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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1412 new posts and replies over 195 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
1hVanguard Target Retirement Income Select02:16 Wings505:14 Barry Barnitz
1cAnyone use KUBRA EZ-PAY08:01 SimonJester04:59 Carl53
19pAt age 66, should let my $1MM life insurance policy lapse?12:30 Small Law Survi04:51 Carl53
10pSigh...I'm ready for am I doing?21:15 Kencufc04:46 Chip
141pWhat to do when a parent's money runs out?2013 McCharley04:41 wassabi
24tVanguard Announces Plans To Launch Total Corporate Bond ETF08/22 MFInvestor04:26 Barry Barnitz
32pLooking for a house around San Jose, CA07/17 dacalo04:10 madbrain
14cMiles Davis: Kind of Blue - Question for Jazz experts20:41 angelescrest03:56 vtMaps
6hNewbie to mutual funds, time to divest out of RE?08/22 WanderingDoc03:32 Fishing50
19hMargin noob question08/22 shcnno03:10 msk
38c2018 Merc S560, 2018 Lexus LS500 Discounts?08/20 msk02:55 msk
6pstarting private practice- Need advice06:08 ValM02:49 ValM
17hQuestions?? Need progress with AA08/16 tyjy02:18 Fishing50
3823tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill02:17 zenon
29p"I'm Bill Bengen, and I first proposed the 4% safe withdrawal rate in 1994. Ask me anything!"08/23 DVMResident02:14 ray.james
71tJapanese Bubble Burst 198908/19 matthewmatt02:05 nedsaid
2hIRA contributions by non-US taxpayers22:48 ForeignInvestor02:05 celia
108tNew Dividends Appreciation data series - backtesting08/09 siamond02:04 nedsaid
3pTaking over father's medical practice2016 neopsych1201:41 solobuildingblo
95pCan we/should we afford a $2M house?06/23 Salmon01:32 inbox788
4h401k fidelity fund allocation w/ fund list link08/13 FrailRetail01:22 FrailRetail
79tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 Simplegift01:18 Simplegift
31cCrashplan for Home ending service late 201808/22 Ice-900:57 Mudpuppy
5pLiving Expenses - what's "reasonable"?23:33 RetiredMule00:56 RetiredMule
48cEclipse Traffic: predictions vs reality?08/22 ResearchMed00:56 letsgobobby
7pEmployer reimbursement for plugin hybrid charge cost?14:06 Gamma Ray00:53 miamivice
1hCash-out Refi on Free and Clear Rental Property -> Stock Market00:25 clippersfan7900:49 WanderingDoc
32pI did it and feel great about it (paid off mortgage)08/22 Steven in NC00:48 RetiredMule
83cNon-fiction bucket list08/17 Nectarineman00:48 azurekep
21hStocks On Sale - What do you buy?10:14 flyersrule00:41 protagonist
65pSchool Redistricting - What should we do?08/21 navierstokes00:16 daveydoo
8pWidow's Social Security Benefit08/22 tomd3700:15 MrTimewise
4hIUSB vs BND11:31 AkwardDoct@rd00:06 stlutz
27cTrip to Banff / Lake Louise / other places08/12 Rob5TCP00:01 cantos
15pTransferring Work Locations - Cost of Living Decrease?08/21 BeneIRA23:58 AlohaJoe
6pBuying property in France19:48 GraduateStudent23:50 wjo
35cLowes vs Home Depot08/22 squirm23:45 RCL
30cExperience finding gas pump card skimmer?12:34 dm20023:38 investor997
114tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox23:37 mnaspbh
11tAccount balances over $250,00016:21 make_a_better_w23:32 gpburdell
10hmoving myself and wife to Vanguard [how?]08/18 Grackulah23:13 Grackulah
3h28 y/o, New Member, Next Steps?14:42 thattallguy23:13 mega317
19pWhat should the savings be for an average professional19:32 skor9923:05 Artsdoctor
51hAre US S&P 500 Index funds speculative investments?08/22 JBTX22:59 JBTX
45pWhy do we consider cash flow from rentals but not our own homes?08/22 mbasherp22:59 White Coat Inve
1tVanguard's Proposed REIT Index Fund Change22:53 BBBob22:58 White Coat Inve
36cHow do you watch movies? (Theater, online streaming, DVD, etc.)08/20 OkieIndexer22:55 MJW
26tTotal World (VT, VTWSX) Tilt? Simplicity...08/21 spdoublebass22:52 pascalwager
0pstopped check / holder in due course22:49 random_walker_7 
13pRetirement anxiety- emotionally and financially19:21 Icecakes22:49 Watty
2hSelecting from limited 401k investment options16:26 hiker1722:44 Watty
22tUnrated municipal bonds08/20 jbolden151722:44 jbolden1517
4hBond ETF13:57 iThinkso22:38 TropikThunder
40tMike Piper and CDs08/21 hoops77722:37 hoops777
523cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson22:35 dvmmph
4hSeverance and 401K Help20:46 tryinghard22:33 Watty
4pJust married - Still contribute to Roth 401k?20:36 fuzzball22:26 Finance-MD
4pIs a Major House Remodel Worth It?21:31 NEDriller22:20 FraggleRock
17hIs anybody using BND as a way to park cash?19:15 Christian NY22:14 JBTX
9hHelp Me Plan My Retirement08/22 Smartinvested22:06 teen persuasion
7hRacking my brain over my Roth IRA19:10 fabis22:06 JBTX
38hAdjusting AA as retirement nears08/20 Barefootgirl21:58 marcopolo
17cWhere to stash your emergency fund08/22 fiverus21:57 Kencufc
17cUsed True SUV recommendations08/22 ThankYouJack21:52 Kencufc
46pChipping away at the mortgage07/20 bbrock21:51 bbrock
11pSave on tight budget17:07 carguy199321:50 willthrill81
8hOpinions on emergency fund/cash options14:40 NoVaBlue21:43 willthrill81
3tVanguard marked down their Uber investment. Which fund holds it?08/23 drk21:39 drk
24pWhen have you achieved financial independence?08/22 irishnick2321:34 unclescrooge
12hHow to Calculate Employer's Match Towards Total Goal10:30 QuestionEveryth21:29 House Blend
36tDumb, basic question about market-cap weighted funds?08/15 DrCheap21:16 DrCheap
93cSafe car for wife and baby08/20 Triple digit go21:16 knick17
20cBest place to sell my used iPhone?08/19 motorcyclesarec21:14 knick17
5c"Verizon Up" rewards program - any insight?12:46 DaftInvestor21:05 finite_differen
22h$1000/month: Mortgage vs. Market vs. Other08/21 boglefin21:00 boglefin
243cHow far would you travel to see The Eclipse?08/11 weltschmerz20:47 Nicolas
3hHelp with Empower Investment Options!17:05 NewMDinvestor20:46 petulant
61cEclipse viewing12/06 Bfwolf20:46 Kenkat
7hPortfolio Review Request - Need Help!08/19 tmslcs5250120:43 tmslcs52501
7hRetirement is Coming - Do my 3-Fund portfolios make any sense?17:54 riDINGti20:38 Taylor Larimore
15hTaxable Retirement Account2015 Power20:38 grabiner
2lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter08/20 RetiredMarine20:29 bikechuck
14hBond substitutes ?10:13 shuresm7b120:28 itstoomuch
45h33 years old, how am I doing ?08/21 Jaferd20:22 gloss151
31cDraperies or Honey Comb Shades/Blinds?08/18 CountryBoy20:05 CountryBoy
11tVanguard changed their way of computing PE ratios08/22 siamond19:41 siamond
47hWhat do you do with RMD money you don't need?08/22 nbseer19:40 dbr
17c3% credit card fee vs wiring from B of A10:53 sil201719:33 dbr
36cCheapest way to upgrade iPhones ?08/12 sixtyforty19:27 ShoogyBee
54tRoth vs Traditional07/27 Brantley19:26 willthrill81
2054pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy19:15 DrGoogle2017
6h401k roth in-plan conversions08/21 new2bogle19:02 Alan S.
37pOverextended in Bay Area housing?08/21 Poppy123418:58 Ron Ronnerson
6pNeeded Product: Non-health insurance for children?08/22 Rayandron18:58 Grt2bOutdoors
9hVanguard Paperwork08/21 littleislander18:52 DrDexter
28hEdward Jones, American Funds, Fiduciary Rule changes06/06 pollywog7518:40 BL
13pHow to get power of attorney08/21 brian646418:34 dbr
6cComputer Backup Software With Accompanying External Drive15:06 ubermax18:31 WoodSpinner
21pCFP vs MBA with focus in finance/management during career transition08/19 OSUmountaineer18:31 inittowinit
7hParking cash for a home14:46 Jim12717:49 mega317
2880cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:43 DrGoogle2017
7hInherited IRA: segregate accounts from different sources?14:29 juliewongferra17:34 dodecahedron
11tWash rule, ETFs and index funds08/23 billthecat17:30 iceport
4hReduce future RMD before 70 1/210:59 WhiteMaxima17:29 2pedals
152pJobs that pay over $100,00008/18 indexonlyplease17:20 inbox788
4hDeciding what to do about tax exempt fund in California, specifically VCAIX at Schwab.13:02 Luckywon17:18 Cyclesafe
7pPersonal Loan to Repay 401k loan upon separation?08:49 kjvmartin17:15 kjvmartin
8cCredit Card for Student with no credit history13:46 DaftInvestor17:14 3feetpete
18pSharing information with insurance agents.08/23 pkempfur17:04 Artful Dodger
48hWhat is the portfolio role of a leveraged bond fund like PONDX?07/26 GaryA50517:00 retiredjg
6cTesla 3 Safety vs _______06:49 ThankYouJack16:59 ThankYouJack
19h1M USD net worth, 60K USD annual expenses [UK]08/20 Oscar197016:58 Valuethinker
5pRetirement plan for someone with no 401k08/23 jackal16:56 BL
23tGreat Depression Videos on You Tube08/22 stemikger16:45 arcticpineapple
19pFinding Life Insurance for "High-Risk" Mother08/21 DireStraits16:37 InMyDreams
26pAccidental Injury: Health Insurance definition08/21 delamer16:30 finite_differen
11tTaxable vs Tax-advantaged - Fees/Turnover/Etc.10:15 jbsmith0516:28 goingup
9tCertified Financial Planner experience for biz cash08/08 bogleviewer16:25 bogleviewer
30tLarry Swedroe: Wait & You'll Likely Miss Out08/23 Random Walker16:24 heyyou
36pbest credit card for airline mile2013 Kersten16:20 DrGoogle2017
250tI'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom2016 grap001316:08 DrGoogle2017
2hBrokerage Account08/22 Hep6915:56 Hep69
5hNext step for new boglehead08/22 lgpaul15:54 lgpaul
46cT-Mobile promotion for 55+08/08 student15:44 LSLover
4tNY 529 plan - fee reduction, glide path options, increased account maximum and other changes08/22 nyclon15:28 LadyGeek
2cDual Citizenship (USA/Portugal); Obtaining a Portuguese Passport14:54 Strider15:25 jjbiv
24cLibreOffice08/07 MidwestMike15:20 Chuck
8hAm I okay with my Vanguard Selections (after 2 years) & New 403B08/22 AKBTX1415:17 Duckie
35hDan Wiener Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors2013 BogleBabe10121114:53 Orpheus
11cHelp Painting Wood.08/19 emanuel_v1914:49 t60
8hPre and post tax tIRA08/22 miainvest14:40 retiredjg
409fForum software upgrade bug reports and change requests2015 Alex Frakt14:39 retiredjg
7tTilt away from one's home country slightly06:56 kehyler14:39 smesman
5tAQR seeks to offer ETFs12:46 Ever Ready14:33 robertmcd
11tLarry Swedroe: Alternative Lending Has Many Benefits08/21 Random Walker14:28 nedsaid
22canimal stuck in dryer vent?08/21 seashell14:21 inbox788
44cCan you recommend a good mouse trap?08/22 seashell14:17 seashell
12h26 years old, strategy help, need some wisdom08/22 comeonyouspurs14:08 comeonyouspurs
61hMy girlfriend and her 401K, need to give her advice04/26 Michael Alden14:04 VaR
22pLeasing a vehicle08/13 Gamma Ray14:03 Gamma Ray
0hRollover pre-tax portion of old 401k to old Self Employed 401k14:00 mikejomike 
8pMountain America CU IRA CDs?08/07 VictoriaF13:56 VictoriaF
3pQuestion on 401(k) rollover/ Backdoor Roth11:08 erikill13:54 Alan S.
23hSeeking Advice on Simplifying Large Taxable Retirement Portfolio08/20 grilli13:44 grilli
11pQuarterly Taxes - Best resources or just hire a CPA?08/22 dingdongditch13:28 FactualFran
17hFinancing new home purchase08/22 chappie9913:17 inbox788
34cABS light, and OBD II scanners.....UPDATE08/16 Broken Man 199912:57 Broken Man 1999
9hScary times.. not really. Rebalance recommendations?08/21 Mardoc0112:56 Tamalak
3tTarget Date Funds, Rebalancing, and Bear Markets08:46 travelogue12:53 totality
114pPlease explain how Medicare Billing works? Update06/04 Lynette12:52 toofache32
3hRetiree portfolio - Should I move more $ into bonds?10:30 charleshugh12:51 bigred77
22cReturning / Exchanging purchased items ?08/22 JohnFiscal12:45 pshonore
2pCan I over contribute intentionally to receive match?08/23 engineer428612:39 runner3081
4tCan i open multiple treasury direct accounts10:52 BogleMelon12:35 BogleMelon
25cPossible January trip to Naples, Italy / Amalfi Coast08/20 rjbraun12:22 rjbraun
14pPaying for college with 529 money05:36 miamivice12:21 3feetpete
9hWhat to do in 401K when S&P500 Index Fund is the only decent fund?08:54 SimonJester12:00 JW-Retired
24pHelp with trust / spendthrift in-law08/18 pakcer11:37 MDfive21
53cWeightlifting Equipment for Home Gym08/19 Alexa911:33 TarHeel2002
38pFinance Q for those that have gone through Divorce07/14 Labrat11:30 chevca
4hScwhab 401k allocation07:14 bip210111:17 ruralavalon
54fHome Page Updated08/18 LadyGeek11:00 finite_differen
25pPension Survivor Benefit or Life Insurance -teenage daughter08/16 sheriffwoody10:57 sheriffwoody
1hHow to add a Roth Option to an Vg Individual 401K?08/21 tadamsmar10:47 tadamsmar
3pHow much house w/ large nestegg and uncertain business08/22 mrbanana10:40 Pajamas
1pWA Unemployment and Earning Income for an LLC08/22 midnightgem10:31 JGoneRiding
5hNewbie question.... calculating ER?08:52 vaught10:29 cas
158pBest HSA (2017)01/02 rgurmankin10:26 dissonance
17pPension question: purchase 0.35 yrs of previous service?08/17 sighchological10:16 go140point6
14cDo I have a computer virus?08/18 bb20110:11 Rupert
24pBeneficiaries/TOD for Vanguard Joint Account04/03 deeppizza10:10 DrGoogle2017
81cWould you hire an obese nanny?07:28 coalcracker10:05 prudent
4cGoogle vs Bing for headline news08/22 squirm09:54 JohnFiscal
2hAdvice for buying (or not buying) a house?08:46 cap198409:46 cap1984
3pCollege and Financial Literacy09:30 Grt2bOutdoors09:42 DaftInvestor
6pCompany Stock Strategy vs. Student Loans08/22 mirage128709:41 Wagnerjb
2hTransferring ROTH from AF (through NMIS) to a low-ER broker08/16 bsigmund9009:40 bsigmund90
5cPE Continuing Education08/22 cheerful runner09:37 F150HD
7tLarry Swedroe: 7 Reasons Why Advisors Should Use Bond Ladders08/21 Random Walker09:33 grok87
3cWindows 10 Dialup Modem08:49 billw09:33 F150HD
2tHSA hypothetical, separate HDHPs contribute family limit to just to one HSA?06:51 kehyler09:26 Spirit Rider
14pRequesting thoughts on the current "plan"08/22 klaviernista09:25 klaviernista
21cDirecTV vs. Dish vs. Cable08/22 heybro09:20 bertilak
13pis yodlee moneycenter dead?08/19 guarana09:17 JordanIB
31cRental car booted for prior unpaid parking tickets08/21 ResearchMed08:26 ResearchMed
23cDo you have to paint stucco?08/22 unclescrooge08:16 SimonJester
3hAnother Portfolio Review08/22 eastlansingspar07:59 eastlansingspar
17hWhich loan to pay off?08/21 AkwardDoct@rd07:50 lepa71
17tCase for Investing at Peaks08/22 csm1407:44 rkhusky
0hGoogle Finance Slow At Returning #'s07:37 renue74 
33cipad or tablet for hospital?08/14 Merrilee07:25 mouses
7pSpend down plan for mom and dad - help needed08/22 PlayingLife07:05 carolinaman
5h403(b)/457 Provider Options08/22 Nev06:53 A440
8hPONDX asset allocation a negative % for cash?07/17 CenTexan06:49 Valuethinker
106cBest place (with warm weather) to raise children2014 ThankYouJack06:34 aristotelian

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