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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is comprised of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4382 new posts and replies over 389 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
35pThoughts on Chase for everyday banking2015 TxAg22:32 Gort
17hBest Book on Roth Conversions2010 BHChinook22:31 mhalley
0pHelp with trust / spendthrift in-law22:29 pakcer 
12pPay off mortgage or taxable account18:07 sojirovs22:29 JBTX
70tHow I use I-ORP, and who shouldn't05/11 LeeMKE22:28 dodecahedron
13tHSA, Medicare retroactivity & SS File Restricted and Suspend04/26 EHEngineer22:27 pshonore
27tWhat is Bitcoin?10:09 grayfox22:26 linenfort
5cDecline All Parts of Medicare, Continue Contributing to my HSA?08/17 motorcyclesarec22:25 motorcyclesarec
11cMedia storage solutions18:21 teigers22:23 mhalley
3cDo I have a computer virus?21:02 bb20122:21 mhalley
5fHome Page Updated21:50 LadyGeek22:18 ccf
2pComing up with plan18:32 headingboogle22:16 headingboogle
130cIs it worth it? [demanding jobs vs time with family]08/17 vk821622:16 PatrickA5
134cHow far would you travel to see The Eclipse?08/11 weltschmerz22:12 GerryL
5hmoving myself and wife to Vanguard [how?]11:31 Grackulah22:11 dwickenh
4hEarly Retirement Portfolio Questions16:38 everyman22:08 lazylarry
0pTax deferred options22:08 Determined 
1tIVLU for international value exposure20:00 grabiner22:07 stlutz
6pIncreasing Loan - to Value Ratio15:33 cal9122:05 TropikThunder
3799tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill22:05 FIREchief
36cDUI lawyer - need advice12:35 Michread21:59 ClevrChico
404fForum software upgrade bug reports and change requests2015 Alex Frakt21:53 Miriam2
4tBond fund SEC yield14:07 AAA21:48 VaR
2cCredit card bonus award rules12:37 dual21:47 JBTX
56cJobs that pay over $100,00014:24 indexonlyplease21:46 michaeljc70
44cI cut the cord a couple years back but think I'm going back to cable04/04 tony541221:41 michaeljc70
98cWhere to View Total Eclipse? - Kansas City / Nashville et al06/29 digarei21:39 Watty
2hAccumulation phase: Roth vs Traditional IRA?18:56 graphite0121:39 lazylarry
3hSavings vs Down Payment vs Retirement18:09 gilly30421:31 lazylarry
39h30,000 in Checking Account08/14 GridironGems21:29 GridironGems
147hLost $7000 today in ONE DAY!08/17 Alex GR21:28 lazydavid
4hHelp me rebalance to Lazy Funds08/17 pnwlazy21:24 David Jay
8cHotel availability for eclipse09:15 climber202021:18 Watty
18pPension Survivor Benefit or Life Insurance -teenage daughter08/16 sheriffwoody21:09 sergeant
48cAnyone have a personal chef?08/16 ThankYouJack21:06 Muri
3cHelp with overanalyzing purchases20:20 ThankYouJack21:06 ThankYouJack
3cWOW Airlines20:33 MidwestMike21:01 RudyS
37cFolding Electric Bike08/11 KlangFool20:57 Uncle Pennybags
16tIrrational Despair?11:48 DomDangelina20:56 arcticpineapple
8pRMD taxation taken in December17:52 hoops77720:51 tomd37
3pPension question: purchase 0.35 yrs of previous service?08/17 sighchological20:46 sighchological
6hHelp me evaluate SPIA purchase16:57 beanie20:46 Dottie57
5h401k Mega backdoor review (HCE, unclear rules)08/17 bengt20:37 Spirit Rider
29pKitchen Remodel Price/Contractor Dispute08/15 dabretty20:33 Gnirk
9cDraperies or Honey Comb Shades/Blinds?15:23 CountryBoy20:31 CountryBoy
47t"Vanguard fund shareholders encouraged to vote as proxy campaign gets under way."08/14 gkaplan20:26 tj
115pAnyone planning on never retiring?08/16 Muri20:25 chinto
17hNeed a high risk option for $25008/17 jwhiteker20:24 arcticpineapple
14pDebt collector called, should we call them back?11:51 jimmyrules71220:24 palaheel
33tXIRR - Non-reinvested dividends08/13 JustinR20:20 #Cruncher
2hOptimizing Roth/Traditional in mixed account08/17 TinkerPDX20:19 grabiner
39cLittle P**S Ants08/17 invst6520:15 Howard Donnelly
41cNon-fiction bucket list08/17 Nectarineman20:15 woof755
120cIs $9000 too much for a sectional sofa ?08/15 JBTX20:14 iamlucky13
4hPension Advice for Dad14:53 Johnny Thinwall20:12 Johnny Thinwall
17hTax question about selling my house08/16 MrNewEngland20:11 grabiner
15pNYC real estate question08/17 baublehead20:07 nyclon
34hCancer at 38. Going from high income to no income. Need help generating income from $5m portfolio08/16 ZbnkInvestor20:07 HomerJ
21tThe Phillips Curve is not working!00:46 Always passive20:07 AlohaJoe
28hHow do you know how much your portfolio lost/gain in one day?14:19 Indexfan8920:05 fire_rebel
4hTaxable account investments19:02 username123420:04 grabiner
17hSeeking further Roth IRA explanation.08/17 pushrodv819:44 pushrodv8
13cIf you received robocalls from cruise lines08/16 littlebird19:29 meebers
73hTIAA Traditional Annuity as sole fixed income component2015 classicjazzfan19:28 itstoomuch
69tLarry Swedroe: World Isn't Flat-Invest Accordingly08/16 Random Walker19:27 triceratop
7hInvestments that Colleges Don't Count Against You.14:17 Vermont Farmer19:26 Saving$
52pReverse Mortgage Considerations06/15 dm20019:23 madbrain
4hYoung Investor - New Job - Help Choosing 401k Portfolio11:46 bobbybeans1119:19 workerbeeengine
18pRoth Conversion 5yr Holding Period?08/16 goingup19:19 celia
2hInvesting in equities without a 401k (IRA/HSA maxed) for recently out of debt15:32 afds4sdv18:55 inittowinit
18tHelp with my understanding of bond funds & efficient market hypothesis08/16 need403bhelp18:44 Phineas J. Whoo
35pDid Chase Apply My "Additional Principal" Payment Legally?09:10 LMK518:41 Easy Rhino
2hHelp crossing the finish line - Drawdown portfolio12:41 KingTut18:28 Tyler Aspect
4tHere isa criticisim of active management I don't get13:14 sometimesinvest18:27 jbolden1517
62cPowerball - $510 million?23:42 F150HD18:27 FRWildcat
22hContributing to tax deferred + Taxability of SS08/17 JBTX17:50 JBTX
23cAdvice on buying a musical instrument07/11 investingdad17:49 cmwahl
19cWant to give money to relative traveling int'l - options?08/17 bluebolt17:34 SRenaeP
16pPercent of retirement expenses from fixed sources?08/17 miamivice17:28 SQRT
201tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore17:24 Gort
4hEmployer 401k Rollover (Deduction Rules)13:54 oinkyboinky17:11 oinkyboinky
4p1099 vs W2 without 401K vs W208/17 Rose17:08 simas
9tWhy do brokerage transactions take 2 business days to settle?08/17 randomizer17:00 Valuethinker
6cOrgan (Music) Question08/17 Mitchell77716:53 Castanea_d.
22hWhat type of bond fund for my purpose?08/17 mikejomike16:47 Valuethinker
132pAnother bay area housing thread..07/23 thepicard116:41 likashing
14pLeasing a vehicle08/13 Gamma Ray16:35 RosieQ
112pWhen does renting make sense08/07 wannabogle16:31 Xpe
10hPortfolio Review Request08/16 21801776516:28 ruralavalon
25hRoth 401K vs Traditional 401K08/12 Drock330716:28 WanderingDoc
8hPortfolio Review08/14 hercules06216:26 Duckie
22hbitcoin makes you rich08/16 looking16:18 LadyGeek
6pElder Abuse14:55 maggabelle16:15 LadyGeek
21hAnyone roll their tIRA into the TSP?08/17 WanderingDoc16:01 retiredjg
7tWhen you can't transfer in kind your IRA13:32 frazzlefeet15:45 delamer
3hCompany switching 401k funds. VTTSX vs VILVX14:15 achen929115:44 OhioGozaimas
110lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner15:38 bobcat2
62cHow useful is a home security system?08/14 flyingaway15:37 Abe
8pquestion regarding life insurance purchase: online vs. real-life agent08/17 Bogle82615:30 MrsBDG
44tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - Got a Question for Jack?06/01 Mel Lindauer15:10 Jonathan
27cRecommended Acoustic Guitars Under $1,00009/11 MJW15:08 SueG5123
13hTaking over from financial advisor - help getting off the ground08/15 EPdoc15:00 patrick013
7hShould I sell and reinvest Roth IRA funds in SEP-IRA?08/15 bossballer4114:47 retiredjg
16hActive or Indexed for Optimal Risk Management08/17 active or passi14:44 SimplepathtoBog
0tWhat is Bogle's Perspective on Proxy Vote Prop 7?14:40 iceport 
4cPoker Software01:39 kommisarrex14:39 Good Listener
12hPortfolio advice for Israeli expats with medium and long term saving goals07/30 basil14:22 TedSwippet
12hSell VTSAX to pay off car loan?08/17 khalestorm14:21 spookyfudge
1pRequesting index funds in 401k13:47 LEB123014:06 sport
23tWSJ - ... Stop Index Trackers [from] Eating the Economy08/17 henrikk14:01 htdrag11
57pFidelity 2% CC or Citi double cash card?2016 zadie13:48 jriding
9hETF index fund, anytime a good time?08/17 PurpleArc13:31 macman_65
17hAsset Allocation for 82 yr old widow in TN08/17 DA20013:30 neilpilot
54tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 Simplegift13:26 hoops777
11hHolding VTSAX / S&P 500 fund exclusively08/17 WanderingDoc13:11 WanderingDoc
11hFTSE and NIKKEI Indexes07:22 RRAAYY312:56 RRAAYY3
2tPlaintiffs win Tibble v Edison (re: lower fees in 401k's)06:42 ResearchMed12:51 ERISA Stone
41p27y/o w/ 150k debt buying 685k house08/15 2012heel12:50 nguy44
9hAsset allocation for Mom's portfolio07:28 jumpy12:49 delamer
10cLive TV internet streaming - 30 vs 60 fps08/17 Triple digit go12:47 mhop
2tUsing Google Sheets to fetch ETF 1,3 & 5yr returns?09:50 dmfoste12:43 Buddy0329
47cBose Noise Cancelling Headphones08/06 Alexa912:36 rgs92
11pLetter asking for estate information09:29 ji.isaacs12:33 rgs92
15hMega Backdoor Roth IRA - what to do with gains?08/09 CCD12:22 investor997
13pDebt vs HSA/52908/09 Chief_Engineer12:17 Finance-MD
51pquick estate question08/17 westrichj31212:09 Gill
9hShould I roll over my old 401k?08/17 new2bogle11:36 JW-Retired
82pHow far off are Zillow's estimates?08/01 Admiral11:34 itstoomuch
1hMoving Annuity to Vanguard or Fidelity10:31 cattivo11:32 mhalley
376t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond11:31 munemaker
8pHow to pay off piggyback mortgage (80/10/10)08/17 DS198611:00 delamer
25cBough gift cards from cash and somebody else used them all08/11 misterno10:47 FeesR-BullNotBu
18cLoud squeaky noise when starting the car08/09 misterno10:45 misterno
2tUSAA Closing my Roth - Question on Account Closing Fee09:21 Righty10:40 The Wizard
116hBitcoin08/13 Malinois00010:37 Caladan
3cGolf Cart Purchase10:25 J29510:37 J295
38tRoth vs Traditional07/27 Brantley10:30 552BB
93pCapital One $400 bonus for new checking account06/15 sunny_socal10:29 sunny_socal
7pQuestion about LTCG on inherited property08/17 JBTX10:23 Carefreeap
2pServices provided non-taxable09:50 Nyc1003610:19 jebmke
10cPorts-thunderbolt 2 vs 3, USB 3.0 vs 3.0 Type A06:29 sil201710:17 Atgard
7hInvestment Plan08/17 ShuksanMT10:14 ShuksanMT
7tInternational equity index has a significant amount of short-term holdings. Attain global cap weight?08/16 S17C10:09 afan
7pEmail today from Quicken CEO...I assume changes are coming...08/04 neurosphere10:07 JBTX
135tWhat we know about robo advisors07/15 jbolden151710:06 slinky$
116pHow does one determine their "number" and what exactly does it mean?04/04 GrayS2609:52 Grt2bOutdoors
25cABS light, and OBD II scanners.....08/16 Broken Man 199909:35 hicabob
5tRussell 2000 P/E reaches 78.706:36 in_reality09:28 in_reality
11pShould we pay off the house before the baby arrives?08/17 Sunshine41109:25 Rupert
6pFlorida vs New Jersey Residency07:47 RickK1909:23 abner kravitz
1hVanguard Index Funds or Pacer ETFs?09:17 agehibari09:21 BL
13hTLH between VTSAX and SCHB08/17 whanaumark09:21 goingup
11pCredit card with large cash (or cash-equivalent) sign-up bonus08/14 rjbraun09:07 rjbraun
141lBogleheads Los Angeles meetings2015 rocko09:01 sil2017
41cpopcorn ceiling, removal or drywall over it?08/17 blueberry08:56 coacher
21hInvest in U.S. ETFs Now?08/09 bheligman08:55 jbolden1517
17pNew job, life changes08/17 Angelus35908:35 protagonist
10hQuestions?? Need progress with AA08/16 tyjy08:29 pkcrafter
11hLeft Financial Planner - New Baby - Looking for advice08/17 turbostance08:16 Strayshot
17t401(k)/403(b) Conversion to Roth IRA08/15 marklearnsbogle08:10 marklearnsbogle
10tDepositing checks by uploading image from computer?08/17 Longtermgrowth07:48 pshonore
11cwhich 27 inch imac to purchase?08/17 sil201707:46 takeshi
18cSoliciting personal recommendations for a Barcelona trip08/13 Swampy07:37 Peculiar_Invest
31tGoing passive is an active decision08/16 james2207:22 WhyNotUs
7pXmas bonus for Honorably discharged veterans08/16 Ron07:21 pshonore
10cTrip to Banff / Lake Louise / other places08/12 Rob5TCP07:17 Peculiar_Invest
2pEstate planning - step up question08/17 friar161007:07 Gill
2pFinding a share (coop apartment) lender for apartment purchase08/17 CULater07:03 bklyn96
25pTaxation of credit card rewards (cash back and signup bonuses)10/23 *3!4!/5!06:55 susa
47cGeico insurance rate increase: 26.24% APY?03/27 triceratop06:51 BarbK
12tFundrise - Accredited Investor REIT2016 cmublitz06:49 packer16
44tFerri's 60-20-20 Bond Portfolio2013 BetaBreaker04:46 aramv
65tnews yesterday that Buffett has $100,000,000,000 in cash now08/08 selftalk02:27 peterinjapan
66cRetired Boglehead obsession with money- devil's advocate08/14 protagonist01:26 heybro
2855cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36801:09 gkaplan
55cWhere to buy glasses for eclipse viewing ?08/13 bpr00:22 Mudpuppy
517cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson00:05 MJW
18hRollover Fees with bad 401K08/16 nickjoy00:04 Earl Lemongrab
9hETF Investment Strategy - looking for feedback08/16 dkajshdfkqwh00:03 Earl Lemongrab
6pPlaces worth seeing in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal in mid September08/17 Mintee23:58 FIREchief
4cTesla factory tours08/17 squirm23:38 123
10hOpening an HSA tomorrow...08/17 vaught23:30 Spirit Rider
4hTemporary Bump on 401k Smart?08/17 SUP3RMAN 13123:27 BanditKing
2cNeed to replace a roof - fair price? cost saving measures?08/17 notmyhand23:24 JBTX
17hIsrael ETFs08/09 bheligman23:18 bheligman
18hPortfolio options when relocation to home country India is possible in distant future08/13 binvesting23:13 binvesting
1hHas anybody used Gemini for investing in Ethereum?08/17 kurious23:00 MotoTrojan
4hEasy Question - Opening Roth outside of Employer Partial Funds Already Contributed08/17 kilkoyne08/17 FiveK
21lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE08/17 Miriam2
8hWhere to Park Future Tax Payment08/17 Groundlifter08/17 kaneohe
2fThe Bogleheads website seems to be operating very slowly.08/17 gkaplan08/17 FiveK
3pTaxes between states (income allocation and IRA, HSA, solo 401k allocation)08/17 terran08/17 grabiner
3hAsset Allocation - 3 fund and 4 fund portfolio08/17 target432108/17 indexonlyplease
24tMarket timing alert !!08/15 prettybogle08/17 heyyou
2hWhat to do with $70,000?08/17 Jmh04j08/17 Watty
70tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio01/09 Quark08/17 aj76er
11hAustralian Vanguard ETF for three-fund portfolio2015 markinvest08/17 Peter G
12hEmergin market bond fund in taxable08/16 hammockman08/17 grabiner
11pChange job -- what should I do with HSA?08/16 Gigihsu08/17 grabiner
6hMagic Formula08/16 TheGodson08/17 arcticpineapple
38pBilling 99212 for rx refill?08/14 sawhorse08/17 need403bhelp
32cBuy Google Pixel mobile now or wait for Pixel 208/07 mortalsonofmort08/17 TallBoy29er
4hLooking for advice08/17 miainvest08/17 miainvest
8hGrade My Work in Progress08/16 SimplepathtoBog08/17 SimplepathtoBog
2hNewbie starting new job: Help choosing investments08/17 alixx9908/17 ruralavalon
7pHow to compensate realtor if sold by owner?08/17 BashDash08/17 Carefreeap
34tWhy do we (passive index investors) invest at market weight?08/16 need403bhelp08/17 need403bhelp
2pMortgage not reflected on credit report08/17 Seia08/17 Seia
50pObamaCare 201808/10 munemaker08/17 burt
6pCan I get a Boglehead view of how we are doing?08/17 imabeliever08/17 imabeliever
42tWhat a Low Return Outlook Means for Your Retirement?08/14 matjen08/17 Simplegift
71cToyota Camry Repair Priorities08/09 angelescrest08/17 wilked
39cBogleheads like PC Gaming?2016 JustJim08/17 foamypirate
17cPaying directly for damage caused to someone else's car08/16 Muri08/17 miamivice for small business 401K?11/09 fpricke108/17 dustincole
54pHow long to keep IRA records?08/13 RudyS08/17 kaneohe
142t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer08/17 vectorizer
31cCredit score dropped 100 points overnight08/16 rocket35408/17 rocket354
24hMunicipal Funds in a Traditional IRA?08/09 aramv08/17 jbolden1517
123tThe Mathematics of Retirement Investing08/11 longinvest08/17 jbolden1517
73cOther people's perception of your finances08/17 BostonButterfly08/17 LadyGeek
21tIRA vs. 401k Contribution Limits. WHY so different?2013 shaboob08/17 LadyGeek
19tVanguard S&P 500 funds08/05 Osp6208/17 Jay Wiser
10cSales Tax Calculation when Buying Online08/13 LuigiLikesPizza08/17 PVW
11tTwo nice charts on default and duration risk08/15 jbolden151708/17 jbolden1517
1hHow to best invest ESOP distribution08/16 bzegil08/17 FiveK
13hBackdoor Roth or am I stuck08/17 soccerrules08/17 DSInvestor
7pRSU taxes08/17 new2bogle08/17 new2bogle
66cFree Reading07/27 Earl Lemongrab08/17 sreynard
19hWhich Audible book for Mom to convince her to get away from Raymond James08/14 cashmoney08/17 Vanguard Fan 13
31hwhat % of international stock08/16 looking08/17 nedsaid
6cSuggestions for online tool for organizing an event?08/17 Saving$08/17 aeneas
1pSocial Security payout dependencies08/17 skor9908/17 mhalley
3hbrokerage accounts08/17 rogers-SNK08/17 student
1tWhere can I Put Govt. Annuity08/17 800mChamp08/17 nedsaid
13hInherited Bond - Should I sell?08/15 bogle201308/17 jhfenton
22hQuicken question: How to convert to admiral shares?2010 Gort08/17 Not a techie
8hRoth IRA Advice08/17 droark2308/17 ruralavalon
6cHSA: School Me08/17 ddurrett89608/17 mhalley
36hCalifornia - clarification on taxes08/16 JustinR08/17 Artsdoctor
38hPlease Review my Portfolio - recommendations for selections and rebalancing?08/06 ASpenderInRecov08/17 ASpenderInRecov
8hBeam 2-4% APY08/17 BogleMelon08/17 lazyday
2pScorp 401k Employer Match on Guaraunteed Payments08/17 dissonance08/17 Spirit Rider
16tVanguards online fraud policy - remember username -iPhone App?08/13 Osp6208/17 Earl Lemongrab
88cPostal Service -- "informed delivery"08/15 catdude08/17 bertilak
1htransferring funds from managed account08/17 pepper4208/17 aristotelian
42pDonor advised fund at Vanguard or elsewhere?08/09 daveydoo08/17 Artsdoctor
103tNew Dividends Appreciation data series - backtesting08/09 siamond08/17 Theoretical
5hBond Home Bias vs whatever else08/15 martinlarosa08/17 martinlarosa
66hNon-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?2014 DXB08/17 Hyperborea
11cHome security system08/10 Triple digit go08/17 monkey_business
5hNEW at investing, looking for advice (35K)08/16 Berkeley81808/17 Berkeley818
3hSeveral questions from a novice investor08/14 Conaway208/17 Conaway2
27hBond Fund in Taxable... ok for me?08/16 Hiwatter08/17 patrick013
18hHelp with Next Steps: How to manage investing with various goals07/05 Grahamhead08/17 Grahamhead
22cBest place to find jobs and how to know the pay/benefits before applying?08/16 Derivative08/17 metrunt
17hVanguard Portfolio for 24 year old08/14 legendor08/17 SheReadsHere719
8hExit Strategy from Northwest Mutual Advisor08/16 HosedByNWM08/17 metrunt
3hNew to Investing08/17 mountainman8908/17 pkcrafter
3cPut Mom Up In Hotel?08/17 DomDangelina08/17 prudent
6hETFs for Roth account?08/15 nikon123408/17 WhiteMaxima
6hPortfolio Review and Advice08/15 All_About_Benji08/17 All_About_Benji
79pAre we house poor? [Property Tax Madness]08/04 Numa08/17 Kuznec
14hVariable Annuities for 62 Y/O08/16 boglebob300008/17 David Jay
13h401K Fund Choice Guidance08/15 LEB123008/17 goingup
6pCapitalOne360 No More Living Trust Option for New Accounts05/04 laidback_and_re08/17 Husker_in_KC
16pModel Home Purchase/Leaseback08/12 Thrift Shop08/17 HoosierJim
6hEdward Jones to Vanguard Transfer08/16 alred1308/17 alixx99
55tVanguard Government Bond Index Funds changing names and indices (dropping agency bonds)08/08 jhfenton08/17 lazyday
0pLong-term Disability Insurance Policy Not Cancel-able?08/17 mutable6spew 
41hMunis at Fidelity: FTABX or VTEB?07/31 Cash08/17 flyersrule
27pHow can I keep track of my monthly spendings?08/16 surfer94908/17 pezblanco
33tInternational correlations hit 20 year low07/26 AlohaJoe08/17 Johnnie
14cShould I put other jobs on my resume?08/16 Derivative08/17 KlangFool
11pHelp with mortgage rates-closing soon!08/16 omega08/17 sunny_socal
54cDo you plan to ditch your laptop in travel soon?08/09 flyingaway08/17 takeshi
57pHow does personal wealth affect job hunting?08/12 KlangFool08/17 clutchied
16pDo I Need a Trust? (for single, no children, beneficiaries, etc.)08/14 Zonian5908/17 Husker_in_KC
19pLife insurance policy on toddler08/14 jcavana108/17 Jack FFR1846
0hBuy a put option for insurance08/17 Always passive 
57cBest Housing To Avoid Noise08/14 heybro08/17 Call_Me_Op
24hTSP Loan vs Credit union Loan08/15 DaddyTheInvesto08/17 retiredjg
124cReplace car battery after X years or wait till it dies?09/26 fsrph08/17 Chip
45cWhat kind of hotel do you get on business travel?08/15 miamivice08/17 fillary
16cWanting to learn how to play Bridge08/09 bliksem5508/17 fillary
7hTax advantaged [pension] plan advantageous in Belgium?06/11 BeBH6508/17 ignition
8tArticle: Investing "insurance" (puts) vs. balanced portfolio08/13 timmy08/17 timmy
35pDue to 8 Year Bull Market, Pay Off Rental Now?08/13 quietgrit08/17 timmy
96cLED light bulbs08/02 ediekrager08/17 Valuethinker
6h€ 20,000-portfolio-idea - reasonable or not?08/15 dillastarr08/17 in_reality
9hLooking for advise on Roth IRA [impact of contributing when ineligible]08/16 sbj198108/17 celia
74hplease I overextended - first home08/15 jezo08/17 junior
5hHow am I doing?08/16 tmslcs5250108/17 JBTX
0hOn H1 Visa and first time investment in US08/17 Tcs 
35tDumb, basic question about market-cap weighted funds?08/15 DrCheap08/17 pkcrafter
1hStartup Investing from IRA Accounts (e.g. Roth)08/16 boglebob300008/17 FiveK
2hRebalancing portfolio08/16 ratpacker0508/16 mega317
25tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?06/01 Mel Lindauer08/16 VictoriaF
5cBest Garment Bag for flights08/16 jpa08/16 mega317
111pPlan for making child pay for part of college08/14 caseynshan08/16 Doom&Gloom
5hNovice needing help08/15 skhalil08/16 Watty
4cIntellectual Life - Habits of Mind08/11 kayanco08/16 kayanco
6cHome Addition-Managing Payouts to Contractor08/15 davebo08/16 davebo
159tSocial Security for Millennials04/03 Rainmaker4108/16 willthrill81
4hRMDs08/16 diyinvestor08/16 Watty
2hInvestment Vehicle to Help Stay on Track08/16 Sammy122408/16 Watty
32cBackup of Sensitive Information08/12 AAA08/16 weltschmerz
45cWhat home task(s) are worth learning to do yourself?08/12 LandOLakes08/16 JBTX
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