleheads think of Passive income through Dividend Stocks02/19 Derivative00:49 jalbert
2hWhole life->variable life or cash out23:36 AkwardDoct@rd00:45 noraz123
33hYikes, I waited too long, am I [too late]? 50k to invest19:57 ASplitSecond00:33 ASplitSecond
5hPriority of Investments in California?21:21 marinaplace00:32 marinaplace
5hThinking about selling GE to invest in an index fund18:17 akushner2300:18 inbox788
21hHow big is the 'Madoff risk' -- All of your money at one advisor?02/19 vtBob00:10 Minty
18hMuni Bond market02/18 DanL23:57 ogd
30hBond fund in a ROTH11/16 jtelwood23:39 jtelwood
9hMarried Filing Separately - Recharacterize Roth IRA to nondeductible Traditional and then convert to Roth?02/06 buckeyes23:38 TropikThunder
7hTax Penalty on Roth IRA19:08 prince22:19 aristotelian
8hEuropean Expat – seeking feedback on Portfolio allocation02/18 justdoitetf22:19 justdoitetf
2hVFINX vs VTSMX for Roth IRA/Taxable account17:20 msmth21822:15 mega317
26hSwitching Total Domestic/Large Cap to Small/Mid Cap in Tax-Advantaged Accounts for TLH02/17 rhodnius21:52 gostars
14hSolo 401k Question02/18 idoc521:50 idoc5
17hCreating My Index Portfolio02/19 ddhamilt21:40 ddhamilt
41hROTH Ira for kids01/26 newbie00321:29 StealthRabbit
19hCurrent Vanguard password practices?11:29 ribonucleic21:27 echidna
7hHelp with similar bond ETFs: AGG, BND, SPAB02/16 livesoft21:11 SlowMovingInves
24hTax loss harvesting and whether robo-investor fees are worth it02/13 bert0920:49 jacoavlu
13hConsidering a change in asset allocation; tell me if I'm approaching this the right way01/17 fefifofum20:19 3funder
11hAnybody use Personal Capital to advise them?12/06 petestan20:15 StlJohn
20hConvert to ETF (not at Vanguard)02/14 stlutz20:10 stlutz
41hpersonal capital09/05 bogleboyz20:04 StlJohn
6hHelp invest an extra $5,000 per month18:45 fgibbons9219:26 CurlyDave
15hHelp choosing 401k options02/11 chrisal2319:16 chrisal23
10hHigh ER funds with large cap gains - what to do ?02/19 curious george18:49 aristotelian
7hWithdrawable cash in brokerage account02/13 tymishu18:42 tymishu
16h403(b) RMDs while still working?02/16 FlyingMoose18:21 Alan S.
3hNeed Help with 401k - Getting back into Market13:43 JAD18:18 pkcrafter
39hI reduced my exposure to US stocks before the correction.02/18 Brian199518:00 zengolf2011
36hMessy Portfolio -- Please Help - TIA!02/01 dlong17:53 dlong
7hWhere to park 800K cash02/20 nesdog
8hWhat funds would you pick for 401k?13:37 orhkaf16:26 Mors
3hShould I sell bond Funds for Tax Losses?14:59 Max The Dog15:59 mega317
4hMega Backdoor Roth IRA & Backdoor Roth IRA02/19 CCD15:47 CCD
2hTLH in a 3-fund portfolio with the same funds in taxable and tax-advantaged11:29 gowest15:28 Jon H
1hQuestion regarding multiple rollovers and Roth/Brokerage provider choice02/19 HCarroll36215:03 HCarroll362
7hRecent retiree - where to invest today11:07 LGVILLANO15:01 MrPotatoHead
1hAny idea re W8 withholding for former USSR citizens13:37 retired recentl14:51 TedSwippet
2h457 versus taxable contributions02/19 whigrean14:44 LimeJello
4hSolo 401k - can I still contribute profit sharing for 2017?10:38 jacoavlu14:30 jacoavlu
8hFor munis: state specific or non-state specific funds best?02/19 sitout14:20 Clever_Username
6hNeed Help - Triggered Pro-Rata Rule on Roth IRA Conversion But Haven't Filed Yet02/17 Rustang Cobra14:20 Alan S.
12hTransferring from Financial Advisor02/19 bhinvirginia14:10 amateurnovice
15hJust finished reading "Bogleheads Guide To Investing" and ready to start asking 101 level questions :)02/16 hudsonriverjogg13:55 ruralavalon
1hMini-pension Rollover - Roth vs Traditional02/19 kinetic225513:55 soccerrules
12hTapping 401(k) Assets Prior to Age 59 1/202/19 willyd12313:54 TG2
6hAdvice request: Managing Mom's Money12:06 BobPickles13:28 BL
1hWealthfront vs Vanguard 3 or 4 Fund for taxable account11:07 jlyon12312:49 mhalley
3hCan I open a new individual (solo) 401k in this situation?02/17 ChinchillaWhipl12:49 ChinchillaWhipl
6hRollover form asking for "DTC#"2010 g200012:48 Texanbybirth
9hBonus contribution to 401k09:35 doon12:23 Random Poster
3h457b deferred comp proposal08:56 2044bound12:04 chevca
18hAdviser said I made a big mistake switching 403b to Aspire??02/19 uncle otto11:54 CyclingDuo
14hVAIPX/TIPS: To sell or not to sell02/19 Zigma11:49 mega317
6hHelp deciding on 401k options01/23 OmG Im late10:45 retiredjg
3hSame ETF trading in different stocks. What is the difference?05:58 Mrpacman09:20 BeBH65
4hAnother Solo 401k Question and Addtl. Q's02/19 hondohawk1108:02 hondohawk11
14hSwitching from TDAM to VG implications02/19 rbhgncmp06:42 lazyday
20hRollover a Pension into Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?02/17 Jakealope06:26 Jakealope
23tInteractive Brokers fee structure for passive investors02/19 mixinvest05:27 katon
22tWhy investors shouldn’t panic over falling bond prices02/17 BuyAndHoldOn05:20 JustinR
107tA Case for Higher Int'l Allocation? Larry Swedroe article on home bias02/14 JCE6604:13 chatbotte
19tHelp needed to choose Vanguard EU based ETFS02/16 mixinvest04:02 mixinvest
5tStatistic:Percent of people in LTC with a surviving spouse?07:59 Watty02:40 HIinvestor
2tVanguard Stock Quote Different?01:48 destin02:18 Epsilon Delta
100t30 yr tips auction 2/15: 1.0% yield?02/08 grok8701:39 fennewaldaj
33tStaying Motivated: How do you ward off hopelessness?08:09 JCE6601:07 mouses
45tWhich book for an 18 year old who is asking about investing?02/16 2kidsmom00:23 busdriver
16tComputing a Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) concisely02/05 siamond00:21 siamond
4tTelling Tales: Value, Size, Int'l, REITs (2017 update)02/15 siamond00:14 heyyou
50tSequence of returns risk while accumulating02/19 willthrill8123:57 randomguy
1247tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews23:41 grap0013
2tWhat's the impact of no more Roth recharacterization?22:48 tadamsmar23:30 celia
10tHow Warren Buffett Won His Multi-Million Dollar Long Bet07:51 danpmor23:20 madsinger
22tVanguard US Multifactor Funds Launch02/15 sunnywindy23:18 Angst
3tLong term experiment18:07 raisinsaregrape23:16 venkman
21tInvestment Risk Question - Interactive Brokers2016 SurferD23:03 Neus
108tLarry Swedroe: 4 Horsemen Of Your Portfolio02/07 Random Walker22:49 YDG
21tWhat seems to matter02/19 Robert T22:40 joeblow
80tWhat if you only live off dividends?02/13 getrichslowly22:06 NibbanaBanana
2tQuantitative value for portfolio risk?21:23 happysteward21:54 whodidntante
23tUnderstanding an ETF by it's Name02/19 destin21:36 alex_686
19twhy Vanguard short-term bond instead of CD11:25 RustyShacklefor21:33 alex_686
7tAnyone subscribe to Socrates ?14:52 over4520:50 triceratop
29tAnyone using Optum Bank for HSA?02/25 whitecliff20:19 abuss368
12tM1 Finance is Free12/13 michael1119:44 Driver
2069tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore19:29 Taylor Larimore
10t"The Effects of Social Security Benefits and RMDs on Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies"02/19 AlohaJoe19:02 trueblueky
0tsource for consolidated index trailing performance?18:04 grayparrot 
63tVanguard LifeStrategy Funds vs. Target Date Funds02/16 Windylotus18:02 burt
14tUsing cFiresim02/14 InvestInLife17:54 Finridge
7tDoes Non-deductible IRA make sense02/20 LostnUAE15:20 serbeer
113tRetirees: The common sense withdrawal method02/16 tennisplyr14:47 vested1
77tCan someone help me explain to my wife...?02/14 arcion14:23 Miriam2
6tHow do you go from midcap to large?02/19 destin14:04 jhfenton
7tAny reason for equities in tIRA, if there is space for Total Equity Allocation in Taxable and Roth Accounts02/18 OffGridder13:38 software
7tQuestion for those planning on using Vanguard Factor ETF08:02 JohnDindex12:38 JohnDindex
15tDynamic Allocation based on the Intelligent Investor02/18 CFK12:31 magneto
61tHow many of you use the "4% rule" during retirement?02/14 22twain11:55 Just sayin...
128tphilosophicaleconomics predicts 4% real equity returns02/14 getrichslowly11:26 willthrill81
194tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox10:36 Jonathan
0tLarry Swedroe: Why Stock Price Anomalies Persist10:30 Random Walker 
5tCAPE 7 vs CAPE 1002/18 BuyAndHoldOn10:14 alex_686
12tJ. Montier: US equity market is obscenely overvalued02/20 InvestInPasta09:09 Teague
4tCap Gain Tax Q 2018 tax year07:12 RetiredWithDeme09:05 RetiredWithDeme
34tChillin' in the BH Lounge02/16 weltschmerz08:11 Case59
1tExpected Returns: AQR’s Capital Market Assumptions 201806:29 lazyday07:15 harvestbook
1tBond Fund Interest as QDI?06:28 restingonmylaur06:43 jeffyscott
45tSavings Bond Wizard to be eliminated 5/1812/31 Dead Man Walkin06:35 HueyLD
13pNeed Help Understanding 2017 ACA Insurance Bill for $28,690 and tax liabilities? Confused? Help?22:42 Sandtrap03:47 madbrain
17pGiving up on first home20:47 boglerocks03:39 mortfree
39pNeed help - first major career choice (fed. gov.)02/02 kehyler03:18 Valuethinker
17pConsidering move to Tulsa, OK02/19 moneywise303:03 moneywise3
149pI'm Cancelling My Home Insurance02/16 TravelforFun03:01 Finridge
30pPaying off $372000 mortgage in 12 months02/18 broslami01:09 WanderingDoc
43pHelping Mom with Taxes02/14 Sandi_k00:32 Sandi_k
17pSafe to file taxes now?19:15 808surfboy00:15 jebmke
32pLong term care insurance02/19 losangchodren23:55 carruthers209
2pPart Time CA resident how to file taxes23:28 N10sive23:51 N10sive
1pCommercial Investing via 1031 Exchange or not21:21 Rajsx23:34 rick2427
18pHouse rewiring - cost of copper18:03 benevo23:19 suemarkp
12pInvesting vs student debt13:42 cheetos223:08 gostars
14pPublic Service Loan Forgiveness-Has it worked for anyone?02/18 Mispoken23:05 mariezzz
11pGeico- big increase Bodily injury liability, property damage liability (WA)02/18 mariezzz23:01 denovo
5pAdvice please: overpaid by previous employer, encountering incompetence when attempting to repay22:07 greenwood22:59 whodidntante
245pfree dinner investing seminar02/07 pkcrafter22:46 whodidntante
22pcondo rental and emotional support animals issues02/18 heartwood22:44 JGoneRiding
1pTax riddle (§ 121 Exclusion of gain from sale of principal residence)22:11 Charlie Brown22:32 MP123
6pRe-characterization Analysis -- Should I or Shouldn't I20:14 WoodSpinner22:21 Spedward for small business 401K?2016 fpricke122:15 gostars
3pCapital Gains for two states09:03 whigrean22:07 grabiner
10pAuto Ins. Drop Comprehensive and Collision?16:00 CokeSlurpee71122:05 scrabbler1
12pMarried Filing Separately - Roth IRA oops02/19 timboktoo22:01 JGoneRiding
8pSpending and saving - am I on it, or in for it?02/19 Ebenezer Scrood21:51 Tamarind
77pWhat's your cash position02/02 WhiteMaxima21:51 radiowave
5pSEPP 72t AND 5 Year Roth Conversion13:38 Catfish Plumber21:38 Alan S.
7pHorrible Experience with Ally New Account Opening Process19:41 dkg270721:29 Pajamas
4pMaximize our Social Security Benefits14:19 Lupine21:25 harmony
19pPaying off car loan good for credit?15:02 TheBogleWay21:22 TheBogleWay
15pCan I use Free H&R Block online to file my taxes if my taxable income is more than $99,999?02/18 jaypee21:18 jaypee
11pSocial Security Spousal Benefit04/03 Prudence21:07 TravelforFun
1pSales tax deduction - definition of "renovation"20:21 miamivice21:07 Pajamas
1pCOBRA and Form 1095-C20:38 SlowMovingInves20:47 bogle520
0pCan you transfer money with TransferWise directly to Vanguard?20:38 wesgreen 
8pNew to FSA and Planning a baby15:28 abhilash123420:27 jcchen
19pMint vs Personal Capital01/18 Ditchwitch20:24 StlJohn
23pUsing PersonalCapital, Mint, etc.... - and fraud concerns10/31 LarryAllen20:19 StlJohn
163pWhat has been your most important skill in achieving financial independence?02/17 sonofdelrinson20:03 srt7
17pHow would you proceed at age 29?02/19 millennial8919:41 millennial89
10pSocial Security vs Nest Egg Trade-off11:09 soccerrules19:32 smitcat
13pVanguard 1099-R for Brokerage Acct12:56 NewPhoneWhoDis19:13 Alan S.
6p529 Contributions15:58 uclalee18:22 uclalee
5pStock value for Roth conversion09:27 lstone1918:15 lstone19
49pLooking for some help and fast (buying vs renting, net worth)02/18 TheBogleWay18:08 Cycle
5pAny other 2017 tax benefits available for our child?02/18 PlayingLife17:30 mega317
73pNew Amazon Prime card, no annual fee, 5%(!) back on Amazon purchases2017 tampaite17:07 sabhen
0pHome Refinancing Advice - First Home Buyer16:40 richardHead 
27pPlease help me with Tax / form 8606 adjustment!2016 rootcache16:29 rootcache
0pAuti/Home Insurance with different Companies and Umbrella16:28 jimmyrules712 
39pCriteria used to make Roth Conversion decision02/02 Qmavam16:19 retiredjg
8pPayoff Mortgage Early?02/18 thumper1516:15 thumper15
5p2018 federal tax calculator10:37 duckcalldan16:15 FiveK
21pGoing electric: Books about the Nissan Leaf (first generation; 2011–2017)11/19 Tabulator16:12 Pdxnative
40pConnecticut is charging sales tax on out of state purchases02/16 pshonore16:03 LadyGeek
1pCyber theft insurance13:30 FBN201416:02 bloom2708
20pCut down on retirement savings to build emergency fund08:10 eg115:55 inbox788
34pVanguard as trustee2017 RandomPointer14:52 bsteiner
7pLife insurance question10:19 2044bound14:29 afan
3pWhich states are similar to NJ in the sense that they do not allow one to deduct contributions to 403b, 457, TSP, etc?02/19 InvisibleAeroba14:13 InvisibleAeroba
3pCash out WL policy13:35 deltaneutral8313:52 afan
12pWould umbrella policy protect from actions of litigious condo neighbor?02/19 Pretzel lover13:43 randomguy
4pGetting PMI removed - how do broker price opinions (BPOs) work?10:24 MnyGrl12:32 MnyGrl
10pSocial Security and late life marriage05:57 tuningfork11:58 HueyLD
37pSelling Timber02/17 stormswami11:46 Watty
16pFirst offer on a house...gut check02/19 Jags418611:38 bloom2708
7pKeeping state tax refund off of ACA MAGI02/19 curmudgeon10:47 curmudgeon
15pjob application that ask for salary requirement02/19 Nyc1003610:38 Andyrunner
41pMisc Income [how to report with no 1099]02/19 LeTooth09:47 harmony
18pOpening a taxable account in Vanguard Joint vs a Trust account01/20 rhodnius08:49 afan
4p2017 Expenses Review by Category and Budgeting for Kids02/19 jimmo08:27 veindoc
3pFSA Question06:53 Anon6408:19 BogleMelon
3pWithdrawls from Retirement Accounts02/19 dbp777707:19 cherijoh
115pHow to admit/should I admit alcohol problem to employer2014 TheDiddler06:55 chevca
26lAny interest in forming Local Chapter on Long Island NY?2010 explorall22:24 SimplicityNow
65l[Virtual online chapter - Master thread]2013 dandan1421:23 FiveK
15lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell19:53 kfspalding
4lSacramento Bogleheads ~ Meeting 10:30 AM Sat Sept. 10, 20162016 digarei16:20 digarei
16fBlank line doubling09:07 digarei23:24 Mudpuppy
47cSams Club vs Costco02/18 squirm05:39 michaeljc70
28cMultiple Offer situation/should we pull our offer?17:55 Jags418605:37 Bandit390
12cGifting to Parent who might need Medicaid Nursing Home02/19 stan105:36 michaeljc70
4cMental Accounting -- How to solve problem22:55 DC350905:34 spectec
116cWhat big item (>20k) are you saving up for?02/12 miamivice05:25 Txsman
50cMixing fuel octanes for cars02/16 stimulacra05:10 Dendritic Tree
17cTrade my BMW?20:04 ediekrager05:01 Swansea
41cCapital one 360 money market New $500 bonus01/19 petras5204:54 Dendritic Tree
7cfrustrated with patek philippe poor service15:11 cantos03:53 HongKonger
35cExpat Living01/23 skime01:47 HongKonger
60cPotential employer wants me to give offer - how to respond?02/04 noraz12301:41 BrandonBogle
424cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman00:41 HIinvestor
133cDo you wear a wedding band? [at a job interview]02/18 JBTX00:10 westcoast
151cWhat is the best home exercise equipment?2016 davidsorensen3200:00 4nwestsaylng
6cOTC supplements without huge bottles?21:51 Naismith23:39 daveydoo
97cSingle People and Retirement Question02/11 Limoncello40223:20 tibbitts
1cAny accountants?22:49 Dilbydog23:04 badbreath
28cTransition from house to apartment02/16 chabil22:34 MarvinK
5cCar rental in Lisbon02/19 Myopic squirrel22:31 bombcar
46c$12,000 Refrigerator? [Looking in $7k price range]02/17 dharma student22:01 MarvinK
5cScratch-removal products for cars12:12 azurekep21:16 azurekep
3349cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:08 Nicolas
14cLawn spraying09:15 indexfundfan20:50 indexfundfan
15cVanguard Golf Balls02/13 abuss36820:47 abuss368
21cGolf Bag02/19 whigrean20:26 Sandtrap
4cHughesNet Gen 514:01 Exafchick19:56 whodidntante
26cFed UP With Fed Ex2015 drawpoker19:24 GoldFinch
86cHonda vs. Toyota: Which has more bang for the buck?02/14 MnyGrl19:23 RRAAYY3
21cAlaska Cruise Suggestions02/20 jsapiandante19:14 rj49
34cSeeking Cruise Suggestions02/19 Barefootgirl18:56 rj49
80cBogleheads with $100K+ MSRP cars?02/18 HardHitter18:51 srt7
90cQuestion for music experts about musical keys02/13 azurekep18:27 Cheyenne
22cFurnace Setting for Vacation10:13 boater0717:54 jebmke
9cJersey shore vacation cost02/18 mancich16:32 mancich
16cPaying for expedited credit card replacements?12:05 z9116:24 michaeljc70
39cRepairing Stucco: A Case of Contractor Gouging02/16 Cyclesafe15:51 LadyGeek
18cPrice of home heating oil vs gasoline?09:03 dm20015:30 iamlucky13
38cGood brands for Kitchenware?02/16 kayanco14:16 kayanco
10cNew Seattle travel suggestions request02/20 Conch5514:14 Dolphin1
110cSuggest coffee maker please02/08 kayanco13:19 kayanco
69cWasher/Dryer longevity ?02/05 invst6513:01 random_walker_7
10c26 foot Box Truck Rental Questions (Tolls and Insurance)07:40 jb912:48 random_walker_7
3cIs this mold or foxing?02/20 sgilmarti8912:14 JBTX
1cSecure File-Share Service for Small NPO11:58 fishmonger12:05 bampf
76cShould I be paying $1300/yr. for under/uninsured motorist protection?02/15 Small Law Survi11:45 ncbill
21cEmail from IRS this morning- is my information compromised?02/19 IowaFarmWife10:44 Earl Lemongrab
46cSigned up for American Express - "Premium" car rental insurance02/16 dm20010:37 misterno
261cFor BHs who actually like cars - [what car do you drive every day?]02/03 OldSport10:34 ADower
5cBosch Dishwasher Recall11/04 cherijoh09:54 michaeljc70
20cSump Pump Running Every 8 Minutes?2014 davebo09:53 Epsilon Delta
2cImporting 1099 data into H&R Block if you use a password manager?02/19 F150HD09:13 JW-Retired
0cNew Age Money Laundering/Identity theft via Amazon07:57 Gadget 

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