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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1788 new posts and replies over 280 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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12cAre You Dumping Netflix?18:06 lexie200018:36 randomguy
9hNeed tips!01/14 Richard3218:36 Flyer24
34cWinter boot recommendation11/28 FoolMeOnce18:35 sco
14pChange my mind - Lease > Buy New Car08:49 cmoneymillz18:35 Sam1
112pGetting a Mortgage when You can Pay Cash for a House01/11 A-Commoner18:35 mptfan
2cGillette Mach 3 alternatives18:29 johnsmithsf18:35 MarkRoulo
35pA co-worker makes more than me16:39 JHU ALmuni18:34 Regattamom
49cSchool staff threatened to call social worker16:08 Betterself18:33 dbr
290p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest18:33 LadyGeek
2cfinding a good plumber17:59 dknightd18:32 dknightd
8pMy Withdrawal Strategy - Poke holes in it12:09 sixtyforty18:31 dbr
2cUsing carry-on for traveling locally?18:19 Keepcalm18:29 Keepcalm
1pBest way to use inheretence to fund GC education18:21 skp18:28 RickBoglehead
6pRoth IRA or Build HSA?09:40 Fed00718:28 H-Town
4tCryptocurrency16:18 rafkg2918:28 BoggledHead2
52tHow to avoid temptation to buy hot stocks or bitcoin?01/13 nyanchu02118:27 Earl Lemongrab
4tAre mega back door Roth contributions considered contributions?16:28 investor99718:26 DrGoogle2017
8hRebalancing Sanity Check08:08 easyshrug18:25 Duckie
9hNeed Advice on Building Taxable Account08:40 BeanCity18:24 BeanCity
2hHelp with poor 401(k) bond options18:20 dart33018:24 RNJ
3hHelp with portfolio advice for family member with Special Needs17:30 jaxhunt18:23 jaxhunt
26cHawaii vacation, any recommendations?01/13 tommy8518:22 MiddleGround
19tReal value of NYC real estate, 1899-1999.21:54 protagonist18:21 retire2022
5cEnd of an era - Boeing 72715:36 dm20018:21 tim1999
33cHow to buy business class tickets?01/12 flyingaway18:21 investingdad
2hSuperfund a 529 Account11:46 mmegu18:20 mcraepat9
24hRetirement accounts maxed out, what to do with extra cash?12:41 JaySayms18:20 Olemiss540
16hVTSAX at Merrill Edge01/14 Shazb0t18:19 munemaker
89pMillionaire by 40 and How you Did it?01/11 bigtex18:13 market timer
1hBond Funds, Bond Ladders, and Interest-Only Retirement17:52 Pianocraft18:13 dbr
512pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover18:11 Farmboyslim83
4hIRMAA/Beginning SS01/14 Buster Smith18:11 DrGoogle2017
11pNon-English speaking elderly care options12:29 SeaToTheBay18:10 bryansmile
14hQuestion moving from stock portfolio to VTI Total Stock Market Index12:02 peterb18:09 lostdog
1tTax benefits of deferred income annuity20:57 Beliavsky18:09 grabiner
42pChoosing a trustee07/28 PitaBear18:08 afan
3tSmall Cap Stocks09:23 Bob B.18:07 DrGoogle2017
14tVanguard Roth Tax Accounts Distribution Code Errors15:02 FinancialDave18:06 celia
26pCan I afford a 50k car? If so, whats the best way to do it?16:58 Captain kangaro18:02 Olemiss540
0pCan 401k rollover be split into multiple institutions?17:56 azianbob 
1hNYSDCP 457(b) and NJ Residence23:10 BogleBogle8817:53 retire2022
3hHelp with the next steps10:03 optimismhelps17:52 Duckie
10hSuper Aggressive MF or ETFs?12:56 perini197517:52 grabiner
17tGMO's 7‐Year Asset Class Real Return Forecasts01/14 Beliavsky17:51 aburntoutcase
4cAmazone Prime Store card, discount and gift cards16:42 siamond17:48 siamond
15pBest way to help my wife buy a new car (gift tax implications?)20:05 rtom17:46 Earl Lemongrab
8cMessage from United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS). A Scam?11:53 Strider17:45 Stinky
7pLowering Interest?13:47 Shem00217:43 Earl Lemongrab
90hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin17:42 SlowMovingInves
1hReducing Transamerica 401K ER%18:48 tev987617:41 Duckie
7tWrong about international bonds?14:21 Crow Hunter17:38 JackoC
11pPotentially being laid off with a 401k loan12:43 Mysticcal17:38 Earl Lemongrab
69cDuffel Bag vs Wheeled Stand Up traveling01/12 Keepcalm17:37 RightGuard
11cIn the market for a new dryer10:42 carmonkie17:33 Toons
2p401k After Tax contributions to Roth-IRA Tax questions.20:57 saldev17:31 Earl Lemongrab
70tVanguard Brokerage Accounts2017 abuss36817:30 Eagle33
39cIdeas for Nashville trip?2011 conundrum17:28 Java11
71pSide Hustle? Passive Income?12/12 BeanCity17:27 Need2BudgetandS
87pChild # 3 - seeking advice from older members01/07 The Planner17:25 Stinky
208cFunniest movies of all time? Name five of your favorites...2009 Tall Grass17:25 Swee'pea
14c2019 Camry vs RAV401/14 Alexa917:24 jebmke
11hShould I Contribute to After Tax 401k?08:08 tigerlily032117:21 retiredjg
164pWhat I spent in 6 months on medicare07/05 dm20017:16 khh
1hInvesting in Custodial Account14:33 mahgeetah0117:15 dbr
32pHelp me pick a retirement date. Or enough is enough?01/14 IowaFarmBoy17:14 IowaFarmBoy
4tTiming the (Bond) Market16:11 goodenyou17:11 Dale_G
3tActive Stock Fund Slump (Morningstar discussion)14:33 ResearchMed17:11 nisiprius
23h29 yo resident doc married need personal finance/investing advice01/13 boomie5317:07 NMBob
6tIOTA the new crypto?16:20 rafkg2917:07 brad.clarkston
4hTransferring M/L to Vanguard12:12 Pres199317:07 Pres1993
12hMega Backdoor Mechanics Clarification - Check Payable to Me01/01 LifeLearner17:05 Earl Lemongrab
54cMMORPG games01/09 Soundwall17:05 Machinebuzz
1pGovt contractors what would you do16:57 Elysium17:04 123
3hPlan for 3 fund portfolio when I leave USA [ Singapore Citizen ]01/14 athrowman6617:03 TedSwippet
12hVanguard Balanced Index Admiral vs LS Mod Growth>10:20 michaelc17:03 yousha
14cAnyone have TCL Series 4 65” TV?01/13 RRJeff17:02 Earl Lemongrab
7hShould my partner contribute to his 403(b)?01/12 Fig Newtons17:02 Duckie
0tSelling Fast and Buying Slow: Heuristics and Trading Performance of Institutional Investors17:02 hdas 
10hPlanning to transfer assets from Vanguard to Fidelity, any bonus01/14 LiveSimple17:01 Leesbro63
9pSolo 401(k) - Separate EIN Should Be Used for 5500EZ Filing19:37 southerndoc16:59 livesoft
30pPublic Service Loan Forgiveness-Has it worked for anyone?02/18 Mispoken16:57 Bipool
23tOpinion: Half of investment-grade bonds are only one step away from junk status01/13 mokaThought16:56 grabiner
60tAny thoughts on the role of Gold in your portfolio?01/12 ericcohen16:54 Hyperborea
2hSeeking advice on investment allocation change15:20 Jhwkzo16:50 michaeljmroger
6hBonds vs. CDs16:00 sureshoe16:46 dbr
497pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4816:44 BigFoot48
840tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5316:43 ICMoney
92cAnyone here major in Economics in college?10/11 Calico16:42 Bfwolf
4hTreasury Money Market VUSXX13:40 clcarter16:36 LK2012
17cWould like some advice on a family minivan12/17 Millenial16:35 randomguy
11tAn Annuity Hater Revisits SPIAs07:48 Rick Ferri16:35 David Jay
53cGas station prices and quality2017 Luckywon16:33 Jimmie
20t"Dirt Simple Wins Again. Couch Potato Portfolio"01/14 Taylor Larimore16:32 pascalwager
1cNetflix Recommendations16:06 jacksonm16:31 teerup
82cAnyone raised 3 kids WITHOUT buying a 3-row vehicle?01/10 jthokie416:27 JackoC
268tHistorical Bond Returns - Shiller: From Rates to Returns [Bond Fund Simulator]2015 longinvest16:23 kolea
3hOptions for investing $35k in new funds into international fund to rebalance AA12:59 CalculatedRisk16:20 carmonkie
22lMaster thread - Providence, Rhode Island Bogleheads Chapter2008 poulinbob16:19 Barry Barnitz
48cAny good reason to get a smartwatch?12:47 Ed_Sandwich16:16 Socal77
0hQuestion moving from bond portfolio to Index fund16:14 peterb 
0pAnyone using quicken billpay16:02 viz 
124tEmerging markets cannot be fairly valued and investors are better off elsewhere: Change my mind :)01/12 Nicolas Perraul15:49 dialecticalinve
7p1099 E-Filing Options [For a small company]01/14 Fresh Air15:47 spectec
1hRetiree seeking FI opinions of other retirees....14:40 midareff15:46 sport
903pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium15:45 boglewill34
13cWhich iPad?11:37 ThankYouJack15:45 unstoppable
41tPG&E Bonds01/10 tdub15:44 LadyGeek
30hMore capital loss carryovers than can use in lifetime2015 Sammy_M15:41 MotoTrojan
5hVTIAX vs VXUS differences13:00 RobLyons15:40 RobLyons
17tFurther diversifying the 60/40 portfoilio?01/13 jjwpls15:39 MotoTrojan
159hBiggest Investment Mistake01/11 RJC15:38 DartThrower
2hCurious about POSKX Primecap Odyssey Stock Fund22:49 DebiT15:36 DebiT
41pWhat's your experience upgrading to Quicken 2018 or 2019?01/12 LookinAround15:35 deskjockey
7pVanguard Brokerage Form 1099 for 201811:04 Prudence15:27 Whakamole
3hWill the sale of funds in a taxable account effect MAGI11:59 ealderson15:27 ealderson
49cRecommend men's undershirts01/04 Myopic squirrel15:25 FlyAF
4hDebt free - now what?08:48 Meaty15:23 Investing.Newbi
70cLarge SUV01/06 skinhealer15:20 queso
25pScrewed myself on salary negotiations, how do I get past this?11:31 afoolwithmoney15:18 SrGrumpy
17pJob Loss Checklist01/07 BanditKing15:16 BanditKing
65cHow do I stop jeans from ripping in the thighs?01/13 mindgap15:05 dustinst22
7hUTMA account - VTSMX vs. FZROX08/26 eltron15:04 ulladulla28
21tWhat do futures really leverage exposure to?01/13 overthought15:03 ThrustVectoring
7pCalculating w-2 from last paystub08:49 leftcoaster15:02 Incognito
180pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon15:00 ulladulla28
3hself-directed solo 401 k - filing 1099-R for mega backdoor Roth00:10 sophiainvests14:57 sophiainvests
1024c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:53 rterickson
117tHow do you view a savings surplus in retirement?01/06 TheTimeLord14:45 flyingaway
9pHelp with Simple Real Estate Transaction23:06 Frugalman14:44 LadyGeek
553tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar14:41 J G Bankerton
11pMaximizing Social Security Benefits20:41 kerplunk14:38 Jimmie
19hQualified Dividends01/02 Investing Newbi14:34 Mlm
6pHO-6 Condo insurance - Coverage D "Loss of Use"01/13 z9114:29 Iridium
13cWebsite/Tool for HOA21:49 fortfun14:29 JoeRetire
9tVanguard Group holds about $415 million of municipal bonds issued on behalf of PG&E Corp.01:27 RCL14:28 depressed
3hRetirement Portfolio Mix19:59 Helpmebogle14:27 Bob B.
68cBrake fluid replacement?01/12 J29514:22 lazydavid
112lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe14:14 Lfran
11pMowing Business01/10 GridironGems14:13 Kiter
8hMed student asking for portfolio help!01/11 waltzflow14:13 tenkuky
30tAsset Allocation of the 0.1%01/13 hdas14:12 fennewaldaj
6tRetirement savings new research05:47 Mr.BB14:10 livesoft
30pRoth conversion01/11 is50xenough14:09 nguy44
3hDalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio [Europe]01/13 FabrizioC14:06 alpine_boglehea
90tI Bond fixed rate = 0.5%11/01 llama14:05 Day9
6trebalancing questions18:52 james777714:02 james7777
3hWhat is best strategy: Harvest Dividends or Sell shares?01/13 CarefulInvestor13:59 Phineas J. Whoo
8hCIT savings builder account ?08:38 new00013:59 dacalo
119lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte13:47 Elsebet
2hMoney market allocation01/14 Bug13:45 Phineas J. Whoo
2hAny books on managing a windfall?13:18 masonstone13:41 hdas
74pPay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 years? The cost of flexibility01/10 willthrill8113:36 GAAP
2hAnnual Check-in21:33 bac_minus_cab13:31 DaftInvestor
0hSecondary Issue CDs: Is Commission Deductible?13:11 Van 
10hyoung-ish physician windfall01/13 rabbitrun13:09 rabbitrun
43pMortgage: 15 vs 30 year01/14 Njm884513:01 international00
7pBest Budgeting App/Program08:02 Need2BudgetandS13:01 steelerfan
3hHelp Investing Large Cash component03:20 steve_togo12:58 flossy21
12cBest Computer Chair for Big & Tall People22:46 DTalos12:48 Ody
138cEngagement Ring (Affordable)01/03 BoggledHead212:47 gator1
13hTaxable versus non-taxable allocation07:11 HappyJack12:47 eli80
58hI know market timing is a fool's game but...01/13 yeahman12:42 DanMahowny
6cHomeServe home warranty?01/14 mrmass12:37 RickBoglehead
57hWhy isn't an AA of 75/25 with a SWR 3.75% the standard??01/08 TheTimeLord12:34 TheTimeLord
8cbuying and shipping art work internationally01/13 lomarica0112:33 lomarica01
6cdownspout extension part05:56 fru-gal12:22 lthenderson
16tSuper Short Term Bond Risks01/14 Riley1512:19 Doc
48hVanguard PRIMECAP and Capital Opportunity01/13 Badger175412:14 DrGoogle2017
10hOops Over Roth IRA Income Limit - Maybe...09:24 jbsmith0511:50 teen persuasion
9hlow volatility funds in a Roth IRA01/13 mathguy302111:49 hdas
7hThe Three-Fund Portfolio07:40 bei2200011:46 sksbog
21pHas anyone received their 2019 CP01A (IP PIN) from IRS?01/09 WillRetire11:43 Akeelah01
6hTapping into retirement savings question01/14 Bogletoon11:38 elainet7
3hSell taxable to fund prior year (2018) HSA?08:20 doss11:24 harvestbook
10hfirst AA with index funds01/08 hohum11:24 hohum
428lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz11:22 CollegePrudens
3167pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:21 deskjockey
7p[Roth conversions]01/14 hvaclorax11:18 02nz
23hTLH partner for Fidelity Total Stock Market Index fund12/28 LiveSimple11:17 livesoft
1tActive U.S. stock funds are succeeding less often10:27 Eagle3310:58 Taylor Larimore
392tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest10:52 Kevin M
15tBenefitWallet HSA - anyone successfully liquidated 100% of investments? (update: also transfer/rollover issues)01/09 cas10:50 Tycoon
2pStudent Loan Repayment01/10 gazelle199110:49 Yinks
41pExperience with HSA to HSA trustee transfer?01/10 PeterParker10:38 PeterParker
38hDoes anyone have entire 401K in bonds?01/13 unstoppable10:37 2pedals
1133tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba10:37 siamond
31hNeed Help - Taxable account a mess!01/05 Saelina10:36 Saelina
1p[Changes to Form 1116 for the 2018 tax year]01/04 Random Poster10:30 Random Poster
0t401k Rollover Help10:20 Clark Kent 
16hPortfolio Question - Vanguard or Blackrock??18:58 teddytimtam10:15 teddytimtam
9tWhen do brokered CD rates typically increase?01/03 keepingitsimple10:06 Scooter57
0hBoglehead investing - Portugal09:57 balineselion 
38cTaking expensive DSLR on kayak?01/13 Keepcalm09:55 TN_Boy
180tVanguard 403b Changes2017 alpenglow09:51 ResearchMed
42pTook on too much mortgage, seeking advice on where to put money going forward01/13 condobaker43109:43 Watty
12tBook on withdrawal strategies / retirement income?01/14 germark09:32 AlohaJoe
4tBest investing/financial/tax advice podcasts in 2019?01/10 seadreamer09:32 librarianaire
15hI'm the noobiest noob20:26 justanothermike09:31 teen persuasion
7pGuidance requested01/12 smitty151509:23 sjt
110p457 vs 403b11/11 cjniemiec09:12 boglewill34
5hCSPX or VUSA01:11 alexfoo3909:02 TedSwippet
11cBogleheads-type forum for Genealogy Research?01/14 lostinjersey09:01 packerguy
14hPlease Point me Where to Look For an Advisor for My Mother:01/14 JJP8808:48 robphoto
24pAmazon Rewards Visa -- predatory lending?01/14 danielc08:46 Trism
324cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo08:45 Thomas-Hawk
13hhelp with financial planning01/08 mirandablue08:42 retiredjg
3pSpousal tax wash sale adjustment advice01/14 ofj08:30 livesoft
20pQuicken External Transfers01/11 MisterMister08:28 RickBoglehead
2tWhen to get investing help?01:26 JoinToday08:27 livesoft
119t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet08:21 ReformedSpender
6cJames Lee Burke - Nelson Demille01/14 LadyIJ08:15 Valuethinker
13pTerm life insurance with indeterminate premium contract form?01/13 Newbietoitall08:08 Stinky
28pSEP IRA vs Solo 401k - What am I not getting?01/14 knightrider07:58 mark1623
1hRoth v. Trad for retiring USAF colonel w/30 years active duty07:26 USAFperio07:57 fabdog
7pAnyone ever filed an unpaid wage claim against employer?01/14 neveragain07:35 carolinaman
222tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton07:32 jhfenton
1422tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab07:27 SlowMovingInves
12hFidelity HSA spouse question01/14 3-20Characters07:20 3-20Characters
17hTLH is called "Murky"01/14 Thegame1407:13 rkhusky
34hPortfolio HELP - time to stop the bleeding from AUM fee01/11 101invest07:11 retiredjg
2lKansas City Bogleheads?05:56 jumbopapa06:42 jumbopapa
8pChase Reserve - Travel Insurance01/14 Rainier05:29 Rainier
13hMilitary Retirement = Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS)? Does this change the way I allocate?01/07 Readyinvestor04:52 Readyinvestor
1tPast S&P earnings02:32 traderlmd04:49 Valuethinker
68hAccumulating ETF - Additional Units or Increase in Price05/05 chaps8104:41 alexfoo39
1hGetting our (financial) House in Order! Help with Funds and others01/14 Penguin_MD04:19 samsdad
4hPortfolio recommendations [Belgium]01/14 beans2104:01 TroyMcClure
134p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B02:24 MisterBill
145t[Vanguard to stop accepting purchases in Leveraged or Inverse mutual funds]01/08 zx14rr01:41 Fryxell
40ptoo much college savings01/13 epilnk01:20 libralibra
18hRequesting Guidance - 29 y/o military investor01/10 Kragfromprague00:59 NMBob
10hHelp updating portfolio for 2019.12/31 CBgall00:48 mhadden1
28cFantastic Resort Recommendations???01/13 WolfgangPauli00:20 Sandi_k
17hI’m 30 and recently debt free and new to investing01/12 ScottR00:16 ScottR
3513cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt23:17 Calli114
8h401(k) rollover check for 8 cents. Can I ignore it?01/14 hoppy0852023:17 celia
2p? mortgage interest deduction on rental01/14 Lafder23:15 Lafder
3tUnderstanding leverage with call options and futures (LEAPS)19:31 humblelabrador22:58 Dottie57
10h401k Investment options01/13 Aku0922:47 Aku09
26hSep IRA and Solo 401k12/28 Saelina22:40 Spirit Rider
7hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad22:39 whodidntante
17cGood bags/containers for packing snacks?01/10 blackwhisker22:35 random_walker_7
64tAre REITs better to purchase when interest rates are high or low?01/10 Jesteroftheswam22:29 fire4fun
217cDisciplined with finances, but not so with diet01/10 seligsoj22:21 seligsoj
19cBest way to heat basement?01/13 fortfun21:57 fortfun
0husing financial advisor for only part of my portfolio21:51 rm 
52tInvestment advisors- is regulatory burden higher on fiduciaries?11/13 Misenplace21:45 Greenman72
1pHow to minimize taxes when liquidating for mortgage downpayment01/14 viper21:40 venkman
353cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman21:39 protagonist
279hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer21:38 Kevin M
32cBogleheads Drink Up! [Bogle Vineyards Wine]2007 Black Knights21:22 LadyGeek
17cgolf clubs01/14 beech grove21:03 SoAnyway
27hShort-term investment options at BoA for 100K04/10 raveon20:52 pittpirate1985
5hRollover tIRA to Roth conversion with contributions01/14 mswnj201220:51 MisterMister
4tVanguard's The Planner and the Geek Podcast Opinions?01/14 megabad20:47 carruthers209
13hMega-backdoor Roth has a loss01/13 zip60520:39 Alan S.
1hTLH a la max12377 style with self directed 401k20:09 freckles0120:35 rkhusky
20pMaryland 529 College Investment Plans04/03 dcr198420:30 markfaix
28tAre index fund managers forced to sell stocks when incurring greater trading?01/10 Jesteroftheswam20:27 Patzer
20hOne book for my neice, a young mom.01/14 Lazareth20:10 Lazareth
13cWinter Getaway adventure trip recommendations01/14 ThankYouJack19:59 livesoft
5hScammed into Cash Value Life insurance, now what?01/14 ralphy00619:47 inbox788
5hRiskier 5 Year Investment Reco?01/13 scojo1819:46 OldSport
51tAnyone beating the index instead of buying it?01/12 alex12371119:45 HomerJ
19cNicer Denver Areas01/02 mc219:44 Colorado13
53cShould I get umbrella liability insurance?01/10 yosemite_mounta19:41 LilyFleur
46tMedallion Signature guarantee?09/10 davewi19:38 Phineas J. Whoo
3hHow to transition positions01/10 Jambavan19:38 HappyJack
16tMarket cap weighting vs rebalancing07/11 mlz19:34 bluquark
4038cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:33 jginseattle
27cTips for online photography course?01/13 helloeveryone19:32 TN_Boy
7hTax Loss Harvest (TLH) Question01/11 Ghostman19:32 Ghostman
1hTraditional IRA + Roth conversion same year19:19 MisterMister19:27 Silk McCue
25hPreservation of capital at Age 9301/08 ADAMNOGGI19:10 SoonerD
2hCapital gain saving / Cashing in01/14 bezosdezos19:10 bezosdezos
30pAnother Home Affordability Thread12/04 dollarbillz19:05 dollarbillz
28cCredit score dropped dramatically, while credit has been frozen01/14 JD277518:55 Nate79
6tThings I learned01/14 michaeljmroger18:50 MrsRoos
29hClueless About Personal Finance At Age 30: Grew Up Poor, Now Make $400K+. Have No Clue What To Do With Money.01/11 alisondilaurent18:43 LadyGeek
8hAlternatives to Permanent Life Insurance01/14 mark162318:40 Nate79

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