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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1954 new posts and replies over 259 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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7hMortgage in retirement - should I discount payment in model?13:00 corn1819:50 grabiner
18hStable price, high yield?16:24 rea524519:48 Grt2bOutdoors
9hDo you need international stock in your asset allocation?03/19 JD10119:48 2015
12hHigh Fee 401k with no match vs VTSAX in a taxable account?03/14 rezadu19:48 grabiner
9h3% on Checking - Redneck Bank, not a joke06:48 dharma student19:46 Ron Ronnerson
1h403b Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan?19:20 eagerinvester19:45 grabiner
2hCreative Planning- Anyone know fee structure?18:49 KingRiggs19:42 KingRiggs
124hHow to get over a $25K stock market loss?03/18 rickgrimes19:41 stocknoob4111
16hTax-efficient fund placement when considering early retirement10:33 banhbao19:41 grabiner
0hPut equities in IRAs or taxable in this situation?19:39 friar1610 
5hSwitch Advisor account to self-managed Vanguard or Schwab?03/19 beaglehead19:37 PQ12$
10hMuni bond fund in taxable account: state (CA) or national03/18 petrisunset19:37 grabiner
53hRole of Pensions and Social Security in Asset Allocation03/20 Naris19:35 CurlyDave
12hMoving from Vanguard to Merrill Edge14:13 international0019:31 international00
4hWhat kind of financial product is this?17:47 Dnymetssince6319:20 livesoft
276hHow to realistically FIRE?03/14 Wanderingwheelz19:18 bhsince87
0hAdvice Needed - Morningstar Hare Portfolio19:15 itsaulgoodman 
4hSome Questions on Rollovers - not smart enough03/18 2tall4economy19:14 2tall4economy
12hBest way to use 100K: pay off rental or buy CDs?23:31 Sophia188419:13 Archimedes
0hBack door roth question19:12 littleb12345 
14hPut equity in home or invest?03/19 Abarn19:02 JonSnow
7hSeries I Savings Bonds Buying Opportunity18:01 Thesaints18:54 Thesaints
0hEarly exercised options, then company folded before full vesting. What next?18:43 blueclamp 
14hBig Picture - are we doing the right things?11:15 Triple digit go18:41 Triple digit go
3hRoth IRA Rollover16:26 JDKilo18:21 retire2022
0hHelp with choosing funds across multiple accounts18:11 zoeylab 
16hWhen will banks start reducing interest rates?13:28 carol-brennan18:08 ThriftyPhD
11hMetLife demutualization shares cost basis2016 NancyABQ18:07 retire2022
0hDCA disbursement17:55 aequanimitas 
9hAsset Allocation percentages 3 fund03/07 zoeylab17:50 zoeylab
15hBasic Starting Advice Needed23:30 MT8317:37 MT83
36hWeed stocks?03/20 Esq12316:53 arcticpineapple
16hBrokerage Differences03/20 lgb16:45 Murgatroyd
46hReady to FIRE (But Vultures Be Circling)23:13 xivvix16:20 retiredjg
4h"Spousal IRA" limits for higher income11:24 HoustonJim16:18 Earl Lemongrab
1hgeneral questions about my portfolio16:02 patrocity16:09 Wiggums
5hrisk [averse] soon to be retirees with lots of annuities03/20 cjelly15:31 delamer
5hWill rolling over 401(k) jeopardize future backdoor Roth IRA conversions?14:00 ryanpeden15:16 Clever_Username
10hWhere would you park/grow $250K?03/09 tribec0715:00 ohai
1h529 distribution as Obamacare income?14:01 davewi14:54 FireAway
7hLooking for AMT estimator for 2019 taxes03/20 RetiredCSProf14:43 RetiredCSProf
19hInvesting in vacant land (acerage)03/20 miamivice14:39 vu8
4hRetired at 59 Is IRA still viable13:41 rondebbs14:31 Flobes
15hAdvisable to put post tax money in a Traditional IRA?03/18 whats_in_a_name13:54 beyou
1hSEP IRA at Vanguard13:43 DoctorWu13:51 Rob5TCP
2hClarification of Roth IRA pro-rata rules12:07 stinkash2213:49 FactualFran
2hCompany's 401k funds13:02 Southtonorth13:48 Southtonorth
20hAny reason I shouldn't shorten duration on my treasury bonds?03/20 fsh7113:48 beyou
3hIs this a wash sale? (confusing case)03/20 gambino13:38 gambino
7hHelp with Ticker symbols in 401k21:17 Neeran13:20 vineviz
0hREIT Tax documents 201813:19 HappyJack 
43hTreasuryDirect - Don't let your survivor lose assets03/19 MisterMister13:14 SocalLiving
12hOrder cancellation at Vanguard12/26 rks12:58 ishkadetto
4hShould I re-characterize my Traditional IRA to Roth?11:16 jmm648612:57 jmm6486
3hdividends09:42 lt194811:53 Admiral
24hInput Needed on Dividend Portfolio03/19 Sandtrap11:31 alex_686
197hThe case for 100% equities03/15 stocknoob411111:30 LilyFleur
5hTax Question - ETF vs. Mutual Funds09:00 tigershark!11:21 livesoft
23hInvest Money for House Down Payment in 5 Years03/20 brandoko10:46 WhiteMaxima
12h2019 Mortgage: How to Calculate AFTER-TAX Rate02:41 craiggsean10:41 craiggsean
14hVXUS now lower cost than VTIAX. Should I convert?22:11 OneBreeze10:06 ruralavalon
22hRoth vs Traditional - Tax Bracket and 401K?03/20 guymontag10:05 retiredjg
5hFirst Time Portfolio Review03/20 apple4410:02 Jack FFR1846
2hRetirement portfolio review help please, new investor (multiple account types, which international fund?)22:07 halpert09:16 ExitStageLeft
19hRestaurant investment for a noob03/19 ohboy!09:06 ohboy!
8hThoughts on Investment Approach03/19 SimpleLiving09:02 ruralavalon
7hVanguard Advisor Services03/20 LL6608:43 printer86
3hNewly Retired Portfolio Review - Fund selections for the long term03/20 trsk08:20 vineviz
2hPortfolio Review Request03/20 ConfusedInvesto07:52 retiredjg
10hZero Qualified Dividend bracket vs. Roth Conversion - Decision Help03/20 Retiredron07:43 elainet7
10hByline Bank for CDs?01/30 lhwerdyt*1791c07:23 chazas
9hEquity indexed annuity (variable) in 401K2017 country_runR06:20 DarkHelmetII
6h[When can I invest in VTSAX - Vanguard Total Stock Market]03/20 ash1705:11 lakpr
6hUnemployed Spouse IRA Contributions03/20 FederalFIRE05:10 FederalFIRE
4hTreasury Bill ETFs03/20 jeffreyalan02:13 Epsilon Delta
26hBest Way To Save For Kids Future If They May Not Go To College03/19 G112200:13 DonIce
12h5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Cyber Security ETF Suggestions?03/19 nexesn23:02 CascadiaSoonish
8hTax efficient strategy for a windfall that I don't need for 5+ years03/19 financiallycuri22:17 yogesh
1hVUSXX or Online Savings Account21:48 black_knight_3221:52 TheDDC
7hNewer Investor with Portfolio Building Questions03/18 seg13221:51 Wiggums
16hHelp [with portfolio]03/19 lucky1243121:50 lucky12431
2hSelling a Mutual Fund & Taxes19:56 fxpfeiffer20:39 livesoft
1hAny advice would be appreciated - status check + not sure how to handle 401k03/20 lguy119:56 ExitStageLeft
94tRetired Investors - Do You Keep Cash For Down Years03/18 Ckprocker19:48 munemaker
110tThe $4,026,858.95 Car or a Worry-Free Retirement?15:28 Taylor Larimore19:42 HomerJ
36tLarry Swedroe: Why The Size Premium Should Persist03/20 Random Walker19:37 Taylor Larimore
153tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon19:37 pward
112tRuminations on Taleb's "Antifragile" and its Applications to Retirement Income02/16 Horton19:32 willthrill81
65tFama vs Kahneman [Behavioral Finance]03/18 alexfoo3919:30 KlangFool
30tDoes 10% Gold increase or decrease risk?03/20 JuniorRob19:27 pward
174tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest19:22 samsdad
22tHere's my portfolio19:52 vineviz19:04 LadyGeek
1371tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE18:58 siamond
74t"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."03/17 Taylor Larimore18:45 bgf
3tConcern with using TS in taxable18:07 S_Track18:15 retiredjg
1598tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:07 marcopolo
13tSmall cap interantional and tax efficiency FNDC v SCZ03/18 international0017:43 international00
11tIs Berkshire 66% Stocks and 33% Cash?14:58 andysnp17:40 alex_686
175tVanguard Prime Money Market yield over 2.5%01/31 Kevin M17:17 Doc
20tYour thoughts on the teachings of Ed Slott08:31 LMK517:07 jdb
6tWhy such poor results when including REITs in Portfoliovisualizer simulations?14:43 Spinola16:06 Spinola
23tWhat will be the effect of negative interest rates?07:45 carol-brennan15:59 DrGoogle2017
85tFell in Love with Fidelity01/08 bck6315:50 DonIce
88tIs technical analysis all smoke and mirrors?03/27 protagonist15:19 Ferdinand2014
519tVanguard is Discontinuing their VanguardAdvantage Accounts02/28 bhwabeck353315:09 Doc
77tUnderstanding using treasury futures for leverage to implement risk parity02/21 DonIce14:20 meshuggahnmcc
43tOverbalancing, interested please explain it to me03/20 TheTimeLord13:57 TheTimeLord
20tWhat year does employer contribute to 401k?03/20 ldebhaar13:13 cherijoh
9tLarry Swedroe: TIPS Still Looking Cheap07:27 Random Walker13:07 vtMaps
29tThree-Fund Portfolio (2nd Grader's) vs S&P 50003/20 get_g0ing12:36 Ferdinand2014
32tPortfolio during a recession03/18 ionenergy11:23 WhiteMaxima
68tI think US interest rates could drop.2018 rgs9210:40 LinusP
7tETF dividend "Payment in Lieu" on NON-MARGIN acct03/19 BL174910:27 Doc
20tTSP RMD's03/12 JerryB09:52 Stoic9
308tThat's enough for me in 201903/16 market timer09:20 marcopolo
1tMy Advisor brings Alpha03/20 dwickenh09:04 RadAudit
2texotic ETFs03/20 columbia06:38 saintsfan342000
128tWhat does 20% extra of portfolio allocated to equities get you?01/19 livesoft22:27 Sandtrap
17tretirement / taxable accounts as two separate buckets03/19 6teen22:17 6teen
191tNew Vanguard Security Code Requirement [2FA: Two-factor authentication]2018 retire5721:54 rolandtorres
73tFavorite investment quote03/16 sabhen20:02 1claire
11pIs my doctor a scam?17:19 rh00p19:49 livesoft
34p1st time on ACA03/17 jcoll119:46 marcopolo
2pIRA Deduction: Earned Income, Net Earning, Net Profit Confusion18:53 Carno19:39 Carno
4pUsing Fidelity Cash Management as my only bank account12:36 Caduceus19:33 marcopolo
3pHow detailed is your review of your tax return when prepared by a professional?16:18 skitotrees19:23 HoosierJim
12pNo drama, no minimum high yield checking accounts?15:52 vu819:14 OAG
82pCPA is not including form 8606 for my backdoor Roth03/15 linenoise18:52 FoolStreet
11pFumbling through TIAA Annuity(we think..) inheritance to estate19:54 CherylHall18:42 InMyDreams
15pPension buyout, has this happened to anyone?03/04 Fieldsy102418:41 inbox788
26pHSA with no fees and max investments?03/13 pepperz18:39 azianbob
0pUnused Foreign Tax Credits17:23 speer 
59p60 YOs ask a BH for advice - 200K+ student loan debt, and more...08:25 ICMoney17:22 sergeant
9psolo 401K, backdoor Roth03/19 rippler17:17 Duckie
8pAccounting consequences going from mutual fund to ETF03/19 TnGuy17:13 TnGuy
2pNeed handholding to compute ESRX CI merger cost basis03/20 gensuki17:03 Grt2bOutdoors
27pDo I owe taxes on a hi-fi audio gear hobby?03/20 knightrider16:59 NMBob
5pOnline Statement Aggregator (Manilla, Fetch, etc.)2014 Saving$16:55 JCJewell
1pDBP and solo 401k question in an S-corp03/20 EnjoyIt16:53 EnjoyIt
0pSolo 401K and employer 401K question16:36 JetBilix 
4pCan I do a Backdoor Roth and convert a 403B to a Roth IRA the same year?03/20 janezoey16:32 retiredjg
13pChanges to Capital Gains Tax Brackets?03/19 grayparrot16:27 Earl Lemongrab
101pShould we purchase $700k home?03/18 IndexFun16:21 HEDGEFUNDIE
14pWhen to increase house size with a growing family?13:58 MrBeaver16:14 fourkids
0pBond fund in taxable account16:12 TaxingAccount 
4pMoving expense - no longer deductible14:29 tampaite15:58 CAsage
459pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon15:46 jaybee9
127pWhy should FEHB members buy Medicare Part B?2016 Enkidu15:39 ChrisC
21pKiddie Tax 2018 - Who must file08/08 opus36015:29 libralibra
2pReverse rollover - pre and post tax ira to 401k23:12 Mikesentor15:03 Earl Lemongrab
18pDo I need to report my dependent childs Ebay earnings?07:21 celentano15:01 DIFAR31
4pGood reminder to review your insurance policies for savings09:37 Iowa David14:37 Noble Knight
15pBofA is improving their autopay19:53 YoungBogle14:27 MikeG62
56pShould we have renters insurance?03/19 cbr shadow14:26 spdoublebass
17pU.S. Expats - What To Be Aware Of Tax Wise03/13 Rocco Sampler14:17 Username1
84pAre RMDs that bad if you're not an over-saver?03/19 ThankYouJack13:38 munemaker
18psuccess in retrirement depends on home value?10:15 RAchip13:19 DesertDiva
0pRoth IRA contributions withdrawal tax reporting13:09 Vamsee 
1pBackdoor Roth with a Loss - Line 14 and Basis...01:28 xantor13:02 FiveK
0pTo Refinance OR NOT12:58 Rony25 
2pBusiness tax prep costs mixed with personal taxes. Possible to deduct?03/20 Hiramm12:57 Hiramm
17pQuestions on RSUs and Stock Options03/20 worthit12:25 worthit
18pVerifying basis in Roth, and 5-yr rule03/15 AdamP12:21 AdamP
26pWorth claiming life insurance death benefit?03/18 munemaker11:49 munemaker
11pShould I sell stocks to pay off credit card debt?09:24 mhr000611:46 MathWizard
24pBuying I bonds - what is the purpose of Registration on TD website05/16 pkay11:44 Steelersfan
3pIRA withdrawals/Florida to California08:32 lipper111:33 bsteiner
30pTaxes for First Time Solo Small Business Owner02/15 Boxtrap11:11 Boxtrap
5pCanceling escrow account08:33 rashad300010:42 frankandbeans
29pFraudulent credit balance transfer on my credit card - bank says "too bad"03/18 Raymond10:26 lakpr
62pVanguard delays ACH funds availability2015 statman10:25 Kevin M
303pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses2018 White Coat Inve09:42 dm200
49pPaying cash for a vehicle03/19 rashad300009:23 bluebolt
3pDid I mess up when I did my Backdoor Roth IRA?01:29 BlueMagic09:08 cas
24pBest Bank for Newlyweds03/20 Bulgogi Head08:34 sunny_socal
2pCommercial Building Owned by 85 year old dad06:56 J29508:16 Jmh04j
11pStock Options03/20 Cipro08:07 not4me
31pPatent an idea and find investors.03/19 realmad07:54 knightrider
2pCitibank Limiting Number of Transfers07:47 phil6407:53 rich126
18pPay Off Debt or Max Out 401k?07/01 Broadway201807:47 Broadway2018
0pAnyone Get a Transfer Bonus on an Inherited IRA07:41 MikeG62 
8pSurprise funds - save for unborn child's college?03/20 Trying2learn07:22 vineviz
1pTax Extension and Additional Payments00:07 southerndoc05:57 HueyLD
1pHSA Fund recommendation04:24 RetireSoon9004:45 Windylotus
30pLetting umbrella insurance lapse03/15 johnanglemen01:08 boglerdude
10pSS Death Notification Sufficient to 'trigger' Widow Benefit?21:16 One Ping00:00 drawpoker
47pPassthrough deduction affected by solo 401k?2018 pb199623:12 BusterMcTaco
22pNew Dentist - what to watch for financially03/12 dm20022:13 gretah
17pHow will cancelling ACA healthcare mid year effect subsidy?02/28 camper122:08 michaeljc70
22pcan i use turbotax without paying a fee?03/15 bigguy843721:47 bigguy8437
4pEarly Inheritance from Non US person03/20 jaypee21:47 typical.investo
37pDonating stock instead of cash to charities03/19 enso21:35 Rus In Urbe
26pDental care for mother-in-law with low income03/10 Unicorn121:14 starfish26
2p1099R for Roth conversion?21:01 hoops77721:13 hoops777
29pWhere do you pay quarterly taxes?03/11 birdec21:09 whodidntante
29pFirst Time Homebuyer | Recently Engaged03/10 vangaal20:26 mvilleguy9
24pCash back credit card w/o annual fee and w/o foreign transaction fee03/19 international0020:20 student
2pHelp: Receive cp2000 asking for big tax payment03/20 Qohelet20:01 ThankYouJack
2pDomestic partner health insurance tax03/20 jibantik19:58 arcticpineapple
5nUK : Opening multiple stocks and shares ISA accounts per year ?05:18 bluejeansman18:08 bluejeansman
8nAnyone has experience with Vanguard Hong Kong ETFs?02/20 PurpleArc16:47 rhe
11nIndian withdrawing form Roth IRA- tax03/19 kash16:42 BL
3nBest ETF screener that can exclude US-domiciled ETFs?03/16 Digit14:20 danielbird193
14nNon-resident Indian deposits03/20 StoneFeeler08:24 SlowMovingInves
3nCalling it top, what to invest in Hong Kong?21:34 PurpleArc06:17 PurpleArc
2nUS estate tax for joint accounts - how to manage?01:52 StoneFeeler04:40 TedSwippet
5nUse Simplified AMT Foreign Tax Credit for US tax return? (US citizen working in UK)03/19 katzen21:59 katzen
1nWhat do you think of this Hang Seng Index ETF03/20 gougou21:31 PurpleArc
4uFirst time investor at 24 y.o. with $1.5m, based in the UAE.03/20 catinacradle04:09 me81
11cTravel Insurance22:49 eddot9819:49 ResearchMed
55cSuggestions for Landline Alternatives (Ooma, Magic Jack, etc.)03/19 ShoogyBee19:42 JBTX
127cParis - Is It Safe?03/17 Small Law Survi19:38 Thesaints
13cDo you still wear a necktie to work?18:28 A44019:38 cheesepep
44cBeing a Boglehead and car enthusiast stinks03/20 uberme19:36 2015
1141c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:35 ResearchMed
23cToyota Sienna minivan for road trips03/19 2pedals19:33 Lebowski
35cComputer security03/19 dave105419:32 BYUvol
20cHome with black mold03/19 spy58718:59 HoosierJim
28cWhat is the official nail clippers of the Boglehead Community?03/20 bikechuck18:57 tim1999
5cShoe Insoles16:13 Horton18:52 BarbBrooklyn
0cHealth Care coverage for trips back to the U.S. while living abroad with no U.S. health care18:49 macchiato 
14cGoogle fi users - happy with it and recs?15:35 lightheir18:49 jpsfranks
12cpopup blockers on Mac computers03/18 mucho dinero17:50 lazydavid
13cSon moving to Nashville TN area, any suggestions on where to live or avoid?03/14 Housedoc17:40 Smoke
28cWhere to live: Santa Barbara area versus Palm Beach versus Sarasota?03/19 dwade110917:36 pkjr
55cWhen is it time for a new smartphone?21:36 UTgrad17:36 stoptothink
9cWould a thermostatic shower valve solve my tankless hot water temp fluctuations?03/17 motorcyclesarec16:57 motorcyclesarec
54cEnd of Support Chromebook03/15 cheese_breath16:19 cheese_breath
4cReplacing asphalt driveway13:58 delamer15:35 John Z
9cDownsides to Total Wireless as alternative to Verizon?2018 simple man15:13 Calikid09
34cMinivan - Safety03/20 DaddyPuffin14:42 iamlucky13
5cYour favorite slow cooker cooking book?03/20 parigi72314:28 rterickson
60cWhat are the purposes of your travels?03/18 flyingaway14:24 Earl Lemongrab
61cSlow cooker vs Instant pot........03/18 parigi72314:23 rterickson
50cRecall: Subaru 2015, 2016 & 2017 Legacy & Outback steering2016 stratton14:09 beyou
18cOverheating laptop - no good options10:29 Caduceus14:02 Inframan4712
3667cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt12:37 Hockey10
44cSecurity camera with local storage and remote access?03/18 Saving$12:34 batpot
10cMinivan or SUV?10:54 notmyhand12:24 sawdust60
35cA 23% increase from ATT Wireless03/20 htdrag1111:50 LawEgr1
381cTalk me out of buying a Tesla Model 310/08 investor99711:37 ohboy!
2cHow to Delete Sharing Calendar- IPhone10:19 Kennedy10:30 Kennedy
53cHow to buy a mattress09/25 tc10109:21 Every things fr
7cTravel Insurance for Visiting the U.S.03/20 armeliusc09:00 armeliusc
0cAir fryer; basket-style vs. oven-style08:50 newbie003 
5cHelp Replacing Bathroom Counter "Drop-In" Sinks20:37 Small Law Survi08:31 Small Law Survi
23cComposite Cedar Siding and Real Cedar Siding Maintenance02/15 Jamesla3008:21 staythecourse
16cOBD GPS tracker for new teen driver03/20 dsb01208:11 RootSki
4277cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36807:52 FreemanB
61cBeta Vanguard APP11/16 retire202207:43 ResearchMed
18cNeed some help with slow folders in Windows03/20 newbie00307:23 newbie003
5cQuestion about house wrap on new home construction22:20 JDP07:00 GMCZ71
12ctransportation from DFW to Dallas downtown?03/20 Faith2087907:00 Trism
23cFairmark Forum (Tax Forum)10/19 Goodman6023:35 BL1749
5cCell Phone Case and Screen Protector?19:51 Kennedy21:32 3dream3
47cHaven't bought a car in ages - how does negotiation work these days?03/14 QuantumMechanic20:15 California88
235lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec19:20 retire2022
37lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter03/25 nance09:12 Raybo
387lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond08:54 siamond

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