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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1585 new posts and replies over 233 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
20hSmall cap tilt - value vs. growth03:01 radstar21:24 HEDGEFUNDIE
7hAggressive asset allocation08/16 milosz1921:20 UpperNwGuy
7hHedging the Brazilian Real (or an alternative?)19:26 tech12321:10 Coato
1hPortfolio Strategy Questions20:48 tweet73721:02 MotoTrojan
13hBetter Behavioural Finance Books?08/16 Expro21:01 Taylor Larimore
6hHelp needed:Correct way for 52901:41 darkhorse20:55 darkhorse
17hHelping elderly mother with her finances - 2 issues08/16 Stick5vw20:44 Nate79
15hToday I retired [should I invest in rental properties?]17:15 peacelove20:41 Taylor Larimore
63hElderly Relative Short on Money21:45 bajdygba120:40 Dottie57
5hAutomatic Investment in a Taxable Account17:40 Amy201720:27 MotoTrojan
3hleft advisor, overwhelmed15:40 finance-mess20:26 pkcrafter
26hConverting existing potfolio to 3 funds - novice [help with 401(k) choices]2017 morpheus195820:18 LadyGeek
18hMerrill Edge "Money Account" Question04/19 FootballFan554820:15 student
6h401k Advice08/16 div20:00 yatesd
18hHow Best to Utilize Permanent Life Insurance Upon Retirement08/16 delrinson19:57 David Jay
5h401k/403b Funds and Housing Advice15:23 deep19:43 Duckie
22hAnybody Investing with 'Betterment'?06/29 TravelforFun19:31 Blimpalot
3hMoving from Morgan Stanley- Schwab or Vanguard14:48 jsad19:25 HEDGEFUNDIE
3hClarification on multi-year Backdoor Roth12:11 tenkuky19:17 Duckie
31hHigh tax bracket - Go 100% Roth in tax advantaged?08/15 ALostCause219:05 JBTX
0hPlease look at my portfolio and give me advice [Norway]17:42 OkEmail 
6hRan out of space in Roth. Where should I put Small Cap Value fund now?08/16 joo2lo17:38 MotoTrojan
18hAdvisor Dumped, Now How to Best Simplify08/15 ElwoodBlues17:33 dratkinson
16h[How can I simplify rebalancing across multiple accounts?]08/11 RIMDBogle17:30 grabiner
1hRequest your help - new to self managed investments16:23 P&S Investi17:04 retiredjg
19hAdvantages of I-Bonds vs CD ?08/16 kaeltor17:00 Kevin M
9hFIRE within 5 years with high income?08/15 unstoppable16:57 Meg77
4hTLH options for international small cap value09:18 blackburnian16:57 grabiner
7hReplacing S&P 500 and Small/Mid Cap Fund with Total Stock Market13:44 SlowMovingInves16:45 SlowMovingInves
9hHSAs08/14 dachshund16:41 Spirit Rider
112hWho uses the 3 fund portfolio ?04/05 aaja16:28 rossaxr
22hTotal Stock and Total Bond Market(s) at Vanguard08/09 yousha16:27 UpperNwGuy
3htIRA bond fund(s)15:39 BeWyse15:54 BeWyse
7hPay for Deductible Education Expense with 529 Funds?08/16 beefey15:48 beefey
8hNeed basic advice on organizing portfolio08/15 PFM15:44 PFM
15hQuestion/Update on my Situation08/12 soazfree15:40 soazfree
9h403(b) investment choices07/29 cd893115:32 nwffdiver
62hWhy the Yale Endowment Hate?08/16 mbenoit11615:23 LadyGeek
21hFirst time investing(401k)08/15 Guacamole15:11 Guacamole
7hBonds or No Bonds09:21 leachim14:59 PFInterest
13hStable Value Funds vs Bond Fund08:18 LXEX5514:51 jhfenton
10hSpreadsheet Question08/16 CarlZ99314:46 nolesrule
9hAny tool to help predict net worth in N years?23:04 cuihang14:14 cuihang
12hTax loss harvesting international funds at Fidelity08/16 SillyRabbit13:52 Earl Lemongrab
5hPension Rollover to TIRA, does it affect backdoor ROTH?08/16 onyxlinkia13:48 Alan S.
2hEarly 30's - need help with investments and AA08/15 Pharm guy13:29 mega317
23hPoor HSA Investment Options08/09 mrrr080913:13 jhfenton
6hRMD question, having two IRA's06:38 f35phixer13:10 Alan S.
5hNeed advice on establishing Roth accounts07/21 Busdrvr12:52 Earl Lemongrab
4h"Share Class Change to certain Fidelity Index funds"11:42 10.06am12:39 John Laurens
8hPrime mm—> settlement fund for same day trade10:00 am12:39 whodidntante
3hWithdrawal rate and tax-adjusted asset allocation22:05 RetiredCSProf12:32 RetiredCSProf
49hHelp with rollover into IRA and future retirement plans08/01 NBKCF12:17 NBKCF
4hWhat are the cons of multi-family housing investments?08/16 fastrak9911:57 Johnsson
6hDCA investing or going into debt ?08/16 airelleofmusic11:45 Sasquatch
2hHow to safely build a new house [financial risk]07:05 InvestSlow11:35 stan1
1hInternational funds composition11:02 stocknoob411111:30 vineviz
10hMoving within Fidelity08/15 moneywise311:29 dcdowden
2hTax loss harvest int. Muni fund vanguard question10:04 am10:20 masteraleph
5hWithdraw money from Investments08/16 indexonlyplease10:16 indexonlyplease
15hStudent Loans or "special" Mortgage payments08/16 newDDS10:11 newDDS
2hInvestment review / help request00:00 DoranMartell10:09 DoranMartell
6hTaking stock of current financial state and way forward08/15 engineerAndPara09:55 mega317
5hDeferred Compensation 457b FICA and Medicare Taxes08:17 chambers13609:51 neurosphere
9hRemoved2016 acanthurus09:36 Investment101
7hOverwhelmed! Inherited Tax-Exempt Bonds/MM/Cash in Taxable Accounts08/15 Ilikesparklers09:25 not4me
1hPortfolio Health Check01:28 DadWhoSaves08:45 bloom2708
36hBuy back service time on pension08/10 Rogue108:45 iceport
8hChoosing a retirement plan08/15 jkrm08:05 jkrm
12hQuestion on Source of Roth Funding08/16 soazfree08:01 prudent
31hWhy bonds when they return nothing over inflation?08/14 andrew9999907:47 DaBombCat
7hTreasury Direct vs Vanguard for purchase08/16 jpohio07:42 MikeG62
12hIndex Fund Investing in Sweden, for Swede's08/15 SailingAway06:05 SailingAway
6hWhat is the best way to invest my fixed income allocation within my IRA?08/15 Richard158005:40 Richard1580
22hEnough. How do I invest in Australia.08/16 TomCat9604:24 buylowbuyhigh
11hDo we change our self-managed investments/brokerage today assuming we might become non-USA residents in future?08/15 srsnerdshack03:06 TedSwippet
3hVMMXX Tax Efficiency00:54 eschersenigma01:50 eschersenigma
25hBrokerage Account for Minor08/10 bgyt00:24 Iridium
6hAdvice on re-balancing efforts08/15 Blimpalot00:05 Blimpalot
4hRoth or Traditional 401k? + Roth IRA08/16 mford59223:11 BL
13hInheritance question - beneficiary is a spend thrift08/16 CrazyCatLady23:11 celia
10hAssistance with simplicity and asset allocation, in mid-20s08/14 bts041522:29 bts0415
2hInvesting fractional dollars in small (Vanguard) accounts08/16 limeyx21:51 limeyx
8hLaddering I bonds as emergency fund08/15 ztq74821:44 ztq748
485tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn21:27 willthrill81
43tVanguard Switch to Brokerage Accounts08/09 cowdogman21:25 Dude2
32tHow to Underperform the Market08/16 Cartographer21:23 Taylor Larimore
640tFidelity Files for two Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER total stock and total international mutual funds)08/01 jhfenton21:20 tj
15tMassive small cap tilt with low equity AA - anybody do this?08/12 AerialWombat21:19 AerialWombat
7tSchwab users- question on alerts11:14 chambers13621:14 G-Force
11tVanguard predicts 10 year equity returns14:11 miles monroe21:13 totesmagotes
1134tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab20:39 zeugmite
45tFidelity 401(k) millionaires hits record high08/16 JoMoney20:21 sc9182
3tMatter/Scatter part 8: Small-caps08/12 nisiprius20:17 bayview
15tHow do index funds affect stock valuations?08/14 Esq12320:14 arcticpineapple
178tWhat's your asset allocation and why?2016 freyj620:10 AerialWombat
12tWhat is the settlement time for T-bills held in a brokerage account?08/16 hotpancakes19:19 Doc
343tInvest in Tesla?03/28 BradJ18:35 financeperchanc
86tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c18:17 tj
20tVanguard REIT fund changes objective, name & index02/05 lorneabramson18:03 whodidntante
6tVanguard Total Bond vs Schwab Aggregate Bond: Moving in opposition08/15 AerialWombat16:45 AerialWombat
115t[New Vanguard website layout starting Saturday, August 11]08/11 am15:25 jebmke
23tIs President Jimmy Carter a Boglehead?13:27 Material Guy15:09 triceratop
204tVanguard to offer non-Vanguard ETFs commission-free07/02 Ever Ready13:54 jhfenton
15tFreedom Credit Union 30 Month 3.56%APY CD (Closed))08/12 pc9513:27 grkmec
112tVery confused with the current market06/17 capcase13:27 DesertDiva
0tInvesting in Opportunity Act13:27 psteinx 
23tNew CD Rates03/28 sport13:23 HopeForTheBest
2222tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:19 Psychopasta
204tLarry Swedroe: Valuations Too High?08/08 Random Walker12:55 FIREchief
1tAnyone know how to re-create Vanguard's “Fair-Value” CAPE Calculation?08/15 InvestorErik12:06 InvestorErik
12tLarry Swedroe: Betting Against Beta08/15 Random Walker11:53 iceport
6tHere's what has happened to value since FF 3-factor21:43 CULater11:14 vineviz
49tBullish/bearish on GE? Make your case here - new lows today08/15 tmcc10:46 nisiprius
8tWorkers on Corporate Boards - Principal-Agent Problem08/16 zmaqoptyxbglp10:45 triceratop
16tBeam 2-4% APY2017 BogleMelon10:40 WanderingDoc
0tS&P500 Global percentages10:36 oldcomputerguy 
15tUk investor: saving on inheritance tax by investing in AIM shares: good or bad idea?04:46 steve32107:37 Valuethinker
10tUS small cap ETF: MSCI US small, S&P600 or Russell 2000? (UK based investor)08/16 steve32106:59 Carlos Danger
11tMistake done [Europe - Have you ever regretted a trade that you made?]08/15 leachim05:20 steve321
17tThe Case for Multifactor Funds08/15 vineviz00:30 jalbert
8pSolo 401k vs Sep Ira vs unique solo401k08/15 jessikaur21:26 Spirit Rider
2pCost of Living between NYC and U.K.?20:54 nimo95621:20 nimo956
32pNon-owner contributing to home renovations: what's fair?08/16 Kryten21:18 Minty
61pTerminating an employee with company car08/15 renue7421:15 FIREchief
103pUsing ACA for early retirement years08/14 smithmmark21:14 Pigeye Brewster
5pHas anyone used Income Strategy website/software?01/02 busdriver21:08 danielm
1pIs this a good resource for SS or is there something better20:51 47Percent21:08 Taylor Larimore
49pSavings rate per month???08/16 Bhairston201821:08 Bogle_Bro
48pphysics/math major looking for programmer/analyst job?12:15 gips20:56 Dude2
17pHelping mother-in-law after her husbands passing15:55 clicobb20:46 delamer
7pCredit Score mysteriously dropped16:51 Determined20:37 Determined
14pContinue flood insurance after mortgage paid off?06:54 mlagrange20:33 HIinvestor
6pBudgeting for clothes, hobbies, etc...16:51 macandal20:32 Grt2bOutdoors
4pHelp with ACA Planning Resources?15:12 Stick_on_FIRE20:25 tfb
98pTake auto loan 0.9% if I can afford cash?08/15 markfaix20:24 Starfish
10pPay off personal loan at house closing?12:41 drealbmw20:11 drealbmw
20pPITI 20% to 30% lower than renting12:48 KlangFool20:07 randomguy
14pInheritance tax on UK assets owned by non-UK residents?08/14 riskless19:39 galeno
20pQuant / Financial Technology Job Opportunities / companies in New York City21:32 LiveSimple19:25 Valuethinker
14pMarriage Name Change Logistics08/16 Goal3319:24 Goal33
4pHelp with Vanguard Individual 401(k)10:57 ssean19:11 cowdogman
18pFinancially Wise to Help Adult Child Buy Larger House23:01 Calicocat19:10 Swimmer
3pTax efficiency of Inherited IRA withdrawals vs Roth Conversion10:26 gotlucky18:39 47Percent
10pNeed advice on where to keep safe money08/16 aquamarine18:39 aquamarine
5pRental home and paying off debt by refinancing primary home cash out08/16 Xrayman6918:33 bltn
7pOnline Banking - School Me14:20 ddurrett89618:25 radiowave
11pCheapest Home Insurance ?22:56 confusedinvesto17:51 confusedinvesto
22pComparing Boats to Autos08:19 fishmonger17:40 MrMayfound
61pTrust Investment Policy Statement08/09 FBN201417:37 FBN2014
2pHow to Treat "Negative" Basis in Nondeductible IRA14:54 Small Law Survi17:14 trueblueky
4pSell taxable to contribute to solo 401k nrats08/16 jessikaur16:57 jessikaur
6pMy Wife is going to do an independent contracting job-401k?11:07 TexMexIndex16:39 TexMexIndex
5pYoung family: Capital Allocation Question, Home vs. Investments12:54 derbogle16:34 -buzz-
9pDisability Insurance - Total vs Partial/Residual Disability08/16 CuriousTacos15:15 BruDude
5pOne more reason for Fidelity Visa13:00 47Percent15:14 munemaker
21pBraces: Keeping cost down and insurance questions.07/14 fortfun15:12 HereToLearn
26p401(k): Roth vs Non-Roth08/16 CrownVic14:39 KlangFool
6pCredit Card to Pay off Overpayment of Student Debt11:02 Clarice14:34 neurosphere
7pMaternity Leave and Open Enrollment - Insurance costs08/16 rasputin14:20 rasputin
35pBrokerage checking: Fidelity, Schwab, or Vanguard08/14 Elysium14:20 iamblessed
45pSeattle- mandatory affordable housing units affect single family home values?08/15 Jackson1213:54 dm200
30pNegative Insurance Discount with United Health Care and Sentara08/14 almostretired1913:47 dm200
33pAnyone sell their car to Carmax or Rexindex12:54 Blister
8pAnecdote: PMI Removed08/11 og15F112:30 LawEgr1
8pBuying car - help with closing the deal08/16 sman0912:04 Jack FFR1846
28pDo we really need to save 20 % ?07:31 Dude556812:04 Dude5568
17pFeedback requested on plan to lower income to qualify for ACA Subsidy08/16 Ron Ronnerson11:38 Ron Ronnerson
4pchange from 1099 to W2, how to calculate est quaterly tax07:32 artibug11:22 artibug
35pHelp with inheritance choice08/15 Newtothis11:04 NotWhoYouThink
3pHelp with catch-up contribs: make them? And where?09:44 Admiral11:01 David Jay
3pSelling notes from Treasury Direct account07:49 Olduvai10:32 HueyLD
1p[Military] Service Members Civil Relief Act2012 bigb09:55 pete1983
37pExperian email alert! "Your score decreased"08/12 racy09:47 willthrill81
2pCollision vs Uninsured Motorist Property Damage??09:41 720pete09:46 bottlecap
33pChase Sapphire Reserve travel insurance07/27 kanu09:43 fasteddie911
6pDeferred annuity inheritance08/16 Dave C.08:56 not4me
0pAre there professional trustees that charge by the hour?08:55 RatherBeFishing 
24pEstate Questions09/03 trustquestioner08:43 trustquestioner
83pHouse Value & Mortgage as a Percentage of Net Worth08/11 bligh07:54 jharkin
180p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest07:53 ObliviousInvest
27pInherited House Sale as Capital Loss08/16 PSM07:39 Gill
21pAre Roth conversions a no-brainer for me?08/16 catdude06:27 walkindude
10pWhat do you do with your interest from your ER fund?08/16 NextMil00:55 FunnelCakeBob
73pHousing affordability - what is your take?08/12 stocknoob411122:54 youdiditr2
6pWife turning 65. Need to enroll in medicare?08/16 dave105422:42 wanderer
16pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son21:42 e5116
479lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt11:46 chicagoan23
2lThank you!08:13 P@ssiveFTW09:48 bottlecap
343lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond08:35 siamond
9cInfo on Al-Farabi Kazakh National University16:57 ChinchillaWhipl21:23 ChinchillaWhipl
41cSign - Speed checked by Radar08/16 FB0121:23 bberris
24cBest (most practical, low cost) Luggage for Airline Travel14:58 Small Law Survi21:17 MJS
9cThe Fall of Consumer Reports19:49 windaar21:08 sc9182
14cSwitch to auto lease after retirement?17:53 dpm32120:55 denovo
349cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo20:53 Nate79
15cBest (cheapest) way to book a flight well in advance08/16 MittensMoney20:53 Watty
7coil pan threads stripped - pan saver okay?18:37 GuySmiley19:41 killjoy2012
29cTime for new phone, Buy or Lease?08/15 MNGopher19:17 stvyreb
26cTipping lawn service and trash pickup08/12 jehovasfitness18:45 cutehumor
25cWhat to do in Seattle around Christmas?23:00 cuihang18:37 Fletch
52cMen’s Underwear recommendation08/15 Rexindex18:29 likegarden
19cHow much did you pay to relocate laundry from basement to upstairs?08/16 daheld18:19 dia
16cReckless driving ticket in VA-Help!16:00 andyandyandy17:58 KlangFool
24cLock Suitcases on International Flight or Not?08/16 magazinewriter17:14 hmw
16cWorth seeing comedian live if already saw their Netflix special?08/11 jastevenson15:54 VictoriaF
13cFree Tire Change of Flat06:55 J29515:49 AAA
17cICE or a hybrid car10:21 Calico15:48 deikel
15cStains coming through white painted wood stair risers10/18 jimmo15:29 mrc
20cCar alarm '98 Camry ?08/16 dm20015:08 dm200
106cRetire in Florida or Alabama?08/13 Colorado2914:39 DanMahowny
13ceBay seller issue08/05 Carl5314:39 Nissanzx1
21cPop up tent camper08/12 CWRadio14:15 FoolStreet
46cQuote from Electrician08/16 maggabelle13:49 renue74
37cTravel delay: Can I *easily* get $60 back?08/15 VictoriaF13:04 BeneIRA
21cRental House Issue08/12 biscuit12:45 knpstr
22cTrip to Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan. Time to utilize a travel agent?08/15 ChinchillaWhipl12:37 sperry8
7cRecent Trip to Naples, Italy08/16 seychellois_lib12:27 Artful Dodger
46cCelebrating the day you retired08/16 bfizz12:24 cheese_breath
16cRequesting restitution from airline for delayed recovery baggage07/22 tenkuky12:18 tenkuky
10cReplacing the cartridge in a kitchen faucet08/03 jwblue11:43 Housedoc
45cMail order pharmacy08/16 tc10110:38 HueyLD
10cVerizon sending me two bills and I can't change my name with them08/14 Calico09:41 Calico
52cAdult piggy bank08/14 BWildt09:36 Pancakes-Eggs-B
90cAs an American, where are some great places in the world to retire?08/14 Colorado2909:36 protagonist
109cMinivan Vs SUV Experience08/03 samta0909:26 randomguy
31cDiscarding dead cell phone without purging my data08/15 gd09:19 Pancakes-Eggs-B
15cCostco penny install sale & road hazard terms08/16 susa09:09 indexfund56
20cBoglehead Birthday Gift for 50th B Day - Fine Spirits08/16 DelcoEE08:58 elcadarj
28cSump Pump Issues - What can I do, if anything?03/09 jimmo08:10 jimmo
10cMaster bathroom addition question08/16 BashDash07:40 stan1
16cSolutions for Printing from a Chromebook08/14 Finridge22:47 Gadget
3654cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:36 3wood

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