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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1531 new posts and replies over 209 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
35hVanguard glitching so Fidelity has a new customer09/22 texasdiver01:25 smectym
14hHow much 401k at age 3819:46 ps2me1101:24 finite_differen
32hPlease help my parents give away $3 million14:27 tpn01:02 celia
6hInvest $1k/mo or refi to 2.125% 15-yr mortgage17:59 justsomeguy201800:58 Monsterflockste
11hACA/Covered California, how to avoid Medi-Cal?13:17 Fractalleaf00:30 AQ
25hShould I add vbtlx and vtiax to my taxable brokerage?09/21 Lilybluerose00:02 dratkinson
7hAny reason to hold large group of stocks instead of index fund?21:21 rshocka23:36 retired@50
1hPossible Real Estate Portfolio In The Future22:48 MrF23:30 retired@50
26hHow does my retirement plan look?09/22 blackburnian23:17 Watty
6hDynasty vs T-CRUT for IRAs14:59 swedek22:21 swedek
10hMy rules to live my finances by...17:40 Raspberry-50322:13 forkhorn
31hPortfolio/Investing help please09/19 newinvesting20222:06 newinvesting202
6hHow to migrate away from my financial advisor and managed accounts?09/11 DarkShade22:00 typical.investo
27hAdvice for passing spouse08/07 divebums21:51 AnnetteLouisan
19hFidelity website down?19:52 nonemoreyears21:32 nonemoreyears
3hSolo 401k Restatement, New Solo 401k, or SEP IRA ?16:08 suddenwealth21:21 SuzBanyan
7hHelp for recently widowed mother09:43 Baseball3020:55 Baseball30
3hFIPDX Fidelity Inflation Protected Bond Index - What Am I Missing?18:39 jandres1220:11 zie
58hWhen did you start drawing profits from taxable?2018 NextMil19:53 RetiredCSProf
8hAs an employee What 401(k) Docs Should I be Familiar with?15:27 paulsalem19:23 HomeStretch
5hNeed some advice on where to put money earnt in last five years of working17:49 MrCheapo19:00 willthrill81
33h1.1M in cash, soon to be 1.5M - how do I get this working for me?09/20 delta517:20 delta5
61hAfter Tax Contributions / Mega Backdoor Roth - Etrade Solo 401k08/21 aray17:17 dublin
9hBond Fund12:29 Iowa_Hawkeyes16:39 000
4hNew investment options in 403(b)08:07 themagpie189216:37 dukeblue219
3hConsolidating Accounts15:55 3vader16:27 sycamore
2hTIAA Real Estate -- up unusually "sharply" last few days09/22 steve r15:53 teamDE
9hCan you still set-up and fund retirement account for 2020 if I filed for extension?13:32 tom1a15:44 Silk McCue
3h401K Restructuring Help09:07 lynninvests15:33 retiredjg
5htaxes VSCGX vs VWIAX13:30 joverby15:01 sycamore
41hVTI/VXUS split09/19 ilyaraz14:47 Northern Flicke
33hUSA vs International Allocation and Confidence09/22 One More Thing14:43 EddyB
13hCan I retire now?06:23 Jingles14:42 FlamePoint
17hPlease Help Me with TIPS/Treasuries09/20 Lee Timmer14:34 Northern Flicke
55h7M NW, suggestions mind shift and planning for next phase of life09/11 deemma14:29 daheld
16hHome Down Payment & Margin Borrowing09/22 InvestmentNewbe13:59 jarjarM
23hVanguard Mutual Funds to ETF09/21 skeptical113:29 nalor511
18hMaximum SEP-IRA Contribution for LLC + W-2 Earner09/22 azurik13:24 azurik
28hPlease help me choose my 401k funds.09/08 oneboglehead13:00 infotrader
19hFisher Investments--again2019 old-galoot12:41 pkcrafter
35hWant advice as a 19 year old investor.09/22 AsteriskMaximus12:19 vas
18hFor Fee Advisors09/13 m@ver1ck11:47 BogleFan510
33hNew Investor...Should I Just Wait?09/22 staynatural11:46 fatherjames
21hWhat's your strategy beyond FAANG ?09/21 sf_work11:43 Triple digit go
1hTax Lot/Covered & Non-Covered Shares questions09/22 JookieBrown11:13 retired@50
12hHoping for thoughts on our portfolio and life advice too!09/22 DDS8210:47 delamer
17hCan you have VTIAX in both taxable and Roth IRA?09/22 bend_and_bloom10:13 Leif
7hLegacy Portfolio VIT/VXUS or VT09/22 cat509:57 retired@50
29hTime to cash out?09/21 rarelyright08:10 ruralavalon
6hRoth Solo 401K09/22 Greengo07:58 exodusNH
107hMultiple years of expenses in cash when starting retirement04/13 2Scoops05:59 Beehave
15hEmergency fund in retirement?09/21 sgr00003:52 Chip
26tA Musing - Market Trends - Thoughts?10:02 jakehefty1701:52 SpideyIndexer
17915tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar00:35 000
61tLong term low returns predicted09/22 alex12371100:33 000
24309tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill23:49 vanbogle59
3tThe I Bond Manifesto22:51 Mel Lindauer23:44 smectym
123tNew Avantis ETFs06/23 brademac23:43 gtwhitegold
37tTreasury yields and inflation expectations are disconnected09/22 willthrill8123:28 Northern Flicke
12tAnother ibond question12:47 G2123:16 Mel Lindauer
6tHow much state tax defeats tax-gain harvesting?13:40 BrokerageZelda22:54 BrokerageZelda
87tIs anyone hedging against a US default?09/22 TJat22:41 softwaregeek
13tThe Vanguard Total Stock Market has a Realized capital loss of -$1.0709/22 iamblessed22:38 woof755
12tKitces guard rail approach to safe withdrawal09/22 Brianjp1822:33 mosilaby
541tWithdrawal rate for an early retirement11/17 nptit22:20 Brianjp18
4808tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas21:58 muffins14
89tTIPS -- "When the Numbers Lie"09/17 Taylor Larimore21:35 dcabler
9tThe Best Investing Psychology Interview I've Ever Heard09:13 whereskyle21:30 SantaClaraSurfe
17tWhy Roth conversions always pay off—if you can hold on long enough12:28 McQ21:30 SGM
6tWhy is there no Treasury Bill ETF?20:12 whereskyle21:07 000
4tDelta between VTI and VTSAX returns?19:28 greenway2321:06 TheDDC
8tWhat is safer? MM or Treasuries?09/22 March200920:27 nisiprius
264tVanguard Annuity Transition to Transamerica12/07 Broken Man 199920:16 smectym
221tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline19:22 bling
27tCan indexing be the opposite of DCA?09/21 an_asker19:16 an_asker
3180tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:06 student
58tMost people [Is TSM not the best choice for informed investors?]09/22 bertilak18:22 HomerJ
172tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado17:33 millennialmilli
16tIf I transfer $1M into vanguard, does that get any resource perks?09/22 artpennypacker17:02 Eagle33
13tIs there a high chance Bonds sell off next year?10:02 JimmyJammy16:01 scout1
3tThe impacts of tapering on TIPS might be what?12:19 Nohbdy14:48 Nohbdy
26tHistory's Seductive Beliefs - Morgan Housel09/22 Rowan Oak14:43 LadyGeek
3322tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore14:27 ALinLI
66tIs There an Optimal Factor Allocation?09/21 One More Thing14:16 nedsaid
37tTiming the bond market03/09 climber202013:44 birdog
6tResearch Affiliates - 'Did I Miss the Value Turn?'12:17 Forester13:38 mikejuss
23tHow to develop retirement goals09/19 Dantheman1913:12 Carousel
6tUnderstanding the pros/cons between lump sump vs. monthly investments09:12 Rsanchez12:40 Silk McCue
19tWhy Buying the Dip is a Terrible Investment Strategy - Nick Maggiulli09/22 golfer29212:23 secondopinion
1tHow to deal with volatile Turkish Lira when needed?11:31 vu811:44 Blueskies123
24tCan someone explain how hedging works2018 bikechuck09:39 toine
26t"The Financial Literacy Industrial Complex" -- Felix Salmon09/20 AlohaJoe08:44 firebirdparts
74tHow do you think Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund will do over the next ten years?2020 iamblessed08:18 MCSquared
343t2021 I Bonds: what's your plan?12/22 CardinalRule06:23 Barefootgirl
119tStock Market success2012 4nursebee05:42 Ed 2
88tSomething good from Wade Pfau09/08 afan04:04 Chip
0pThoughts on taking 2 Jobs Simultaneously.. implications for background check in the future?01:52 sents13 
102pHow to Deal with Incoming Low Ball Promotion Offer08/25 Patzer01:46 vfinx
34pToo Frugal?09/22 ert51001:41 smectym
1238pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4800:01 rmichaelsm
24pIn-laws financial challenges-looking for options09/21 truncatedexpone23:49 Saving$
2pValuing donated stock share (What is the date of delivery)09/22 redmaw23:29 DJZ
54pCan anyone help me find a solution to my QCD problem?09/22 privateID23:25 sport
17pPatent Application Costs?09/22 AnnetteLouisan22:53 softwaregeek
22pProgressive's auto claim game?18:45 GettingComforta22:44 softwaregeek
12pIs Safe?09/20 RJC22:29 Pacinotti
11pCarry RV insurance all year long?19:55 willthrill8122:22 willthrill81
11ptIRA 72(t) - start date and end date09/22 michaeljc7022:03 Alan S.
143pHigh income physician seeking financial and life advice08/20 RadDad91521:59 an_asker
25pHSA transfer: Health Equity to Fidelity06/15 FIREchief21:58 roth evangelist
1pWash sale rule help required for buy call options16:04 pinvest202121:43 grabiner
37ptransferring money from an IRA acct into a new IRA acct. with a check2019 piton21:23 Retired Bill
49pBig Trust Companies like Bessemer, US Trust etc09/19 AnnetteLouisan21:02 AnnetteLouisan
5pFreezing Withdrawals from Vanguard for Extra Security17:49 ZMonet20:12 ZMonet
102pWhen to gift money to kids -- sooner the better?09/17 ThankYouJack20:06 Lee_WSP
11pNew Expected Family Contribution (EFC) laws & collegiate impact09/20 orthros19:49 Cali4en
37pReal Estate09/21 AnnetteLouisan19:44 smitcat
0pTax ? - investing realized capital gains into Opportunity Zone19:40 grayparrot 
11pVenmo credit card for paying rent11:03 CoherentIntegra18:56 bradinsky
55pUsing equity in primary home to invest in multiple investment properties04/09 Joe211618:53 harikaried
25pProposed Traditional vs. Roth automated tool (in Excel/VB)07/06 fyre4ce18:51 LadyGeek
39pDo FAFSA Even Tho Zero Chance of Need-Based Aid?09/22 cowdogman18:50 firebirdparts
8pHome Remodel: What is House Silhouette Company and usual cost?09/22 financial.freed18:41 financial.freed
55pChase Freedom Significant Money Maker for Q409/21 RickBoglehead18:40 anon_investor
44pDo you get a raise before being fired?09/17 beachmom18:26 Raymond
44pHealth insurance coverage limited to in-state. What do you do for out-of-state coverage?09/18 opus36018:11 talzara
39pWould you pay off a mortgage of 2.25% using a margin loan of 1.25%?09/21 worthit17:56 grabiner
34pKey Bank $750 bonus07/30 samsoes17:40 hachiko
8pHow to lower federal income tax rates like the super rich?17:02 opus36017:29 Alex Frakt
320pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?03/06 CardinalRule16:39 Carousel
12324pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1116:38 Raycpact
53pCost of car ownership vs. uber / lyft / ride sharing09/22 namajones16:01 Super Hans
272pI’m Planning to Claim SS @62… Well, Why Not?09/12 iceport15:50 ObliviousInvest
8pAnyone else having trouble with Ally Invest?02/10 hmw15:39 anon_investor
3pAttention tax experts - need advice to get stimulous checks12:48 Startin'up15:34 gobel
6pGo for it? 1st time buyer Las Vegas townhouse13:51 Boglekid15:28 PVW
9pAre ACA subsidies MAGI-prorated monthly in the year I turn 65?12:22 nhs7615:27 marcopolo
13pWash Sale reporting with two brokers09/20 LoveTheBogle15:02 FactualFran
37pWhy so many mistakes on my 1099? [Ally Invest]02/13 hmw15:00 student
9pPoor Bank Customer Service (fraud payments)- Need new one!13:01 jerome9914:52 hotscot
4pClosing a solo 401k, concern for backdoor roth pro rata and SEP going forward09/22 sgadlin14:51 MP123
979pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm14:17 drk
1pForm 8889 and taking a deduction for a prior year excess HSA contribution.13:16 uma14:13 uma
3pPennsylvania Inheritance Tax On Annuity Payments13:14 Leesbro6314:12 skp
18pAuto accident Pain and suffering calculation?09/10 RIMDBogle13:58 Lee_WSP
23pAll these stupid subscriptions [monthly credit card charges]09/15 SpiritualAlp13:54 GaryA505
20pAre Zillow rental estimates accurate?09/22 neowiser13:12 financiallycuri
7pSteps to take before taking a job risk09/22 doug9112:54 doug91
10pIRA early withdrawal first time home buyer clarification needed11:25 patrickscott12:46 Asyouwish
11pBenefits/value of "free" company retirement health insurance vs ACA Plans08/12 MrCheapo12:42 ICMoney
4pSomeone opened a credit card account under my name - What are the next steps?08:53 teelainen09:19 fposte
8pCondo homeowner's insurance - How much coverage do I need?09/21 Grogs08:37 mnnice
7pCustodial Account That Transfers at Specified Age09/22 COBanker3107:41 bsteiner
15pTo sell or rent the family home09/22 poppy4207:31 Sandtrap
43pShould I take the promotion even if the salary increase is small?09/20 CobraKai06:54 Wricha
57pCareer crisis and advice08/17 Markalem05:58 F150HD
2pWidow/Divorced Spousal SS Benefits09/09 Cigarman05:57 Cigarman
6pcollecting ss with minor, FAFSA affected?09/22 jgt80802:38 jgt808
5pPledged asset line of credit to pay down rental house mortgage09/28 kxl1902:15 harikaried
28pHelp my FIL decide on his Roth Conversion strategy09/18 URSnshn02:09 yog
2nFunds similar to VWRL and VT available in Czech republic/Slovakia09/23 sojkadca01:22 sojkadca
26nAustralian investor seeking advice on a 20 year plan09/19 Translumination21:04 Translumination
5nRisks of a Russian when investing in a US portfolio?09/23 V.T17:01 Watty
3nUsing offshore entity to open brokerage account06:56 rainpath12:50 galeno
11nAnyone using Flowbank?09/20 AllomancerJack09:04 galeno
15cGrass Seed Recommendations---Fescue13:31 archiehr01:03 iamlucky13
1cLego lighting16:41 hoops77700:52 iamlucky13
3cResources to improve Critical Thinking21:48 teaman00:08 vanbogle59
13cBest thank you gift for nursing group who helped me after surgery18:31 jjunk23:55 Pau_Hana
8cCalifornians... Where to get Toto Drake Eco 1.28 Toilet??19:22 VeryBlessedCali23:55 Saving$
30cCosta Rica vacation in mid January, suggestions welcome!!09/19 Bbddl23:47 CrossOverGuy
98cElectric Bike09/11 almostretired1923:38 gubernaculum
27cWindow privacy film advice requested09/19 Saving$23:18 Saving$
47cKindle Paperwhite vs. iPad/Similar Tablets?09/17 Barefootgirl22:49 Independent Geo
47cNeed advice on new windows laptop09/16 atl200522:22 tibbitts
101cBest place to be a Snowbird if money is no object09/22 QBoy22:01 softwaregeek
5379cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:44 SGM
25cMagnet STEM in a votech high school - worth pursuing?06:47 vveat21:40 getthatmarshmal
14cFlood insurance11:12 Faisal21:16 dandinsac
7102cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:58 wilson08
6cAny ID.4 owners on Bogleheads?09/21 angelescrest20:23 angelescrest
76cJobs for teen who's not immediately college bound09/21 SMV20:00 pseudoiterative
10cU.S. Winter Adventure Trip Recommendations - Warm(ish) weather17:01 ThankYouJack19:13 cs412a
64cDrive the Dang Car?09/19 thrifty_one18:48 Strayshot
2250cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:45 Nicolas
2cHome improvement contractors - still busy?16:59 psteinx18:38 Jeep4Life
56cWhat house maintenance thing did you do today?09/20 z9118:35 Jeep4Life
21cPatio, cover, outdoor kitchen ideas & lessons learned.10/23 Bronko17:34 Bronko
72cElectric Auto Question[s - considering a purchase]09/20 Toons17:09 hunoraut
33cWindshield replacement09/22 psteinx16:55 TheHiker
35cRV Values: Class A vs Class B09/22 bhwabeck353316:41 Toons
3165c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir16:38 Dantes
15cMotion Detector Lighting07:44 J29516:15 iamlucky13
32cNew Ford Bronco09/21 Fishing2retire16:14 firebirdparts
21ciPhone and iPad For Senior Citizen09/22 Leesbro6316:02 michaelingp
31cRoad Tripping Options? Rivian, Basecamp, Revel, etc09/21 FoolStreet15:54 tibbitts
2cBilberries: Possible to get frozen somewere?08:42 huzaing15:42 AllMostThere
8cFord Lightning: What's the status? 9/23/202111:32 IMO15:27 AllMostThere
29c(Updated) French Door Installation- Gaps at the top not same for both panels09/22 September14:35 September
25c[Computer monitor for photo editing, some gaming]09/15 LadyGeek14:23 LadyGeek
46cSlower mail ... by design starting Oct 1 [US mail]09/22 heartwood14:12 runninginvestor
26c[Rug] Retailers09/09 aburntoutcase12:28 hand
23cBuying condo in beach area for personal use and rental09/22 BuckyBadger11:57 IMO
58cTrip to Maine2017 WHB311:21 Pinenut
23cHelp - Tilex cleaning solution left brownish color stains09/19 worthit08:44 worthit
3cAnyone have experience with Amex Extended Warranty on a laptop?09/22 MikeZ05:17 London
341lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!2020 Miriam223:59 Miriam2
72lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!06/09 Miriam213:20 Miriam2
3fSite briefly offline, Thursday, 2021-09-23 after 8 PM PST09/22 LadyGeek20:39 LadyGeek

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