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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1342 new posts and replies over 188 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
30tFather passed - First steps to taking over finances?2016 neomutiny0612:36 22twain
19cAnyone have a GMC Acadia? Or similar?20:51 BuckyBadger12:35 Ron
67tWouldn't this make Traditional IRA far superior to Roth?05/03 CurledMoss12:34 neurosphere
0cGuidance to Parents With Kids Majoring Computer Science12:33 fwellimort 
81tDividends almost Doubled between 2013 and now05/14 skor9912:33 JoMoney
19cGood quality sneakers for someone with foot issues?06:44 FI4LIFE12:33 retiringwhen
119pHigh net worth, elite private or “good” public05/18 notsobright12:33 Bacchus01
34tActual Experience as true measure of risk tolerance05/17 alexfoo3912:27 Dandy
28hFIRE - What am I missing in the News Stories08:10 KandT12:27 drk
1hVanguard Tax Free Income08:20 oembogle12:26 Silk McCue
28tFactor ETFs For Diversification Or “Diworsification”13:53 Random Walker12:25 nedsaid
11pde-googling my life: Keep Notes alternatives16:17 dual12:22 KyleAAA
13hHelp with estimating expenses in retirement18:33 spidercharm0112:21 ruralavalon
137tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob12:20 DB2
30pAiming to Retire End of 2019 - Abit Scared05/18 gamboolman12:20 Garfieldthecat
29cnew roof04/29 brandy12:19 HueyLD
16cLawncare tips2016 Triple digit go12:18 Triple digit go
6hwhy buy any bonds in your portfolio?11:54 Tenesmus8312:18 Elric
3pNew Car in Texas or Illinois14:51 immisaki12:17 grabiner
564pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon12:15 montee4
25tPre-RMD Retirement Sweet Spot - Accelerating IRA Withdrawals vs. Roth Conversion05/16 Retiredron12:12 cherijoh
613tVanguard is Discontinuing their VanguardAdvantage Accounts02/28 bhwabeck353312:12 dkturner
1p5-Year Rule on TIRA->Roth Conversions11:59 hsmith12:11 Silk McCue
35hTricky Roth IRA Questions05/16 hirlaw12:10 Alan S.
17tValuations of International Equities vs. US Equities19:39 gjlynch1712:09 JoMoney
5cReplace possible failing tv or not10:46 mhalley12:08 cheese_breath
20tWhy does the stock market grow faster than the economy?05/18 Henry Curtmantl12:07 JackoC
10premodeling costs in san francisco22:44 x3t4a712:07 Leemiller
42cCrazy to Sell a Newer Car for an Older Car?05/18 austin75712:04 Thegame14
0pSolo 401k, Plan Administrator EIN question12:03 Ndop 
6pAnother Inherited IRA question10:43 mxs12:00 scrabbler1
3hMutual of America- vanguard VIF funds05/08 sunny skies12:00 nedsaid
54cHonda CRV or Toyota RAV4 ?05/16 tennisplyr11:58 smitcat
34pChurning Credit Cards05/17 TexMexIndex11:57 MotoTrojan
27hGood fund to accumulate for mortgage payoff05/16 pop7711:52 ruralavalon
2h3.04% APY 20-month CD?11:36 MathIsMyWayr11:50 Startled Cat
3hTaxable Account?11:30 LivinGood11:46 MotoTrojan
24cFrustration dealing with I doing something wrong?05/17 CobraKai11:45 CobraKai
7tConstructing Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees05/17 Beliavsky11:39 Phil DeMuth
24cHow do I prevent yellow underarm stains on my white shirts?13:22 jastevenson11:37 Bogle7
1hWhat is the best roth conversion strategy?10:46 infotrader11:35 Silk McCue
491tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8111:33 tadamsmar
14t4%rule21:21 yousha11:33 JoMoney
85tWill ETFs Replace Traditional Funds05/15 LoveVermont11:30 vineviz
16hFDIC Coverage Limits05/18 Bern11:30 Kevin M
138cTrader Joe's Fans - good value?2016 LuigiLikesPizza11:27 beardedbrit
2hShould I be.... [Maxing out my Roth?]09:59 rage_phish11:19 ruralavalon
4hDeferred Comp 457 Plan Question09:44 stevekozak211:18 PaulF
31tWhy Are U.S. Asset Prices So High Today?13:42 SimpleGift11:18 LadyGeek
18pDoes SS payment day of month change when changing benefits?05/18 One Ping11:15 One Ping
70pAt what NW do I have disposable income?05/18 B4Xt3r11:14 jj
47pProbate costs?--I am the sole heir and the executor05/16 EByrd11:12 afan
66pMortgage in Retirement05/15 Cipro11:12 willthrill81
5pReverse Rollover Mistake01:20 0x53494711:07 0x534947
1htax efficiency of VTIAX vs VXUS07:09 yougotitdude11:02 Chip
10hWhy should I employ an advisor?20:23 pnwfintech10:54 ruralavalon
23pBest credit union for mortgage?05/17 Eurookat10:44 skis4hire
185tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa10:39 305pelusa
12pMulti owner property sale with missing owners05/17 Figuring_it_out10:36 Sandtrap
11hAm I paying Target 2020 fees and the fees for the 5 funds comprising it?07:15 charleshugh10:22 charleshugh
17cHiking shoe suggestion for supinators/under-pronators19:06 walletless10:11 stoptothink
37hVBIAX vs. VWELX [Vanguard Balanced Index vs. Wellington]06/22 yousha10:10 sixtyforty
10cHow to deal with home upgrades - HELOC or not?06:25 RobLyons10:09 runner540
95hIf you are already wealthy, what keeps you motivated?05/15 tomtoms10:09 poppa23
0p100 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me After College And Before I Entered The Real World10:08 MikeG62 
1pLife Insurance Needs08:49 Galaxy810:05 willthrill81
36cSynthetic oil or not for very low mileage auto?05/17 EdNorton10:00 RootSki
117hVTSAX or VTWAX over the next 35 years?05/15 guyesmith10:00 X528
2pVTIAX SEC yield?09:29 RadAudit09:50 depressed
28pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce09:47 dbr
11hTaxes and suggested Fidelity 3 fund portfolio05/17 flyermw09:45 student
5cQuestions about Cobra16:53 misterno09:32 LookinAround
4pSocial Security - Age 66 still working07:56 fishandgolf09:30 fishandgolf
102cGuidance on choosing between UMich and Brown05/16 sidartvader09:25 LadyGeek
12pDonor Advised Fund Calculator?05/18 Ray09:21 student
21tFixed Income Volatility Should Vary Based on % Equity Allocation03/11 vineviz09:08 vineviz
25pDebt: Student loan or cabin05/18 Makaveli09:07 runner540
12tTo invest in bnd for 2.5 years?18:03 duricka09:03 midareff
6h529 Questions05:41 Mr. Earl09:02 Mr. Earl
42hI'm 37, late to the game, worth about 35k...04/30 middleWave09:01 typical.investo
5cSpecific earbud recommendation05/18 BashDash08:56 SmallCityDave
19cCompound miter saw recommendation05/17 RL101308:40 FI4LIFE
14pPersonal Umbrella Insurance from USLI -- sound ok?16:34 boglerocks08:39 zlandar
4hIncome Streams17:13 rich12608:25 rich126
59h"Steelmanning" the case for owning individual stocks01/29 hdas08:11 aristotelian
7pLife insurance - how much? group vs individual fixed term05/18 johnny08:10 Stinky
5tHigh commissions ($15 + .1%). Add less frequently?04:53 K8ya08:06 quantAndHold
9pTake Loan for house or not13:01 immisaki08:02 MarkerFM
16pFidelity Credit Card - 0% APR for 18 Months05/15 confusedinvesto08:00 MikeG62
15hCorrect mistakes while rebalancing05/17 toxfail9807:56 international00
38cLast Pass with Vanguard and USAA05/14 renegade0607:46 Jeff Albertson
26pLong Term Care Insurance05/18 BoogieShoe07:38 MikeG62
7hYoung Investor Strategy Help19:47 volley07:35 Rick Ferri
32pNow or One More Year?05/16 jdv0107:15 pennywise
29tMid Caps have outperformed Large & Small for the past 50 years. Yet I see very little recommendation for them. Why?05/17 Benosis07:14 petulant
18pRefinancing medical school loans?05/17 Carousel07:12 Carousel
4hNewRetirement and Planner Plus05/12 trueson107:10 trueson1
9hFIRE and Taxes - Working Backwards to Make it Work Forwards05/18 KandT07:08 fatmike91
1tQuadratic Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF06:57 columbia07:02 Horton
8hReceived A Windfall. Looking to Reinvest It.05/09 CityOfAngels07:00 BeBH65
3pSelf Employment Taxes06:04 willyd12306:57 Cyanide123
3pTax Loss Harvesting and Wash Sale Advice23:04 RKP43006:46 student
16hCurrently with Schwab private client--and decided to get out--but what to do04/18 GNXGuy06:35 yougotitdude
74cWhich car has the best or most comfortable cabin under 35K05/16 crossbow06:29 BuckyBadger
15h81 year old needs rollover fund advice05/18 JohnML06:10 lakpr
32nTheory: Choose retirement country based on Forex rate05/09 eurobogle05:20 Valuethinker
12hVanguard Extended Market Index to add Mid and Small Caps?19:05 kingmountain05:20 retiredjg
18hUsing the Shiller P/E 10 to Predict Safe Withdrawal Rates?05/13 alex12371105:15 minimalistmarc
1nInternational Bond UCITS for an Sg-based Investor - IUAA vs AGGU vs IGLA22:43 karan1048903:35 Achkelone
2tMy Real Life Long Term Return on Investment REIT Fund23:11 stjoe5601:35 KyleAAA
54hHow to calculate exactly how much money you'll have by retirement?05/14 shanebagel01:32 fennewaldaj
18pChase Credit Cards - Transaction Activity01/05 SonnyDMB01:01 VMAC
25pTerm4Sale callbacks trying to upsell?05/10 crossbow00:43 crossbow
7cVacation to Death Valley in November.15:14 EdNorton00:21 Workinprogress
949pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium00:11 Traveler
11pHOW to pay off a mortgage05/18 Grogs00:07 Watty
6hFidelity International Fund Choice?05/18 bck6300:02 edge
42cTired of a reel mower05/09 Pomegranate23:55 Pomegranate
6p529 Qualified Educational Expenses20:00 goodenyou23:25 goodenyou
3hHelp understanding annuities 96 year old grandma was sold from Merril Lynch FA21:31 MrCastaway23:23 BL
4pHow are Roth 401(k) earnings calculated?21:11 lkar23:14 lkar
5nDubai based Turkish Expat investing in US05/18 ageckalan22:54 imperia
54pHelp! At Fault’s Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Diminished Value02/27 Boston Barry22:48 Lee_WSP
3pAmending 2017 Taxes - Mortgage Interest18:24 squirm22:21 tomd37
3698pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy22:18 Pu239
43pBuy or keep renting in Manhattan?2017 jory180422:01 coolwaves
11cWhen to buy a vacation home17:58 ThankYouJack21:42 Sandtrap
10pRent or Buy?05/16 Tucker7721:38 Nate79
9t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast stats and guests05/18 Rick Ferri21:36 scottinmet
28pW-2 earner looking to lower effective tax rate05/11 LeftCoastIV21:27 Elena
12pLow-income retirement year: take capital gain, Roth convert, or tIRA withdrawal?05/17 cyclist21:15 marcopolo
106pDo you reward yourself for achieving a financial goal?05/15 Schlabba21:12 Schlabba
7pNew Job vs. Current Job05/06 rich12621:06 Golf maniac
4hRetirement Portfolio For the Early Years? Appreciate Advice16:38 LuigiLikesPizza21:05 Watty
34pAnyone use Treasury Direct ?05/17 susa21:01 Kevin M
3hReview request - Portfolio with 2/3 in cash/CDs/money market18:36 7eight920:48 Peter Foley
9hIRA Question: VTWAX instead of VTSAX + VTIAX05/18 LordPerradin20:23 southerndoc
21cArc'teryx - Anyone else here splurge?05/17 TallBoy29er20:10 stoptothink
9ptIRA => Roth IRA or 401(k), now or later?05/17 Bayareatechie19:47 Bayareatechie
1tTSP modernization implementation date: 9/15/201917:51 Bammerman19:45 randybobandy
10770tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill19:43 MJW
8cAnyone here own an assisted living facility?05/17 ugaDAWGS0919:40 staythecourse
15hWhat to do with HSA (HSAbank) money? NJ05/15 standard719:35 standard7
33cBooking a cruise - any differences in how/where?05/14 dm20019:23 curmudgeon
7cHome Purchase estate plan05/18 Regina0018:47 celia
23hRecordKeeping Fee 401k Fidelity - IRA Rollover?05/16 pc9518:42 retiredjg
5h4.50% Callable CD vs Bonds05/18 hornet7418:38 Wricha
45pBest vehicle to administer budget for sil [sister-in-law]07/25 gips18:23 Broken Man 1999
2hMoving and tax free funds05/18 my name18:21 my name
2pPaper EE savings bonds adding a POD05/17 Figuring_it_out18:10 HueyLD
5pDisability Insurance for Young Physician05/18 hirlaw18:10 Cyanide123
2hRecommended duration for bond allocation16:11 swhiker17:54 vineviz
91pCareers in art05/13 JBTX17:51 oldcomputerguy
10pA nudge: Shop your insurance around!05/18 Norton75017:50 Norton750
15cFoam vs pillow-top? Mattresses for the long term05/17 GerryL17:32 four7s
42pthinking about un-retiring02/22 gips17:28 Herekittykitty
29c$ Decisions: environmental, save the planet, organic, etc05/17 4nursebee17:26 CommitmentDevic
47tBonds beyond Total Bond Market - Anyone ?05/16 confusedinvesto17:20 midareff
51hAn Advisor Refusing To Sell Investments05/11 Paisley17:17 Paisley
17hMega Backdoor Roth Questions05/17 eddiemoney17:16 seed4great
28hI don't even know how to categorize this... help?05/18 blackcoffeegaso17:04 retire2022
48ca week in Italy(first time)02/09 wije16:59 gtd98765
153cShingrix [Vaccine availability]08/25 NavyIC316:43 nisiprius
27tExpected return of a bond fund05/16 grabiner16:22 Steven in NC
7hPortfolio Cleanup Advice05/09 blaidd16:21 retiredjg
67cInstant Coffee?05/14 sport16:09 motorcyclesarec
4cTiming Belt and water pump -'98 Camry13:21 dm20016:06 Pinotage
14tRoth IRA early withdrawal tax+penalty question05/17 confusedinvesto15:58 retiredjg
25thow do Tariffs impact your portfolio?05/17 tampaite15:47 LadyGeek
4hPortfolio Management.12:55 yousha15:36 pkcrafter
2hHelp Deciding Allocation for my SO's 401K13:17 FreeAsABird15:12 pkcrafter
8nQuestions from beginner about investing from Germany12/06 rtaf8414:41 rtaf84
2cGift Ideas - Second Wedding - NZ13:58 TallBoy29er14:37 TallBoy29er
41tHere's my portfolio03/20 vineviz14:28 vineviz
15hImpact of early semi-retirement on SS when the time comes?05/16 rj34214:12 JoeRetire
42hAm I being ripped off?05/17 michaeljmroger14:06 JoeRetire
264lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam214:03 jamacq
9tQuestions to ask 457b representative05/11 TBL_IA13:54 sergeant
14pSplitting a condo purchase with friend?05/18 PaulF13:52 infotrader
80hReady to FIRE (But Vultures Be Circling)03/20 xivvix13:52 nedsaid
4tIndividual US stocks count as US equities in AA?05/18 ChinchillaWhipl13:48 drk
13hpension vs. 403(b) selection05/16 Shem00213:47 tibbitts
5hGift for my neice05/18 Morgan8413:40 miamivice
50h5.5% Load 403(b) Roth vs Low Cost Taxable Account05/16 MrBobcat13:22 Nate79
180hDoes your retirement plan work if stocks are flat or in decline for decades?05/13 TheTimeLord13:11 Malinois000
21h3 Fund Vs. Target Date 401K Dilemma05/02 FreeAsABird12:55 FreeAsABird
41hTime to fire the financial assistant. Help me with the courage.05/10 lkar12:49 Sandi_k
14pUPDATE: Funding fiancee plastics practice.05/17 Phinance12:49 WorkToLive

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