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1t Vanguard's old "free" TurboTax. Was it really free?  21:53Brad121:57123
11h newly acquired portfolio feedback  01/15soldano21:54aristotelian
50h So, I'm going to gamble (for fun) and buy some individual stocks. Best way?  page: 200:01TheBogleWay21:54whodidntante
6c Stymied by my High Deductible policy, HAS, and the American medical system.  17:03chinto21:53brad.clarkston
30t Junior and Senior Financial Independence  16:19Leesbro6321:53ClevrChico
5h Help with allocating debt vs investing with increase in pay  18:12JB201321:52aristotelian
4h Portfolio help-rebalancing advice needed  01/09todd128921:49lazylarry
3p Any drawbacks contributing to a ROTH if you are low income?  20:58fognyc21:47obafgkm
15h Please help me [Transfer IRA]  18:07Deb1921:43kenner
1h Check up and contribution/portfolio advice  09:31mopman7821:43lazylarry
132t Shouldn't everyone do a traditional IRA/401k instead of a Roth?  page: 2 301/13JustinR21:43Silence Dogood
2066c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 422014Alex Frakt21:40Thrifty Femme
31h When is a 401k not worth it?  14:56cheeseroc21:39TigerNest
40c How to improve my income as software lead/manager?  12/22ghudson21:39ghudson
11c Medicare insurance premium AND payroll tax ?  01/16JohnFiscal21:37ralph124cf
11c Subaru + Mazda  18:02indexaway21:36sport
0p 1098-E and Massachusetts Deduction Tax Question  21:35bgoodrich86  
30p Payflex HSA (via Aetna HDHP at FEHB) - New Vanguard Fund Options  06/07earlgrey21:33inbox788
3c Wireless Surveillance Camera System Recommendation  18:01ByThePond21:30ralph124cf
6h Roth IRA question  00:33PloPlop1121:28nps
14h Taxable, in Fidelity, Total Stock Market Index Mutual Fund or ETF better for the long run ?  13:27LiveSimple21:26radiowave
40c How High is Your TV?  01/15maxq21:26finite_differen
1125t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232015Yesterdaysnews21:24Angst
1p Excess contribution to Roth IRA, advise please  16:51Young Fellow21:20Alan S.
152t "Millennials may need to double how much they save for retirement"  page: 2 3 401/13Rainmaker4121:20student
23p Auto insurance Premium too High?  01/16FastlaneHTX21:14finite_differen
16h Help with AA/market cap mix for 403b  22:08dave98721:12livesoft
2h Staging next year's Roth in Taxable  20:30n00b21:09avalpert
85p Why nobody understands importance of high-deductible insurance?  page: 201/15knightrider21:08madbrain
14h Windfall Advice for a Taxable Account  01/16jamie24621:08radiowave
9t Deciding on types of bonds is harder than stocks!  11:42simplesauce21:05galeno
6c Anyone rent toys?  15:21ThankYouJack21:05Raymond
6h High-fee 403(b) or Roth IRA?  01/14MosEra21:03MosEra
20c Found! [What to do with old books]  01/16grandmacassie21:00RudyS
2h Why would you have a lower rate of return on VMRGX  20:46260chrisb21:00260chrisb
3p Student Loan Refinance Repayment Options  18:06chiseller20:59Compound
3t Brokers hit $1M revenue milestone  12:50leod20:58Nearing_Destina
36p Let's say you are dying this year  01/13letsgobobby20:57letsgobobby
16c Credit Collection help needed  01/16scotgirl10020:54grabiner
14c Iowa Steak Company  14:21wow!howmuch?20:50Steven in NC
34c truck prices  01/10bbees20:48Barefoot
5h Nearing retirement and looking for allocation/general advice  01/16LilyGator20:44Taylor Larimore
5t Investing Down Payment  01/16boygadget20:38grabiner
46h Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund Review  10/10rattlenap20:35Snowjob
13h 45 yr old Newbie starting late in the game. Please Help!  16:02MultiMillion$20:35aristotelian
4h Approximating total international using I Fund  16:07nps20:30nps
170c How much do you typically spend in a restaurant?  page: 2 3 401/12vveat20:29traveler90
9t Spending HSA money versus other  11:21rambleonrosenso20:28grabiner
4p Tax question about car loan  01:37kiddoc20:27Gill
10h Option to Transfer Over my 401k to a Self Directed Account through TD Ameritrade  14:06LFKB20:25dbr
5h Just Married: Consolidate and Simplify AA  01/14rl320:25rl3
2t An index isn't an index isn't an index...  17:22siamond20:25grabiner
1p Discount Code for TaxAct?  14:53A44020:24maxq
1h Roth IRA Recharacterization  07:33BlueberryYogurt20:24Duckie
7t Bill Sharpe's preferred portfolio  01/09Quark20:23badbreath
4h Fund Overlap  19:09MrFlish20:21MrFlish
344c What are Costco's best deals?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72015mr_scaramanga20:17WallStreetPhysi
25h Loaning $$$ to Vendor  09:43jim_0320:15Grt2bOutdoors
73c Coach bag for wife - how to buy  page: 212/19sunny_socal20:13LarryAllen
74h 500K milestone celebration  page: 201/05Streptococcus20:10MrNewEngland
14h Strategies for cash distribution in retirement  01/06noupdjm20:08noupdjm
8h Short and Intermediate Term Bond Funds  01/16victorb20:08jhfenton
39c Basic question on Hybrid cars  01/16dm20020:08stlutz
24t Help with Retirement Projection Assumptions  01/12accbh20:00accbh
58c Volunteering Ideas  page: 22012nirvines8819:57btenny
14h Help me decide if I should Invest or Payoff Loans?  01/11line1260skr19:53grabiner
5t Please explain TIPS to me  17:31bligh19:53bligh
2t Wellesley bond holdings?  17:58columbia19:50lack_ey
24h Condo rental question  12/12BashDash19:46BashDash
42p Vanguard vs. Fidelity [Customer Service Reputation]  01/14nbseer19:45soc2003
17c Heavy duty cordless drill/hammerdrill recommendation  01/16jmndu9919:42ddurrett896
5h Question re "house fund" in a high tax bracket  11:04themesrob19:41themesrob
62t Flagship Reps  page: 201/14Bonnan19:40yukonjack
3p Buying new construction, looking for feedback  12:12rustyshakelford19:37staythecourse
7h New To Investing- Switching from Betterment to Vanguard  16:44Greaterundersta19:37Taylor Larimore
100p What monetary value has your education provided you?  page: 2 301/06miamivice19:32bubbadog
10p Tax forms for newly opened brokerage account  17:35pasadena19:31acanthurus
2h When to Convert Multiple IRA to Roths? Before or after retiring?  18:30slipp122919:25slipp1229
5h Help me choose a 457 provider?  09:12TomatoBoy19:21patrick
1p Money Market Liquidity  19:10DEZ119:20Toons
15p Solo 401k  03:25drmoneytails19:20GeraniumLover
30p How variable is your total income (5 year history)?  03/13betterfinances19:16ClevrChico
182p Annual Vacation Budget  page: 2 3 401/06pop7719:15MrNewEngland
2h Advice for limited bond fund options in 401k  14:25skibumdoc19:13skibumdoc
18c Treasury Direct Account Locked  01/16Call_Me_Op19:05Quark
4t Replicating Index with Individual Stocks vs Index Fund  18:38analogsavior19:02livesoft
21h Best use of HSA funds  01/08Todash1919:01Yohanson
17t Short Term TIPS in retirement portfolio  22:06Fundhunter19:00Fundhunter
5h New Boglehead - Portfolio Advice Please  11:15samiam4418:58gclancer
8h Investing at times of job insecurity/unemployment  09:44mindenhk18:50KlangFool
18c Quality Shears/Scissors; General Purpose/Kitchen  01/11leonard18:49nordsteve
8c Reflectors to reflect only tail lights  17:37runner918:48curmudgeon
33p Disheartening to hear this about Vanguard  01/16Rajsx18:44Bob Alou
15h Backdoor Roth IRA Tax problem, please help!  01/07skidoc18:43skidoc
26c Biting the bullet and getting off the roof.  01/16Woodshark18:42jfn111
5h Help - Portfolio rebalance, protecting market gains  01/16Indy201718:42Duckie
25c Durable photo printer ?  01/16madbrain18:29sunny_socal
50p Home renovation funding  page: 22015skteam18:29Nearly A Moose
48c France or Switzerland  12/28davidsorensen3218:24VictoriaF
19c Where to get HID (Xenon) kit?  01/15BogleMelon18:21Jack FFR1846
3p Updating our wills  16:36209south18:20Capsu78
8h Vanguard Tax Exempt Bonds  01/07Gatewood18:15BrandonBogle
29h Should Bond Funds be Considered a Fixed Income Investment?  01/16maniminto18:08Geologist
22t Target Date Fund - Retirement Years  01/16ebrasmus2118:08Capsu78
57h My co-worker boasting about his investments. What do you think about his selections?  page: 223:44rhodnius18:07pkcrafter
22c Vacationing in Florida (Advice Requested)  01/16awizard17:59happyisland
257t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 5 611/10Taylor Larimore17:54ruralavalon
1h Saturna HSA Fees  07/17Thrifty Femme17:54The529guy
40p If I decide to overpay on mortgage payment  01/16nakedbird22617:53ljwobker
6h Catch-up contributions at age 50 - in year of turning 50?  17:29DaftInvestor17:51triceratop
27p Saving rater after becoming father  01/16mushyyy17:42aceoperations
99t Investing only after a market correction  page: 201/12gilgamesh17:41gilgamesh
3h improperly administered SIMPLE IRA: who is responsible?  12:57Dave8117:38krow36
7h Finally awoke - Please help!  01/16s6ZS7s17:35Duckie
55h How to allocate 3-6 million in assets to achieve goals?  page: 201/11Sandtrap17:31Sandtrap
29p S Corp payroll co for single owner/employee?  01/04Cardio17:28Atgard
245t Whats your number to walk away?  page: 2 3 4 501/02SpartanBull17:20Take_Five
27t Google finance performance comparison tool  2015Baltimoran8417:09siamond
16h Best index fund that covers global stocks? [Euro investor]  01/04nunosbpereira17:09triceratop
58h Head in the sand too long...just getting started...  page: 207/30kiva2217:05kiva22
10p Tax implications of marriage for Self employed (1099) marrying an employee (W2)  01/11jaypee16:47jaypee
54p Vanguard on finding a dead person's password  page: 201/15tadamsmar16:44tadamsmar
288p Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 4 5 62012BigFoot4816:34BigFoot48
6h Alternative investments to prepaying Mortgage  01/16SlowMovingInves16:28jafcorrea
2p TAX QUESTION: Turning a 401k into a Traditional IRA  12:10The RAT 81016:28Katietsu
84p Turbo Tax 2016 purchase source  page: 211/11nonnie16:20Loik098
7p Pay down mortgage or leave in ROTH IRA  01/15warowits16:19warowits
20p Retiring - "not subject to tax" 401K funds  01/14diy6016:18retiredjg
2h New Year, New Job, New Plan  01/16NeurNto16:17ruralavalon
1275t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 262014InvestorNewb16:13ray.james
17t Do you manually do bookkeeping for all your investments by yourself?  01/15JustinR16:10BrandonBogle
7h Suggestions for my portfolio [Italy Investor]  01/15Seboz16:08TedSwippet
15c Refinancing 2017 Honda Civic. Honda Financial services added $75 to my loan.  01/16Derivative16:06Ged
29c Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker? (or similar)  01/15Barefootgirl16:00inbox788
10h Portfolio Review - Help needed!  01/13goran15:52goran
2h Consolidate under Fidelity Brokerage?  14:44lucky315:47AlwaysaQ
1h VA: Axa Accumulator to keep or not?  01/16detboy15:43nedsaid
2h Placing loan in self directed IRA  15:20msa615:42bsteiner
1t Should you be worried about losing money in bonds?  15:34CULater15:39livesoft
3h Bought I-Bonds already this year, any way to undo?  14:26Morik15:29bligh
38p Tracking our expenses  2013Offshore15:28Oriolesfan
18h case study- roth 403b, roth, ira, taxable, investing priorities?  01/15dandypandys15:21FiveK
7h 401K Allocation  01/13ame15:07ruralavalon
15h Help Me, I'm Swiss: Diversifying Portfolio to non-US  01/10NexusGVA15:03ATope
7h Higher Vs. Lower Fees  14:10samta0915:02swl
16p Interviewing Candidates That Will Be Your Boss  01/16cannondale15:01SteelyEyed
8p Need to terminate solo 401(k)?  12/21hkcj14:59hkcj
11h Retirement Amount needed for retiring this year  00:20abjo14:59Kingtriton10
22h When to annuitize?  01/15samjuno14:55HomerJ
19p Thoughts on buying a house from a colleague  01/16athan14:47Jack FFR1846
123p Fidelity free Turbotax  page: 2 311/23Hayden14:46gpburdell
11h Put all your eggs in the market?  08:07WestTechsan14:34Jack FFR1846
11h Advice on dividend reinvestment and tax-loss harvesting  01/15Calygos14:28House Blend
22t FED Raises Rates - Sky Falls! Bond Prices are UP!  12/14Grt2bOutdoors14:15livesoft
8p Is Insurance Rebate Taxable?  11:07Call_Me_Op14:14ralph124cf
38p Is the housing market like stocks? When do you think prices fall again?  01/16JustinR14:11riverguy
10c Replacement floor mats for Infiniti M37  01/16Cruise14:03stupidkid
188l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 42010niteowls14:00Miriam2
4p Recharacterizing a Roth Conversion  12:53kate123413:59House Blend
10p Forming a new company (LLC?)  01/15iridium_red13:58SouthernCPA
14h Buying BND vs. Paying Down HELOC  01/16delrinson13:50delrinson
11h helping a friend .. 401k and roth IRA question  01/16jafcorrea13:47jafcorrea
11h Should I contribute to tiny (part-time job) 401(k)?  01/16meaghansketch13:36meaghansketch
5p HDHP switch? Feedback appreciated  10:23My2Cents13:27an_asker
91t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 201/13duffer13:27CULater
3p Vanguard as trustee  01/16RandomPointer13:24CABob
29t 3 Vanguard Funds That Are Taking on Water  01/15davidkw13:22Jiu Jitsu Fight
8h Beginner ?s 401k and Investing  01/14racetech13:21aristotelian
12p IRS estimated payment - be careful of due date if paying online  01/16MrsRoos13:19redhotlama
11h Helping family member with taxable account  01/16secondedition13:18bdpb
109t my review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage  page: 2 32014Easy Rhino13:12cookymonster
6t Y2k retiree how is s/he holding up after 2016  01/12AlohaBill13:10k66
3p Incorrect address on 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement  11:57verbose13:08verbose
53p FAFSA for High Net Worth Parents?  page: 201/13gasdoc12:50NotWhoYouThink
2h Rebalancing across multiple IRAs  08:20yasvish12:28Dick D
3p Opened Dependent HSA by accident  01/12Tivolijake12:19Tivolijake
56c Insurance company "outdoor steps need a railing"  page: 22015TheGreyingDuke12:11P&C actuary
11h Friend is accidentally in Roth phase-out  01/14Clever_Username12:10Alan S.
20h 28yr old newbie playing catch up  01/15wanderwoman12:07sharpjm
44c Upgrade or just buy new? [Computer]  01/14lucky312:01rec7
4t short sellers provide valuable signals that long only funds can use  08:50larryswedroe11:57larryswedroe
1p Do we have any mortgage brokers or bankers? Some questions about 2nd home  11:15Gamma Ray11:52SouthernCPA
16p Have GEICO auto, asked for quote online, $150 less  01/16TheGreyingDuke11:51jbmitt
18p Seeking advice on a loan to a craft brewer. Cheers!  01/16bogleepmn11:51fishmonger
85c Best DNA genealogy testing kits  page: 22016Petrocelli11:37lthenderson
2h Switching Careers and Maximizing Tax Advantage Accounts  10:32Casey Ryback11:27Casey Ryback
17h Just sold my home and looking to invest proceeds  01/13tehprince11:26bigred77
0h Question about iShares multi factor etfs  11:06robertmcd  
3h Investment options for a temporary worker  01/16kalyanmudi11:01TedSwippet
191p Chase Sapphire Reserve  page: 2 3 410/19MrsRoos10:52VictoriaF
31c Streaming TV for Elderly Parents  01/15boglesmkcents10:45clutchied
4h Google Spreadsheets with realtime data  2014alpha3000510:32Splendid Exchan
6p Inheritance and Trusts  01/16rigoodma10:27afan
52c Recommendations for home paper shredder  page: 201/14Swansea10:23remomnyc
50c Samsung Exploding Washing Machines & CPSC Involvement  page: 210/18Lovely Rita10:16Lovely Rita
6h mirror image of VBINX  05:56mcblum10:03mcblum
5p Lease vs. Buy - Car  01/16rakornacki110:02dm200
73p I can't help but feel I'm making a mistake by renting... help?  page: 211/05YoungBoglehead09:58bluebolt
13h How does maxing out Roth IRA work?  01/16fantasytensai09:57fantasytensai
57p Does it sound like my employer trying to push me out?  page: 201/15nitro421409:57nitro4214
19h help assessing risk of promissory note w/ Techshop, Inc.  2015InertiaMan09:57pointninenine
31h Young european seeking for advise with close to $1M net worth  2015buff.ET09:44ignition
7c Cookshack electric smokers  01/16gwe6709:41lazydavid
7t "Are Roth or Traditional Contributions Better?"  01/16Taylor Larimore09:38Rainmaker41
10h Vanguard TIPS fund duration  01/16P&C actuary09:29sport
17p Relocating to Berlin upon retiring. Please critique my plan.  01/14Eat3309:27an_asker
13h Help with widowed mother portfolio  01/16kite09:24Taylor Larimore
51p is a 401k loan always terrible?  page: 201/15jsa30708:57ERISA Stone
14h Portfolio help  01/16beavers150508:47beavers1505
22t Real Estate Crowdfunding  2015jburke08:47desiderium
5h 22yo Engineer New to Investing and Career/Roth v. Trad IRA/Real Estate v. Index Funds  01/16landrew9408:26landrew94
23h What's a bearish investor to do?  01/16aaronl08:07Doug E. Dee
2p Downsizing: Buying all cash or mortgage?  06:48tennisplyr07:46Toons
87t Why not put it all in TIPS?  page: 201/14Dimitri07:27Clive
5h AA review/help for 401(k), Roth-IRA, 529  01/16wsr00107:21wsr001
14h Asset Location at the 15% tax bracket?  01/14jmk07:08gd
8h AA advice requested for married couple 37 yrs old  01/16Rhizzlebop06:57Rhizzlebop
21p Very confused with W4 Allowances  01/14BD.06:53TOJ
6p "The DoL Fiduciary Class Action Lawsuit That Will Really Transform Financial Advice" by Michael Kitces  01/16arcticpineapple06:47carolinaman
961p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2005/25guitarguy06:35Drew777
17t VBR higher p/e than VTI & lower growth  12/20investorguy103:41selters
5h U.S. citizen in Japan  01/08orcrist03:27Karamatsu
0l The fear is real but there is hope • 'Awaiting the Bear' • sac area bhs  02:16digarei  
30t The gulf between MOM fund returns and MOM factor returns  01/15garlandwhizzer02:00Theoretical
11h International fund allocation...  01/168hygro01:56Whakamole
1t Fire retirement and early withdrawal from 401k, roth IRA etc  23:15hammond00:44FiveK
10h Traditional or Roth 401(k)?  23:39rhodnius00:35rhodnius
20p Balancing Retirement, College, and other "wants"  01/16davebo00:30Misenplace
4h Help me with my 401k choices  01/13drdavidge00:11idayvuelta
12h Maxed accounts... what do I do in taxable?  01/09beastykato00:00grabiner
52c what local pharmacy?  page: 201/13mouses23:39kjvmartin
20p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  01/10batpot23:21vbdoug
133p Best Financial Moves You've Made  page: 2 301/09cashisking50023:20sunny_socal
3p Social Sec Statement - Taxed Medicare Earnings  01/16fm304022:56fm3040
42p Landlord for first time - tips and things to know?  11/28UnLearnYourself22:55ellsbebc
20t Selling Old Coins?  01/16Taylor Larimore22:44Peter Foley
9h Emergency Fund in Series I Savings Bonds  01/15manifold22:36samjuno
15c Collision Avoidance Systems  01/16Goodman6022:17inbox788
13h Asset Allocation Question Re Bond Funds  01/13maniminto22:05in_reality
14h Vanguard Total World Stock question  01/16MusicBiz122:04rogergaret

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